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JURISDICTION OF THE COURTS JURISDICTION OF THE SUPREME COURT 1. ORIGINAL jurisdiction over cases involving ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls; petitions or certiorari, prohibition, mandamus, quo warranto and habeas corpus !concurrent "ith R#$%. &. Revie", revise, reverse, modi ', or a irm on appeal or certiorari, inal judgments o lo"er courts in( a. $ases in "hich the constitutionalit' or validit' o an' treat', international or e)ecutive agreement, la", decree, proclamation, order, instruction, ordinance or regulation is in *uestion; b. $ases involving the legalit' o an' ta), impost, assessment, or toll, or an' penalt' imposed thereto; c. $ases involving the jurisdiction o lo"er courts;
d. All criminal cases in "hich the penalt' imposed is reclusion perpetua or higher;

e. All cases in "hich onl' an error or *uestion o la" is involved. JURISDICTION OF THE COURT OF APPEALS 1. ORIGINAL jurisdiction to issue "rits o mandamus, prohibition, certiorari, habeas corpus, and quo warranto, and au)iliar' "rits or processes, "hether or not in aid o its appellate jurisdiction !concurrent "ith +$ and R#$s% &. ,-$L.+I/, original jurisdiction over actions or annulment o judgments o R#$s. 0. ,-$L.+I/, appellate jurisdiction over all inal judgments, decisions, resolutions, orders or a"ards o R#$s and *uasi1judicial agencies, bodies, or commissions, EXCEPT those "hich all "ithin the appellate jurisdiction o the +$, namel'( a. $O2,L,$; b. $ommission on Audit; c. +andiganba'an. JURISDICTION OF THE REGIONAL TRIAL COURTS I. ORIGINAL A. $I/IL $A+,+ 1. $ases "here the subject o the litigation is incapable o pecuniar' estimation;
&. Involving the title to, or possession o , real propert', or an' interest therein,

"here the assessed value o the propert' involved e)ceeds 3&4,4445 364,444, EXCEPT actions or orcible entr' and unla" ul detainer( 0. All actions in admiralt' and maritime jurisdiction "here the demand or claim e)ceeds 3&44,44453744,444; 7. 3robate proceedings, both testate and intestate, "here the gross value o the estate 3&44,44453744,444; 6. In all actions involving the contract o marriage and marital relations; 8. In all cases not "ithin the e)clusive jurisdiction o an' court, tribunal, person or bod' e)ercising jurisdiction; 9. In all civil actions and special proceedings alling "ithin the e)clusive original jurisdiction o a :uvenile and ;omestic Relations $ourt and o the $ourt o Agrarian Relations as no" provided b' la"; and <. In all other cases in "hich the demand, e)clusive o interest, damages o "hatever =ind, attorne'>s ees, litigation e)penses, and costs or the value o the propert' in controvers' e)ceeds 3&44,44453744,444;

#hose living together under di erent status and agreements. 3etitions or dissolution o conjugal partnership o gains. JURISDICTION OF THE FAMILY COURTS (R. OR b.ependent OR iii. $riminal cases "here( a. One or more o the victims is a minor at the time o the commission o the o ense. the court shall promulgate sentence and ascertain an' civil liabilit' "hich the accused ma' have incurred.eclaration o status o children as i. One or more o the accused is belo" eighteen !1<% 'ears o age but not less than nine !@% 'ears o age. Valera R. . ON the other hand. there seems to be no mani est intent to repeal or alter the jurisdiction in libel cases. custod' o children. 7. case is decided on the basis o decision and supporting a idavits. 0. NOTE no trial de novo.A. 3etitions or guardianship. Provided! #hat i the minor is ound guilt'.A. 3etitions or support and5or ac=no"ledgment. +ummar' judicial proceedings brought under the provisions o the BAamil' $ode o the 3hilippinesB. $RI2INAL $A+. 98@1.+ All criminal cases not "ithin the e)clusive jurisdiction o an' court. 836 ) Aamil' $ourts shall have e)clusive original jurisdiction to hear and decide the ollo"ing cases( 1. 98@1 places jurisdiction over criminal cases "here the penalt' is 8 'ears or less "ith the 2#$s.LLA#. or i onl' a ine is imposable. 6. 3etitions or adoption o children and the revocation thereo . II. rom the provisions o R. #he latter is a special la" "hich must prevail over general la"s. #he sentence. AN. A33. Abandoned ii. 2oreover. tribunal. 3etitions or( a. . Annulment o marriage b. Gusband and "i e OR ii. ho"ever. $omplaints E orF( a.444. All cases decided b' the lo"er courts !2#$s% in their respective territorial jurisdictions. #hus. 8.eclaration o nullit' o marriage c. d. or bod' EXCEPT those "ithin the jurisdiction o the +andiganba'an. &. e)ceeds 38. 9.& R E M E D I A L L AW ( J U R I S D I C T I O N A N D P R E L I M I N A R I E S ) MEMORY AID ATENEO CENTRAL BAR OPERATIONS 2001 ?. 084 o the R3$ gives jurisdiction over libel cases to the $AI !no" R#$%. shall be suspended "ithout need o application pursuant to the B$hild and Couth Del are $odeB. #hose relating to marital status and propert' relations o ( i.A. regardless o the amount o civil liabilit'. Neglected children .  Manzano vs. Libel is punishable b' prision correcional in its minimum and medium periods and prision correcional has a range rom si) months and one da' to si) 'ears. "here the penalt' e)ceeds 8 'ears imprisonment irrespective o ine. habeas corpus in relation to the latter. Art. R#$s still have jurisdiction over libel cases. .

7. cruelt'.4445&44. and discrimination and all other conditions prejudicial to their development.)ecutive Order No. c. attorne'Is ees and costs. although 2#$ ma' still have jurisdiction i value o propert' does not e)ceed 3&4. damages. #he suspension. 0. ?. issue o o"nership resolved onl' to determine issue o possession. $I/IL $A+. violence. $hildren  Dhich include the commission o all orms o abuse.444.)ploitation and . including the grant AND THE MUNICIPAL o provisional remedies "here the demand. 14. and 11. &. 2#$ loses jurisdiction.B as amended b' Republic Act No.444. Actions involving personal propert' valued at not more than 3144. integrit' and reedom o movement. or restoration o parental authorit' and other cases cogniHable under B$hild and Couth Del are $odeB.444564. testate and intestate. other"ise =no"n as the B+pecial 3rotection o $hildren Against $hild Abuse. and other orms o ph'sical abuse such as battering or threats and coercion "hich violate a "oman>s personhood.)clusive original jurisdiction over cases o orcible entr' and unla" ul detainer. termination. regardless o civil liabilities and accessor' penalties.I$#ION 1. . said incident shall be determined in that court. $ases o domestic violence against( a. Inclusion5e)clusion o voters. AN. 6. JURISDICTION OF THE MUNICIPAL TRIAL COURTS! METROPOLITAN TRIAL COURTS CIRCUIT TRIAL COURTS A. $ases against minors cogniHable under the .444. $ivil actions and probate proceedings.  A ter lapse o 1 'ear. I an' *uestion involving an' o the above matters should arise as an incident in an' case pending in the regular courts. Actions involving title or possession o real propert' "here the assessed value doe not e)ceed 3&4. $RI2INAL :. neglect. e)ploitation. or a ine o not more than 38. e)clusive o interest. @. 68.0 R E M E D I A L L AW ( J U R I S D I C T I O N A N D P R E L I M I N A R I E S ) MEMORY AID ATENEO CENTRAL BAR OPERATIONS 2001 b. or are li=el' to result in ph'sical. 9814. /oluntar' or involuntar' commitment o children.iscrimination Act. and other related la"s. b.4445&44. All o enses punishable "ith not more than 8 'ears imprisonment. the accused or batterer shall be subject to criminal proceedings and the corresponding penalties. I an act constitutes a criminal o ense. /iolations o Republic Act No. <. se)ual or ps'chological harm or su ering to "omen. does not e)ceed 3144. 986<. and case becomes one or recover' o possession de "ure !accion publicicana%.rugs Act.angerous .444. . . as amended. &.+ 1.ecisions and orders o the court shall be appealed in the same manner and subject to the same conditions as appeals rom the ordinar' Regional #rial $ourts.444564. . .444.RI+. 3etitions or the constitution o the amil' home. irrespective o ine. !+eries o 1@<8%. /iolations o cit' or municipal ordinances. Domen  Dhich are acts o gender based violence that results.

action or proceeding involving an' matter "ithin the authorit' o the lupon shall be iled or instituted directl' in court or an' other government o ice or adjudication.amage to propert' through criminal negligence "here the ine does not e)ceed 314.444. $RI2INAL $A+. rules.+ 1.+ 1. 2otion or bill o particulars 0. 3L. 2otion to declare de endant in de ault @. . resolved to determine *uestion o possession. mandamus. 2otion to dismiss or *uash EXCEPT or lac= o jurisdiction over subject matter or ailure to compl' "ith #atarun$an$ Pambaran$a% !LG$% re*uirements &. $ases involving speci ic per ormance o contractual and statutor' obligations iled b' bu'ers o subdivision lots or condominium units against the o"ner. unless( a. regulations &. 2emoranda 9. a idavits 8. 2otions or ne" trial.444. AN. bro=er. bro=er. e)clusive o interest and cost. "here the total amount o the claim does not e)ceed 314. reconsideration. petition. dealer. re1opening 7. 3etition or certiorari.. ?.ilator' motion or postponement 14. . 2. . #here has been a con rontation bet"een the parties be ore the lupon chairman or pan$&at. /iolation o tra ic la"s.+I/. or salesman JURISDICTION OF THE KATARUNGANG PAMBARANGAY (UNDER THE LOCAL GO"ERNMENT CODE OF 1 1) 1. No complaint.ING+ AN. $A+.7 R E M E D I A L L AW ( J U R I S D I C T I O N A N D P R E L I M I N A R I E S ) MEMORY AID ATENEO CENTRAL BAR OPERATIONS 2001 SUMMARY PROCEDURE I.nsound real estate business practices &. 3etition or relie rom judgment 6. $laims involving re und and an' other claims iled b' subdivision lot or condominium unit bu'er against the project o"ner. 3ROGI?I#. All other criminal cases "here the penalt' does not e)ceed 8 months or a ine o 31444 or both 6. or salesman 0. /iolations o cit' or municipalit' ordinances 7. #hird1part' complaints 1&. 2O#ION+ 1.+ A33LI$A?L.444 i *uieting o o"nership. 2otion or intervention JURISDICTION OF THE HOUSING AND LAND USE REGULATORY BOARD (HLURB) . A. "ithout *uestion o o"nership.A. /iolation o rental la"s 0.-$L. 2otion or e)tension o time to ile pleadings. and prohibition against an' interlocutor' order issued b' the court <. developer. Repl' 11. II. Other civil cases EXCEPT probate proceedings. $I/IL $A+. jurisdiction over 1. . developer. All cases o orcible entr' and unla" ul detainer irrespective o amount o damages or unpaid rentals. attorne'Is ees not e)ceeding 3&4. dealer.

8869%. Esca%o! et al. h. Art.-$. d. . 1. . #atarun$an$ Pambaran$a% Rules%.44%. deliver' o personal propert' and support during the pendenc' o the action.mplo'ment%. b.isputes "here urgent legal action is necessar' to prevent injustice rom being committed or urther continued. 0.2. Dhere the dispute involves real properties located in di erent cities and municipalities. (isputes sub"ect to Conciliation )equirement All disputes bet"een parties actuall' residing in the same cit' or municipalit'  GOD. . Labor disputes or controversies arising rom emplo'er1emplo'ee relations .isputes involving parties "ho actuall' reside in baran$a%s o di erent cities or municipalities. and the dispute relates to the per ormance o his o icial unctions.IR. #hat no conciliation or settlement has been reached as certi ied b' the lupon'pan$&at secretar' as attested to b' lupon chairman or pan$&at chairman. since onl' individuals shall be parties to +aran$a% conciliation proceedings either as complainants or respondents !+ec. k. g. Dhere one part' is the government.N# !+$ $ircular 171@0% a.444. ii. &&8.R. as amended. EXCEPT( i. O enses or "hich the la" prescribes a ma)imum penalt' o imprisonment e)ceeding one !1% 'ear or a ine over ive thousand pesos !36. i.6 R E M E D I A L L AW ( J U R I S D I C T I O N A N D P R E L I M I N A R I E S ) MEMORY AID ATENEO CENTRAL BAR OPERATIONS 2001 b. . speci icall' the ollo"ing( i. "hich grants original and e)clusive jurisdiction over conciliation and mediation o disputes. c. !Monto%a vs.A. ii. Actions to annul judgment upon a compromise. An' complaint b' or against corporations. 78 K 79.J./. iv. attachment. 191 +$RA 77&. partnerships or juridical entities.. at an' time be ore trial. Rule /I. or an' subdivision or instrumentalit' thereo . "hich ma' be iled directl' in court. l. R. AN. e. An' class o disputes "hich the 3resident ma' determine in the interest o justice or upon the recommendation o the +ecretar' o :ustice. Dhere one part' is a public o icer or emplo'ee. iii. Actions coupled "ith provisional remedies such as preliminar' injunction. re er the case to the lupon or amicable settlement. 3etitions or habeas corpus b' a person illegall' deprived o his right ul custod' over another or a person illegall' deprived o his libert' or one acting in his behal . $riminal cases "here accused is under police custod' or detention. j. Dhere such baranga' units adjoin each other. Dhere the dispute arises rom the $omprehensive Agrarian Re orm La" !$ARL% !+ections. Labor $ode. or unless such settlement has been repudiated b' the parties thereto &.epartment o Labor and .3#ION+ #O $ON$ILIA#ION R. the court in "hich non1criminal cases not alling "ithin the authorit' o the Lupon ma'. AN. unless the parties thereto agree to submit their di erence to amicable settlement b' an appropriate *upon. O enses "here there is no private o ended part'. #he parties thereto agree to submit their di erences to amicable settlement b' an appropriate *upon. grievances or problems to certain o ices o the . Actions "hich ma' be barred b' the +tatute o Limitations.

9. It shall arrive at said settlement or resolution o the dispute "ithin 16 da's rom the da' it convenes. actuall' resides.isputes involving real propert' or interest +aran$a% "here propert' is situated therein . 8. parties must appear in person "ithout the assistance o counsel or representatives. orall' or in "riting. Pan$&at shall have po"er to issue summons. he shall set a date or the constitution o a pan$&at n$ ta$apa$sundo !0 members..N#( a.ismissal upon motion o de endants or ailure to state cause o action or prematurit'. or an' o the respondents. In this case. b' iling a s"orn statement "ith the lupon chairman.O:.$# OA NON1$O23LIAN$. . *upon chairman shall ma=e attempts at mediation. and shall complain. 3RO$..8 R E M E D I A L L AW ( J U R I S D I C T I O N A N D P R E L I M I N A R I E S ) MEMORY AID ATENEO CENTRAL BAR OPERATIONS 2001 7. to the lupon chairman o the baranga'. b. and or causes o action shall be interrupted upon iling o the complaint "ith the punong baranga'.  .isputes arising at the "or=place "here +aran$a% "here such the contending parties are emplo'ed. OA 3RO$. /.uring the period "hile the dispute is under mediation. $omplainant pa's appropriate iling ees. i he ails "ithin 16 da's rom date o irst meeting. at the option o the complainant . other"ise. . It is repudiated..  #he grounds or repudiation are vitiation o consent b' raud. the' are deemed "aived. OR b. Legal *uestions con ronting the punon$ baran$a% "hich might arise in resolving such objections are to be submitted to the +ecretar' o the ..  +uch repudiation is a su icient basis or the issuance o a certi ication or iling a complaint "ith the court. and attempt to arrive at an amicable settlement.AA. +uspension o proceedings upon petition and re erral o case motu proprio to appropriate baran$a% authorit'. the compromise agreed upon b' the parties .##L. AOR A2I$A?L. or at institution is located the institution "here such parties are enrolled or stud' "or=place or  Objections to venue shall be raised in the mediation proceedings be ore the punon$ baran$a%. 6. unless( a. b.( a. EXCEPT or minors and incompetents "ho ma' be assisted b' their ne)t1o 1=in "ho are not la"'ers.ING+( S#$%&$#'( 3arties reside in same baran$a% 3arties reside in di erent baran$a%s ")(%) #hat baran$a% +aran$a% "here respondent.R. Amicable settlement shall have the orce and e ect o a inal judgment upon the e)piration o 14 da's rom its date.2. the prescriptive periods or o enses. A petition to nulli ' the settlement is iled in the proper cit' or municipal court  #he above does not appl' to cases not "ithin jurisdiction o the lupon but submitted to it..N. or  Repudiation must be done "ithin 14 da's. violence or intimidation. +. and shall hear both parties and their "itnesses.  In all proceedings. +aid interruption shall not e)ceed 84 da's rom said iling. chosen b' the parties rom the list o the members o the lupon% c. "hose ruling shall be binding.

A. on the ground o ailure o settlement. "ithout prejudice to the provisions o the $onstitution v. "hether simple or comple)ed "ith other crimes . and there has been no settlement as certi ied b' the datu or tribal leader or elder. to the Punon$ +aran$a% o the place o settlement  I mediation or conciliation proved unsuccess ul be ore punong baranga' there having been no agreement to conciliate. #here "as no personal con rontation "ithout an' ault on the part o the complainant. b. Issued b' the Punon$ +aran$a%.mplo'ee and 3roviding or the 3roceedings #here orM%.##L. OR respondent ailed to appear be ore punong baranga'. b. "hether in a permanent.#GORI#I.N-. or arbitration proceedings shall be held. N & o the R3$ !i.N#( a. Punon$ +aran$a% shall not issue the certi ication !because no" mandator' or him to constitute the Pan$&at be ore "hom mediation. . $hairmen and members o the $onstitutional $ommissions. at the time o the commission o the o ense( i. shall have the orce and e ect o a judgment o said court. that con rontation too= place and conciliation settlement "as reached.2. ORIGINAL 1.+ ! or iling a complaint in court% shall be issued onl' upon compl'ing "ith the ollo"ing re*uirements( a.eclaring Aor eiture in Aavor o the +tate o An' 3ropert' Aound to Gave ?een .#ION OA A2I$A?L.R#IAI$A#ION OA +.! Articles &141&1& o R3$%  Dhere one or more o the principal accused are o icials occup'ing the ollo"ing positions in the government. /iolations o ( a. but subse*uentl' repudiated. O icials o e)ecutive branch occup'ing positions classi ied as Grade &9 or higher ii. conciliation. All other national and local o icials classi ied as Grade &9 or higher. Dithin 8 months rom date o settlement( b' the lupon. "ithout prejudice to the provisions o the $onstitution !on impeachment% iv. OR ii. LAnti1Gra t and $orrupt 3ractices ActM. or c. R.A. Issued b' lupon secretar' and attested b' lupon chairman5 punon$ baran$a%. committed b' public o icials and emplo'ees mentioned in O1. #here "as a con rontation but no settlement.). b' action in the appropriate cit' o municipal court @. #herea ter. $. or "here one or more o the parties to the a oresaid dispute belong to the minorit' and the parties mutuall' agreed to submit their dispute to the indigenous s'stem o amicable settlement.-. that( i. <.9 R E M E D I A L L AW ( J U R I S D I C T I O N A N D P R E L I M I N A R I E S ) MEMORY AID ATENEO CENTRAL BAR OPERATIONS 2001 be ore the lupon5pang=at chair shall be submitted to the court and upon approval thereo . b. $hapter II. 109@ !LAn Act . as re*uested b' the proper part'.e. #itle /II. +. "hich shall be settled in accordance "ith the customs and traditions o that particular cultural communit'. acting or interim capacit'. Other o enses or elonies. Issued b' pan$&at secretar' and attested b' pan$&at chairman. in relation to their o ice.nla" ull' Ac*uired ?' An' 3ublic O icer or .$.. 2embers o $ongress and o icials thereo classi ied as Grade &9 or higher iii. c. "here the dispute involves members o the same indigenous cultural communit'. or &. 2embers o the :udiciar'.% JURISDICTION OF THE SANDIGANBAYAN A.

stablishes a relation bet"een plainti and and subject matter de endant. I +? imposes penalt' o reclusion perpetua or higher. +? "ill e)ercise e)clusive appellate jurisdiction on said cases. relative to appeals5petitions or revie" to the $ourt o Appeals shall appl' to appeals and petitions or revie" iled "ith the +andiganba'an. An' provisions o la" or Rules o $ourt to the contrar' not"ithstanding.ppellate P authorit' o a court higher in ran= to ree)amine the inal order or judgment o a lo"er court "hich tried the case no" elevated or judicial revie" . and no right to reserve the iling o such civil action separatel' rom the criminal action shall be recogniHed. $ivil and criminal cases iled pursuant to and in connection "ith .< R E M E D I A L L AW ( J U R I S D I C T I O N A N D P R E L I M I N A R I E S ) MEMORY AID ATENEO CENTRAL BAR OPERATIONS 2001 0. ?. 3rivate individuals charged as co1principals. $. original jurisdiction "ill be "ith either the 2#$ or R#$. the criminal action and the corresponding civil action or the recover' o civil liabilit' arising rom the o ense charged shall at all times be simultaneousl' instituted "ith. A33. I none o the principal accused are occup'ing positions o grade &9 or higher. NO#. I penalt' imposed is death. &. or petitioner and respondent CLASSIFICATIONS OF JURISDICTION 1. "hether or not the accused iled an appeal.LLA#.ecisions o the +andiganba'an( a. -eneral vs. revie" b' the +upreme $ourt shall be automatic.)ecutive Order Nos. Ori$inal vs. the same proceeding b' the +andiganba'an or the appropriate courts. 1. b. /peci0ic'*imited( -eneral 1 po"er to adjudicate all controversies EXCEPT those e)pressl' "ithheld rom the plenar' po"ers o the court /peci0ic'*imited 1 restricted to particular cases and subject to such limitations as ma' be provided b' the governing la" &.+( 1. REMEDIAL LAW DEFINITIONS*CONCEPTS JURISDICTION AND "ENUE DIFFERENTIATED JURISDICTION Authorit' to hear and determine a case A matter o substantive la" Ai)ed b' la" and cannot be con erred b' the parties "ENUE $ourt5place "here the case is to be tried and heard A matter o procedural la" 2a' be con erred b' the act or agreement o the parties . c. 17 and 171A. the iling o the criminal action being deemed to necessaril' carr' "ith it the iling o the civil action. . as "ell as the implementing rules that the +upreme $ourt has promulgated and ma' herea ter promulgate. 1&@.stablishes a relation bet"een the court . and jointl' determined in. . the decision shall be appealable to the +$ b' Notice o Appeal. accomplices or accessories "ith the public o icers or emplo'ees shall be tried jointl' "ith said public o icers and emplo'ees in the proper courts &. Appealable to the +$ b' petition or revie" on certiorari raising pure *uestions o la" in accordance "ith Rule 76 o the Rules o $ourt.ppellate Ori$inal P po"er o the court to ta=e judicial cogniHance o a case instituted or judicial action or the irst time . 0.  #he procedure prescribed in ?3 ?lg.

$. or one ounded on privit' o estate onl' Personal P not ounded upon the privit' o real rights or real propert' Mi2ed P brought or protection or recover' o real propert' and also or an a"ard or damages sustained &. Dhere the statute e)pressl' provides.. Dhen the proceedings in the court ac*uiring jurisdiction is terminated. CLASSIFICATION OF ACTIONS 1. E2ceptions 1. )eal part% in interest 5 person having an interest in the subject o the action and in obtaining the relie demanded. action or breach o contract% 4uasi in rem P directed against particular persons. special proceedings% 3n personam P directed against particular persons on the basis o their personal liabilit' to establish a claim against them. Concurrent E2clusive P po"er to adjudicate a case or proceeding to the e)clusion o all other courts at that stage Concurrent P also =no"n as con luent or coordinate jurisdiction. abandoned or declared void. personal actions% *ocal P one re*uired b' the Rules to be instituted in a particular place in the absence o an agreement to the contrar' !e. )eal! personal and mi2ed )eal P brought or the protection o real rights.. Dhen a subse*uent la" provides a prohibition or the continued e)ercise o jurisdiction. hence.! land registration.@ R E M E D I A L L AW ( J U R I S D I C T I O N A N D P R E L I M I N A R I E S ) MEMORY AID ATENEO CENTRAL BAR OPERATIONS 2001 0. Transitor% vs.$.$. judgment is binding onl' upon the parties impleaded and their successors in interest ! e. Dhen accused is deprived o his constitutional right such as "here the court ails to provide counsel or the accused "ho is unable to obtain one and does not intelligentl' "aive his constitutional right. tenements. 7. po"er con erred upon di erent courts. E2clusive vs. 0. object is to bar indi erentl' all "ho might be minded to ma=e objection against the right sought to be en orced.$. once ac*uired. to ta=e cogniHance at the same state o the same case NOTE General Rule( :urisdiction. 6. 3n rem! in personam! and quasi in rem 3n rem P not directed against particular persons but against the thing itsel . or is construed to the e ect that it intended to operate as to actions pending be ore its enactment. . regardless o "here the cause o action arose ! e. local Transitor% P one the venue o "hich depends generall' upon the residence o the parties. but the purpose o "hich is to bar and bind not onl' said persons but an' other person "ho claims an' interest in the propert' or right subject o the suit !e. &. land. continues until the case is inall' terminated. action or judicial oreclosure o mortgage% 0.! real actions% +INDS OF PARTIES 1. judgment is binding upon the "hole "orld !e. Dhere the la" penaliHing an act is punishable is repealed b' a subse*uent la". "hether o the same or di erent ran=s. Once appeal has been per ected.$. 8.

13AR#C $O23LAIN# P a claim "hich a de ending part' ma' ile against a person not a part' to the action or contribution. a. &. #GIR. /ubpoena P process directed to a person re*uiring him to attend and to testi ' at a hearing or the trial or to bring "ith him an' boo= or thing under his control. nevertheless prevents recover'. Motion P application or an order not included in the judgment. 6. +INDS OF PLEADINGS 1.! set1o %. b.N#. PLEADINGS Pleadin$ P "ritten allegation o the parties o their respective claims and de enses submitted to the court or trial and judgment. 4uasi1parties 5 those in "hose behal a class or representative suit is brought. 0.14 R E M E D I A L L AW ( J U R I S D I C T I O N A N D P R E L I M I N A R I E S ) MEMORY AID ATENEO CENTRAL BAR OPERATIONS 2001 &. .$. 7. indemnit'. subrogation or an' other relie . 7.! recoupment%.3LC P a pleading that denies or alleges acts in denial o ne" matters alleged b' "a' o de ense in the ans"er "ith the purpose o joining the issues as to such ne" matters. $O. Proper part% 5 a person "ho is not indispensable but should be included i complete relie is to be accorded as bet"een those alread' parties. /ummons 5 an order directed to a de endant in the name o the court and under its seal directing that the de endant ans"er the complaint upon ailure o "hich judgment "ill be ta=en. R. OTHER DEFINITIONS /peci0ic (enial 5 speci ic allegation o the act the truth o "hich he does not admit and setting orth the substance o the matter relied upon to support the denial OR allegation o lac= o =no"ledge or in ormation su icient to orm a belie as the truth o the averment.R P pleading "here an adverse part' sets orth negative and a irmative de enses upon "hich he relies. parties not initiall'5 ormall' impleaded as original parties but later bind themselves to compl' "ith the terms o a judgment or compromise rendered therein. . a. 3ndispensable part% 5 a person "ithout "hom no inal determination can be had o an action. b. Permissive Counterclaim P does not arise or is not connected "ith the subject matter o the claim !e. AN+D.00irmative (e0ense P an allegation o ne" matter "hich. though admits the material allegations o the complaint.$.R$LAI2 P an' claim or mone' or other relie "hich a part' ma' have against an opposing part'. Ne$ative Pre$nant 5 a orm o denial "here onl' the *uali ication or modi ication o the act alleged is denied "hile the act itsel is admitted. $O23LAIN# P concise statement o the ultimate acts constituting the plainti Is cause or causes o action. 8. $RO++ $LAI2 P claim b' one part' against a co1part' arising out o a transaction or occurrence "hich is the subject matter o the action or counterclaim. Pro 0orma part% 5 a husband or "i e "ho is re*uired to be joined in suits b' or against his spouse 6. 0. Compulsor% Counterclaim P one arising out o or is necessaril' connected "ith the subject matter o the claim !e. Ne$ative (e0ense P speci ic denial o a act alleged.

3n0ormation 5 an accusation in "riting charging a person "ith an o ense subscribed b' the iscal and iled "ith court. +ail P the securit' or the release o a person in custod' o the la" urnished b' him or a bondsman conditioned upon his appearing be ore an' court as re*uired under the condition hereina ter speci ied. Preliminar% 3n"unction 5 an order granted at an' stage o an action prior to the judgment or inal order re*uiring a person to re rain rom a particular act. Preliminar% . peace o icer.rrest 5 ta=ing a person into custod' in order that he ma' be bound to ans"er or the commission o an o ense.ttachment P an order o the court granted at the commencement o the action or at an' time be ore entr' o judgment to seiHe the propert' o the debtor in advance o inal judgment to hold it or the purpose o satis 'ing the judgment. .11 R E M E D I A L L AW ( J U R I S D I C T I O N A N D P R E L I M I N A R I E S ) MEMORY AID ATENEO CENTRAL BAR OPERATIONS 2001 (emurrer to Evidence P a motion to dismiss based on insu icienc' o evidence o the prosecution. Preliminar% 3nvesti$ation P an in*uir' or proceeding or the purpose o determining "hether there is su icient ground to engender a "ell1 ounded belie that a crime has been committed and that the respondent is probabl' guilt' thereo . Preliminar% Mandator% 3n"unction 5 an order re*uiring the per ormance o a particular act. or other public o icer. Criminal Complaint 5 s"orn "ritten statement charging a person "ith an o ense subscribed b' an o ended part'. . Propert% +ond 5 an underta=ing constituted as lien on the real propert' given as securit' or the amount o bail.

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