The current US secretary of state (or US external affairs minister in charge of subverting, sabotaging, & threatening foreign nations) two days

ago had a meeting with the Japanese foreign ministry, and in the meeting he baldly assured it of huge and unstinting US support in the event that Japan ever chooses to go to war over the ast !hina Sea" Japan has adopted a very haw#ish stance on issues concerning the ast !hina Sea and has threatened to shoot down unarmed aircraft li#e unmanned drones flying over it despite not being the owner of the waters" This is exactly the same attitude demonstrated by the haw#ish Japanese military in east $sia during the %&'(s and %&)(s" *rom the warrish pronouncements made in To#yo +ust , days ago, it is crystal clear the current US secretary of state possesses or carries with him a permanent war mentality little different from the one that was with -ide#i To+o all throughout his career guiding him in all his decision ma#ing including formulating Japan.s all/out war policy" This is really not surprising at all considering that the secretary of state earned his sordid reputation as a butcher of the 0e#ong delta during %&12/%&3(" -e (and his unit) committed so many atrocities and blooody massacres in the 0e#ong river basin that the top US naval officer in 4ietnam at the time recalled that he had a difficult time dealing with the very large number of non/combatant casualties caused by the sheer use of excessive firepower and the indiscriminate and deliberate extermination of 4ietnamese villagers including those living in 5friendly. hamlets" This man has hands stained with the blood of innocent humans" 6r owner of bloody hands"

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