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23, August 2009
Service First i7:30AMl Seruice0:30AM] Second Ii MinistrY Deaf Service Third 16:00PMl TOTAL 208 M5 95 - 107



23, August 2009

Ministry Childrrin's During Week Received tne 50] Tithes [US$50@P47 and Tithes Offerings Total

B:il,::: ioo(oP4i $jS::il[ {us$ 5ol 3ljllil

B t M o n t h l y u d g eR e q u i r e m e n t : and lMinistries Admin ExPendrtules Capital Staff Additional & Others TOTAL tobe for tequirement met tht Budget

83 1,481,350 202,875.00
0 u0,000 / *lJ?o,8et.5o

-+S## 2'29,'09 of blessings as Financial receivedAugus "" 45 of monthAugu$'09 927'593 RECEIVED DESIGNATED QTFFRINGS Servlces: WorshiP SundaY Mission Conoern Social lpil Juliet Tabinas Lindy Palima Albert Project Building Bangingi Sama BOLFI Batangas Quitco Joel Others Kansurok De Ptr. Jorqe Ramos RaYmundo Berier Ptr, Rey Ptr. Avante Velasquez RandolPh Ptr, De Cheska OcamPo Aravat CCBC 50] Wavemakeis [U5$36@P47 the during week: Received SB/BOLFI Received Offerings Designated Total TOTAL GRAND