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Annual return as on 30.08.2009 Whether the Directors Disclosed interest in any other firms? Whether transacted with interested parties under section 297? Date of !oo" #losure $ if any? Whether any show cause notice recei&ed? Whether any (.D ) W.*.D appointed? Whether any !an" Account opened or closed? Whether the #ompany accepted any deposits durin+ the year?

,.- . /n the 0orm 2 filed for allotment of 8$000$000 shares of nominal &alue of 1s. 10)2 each $ there is a discrepancy in the paid up share capital of the #ompany $i.e $ the paid up capital should 3e e4ual to the issued and su3scri3ed capital 3ut it is not so$ "indly clarify the same.