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Edgar Cayce &eadings 10)1, 100,, 100-, 100', 100( by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. All rights reserved. 2

1o% to Use this Course

2elco$e3 2ith this course, you %ill learn to $editate by listening to the step# by#step instructions on the tapes. 4he lessons are designed to help you learn $editation through listening and !ollo%# ing the instructions you hear, rather then through reading and study. 4he %or"boo" includes e5ercises and illustrations to guide you. .n order to get the best results !ro$ the course, you %ill %ant to !ollo% along in the %or"boo" as the tape directs you. 4here is no greater adventure than this in%ard one called $editation. .t is sa!e, it is easy, and you %ill !ind %ithin your o%n $ind and heart an endless strea$ o! treasures3

Sa$ple A!!ir$ations !or Use in 6editation

Peace 7neness 8ove . a$ at peace. 8et $e be a channel o! blessings to all . $eet. 9od is love. Peace, be still. All is %ell. . a$ at one %ith the universe. 8et 4hy healing po%er !lo% through $e, in $y li!e, day by day.

8et $y $ind, $y body, $y soul be at one %ith 9od. 4he all#healing po%er o! 9od is being a%a"ened %ithin $e. 6ay . be patient, gentle, and hu$ble. +e still, and "no% that . a$ 9od. :Psal$ -(;10< ot $y %ill but 4hine, 0 8ord, be done in and through $e. :Edgar Cayce reading 2(2#,< Create in $e a pure heart, 0 9od3 :2(2#1,< Lead me, 0 Father, just for today... (262-60) 7ur Father, our 9od, in $y o%n conscious# ness let $e !ind happiness in the love o! 4hee. :2(2#10(<

1ead#and# ec" E5ercises

ote; All head#and#nec" e5ercises should be done slo%ly and gently, %ithout straining or !orcing the $uscles in any %ay. &epeat three ti$es;

Sit in an upright position.

4ip head !or%ard, trying to touch chin to chest.

&eturn head to upright position.

&epeat three ti$es;

Sit in an upright position. 4ip head bac"%ard, as i! to loo" at the ceiling. &eturn head to upright position.

&epeat three ti$es to right= three ti$es to le!t;

Sit in upright position. 4ip head to%ard .ncorrrect; shoulder, as i! to Shoulder touch it %ith your should ear. not li!t or shrug. &eturn to upright position.

&oll head three ti$es cloc"%ise, three ti$es counter#cloc"%ise;

Sit in upright position. >rop head !or%ard, touching chin to chest. &otate head gently three ti$es in a cloc"%ise $otion. &epeat three ti$es counter# cloc"%ise.

4hree#Stage >eep +reathing

Filling the 8ungs;

Stage 1; Fill botto$ o! lungs= abdo$en e5pands.

Stage 2; Fill $iddle third o! lungs= chest cavity e5pands.

Stage ,; Fill top third o! lungs= shoulders li!t.

E$ptying the lungs;

Stage 1; 4op third o! lungs e$pties !irst, shoulders rela5.

Stage 2; Chest cavity contracts, pushing air out o! $iddle third o! lungs. /

Stage ,; Abdo$en is pulled in, !orcing all re$aining air out o! lungs.

Alternate# ostril +reathing

8e!t nostril is held closed= air is dra%n in through right nostril. Air is e5haled through the $outh.

&epeat three ti$es, using the three#stage deep#breathing e5ercise.

&ight nostril is held closed= air is dra%n in through le!t nostril. 8e!t nostril is then closed= air is e5haled through the open right nostril.

&epeat three ti$es, again using the three# stage deep#breathing e5ercise.

1ealth 4ips !or 6editation

&e$e$ber that $editation and a healthy body can %or" together in a constructive cycle. 4he practice o! $editation is an i$portant ele$ent in your overall progra$ !or $aintaining good health. 9ood health practices in your daily li!e %ill aid your $editation li!e. +elo% are areas to %hich you $ight %ant to pay particular attention; >iet Eat a good, balanced diet, %ith lots o! !resh !ruits and vegetables, as %ell as %hole grains. 4he Edgar Cayce readings reco$$ended;
? that /0 percent o! the diet consist o! non#

? that $eat inta"e consist $ainly o! !ish, !o%l,

starchy vegetables and !ruits, %ith the re$aining 20 percent provided by proteins, cereals, and starches. and la$b, %ith red $eat eaten only sparingly and por" rarely or never. !ried !oods, and !oods containing %hite !lour and@or sugar.

? that %e avoid overly processed !oods, all

&est and &ecreation AdeAuate rest and recreation are essential parts o! a balanced li!estyle. +e sure to get adeAuate sleep in order to avoid !atigue during your $editation e5perience. &ecreation helps to rela5 both your body and $ind, %hich is i$portant %hen you sit do%n to $editate. Eli$inate 4o5ins Fro$ Bour +ody 4he eli$ination o! to5insCthe %aste products le!t over a!ter the body has digested and $etaboliDed its !oodCis crucial to good health. Bou eli$inate to5ins through your s"in, lungs, bo%els, and "idneys. 4he !ollo%ing practices are all help!ul;
? +reathe deeply and !ully, re$e$bering to

? >rin" at least si5 to eight glasses o! pure

e5hale co$pletely. +reathing e5ercises be!ore $editation help here, but you should also develop the habit o! breathing deeply throughout the day. %ater daily, %hich %ill help re$ove to5ins and %astes !ro$ your body. through proper diet :including lots o! !iber< and e5ercise, especially %al"ing.

? +o%el eli$inations should be "ept regular

E5ercise E5ercise %ill help "eep your body healthy and aid in stress reduction. Al%ays chec" %ith your doctor be!ore e$bar"ing on any ne% progra$ o! e5ercise. 6oderate, consistent e5ercise is $ore help!ul than sporadic, strenuous %or"outs. 9entle stretching and daily %al"s %ill go a long %ay to%ard "eeping you !it and releasing tensions. Finally, re$e$ber that you are a %hole person, %ith all parts %or"ing together. Bour attitudes and e$otions are vital to good health. As you $editate daily, it %ill have an i$pact on your physical health. As you pay attention to basic health practices listed here, youEll !ind your $editation li!e enhanced as %ell.


4racing Bour 4houghts

2hen the silence ended, %ere you thin"ing about;

Particular peopleF 2orries on your $indF

Upco$ing events or things to doF

Sounds going on around youF

Proble$s you need to solveF

Past or !uture conversationsF

2hen the silence ended, . %as thin"ing about;


A great exercise in tracing your thoughts: Write your !inal thought at the center o! the spiral and then see i! you can %or" your %ay bac" to the !irst thoughts you %ere having as the $editation began.


Chants !or 6editation

4he Cayce readings reco$$end certain chants as very e!!ective in connecting us %ith spiritual real$s. 4hese sounds are voiced on the audiotapes. 4a"e a long, deep breath, and chant these sounds as you slo%ly e5hale. See i! you can $a"e the sounds vibrate deeply %ithin yoursel!. &epeat up to a doDen ti$es or $ore be!ore $editating. .n reading 11'/#10, %e are told that the !ollo%ing syllables a%a"en the ability to dra% 9odEs love;

4he GeH and GoH are both Glong,H as in Gsee"H and Gho$e.H A second chant uses a variant o! the !our 1ebre% letters o! Bah%eh and is sounded as;

Bah C hay C vah C hay

4his chant, according to reading 2',,#/, can a%a"en %ithin us the ability to "no% ourselves to be individu# als, yet one %ith the 2hole.

6oving to the >eeper 8evels o! 6editation

Stage One: Think about what the words of the a!!ir$ation $ean.

L et me b e a ch an n el o f b les si ng s t o so me on e t od ay L et me b e a ch an ne l o f bl es si ng s

Stage Two: As you continue thinking about what the a!!ir$ation $eans, you begin to !eel %hat it $eans.
%ay to F eel i ng th e sen s e ch an n el o f bl es si ng s t o so meo n e t od ay Le t m e o f t he af f i rma t io n ! ra the r th an t h in ki n g a bo u t it


Stage Three: As you hold on to the feeling of the a!!ir$ation, your a%areness shi!ts to e5periencing it.

Fe el in g t h e affi rm ati on

8eads to e5periencing the a!!ir$ation

Or: "ou notice your mind has wandered! and you gently go bac" to Stage 7ne.

L et me b e a c ha nn el of b le ssi n gs t o s om eo ne t o da y L et me b e


6a"ing Up Bour Personal Prayer 8ist

People %ho have as"ed !or your prayers or given you per$ission to pray !or the$;

People, causes, or organiDations %ho have not as"ed !or prayer, but !or %ho$ you have a concern;


>ecision 6a"ing %ith 6editation

#art One: List the decisions you need to make in di!!erent areas o! your li!e; 2or"; &elationships; Errands; Finances; Purchases; Fa$ily; 1ealth; 7ther;



2c. 2hat are the li"ely conseAuences o! each %ay o! decidingF GBesH G oH 9ood &esults Un%anted &esults

2d. +reathe into your heart three ti$es, and then see ho% you !eel as you i$agine going %ith a GyesH decision. Also %atch !or any i$ages that $ight co$e to $ind; IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 2ith a GnoH decision; IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 21

2e. 1old each ans%er, together %ith your spiritual ideal and your ethical vie%s. Chec" co$patibility %ith; GyesH; IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII GnoH; IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

,. Considering all o! your ans%ers so !ar, $a"e a tentative decision; yes no

-. o%, put this tentative decision aside and $editate.

'. At the conclusion o! your Auiet ti$e, silently as" your GyesH or GnoH Auestion, give the tentative ans%er you reached earlier, and then %ait !or any !eelings or i$ages that co$e to $ind.


ote those here; IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 2hat %ould you say is the GinnerH ans%erF yes no (. .! you are unsure o! your inner guidance, you $ay repeat these steps on another day. 1o%ever, i! you !eel con!ident that your decision is the right one, thin" about ho% you $ight act on your decision. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ). 4a"e the action, and %atch !or results.


Su$$ary; +asic Steps

Ste$ One: Find a comfortable $osition 'ee$ your s$ine straight, legs uncrossed, and rela5 any tense $uscles in your body. Ste$ Two: (ead)and)neck exercises %o each of the !ollo%ing three ti$es; head !or%ard, head bac"%ard, head to the right shoulder, head to the le!t shoulder, rotate head in a co$plete circle cloc"%ise, rotate head in a co$plete circle countercloc"%ise. >o not strain or !orce. Ste$ Three: %ee$ breathing exercises Fill lungs from botto$ to top, e5hale !ro$ top to botto$. +reathe in through your right nostril and out through your $outh= repeat three ti$es. +reathe in through your le!t nostril and out through your right= repeat three ti$es. Ste$ Four: S$ecial meditation aids as desired &usic! incense, chants, personal rituals, inspirational reading, prayers, and the prayer o! protection. Ste$ Five: Focus on the affirmation &ove through the three stages o! !ocusing on the a!!ir$ation; thin"ing about it, !eeling it, e5periencing it. &eturn to the thin"ing stage %henever the $ind %anders. Allo% ten to !i!teen $inutes !or Step Five. Ste$ Six: %ecision making Test any tentative decisions you have $ade according to the decision#$a"ing e5ercise. Ste$ Seven: (ealing $rayer Send out light and constructive energies to the people on your personal prayer list. 2-

The Lord*s #rayer: 7ur Father %hich art in heaven, 1allo%ed be thy na$e. 4hy "ingdo$ co$e, 4hy %ill be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 9ive us this day our daily bread. And !orgive us our debts, as %e !orgive our debtors. And lead us not into te$ptation, but deliver us !ro$ evil; For thine is the "ingdo$, and the po%er, and the glory, !or ever. A$en.

A #rayer of #rotection: As . open $ysel! to the unseen !orces that surround the throne o! beauty, grace, and $ight, . thro% about $ysel! the protection that is !ound in the thoughts o! 1i$.


The Twenty)Third #salm: 4he 8ord is $y shepherd= . shall not %ant. 1e $a"eth $e to lie do%n in green pastures; he leadeth $e beside the still %aters. 1e restoreth $y soul; he leadeth $e in the paths o! righteousness !or his na$eEs sa"e. Bea, though . %al" through the valley o! the shado% o! death, . %ill !ear no evil; !or thou art %ith $e= thy rod and thy sta!! they co$!ort $e. 4hou preparest a table be!ore $e in the presence o! $ine ene$ies; thou anointest $y head %ith oil= $y cup runneth over. Surely goodness and $ercy shall !ollo% $e all the days o! $y li!e; and . %ill d%ell in the house o! the 8ord !or ever.


6usic !or 6editating

6usic pre!erences vary %idely, even a$ong people %ho $editate. 1o%ever, here are a !e% suggestions to get you started; 4he Fairy &ing, 6i"e &o%land Pachelbel; Canon :6any versions, so$e especially arranged !or $editation< &iver o! Stars, 2002 Crystals, 8le%ellyn Adagio; 6usic !or 6editation, Peter >avison

+oo"s about 6editation

6editation; 4he 8ight !ro$ 2ithinCEdgar CayceEs Approach to 8i!eEs Challenges, by 1arry 9lover. A.&.E. Press. A handboo" based on the Edgar Cayce readings, this boo" provides a step#by#step approach. 6editationJ9ate%ay to 8ight, by Elsie Sechrist. A.&.E. Press. A concise handboo" !or $editation.


9rate!ul Ac"no%leg$ents
4his course is based on an earlier one, 6editation Made Easy, by Lynn Sparrow. ur deepest than!s to 8ynn and to the original narrator, Sharon FaDel. 2e also than" Cecil 9uile !or per!ectly transcribing the audiotapes !ro$ the original course, and Susan 8endvay and >an Ca$pbell !or their beauti!ul editing o! that transcript. 7ur gratitude also to Kevin 4odeschi and 6ar" 4hur# ston, Ph.>., !or their $any suggestions. 6uch o! the credit !or the !inal Auality o! this course goes to the$, %hile %e reserve !or ourselves the responsibility !or the re$aining de!iciencies. 7ur appreciation to Fran" 1enry, our $arvelous re# cording engineer, %ho suggested that the A.&.E. 6ed# itation &oo$ in *irginia +each %ould be $ore appro# priate than a studio !or recording these tapes. Fran" oversa% the production o! this course, and did so %ith de5terity and a sense o! Ghigh play.H 2e also e5tend our gratitude to Charles 4ho$as Cayce, one o! the busiest people %e "no%, !or ta"ing $any hours !ro$ his schedule to narrate this course. 1e brings great GheartH to all that he does, and you %ill hear that Auality on the tapes.

About Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce %as born on a !ar$ near 1op"insville, Kentuc"y. At an early age he gave evidence o! his budding talent; he %as able to $aster his school lessons by sleeping on his boo"s. At the age o! t%enty#one he developed a gradual throat paralysis %hich threatened the loss o! his voice. 2hen doctors %ere unable to !ind a cause !or his condition, Cayce entered the sa$e hypnotic sleep that had enabled hi$ to learn his school lessons years be!ore. .n that state, he %as able to reco$$end a cure %hich success!ully repaired his throat $uscles and restored his voice. .t %as soon discovered that he could do the sa$e !or others. For $ost o! his adult li!e, Edgar Cayce %as able to provide intuitive insights into nearly any Auestion i$aginable. 2hen individuals ca$e to hi$ %ith a Auestion, he %ould place hi$sel! into a sel!#induced sleep state. 2hile in that state he could respond to virtually any Auestion as"ed. 1is responses have co$e to be called Greadings.H 4oday his psychic readings constitute one o! the largest and $ost i$pressive records o! intuitive in!or$ation to e$anate !ro$ a single individual.


For $any years the in!or$ation dealt $ainly %ith $edical proble$s. Eventually the scope o! his readings e5panded to include such topics as $edita# tion, drea$s, reincarnation, and prophecy. 4he 4he Association !or &esearch and Enlighten$ent, transcripts have provided the basis !or $ore than ,00 .nc., %as !ounded in 10,1 to research popular boo"s about CayceEs %or". and $a"e available the in!or$ation in the psychic readings o! Cayce Cayce. Edgar %ould eventually 4he A.&.E., give %hich $ore opens than its 1-,000 $e$ber# readings ship to all, oncontinues so$e 10,000 that di!!erent %or" today topics through to people its all over the %orld. publications, research, 4hese con!erences, readings continue se$inars, to be researched lectures, tours, and ca$p, %ritten and about other $ore activities. than hal! a century a!ter his death and are available to students, %riters, 4he $ore than 1-,000 docu$ented Cayce readings researchers, $edical pro!essionals, and A.&.E. are housed at the A.&.E.Es *irginia +each headAuar# $e$bers the %orld over. ters and discuss thousands o! health and spiritual topics, including soul develop$ent, holistic health, reincarnation, drea$s, intuition, li!e purpose, and ancient civiliDations. 4he A.&.E.Es $e$bership co$es !ro$ around the %orld, dra%ing together tens o! thousands o! those %ho are see"ing ans%ers to li!eEs Auestions. For $ore in!or$ation, call 1#/00#,,,#--00, or visit our 2eb site;

About the A.&.E.

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