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Promises Letter Writing Activity

In class, we have been studying the Arab-Israeli Conflict as a part of our unit on the Middle East and Northern Africa. The past few days, we have watched the movie Promises as it follows seven Israeli and Palestinian children just before the start of the second intifada. For this research project, you will need the following: 1. two (2) current event articles on the Arab-Israeli Conflict 2. your A/I Skills Packet, and 3. the viewing guide you filled out while watching Promises Using the current events, your skills packet, and your viewing guide choose one (1) of the children the movie followed and pretend that he or she is your pen pal and write a letter to him or her. The content of the letter should reflect information that has happened previously in the Arab-Israeli Conflict, the movie, more current information from the current event articles you found, and any other information you would like to share with your pen pal. We will be in the CAI Lab on Friday and in the Lower Library on Tuesday to complete your research and begin writing. Letters are due Wednesday.