Ignatia Amara

St Igatius Bean Strychnos Ignatii – strychnine(more than Nux V.) – affects nervous system. KEYW ORDS : HOMEOPATHIC PR OZA C, DEEP SIGHING . *Note: it’s the Acute remedy for Nat Mur. GENERALS : Holds emotion in chest. Dislikes fresh air. Contr adicto r y symptoms (see MODALITIES) MOD ALI TIE S: Contr adicto r y, ie, likes pressure on a sore part, likes swallowing with a sore throat. Bet ter for heat. Wor se for coffee, tobacco, ie, stimulants. CA USA TION : Emotional upset: loss of loved one/pet/limb; punishment; shock; anger; assault; unrequieted love; jealousy. Suppressed emotions. The painful situation remains actual, fresh in the person’s mind. Their mind continues to relive/revive the situation. It remains present with them. They can’t give it a place in their memory.

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