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1 Corinthians Writer: Paul Place Written: Ephesus Writing Completed: c. 55 C.E. CORINTH was commerciall!. a prominent cit!.

"ituated at a location o# strategic importance

In the da!s o# the apostle Paul$ its population o# a%out &''$''' was e(ceeded onl! %! Rome$ )le(andria$ and "!rian )ntioch. It was to this thri*ing %ut morall! decadent metropolis o# the Roman world that the apostle Paul tra*eled in a%out 5' C.E. +uring his sta! o# ,- months$ a Christian congregation was esta%lished there. .)cts ,-:,/,,0 What lo*e Paul #elt toward these %elie*ers to whom he had #irst carried the good news a%out Christ1 2! letter he reminded them o# the spiritual %ond that e(isted$ / li3e a spiritual #ather / sa!ing: Though you may have ten thousand tutors in Christ, you certainly do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have become your father through the good news. 1 Cor. !"1#. $ead $eason for the letter" 1. +eep concern #or their spiritual wel#are mo*ed Paul to write his #irst letter to the Corinthian Christians while in the course o# his third missionar! tour. ) #ew !ears had passed since he had resided in Corinth. It was now a%out 55 C.E.$ and Paul was in Ephesus. )pparentl! he had recei*ed a letter #rom the relati*el! new congregation in Corinth$ and it re4uired a repl!. 2ecause conditions inside the congregation and the en*ironment outside in ancient Corinth$ with its prosperit! and e(tra*agance$ ha*e modern parallels$ Paul5s sterling counsel penned under di*ine inspiration commands our attention. What Paul said is so #ull o# meaning #or our own da! that thought#ul consideration o# his #irst letter to his %elo*ed Corinthian %rothers and sisters will pro*e %ene#icial indeed. Recall now the spirit o# the time and place. Thin3 searchingl!$ as the Corinthian Christians must ha*e done$ while we re*iew the penetrating$ stirring$ inspired words o# Paul to his #ellow %elie*ers in Corinth o# old. C%&T'&T( %) )I$(T C%$I&T*I+&( Paul e(poses sectarianism$ e(horts unit! On 3eeping the congregation clean Counsel on singleness and +oing all things #or the sa3e o# the good news Warning against in6urious things Headship7 the 8ord5s E*ening 9eal "piritual gi#ts7 lo*e and its pursuit The certaint! o# the resurrection hope