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Trigger 1: A 36-year-old woman (G2P1A0) 37 weeks of gestation a d m it t e d to Emergency room wit er !s"and "eca!se s e feel leakage of fl!id from #agina since 1 o!rs ago$ s e denies a"dominal contraction and "loodys ow% t e fetal mo#ement was normal& ' e ad "een com(lained le!korea since 2 weeks& ' e as a istory of (reterm s(ontane!s #aginal deli#ery Trigger 2: )ital 'ign* +, -.$ /P 1300-2$ 1em(& 2-&7$ ,, 1-& All refle3es are c ecked and are intact& 4o edema is (resent& Patient denies any !ter!s tenderness& 5etal +eart ,ate is (resent wit a rate 130 "(m and t e (atient states s e felt t e "a"y6s last mo#ement& 7n a"dominal e3am 1 e f!ndal eig t is 32cm and no contraction& 7n leo(old6s man!#er t e fet!s is single$ fo!nd to "e ce( alic (resentation and t e t e ead as entered in t e (el#is inlet& 8ns(ec!lo e3am demonstrated t at t ere was amniotic fl!id came o!t from t e 79E& A fern test is ordered and comes "ack as (ositi#e& ,es!lts of t e nitrasin test* red to "l!e laksm!s Tigger 3: - o!rs later$ er cer#ical e3am demonstrated t at "is o( score is :$ t e 7"Gyn doctor decided to ind!ction of la"or wit (rostaglandin& 'e#en o!rs after ind!ction$ monitoring of t e fetal eart rate s ow t at t ere was deceleration !ntil 20 "eat0min!te and t ere was meconi!m in amniotic fl!id&