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This commercial consists in a person who explains the characteristics of the product. - They use techniques like provide facts and figures to prove they are better than others and convince people to joing the bandwagon

It represents a person and his or her style of life. The goal of this commercial is the aspiration or the identification of the public with this style of life

It uses dances, songs, and sometimes famous people to promote something. Theyre entertaining and enjoyable too.

I think nowadays this is the most common, because people is entertained with this and theyre funny. Theyre really crack me up.

Theyre like a reflection. Theyre talking about serious life and social problems like anorexia, drug addiction, etc. - The technique most used by this kind of commercial is manipulate peoples emotions.

I think that sometimes to see tv commercials is good, especially when theyre talking about a serious social problem like the lasts commercials, theyre really choke you up. Also, is good to have an entertainment or distraction in the tv.