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A Simple Guide for Planning Your Italy Vacation

Planning a trip to Italy can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Deciding which cities to visit, where to stay, what to see, and how to get from place to place adds up to a lot of research, planning, and potential headaches. And sometimes, the many resources, websites, and travel guides available only make matters more confusing.
We can help. We are here to get you out from under planning burdens and straight to the excitement of your Italian vacation. Heres to not letting another minute pass by. So, lets GO! As a family-owned company specializing in travel for more than 85 years, Monograms has heard just about every question there is about planning a trip both internationally and domesticallyand we think we can help you nd most of your answers here. Whether you are considering an escorted tour for you and your family, or an individual travel plan, this Italian travel kit was developed with travelers like you in help you get started and on your way to an amazing Italian travel experience. From selecting your ideal destinations, accommodations, and itinerary to guring out when to travel, what to pack, and how to get where you want to go, let this kit be your guide. And, should you have any additional questions that we havent answered, we are just a phone call or email away and are happy to answer your most simple or detailed questions. We wish you safe and happy travelsciao!

The Vatican



Looking to explore one city or multiple destinations? With Italys varied history, cultures, and historic sites, deciding where to go, when to go, how long to stay, and how to get the most bang for your buck can be tough. The rst step is to ask yourself some questionsand were making the second step (answering them) a little simpler. Our goal is the same as yours: Stop dreaming and start going!

trip planning
Should I try to visit several different cities or focus my time on a single destination?
If you think this trip is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to go to Italy, then by all means, pack your schedule so that you see and experience as much as possible. You will need 1-2 weeks to truly enjoy a multi-city getaway.
If you only have a short amount of time to get away, plan to visit just one major destination. Choose between some of the most popular Italian cities, or you may prefer a resort getaway. NEED HELP DECIDING WHERE TO GO? CONSIDER WHAT INTERESTS YOU THE MOST

History: While every Italian city oers historical treasures, if you are interested in history and only have a short time, Rome is your best bet. Rome has the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the catacombs, the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, and ancient ruins throughout the city. Romance: If youre looking for a shorter, romantic vacation, you should head to Venice. Take a ride on a romantic gondola, stroll through the shops and over the many bridges, and savor a leisurely drink or romantic dinner in St. Marks Squarea great place for people-watching.

Relaxation: If you just want to take it easy on your Italian getaway, Sorrento is a laid-back resort town. Wander through the cobblestone streets and taste a glass of worldfamous limoncello. Enjoy amazing scenery on a drive along the Amal Coast.

Shopping: There is great shopping throughout Italy. For unique items, try Venice for its Murano glass and Sorrento for its intarsio inlaid woodwork. Florence is best known for its ne leather products. Looking for Italian fashion designer brands? Rome and Milan both oer high-end designer boutiques and many Italian designer agship stores. For an even more exciting getaway, build in a couple of trips outside your chosen city. For instance, choose Rome as your destination hub for three nights and take day trips to Naples, Pompeii, or the Isle of Capri.



A simple guideline is to allot about $200-$300 per day for the land portion of your trip. Add on an additional $1,000 for airfare and dont forget to budget for transfers to/from the airport and travel between destinations. A trip from Rome to Venice on the high-speed train costs around $114-155.

If your budget (or time) is limited, explore packages where travel, lodging, and some sightseeing are included. Then, add on activities and excursions that t your budget. If the idea of researching and booking transportation (from the airport, between cities, etc.) and activities is starting to raise your blood pressure, dont worryin the next sections, well give you simple solutions!!


Taking travel time to and from Italy into account, the minimum amount of time you want to spend on your Italian getaway is four days. Generally speaking, four days in a new destination will allow you time to experience the major sites and visit the most popular attractions. Anything less than four days and the trip might not be worth the money you spent on your ight. If you have a little more time, combine destinations for a broader experience. For example, travel to Rome & Sorrento or Rome & Venice. For even more historical sites, in addition to Rome, be sure to add Sicily, where ancient structures are waiting. Fans of art and architecture, as well as fashion, should denitely add Florence as well. If you have at least two weeks for an in-depth experience of Italy, we also recommend adding the Italian Lake District in Northern Italy. Charming Lake Maggiorewith its endless sunshine, palm trees, and mountain backdropis a great place to go at the end of your trip.


whats the right time?

San Gimignano Naples

How far ahead do I need to plan and book my travel?

When are you planning to travel? If your heart is set on a trip during the summer months, plan to book your getaway ve months out. Travel during the shoulder season (late-September through April) and you can book a few weeks to two months out.

of the local Christmas markets that pop up. Late spring and early autumn are the ideal times to travel, also oering smaller crowds, milder weather, and more sunshine.

Whats the weather like in Italy and how will it aect my plans?
Italy is mostly hot and humid in the summer, colder and wetter in the winter, and more mild temperatures are found in the spring and fall. If youre going to Italy during the summer months, plan your day so you are inside museums, galleries, or churches during the hottest hours. Visit outdoor attractions early in the morning or in the evening. Or, perhaps plan a trip to the coast where the ocean can cool you down (just expect lots of people have this same idea). If traveling in the winter, make sure you check attraction hours, as many have reduced hours and days.

When is the best time of year to travel to Italy?

Italy is truly a year-round destination. If traveling during the summer, take advantage of Italys bright sunshine, many beaches, fun festivals, and outdoor music perfomances. (Many Italians take a vacation in late August, so many restaurants and shops close; however, this could be the perfect time to avoid the summer crowds in major cities like Rome.) If youre looking for smaller crowds and shorter attraction lines, travel during the winter, and take advantage



Making a home base in one or two Italian cities, while spending at least three nights in each city, is great for families with children. You wont have to pack up and lug all of your gear from place to place, and your kids can feel comfortable knowing where they will be sleeping each night. Book a family vacation through Monograms and receive a 25% discount o the land vacation price for kids ages 2-11, a 10% discount for kids 12-17, and kids under 2 are free!

This chart should give you a better idea of the type of temperatures you can expect.

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Capri 54 F 55 F 59 F 64 F 72 F 79 F 84 F 85 F 79 F 71 F 62 F 56 F

Florence 50 F 53 F 61 F 66 F 74 F 81 F 88 F 87 F 81 F 70 F 58 F 50 F

Lake Maggiore (Stresa) 43 F 47 F 55 F 62 F 70 F 77 F 83 F 81 F 75 F 64 F 52 F 44 F

Rome 53 F 56 F 61 F 66 F 74 F 81 F 88 F 87 F 81 F 72 F 62 F 55 F

Sicily 54 F 55 F 57 F 60 F 66 F 72 F 78 F 79 F 75 F 69 F 62 F 56 F

Sorrento 54 F 55 F 59 F 64 F 72 F 79 F 84 F 85 F 79 F 71 F 62 F 56 F

Venice 44 F 47 F 55 F 62 F 71 F 77 F 82 F 83 F 75 F 65 F 53 F 46 F

Will I have a problem if I dont speak the language?

Italian is the ocial language of Italy but because Italy receives so many tourists, you can nd many people who speak English in the major cities and tourist destinations. Italians are generally friendly and interested in helping you. However, as you might expect, learning a few words and phrases and attempting to speak the native language will get you much further with the locals. To get you started, here are a few words and phrases: Hello: Ciao Goodbye: Arrivederci Please: Per favore Thank you: Grazie Youre welcome: Prego Yes: S No: No Excuse me: Mi scusi Do you speak English?: Parla Inglese? I dont understand: Non capisco How are you?: Come sta? Good evening: Buona sera Good morning: Buon giorno How much is it?: Quanto costa?

mapping out your trip

What type of trip do you want to take? Youve decided on your destination(s) and you
need to ll your days with fun activities and excursions that will make your trip memorable. But where do you start? From museums and monuments to gardens and ruins, Italy is lled with enough history and must-see sites to ll a years worth of sightseeing.
With our experience helping travelers create vacations to remember, we can help you truly personalize your getaway. You have many options on how to travel through Italy. Your decision depends on the type of trip that suits your needs. Below are the most popular ways to experience Italy. Use it as a guide to choose a style that ts you and your vacation needs.

Escorted Tour Vacation

Want to experience the best parts of a destination while letting someone else be in charge? On an escorted tour, sightseeing excursions, hotel arrangements, and most meals are planned for you, with all of the details and logistics on tour handled by an expert your Tour Director. You can form your own group or join one that already exists.

Independent Travel Package

Like to travel on your own, but dont have time to do the research? Would you feel

most comfortable having an expert put together your trip for you? Generally, with a travel package, all travel and hotel accommodations are arranged for you, along with an itinerary that includes some pre-scheduled activities and a good amount of free time to explore on your own. This type of package provides a balance for travelers who want to take advantage of the benets of an organized trip, but who are not interested in traveling with a group and following a set timetable. And some independent travel packages oer access to local guides,

giving you a resource on the ground to help with any on-site needs, suggestions, or recommendations. Travel packages also oer families great options and expert assistance.

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Getaway

Prefer a challenge and want to research, plan, and book everything on your own? This puts all the planning in your hands. When you choose this option, its important that youre independently minded and are interested in customizing every detail of your trip.

For those who want just a taste of Italy, a cruise may be an option. Like an escorted tour, the benet is that everything is packaged together, but remember that your time in the destination will be very limited. While most European cruises dont overnight in Italy within their core itinerary, some oer pre- or post-cruise extensions at an additional cost.


Beware of overbooking your trip and turning your vacation into a chore. Schedule sightseeing early in the morning, preferably on your rst full day in town, and leave the afternoon open to relax and take in a local experience. By scheduling free time each afternoon, you will ensure that you feel fresh and attentive throughout your trip. Monograms vacations will help you strike that perfect balance.

what are the things i can

Do I want a trip that focuses on Italys greatest hits and must-see sites? We always recommend
starting your rst full day on vacation with a city tour to give you the lay of the land. Having a Local Guide show you the highlights and provide some tips on what to see and where to go is a great help, whether its your rst or fth trip to that destination.
You can research, book, and pay for these tours and other excursions in advance of your trip. That way, youll wake up on your rst morning knowing exactly what you are doing, without having to waste your time looking at maps and asking for directions. City tours are included on escorted tours and independent travel packages such as Monograms. Activities and excursions are generally extra but will give you a well-rounded experience (stick with us, and well help you book the extras you want and lots more)!


No matter who or how well traveled you are, seeing the main sites in each city is a must. Here are a few standout sites that make the destination unique and present great photo ops.

The vibrant and Eternal City of Rome has it allancient ruins, cultural highlights, architectural marvels, magnicent churches, beautiful statues, mouth-watering cuisine, and stylish boutiques. Must-see sites: The Colosseum Roman Forum Sistine Chapel St. Peters Square and Basilica Trevi Fountain

architectural heritage are reected in its many museums and art galleries. It is also important for Italian fashion and is ranked one of the top fashion cities in the world. Must-see sites: The Academy of Fine Arts East Door of the Baptistry of St. John Uzi Gallery Pitti Palace Santa Maria del Fiore Giottos Bell Tower

Lake Maggiore Venice

Florence Adriatic Sea Rome Mediterranean Sea Sorrento

Formed in the 9th century, Venice is a city with a rich history, built on 121 small islands connected by 435 bridges. Enjoy people-watching in St. Marks Square, discover hidden treasures and restaurants in the maze of back alleys, and take a gondola ride.

The birthplace of the Renaissance, Florences artistic traditions, numerous monuments, and rich history have caused it to be ranked one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its history, culture, and


Ionian Sea

t miss?
Capri Sicily

Must-see sites: St. Marks Square & Basilica Doges Palace & Bridge of Sighs Rialto Bridge

Spend time in Lake Maggiore, Italys second-largest lake and one of Italys most beautiful areas. Enjoy the picturesque lakefront, colorful owerbeds, shops, cafs, and restaurants. Must-see sites: Isola Bella Isola Pescatori Mottarone Cable Car

lined with shops and restaurants, and be Must-see sites: sure to sample limoncello, the sweet drink Taorminas Greek Amphitheater made from the enormous lemons that Mount Etna come directly from the towns numerous Valley of the Temples in Agrigento lemon trees. Delight in the amazing views, watch the sunset dip into the sea, and see Mount Vesuvius across the bay. Must-see sites: Sedil Dominova The Bell Tower Pompeii The Isle of Capri



Traveling by train is fast, convenient, and relaxing, and trains travel to and from almost all major Italian cities. If youre traveling to smaller towns, a car might be your best option, but know that gas is expensive and its a hassle to have a car in bustling cities. Youll also need to get an international drivers license. If youre nervous about guring out how to get from point A to point B, all of your transportation needs will be arranged for you if you book a tour through Monograms. Plus, a Local Host will be available at your destination to oer suggestions on getting around town.

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is known for its blue skies, archaeological sites, and rich heritage. Visit the ancient Greek structures, see Europes greatest natural wonder Mount Etnaand try some tasty Sicilian cuisine.

Sorrento is a laid-back town with beautiful landscapeshigh and low hills, azure seas, majestic mountains, and deep valleys. Explore the cobblestone streets

whats the best way to feel

What can I do to have an authentic Italian experience? Make time to
head off the beaten path to discover the cafs, shops, galleries, and neighborhoods that form the heartbeat of that city. This is where Local Guides (and Monograms Local Hosts) are invaluable. They can introduce you to the less-traveled areas and enhance your experience like no one else.

The following are some of the most popular local suggestions:


The Campidoglios (Capitol Hill) elegant marble stairway that leads to the Piazza Campidoglio is an exhilarating Renaissance creation. Continue to the Capitoline Museums, the rst public art gallery in the world, and then climb the stairs to the roof terrace, a location beloved by chic modern Romans for its sweeping views over the city. Take a taxi to the San Sebastiano gate in Imperial Romes towering Aurelian Walls and enter an archeological park created to preserve the Ancient

Appian Way (Via Appia Antica). Once Romes link to the eastern Empire, it is now considered one of the wonders of the world for its engineering and monuments.


Dorsoduro. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is lled with the American heiress cutting-edge collection of surrealist and modern paintings, including Jackson Pollock, among others.

Take an after-dinner ride on the Number 1 boat of the vaporetti or public water buses. Stop at every point on the Grand Canal, watch light reect magically from the towering palazzo, and pass underneath the Rialto and Accademia bridges. View one of Venices modern treasures behind walls in the residential district of

And dont forget to stop at Hemingways favorite haunt, Harrys Bar, for a Bellini, its signature drink invented by the bars founder. If youre interested in Florences shopping scene, wander down the Via Tornabuoni, a street featuring the swankiest stores in town. Or,


l like a local?

for an open-air food, clothing, and antiques market experience, the Piazza San Lorenzo, Mercato Nuovo, or Mercato Centrale are must-see considerations.


To get away from crowds of tourists for a bit and for a fun local point-of-view, head across the river on Ponte Vespucci to Oltrarno with its interesting neighborhood, small stores, and artisan workshops. At Piazza Santa Spirito, enjoy a small morning market or the 15th-century Santo Spirito Church.

Walk through the Old Town along the shermans path and take a step back in time to Marina Grande, once the main harbor of Sorrento. Sophia Loren was lmed in the 1960s movie It Started In Naples at this picturesque harbor. Take a ride on the Sorrento City Train Tourwith audio commentaryto appreciate the panoramic terraces and beauty of the city. Travel to Europes largest and highest active volcano, Mount Etna. Take a hike in the beautiful woods or ride

the cable car that climbs to 8,530 feet up the mountain.

Tour the archaeological sites of Syracuse, birthplace of mathematician Archimedes and home to many wellpreserved Greek and Roman ruins, some that date back to the 4th5th century BC. Hang with the locals at one of the weekly street markets. Sample some produce from a nearby farm or stumble upon a local artisan selling his crafts. This is a great place to pick up items for a picnic lunch.



simplify your trip

Perfect Starter Packages by
Now your vacation can be exactly what you want it to be, without all the planning and logistics hassles. Monograms was designed to make travel abroad simpleboth planning and traveling. With Monograms, we handle all the details, so you can feel comfortable and condent in your destinationeven if its your rst time there. Let us handle the details and you handle the fun!

The following are the most popular Monograms packages for the rst-time traveler to Italy:
A Week in Rome
7 DAYS Experience a week in Rome to enjoy all that the city has to oer, with a wonderful balance of leisure time and expertly guided tours. See the must-see sites, including the Roman Colosseum and Sistine Chapel. Throw a coin in Trevi Fountain and savor a meal in the Piazza Navona. Opt to take excursions to see Capri, where celebrities go to get away from it all, or Pompeii, buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.
Villa Borghese Spanish Steps NH Giustiniano Trevi Fountain St. Peters Square Boscolo Exedra Colosseum

Sorrento & Rome

7 DAYS Enjoy the vibrant city of Rome with its ancient ITALY structures, mouthwatering cuisine, and cultural Adriatic Sea highlights Tyrrhenian 3 Rome Sea combined with the Sorrento 3 laid-back town of Sorrento, where you can explore the Old Town and visit 14th-century Sedil Dominova.

Venice, Florence & Rome

10 DAYS Travel by highspeed Eurostar train between three of Italys most popular Venice citiesVenice, 3 ITALY Florence, and 3 Florence Romeand Adriatic enjoy guided Sea 3 Rome sightseeing tours in all three. See St. Marks Square and the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, the Academy of Fine Arts and Ponte Vecchio in Florence, and St. Peters Basilica and the Roman Forum in Rome.

This is just a sampling of the Monograms Italy packageswe oer 15 packages in all. And we even go beyond It skill within Europe, North America, South & Central America, Australia & New Zealand, Asia, and Africa. In to packages to choose from.

Every Monograms Italy package comes complete with the following components:
Complete arrangements for 4 or 7 days in your selected city Pre-screened hotel accommodations in the heart of the city Included sightseeing in each city with VIP access to must-see sites Transportation between cities (for multi-city packages), including

rst-class seats aboard all trains

Breakfast each morning

Monograms Local Hosts at your service, based at your hotel Option to add ights, airport transfers*, Travel Protection, and

Rome, Florence, Venice & Lake Maggiore

13 DAYS For a more in-depth experience of Italy, combine the best of Rome, Florence, and Venice with Lake 3 Lake Maggiore Maggiore, Italys 3 Venice second-largest lake and one of Italys most 3 Florence Adriatic beautiful areas. Visit Sea the must-see sites in 3 Rome each city, including ITALY Doges Palace in Venice and Michelangelos David in Florence. Then, explore Lake Maggiore and ride a boat to Isola Bella.

additional Activities & Excursions, personalized to your interests

* Airport transfers included when you purchase your ights through Monograms

is a travel company, not a travel website, with particular expertise Venice ITALY in Italy. As part of the Globus Florence family of brands, weve been Adriatic Sea showing travelers the way in and Rome Tyrrhenian Sea around Italy (and the rest of Sorrento Europe) for over 85 years.

Get started today!

taly. We apply the same otal, there are over 143

beyond italy

Want to add more vacation to your vacation? Perhaps you would like to extend your stay in Italy
or venture to Britain, France, Germany, Spain, or other European countries. The Globus family of brands offers hundreds of Italy and Europe vacation optionsfrom fully escorted tours to river cruises. So, take advantage of some of these other great vacation packages and truly make this a trip of a lifetime!

Northern Italys Highlights & Cinque Terre
10 DAYS Youll travel to Milan, Parma, Lucca, Turin, and Santa Margherita Ligure on the Italian Riviera.

London & Paris: A Tale of Two Cities Family Vacation

7 DAYS Spend a magnicent week in London and Paris with your family! Ride the London Eye and ascend the Eiel Tower.

Essential Britain & Ireland

10 DAYS This comprehensive vacation introduces you to all ve countries that make up the British Isles.

Gems of Umbria & Tuscany

9 DAYS Enjoy a unique in-depth vacation in the fascinating region of Umbria and Tuscany and learn about the mysterious Etruscans.

La France
15 DAYS This is the ideal vacation to explore all of Frances hot spots. Enjoy stays in Paris, Lourdes, and Monte Carlo, plus visits to other charming and historic towns and picturesque countryside.

The Best of Switzerland

8 DAYS Discover the wonders of this extraordinary country: unspoiled countryside, majestic peaks, sparkling lakes, and cities with cosmopolitan air.

* Globus tours include everything you need for a hasslefree European experiencefrom an expertly planned itinerary and all transportation to sightseeing and many mealsall with the guidance and insight of the industrys most experienced Tour Directors.


European Sampler
9 DAYS Get a Taste of Europe and sample some of Western Europes best-loved areas, including England, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, and France.

Iberian Vacation
13 DAYS This fantastic trip covers three countriesSpain, Morocco, and Portugalconcentrating on the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula.

French Sampler
8 DAYS Experience some of Frances major sights and landmarks, starting in Paris, the City of Light. Trip includes wine tasting in Beaune, visits to Dijon, Avignon, Pont du Guard, Nmes, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, and a perfume factory tour in Grasse.

Bohemian Dream
9 DAYS See some of Europes most beautiful cities. Spend two overnights each in Budapest, Vienna, and Prague

You can also travel Europe by boat! River cruising is Europes fastest-growing travel segment, and Avalon Waterways is leading the way. Avalons style and premium standard will give you a perspective of Europe like none other, with Europes newest eet, largest staterooms, expansive views, and enriching land programs (included in your cruise price).


youre ready to go...almost

You are a few weeks away from your departure date and are starting to think about packing and nalizing the last details of your trip. Here are a few additional things to remember to make sure you are ready and prepared for your adventure overseas.

What to pack? The obvious answer is to pack comfortable clothes and shoes. The climate in Europe varies, so remember to bring clothes that can be layered for additional warmth or taken o in warmer weather. Weve included a few additional items that we know will come in handy. A money belt A pouch strapped around your waist and hidden under your clothes, a money belt provides great peace of mind when you are carrying large sums of money, passports, credit cards, and other important documents. Dress for comfort We Americans usually dene comfortable shoes as athletic or tennis shoes. Funny enough, these shoes are what give us away as American tourists. If you want to blend in a little more and go incognito, pack a dierent type of shoe that provides just as much comfort and support as a sneaker. Also, take layers of clothing to help you adjust to temperature variations during the day. When its warm, be prepared for sites without air-conditioning. Long pants or a long skirt When traveling during the warm summer months, its hard to imagine walking around all day in anything but shorts or short skirts. Remember that many of the places you will be touring are religious sites with modest dress codes. Its considered inappropriate and disrespectful to show your bare legs at some attractions, so keep a pair of pants or a skirt in your bag and you will be dressed appropriately, no matter where you go.

Photocopies of important documents Should you lose something on your triplike a plane ticket, travel itinerary and conrmation numbers, or your identicationyou will save yourself a lot of headache and hassle by having a copy of each document on hand, stored in a safe place.

our Journeys Club loyalty program exchange rate discounts, visit Anything I should know about the ight to Europe?

Baggage Any time you y, you want to check your airlines policies and restrictions regarding A small daypack A napsack or backpack will checked and carry-on baggage. Most airlines make touring around a city or taking a day trip a lot allow one checked bag per person free-of-charge easier, as you can carry more items and still have on international ights. Make sure you follow your your hands free for photo opportunities. airlines weight and size guidelines to avoid paying additional fees for an oversized or heavy bag. Money ATMs have become an easy way to get the type of money you need when you need Arriving at the Airport For international ights, it in destinations around the world, so plan to arrive at the airport no less than two hours before bring a debit card! Visas, MasterCards, and other your departure time. Check if your ight is on credit cards are also generally accepted forms of time before leaving home so you can eliminate payment worldwide. waiting around the airport if your ight is delayed. How do I nd out the currency exchange rate and how do I exchange money? Food Pack some snacks for the ight or pick up a few items, including water, after you clear security and are waiting to board. Having your own food and drinks means you dont have to rely on or airline food or the ight crew to get you through the ight.

An ATM usually oers the best exchange rate and is the easiest way to get Euros or Pounds. Make sure you notify your bank before you leave for your trip so they dont ag your account for unusual activity while you are away. The last thing you need What do you recommend for traveling abroad when you are in Europe is to have your account with a family? frozen, leaving you without access to cash. When traveling anywhere with children, both young Credit cards, as a whole, provide a fair rate of and old, we follow one rule: expect the best, but exchange. You can charge your purchases, feeling prepare for the worst-case scenario. comfortable that your credit card company is behind you should you have any problem with your Pack extras of everything in a carry-on bag. From snacks, diapers, and water to toys and changes charges down the line. You can also try local banks of clothes, you can never be too prepared, and hotels, but remember that they will charge a particularly when dealing with potential delays, relatively high fee for handling the exchange. Some rerouting, and long waits. company loyalty programs also oer discounted rates on currency exchange. To learn more about

Traveling to Europe requires a passport. Weve listed a few facts you need to know about applying for or renewing your passport: Most post oces, courts, libraries, and government oces accept passport applications. Aim for a window seat for your child for a little built-in entertainment at take-o and landing. Help your family stay organized by counting all bags, both checked and carry-on, before you leave for the airport. Then, regularly count your bags each time you get on or o a plane, train, boat, car, or bus and when checking in or out of a hotel. With a full count each time, you are guaranteed to have everyones belongings with you throughout your entire trip and all the way home. Beyond your ight, its important to plan your vacation with a mix of fun activities and rest and relaxation time each day. And, bring snacks with you in your daypack to ward o cases of the grumpies. How can I avoid jet lag? Minimize the impact of changing multiple time zones by staying hydrated during your ight and avoiding alcoholic drinks while on the plane. Remember to set your watch to the time at your destination as soon as you begin your ight to help you begin adjusting before you even arrive. If its daytime when you arrive at your destination, spend as much time as you can outside, using the sunlight to help you adjust to the new time zone. The reverse is true if you arrive in the evening. Try to get a good night of sleep so you can wake up at a reasonable time the next day to start your vacation. Renew your passport if it has been 10 years or more since it was originally issued Fill out and submit the appropriate application, present a copy of your current identication, and show evidence of U.S. citizenship, such as: - A previously issued, undamaged passport - A certied birth certicate - A naturalization certicate - A certicate of citizenship You must apply in person if: - You are applying for your rst U.S. passport - You are under age 16 - Your passport was lost, stolen, or damaged - Your previous passport was issued more than 15 years ago You will need to provide two identical passport photos Be prepared to pay your passport fees when submitting your application - An application fee of $135 for a new adult passport is collected with your application - A renewal fee of $110 is collected for all adult passport renewals Visit the US State Department website ( for more information.