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Presentation on HR

selection Process in Coca-

Presented By – Ghansyam B.
 Founded in 1886, the coca-cola company is the world’s
leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of
nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. The
company’s corporate headquarters are in Atlanta, with local
operations in over 200 countries around the world.
 Although Coca-Cola was first created in the United States, it
quickly became popular wherever it went. Our first
international bottling plants opened in 1906 in Canada, Cuba
and Panama, soon followed by many more. Today, we
produce more than 300 brands. More than 70 percent of our
income comes from outside the U.S., but the real reason we
are a truly global company is that our products meet the
varied taste preferences of consumers everywhere.
Selection process

The selection process will vary depending on

the position you’re applying for, as one process can’t
fit all the different roles we have here at CCE.
However, in most cases a combination of any of the
following tools will be used:

 Interview
 Group exercises
 Presentations
 Psychometric tests
 Role plays/Situational Exercises
 Reference check
 Final Approval

 The interview is designed to reveal more

about you and your experiences. We’ll
ask for examples of how you behaved in
different situations, maybe at school,
university, a club, at home or in previous
jobs. This is not designed to 'catch you
out' and our interviewers will never try
and trick you into an answer. Be honest,
be yourself and it should be an enjoyable
Group exercises
 We’revery much a team at CCE so
these will show us how effectively
you work with people. They’re a good
opportunity for us to see how you
communicate, influence and involve
other people in the workplace.

 Presentationsgive you the chance to

show your ability to communicate to
a group of people on a specific topic.
You may be given a topic in advance
or on the day, but don’t worry – you’ll
have plenty of time to prepare.
Psychometric tests

 Psychometric tests are timed

exercises that examine your abilities
and potential. On occasions, we may
also use a personality assessment
tool that is designed to find out more
specific things about you. If you’re
asked to complete a psychometric
test, we’ll send you information and
advice in advance on how to prepare.
Role plays/Situational Exercises

 Designed to assess how you react in certain

situations, these help to highlight particular
skills and how well you’re suited for a
position. You may be given facts and figures
to review, or a report to complete; we may
also have an assessor acting as a customer
or employee to simulate a situation that
could occur in the workplace. Don’t worry,
you’ll be given a brief and ample time to
Reference check

 The applicant is asked to mention in his

application form, the names and
addresses of two or more persons who
know him well. These maybe his
previous employers, heads of education
institutions or publicfigures. These
people are requested to provide
their frankopinion about the
candidate without incurring any liability
Final Approval
 Recommendation of the interview
panel will be put up before the MD by
the HR Department for his approval.
 Appointment letter will be issued to
the finally selected candidates.