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The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

Mu State, Florida Beta Chi Chapter Seminole County

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education. 2013-2014

Dr. Annie Webb Blanton Mamie Sue Bastian Ruby Cole Mable Grizzard Sr. Anna Hiss Ray King Sue King Dr. Helen Koch Ruby Terrill Lomax Dr. Cora M. Martin Lalla M. Odom Lela Lee Williams


International: May 11, 1929 Mu State Florida May 18, 1953 Beta Chi October 17, 1970

Beta Chi Charter Members

Anna Bandy Jean Bowers Elisabeth Boyd Nancy Brock Jonnise Buckelew Edna Chittenden Margaret Manfre Cox Jane Ford Margaret Goit Carolyn Gore Barbara Jackson Lucy Layer Nancy McNamara Aldia Milwee Velma Mitchell

Bettie Jo Palmer Spratt Marguerite Partin Ethel Riser Jo Anne Rowe Barbara Ruprecht Alicia Schmidt Nellie Schweigart Charlotte Smith Lucille Snyder Katherine Teague Frances Walton Hazel West Helen Westgate Catherine Whelchel

Purposes of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society

The purposes of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International shall be: To unite women educators of the world in a genuine spiritual fellowship. To honor women who have given or who evidence a potential for distinctive service in any field of education. To advance the professional interest and position of women in education. To initiate, endorse, and support desirable legislation or other suitable endeavors in the interest of education and of women educators. To endow scholarships to aid outstanding women educators in pursuing graduate study and to grant fellowships to women educators from other countries. To stimulate the personal and professional growth of members and to encourage their participation in appropriate programs of action. To inform the members of current economic, social, political and educational issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society.


Women teachers, to the calling, Firmly rally, never falling Duty neer upon us palling, Staunch, courageous, we! Loyalty and trust eer heeding, Mindful of our sisters needing, Aid and guidance from those leading, Helpful may we be! To Delta Kappa Gamma Faith we pledge forever! Hand in hand, our loyal band, Forward, moving ever! Onward, tis our sisters need us! Courage, Faith and Honor lead us! Wrongs in truth and justice heed us! Firmly shall we stand! Guardians of the faith yet sleeping For our sisters watch eer keeping, Deeds of others now were reaping, We for others stand! To us pioneers have given; We return their gifts to heaven; Work for others is the leaven That inspires our band! Oh, Delta Kappa Gamma In thy fold we gather; Unity and Liberty Shall be our watchwords ever! Education eer well further; Each is bound to each other as brother; With this faith in one another We shall win, for aye!

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Administrative Board 2014 -2016
Office President First Vice President Second Vice President Executive Director Europe Regional Director Northeast Regional Director Northwest Regional Director Southeast Regional Director Southwest Regional Director Immediate Past President Member-at-Large (12-16) Member-at-Large (10-14) Area Representative (Canada) Area Representative (Latin Amer.) Parliamentarian Name Dr. Beverly Helms Carolyn H. Pittman Dr. Lynda B. Schmidt Corlea S. Plowman Marika Heimbach Mary Lee Makinen Dr. Lace Marie Brogden Dr. Hanna W. Fowler Heidi Chadwick Dr. Jensi P. Souders Barbara L. Whiting Jeannette Zuniga Agnes L. Moynihan Monica J. Ochoa Jean Gray Email

Mu State Officers 2013 2015

Office President First Vice President Second Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Immediate Past President Parliamentarian Name / District Merle Jones I Gerry Hacker III Carol Ann Casey Dr. Nancy Henning I Dr. Peg Dunn-Snow V Myra Ponder Beverly Stagg Carrie Frye Fay Murphy Email

Mu State District Directors 2013 2015

District District I District II District III District IV District V District VI Director Sandy Byars Pat Litterick Ann Ottaviano Jan Stevens Marti McLean Kathy Avery Email


President: Crill Head Vice-President: Missy Jones Recording Secretary: Susan Gaines Corresponding Secretary: Fran Fazio Treasurer: Mary Ann Morris Past President: Cindy Huggins

Beta Chi Meetings / Hostesses 2013 2014

September 10

Welcome Back Alisa Wendorphs Home: 420 Kingsbury Ave., Sanford, FL 32771 407-328-7928 Food for Thought Community United Methodist Church Casselberry, FL

Missy Jones, Susan Gaines, Pat Eckstein, Cindy Huggins, , Peggy Keiffer, Karen Pharis, Gerry Weldon, Katie ONeal, Mary Debonville, Elizabeth Donnelly, Donna Grove Crill Head, Mary Anne Morris, Jill Bastian, Sarah Cardona, Sara Bryan, Rebekah Richey, Izabel Buzato, Susie Teague, Katie Kavaliauskas, Ann Lewis, Jennifer Chadeayne, Tess Creel Betty Kinner, Mary Andrews, Renee Ginn, Pat Mabry, Sally Lairson, Leah Verne, Linda Hurtt, Victoria McFarland, Jane Hoffman, Michelle Baker Gloria Flanagan, Carrie Frye, Carol Ancone, Carrissa Curran, Susan Ashcraft, Ann Conrad, Rose Harpstreit, Kelly Mitchell, Vicki Nikoncyk, Ginger Kruse, Jennifer Hanley Claire Closson, Sue Leidner, Susan Sperrazza, Mary Walters-Clark, Rose Karnes, Debbie Rivera, Dee Ann Hart, Barbara Miller, Sheri Fanelli Dixie Slater, Willene Sellers, Lisa West, Nicole Wesley, Fran Fazio, Mary Schiano, Nancy Pierce, Shannon Benninghove,
Susan Hench

October 10

December 10

Holiday Scholarship Auction Location: WSE

February 10

Photographs from the Heart Location: Home of Fran Fazio & Mary Schiano

March 10

Spotlight on Beta Chi Entrepreneurs Home of Susan Sperrazza Delta Kappa Gamma Beta Chi Initiation Lake Mary Mariott

May 10

Beta Chi Membership 2013 2014

Andrews, Mary 4/19 2225 Tulip Valley Point Sanford, FL 32771 Cell: 407-617-7488 Virtual School Ashcraft, Susan 12/7 2575 Cedar Knoll Dr. Apopka, FL 32712 Cell: 352-459-4419 Home: 407-884-5242 Wekiva Elementary Bastian, Jill 8/30 1745 Alvarado Court Longwood, FL 32779 Woodlands Elementary Bryan, Sarah 3/25 3750 Kentucky St. Sanford, FL 32773 Home: 860-516-6305 Goldsboro Elem. (on leave) Cardona, Sarah 8/1 1630 Overlook Rd. Longwood, FL 32750 Goldsboro Elementary (on leave) Closson, Claire 2/9 2040 Terrace Blvd. Longwood, FL 32779

Home: 407-252-1615 Work: 407-746-3154 Wekiva Elementary Conrad, Ann 5/17 117 Winterglen Drive Sanford, FL 32771 Home: 407-322-8948 Cell: 407-221-6605 Retired Creel, Tess 3/30 2874 Snowy Owl Ct. Lake Mary, FL 32746 Work: 407-708-2548 Cell: 407-212-8256 Seminole State College Curran, Carissa M 8/8 151 Heron Bay Cir. Lake Mary, FL 32746 Home: 407-221-1241 Wicklow Elementary DeBonville, Mary 2/27 341 Forest Park Circle Longwood, FL 32779 Home: 407-718-0930 Wekiva Elementary Donnelly, Elizabeth birth mo/day 331 Needles Trail 407-869-6290 Retired Eckstein, Pat 2/22 6939 Sylvan Woods Dr. Sanford, FL 32771

Cell: 407-947-0824 Retired Fanelli, Sheri 1/22 465 Wekiva Cove Rd. Longwood, FL 32779 Home: 407-767-0965 Cell: 407-733-8775 Fazio, Fran 10/14 1213 Oxbow Lane Winter Springs, FL 32708 Home: 407-366-4378 Retired Flanagan, Gloria 10/1 111 Sophia Marie Cove Sanford, FL 32771 Cell: 321-363-3456 Retired Frye, Carrie 6/6 212 Hammock Oak Circle DeBary, FL 32713 Home: 386-668-4409 Cell: 407-765-8857 Retired Gaines, Susan 9/24 6867 Sylvan Woods Dr. Sanford, FL 32771 Home: 407-878-3468 Ginn, Renee 12/20 973 Innswood Ct. Longwood, FL 32779 Home: 407-788-2193 ESC Grove, Donna 7/7 41612 Messina Drive Lake Mary, FL 32746-2642 407-782-7393 Retired Hanley, Jennifer 10/8 4208 Kingbird Ct. Orlando, FL 32826 Home: 407-494-9366 Partin Elementary Harpstreit, Rose 4/26 332 Dublin Drive Lake Mary, FL 32746 Home: 407-332-3799 Work: 407-871-8044 Layer Elementary Hart, Dee Ann 2/5 240 Needles Court Longwood, FL 32779 Home: 407-778-2294 Work: 407-746-5542 Bear Lake Elementary Head, Crill 4/2 1002 Whooping Creek Rd. Carrollton, GA 30116 Cell: 407-312-6858 Retired/ Adjunct Univ. West Georgia Hensch, Susan 11/9 259 Robin Court Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 Home: 407-331-5655

Cell: 407-810-0732 Walker Elementary Hofmann, Jane 3/14 1372 N. Marcy Longwood, FL 32750 Home: 407-331-5567 Cell: 407-619-9678 Forest City Elementary Huggins, Cindy 7/2 P.O.Box 288 Geneva, FL 32732 Home: 407-349-5829 Cell: 407-314-0233 Retired Hurtt, Linda 5/29 601 Dolphin Rd. Winter Springs, FL 32708 Home: Cell: 407-920-3744 Goldsboro Elementary Jones, Missy 5/6 155 Sand Pine Circle Sanford, FL 32773 Work: Cell: 407-474-7630 Winter Springs Elementary Karnes, Rose 8/9 129 Bridgeview Ct. Longwood, FL 32779 Home: 407-862-2055 Cell: 407-921-0325

Crystal Lake Elementary Kaczowka, Louise 5/11 234 Promenade Circle Heathrow, FL 32746 Home: 407-333-9723 Retired Kavaliauskas, Katie 2/2 532 Harvard Place Apopka, FL 32703 Home: 407-929-1294 Wekiva Elementary Keiffer, Peggy 3/17 1777 Woodbury Court N. Apopka, FL 32712 Home: 407-886-9607 Work: 407-746-3143 Wekiva Elementary Kinner, Betty 11/11 1204 Waverly Way Longwood, FL Home: 407-339-6166 Retired Kruse, Ginger 2/16 353 Lakebreeze Circle Lake Mary, FL 32746 Home: 407-322-7630 Crystal Lake / Retire 1-6-14 Lairson, Sally 4/6 1360 Chestnut Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 Home: 407-647-1857 Cell: 407-312-6868

Retired Leidner, Sue 1/9 146 Cypress Drive DeBary, FL 32713 Home: 386-320-0838 Wekiva Elementary Lewis, Ann 12/9 639-117 Laurel Oak Lane Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 Home: 407-774-3268 Work: 407-320-6910 Wilson Elementary Mabry, Pat 12/10 375 Brassie Dr. Longwood, FL 32750 Home: 407-834-5157 Retired McFarland, Victoria 6/8 108 N. Somerset Court Sanford, FL 32773 Home: 407-324-8206 Cell: 407-474-0465 Goldsboro Elementary Miller, Barbara 10/12 1251 Snug Harbor Dr. Casselberry, FL 32707 Work: 407-871-7023 Cell: 407-760-2183 Lawton Chiles MS Morris, Mary Anne 9/30 312 Wyndham Way Casselberry, FL 32707 Home: 407-699-0927

Cell: 407-404-4749 Retired Nelson, Melissa 6/7 951 Crosscut Way Longwood, FL 32750 Home: 407-260-1660 Bentley Elementary Nikoncyk, Vicki 10/27 3641 Jonquil Lane Winter Park, FL 32792 Home: 407-677-1839 Retired ONeal, Katie 8/22 420 Wilmington Circle Oviedo, FL Home: 407-415-2413 Midway Elementary Pharis, Karen 12/16 467 Murray Ave. Osteen, FL 32764 Cell: 321-377-3020 Sanford Middle School Pierce, Nancy 4/24 483 Green Spring Circle Winter Springs, FL 32708 Home: 407-327-8219 English Estates Elementary Register, Amanda 6/23 301 Terrace Court Sanford, FL 32773

Home: 407-230-5445 Hamilton Elementary Richey, Rebekah 6/4 600 Cranes Way #105 Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 Work: 407-320-5847 Cell: 407-252-7009 Goldsboro Elementary Schaffner, Dede 10/24 112 Cedar Point Lane Longwood, FL 32779 Seminole Co. School Board Member Honorary Schiano, Mary 7/5 1213 Oxbow Lane Winter Springs, FL 32708 Home: 407-366-4378 Retired Slater, Dixie 1/13 160 Spring Lake Hills Dr. Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 Home: 407-862-3283 Cell: 407-415-7175 Retired Sperrazza, Susan 1/6 1379 Shady Knoll Court Longwood, FL 32750 Home: 407-332-8709 Cell: 407-719-3823 Retired Teague, Susie 8/20 1861 Mohawk Trail

Maitland, FL 32751 Home: 407-718-6485 school Verne, Leah 3/30 2555 Double Tree Place Oviedo, FL 32766 Home: 407-971-2303 school Walters-Clark, Mary 12/3 210 E. Floyd Ave. Lake Mary, FL 32746 Home: 407-474-2100 Geneva Elementary Weldon, Gerry 3/23 431 East Lane Sanford, FL 32771 Home: 407-328-7914 Cell: 407-314-2638 Retired Wendorph, Alisa 7/2 420 Kingsbury Ave. Sanford, FL 32771 Home: 407-328-7928 Cell: 407-562-7402 Sanford Middle School Wesley, Nicole 1/31 1217 Golden Gate Circle Sanford, FL 32771 Home: 407-431-6154 Sanford Middle School West, Lisa 7/22 125 River Oaks Circle

Sanford, FL 32771 Home: 407-732-4873 Indian Trails Middle School West, Shelly 9/26 2793 Teak Place Lake Mary, FL 32746 Home: 407-323-2960 Heathrow Elementary Willadsen, Emily 11/15 351 Silver Pine Dr. Lake Mary, FL 32746 Home: 407-323-7979 Work: 407-320-4886 Partin Elementary