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Peter Drogos Phyall Education DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, concentration in Statistics and Bachelor of Arts in Economics and June 20 ! ".P.A. !.#$ %&.0 DePaul University, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Chicago, Illinois'S(ring 20 2'Present New Student Orientation Team Assistant Assist in the (re(aration, facilitation, and auditing of Premiere and )ransition *ePaul and ad'hoc orientation e+ents Pro+ide su((ort for other ne, student ser+ices- managing email in.o/ for ne, students, creating e'files for inter'college transfers, re'admits, etc. Ser+e as front des0 rece(tionist and res(onsi.le for clerical office duties Old avy, Arlington 1eights, Illinois 2 Summer 2003 2 4inter 20 2 Sales Associate/Cashier 1andled transactions and .alance register Pro+ided e/cellent customer ser+ice to im(ro+e sho((ing e/(erience Managed fitting room, gathering items for customers and organi5ing un,anted clothing Assisted ,ith closing store o(erations and restoc0ing clothing DePaul University, Depart!ent of "ousing Services, Chicago, Illinois' S(ring 20 ' 4inter 20 2 Desk Receptionist for Residence Halls Ensured safe en+ironment for students residing in 6incoln Par0 cam(us residence halls .7 monitoring students8 and guests8 identification cards .efore entering Maintained detailed documentation of incident re(orts DePaul University, School of Education, LLC, Chicago, Illinois 2 9all 2003 S(ring 20 0 Student Worker Ser+ed as rece(tionist and (erform general office duties Aided in technological needs :es(onsi.le for office clerical duties and assisting facult7 and staff ,ith (ro;ects #right "ori$ons %a!ily Solutions, *eer Par0, Illinois ' Summer 2003 Teacher and Summer Camp Counselor <+ersa, class of 20' (lus children ages &'# <rgani5ed dail7 interacti+e and educational acti+ities for children Assisted in maintaining clean and e/ce(tional learning and (la7ing en+ironments A&ards'"onors *ePaul =ni+ersit7 *ean8s 6ist, consecuti+e >uarters Pullman Scholarshi( :eci(ient *ePaul =ni+ersit7 Academic Scholarshi( :eci(ient Illinois State Scholar 2003'Present 2003' Present 2003' Present 2003


Extracurricular Activities (ro;ect of S)A)C<M 4inter 20 & S(ills Microsoft <ffice (rograms ?4ord, E/cel, and Po,erPoint@ and e/(erienced in SAS, :, S)A)A, and JAAA (rogramming languages and Microsoft Access