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100% Whole Wheat Bread for the Bread Machine http://www.kingarthurflour.

com/recipes/100-whole-wheat-bread-for-the-bread-machine-recipe he following recipe is one we worked out for the !o"irushi. #t makes a firm$ sweet loaf of golden bread. #t shouldn%t be hard adapting it to &our own machine' all &ou need to know is what proportion of flour/li(uid/&east &our machine functions best with. ake a look at the dough after it%s kneaded for about 10 to 1) minutes or so' it should be smooth$ not stick& *too little flour+ or lump& *too little li(uid+$ forming a nice ball. #f the dough looks good at this point$ &ou%re probabl& all set. ,or 1 1/) lb. bread machine 1 1/- cups water ) tablespoons oli.e or .egetable oil 1/- cup hone& or maple s&rup / to / 1/) cups 0ing 1rthur 100% White Whole Wheat or raditional Whole Wheat ,lour 1/- cup sunflower$ sesame or fla2 seeds$ or a combination *optional+ 1 tablespoon .ital wheat gluten 1 1/) teaspoons salt 1 1/) teaspoons instant &east 3ut all of the ingredients into the bread pan in the order listed. 3rogram for basic white bread$ and press 4tart. weaks : 1. M& go-to wheat bread recipe. 5o.e it :-+ # reduce the hone& to ) tablespoons and up the crunch& add ins to 1/) cup. #%.e made it with cracked wheat *soaked in some of the water+$ 6ar.est 7rains$ and other goodies like multigrain oatmeal. #t also free8es beautifull&. # slice before # free8e so # can "ust grab a couple slices to thaw as wanted. Whole Wheat 9innamon :aisin Bread / cups whole-wheat flour ) teaspoons cinnamon ; teaspoon salt 1 cup warm water *# heat it in glass measuring cup in microwa.e for 1 minute+ ; cup oil *# used coconut oil+ - tablespoons hone& ) teaspoons &east 1 cup raisins

,ollow &our bread machine<s directions for making a whole-wheat raisin loaf. # like to take m& bread out 10 minutes before the standard end time for a lighter crust.