8, 2014

NR # 3371B

Bill increases monthly stipend of senior citizens
A lawmaker has filed a measure increasing the monthly stipend of senior citizens from P500 to P1,000. House Bill ! 1, authored "y #ep. Anthony del #osario $1 st %istrict, %a&ao del 'orte(, also seeks to lower the age of co&erage from the present !! years old to !0 years old. %el #osario said the present age re)uirement is no longer reasona"le considering today*s a&erage lifespan of senior citizens. +,he co&erage should "e lowered so that our elderly will "e a"le to a&ail of the "enefits longer into their twilight years,- %el #osario said. ,he measure amends #epu"lic Act !. /, as amended, otherwise known as the 01panded 2enior 3itizens Act of /010. +,he time is ripe to re4&isit the pro&isions em"odied in the e1isting law and uphold the time4honored principle that those who ha&e less in life should ha&e more in law,- %el #osario stressed. +5t cannot "e denied that o&er the years the prices of commodities ha&e increased and "y increasing the senior citizens* purchasing power, this "ill hopes to alle&iate the situations of our indigent elderly,- %el #osario said. %el #osario also cited Article 67, 2ection . the 189! 3onstitution, which states that the family has the duty to care for its elderly mem"ers "ut the 2tate may also do so through :ust programs of social security. +,he principles enshrined in the 3onstitution do not only ser&e to protect the less pri&ileged and the most &ulnera"le sectors in our society such as the elderly "ut also affirm their important role in the community as partners in nation4"uilding,- %el #osario said. $ 0( jc

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