Turning Point Synopsis

Turning Point is a science fiction story set in New Zealand and other parts of the planet in the present. It concerns the adventures of the human hero Tom who, while backpacking in a valley in South Westland National park in New Zealand discovers a hidden valley. The valley and all its flora and fauna are from another time. Tom soon learns he has been guided to the valley by its inhabitants the Nephile an ancient race who first colonised the earth many thousands of years ago after being driven from their home planet in the Andromedan galaxy by their ancient enemies the Drana.

He is told about others like himself who have a strong desire to assemble in various locations across the globe. Because the Drana have been alerted once more to the presence of the Nephile wanting to wipe them out and take over the earth, Tom, and his newfound friend’s race across the globe to pick up the others and bring them back to the valley to form a new type of Human-Nephile in order to fight off the invasion.

The Drana had been to earth once before millennia ago, settling on the Indian subcontinent from where they ruled the planet. Departing to conquer more planetary systems, the Drana left the Khaz, a self-replicating species of alien behind to control the human population. But the Nephile in the past had countered every evil move the Khaz made, protecting mankind from the Khaz influence. The Drana battle fleet

returns and tries to retake the earth once more. So the Nephile, Tom and the other volunteers begin the monumental task of defending the earth and its inhabitants from the Drana/Khaz alliance.

The climax of the story is the last ditch stand to defend the valley and the planet against the Drana forces back in New Zealand and as a last resort, make use of the Nephile’s ultimate weapon, the Mergiddon, to bring peace once more to the earth.

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