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Singapore Air.

Singapore Air.

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Article about Airline jobs
Article about Airline jobs

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Published by: Dragon911 on Feb 10, 2014
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Singapore is one the most exciting places to be today.

Especially if you are a pilot and want a great job right now. Singapore aviation, is taking off with a bang. The Pacific im is booming and airlines and private aviation is the glue that binds it all together. !eing based in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. "hat #s more, the salaries in Singapore are some of highest around. $f course, there are other perks as well. Singapore is in need of many pilots to fuel its skyrocketing economy and aviation industry. Positions are available in many sectors ranging from small single engine props to the big commercial multiengine %&%s, 'irbus (&)s, and (*)+"!#s Pilot jobs in Singapore allow you also to travel in the exotic ,ar East from !eijing to Tokyo to !angkok to even -aos and the Philippines. The Pacific im is one of the fastest growing parts of the world. "hy work in your old job where salaries are shrinking along with downsi.ing and the s/uee.e for health benefits. "orking in singopore the salaries are excellent and the personal benefits outstanding. 0ou know your good but right now with the economic slump the pressure just keeping your head above water is high and with all the cutbacks, finds you receiving less in the way of benefits each year. "hile 'sian aviation is exploding at a fantastic rate Singapore wants your and will to pay for your expertise and skill. 0ou will also be a respected member of some of finest aviation companies in the world where career and advancement are assured. The aviation industry is a key component in the economic growth of Singapore and they are willing to pay top dollar and go the extra mile to get you to come down and fly the Pacific. "ith Singapore Pilot, salaries are high, ranging from 1%,))) to over 12),))) a month with full benefits. 3ompared to many pilots in the 4S, some who are making barley minimum wage now. Singapore is serious about putting you into the cockpit of one of their new %&%5s or one of the new 'irbus '(*)67)) +"! out of the 2% !illion just spent for %) new aircraft. This is not to even to mention the previously purchased fleet of 'irbus '(&)5s in 8))%. 0ou will be flying the newest and best6maintained 'ir ,leet in the world. Singapore is the place to be in the ,ast growing Pacific im. 0ou will receive high pay and benefits. 0ou will pilot the newest and best aircraft in the world. Travel to exotic ,ar East cities to top it off based in one of the most modern and beautiful 3ities in the world. 9f you want to fly, then one of the many Singapore pilot jobs is what you want.

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