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S.J.T.E .. M.SH.







Dear Members and IFriends of the S.I.TJ~.M.S .. HI. ,

It is an honour and a pleasure to welcome you to the 26th SJ.T.E.M.S.H meeting in NeustifUStubaital.

The scientific meetings will take place in the prestigious R,e'lais & Chateaux Hote'l Jagdhof.

We are sure that the invig:ora,ting and congenial atmosphere of this typical Tyrolean valleyandl ,especiaUy of Neustift with its Stubai Glacier will stimulate and enhance not only the scientific discussion but also the friendly exchanges on the ski slopes on the Glacier.

Paolo Zucco President

Alexander Genelin Austrian Secretary

Secr1etaries Nationaux

Dr. Marc-Herve Binet (France) Dr. Joseph Escoda (Andorr,e)

Dr. AI:exallder Gel1elin (Autriohe) Dr .. Guido Piiccioni (Italy)

Dr .. Aleix Vidall (Espagrne)

Dr. Pierre Bachelin (Suisse)



Thursday, December 2nd to Sunday, Deoember 5th 2004

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Presenta.tion IFacilities

Laptop IPowerPoint, CD, Beamer,. Video,

4.12.2004 14:00 on the Stubaier-Glacler

€ 50,00 (Iincluding dinner)


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The majestic mountains of the Stubaier Alps and the luxury of the five star IRe~ lais &. Chateaux Hotel Jagdllof - a, maqlcfcrmula of contrastandl harmony -The spectacular mountain world provides the back drop for countiless actiMtiies and sports, whi.lst the Jagdhof dazzl'es with superb service and a spell binding Spa. The hotel and its rooms are furnished lin Tyrol:ean styile with localantlques and characterised by great attention to detail and comfort.

Admiinistrative Secretariat AlII g .. Offent!. Bezirks'kran'kenhaus HaU Abteilungl f,(jr Unfalilchirurgie Frau Gerti Geirhofer

Milser Strasse 10

,6060 Hall I Austria

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2-5 December2,Q04

Key note lectures:

1. M.Goertzen (Hannover):Tele-medical approach in Sports Medicine

(Global Sportevents: Volvo Ocean Race - America's Cup - Antarctic Expedition).

2. H. Daniaux (lnnsbruck): Principal in operative treatment of Spine Injuries in Wintersports.

3. M. Gabl (lnnsbruck): Recorrstruction of rnalunions in hand and wrist after Wintersportaccidents.,

IDecember z=, Thursday,:

Individual arrivals

13.00 - 15.00 Registration for congress at the Hotel Jagdhof 15.15 - 15.30 Opening ofthe congress (A. Genelin & P. Zucco) 15.30 - 16.30 1s1 workingl session. Chair: M .. Burtscher, A. Wicker

1) Wintersport injuries from 2000-2003: statistical analysis of a typical wintersport region J. Oberladstatter, C. Da'iapozza, R. EI Attal, K. Tecklenburg, Innsbruck (7-10 Minuten)

2) Injurlies from snowmobile, accidents: a 10 year survey of patients treated lin lap land central hospital I. Hafting, K. Korkinen, Rovaniemi-Finland

3) Effects of the introduction of carving skies on the pattem of skiing accidents M. Burtscher,M. Flatz, W. Nachbauer, Innsbruck ( 10 Minuten)

4) Release torques of ski bindings in dependency of skiing ability

K. Schindelwig, W. Hackbauer, H. Schretter, Innsbruck (10 Minuten)

5) Treatment of acute osteochondral fractures of the knee P. Gfoller, J. Oberladstatter, C. Fink, Innsbruck

6) Specific rehabilitation in knee injuries A. Wicker, Salzburg

16.30 - 17.00 Coffee break with home-made pastries

17.00 -18.30 2nd working session. Chair: H. Daniaux, A. Kathrein

1) Principial in operative treatment of spine Injuries in wintersports H. Daniaux, Innsbruck ( Key Note Lecture 20 Minuten)

2) Cervical spine injuries: histopathological findings in the osteocartilagineous complex I. Sitte, Innsbruck ( 15 Minuten)

3) Minimallinvasive approach of the anterior column in thoracic-lumbar spine ,injur,ies; surgical techniques and preliminary results

A. Kathrein. Innsbruck (20 Minuten)

4} Vertebroplasty: A new technique for treatment of vertebral somatic fractures G.Piccioni, F. Rossatl, Brescia

5) Kyphoplasty: treatment of osteoporotic vertebral fractures in elderly wintersport patients A. Genelin, S. Waldhof, Hall

20.00 Welcome drink and 'get together' dinner at the Hotel Jagdhof.

<6) SYNfHES8

December 3"', ,Friday:

08 .. 30 - 10.00, 3·ra wor;kingsession. Chair: P .. Zucco,. A. Vidal

1) Physical and physiological factors associated with success in professional alp.ine skiing (20 Min) O. Neumayr, H. Hortnagll; R. Pfister, A. Koller, G. Eibll, E. Raas, lnnsbruck

2) Comparative study of alpine ski and snowboard lesions during six consecutive seasons

A .. Vid!a'I, Barcelona

3) P. Zucco (Pavia) .

4) M. Binet (Avoriaz .

5} S:k.lie(s· shoulder. A prospective study of five consecutive seasons in a ski resort A. Vidal, Barcelona

110.010- 110.30 Coffee b.r·eak

10.30 -12 .. 00 4th working session. Chair: H, BreitfuB, F~Gene'lin

11) Tele - medical approach in sports medicine

M. Goe~en,. Hannover ( IKey Note Lecture 30 Minuten )

2), IProb'lems with umeamed nailing of the distal tibia fractures in skiing accidents H. Breitfu(\, Kufstein ( 10 Minuten)

3) Fracture treatment using the unreamed tibia nail ( UTN ) M. Miittermair, G .. Gradll, F. Genelin, Schwarzach

4), Treatment of oomplex flblaplateaufractures using the ILiss-plate FGenelin, M. Konig,

5) Standard treatment of per-I subtrochanteric femur fractures S. Dehbalaie,. S .. Wa'ldhof,. A. Genelin, Hall'

12.00 -116.00 Workshops ,(Stubaji G'lac'ier- Ski,)

16.30 -118.115 511\ wor,kingsession. Chair: K.P. Benedetto, .. A.I'nderster

1) ACL- revision reconstruction - technique and results K. Benedetto, Fel'dkirch ( 20 Minuten )

2) Video analysis of kneeinjury mechanisms in elite alpine skiers Oh .. Hoser, Ch. IFink, IR. Riosenberger, IR. EI AHal, Inns'bruc:k

3) Snowboarders Iknee and ankte

V. Smekal, M. Wambacher, F. Kraliinger, Innsbruck

4) Developementand evaluation of a new technique for ACL- reoonstruction using pateHar tendon IK.T:ecklenburg, C. Hoser, J. Oberladstatter, C. Flink, Innsbruck

5) Experience and technique in ACLfixat,ion with "rigid - flxu system A .. lnderster, Hall

6) Outcome of operative vs .. conservative treatment 20 years after ACL- injury M .. PfiOgelmayer,. K. Tecklenburg,. C. Hoser, A. lrenberqer, C. Fin'k, lnnsbruck

7} Rellabilitation protocol followiing ACL reconstruction and revision reccnstruction

T. Bochdansky, Rankweil .' . .

.20 .. 30 Di'nneratthe Restaurant Silberdistel (Hotel Jagdhofi)" .'

December 411\" Saturd~ay.:

8 .. 30 - 10.00 6th working: session. Chair: M. Gabll, A. GeneHn

1) Reconstruction of mal unions in hand and wrist after wintersport accidents M. Gabl, Innsbruok (30 Minuten )

2) Changes in operative treatment of distal radius fractures S .. Waldhof, S. Dehbalaie, A. Genelin, Hall

3,) Surgical. treatment of distal radius fractures with an angle fixed bar volar plating system I.T.S.; a prospective study of 105 fractures

G. Gruber, G. Bernhardt. K. Gruber, Weiz

4) Bennett·s fracture dis'location:open reduction - internal fixation versus dosed reductionpercutaneous. pinning

M. Lutz, P Angermann,. J.. Oberladstatter, M. Gabl, Innsbruck 110.00- 10.15 Coffee break

110.15 -11.30

7th working session. Chair: IMI. Wambacher, MI Konig

1) Ct - evaluati.on of glenoid defects and implication for treatment

M. Wambacher, M. Rieger, C. Dallapoza, F. Krallinger, lnnsbruek ( 115 Minuten )

2) Invasive Pain Therapy in Shoulder Rehabilitation LKirchmair, W. Mair, HaU ( 7 Minuten)

3) Treatment of proxima'i humerus fracture with helix wire M.Konig, lB. Kollersbeck, T. Walcher, F. Genelin, Schwarzach

4) IMC: innovation in treatment of proximal humerus fractures

R. Geiger., V. Seyr,. A Genelin Hall

5) Intramedullary clavicular fracture treatment

S. Heell, A. Inderster, A. Genelin,. Hall Traditionall s!ki rac'e'Le Trcphe M'arcel Escoda' Gala Evening at the Hotel' Jagdhof with price-dist!ributi'on

'Coupe du President' and musica'i entertainment

nAI'An'lhAr 5th_Sllndav~lndi:v:iduall skiinol and denarture

14 . .00 20.30

~ Arthr:oCartl'


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Prim. Prof. Dr, K. Benedetto Dr. M.H .. Binet

lP,r,im. Univ. Doz. Dr. T. Boehdansky Prim, UniV. Doz. H. Breitful1

Univ. Prof. Burtseher

Univ, Prof. Dr. H. Danieux

Dr .. S. IDehbalaie

Univ. .. Doz. Dr. M. Gabl OA Dr. R. Geiger Prim, Dr, A. Geneliin Pr,iim. Dr. F. Genelin OA Dr. P. GflUler

IPrlim. Doz .. Dr. M. Goertzen MO', IPhD Prim. Dr; G. Gruber

Dr .. S. Heel

OA Dr. C. Hoser






• Dr. I. iH:ofling

• OA Dr. A.. Inderster

OA Dr. A.. IKathr'ein

• Dr. L. Kirehmair

• Dr. M. Koniig

• OA Dr. IMI,,, Lutz

• OA Dr. MI. Mitter,mair

.' IPr,im. Unlv Doz. Dr. G. INeumayr

• Dr. J. Oberladstatter

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