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The Three Sided Health Strategy

The Three Sided Health Strategy

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Published by kailashchsabat
The 3 sided health strategy
The 3 sided health strategy

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Published by: kailashchsabat on Feb 10, 2014
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The three sided Health strategy

By kailash ch sabat-7207884783

500 years back people used to live average 100 years of age.But we have forgotten the qualitative Indian culture living.Now we live on money and ego centred culture. Love,Healing and peace by Bijjan from “Absolutely,effortless prosperity” The author was taking food in a garden and had purchased a loaf of bread to feed the crows around. He threw one peace of bread to the crows.One crow caught it but all other crows followed that.Hurriedly the author threw other pieces of breads for other crows but they did not see and return back. The author concluded that the oppurtunity by god for all of us is plenty and we should not run after one and his source. Previously such writing I have already made but this one is a bit different from the previous ones.The three strategies are-- Food  Psychology and physiology  Yoga
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Narayan Seva Sansthan
 Situated in the lake city of Udaipur, since its foundation on 23rd October, 1985, Narayan Seva Sansthan has been working for the “service of suffering humanity”. Since its inception, Narayan Seva has been rendering its services to physically, economically and socially needy people. The organization helps the physically challenged, especially the polio afflicted and those born with disabilities. The help is not only medical, but goes beyond it to ensure that the people are made self-dependent via employment. Since 1985, over 95000 polio afflicted people have been able to stand on their legs after getting successfully operated under Sansthan‟s move towards self-dependence of the handicapped. Besides free distribution of clothes, medicines, food grains etc. to the tribal in remote areas, it also provides free vocational training to the physically disabled and economically weaker sections of the society. It has provided facilities for the training of these people in wood craft, carpentry, black-smith trade, leather work etc. supplying the necessary tools and raw materials to begin with.

The organization has also been running an orphanage taking care of children who become orphan due to „Nata-Pratha‟ – a social evil prevailing in this region of the country in which after the death of the husband, the wife goes away to stay with some other man leaving the children behind . Over 600 children have been taken care of and sent back to the main social stream. As a part of its endeavour to make medical care available to poor patients at their door steps, the Sansthan maintains a mobile medical care unit. Equipped with all necessary modern facilities, the mobile medical unit is always kept ready to rush to any spot when urgent medical care is required. Apart from all of this, the Sansthan is also involved in promoting values of Indian culture as enshrined in some of the epics and scriptures. The Sansthan has been organizing expositions on Ramayana, Puranas etc. with the purpose of spreading the message of humanity. Narayan Seva Sansthan has been creating success stories and looking after a section of the society that most often gets overlooked. To know more about the organization visit: http://www.narayanseva.org/

Kindly Contact us at

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Narayan Sewa Sansthan SewaDham, SewaNagar Hiran Magri, Sector No. 4 Udaipur (Raj.) - 313002 INDIA Ph.No. +91-9928083230, +91-294-6622222 +91-9649499999 Fax No. +91-294-2464445 Email Id: info@narayanseva.org If you want to help the hadicapped children of Idia please call on the above numbers from Rs 5000 to unlimited sum----Please.

 

Food Previously we were used to milk drinking and intermittent neem juice taking as part of our food.Now none is available.The reason is habits and time and psychology has changed due to our education.Thanks to Ramdev baba‟s yoga ,he is trying to make people strong and yoga conscious. Acidity comes to us due to unhealthy tea and now the Milk litre costs Rs 4050 per ltr how a common man of Rs 400 a day income with family manage min 2 ltrs of milk for a healthy living.No Govt support for cow upbreeding ,L strongly felt. And Yoga consciousness on every educational institute as legally compulsury is very essential. 2. Psychology and physiologycal aspects.—
Simplicity Truth Not double mindedness Labour Egoless mind Forgiveness

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The teachings of Mahatma Budha is important to us.We say one thing and display something else and go with a duasl personality.and ultimately a toy in the hands of kama,anger,gridiness and ego. So let‟s make our lives simple.Like a Railway chairman was taking food by cooking himself.But we are in the habit of finding ghee from water.Suspicion has been a way of our lives .We make and think complicated and take again complicated action. Truth--Death is a truth and we all are equal before death let‟s undertstand that. Zealousness Let‟s never think bad of anybody so that it may bring good health to us. Eating and enjoying other benefits without labour is an offense,letus admit that. Ego--chanakya Ati garve hata lanka ,ati mane cha kourava Ati dane bali badhah ,ati sarvatra garisthah. Forgiveness We should stay on present forget our awaful past experince and feel easy wit everybody in the name of god. Because god sustains our lives.

Yoga the methodology to real practice In pranayam we don‟t do long exahalation for 10 seconds and never stay in bahya kumbhak for 10 sec in addition to antah kumbhak of 20-30 secs.We must rectify this and

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So the asanas should be done repeatedly for upto 10 times of 10 seconds of staying on the posture and our psychological sorrowness to be controlled,keeping our mind on breathing cycle the stretch on muscles and on omkaar sound. Like salt destroys the pot Harmful and painful thoughts may destroy or merits. And shirshasana you can stay upto 2-3 minutes if practised fro childhoodand use a pillow under your head always. Otherwise you may not get the desired reasult from yoga. So also self analysis like a soul conscious atmajyoti of Mahatma GANDHI IS VERY ESSENTIAL.

And a red om on naval,a blue om and heart chakra ,a green om on throat and moon on agyan chakra is very helpful. So the method is very very importand and repeat that Love---Heal ----and Peace are more important for us.

An article by kailash-entertaining India since last 13 years.

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