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Hanmn Nak

hnUmwn nwtk
By Hirdaya Ram Bhalla
Foreword by Akali Nihang Dr Kamalroop Singh

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What is Hanmn Nak?

The Hanmn Nak is a play about Ram Chandra written in verse by the poet Hirdaya
Ram Bhalla. According to Bhai Kanh Singh Nabha some poets have recorded that
Hanuman wrote it himself as, but inorder to not decrease the splendar of the Rmaya of
Valmik he threw it into the sea. In the times of Raja Bhoj pearl drivers found the tablets it
was inscribed on, the King then got all of the tablets from the sea, and where there were
any missing passages Damodar Missar recorded new verses. The version in Braj Bhasha
presented here, by Hirdaya Ram - a Bhalla, who was from the Court of Jahangir in 1680
VS/ 1623 AD.1 This is shown by the last verse:


sMmq ibkRm inRpq sh`s Kt sq A`sIh br] cyqR cWdnI dUj CqR jhWgIr suB`t pr] SuB
l`Cn d`Cn sudys kivrwm ibc`Cn] ikRSn dws qn kul pRwkS js dIpk r`Cn] rGupiq
cirqR iqn jQw miq pRgt khXo SuB lgn gix] dY Bgiq dwn inrBY krhu jY rGupiq
rGubMs mix]160]


saMmata bikrama nripata sahsa Kaqa sata sha bar. cetra cMdan dja Catra
jahMgra suBqa par. shuBa laCana daCana sudesa kavirma bicCan.
krishana dsa tana kula prkasha jasa dpaka raCan. raGupati caritra tina
jaT mati pragaqa kahayo shuBa lagana gaNi. d Bagati dna niraB
karahu j raGupati raGubaMsa maNi.160.
In 1680




in the Royal Court of Empeor Jahangir. In the pure

verses and similies the poet Kavi Ram has composed this work. Krishan
Das who has enlightened the generations like a protective lamp. The tale of
Ram has become manifest from my intellect in a pure way. Please bless me
with devotion, fearlessness, Victory to Ram and his descendants.160.
According to Sant Kartar Singh, Hiradaya Ram Bhalla was a relative of Bhai Gurdas and
employed by Akbar, and was one of Akhbar's famous nine poetic gems, and he went onto
to serve Jahangir. For some reason people turned the emperor against him. He was
imprisoned in a glass palace to torture him with the rays of the sun. Hirdaya Ram Bhalla
was a devotee of Hanuman and had this epic memorised. Hanuman appeared and gave

Kanh Singh Nabha, Mahn Kosh.

him banana leaves to protect his eyes from the rays, as well as paper and a pen. Hanuman
dictated his epic to Hirdaya who wrote it down. Akbar felt bad and called for Hirdaya
who was found dead, but the papers with the Hanmn Nak were complete. In this
work there are also verses by Kavi Kanshi Ram and Kavi Kankan that were added in the
Court of the Tenth Guru.2 The handwritten copy by Hirdaya Ram was given to Guru
Gobind Singh by Bahadur Shah, as he probably knew of the Gurus love of this epic drama.
The beginning of the work commences with the verses:
qIno lok pIq pRwn pRIiq hI so rIq Agqn giq ky crn isr nwie hON]
tno loka pta prna prti h so rta agatana gati ke carana sira ni hM.
The Master of the three worlds, the love of my very breath, the infallible, my head
is at Your feet.
sdw sIl piq sq piq eyk nwrI bRq iSv snkwid piq jsih sunwie hON]
sad sla pati sata pati eka nr brata shiva sanakdi pati jasahi suni hM.
The Master of firmness, the Master of truth, without woman, the Master of Shiva
and Sankadi, who have listened to Your praises.

Guru Gobind Singh and the Hanmn Nak

In 1679 the Guru installed a huge kettledrum called the Ranjt Nag which was beaten
every morning and evening. Then every evening with the beat of drum the Guru would go
hunting. The following year he issued hukamnme asking the sangat to make offerings of
books, horses, and weapons. One of the first books Guru Gobind Singh fell in love with
was the famous Hanmn Nak by Hirdaya Ram Bhalla. It is a vigorous work full of br
ras (warrior spirit), with expert use of Sanskritised Braj Bhasha, containing a total of
fourteen chapters. It also contains knowledge of shastravidi (martial arts), battle tactics,
and extols the virtue of loyalty. Guru Gobind Singh received a copy of this work from Bhai
Nand Lal, and then the original written by the author from Bahadur Shah. According to
Kaushish (1790), Bhai Nand Lal presented the Guru with Hanmn Nak (The Play of
Hanuman) and the Guru commented after reading this a coward and weak person can

The verses of Kankan are available in Hanmn Nak, adii 6: verse 44.


become a chhatr (warrior).3 In this book four pages of the Sr Rm Chadra Parsrm
Savd (A Conversation between Ram and Parshuram) were torn. 4 The Guru asked the
poets to complete the verses as good as the original and said that they will be granted as
much a prize as they demand. Amrit Rai, a Bhalla, from the same lineage as the original
poet then completed this work before the Holl Mohall festival of March 1680



Guru paid him handsomely.5 This poth was read in the morning and evenings in Guru ji's
Diwan. A manuscript commentary on the Hanmn Nak completed by Rattan Singh
Bhangu in 1824-5 AD/1881 VS states that his elder brother Kuir Singh was taught by a
Brahman named Panjaba who in turn was taught by Saina Singh (Sainapat), the poet and
scribe in the Gurus Court, who was taught its santhi Pandit Devi Das. If Bhai Chaupa
Singh (~1700) is correct then the Guru actually read this play before composing the
compositions in the Dasam Granth Sahib, and this would explain why in tradition this
work is considered the precursor to it.6 It is said that a miniature version of this poth
was kept by the Guru in his kamarkasa (cummerbund) at all times. Guru Maharaj's love
of this poth was so much it is referenced in the Rm Avatr or the Rmaya of the Sri
Dasam Granth Sahib, where the Guru states clearly 'refer to this incident in more detail in
the [Hanuman] Nak.'

The Dasam Granth Sahib and Hanmn Nak

Infact to credit the poet genius of Hirdaya Ram Bhalla, the Guru preserved the
pen-name of as Ram in the passages of the Dasam Granth Sahib that sound and read the
same as the Hanmn Nak. In Indian poetry the use of a pen-name or takhallus was so
common that today large dictionaries of pseudonyms exist. As the Hanmn Nak was
presented to the Tenth Guru before he wrote the bulk his Granth. A comparison with
Hanmn Nak of the styles employed (rti-kl), would show how it fits in the context of

Sarup Singh Kaushish, (Gur k Skh), Guru Kian Saakhian, Tales of the Sikh Gurus, trans. P. S. Bindra,

P. S. Purewal, (Amritsar: Singh Bros, 2005), p. 97.


Kanh Singh states that some poets were of the opinion that the Guru received it from Bahadur Shah.

Mahn Kosh, p. 260.


Also see Sarup Das Bhalla, Mahim Praksh, 2 vols, ed. Gobind Singh Lamba and Khazan Singh, (Patiala:

Bhasha Vibhag, Punjab, 1971), ii, p. 764. The same story is recorded here but other poets such as Alam
translating the Purik literature are also mentioned.

Piara Singh Padam, ed., Rahitnme, 4th edition, (Amritsar: Chattar Singh, Jivan Singh, 1989), p. 94.


Braj Bhasha literature. As this work is referenced in the Dasam Granth Sahib, this seems
to be an essential work to understand it. It would also explain why it was taught in
schools before the annexation of Punjab. Before analysing any text it necessary to know
what literature gave rise to it, the pre-textual relations. In the case of the Dasam Granth
Sahib it was based mainly on the Purik scriptures. R. S. Jaggi concedes that portions of
the Dasam Granth Sahib are similar to the verses in the Nak. He also acknowledges that
the Nak is referred to within it. He does not discuss it, as this textual examination
would confirm the authorship of the Dasam Granth Sahib is Guru Gobind Singh. Again,
Jaggi in his second thesis which was actually about the Purik elements did not take the
opportunity. This is also a major criticism of Ashta, although he does mentions it and he
fails to relate this text to the various literary forms in the Dasam Granth Sahib. There are
clear textual similarities between the Hanmn Nak and the Dasam Granth Sahib, for
Kn sune pahichn na kho so. Sch kahai kai kavi rm kahaiy.237
Kn sune pahichn na kho so.24 8
From the above passages it seems that the Guru preserved the pen-name of Hirdaya
Ram Bhalla as Ram, in the passages of the Dasam Granth Sahib that sound and read the
same as the Nak. The Nak narrates the exploits of Hanuman and Ram, and is
referenced in the Rmvatr by the Tenth Guru:
Kah nak madh charitra kath. Jaya dn suresi nares jath.17.
The story as to how did the king help Indra secure victory is narrated in the
Hanuman Natak as well as in (the Gurus own) Charitra-Pakhayan.17. 9
Thus the reason why this story is not explained further in Rm Kath (Rmya) in the
Dasam Granth Sahib, was that it was explained in the middle of the Hanmn Nak. The
theme of the Nak is the heroic sacrifices of Hanuman and surely the Guru liked this due
to having the same ideals:
hwgVdMg hnU kwgVdMg kopw] bwgVdMg bIrwn mo pwv ropw]

Hanmn Nak, adii 2: verse 1.

Krishnvatr, DG, verse 434. For more examples, see R. S. Jaggi, Dasam Grath d Karatritav, (New Delhi:
Panjabi Sahitt Sabha, 1966), p 73.
9 Jodh Singh and Dharam Singh, trans., Sri Dasam Granth Sahib (Text and Translation), 2 vols, (Patiala:

Heritage, 1999), II, p. 95. See Guru Gobind Singh, Rmvatr, DG p. 18990, verse 17.


hgaRadaMga han kgaRadaMga kop. bgaRadaMga brna mo pva rop.

Hanuman was also greatly infuriated and he stood firmly in the battlefield;
swgVdMg sUrM hwgVdMg hwry] qwgVdMg qYkY hnU qau pukwry]579]
sgaRadaMga sraM hgaRadaMga hre. tgaRadaMga tk han tau pukre.579.
All those who fought with him suffered defeat and for this reason Hanuman is
called the "defeater of all".579.
Guru Gobind Singh, Rm Avatr, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib
Before reading the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib it is necessary to understand this poth,
according to the original Khalsa tradition of the Buddha Dal. Its recitation was done by
Gursikhs, before the Akha Ph of Adi Guru Granth Sahib and Dasam Granth Sahib. It
contains a reference to the kechher, which is said to have been given to Guru Gobind
Singh as a gift from Hanuman, as recorded in the Bhai Daya Singh Rahitnm. There are
many copies of this poth in library collections around the world including Punjab. The
Punjabi name Balwant and Balwinder are actually names of Hanuman. The story of
Hanuman is mentioned in Adi Guru Granth Sahib by Bhagat Trilochan on ang 695:
'Hanuman burnt the fortress of Sri Lanka, uprooted the garden of Raawan, and brought
healing herbs for the wounds of Lachhman, pleasing Lord Ram.' The Guru did not
worship the devtas, but it does not mean he disrespected them either. We have lost so
many traditions in our Panth by people who are highly antagonistic to 'Hinduism.' If we
were to clear all the maryad of Hindu or Islamic influences we would not even get past
Ml Mantra and the word Oankar, or the word raz in Jap J Shib. In the Guru's time
mythology was very important and to understand our tradition we need to know about
it, this does not mean we worship devtas or mean we are a part of the Hindu dharam.

Hanmn Nak and the Pre-colonial Education System in the Punjab

Gurmukhi schools were run by the village Gurdwaras or Dharmsalas. The syllabus
according to contemporary accounts, and still found in the samaprada, comprises of the
Balopadesa, the Panj Granth, the Janamskh, Hanmn Nak and Bachitra Nak.
Advanced students also learnt Vedant and read Tulsi Rmya, Vishn Pura, Adiatam
Rmya, Vichr Sgar, along with other scriptures. The Nirmalas, Taksal, Sewapanthis,
and Udasis, ran schools in their deras or monasteries. This was the standard system of
education at the time of the annexation of the Punjab in 1849. However, under the British

regime, secular schools were started which taught Urdu with elementary arithmetic,
geography and history. Urdu, till then completely unknown in indigenous schools
Muslim, Hindu or Sikh was introduced by the British who made it the language of
official use at lower levels of administration. 10
A contemporary account states the following, that a child began his studies at the
age of six. He, or she, then proceeded to learn the Gurmukhi alphabet of which Guru
Angad himself wrote a primer [Balopadesa]. The primer, being written by such an
eminent spiritual leader, was in itself religious. It was, however, the means to an even
more religious end-to enable the child to read the Adi Granth, a sacred book of the Sikhs.
After this other works, such as Hanmn Nak, a Punjabi adaptation of a Hindi drama,
were taught. Other subjects, such as elementary medicine and rhetoric, were also taught
in Gurmukhi to Sikh children. According to Leitner, while he was collecting information
for his report in the 1880s, Urdu, had been brought in and was being established slowly
by the government.11
Bibi Harnam Kaur was a famous pioneer in the field of women's education, was
born on 10 April 1882 in Firozpur district of the Punjab. Her father's name was Bhagvan
Das and mother's Ram Devi. Bhagvan Das was a religious minded person, and had
become a disciple of an Udasi Sadhu, Ram Das, of Firozpur, after whose death he became
the head of his dera or seminary. Her mother and she joined him when the former was
only an infant. She was a talented child and had read Panj Granth, Dasam Granth and
Hanmn Nak before she was six years of age. Kanh Singh Nabha who for Maharaja
Hira Singh of Nabha, wrote Nanak Bhavarth Dipika (1888), an exegesis of extracts from
the Hanmn Nak, based on his notes prepared for the education of the young prince
under his tutelage.

The Buddha Dal and Hanmn Nak



Leitner, G. W. (1882). History of the Indigenous Education in the Punjab since Annexation and in 1882 Repr.
(Lahore: Republican Books, 1991), pp. 35-37. An article entitled Beginnings of Modern Sikh Education
Harbans Singh, Published in the Punjab Past and Present, Vol.VII, Part I, Serial No. 15, April 1974, pp. 127144 ; Gurdaspur District Gazetteer, 1914 (Lahore, 1915), pp. 190-194.


When I first met the Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa leader, Jathedar Akali Nihang Baba
Santa Singh 96 Crori, I was well aware of the numerous copies of the Hanmn Nak in
manuscript collections, and references to it in Sikh history. He told me that this work was
taught to a student before the santhi of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib. This makes perfect
sense as manuscript evidence shows that Bhai Rattan Singh Bhangu Shahid, learnt this
epic from an unbroken lineage originating back the the Gurus Court. Later on after doing
some basic training in shastravidia with various Ustads in the Panjab, I also came to learn
that this work contained battle tactics, as well as some verses that were recited during
duels, and in training. There is a paintra to use with heavy weapons in shastravidi which
came from the Hanuman Akhara, which also involves breaks, locks, and powerful blows,
which was later modified by Baba Katorh Singh. The Hanmn Nak is also read in the
Dam Dami Taksal, Sewapanthi, Nirmala, and Udasi Sampradas

A late 19th century lithographed cover to the Hanuman Natak, showing Hanuman
narrating the saga to Hirdaya Ram Bhalla. Courtesy of Punjab Digital Library.
There are many copies of this pothi for example see, Hanmn Nak, British
Library: India Office Library, or. 2561. You can find many versions online at Punjab
Digital Library, which is subscription based. You can also buy the pothi from If
you want santhi of it go to Boparai Taksal near Rakba, and learn there, please let us not
let the warrior traditions die. In the Dasam Granth Sahib Report of 1897, it states one
Singh had this whole poth memorised and had done thousands of phs of it. This does

not happen anymore due to the influences of the Singh Sabha, which originally had a
good purpose, but sold out to the right wing incrementally, which is far away from the
middle pathway which is dharam. Its time people saw past ideological boundries and
politics and just accepted the tradition for what it is, rather than hijack it and use it for
political motives.
I started to read this work and found two commentaries on it, as I read through it I
typed it for the benefit of my Khalsa brothers and sisters. This is the first edition of the
Hanmn Nak, the second edition will contain the transliteration, and the third a
translation. I have proof read it, but I am sure there are mistakes, so if you find any please
be kind enough to send me a message with the details.

With the blessings of the Jathedars of Buddha Dal

The current head of the Shiromani Khalsa Panth Akali Buddha Dal Panjwa Takht Chalda
Vahir Chakrvarti, Vishav, Singh Sahib 96 Crori Jathedar Akali Baba Surjit Singh Nihang
Singh. Who is currently in jail with Rajoana Sahib due to the SGPC and Akali Dal making
their own puppet leader. Please visit to spread awareness
about this injustice. This is what the Chinese government have done to his holiness the
Dalai Lama and the Pancham Lama. We cannot allow this to happen to the head of the
Khalsa Panth.


While Baba Surjit Singh is in jail, Singh Sahib Jathedar Akali Baba Joginder Singh a
respected and enlightened Mahapurush is taking over ceremonial duties of the Shiromani
Khalsa Panth Akali Buddha Dal Panjwa Takht Chalda Vahir Chakrvarti, Vishav. Please
visit Baba ji at Gurdwara Dam Dama Sahib, Rakhba.

About the Author

My name is Dr. Kamalroop Singh, I am a Sikh and a member of the Khalsa, and belong to
the Nihang Singh order, under the leadership of 96 Crori Singh Sahib Jathedar Akali Baba
Surjit Singh Nihang. I began my journey back in 1995, when I met some inspirational
Sikhs. I have been reading about and practising as a Sikh from a young age, I took
initiation into the Khalsa in 1999. I have travelled around India and stayed with the
Nihang Singhs and Sants, and I also took basic santhia from the Dam Dami Taksal in
Amritsar. After finishing my degree in Chemistry I completed anMPhil and PhD in Sikh
Studies. My chosen subject was the Dasam Granth Sahib, my thesis was titled Dasam
Granth Re-examined. A book titled Dasam Granth Questions and Answers has been









at I am a linguist and have worked for the Crown Prosecution


Services and taught languages at the School of African and Oriental Studies. I have been a
consultant to a number of museums and galleries around the world, and I regularly travel
and teach about related subjects. Please forgive any mistakes beloved Sadh Sangat jio and
pray that I may continue serving the Guru Khalsa Panth Sahib.
Das, Kamalroop Singh.

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kib`q] qIno lok piq pRwnpiq pRIiq hI so riq Agqn giq ky
crn isrnwie hON] sdw sIlp`iq s`q p`iq eyk nwrI
bRq iSv snkwid piq jsih sunwie hON] surpiq hMU ky
piq jwnkI ky piq rwm nYn kor Er kbhUM qo prjwie
hON] Pury bwkpiq suno sMq swD miq qb AYsy rGupiq ky
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bsYXw]kwn suny pihcwn n kwhU sON swc khY kiv rwm
khYXw] jwnq sRI rGubIr ky nwmih jW suney sB hoih
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boD khY iek krm khYN krqw hrqw jn eyk Drm
khYN krqw hrqw jn eyk khYN iek Dwm sh`Xw] eyk
khYN krqw jn eyk khYN Gt pRwn bs`Xw] qy pRB rwm
sunY Apno js Apno js hY sbq dXo sn dOr


kOsl qn`Xw qn kuSl inDwn pRBu kl ml mQn so

swDn ky pRwn hYN] kruxw kI Kwn pihcwn jWkI dInn
sO mwn lyq jI kI sBhI ko swvDwn hYN] dyvn ky dyv
rIJY nYk kIey syv hIey pr pIr jwnby ko cqur sujwn
hYN] bwird sy sXwm AiBjwm kwm hMU ky kwm AYsy rwm
ky hIey ibrwjmwn hYN] ky hIey ibrwjmwn hYN]5]


rwm ky nwmsON pRIiq kro ijn Dwm ky kwm rho

aurJweI] jON n bnY qaU eyk GtI sun lY gun ko qj
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khW duicqweI] lY isK Awvry Awau clI pwnI mlwih


rwm ko rUp inhwr mnoj ljwie mno inj dyh

ibswrXo] m`jn kwj kIE audv rql qwhI ko lY nB
cWd auBwrXo] sRI rGubIr ky bwk iblws qy Drk
ricXo qReI lok ibQwrXo] kI kor qy nyhu kIE ibD
fIl kICwh qy Cwh qy sIl svwrXo]7]


ikau Drqy Dr DIr sbY Bt ho n kCU bl kwhMU bl

kwhMU ky poqy] CiqRX sROixq ky kr kMufn nhwq iPirXo
iBRgu nMdn soqy] ikauN trqy suK rwvn ky Dnu qor kho
sIX lwXk koqy] jO rGubMs isromix BMMUql jwjIv
locn rwm n hoqy]8]


mo ibnqI Aih nwQ khY ibiD hON ibn kwnn kwhy qy

kIno] hON frpX sUn bwq PinMd fgYY isr nYk Pty pur
qIno] hY khU kOn sUny js rwm ko sws n lIno] myy
SaRm ky qReI lok rcXo qUih Ayy Ysy hI jwnqhI isr


sRI rGUbIr iSromix kI Xih kIriq hY ikDo dUqI

bKwno] Awin deI kmlw hir kI Xh bwq sUny sUrlok
frwny] jwn XhY mUK cwr kIey ibiD sMBU rhY AjhUM
lptwno] S`kR shMsR kIey cKU ChMU mUK ibAwh kIXon


Bogih Cwf n jog krY koie mY iSv lO iSv lok

inhwrXo] Awgm qy n imtY mn kO gm byd ibbwd n
jwie ibcwrXo] mOn qy kOn soBOtI lhY ibn bol KUlY
Gr ky n ikvwrXo] qwAqy XhY jIA jwnq hoA ijn
rwm khXY iqn kwm svwrXo]11]


hY n khUM kiv AMq su sMUdr sMq smUh qaU sUK pY hYN]

kwhy qy rwm ky nwm imlI kiv rwm qUmY A isrnwie
sUnY hYN] KwryaU nIr nvwie gUibMdih jOb koaU crnodk
dY hYN] kOn sU swDU n Awdr soN kih mUMf cFwie n
swdih sUnY hYN]12]


hO miqhIn iehY kivqw isr jwnq ho aUphws DrYgI]

rwm meI sUK dY sb ko mn ky dUK doK sMqwp hrYgI]

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jrygI] qO kih hom smUhn ko Xh hwt klMk nw dUUr

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Awk ky PUl smwn kvISr rwm qUmY ikh BwAiq
irJwvY] cyq cFY icq cOp milMd ikRpw krkY sbhIN
iPr AwvY]14]


bXws prwsr nwrd SIR sUk ey sb rwmih Awj lO

gwvY] sys shMsR Dry mUK XwhIN Aqy vwr pry gUn pwr
n pwvY] sMgiPry hnUmwn sdw so XQw miq XO kih kY
smJwvY] qWhI pRswid qy rwm khY mn ky igrqy kn
ijXoN idKrwvY]15]


sUrj kI mn kI kiv rwm dlIp kI rIiq khW lO

ilKwaUN] SRI rGU ky Aj ky jsU kI sU kQw n ko AMq
khW lO sUnwaUN] SRI rGUnwQ ky qwq kI bwq khON kih

AMqih pwaUN] qWqy sUno rGubIr kQw qum so kihkY qn

qwp isrwaUN]16]

iriK sMg jwiebo DnuK ctkwiebo Drin jw ibvwihbo

bVoeI js pwiebo] Dwiebo prsrwm gYl mY Kswiebo
ault bn jwiebo SRI rwm rwj gwiebo] bn ko
isDwiebo jnk jw curwiebo smuMdR kO ptwiebo AO
lMkpiq Gwiebo] bIr qIXw sMg lYY plt Gr Aweybo su
AYso rwmcMd gIq qumih sunwiebo]17]


KMjn locn kMj muK inq KMfn pr pIr]

Awir gMjn BMjn DnuK Bv rMjnu rGubIr]19]


suK swgr nwgr nvl kvl bdn duq mYn]

krunw kr brnwid pwiq Srnwgiq suK dYn]19]

ibswimqRau vwc]

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hmwry]kOn blI ieh lwiek hY iqhu lokn mYN iqn rwm
ibcwry] Dwie clXo inRp soN tryN sun swQ ibnw
rGunwQ iqhwry]20]


soc bFXo inRp ky ijX myN kul pUjih pwien lwg

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pwvY] ey qyry pUq spUq sbY ibiD rwjih XON irK rwj
sunwvY] rwjn jW muK rwm khXo Ab qW muK AOr
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ky cMd ijauN n dyKoN nYnw rwm cMd hMU ibcwro iriK kYsI
ibprIq hY] BIr msu nwg qy su qIr n clwie jwnY
AYsy rGubIr kXo ipswcn qy jIq hY]22]


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Kos Kwie hYN] rwm kI qo AYsI bwq kMj pwq gwq jWko
swhmny krIc qih dyK sukcwie hYN]23]


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rjDwnI] ieMdR ky qRws fry jYsy BUDr XON frpXo muin
kI suin bwnI] rwm ko rwKby kI bqIXW inRp kot khI
irK eyk n mwnI]24]


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nirMdY] rwm cly hs kyy munI sMg pry ipq pwie
lvwie PinMdY hW] XO irK lY in ksXo rGubIrih kMj
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jn lUtXo] sIs Duny Duin bwq khy riv ky kul qy suK
jwnq CUtXo] nYn cucwq rhYN ins bwsr jYsy irswq
rhy Gt PUtXo]26]

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ey doaU gYl suno suq sMudr eyr qy dUr hY eyk qy nyro]
eyr ipswcn hY ieh bIK clo ikn qwqw kro Bt Byro]
qW kul kwnn ko hm pwvk bIr skIr shwiek


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prmwnMd pUrn ey pUrn nih qyeI jyvY rwm ibsrwie
hYN] sMkt hrn hwr dsrQ ky kumwr jWkI lwj Cwih
lok cwroN jug gwie hYN] Awey bIr bIrqw ipswcin ky
qIr dyKo Awj rGubIr pd sUrn kY pwie hYN]28]


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qy aucrI] pRB lYkr bwn kmwn ko qwn hnXo iqh
Bwl su BUim igrI] krkwl BXo rGunMdn ky su iCnyk
ibKy Bv isMDu qrI]29]


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iblKy bhur PxI kubyr mhys]30]


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muK qIr qbih hno iriK rwj kih]32]


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rGubIr doaU iek Bwj gey iek jI pr Kyly] mwnhb
pOn pRcMf blI kdlI bn sy DrqI pr myly]34]

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kmwn cFweI] qW idn qy sun rwvn ko ibiD bwvn


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jwm Bey lyhu bDweI]35]

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sXMbr lyq hY pg Dwrhu prBwq]36]

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jnk ky jwiehO] jO kho qO rwjw dsrQ jUpY phMucwaUN
nwhI sMg clo qumy kihXo nYk hONhMU qo cFwiehO] rwjw
qo jnm iriK rwj qy mYN pwXom gun AYsy isv ky DnuK
hMU qy gun pwXo gun AYsy isv ky DnuK hUM qy gun


cly jwq suK dyq PUly Pul qor lyq iriK sMg bIrn kI
soBw ieh BWq hY] ikDo dyv qReI ikDo porK kI jeI
neI ikDo bIc myr ieh auq idn rwq hY] ikDo riv
sMg nv nIrD AnMg ik qrMg gMg jmnw srsPqI


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aultweI nw iPrweI iPrI jwq hY]38]

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rwjw Awgy lYn AwXo hY] KoVso pcwr kr pUjw kul pUj
jU kI mn bc krm crn sIs nwXo hY] pwCy bUJI kOn
ey kumwr qwq qyry sMg suMdr spUq sy sunq suK pwXo
hY] clIey gusweI Dwm dIjIey bfweI moh XhY
duicqweI Dn kwhU n cFwXo hY]39]


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bIr bfy rGunwQ hYN] lCmn Coto kIno BUp bl Koto moto
DnuK cFwieby ko ien hI ky hwQ hYN] rGu kul ky
iqlk bl hYN imlk jwkI dsrQ nMd bMdY lok mwQ
hYN] Bwg hYN iqhwry Dwm ien ky isDwry pg j`gX kwj
lXwXo qb hI qy myry swQ hYN]40]


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mIc dIjY dyv bl rwmcMd Buj qIr ko] jnk ky mn
rwm ien hI pY tUtY Dnu mIn rUp jwnkI imlwaUN inD

nIr ko] bwq hY bnweI ibiD rwjw so jnweI iriK

mwn bol gWT dyhu inj cIr ko]41]

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iFg DwvY qn Dwm ko] mwno qrU CwhI ikDo cIqy rQu
mwhI jYsy Dujw PrrwhI qYsy dyKY pwCy rwm ko] kYsy kY
bnwvY ibD ien hI qy hovY isiD iriK qy khIXo hY jsu
ien hI ky nwm ko] AYsI hUjy kwn dYky sunIEu gnys sRI
idnys AO insys hON mnwaUN dyv bwm ko]42]


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lwg rhy vwhI Eur ko] dyh sON snyh BUilEu gRyh sy
Anyh bwFXo qIno lok mwih br dyKXo sIA su jor ko]
AYsI pIRiq lwgI mwno cwiqRk jXoN swiqGn qW mr su
BOr jYsy Gtw Gn mor ko] myry AprwD dos kOn sIs
DroN Awj mwrY koie mol lY kubol myry cor ko]43]

kib`q]] jnk kI rwnI sNB dyKY rjDwnI cF bwlk jvw

purwnI rhI n mhl mYN] dyKoN rGubIr jU ky AwgY lwgy
AYsy inRp jYsy sUr Awgy pr bIjnw sh`l mYN] jwnkI

inhwr Cib mn hI myN rhI db ibiD so n AvY Pib

pRwn hY kh`l mYN] rwjw jI ko kTn kubol myry eyeI
piqjwnq hON mweI bwp prXo hY jh`l mYN]44]

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cF`Xw Xw DnK ko] qWhI ky gry ko PUl mwl js tIko
Bwl AOr bYTby ko hY isMGwsn knk ko] kuMdn qy koml
kml hUMqy sOrB su AYsI jwnkI ko soeI dUlhu bnk ko]
rwjw ky pRoihq sBw mYN khI au&`cy tyir swvDwn sunIE
ho bol hY jnk ko]45]

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ry rGubIr qUM kwhy ko bXwhq rwvn ibXwhn ko mn
kIno] BUp khI Dnu Awn cFwvY qo mY sIA so Dn vwhI
ko dIno] ry gur ko Xh nYku n hoie qO bWtq tUk iqhUM
pur qIno]46]



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bwrn isMG mhI ruh qwl qmwl srovr AOr inkyqy] so
igir rwj kYlws auTwie lXo kr bwm frXo nih
lyqy] XO Buj ko bl qUM nih jwnq bUJ lY mUF jury inRp

rwjw jnkau vwc rwvn dUq soN]


qY hIN khXo idj rwvn kO bl so sB swcu n koaP

ArY]sun bol lY AwaU sXMbr mY lt qO n gXy bl
Awie krY] Aru qYN ju khI iSv ky Dn hY qO khw BXo
ry CqIXW pRjrY] gur ko Gr qolq lwj BeI n kmwn
cFwvq lwj mrY]48]

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Awn inj kwq CYP CYP jwq n auTwXo jwq kiTn sI

bwq kCU lwgq hY Ab kY] pwvqy mrm qO n Awvqy
jnk Dwm jwnq hYN rUp dyK br hYN qON rb ky] eIhw
kCU kiTn kupyc Awgy Awn fwrXo bwsk sumyr soN

inrK jI myN db ky] PUtXo inj krm n lUtXo suK

jwnkI ko tUtXo n DnK tUn gey mn sb ky]50]

sIA sMPbr kwj sbY Dnu qorn ko Buj Tokq bweIN]

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hrvweIN] nwh ko rUp inhwrby ko mihmMfl kI ikh
mwih lugweIN] sRI rGubIr ky dyKby ko sr kyv bDU
iml dyKn Awie]51]


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PIko] rwm AKMBl sON iqn mDX ibrwjq hYN su ley
jsu tIko] dyK srUp sbY bil jWih khY sB XO sIA kO
br nIko]52]


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sb TokYN Bbuj bwm qy] pwg pyc KYNcdYN lpyt Pyt bWDYN
pt AYNf AYNf AwvY pY n tUty fIm fwk iqy] rwj iriK
Awgy rGubIr sMg bIr dyK PIky sB lwgYN jYsy dIp


riv Dwm qy] AMbr bnwvq sXMbr ky rwjw sb kMbr

sy hY gey ptMbr sy rwm qy]53]

ieh ibiD pichwry sbY kiTn DnuK kI bwq] qb

rGupiq iCq piqn soNy boly muiK muskwq]54]


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iSv ky Dn kXoN n auTwvq Awvq ho iFg qy
bilhwrI] sRI rGubIr khI ibnW iCiq roie pukwrI]
dyKhu hwjD lkwie sBY Btu nwk clI kt nwk


bol auTXo lGubIr suno rGubIr kho iCn mWih auTwaUN]

sRI muK qy nw kho kCu dwsih BONhn ko nYk Awies
pwaUN] rwm auTwie qumY iqKjwiekY dyaUN clwie kho

kivE vwc]

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ijX kI duicqeI ikauN tr hY jgdIs]57]



koml sRI rGubIr mhW nvnIq hMU qy nv nUqn mweI]

hY isv ko Dn b`jR smwn ssI riv qw sky n
abTweI] qwq ko bol Afol sbY inrmolk Awn bnI
duicqwie] jwnkI Awn kI Aws qjI ik broN ieh ko
ik mroN ibK KweI]58]

ivSwimqRau vwc]
dohrw] khXo rwj iriK rwm soN pUqkXoN n jsu lyhu] sB
rwjn kI Aws ko kr du tUk Dnu dyhu]59]
kib`q] qyj pMuj doaU BweI rwj iriK AwgXo pweI auTy
rGurweI mn mwih Aiq hrKy]] pWie soN lwgwie eyk
hwQ hI auTwie rwm AOr rwjn ky bl qy hI GrI
prKy] surg pqwl imly Acl qkwl igry hwl cwl
prI mn sB hIky DrKy] dyvdw ibvwn qy surys ky
idvwn qy nsys bRhm Bwn qy hrK PUl brKy]60]

gwFI ksIs lgI krkI kr sI iCtkI kmTI kr

kI] Ar kICiqAw drkI PrkI CutI jog jutI
AKIAW hr kI] plkI KrkI hir kI inD CIr Drw

DrkI Aih aPprkI] BeI cWp DunI su mhW frkI

BrkI Bt BIr sXMbr kI]61]

qor kuvMf kIE ibb KMf mhw brbMf Bujw bl qy]

frpXo bRhmMf ckXo nvKMf AKMfl mMfl BUql qy]
rGubIr GumMf kIE inRp KMf clXo qij jXoN ibcly
ql qy]62]


cWp khXo bfy pwp kY hwD rhXo iSv Awp inkMdn

jU] pun mwie ko mwrq sMk krI insMk CuXo BRgP
nMdn jU] ijX jwn iehY rGunwD qy hwD cFXo qp
qIrD mMdn jU] mwno pRwn qjXou n BjXo BUA mMfl
PWD clsO BvPMDn jU]63]


jwnkI ko rwm rwm cMd ko prsjwm dwko AiBmwn

idj mMfl AsIs ko] rwvn ko kwm kRoD kuhT kupiq
dUq rwm sur lok fr kwl bwl sIs ky] bol aumw
nwh ko AnA lMk dwh ko su duK isMD jIvn ko js
kip eIs ko] K`pr kO jognI su BognI sugRIv rwj
tUtXo Dnu eIs dOr prI TOr bIs ko]64]


rwj iriK bwq khI BlI piq rhI rwjw rwjw qsrD
jU ko byg hI bulweIey] kutMb smyq smyq AOr bwlk lY
sMg doaU nYnn so pUqn kO ibXwhu idK rweIey] mwnI
soeI krI dUq bolXo iqhI GrI ibdw kIno khXo pOn
sMg rOn idn Dwieey] sIrI BeI CwqI pweI Bwgn kI









bwcI soeI pwqI pRym soN lgwie CwqI rwjw Aj jU ko

nwqI BXo jwqI hrKXo] duMdBI bjwie kul dwn AYso
dIno mwno bwdr jXoN brKXoN] ktk clXo Apwr sUJq
n vwr pwr nyh forI fwr BUp mIn ijXo AkrKXo]
Byty cwroN pUq purhUq hMUqy sUq nIko bwFXo Anrwg Bwg
Bwl hoN ko prKXo]66]










Bro sB GI ko] Dwie ky lwie aur sRI rGubIr mno

inj AwnMd jI ko] cMdn soN Gn swr imlY Gs rwm


imly su mhUrq nIko] Awn bissQ kIE Apny kr

Bwl myN kysr lwl ko tIko]67]

bXwh kIE kul iesQ bissQ AirsQ try Gr ko

inRp Dwey] lY suq cwr ibvwh qhI GrI jwnkI qwq
sbY smudwey] son BeY Apsno sbY pQ kWp auTy jIA
mYN duK pwey] AMk insMk ilKy ibD jy Ab qy ibD hMU
kbhUM n imtwey]68]

prsrwmau vwc]

AYso kIno cwr bWk mwrY sUr eykY AWk rwj kon rWk
qorY jo DnuK ko] nwrwien CIr iniD syK kI n bnY
ibiD sUrj Akws vih soNpXo hY jn`k ko] kwhMU cItI
lwgy pWK kwih jm mwrY kWK sunXo hY n dyKXo Gun
lwgXo hY kn`k ko clXo Dwey kmTI cFwie Prkwie
AWK bWeI jg sWeI bwq kCU n qn`k ko]69]


jwnkI ibvwhI rwm rwvrI duhweI Pyr soc kr bwq

rhXo sunXo ho n iCn jXoN] dsrQ AwXo bl bhuqy
jnwXo ho AnMq PUl su bsMq ky sy idn jXoN] dorXo

qyhI Twv qy su Awn fr pwXo kYsY Dwey hYN su kYsY jYsy

dwirdI ky irn jXoN] kIbo buro kwm qWko lIjY Pl
rwm mYN qo gYl hI mYN pweI suD qorXo qwn iqRn

Bwn inhwr khXo iBRg nMdn cUk prI qb XWih n

mwrXo] jwnq ho inj bwn kuTwr PlXo qr mUl su mUl
auKrwXo] jwn su BUl ibcwr icqY Dr XWih pRlY jl
bor n fwrXo] ey jIA mYN ieh BWq ibcwrq rwm kCU
icq Aor ibcwrXo]71]


ibswimq biss iriK nv gRh suB inj Twie] sIA

jIA suK kbhMU n lih prXo krm ky pwie]72]


eyk TOr BeI sYnw isimt stptwie kw pY shXo jwie

qyju AYso jXoN Ar`k ko] kOn Dry DIrI prI pIrI muK
kwSI rwm kWpY kr dMf KUnI inrKXo Kl`k ko] lYky
suq swQ joir hwQ ieq BUp Git BwKXO vih mwnq n
j`kI Awp j`k ko] kiTn kuTwr kr Dry jorwvr idj
AwXo ibkrwl jYq vwr cwr c`k ko]73]

prsrwmau vwc rwjw dsrQ soN]


qor kuvMf du tUk ikXo ijn soB khW hm so lr hY]

iBRgunMd khY hON n jwnq qwih su AMqk dMqn so pr
hY] sb sYn TtI muK kRWq GtI ibprIq gtI Gt kXoN
tr hY] pun qwih kurMg qy BY n kCU ijnky sMgrwm su
kyhr hY]74]


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Xh mwqo gjrwj ndI nwau born chq]75]


kRoD pRcMf kIE muin nMd AKMfl jXoN fr pY

sbkcwhI] kXn gnY BUT mMfl ky inRp hY blvMf su
qO Gr mwhI] Tok rhXo Buj dMf kuTwr smyq Drw iPr
sRoxq nQwhI] rwm ibcwru n kwm kIE qUM n jwnq
moih n bFXo Dr CwhI]76]


kOny isK dInI qoih qWko qU bqwie moih ETn cbwie

Er dyKY rwm cMd kI] rwqy kr nYn DUm nwk qy suswie
iqin rokXo nwk jwie qhw sUr joq mMd kI] rwjw
pCuqwie dyKo kYso duK prXo Awie qorXo gj cwhY byl

AwnMd ky kMd kI] lop suK BXo Gop dIno ibiD ko

prwD kop dyK Ep mbK GtI Aj nMd kI]77]

dsrQau vwc]

DnuK CutXo kr Dr prXo dsrQ Tokq mwQ]

ibkt bcn iBRgu rwm soN, boly hs rGunwQ]78]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

lwgXo iXh doK jo mY roK hYQ DnuK qorXo, jwjro purwno

hO mYN jwnXo gXo kwm soN] so qo AYsI honhwr rwvro
khw ibcwr, mwrXo cwhY mwr bYr hYn kMj Gwm soN]
suK duK eyk bwr dsrQ jIAw Dwr, jYsy Pin mnIhwr
qYsy rwm nwm soN] kYsy hYQ hY deI myry AwnMd kI jeI
rwm BeI rwm rwm Ajwj neI rwm rwm soN]79]

lKmno vwc rwmcMdR soN]


mhW rxDIr mhW bIr rGubIr his boly AYsy nYku bIr
AwgXw moih dIjIey] kho bWD fwroN kho dys qy inkwroN
kho bwrD auqwroN kho jUrw kwt lIjIey] khY kiv
kwSI rwm kyqk pr`srwm nwm suin jWko iCqpwl hYQ

kY CIjIey] mwry mhW pwp CIn lYho qUn cWp Awp

dyKIey qmwso pY n sWso kCU kIjIey]80]

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mY n jwnXo qyro bl qYso qw ko lwgXo Pl kiTn kuTwr

Dwr kMT pr DrIey] eyqy pr AOr kCu bwq Awvy qwq
hwQ kIjY soeI BwvqI pY roK ko n krIey] AYso kCU
kul ko suBwau hY hmwro rwm mwry mwr K`XY pY n mwrIey
jo mrIey] bYrI srnwie AOr suno munI rwie gwie
bwmn soN lrIey qO pwie kw ky prIey]81]

prsrwmoN vwc]

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vwr kroN eyk kr ko] mIj mwroN aur qy auKwr Buj dMf
hwf qoir fwroN br Avlok rGubr ko] kwSIrwm idj
ky irswq Bihrwq rwm, Aiq Dhrwq gwq lwgq hY
Dr ko] sIqw ko sMqwp myit pRgt pRqwp kIno ko hY
vih Awp cWp qorXo ijn hr ko]82]

rwmcMdRo vwc]


joeI krXo cwhq ho soeI kro ieq Awie bolXo

rGurwie clv`Xw nIky pQ ks] qorX mYN Dn`K jwie
lXwXo hON jn`ku jwie bolX suq BUp rUp Dry mn mQ
ko] khY kiv kwSI rwm rwm AiBrwm pRHBU krnw ko
Dwm dYnhwr moK gQ ko] jgq aujXowro Buj Bwro Xih
bwq sun inks kY nXwro BXo pXwro dsrQ ko]83]

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qrx qy qwqo BXo rwqo BXo nK isK ibKsy bcn boly

CkXo Coh CX hY] BONih cFI cFI AWKYN irs qy prq
kFI, khY kiv kwSI rwm AYsy ByK BXo hY] kWpq
A`Dr lrby kI hir vwih sMBr kY khr kuTwr kr lXo
hY] dyKq hI hwQ rGunwQ ky DnuK bwn swvk munISr
ko pwvk hY gXo hY]84]

prsrwmo vwc]

jIvq n dYhoN jwn Awn mhW ru`dR jU kI, kroNgo indwn

sunXo gXo hY jo Ab hI] irK ky spUq purhUq hUM ko boJ
DrY kwSI rwm bwr bwr bolq grb hI] AWK qrY

Awnq n AOr Bt jwnq n mwn q n auCir auCr AwvY

qb hI] BXo dwvydwrqo sMBwr kr mo soN rwr,
rGbbMsI lwqru hQXwr fwr Ab hI]85]

rwm cMdRau vwc]


qum sBhI ky gur mwnIXq pur, BUql ky sur qumY

dIjIXq dwq hY] kwSIrwm pUjw krY hwQ joir pWie
prY, qum so hmwro pRBU kCU n bswq hY] bYrIAn mwrny
hoN hm qum pwrny hoN buiD rGubMsin kI AYsI idn rwq
hY] suno idj bIr rGubIr khy hm pY AsIs ky idv`Xw
ko ksIs krI jwq hY]86]

prsrwmau vwc]

kwhy ko ry rwm jm Dwm clXo cwhq hY, Klk ky lKq

hI jY hYN lKwie kY] iBRkutI cFwie AMg AMg aupjwie
kRoD TwFo BXo BJ AwgY sb hI dbwie kY] kwSI rwm
sb dl bl dsrQ jUko idj ko dmwk dyK gXo
dihlwie kY] AYsI bwq suin sIs Duin Duin muin pUq
bolXo brbMf purhUq jXoN irswie kY]87]

rwm cMdRau vwc]


A`qR ky cl`Xw iC`q C`qR ky Dr`Xw C`qRI, ChUM irq Cky

irs klh suhwq hY] kwSI rwm rwm rnDIr hY khn
lwgy kYsy hm qorYN gwq kMj kYso pwq hY] AMg lptwey
mhW bYr soN bFwey kop, muK Awey kwl ky jIXq kOn
jwq hY] ingm ky BWfy kq bolq bcn bWfy kwhy ko ry
pWfy gWfy hwQn soN Kwq hY]88]

prsrwmau vwc]

sh`sweI mwrXo mY sh`sR bwhu mhW blI, nrn ko nwh

dwh qaU n isrwq hY] kIno iXh pRn qrpn qyry rkq
ko jO lO Gt pRwn qO lO Awn n suhwq hY] kwSIrwm
rwm soN prsrwm AYsy khX ghY jO hQXwr soeI hoq
pwq pwq hY] bWDq jo KWfy qy n Cwfy mYN jIXq KWfy
KMf piq BWfypWfy AYsy gWfy Kwq hY]89]

rwmcMdRo vwc]

C`qRI C`qR eIsn ky AMg jgdIsn ky, kop krX mn

mwih bwhyN aukswiebo] iBRkuJI cFwie rGurwie Xo

khn lwgy, kwSIrwm myro qyju kwpY shXo jwiebo]

rynkw ky Fotw nYk potw hUM ky mwry lotw potw hY kY jYhYN
khUM FUMfy hUM n pwiebo] bhuq bcXo hY CqR DwrI dsrQ
sONh, bwmn iBKwrI A`qR DwrI khvwiebo]90]

prsrwmau vwc]

A`qR Cfvwie doaU kr jurvwie, dso nK muK dXwie

Awpno kY CutkwXo hY] mIc n frwie bwr bwr sq
rwie Awju hY gXo ispwhI mosoN qwhI ko qU jwXo hY] khY
kwSIrwm qb rwm soN prsrwm isKX dyv bwm jUky
nIky kY sunwXo hY] jwkI sOhYN Kwq A`qRGwrI kih kih
jwq, qwhI pY mYN dsn iqnU kw pkrwXo hY]91]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

Pwrqo kpol bol bolq hI bwmn ky fwrqo auKwr dwV

jmI jy bdn mYN] jIq bIr Kyq pTY dyq jmlok qoih,
lyqo sb C`qRn ko bYr eyk iCn mYN] khw kroN hqXw
pRwn Ab jo iqhwrY hrON suBt khwie kr TwFo hoq rn


mYN] XhY jwn nwqo eyk bcXo hY ry bwmn ky, kwSIrwm

smiJ smJ kr mn mY]82]

prsrwmau vwc]

tUit twt goSw gey PUit Pwt mUiT geI, jyvrn rwKXo
jor jwnq jg`q hY] sUrj jrwX bwir bor kY isrwX
mhW, myGn sMqwX sIq qwmo khw s`q hY] rMg gX
auKr kurMg BX pry pry, fwry auGrwry mwry PUk ky
auf`q hY] kwSIrwm rwm soN prsrwm AYsy khXo, qor
kY DnuK AYso AYso blk`q hY]96]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

bwmn iBKwrI iqRx DwrI iqn qUl quC, BUKn ky BPKy

mhw qosoN khw khIey] nwvYN hwb bwbI pY n AwvY mMqR
bICn ko, qWqy qyrI bwqYN suin skucwie rhIey] hmko
Aj`s qosON bwDYN qrk`s, Anrs kryN bwmn so qWqy sb
shIey] kwSIrwm khY rGu bMsin kI rIq XhY, jwsoN
kIjY moh qwsoN loh kysy ghIey]94]



rwjn ky pUq mhW blI Aiq kop Awey, DnuK n cFXo

sB hwry jor kor kY] tWk Br hwQ lIny tUtXo ibn
jor kIny, qWqy qoir fwrXo koaU skXo hY n qor kY] kRoD
jIA BXo qyry sunho prsrwm ibnqI krq qWqy doaU
kr jor kY] qum soN n jor cor BUpn ko Bor rUp kwkrI
ko cor kwhU mwrXO hY n tor kY]95]


dyiK rwm kI dInqw, sb smJwvq qwih]

iek mITI inj sujs kI, bwqYN rucYN n kwih]96]

iriKau vwc]

rwm AiBrwm Gn SXwm suT kwm hUMqy, qWqy ho prs

rwm kRoD miq CorIey] DnuK purwno tUit gX vuh jwn
dyih kOn kwj bYr bfo kIjY bwq QorIey] bwlk
ibnodn qy jIAw mYN irs`XY, qWko DnuK cF`XY kho pRIq
kWso lorIey] bwq qo ibhwnI so cl`XY n khwnI, rwnI
rmw soN n rwm rwm dwrd soN jorIey]97]

kivau vwc]



puhim pwie gwFy inrK dIey sujs lIey swQ] muK

bolX mn mYN khXo, eyh Acu`q rGunwQ]99]


snmuK dyKq moih rn kOn sUr Thrwie]lY prco qp

ko clON, Byt Bujw rGurwie]99]


AYNcXo hr bwr bwr XwhI qy inswr Dnu, rwjn cFwXo

ho hjwr bwr pwie dY] qwko cwhIey n bl qorq n
lwgY pl, qWqyAiBmwn rwm kOsk clwie dY] qO hON
Cwf jwaUN qoih swcI kih bwq moih rwm Avqwr hoih
mohU ko bqwie dY] qyro bl mwno shI jy qUM kry myrI
khI myro eI Dn`K lYky mohU ko cFwie dY]100]


bhuq shI XwkI khI, ikq kuvMf iBRgu bMsu]

Ab lKmn ibnqI krY, rGu klu mwns hMs]101]


kwhUM ko DnuK kwhUM qorXo kwhUM rwKXo Gir, kho swkI

gWT qy khW hY BX CIjno] gwlko bjwie frpwie
mwrysbY log, qwhU pr dyKo rGunwQ hI soN KIjno] khy
rGubIr suin bIr roK Cwfo qum, myG mhW gwjy ibn


brKy n BIjno] qaU qo gusweIN dyKo bwmn iFTweI

rwm, sUrj ky qyj ko frwvY ptbIjno]102]

kho qor fwroN kho XwhI iPr mwroN jo kho qO kwn lwie
AYNc rwKoN swq idn mYN] jo kho iqhwro bl pwie bweyN
hwQ nwQ, AWgurI soN myr ml fwroN Xh ikn mYN] Cy
muiK mhys AO gnyS AO suryS Ailkys hPM jo boly bl
dyKq n iqn mYN] kwies cukwaUN inj kRoD mY jrwaUN
Dn Awies jo pwaUN qo cFwaUN rwm iCn mYN]103]

kivau vwc]

DrXo n dUjy DnuK sr, srnwgiq nh dIn]

surpiq hU soN rGupqI, lt muK bwq khIn]104]


syvk Qwpn dUr kIE ijn, cUk prI muK qy hs dIno]

dwn dIE ijnko iqn pwie, n mWgby kO bhuro mn
kIno] bol khXo su khXo n iPrXs Ar sIA ivvwh
kY bXwh n kIno] eykih bwn hnXo irpu mMfl sRI
rGubIr sdw bRq lIno]105]

kivau vwc]


bwn Br CPwie loh kwn soN lgwie ijh ijh pkrwie

lwgXo krn indwn so] dyKXo bIr dyKXo bwp KYNcXo
pRqwp jwnXoN, cwp icrrwnoN, Arrwno Asmwn so]
kwSIrwm rwm ky irswq Bhrwq rwm, BUlI suD swq
prXo aUpr mswn so] idjbr KsXo gXo iBr Bj BIq
BXo, jXoN hIkr lXo dXo qXoN hI kr mwn so]106]


rwm khXo muin nMdn soN khu kwih hnON Ab dyhu

idKweI bUiJkY qwh hnI nB kI giq, AOr huqI Ab
AOr bqweI] dyiK rhXo muin ko suq kOqk hY Avqwr
shI rGurweI] ByJ Jtwk clXo bn ko jb rwm kmwn
ctwk cFweI]107]

kivau vwc]

rwm pncqw DnuK kI, AYNcI jb suRiq lwie]

inrK jnk jw nwh qn, mn Dr roK irswie]108]

sIqwau vwc]

XwhI ko qo bol kCU qwq ko so dyKq hUM, AYsy qo Anyk

hY hYN khW khW jwie hYN] kwl bXwhI neI hON qo Dwm

hUM n geI rwm Awj hI qy myry sIs sONq ko bswie hYN]

rwjn kI rIiq ibprIq sb jwnYN jg kw qy bs Bey
moih AYsy fhkwie hYN] mn my ibcwrY gtI lY cFY
auqwry sIA, qorkY Dnu`K XwkI bytI bXwih lXwie

kivau vwc]
sorTw] ieq lCmn sMg rwm, prs rwm bl prhrXo] pRIiq
krI ibsRwm, Amr BX muin dyh Dir]110]

Xih dIpk ikh kwm, soK snyh jrwie gux] rGu kul
dIpk rwm, sdw bFq doaU rhy]111]


CwfXo smr suBwau, prsrwm ml qp DrXo]

rwm auqwrXo cwvu BjXo n dIsq Awj lO]112]


jYsy Aih mor qy nswno cor Bor qy kurMg isMG Sor qy

quKwr jYsy Gwm qy] AMDkwr dIpk qy bXogI qI smIp
qy jXoN kwiqk qy myG nB jq sUr Gwm yq] dwrd jXON
pwrs qy kwl jXON suDw rs qy pwpn ko jwl jYsy eyk


hir nwm qy] jysy eyk loB qyAnyk gun BwjYN rwm qYsy
Bwj clXo hY prs rwm rwm qy]113]

AQ AjuDXw ngr pRvyS]


sb sMg cly ipq ky muin jIq pFY idj byd ausws

lXO] mn qy hrKXo AjnMdn jU kih Awij hmy ibiD
rwj dXo] Duin Fol imRdMg bjwie Dsy pur dyKq hwt
bjwr CXo]


bwrxm`q guMjwrq iBRMg kpoln quMg Dujw PihrwhIN]

cwrn bMs aucwrn ko inj bWh auTwie kib`q pFwhIN]
cwmr C`qR ley sMg bIr bny rGubIr sny mn mwhIN]
dyK srUp pIAYN jlvwr sbY pur nwir khY bl


AQ dUsrw AMk
dohrw] bYT Aju`DXw suK kIEu Aiq suT dsrQ sUq] Awir jIqy
js iqlk soN Gr mYN Gr mYN rwm spUq]1]

dsrQo vwc]

AOD rjDwnI rwjw dsrQ qIn rwnI kOslXw suimRqRw

lCmn Brq soN sqRGn pIRq hY] dY dY snmwn auphwr
iriK pwie pr ibdw sb kIno inRp jYsy rwjnIq hY]
bwFXo suK isMD Air jIqy supny n duK kwl dyKo AwgY
AOry BWq bIq hY]2]


sunhu sMq mn dY sbY eIhW lO suK sWq]

Abih kQw rGunwQ kI clI AOr hI BWq]


rwj smwj rhXo pur mYN sIA rwm imlo mn AwnMd

BwrI] swrusuqI n skY kih AMk isMgwr khY miq kOn
hmwrI] kwl bqIq BXo ieh rIq ibBUq bFI sb
AMgin swrI] rwj dY rwmih hON bn jwaUN bisSR khI
BlI bwq ivcwrI]4]



khW rMk khW BUp duK sMg sdw rhYN] Gr aujwr jXoN
kUp lgY duhMu Gt jyvrI]5]

dsrQo vwc]
dohrw] rwjw sbsoN XON khY rwm sIs dY rwj] hON bnbs qp ko
kroN Xwqy Bly n kwj]
sorTw] dyKn ko Aklwih C`qR cmr isr rwm ky] bnnYnw qbih
isrwih jb dyKoN ieh BWq suq]7]

jor kul pUj pUj pwie sIs nwie AiBKyk ko krwie

qb kroN dUjy kwm ko] locn isgih C`qR cmr ibMjn
qWky mwQy Pihrwie AYsy dyKo Gn sXwm ko] jwnkI ko
ptrwnI sOpoN rwjDwnI sb kwn sunoN Awpny hoN rwj
Awj rwm ko] rwjw dsrQ Xw mnorQ lO suK pwXo qwq
khI bwq pRwq dyhuM rwj rwm ko]8]

kivau vwc]

rwm rwj kwj jor kY smwj bYTo inRp rwj irK Awid
iriK mMfl bnwie kY]rwj Bwg Awj rGubIr Buj Qwp
bn jwaUN qp kwj mn bhu suK pwie kY] PUly sun bwq

suK AwnMd mwq aur jXoN purwxy pwq duK Xo clXoN

aufwie kY] eyk auTy gwie duMdBI bjwie eyk auTy gwie
duMdBI bjwie eyk Dwie Dwie pwie CuvYN rwmcMd rwie

cwrn ik`nr mWgD sUq sbY gun AwnMd sON iml gwvYN]
pifMq pMuj bnwie kib`qn Awie pFYN ieh BWq
irJwvYN] koqk kot kryN gnkw kul inrqq AMg sugMD
idKwvYN] dysn dys qy Awn jurYN inRp rwm ky rwj mhW
suK pwvYN]10]


Awn bnwspqI bn qy sb qIrQ ky jl kuMB Bry hYN]

AMb ko mor DrXoN iqh aUpr kysr soN ilK pIq kry
hYN] qy kul ieSt bisSQ sbY piF byd sumMqRn pUq Kry
hYN] sRI rGubIr AiBKyk ky rwj su j`g ky mMfl Awn
Dry hYN]11]


pIq dukUl Dry rGunMdn rwj ky kwj KuSI mn mwhIN]

qyl sugMD mly hldI btno inj mwq lgwvq bWhI
jwnkI PUlsI PUlq folq rwm so nYn imlY muskwhIN]

bwhr BIqr Bon BMfwr so Xw suK kI prmwvD


Awie bfy cqurwnn sy isv sy mGvw surlok bqwvYN]

kMcn ky min ky cF bwXu, ibvwnn lokn lok iPrwvYN]
sRI Aj nMdn ky suK ko iknkw supny hMU n dyKn pwvYN]
kwhy qy sRI rGubIr sy pUq spUq bFXo jb rwj

svYXw]] AwnMd eyk bFXo pur mY Gr hI Gr hoq kulwhl

BwrI] gwvq gIq idvwvq diq clI sB Awvq
nwgr nwrI] jwnkI rUp inhwrq dyq AsIs sbY
PlIE rGubIr] rwm ko rwj rhY qb lo jb lo jg
gMg bhY jmunwrI]14]

PUly AMg n mwq ieh ibD pur bwsI sbY]

locn skl isrwq dyK rUp sRI rwm ko]15]


sunI kykeI bwq rwimh rwj ibdys suq] nYk n nYn

isrwq rhoN rUT dYP bcn soN]16]



rwimh rwj ibdys bsY suq soc kIE Xh bwq n cMgI]

eyk aupwie kroN jo iPrY mq dYP br vY lyau mWg
surMgI] BUKn fwr n AMcr lyq hY jwq suswq su
pwien nMgI] dor clI pIA pY br mWgn mwnhu kwl
krwl BujMgI]17]


jwie juhwr kIE inRp sON iqn dYPbr vY qum qy Ab

pwaUN] kon smY sRI rGubIrih nYn isrwaUN] rUT rhI
mn mYN kihE BUpq AwnMd Awj n Xwih ruTwaUN] mWg









rUT rhI piq soN qb lo jb ky keI mWg doaU br

lIny] dYn khy ju huqy Aj nMdn pRwnin sMg qyeI Ab
dIny] eyk bWbI muK qy jug sWp inkwr mno inRp ky
suK CIny] bol kY bol kubol kunwir ipXUK ky kuMB
hlwhl kIny]19]

dsrQau vwc]



hy sun kykeI hy sun pwpin hy suin cMif fsXo suK

Bwro] bolq bol n bol QikE muK, Pwt hIE nwih
jwq iqhwro] Kwie qvwr prXo Dr BUipq hw riv hw
sis hw muKcwro] Pyr so kwhy ko pRwn inkwrq sUDy hI
jI ikaNu n lyq hmwro]20]

kivau vwc]

jXoN qrPY rx mYN Bit Gwiel jXON kr swiel isMG

cbwXo] jXoN ibn nIrih mIn dSw mwno kwl krwl
BujMgin KwXo]jXON sis rwhu gRsXO n qjXO puin jXON
ADPWs gry duK pwXO pOn cly riv jXON jl mY inRp
kykeI ky br XoN qrPwXoN]21]

dsrQau vwc]

lIjIey smwj sb dysn ko rwj Awj hON iBKwrI BXo

Ab rwm BIK hON lhON] jO khO iqhwry gWau BIK mWg
KwaNu jO pY rwm sMg rhy qO Anyk duK hON shON] jO n hON
suhwauN sMg rwm lY ibdys jwaUN pRwn jwq nwir suin


bwq eyk hON khON]rwj qyry pUq ko n kIjIey ksUq pUq

rwm ko khw srwp rwm Gr hI rhON]22]

kykeIau vwc]

kXON duK pwvq ho br dyq su moih khy pRBu qy Ab

dyeI] rwjn jy jIA mwih rucY bwr mWg ley qum qy
Ab qyeI] jo nr bol inhwbq hYN isr Awn prY GrI
so vh KyeI] kY Ab Pyr kho muK kykeI mYN br qoih n
dyn khyeI]23]

dsrQo vwc]

jwnq hoN jIA mY suin kykeI BUKn BOn ptMbr lYhYN]

jW muK kY br mWgq hYN sun qW muK locn qUM n isrU
hYN] jW idn rwm bsy qW iCn, moih khUM supny hUM n pY
hYN]qyro eI pUq sunY Xh bwq ipswcnI gwauN mY pwauN n

kykeIau vwc]

bol inbwhn ky hrI cMd inhwrhu qO n rqI suK CIjY]

AOr dDIc surWk blI bl bwvl pwvn jXoN jsu

lIjY] rwjn pUq smwn doaU pbin eyku sunyhu n eyk soN
kIjY] kOn sI hwn BeI qum ko iCq eykih dY bn
eykih dIjY] 25]

dsrQau vwc]

pRwn cwhYN pRwn lY indwn ijn kro Ab dyn khy swc pY

dMU borq smwj ko] dyK irK rwj kul pUj bwlmIk
Awj boln gey hYN rwmcMd jU ko] Blo pg DwrY pwie
Awies isDwrY bn Brq bulwE rwjw rwj kwj swj
ko] roXo ibkrwl kwl bXwl KwXo loty Dr doKo kiv
jwm hON bhwaUN AYsI lwj ko]26]

kivau vwc]

vih sWpin Xih swD inRp prXo Atpto kwm] vih

kwtY Xih mr jIAY suDw rwm lY nwm]27]


iek qIA auh Anuhwr sb hI juh kiv rwm kih]

piq hiq pUq inkwr, AwnMd kr jIA pIAY]28]


soc rhXo mn mYN qb BUpiq kykeI ey br kwhy qy

mwgyy] kOn smY jug bj prY Xih hY n BlI su ibcwrn

lwgY] Awie geI iPr kY mn mY iriK swRp dXo soeI

Awvq AwgY] XwhI qy rwm ibXog CutY qnu jwnq hoN
Gr qy suK Bwgy]29]

qO lg sMg ley rGubIrih Awp bisSP Dry kr bwhI]

byd supuMj pFY idj mMfl rwmih PUl BeI mn mwhIN]
cMdr muKI bnqw cF koTin dyK srUp sbY bil jwhIN]
bwjq Fol imRdMg bFI Duin BIqr kI Duin kI suD


duAwr kulwhl BOn sunXo qb kykeI rwjih XO

smJwvY] AwXo hY rwj ky kwj bfo suq jwie bsY bn
Awies pwvY] dY doaU hwQ kpwlih mwrq BOhn soN
khXo jo quih BwvY] jY muK rwmih rwj khXo sun qW
muK kXoN jo quih BwvY] jy muK rwmih rwj khXo jo
quih BwvY]


XO kih mOn BjI AjnMdn kykeI rwj rmUj sI pweI]

hY qqkwl qjXo piq lotq AwnMd Awj hIey n
smweI]dOr kY pOr mY boil bisSPh rwm icqY Xih

bwq sunweI] moih dey br dYP ien ko bn mo suq ko

ApnI TkurweI]32]

bwq sunI kul pUj rhXo cik swPs BrXo muK rwm
inhwrI] Awies hoie kho inRp soN cil AOr huqI Ab
AOr ibcwrI] bol auTI iriK soN qb kykeI swc khoN
moih sONih iqhwrI] BUp khI ijn moih imlY bn jwie
bsY kho jwie pukwrI]33]


so irs kY geI BIqr BOn su qy bn BpUq sON n

imlwey] bYT pRxwm kIE iqh TOr qy qwq ky bol lY
mwQ cFwey]sok Bry iriK logn soN khYN rwj rhXo bn
bws pTwey]rwjn rwj dIE rGubIrih XON rGubIr iPrY
Gr Awey]34]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

Awie kY Dwm bulwie sbY idn dIE ju huqo Gr

mwhIN]sIA soN bwq khI sb rwm suny duK soN doaU nYn
bhwhIN]kwhy ko rovq ho suin mwnin jy ikC AMk ilKy


n imtwhINN]sws kI syv Bly krIE Ab hON hMU clXo hON

ibdw ko qhW hI]35]

AOr khY n rhY mn qoih qO jwih ipqw Gr Awj

pTwaUN]jXoN suK qoih kty sun suMdir so suK Awiesu dyhu
bnwaPN]hON bs kY bn BUpiq kO sun kykeI ko irx qy
CutkwaUN]kwl hI rwj kroN imlqo sMg qwq ko bol
kIey iPr AwaUN]36]

kivau vwc]

ibdw Bey bn ko jugl pUq kykeI hyq]

sRI rGupiq Buj Tok kY ibdw jo ien ko dyq]37]


dyvn ky duK ko sIA ko Ar bwlI ky pRwnn hI ky]

rwvn ky ds sIsn ko Ar eIs ko bolih bol kY
nIko]mIc mrIc mnuIsr ko jsu bol ibBIKn lMk pqI
ko]qwq ibdw deI rwmih jI sMg rwm deI qbhIN sb
hI ko]38]

lCmnaU vwc]

kit inKMg ks DnuK kr lCmn Aiq rknDIr]


AOr huqI AOrY BeI Ab clIey rGubIr]39]

rwm cMdrau vwc]


khI bIr soN bwq inkt bol rGubMs mix]

qumih khXo nih qwq rwj kro Gr rho]40]

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dws krY ibnqI sun nwQ hoN swQ qjoN nih pwie ghON]
qum rwj kI bwq khI su shI Ab Pyr kho qb dyh n
hON] Ab mih bfo duK hY sb AWgn jIvq lO iek bwq
khON] bn ky clqy bnfIl kI Cwih rhON qO rhO Gr hoN
n rhON]41]

lKmno vwc]

swc sbY qaU ey bn ky duK bIr sho rGubIr kI dyhI]

pwien ko clbo iCq kWkr Dwm rho ipq kI suiD
lyhI] qwl qmwl pKwn ndI Aih isMG DrwDr hoie
snyhI] qMU su kumwr sbY AMg koml dyK su moih bfo duK

lKmno vwc]


jwnq ho sb ky jIA kI pRBu sMg qjy muih kXo bn

AYhy] jo hiT kY qjhY muih rwGv so hiT kY sMg pRwn
pTY hY] jy duK nwQ khy qumry sMg qy suK sy idn rYn
sbY hYN] rwmih Cwf kho kbhMU Ab lO Ar Awgy hMP ko
suK pY hYN]43]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

jwnkY pRIq BlI rGubIr kI sun bIr krI kTnweI]

qo sMg moih n hY bn ko duK hY hIA mY sIA kI
duicqweI] roviq nYnn qy jl fwr AjO GrhYN n cly
bl QweI] sONp clON inj mwq ky hwQ su ibcwr iehY

sIqwau vwc]
dohrw] sun sIqw iblKI bdn sMg Cufwviq moih] SyK ASyK
Drw DrI kXoj Bwvq hY qoih]45]

riv pwvk sIA rwih qpY qpn jXoN cMdRmw] isMDu

sukwih su Qwih qo n sMg qij sIA rhY]46]



dyKy muK jIaUN ibn dyKy nYnw sIaUN doaU pwnIEN n pIaUN
qwq mwq Dwm ko chY] AYsI ibprIq bwq AOr hMU soN
khO nwQ sMg jy n ghO pRwn Awn jm mo ghY] kOn kwj
Awj purhUq ko smwj myry rwm Gr nwhIN soeI rwj
nwg jXoN dhY] jog kI jugiq mON qo Awj hMU qy jwnI
rwnI kOslXw ko pws ptrwnI poie so rhY]47]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

BUK shY ins rUK bsY n mXUK lgY riv kI duK pwvY]
pwie clY srqw igr kwnn myhu quKwr prY n jnwvY]
sws ky Qwm lO jwq ikRsodr hwr prYN qoih kOn auTwvY]
hY bn ko bsbO duK ko sun qoih clO khu kXoN bn

sIqwau vwc]

pwq Pl KwaUN isMG sWp qy fraUN nwhIN pwCy injkwaUN

kTnweI sb jI shON] Qwky cwpoN pwau DUp lwgY hWkO
bwau nwQ sMg prY Awpdw Anyk BWq hON shON] jon mY
suhwauN muK dyKy dUr clI jwabN bsoN jwauN bsoN eyk

gWauN cly cloN rhy hON rhoN] jUTn cbwaUN jO n dyhu

mrjwaUN rwm swQ hON n qjON rGunwQ bwq hON

lCmno vwc]

qwq khXo bnbws qumY qum moih khoN bn hON iPr

AwauN] kysk bwq suno myry nwQ hON BOhn ko nYk Awies
pwaUN] sIA so rwj kro jug lO pQ qy BrqY iml hON
abltwaUN] jUJ mhON ik krON pRBu kwrj qO Apno muK
Awn idKwaUN]50]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

eyk prY duK so isr lY shIey duK jwnq Awie CTI

hY] jwiekY bXwh jMjwl kIE BweI Bwl ky AMk n
Qwh lTI hY] sRI rGubIr khY duK kI aur mY chMu
Erin qyj BTI hY] qwqkI so giq XO miq BRwq clXo
Ab nwh hTI hY]51]


bIrih jo khoN qMP Gr hI rhu so muih XO kihkY

smJwvY] hON bn jwaUN rho qumhI Gr Awp rhY sMg

pRwn pTwvY] hY ieh BWq ksUq sbY puin qW pr rwp

spUq khwvY]52]

kivau vwc]

lCmn sIA ibnqI krI sun rwGv rnDIr]

duK AMDyr kXoN CYP sky kr dIpk rGubIr]53]


dyKI Pitk ipCoir sMg n Cwfq bIr qIA]

dyvn so kr joir sR rGupiq ibnqI krY]54]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

sRI sivqw pRBu sIqlqw Bj rwh sKy lGuqw kCu

pwaUN] bIr smIr hro qn pIr ADIrn hON n khON n
khwaUN] ho bn qUM injkwie kCU igr ry qj mwrg
jwih AgwaUN] jwnkI sMg khY cilbo Ab koml hohu
Grw qurqwaUN]55]

kivau vwc]

rwjih nYk BeI suiD qO lg bol auTXo jl bUf mrON]

Ab kY qn Cwf clO idv ko duK rwm ibnw kh BWq
BrON] sb jy Gr mY hX hYN rQ isMDur lY bn mY bs

rwj krON] BweI kY QoaU Awn khY rho rwGv rwj

isMGwsn Pyr DrON]56]

qwq dXo rQ qW cF sRI rGubIr su mwq ky mMidr

Awey] sMg ley lGubIr sIAw, n rhy Gr qy bhuqy
smJwey] Dwie ky pWie ghy khI bwq, sunI iqn roie
kY kMT lgwey] dyKhu kwl BujMg fsXo jg mwns kO
jgdIs ruvwey]57]

kOslXwau vwc]

pUq rho bil jwauN pIE jl bwq sbY smJwie kho]

sun mwq bulwie kY rwj ko khXo bhuro bnbws gho]
Dr sIs leI su krI Ab hI qum dyh ibdw n iblMb
choN] suB cMdn A`Cq Bwl lgwiekY duhu AsIs Kvwie


bYTo bil jwauN mwq locn isrwhu gwq lCmn sIqw

sMg rwGv scwey ho] rUKy sy bdn qum qIno kumlwny
PUl kho kwt fwrI qum kOn ibl Kwey ho] rwjw ky
bcn bnbws Awj qXwg rwj bol sun bUFn ky Bly

auT Dwey ho] Kyl rs mwqy qb boly hUM n Awvq ho vwr

Pyr fwrI Awj Awp hI qy Awey ho]59]

qb qO n dyKy jb rwj iriK sMgrwm lCmn hUM ko lY

isDwry Air nws kO] bhuro prsrwm sMg bkbwd BXo
qrsq rhy nYnw ibiD qRws ko] rovq pukwr rwm kMT
lptwie mwQo cUMm jwnkI ko lyq aUrD ausws ko]
suMdr spUq myry bny sUq mYN n dyKy Bir Bir nYnw jwq
cly bnbws ko]60]


kykeI ky bs hY isK ko Git pI inbrXo ikDoN pIvq

hY] ikDoN qwhI ko bol lgXo vur nwg so kwt gXo Ab
KIvq hY] jIA jwnq hON kCU AYsI BeI giq jXoN iqn
qylih dIvq hY] sKI kYsy kY rwmih jwn khXo bn
dyh CutI ikDoN jIvq hY]61]


Bsm lgwaUN gwq cMdn auqwro qwq kuMfl auqwro kwn

muMdrW phirwie dXON] jtwaU svwro kys gorK ko kro
pys jwnkI lKn ko hON iKMQw hUM isvwie dXON] K`pr lY
hwQ hO hIN BIK mWg Awn dyaUj dyKy muK jIaUN nwhIN

pRwnn bhwie dXoN] eyqI sb kro pY n nYnn qy tro

rwm rho qwhI bwg mY ju dPwry eI bnwie dXoN]62]

jwnkI iqhwry sMg jwnq ny eykY duK Xwky sb lwf

bytw bnhUM mY shIE] pwien ko clbo jhw lO Xw pY
cilE jwie Awgy ijn j`Xo Xwko sMg inrbhE]
lCmn jU ko muK BUKo n rhn dIjo AwvY koaU ieq qo
sMdysn ko khIE] auqrq j`Xo kwhU gwauN ky inkit
myry pUq bnbwsI myrI suD lyqy rhIE]63]


kYsy duK sihE jwie kOn soN pukwr khON kYsI aur lwgI
Awg sunq AcwnkI] XwhI ko bulwie Bly rwj lY
bTwie rwjw rwj kro rwjnIq bUfI kul Bwn kI]
rwnI pCuqwie murJwie hwie hwie dyKo kykeI ko dyq
br nYk BUp hwn kI] kYsy rhI dyh jir Kyih n
aufwnI rwm ibdw hoq rwmcMd lKmn jwnkI]64]


eyk rwm kro myry duK ko jo hro rwm qwq mwq Awies
mYN BydhUM n kihE hY] qwqy sIA sMg bIr lCmn lYky
pUq myry Gwm rhO Xw mY mIq Dn rhiE hY] hON hUM suK

pwaUN qumY kwhU n idKwaUN dsrQ jUky jwno qum bfo bn

ghXo hY] BUpY n sunwaUN n bulwaUN hON Brq jU ko dyK
muK locn isrwny mg lhXO hY]65]

rwmcMdRo vwc]

mYN Dr ky sb sIs leI bqIAW qumrI sunky mn mYN]

Ab dyhu ibdw qum hUM qij moih DroN pg sIs cloN iCn
mYN] Gr bYTy rhoN sb lok khYN AjhUM mn rwj isMGwsn
myN] sun swc khoN qbum so jnnI qn qo iFg hY ml hY
bn mYN]66]

kOslXwvu vwc]

Awj rho myry nYn isrwhu kho khi BUpiq ko smJWaUN]

kykeI ko ieh BWq dey br rwm rhy Gr hON br pwaUN]
moih gey bn hI bn hY qum Kyd qjo iek bwq sunwaUN]
jO Gt pRwn rhy sun mwq qO kwl hI pwien sIs


rwm hy su cly sMg lCmn clI sIqw cly myry pRwl

bYiT rhy n prwq hY] sGn AMDyrO bn kYsy ky ibhyro

rwm qum qo ngr hUM kI bIQin Bulwq ho] kb hUM n

mwrg cly ho su kumwr doaU nYk hUM ky sRm pwey gwq
kumlwq ho] Kwie kY qvwr rwxI bUfI duK isMD Gwr
pwr ko lgwvY pUq AYsI kIey jwq ho]68]

kivau vwc]

bhuq rhI smJwie ry n mwqw bcn kih]

bn ko cwly Dwie lCmn sIqw sMg lY]69]


sUr jXON sumyr ko inC`qR DURA Pyr ko jXoN pwrd pryr kO

ijaUN swg r mXMk ko] jYsy gRih rws ko BRvr kMj bws
ko ibXogI qIA pws ko jXoN blI dOrY rMk ko] cWp sr
l`C ko su mMqRI inRp p`C ko jXoN bIr BdR dC ko aunINdo
prXMk ko] kot smJwey mwnoN Cuty isMG Dwey qYsy rwjw
ky pTwey bn Dwey qj sMk ko]70]

sIqo vwc]

Cuey pWie qyhI GrI clI sIA rovY KrI dwsI jwn moih
icq AiBlwKIE] pwvqI jy gufIAw lY clI huqI kWK
cWp qyaU sONp khXo ienY kr rwKIE] qWky pwCy swr

kwn bUJ suk hMs bUJy mor ry ckor moih qor ijn
nwKIE] qum ho hmwry Ab hON clI iqhwry Dwm myrI
rwm rwm pwCy rwm rwm BwKIE]71]

kivau vwc]

bIr clXo sMg hY su kumwr su sok BrXo Gr mWih

ipqw hY] mwq ieqY ibllwq KrI n suhwq kCU ibiD
soN n bsw hY] qW pr AOr clI sMg nwir su ko brnY
kiv Xw duK dw hY] sUr ssI isv skR ibnw Xih swQ
Bly rGunwQ inbw hY]72]


rovY qwq qWhI TOr rovY mwq TwFI pOr rovq cly hYN doaU
rwj qy iglwn kI] Awey Ab imln suimqRw jUko
rwmcMd saU roie auTI bwq sunq AcwnkI] pWie pr
kihE qum Kyd ijn kro mwqw qwq kO n dos bwq ibiD
ky ibDwn kI] qwhI iCn sIs nwie TwFo BXo lCmn
roiekY suDwie pwie ghy Awie jwnkI]73]

pRSnoqr lCmn ky mwqw soN]



boilE lCmn hON hUM jwq mwq jwh pUq, nIky kir syvw
kIjo rGu kul Bwn kI] ienY n iKJ`Xo dl syj ko
ibC`Xo, pwCy jUTn ko K`Xo bwq iehY hY isAwn kI]
Xwky AprwD sIA Cmw hUM kr`Xo rGubIr hYN ikRpwl
jn hyq khXo jwnkI] vyeI bn kot KYry ipqw sMg
rwm qyry rwK hYN n duKI qoih mwq qyrI jwnkI]74]


PUt jwhu nYnW ibn dyKy rGubIr muK jwnkI n dyKoN hoN
nw COlw lCmn ko] rwjw ku kubcn bhwaUN n idKwaUN
muK cly sMg clON BIK mWgoN kn kn ko] rwj jwrO qn
ky ptMbrin Pwr mylO kMQw hoaUN jogin ibXogI kroN mn
ko] kihq suimqRw pivqR pUq doaU qw mY kYsy jwn khoN
pRwn rwm qumY bn ko]75]

kivau vwc]

gruV AvD p`C qYsyeI suhwg l`C sq kI AvD

hrIcMd aur AwnIey] Drm AvD rwjw pMf suq sunXo
kwn jl kI AvD swqo smuMd bKwnIey] pwn kI ipXUK
pwn qyj kI AvD Bwn dyv mhwdyv TkurweI hir

TwnIey] rwm ky ibCohy qwq mwq duK pohy jYsy qW duK

kI AvD n Aj kCU jwnIey]76]

Awj hI qY suK rUK ko kwit mhwdUK byl Drw prboeI]

qWhI ko dos nhIN kiv rwm ilKy ibiD AMk bcY Ab
soeI] sUr iPrY isv Kwie hlwhl jO ibiDnw blvwn
n hoeI] qO khW kykeI ky bs hY kiv rwm sy pUq
inkwrq koeI]77]


ey bnbws cly doaU suMdr kOqk ko sIA sMg jutI hY]

pwien pwie n kos clI AjhUM nih gWauN kI sIv CutI
hY] hwQ Dry kit bUJq rwmih nwQ kho khW kuMj kutI
hY] rovq rwGv jovq sI muK mwnhu moiqn mwl tutI


gwauN qjXo su cly rQ bYT su ey pur ky jn sMg sbY

hYN] eyk khYN ibprIq bfI doaU bIr khYN Gr Awj n
AY hYN] eyk khYN jhW rwm qhW hm PyryaU qy iPr Dwm
n jY hYN] gwq shYN duK bwq XhY bn BRwqn ky sMg pwq
cbY hYN]79]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

rwm khXo iPr jwhu sbY iml rwjih dyhu sMdys hmwro]
DIr Dro n Bro jl nYnn hY sb swc snyhu iqhwro kOn
sunY Xh bwq cucwiq cly AsUAW mn moh qvwro] gwauN
auj,r BXo htqwr cly riv rwm BXo AMiDAwro]80]

kivau vwc]

rYn bsY qih TW jIA jwn ky Awvq jwq sBY pur

loeI] AwiDk rwq auTy rGubIr khXo suin bIr pRjw
sb soeI] swrQI ko smJwie khXO rQ lY Gr jwhu ju
Sor n hoeI] XON kihkY sIA sMg leI doaU bIr cly
nih jwnq koeI]81]


Bor Bey sb log khYN rGubIr khW muK jwie inhwrYN]

dyK iPry chu Ern dOir igry DrnI ml roie ibcwrYN]
gYl ghI rQ kI su cly sb lIk iPrI Gr jwie
sMBwrYN] dyKih jO iPr gwaUN mYN Awie qO hXw sb rovq
rwm pukwrYN]82]



rwj smwj auqwr sbY rGurwj khI Ab hY sb PIko]

lY bt dUD bnwie jtw isr bhrih BRwq bnwvq
nIko] dyKhuu kwl blI kiv rwm Cufwie isMGwsn sON
pqI ko] mwns ikauN ml mY pCuqwie ju rwmih ByK
kIE qpsI ko]83]

kivau vwc]

rovq purK nwrI jogI jqI bRhmcwrI rovY igr rUK Ar

jo htovw hwt ky] rovYN Kg rovYN imRg rovq mrwl iBRMg
roie gux piFq kib`q bytw Bwt ky] rwm ky ibCohy duK
AYsI BWq pohy so qo twry nw trq pry pyc sok pwt
ky] bIr qIAw sMg lY ivXogI jogI Bey Xih bwq sun
rovq btoAw sb bwt ky]84]

kOSlXwau vwc]

Bor hUM ky BUKy hY hYN clq pg dUKy hY hYN ipAws muK sUk
hY hYN clq mg rwq ky] sUr ky irkn lwgy lwl
kumlwny hY hYN kMtw ilptwny Jgw Pwty hY hYN gwq ky]
AwlI Ab BeI sWJ hY hYN kwhUM bn mWJ hO hUM ikauN n

BeI bWJ hIeY ikauN n Pwty qwq ky] qj ky Gronw khUM

rUKn kI qwXw qry soey hY hYN COnw pY ibCOnw kr pwq

rovYN sb gwauN bwsI rwnI rnvws dwsI dyh qy audwsI

mwnO kwro lwg CPY gXo] CUty kys ibkrwl Awp Awp
kO ibhwl kwih kO pRboDY sbhUM kO rs cYP gXO] sb hI
ko pRwn hir qwpsI kO ByK kir jwnkI smyq rwm jO lO
kos dYP gX] qO lO rhy pRwn rwjw dsrQ jO ky nIky
pwCy rwm nwm lyq rwm rwm hY gXO]86]


Kwie qvwr pirE Dr BUpiq bol DikE bhu BWq

pukwry] AOrn rwm ko nwm lXo qb bwr duqInk nYn
auGwry pRwn Cuty hUM n rwm CutX Ar sI n sikE Git
qy kir inAwry] ijauN nB qy gRih tUit prY iCq joq
kCU krhY Bun swry]87]


dY muih pIT cly rGunwQ ausws BirE inRp qyhI

iCnw] ibiD ikauN Aj nMdn Awj jIAY pl bIqq hY
rGunwQ ibnw] qb rwm hI rwm pukwr ey rwm ey rwm

qU Awvsnw] ijnky suq rwm sy jog GrY BweI inAwie

hI qy mr jwie iknw]88]

AwXu bFI qu khw ibn rwmih loms qy brno AiDkweH]

rwm ky rwj qpXo qp qICn Awpny kwj n Cwn
CvweI] qwq soeI puin mwq soeI soeI pUq shI suin
hY soeI BweI] rwm ibXog ibsUir ibsUir iBdY CqIAW
ijn dyhu gvweI]89]

ieiq sRI rwmgIqy rwm cMdR ibXog duiqX AMk]2]

AQ qIsrw AMk]

ieh ibiD BUpiq dyh qj surpiq Bvn pXwn] nyhu

inbwhn ko purK dsrQ qy nih Awn]1]


mMqrI sB iblKwih CUitE rwj rGubMs qy] rwmcMd

Gr nwih Brq ibdysI imRqk inRp]2]


bYT ibcwr bisX kIE auq nYn vhY ieq mMqR krY]
ilK jo rGubIrih bolq hYN su n rwj isMGwsn pwih
DrY Ab jO ieh BWq kI bwq sbY BrqY ilKhYN soeI


bIc mrY] khO kOn aupwaU krON ijh qY Gr rwj rhY

duK rwm hrY]3]

Awie geI sB ky ml mY BrqY ilKkY ieh BWq

pTwvO] sRI rGubIr Bujw Dr rwj ibcwrq BUpiq nYn
isrwvO] qWhI qy byg ibswr sbY suK Awvhu pUq iblMb
n lwvO] qoih ko rwm ky pwien sONip bsoN bn mY qumhUM
suK pwvO]4]

bisSau vwc dUq sON]


rwjw ibn Bey suno dUq cwr bwk iehW ko ksUq vWko
nYk n sunwiebo] jo qO qoih Awpn qy bUJy rwjw rwm
nIky sbhI ko kusl smwj rwj gwiebo] AOr koaU
kbhUM kdWc iFg bol auTY nWhI duK pwCy nYn sYn
smJwiebo] bUfq hY rwj ko kuswj hPY gXo hY Awj
lwK Pyr Gyr soN Brq Gr lXwiebo]5]

Brq pRiq pqRkw]


sPsiq sRI rGubMs mOl muktw mix auidBt]

Air gMjin sRI Brq dwin iB`Ckin klp bt] pyj

puMj rx DIr ibpiq KMfx suq bl Bt] Drm krm mY

srs BXo kbhUM nih pwp inkt] rwjwiDrwj dsrQ
bcn ilK bisS qum so krhu] sun nQwh Kwq sovq
auTq lY pwqI mg pg Drhu]6]

AOr bnwie ilKI pqIAw bqIAW iriKjy sb pwCy eI

BwKI] hwQ deI su cly Dir sIs gxyS mnwie BXo
AiBlwKI] BUpiq ko nhI dwh dIE ibn pUq ikXo
sis sUrj swKI] rwm snyh CutI inRp dyh su pwCyau
myl snyh mY rwKI]7]


clI jb pwqI kWpI duhn kI CwqI Awgy Awgm jwnXo

rwm Brq kumwr ko] kihn lwgXo Brq boil nyb
mMqRn soN pTXo lY AwvY koaU qwq smwcwr ko] pvn
pRcMf GnGor auTy chUM Er jMbuk pukwrq hYN Awj Bun
swr ko] joqsI khq rwjw dsrQ nIky hUjo nIky rwm
cMd suK hUjo prvwr ko]8]


qb lg AwXo dUq lY pwqI phucXo qhW] dyKXo Brq

spUq pUCY bwqyN pRym soN]


qb lg AwXo dUq lY pwqI phucXo qhW] dyKXo Brq

spUq pUCY bwqyN pRym soN]9]

pRSnoqR Brq Aqy dUq dy]


rwm kho suK sOj Gr hYN, soeI rwm ibrwjq BUql mYN]
sb dys bsY brKw vrsY, Ar BUpiq hYN Apny bl mY]
qb dUq bnwie khI bqIAW, ml GIrj tUt gXo pl
mY] Cib CIn BeI iCn mY muK kI, jn qoir sroj
DirE jl mY]10]


Dwie cilE auqswhu biFE mn rwm ko rwj suinE suK

pwXo] jwie sunoN sb ky muK qy ciF rwj isMGwsn C`qR
qnwXo] AwiekY gwaUN mY pwauN dXo mn sok bFXo suB
sOn pwXo] kY rGubIr nhIN Gr mY, kY ipqw mr kY
surlok isDwXo]11]


lok bYTy mwno muin khUM n imRdMg Dun dyKIey n khUM rwj
Dwm n Dujw lsY] hwQI hiQAwq nwhIN bwjI ihnnwq
nwhIN nwcq n gwvq su mwno ibn jI bsY] dUq khI
JUTI bwq iehW auq pwq kCU bIr ibn myry kMT kho

jl kXoN DsY] pIAY n bCyrU dUD gyrU folYN sb rwm

rwj hoie qO pMKyrU bn ky hsY]12]

dyKkY Brq sb nwie rhy sIs khUM pwie hUM n Cuvy koeI
dyq n AsIs ko] hwt htqwr krI sUnI ctswr prI
dPwr dY ikvwr sb jpYN jgdIs ko] eyk mn kry Gr
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ko] Awey BOn mwq bUJY smwcwr qwq ky khO n byg
pwpin hON jw invwaUN sIs ko]13]

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gXo dyh CutI pUq pIr qy] kOn so spUq qum sb hI qy
bfo BweI rwm hYN su khW bn gey inRp qIr qy] BUpiq
pTwXo nhIN mWgy br pwXo mYN qo rwj qumY rwiKE CIn
lIno rGubIr qy] khW hoie mo qy Ab hON hUM gXo qo qy qUM
jo pyt Aws dOrI pwlXo pUq fwirE cIr qy]14]


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sun rwjnIiq AMk qy] kOn kwj rwj sun pwpnI

Akwj kIno lwj ibn jIvq n Drm n sMk qy] AYso

kwm kIno qYN qo rwmih bnbws dIns mwrXo piq pl
mY n frq klMk qy] rwm ko bqwaUN bUJoN bwt ky btwaUN
ptPwr hoaUN jogI BIK mWgoN rwie rMk qy]15]

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hY] jwin spUq BXo kul mY riv ko js dyvn mWih CXo
hY] rwvn ky duK qy Amrwpiq Fol bjwie n cIq BXo
hY] pwpin ky Cl qy iKn mY bn mY soaU qy rGubIr gXo


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myry] byd ibcwr kIE ibiD soN pun roie khXo khUM rwm
n lyry lY rQ bwrx bwij pdWq clXo qj dys iPrXo
nih Pyry] pRwx qjoN ik BjON rGubIrih nIr pIaUN n
ibnw muK hyry]17]


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mwhIN] Awin bsy gurky idn dYP ipq kI giq kOn
BeI iblKwhIN] rwm khI suiD lyhu sbY Xih kykeI

nMdn hoie ky nwhIN] C`qR Dujw sMg rwj smwj su

pwien Awvq pwg ibnwhIN]18]

Awies jb rGupiq deI dOry sb isr nwie] Btn

bUJ Ds ktk mY Brq inhwrXo jwie]19]


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sll cucwq bIr ibrih pun qwq duK]20]


dUq khY iPr lY bqIAW sb logn rwm jU XON smJwvYN]

rwj kI bwq KrI ivprIq Bly mn kykeI nMdn AwvY]
Awvn dyhu khXo bhuro ijin so js rwm kho kb pwvY]
mwq ky boln AMk qjy inj bIr lrY sur log bswvY ]


ijh TOr qy fIT pry rGubIr prXo Gr qwih rhI suD

nwhIN] jXo iskqw jrqy prY mIn jrY n prY pl pRwn
aufwhIN] cyq auTY smuhY BJ jXoN muK rwm khY doaU muK
rwm khY daU nYn cucwhIN] byg hI byg pRnwm krY ieh
pwq ghI rGubIr kI CwhI]22]

Brq imlwp rwmcMdR jI soN]



dyiK kY rUp khXo n prY Ab Pwtq hY duK so CqIAW]

qb dOr kY rwm auTwie Bujw Br lY aur lwie khI
bqIAW] suq kwih do ByK kIE ieh BWq su jIvq hIN
rGu ky nqIAw] ipq pRwn qjy hm hUM qjhYN nhIN Gwm
clo sMg bIr qIAw]23]


sok kIE sun Bupiq kI giq sIA smyq sbY

iblKwhIN] kOn bfy AprwD kIey hm jW duK qyN supny
suK nwhIN] qwq ko kwl BXo hmry duK so hm hUM bn mY
ibllwhIN] Awn kutMb ghY ibpqw Ab jwie khoN
kihkI prCwhIN]24]

Brqau vwc]

roie cly ipq kojl dyn, dIE ibD soN puin soc krYN]
duh bIrn jwie kY pWie ghy, rGubIr jIAY mn sok
hrYN] clIey Gr lY sIA sMg AbY hm koitk bwrn
pwie prYN] bn BUp khXo su kIEu qum hUM pRBu Dwm clY
ibn dws mrYN]25]



Ar jO mn mY bn mY rih hYN qoaU C`qR Dujw isr cOr

FurY]rQ bYT sbY Bt sMg iPrYN pRBU kI ruic jo soeI
dws krY] pg kI rj ky hm hYN sb syvk rwj qumy
muih dyih mrY]iqn pWien kWt kroN sq KMf ju rwj
isMGwsn jwie DrY]26]


lIno lCmn sMg hOhUM hY ibmuK kIno, ikDo hO n dws

sun nwQ myrI giq ko]khw BXo jo hON idn cwrk
ibdys gXo moih Cwf dIno qum jwnXo hIn miq ko] qW
pr qo AOr auqpwq kI hY bwq mwq rwj muih rwKXo
piq kIno nB giq ko] qO hI Bly jIaUN rwm dyKy pwnI
pIaUN muih dIjY BIK sMg hON iBKwrI rGupiq ko]27]


piq ko hiq kykeI rwj lIE suq ko Xh bwq sunI

sbhIN]qb BUpiq dyh qjI iCn mY rGubIr gey bn ko
jbhIN]Ab jo surrwj kO rwj imlY soeI kwm n Awvq
hY qbhIN]mn lwj mroN rGurwj suno soeI rwj jro jhW
rwm nhIN]28]

kivau vwc]


ieh ibiD ibnqI kr Brq rhXo rhXo crn

lptwie] iCmw krO Gr iPr clo sIA lCmn

Brqau vwc]

jO n clhu Gr Awj suno bwq pRB kwn dY]

jwq bMs qy rwj qum bn mY hm ipqw iNFg]30]

rwm cMdrau vwc]


bolo rGubIr sun bIr mn DIr Dr pIr shI kr AwgY

ky aupwie ko] jIvq hI qwq rwj kwj ko bulwie pwCy
kihE jwie bso bn suinE bol mwie ko] rwj ko
smwj qyry dIno hY Brq jUky, sun suK pwXo bol kihE
sq Bwie ko] jYsI kih gey qwq qYsI kIno bny
Awies ko myty suqo AwgY DrY pwie ko]31]


qyrI pRIq jwnI qYN n pIE Gr pwnI Ar mo ibnw

ibhInI rwjDwnI dys dys kI] mwq ky n pwie lwigE
qwq kwj kIey BwigE Cwf dInI bwq suK lwlc ky
lys kI] dyKo lCmn Xw Brq jU ko nyhu Awj rwj kOn

Cwfy ibn sMqq idnys kI] sunoN rGurweI jhW rwm n

shweI qhW kOno n jrweI TkurweI Amrys kI]32]

Brqau vwc]

jwie lCmn jU kY pwie ghy qyhI iCn bIr smJwie lY

lvwie clu Dwm ko] qwq bol kIno qum bfo js lIno
bn Awey Pl Kwey duK dIno sIA bwm ko] jO khy qo
jwie Gr kykeI inkwroN khO Awj kroN mY prsrwm
kwm ko] moih bn Cwfo BwvY sMg lY isDwry pRwn pRwn
pl mY inkwroN jO n suno rWj rwm ko]33]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

myrI khI mwn BlI Xwih mwih jwn bIr rwj qO myro
bn Awiebo] mwno rwK QwqI rwjw Aj jU ky nwqI kCu
AYseI kupyc jW qy moih bn jwiebo]suno pRB myro khXo
pwie CuvON qyro mo qy rwj kwj rwm ibn kTn
clwiebo] qwq duK mwq duK bfo rGunwQ duK eyklo
Brq Gr Gyr Gyr Kwiebo]34]



jwn kY pIRq shI rGubIr so bIr kO lY muK nIr

pKwro]pwg bMDwie smoD kIE eyeI pwvrI lY kr rwj
hmwro]kykeI nMdn swc khoN qoih pRwn smwn kroN Ab
inAwro]QoryeI dXosn Awn imloN sb sON js sON rhIE

rwm cMdR kw sMdys mwqn pRiq]


sb hI ko khIE sb mwien ky pwie lwg rhIE sMdys

sB nIko rGunwQ hY] Cwie myN clq iFg gwauN ky
rhq jwq vYsy hI hYN gwq Gr poKy jYsy mwq hY]khIE
suaim`qRw jI ko lCmn nIko rhY smwcwr sIky prCWhIN
krI swQ hY] jo kdWc bUJY kYsI hONs sO rhq bIr suny
duK pY hY jtw khO ijn mwQ hY]36]


sunoN Brq isKXwn qum khON qoih smJwie]

jWqy suK sMpq bFY so hO dyauN bqwie]37]

rwmcMdR kw aupdyS Brq soN]


jo suK cwhy rwj lok suKI prlok gq]

qO bwqYN kr Awj sunhu Brq rGunwQ kI]


qwq mwq syv bfy BRwq kI Bgiq prBwq auT kIjIE

Broso hirnwm ko] bwmn ko dwn sb hI ko snmwn sun
byd ko purwn nXwau kIjo nr bwm ko] rwj AMs lIjo
duKI jwn kCU AOr dIjo suKI dyK fwno ijn kro eyk
dwm ko] AYsI BWq jIjo sb hI ko suK dIjo bIr myry
AwgY pwCY bol bWD gwT rwm ko]39]


jYsy jqI sMg qy sumq jXoN AnMg qy jXoN pwp nIr gMg
Dn bwFXo jUp hwr qy] jXoN kul kupPq qy jXoN dwrd
spPq qy jXoN bwmn ko pUq ibn pFy ctswr qy] dyKy
ibn KyqI jYsy swvn mY ryqI AOr bwq khON kyqI jYsy
qwr loB Dwr qy] swvDwn hUjo qWih dys qy inkwr
dIjo bUf jYhY rwj qYsy mMqRI durwcwr qy]41]


pwie Cuey sun sIK sBo pRBu ey n ibswr cloN kbhIN]

Dr pwvrI mMUf so swvrI mUriq dyK khXoN ibCroN
AbhIN] Ab jwhu DrXo isr hwQ qsO Dr Awies sIs
clXo jbhIN] ley bIr qIAw sMg bIr ibdw kr rwm
Dsy bn mYN qbhIN]42]


bIrih Cwf clXo Gr ko Dr Awies sIs n jwie

imtwXo] gWau mY jwie n pwauN DrXo iFghMU nMd gwauN
su jwie bswXo] mMUf jtwDr Bys qpo Dn AO suK JMuf
smMudR bhwXo] rwm snyh DrXo mn mY qnko iqn ko n
snyh lgwXo]43]


vhI jo isMGwsn hY Apdw ibnwsn ko qwhI pr pwvrI

lY rwKI isr nwXo hY] rwj BXo Atl so kwhy qy ho
rwm kiv rwm isK dInI soeI kInI suK pwXo hY]
qwhI ky bXog Bog CwfXo n sMBwrXo nYk jYsy fwr
kWcurI n BogI iPr AwXo hY] jogI hPY n hsXo sur
lok js bsXo Gr Awpny n DisE dys sO guno bswXo


Bgiq Bkwr pRgt krI rGupq ikRpw rkwr] qrk

qkwr suKin deI Xwqy Brq kumwr]45]


ieh ibD Brq sdw rhY ijE qIsro kwm] pRwq sMBwrY
rwj ko rwq sMBwrY rwm]46]



Brq sdw ieh BWq suno dSw rGubIr kI] ijh ijh
bn mY jwq soeI bqwvq rwm kiv]47]


aUcy bt qwl jhW ltyl qmwl swl srl ibswl giq

hYn kwl mMd kI] khUM lwl lwl khUM GuMgcI pRvwl
kcnwl inMb cMdn so mwno bws bMdnIk] cMpk rswl
lwl kyl soN knyl hI su BwrI qm kOn gnY jWqy mUl
kMd kI] mwlo Aih dys ikDO kUh kwry Bys folY sUr kI
n joq qhW cWdnI n cMd kI]48]


AYsy bn krY gOn rwmcMd ibnw kOn clY jb pOn aUcy

pwq Krkq hYN] symr KjUr jwie pUr rhI sUrmg,
qwhIkY qurMg qhW dyKy rbkq hYN] PUl Pl rwqy mwno
rwqI joqvwry koaU qory koaU CuvY qWqy AYso Jlkq hYN]
qUl hY n jwno kivrwm riv Gory mwno fwrq hYN lwrkI
Puhwr iclkq hYN]49]


aUbt n gYl sdw isMGn kI sYl bn jwry kYsy bol mwno

bolYN fkrwq sy] AOr soN kurMg krI AwDy AMg pry khUM
hY surMg BUim khUM dyKy ibllwq sy] morn ko sor suin

Pin min fwr mUMf dIAw so buJwie bky hY AMDyrI rwm

sy] gIDn kI mwl khUM jMbk krwl khUM nwcq bqwl
lY kpwl jl jwq sy]50]

khUM bn kol khUM roJn ky tol khUM BIln ky bol qhW

bwq n AnMd kI] mwns ky nwqy bn mwns hjUr khUM
bWdr lMgUrn aucweI igr mMd kI] khUM c`kR vwk khUM
BUqn kI hwk khUM kwhy kwk mwno sUr khU pUq bMd
kI] jwnkI frwq bIc bIc clI jwq doaU nYnw mUMd
lIny kt ghI rwmcMd kI]51]


AYsI BWq cly jwq ko hY jwsoN krYN bwq gwq kumlwny

jyvY poKY Gr mwq ky] jwnkI inhwr Br sws ml kRoD
mwr kYsI kusrwq hmY lwgy duK qwq ky] qInoN bYT
jwq jhw goKrU gfwq muskwq n jlwq smwcwr sunON
pRwq ky] sIry jl nQwq tUty PUl Pl Kwq rwm rwq
pry sovq ivCOnw kr pwq ky]52]


rGupiq AYsy bn iPrq dyKy ngrb n TOr] AwSRm

suinEN Agsq ko cly hulwsn dOr]53]

rwm cMdRau vwc sIqw so]


sIA khY smJwie lopw mu`dRw qwsu qIT] ipRQm sIs

Dr pwie Awies lY iFg bYTIE]54]


rwm imlY muin so pr pwien lwie rhy CqIAW duK

KoXo] hy sbq ikauN Xih ByK kIE inRp jIvq hY ik
bfy mg soXo] bwq khI smJwie sbY rGubIr mno qn
qIr gfoXo] pUq rho ieh TOr sbY iml sws Bry mn qy
Tiq roXo]55]

rwmcMdr imlwp Agsrq so]


eyk tI n GtI sIA ky duK rwm rhy muinky inkJI]

Git ky suq soN iqn lwr jutI mwns DUr jqI nih
kwm CtI] duptI Pt jwq jhw qm kI pRgtI Git mY
gur gXwn gtI] krby khu mukiq htI brtI qhW
purn kutI rGunwQ TtI]56]

pMcbtIko vrnn ]

jhW isMG kurMgn bYr gtI imRg sMqq isMGn dUD jtI]
soeI nYku n dyKq jwq ltI Aih pOFq morn puMC qtI]

cF kyhr kMD Ajw lptI nh BuK lgY kbhUM JptI]

ijnkI duK Pws khUM n ktI iqnky isr hY suK sWiq

ijnkI Dun nYnin joq GtI iqn ky sMg mukiq iPrY

lptI] ijnkY ird gMRQ mhw icktI kir sPC cly
mwno dUD GtI] muin ibRMd jhW jih byd ptI suk
swrs hMs ckor ctI] ins bwsr kwm kmwn tutI
sIA qy rq sI ltjwq ltI]58]


sb ky muK inRqq bwk ntI su Agsq bFwvq hwQ

CtI] qpqy jn qy riv joiq htI kptI n rhY qhw
eyk GtI] hir pUjn kI jhW Awr BtI Bir nYn
inhwr rmw lptI] jhW eINDn cMdn kI KptI kiv
rwm khY soeI pMc btI]59]

kivau vwc]

kwl blI kiv rwm suno duK sRI rGubIr kI bwqn ky]
jb qwq khXo clhIN inksy n rhy iblwlq su mwqn
ky] Ab Aor kI kon khY sur BUpiq hY qkIAw jumlw

qn ky]mn kMcn Dwm qjY bn mYN jb rwm kIey Gr

pwqn ky]60]

AYsI BWq rhy dys rhXo dUr khYN duK suK inrbhXo
shXo myhu Cwh Gwm ko] duKI jwn kwmDynu CIr inD
sYn jWko hMs gon skR isv syvy jwky nwm ko] lCmn
ghy pwie suno rGurwie pRB jwnq ho jwqy bn Awey
jwhI kwm ko] soeI kXoN n kro duK dyvn ko hro rwm
bICrXo kubol soeI soNpy dyv bwm ko]61]


jb lo ruic hI qb lO rGubIr rhy iriK ky bhuqy suK

pwXo] bwq khI bn Awin clON muin pwie Cuvy Aiq
moh jnwXo] jwnkI jwieky pwie Cuey sIA ky ibCry
iriK qI duK pwXo] AMg su bws deI kkeI pt moiqn
hwru gry pihrwXo]62]

Agsqau vwc]

rwimh eyk sumMqR dIE jW irpu ko isr Buie n prYgo

kwty hUMqy aupjY pl mY khu so qumqy ikh BWiq frYgo]


qW irpu ko Xh bwn suno pRBujU ieh BWiq hrYgo] jXoN

imRg JufMn soN imRgrwj BuMjgn soN Kgrwj lrYgo]63]

jwie bsy Ab qw bn moN mwnoN swvn myGn kI AnuhwrI

hwQ bnwiH kutI sIA soN iml bIrih Aor svwrI] lMk
inswcr rwvn ky idn rYn huqy iqh TW rKvwrI] kYsy
kY rwimh jwie kihE sun sUpnKw iek bwq hmwrI ]

inswcrovwc sUpnKw soN]


jw bn ky hm hYN pRiqpwlk qW bn mY qpsI iPr

Awey] rwj qijE Ab jog lIE luG mUMf jtW nK hYn
bFwey] rUp AnUpm hYN duaU bIr n nYku frYN bhuqy
frpwey] jy pihly fr rwvn ky iek Bwj gey iek
dUr bswey ] 65]

kivau vwc]

bwq suin jrI sMg clI KIJ lrI AwKYN rwqI lohU BrI
roK ciFE nKsUp ko] AMg AMg bnI mwno ilKI
ic`qRDnI gtI mnhI mYN gnI Awj brON kwm BUp ko]

bYrI ru`dR jwigE qwky AYsy pwCy lwigE jYsy pwro jwie
BwigE dyK suMdr srUp ko] lWbI fWg BrI Tor Tor
igr prI rwm dyKy sih GrI dyK rhI rUp ko]66]

prI kwm bs qwkI susw jwky mUMf ds kIny hwau Bwau

icq cwau eyk bMd soN] dIp suq nYnn mYN sYnn clwie
rhI jwnkI inhwr mn rhI n AMnd soN] mwno dyv bDU
AYsI dyKI nwih ikDU pRBu iDAwn qy jgwie gih pwey
bYn mod soN] pwn Kwie muskwie muskwie pwey pr kY
inswcrI su bolI rwm cMd soN]67]

pRSnoqR sUpnKw ky rwm cMdR so]


kOny dys rwj qj qwpsI ko ByK sj rUpvMq qumsy n

dyKy jug cwr mYN] hY ju nwir soaU rwjw kI kumwr khu
Gr hI qy ilAwey ho ik pweI hY aujwr mYN] qoih khW
prI Ab jwhu BlI krI hm rwjw hYN ik rMk hYN khUM qy
pweI nwir mYN] kho khW jwaUN moih hY n khUM jwauN moih
hY n kMhU Twau nwQ qumY Awj broN AweI Gr qy ibcwr

rwmcMdRau vwc sUpnKw soN]


boly qwir kwir r`C j`C m`C kyq nwir ikDoN iqRpurwir
lok Cwf iCq pweI hY] ikDo rMBw aurbsI mYnkw
sukysI koaU iqn mo ik mGvw pTweI mo pY AweI hY]
foilq AkylI koaU sMg n shylI smJwie khu kon qyro
qwq mwq BweI hY] sIqw qb bolI qum gXwn poQI
KolI Xh koaU KolI Xh koaU bn Awpdw BlI lY mUMh
lweI hY]69]

srUpnKw vwc rwmcMdR soN]


nB qy n AweI hON sruys n pTweI pRBu rUp dyK kwm kI

clweI jwn lIjIey] rwjn ko rwjw nwau rwvn su
BweI myro qumY n snwXo kwhU jwky jXwey jIjIey] isv
kI bfweI qy duhweI jW kI qIn lok sueI bsy jwih
Pyr dys bsy jwih Pyr dys Qwp dIjIey] gho bWh nwr
sovo cWp pg Cwir jYsy pg Cwir jYsy sIqw Gr mwih
qYsy dUjI moih kIjIey]70]

rwmcMdR vwc sUpnKw soN]



smwcwr jwn muskwny khXo bwq suin qYN n pihcwny

hm bYTy jog Bys mYN] qYN n sunI bwq rGubMs mYN ju hoq
jwq Awn qIAw soN n bolYN Gr n ibdys mYN] qW mY eyk
rwm myro nwm hON ljwaUN BwrI qw mY sIA sMg jwhu Cwf
Awj ky smY] BlI suD AweH lCmn myrO BweI dOr
qwih bro jweI vhu prY jo klys mY]71

sUpnKwau vwc lCmn soN]


clI qb Dwie lCmn pwie Cuey jwie bolI muskwie

eyk bwq khUM BwvqI] brby ky kwj rwm qum pY pTweI
hON gjwnn mnwie AweI qWqy auqlwvqI] khXo soeI
kIjO n piqAwhu bUJ lIjo rUp bs nwhI qumyN n
sMqwvqI] rwvn hY BweI lMk hym kI bnweI ijn bn
hI mY AweI iniD Pyro ijn AwvqI]72]

lKmnau vwc sUpKnw soN]


qoih khON sun bwq inswcir qMU jnnI myrI hYN qb hI

qy] kwm ko Bwau Dry mn moN rGubIr ky qIr geI jb
hI qy] kY Ab jwhu qhIN pRBu pY cl Aws qjo hmrI

Ab hI qy] jO clY pUrb ko qtnI ntnI aultI n bhI

kb hI qy]73]

kivau vwc]

Dwie clI bhuro n clY bs dyK hsy sIA soN rGurweI]

Awie khXo n brY bil jwauN su Awgy hUM kI iqn Aws
cukweI] jwie qhIN Ab ky brhY quih dyauN pqo khIE
smJweI] sMg irKIsPr ko bn moN qum qwrkw mwir
pqwr pTweI]74]


Awie khI soeI bwq sunI pRBu so n brY iqn AOr

bqweI] jwie khXO sMg pRwnn lY rGunwQ kCU moih
AOr jnweI] bwr iC swq iPrI ieq qy auq rwm BlI
aupmW jIA AweI] mwnhu bIrn kUl doaU Bir roK bfy
nid nwau clweI]75]


iqnhUM ibcwrI ey n doaU ibBcwrI pq rhI l hmwrI

qb Awp rUp hY geI] pwie qO pqwl kr sIs kO
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idvwnI kCU AYsI bolY bwnI jwqy jwnkI frwnI kWpY

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rwm soN bwq khI hruey sIA Xwih bro AjhUM
AnurwgI] sONq shON isr pwie ghON ArI qUM Xh rUp
qjYN n ABwgI]77]


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hY] qUM n huqI iriK ky sMg moN bn mY iek AYsI hI
mwr leI hY] Xwih bDo ijn sRI rGubIr su jO n bnY
koaUN XO n geI hY] nwk iCnwie klMk cFwie su lMk
insMk clwie deI hY]78]


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BIq Busw kI] bwq suny qn Awg auTI iFg nwir khY
qj bwq gusw kI] rwm soN kop kIey bkhW qum jorq
ikauN nih nwk susw kI]79]


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dOrI huqI AweI nwk ktwie]80]


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n roeIey pY jm gIDO jwie]81]


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mWih jyT mIn dwdr bsY]82]


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kYsy bUf mroN jwie kY] bUfI Ab bwq kusrwq hO n dyKON
jhW mwns jnwvYN jor jogI bn Awie kY] kwl hI
pCwrON sysnwg hMU ko mwrON iCq lY pqwl fwrON ik mYN
mroN ibK Kwie kY] kYsy rhoN Awj moih BwvY nwhI rwj
jO lO qwpsI ibCor sIA ilAwaUj n curwie kY]83]


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bwq khI hY aupwie kI] boly Kr dUKn iqRmuMf sug dIny
JuMf kihE jwie mwro soeI bwq iqno jwie kI] pwCy
nwk jorby ky kwj pchwry sb kYsy jurY rwm bwq khON


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mUMf qo n hoih Xh kwtI rGurwie kI]84]

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rwmcMd dyK kY hsY] ien hI soN lrby ky kwj hm Awey
Bly Bsy] bwjI rQ bwrn pdWq koaU nwhIN eyaU bYTy
jog Bys muskwie bn mo Dsy] eyk bwn ksy hr lok
eyk bsy byg jo inMsk nsy lMk bsy byg jo inMsk nsy
lMk bsy qyeI Gr bsy]85]


bwq sunI sb bol bfy Bt AOr aupwie kho so kroN]

aun lwiKn moN nih eyk iPirE duK hY CqIAW ikh
BWiq BroN] jugIAw iek lMk mrIc bsY soeI hY imRg so
bn jwie croN] kir Bys qpo Dn ko kn mWig su hON
sIA ko ieh BWiq hrON ] 86]


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rwc rwiK jogI bnY qW Gr rUpk nwih]87]


ltI Drm kI bwq jhW qpo Dn psu kIE]

kwhy kI kusrwiq mn pwpI qn qwpsI]88]

mMdodrIau vwc]

suin ibcwr mMdodrI bolI bcn irswq]

Kr dUKn pl mYN hqy qhW nwq jwq]89]


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TtI riq nwQ CtI iqnko inq nwciq mukiq ntI su
htI] suin kMq krI BgnI nktI soeI rwm ibrwjq
pMc btI]90]


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rwjn ky ibcwr Bujw bl codih lok frY idn rwqo]
bwq purwqn XO sunIey Gt kyhr soN n lrY gj


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hYN] locn bIsn sUJq nwihn hwQn bIs hQXwr juty
hYN] pUq spUq BXo mGvwijq sMBU so kon sy dwn bty
hYN] suMdr dPY Buj nYk susoDn XwhI qy jwnq rwm lty

kivau vwc]

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hYN doau bIr srovr qIr kutI riv qyj qhW n smweI]
nwr AnUpm hY qihM sMg curwvhu Awies sIs cFweI]
Cwf isAwn ipAwn kro ijn pwn qjY qj pRwn


jwn kY bwq mrIc mhW mun dyh qY bwq CutXo Ab jI

ko] rwm soN bYr kIey suK hY n ley ds kMD klMk ko
tIko] auqr dyq auqwrq hY isr Xo qlPY jYsy mIn
QlI ko] sony kI dyh BeI qo khW su qaU imRg modk
isMG blI ko]94]


jwq bnY n irswq bnY Tihrwq bnY nih hY duicqweI]

hY auqpwq kI bwq shI jO pY rwvn rwm qy pRwn
aufweI] qO mn kXON pCuqwq AbY qij lMk pqI ghu
rwm ky pweI] TwFo BXo imRg swg lIE iqn dUkq
PWdq cwl idKweI]95]



iPr bolI mMdodrI kumlwnI sb gwq] jXON rovY qm

rwq ko jwnq riv kI bwq]96]

mMdodrIau vwc]

kuMB krn bis sYn qum rwjw bis moh ky] dyvr kCu n
khY n lMk pMk gihry gfI]97]


AjhU cyq sMBwir pIA qIA bYnn mn Dro] pwp bIj

ijn fwr CWih duhylI bYs sI]98]


bol gXo isv ko sun ry piq, qwhI ky sMg suhwg

hmwro] BUql bws rihE kul ko Ab, qO BRm ko jr
mUl auKwro] CIn BXo qp qoih n sUJq, ijauN qr
aUpr qy AMiDAwro] ry sT kMq rhy htkY, n Blo Git
qy pt rwm ibswro]99]


rwm soN n bYr kr pwp jIA mY n Dr muin soN n TV

bwq kIjY n indwn kI] Aj hUM lO kusrwq BgnI kI
QorI bwq nwk kwtI kwtI eyk hY geI AcwnkI] kyqy
blI mwry Kr dUKn pCwry Ab qU hO cilE XogI Xh


bwq n sXwn kI] jwih jO n mwnY kMq kwhU kI blwie

jwnY AOr sb kIjO eyk hro ijn jwnkI]100]

kivau vwc]

nwir kI n mwnI bwq idn hI ko khY rwq auqpwq

Dwie kY] Awp binE jogI kIno hY mrIc muin dyKY
kivrwm imRg sony ko bnwie kY] khUM pwq Kwq khUM
aUNcY fkrwq lMgrwq khU AwgY nIkY sohy Awie kY] khU
clY dOr bYT pwqn kI Et khU jwnkI inhwr rUp rhI
hY lBwie kY]101]


jnk suqw mn mYN khY ikauN imRg pkirE jwie]

kiTn kiTnweI ikauN trY ibn rGubIr shwie]102]


kMcn imRg ky hyq hON jwcON rGunwQ ko]

jy bn bs suK dyq Ar jwnq pr pIr ko]103]


kIno soeI kwm Awgy Awp pwCY rwm bl jwie kiv

rwm AYso rUp dyK jIjIey] lInI gih bWih pRBu iqauN
iqauN muskwih sIqw khW cly jWih nwQ nYk khXO
kIjIey] kuMjn kI Eut pwq hwQn su twr khI bwq

imRg kMcn ko nIky dyK lIjIey] hIn bl hONnw qumY

kyhb ko BOnw Xh swrMg ko CMnw suiKlOnw kr

BXo icq BMg AMg sb kWipE rwm jYsy isv sMg mwno
dUsro AnMg hY] mWgy ibn Awin dIno DnK inKMg qwko
rMg n pCwnY jwnY hT hI mYN rMg hY] khY rGubIr qU
surMg dyK BUlo ijn BjY Awj lY qrMg pIT qMg hY]
kIno duK pMg sun jwnkI kurMg nYnI hoie n kurMg nYnI
hoie n kurMg Xh bfo eI kurMg hY]105


soc biFE jIA mYN qb XON imRg kMcn ko n ricE jg

sWeI] jO n bDON sIA pRwn qjY Ar mYN Ab lO kbhUM n
rusweI] bIrih bol kihE suK soN idn kwitq hY bn
mY Ab qweIN] jwnkI AwnkI dyKq hoN qaU Cwfq hoN
qumrI srnweI]106]

lKmnau vwc rwmcMdR soN]


Awies nYk sunoN pRBu ko sis ky rQ ko imRg jwie

auKwroN] kwhy ko nwQ kro qum Xwie kho iCn hI mih

mwroN] jO Cl moih Clwie clY ibn vwih hny nih hON

pg DwrON]bIr shI sIA moih khI AbhON qumkO ikh
BWq pcwrON]107]

kivau vwc]

kMcn ko imRg ko Ab lO n ibrMc ricE duK ko Pl hY]

ik klMk biFE rGu ky kul so ik inswcr ko bn mY
Cl hY] ikDoN rwvn qyj biFE sm pwvk qwih
smwpq ko jl hY] kih rwm cly sIA Cwif kutI pIA
ko n kCU qIA ko bl hY]108]

ieq rwm gIqy iqRiqXo AMk]3]

AQ cOQw AMk]

lY kir qIr srwsn sRI rGubIr cly sIA bol Ary

hYN] PWDq Kyqn lY inkisE iqnhP muin eyk ibnod
kry hYN] pOn imlY qb eyk hI bwn igrwie lIE ibn
pwRn pry hYN] jwnkI qw imRg hyq hry iqRn qoir pKwr
bnwie Dry hYN]1]



igirE kih rwm nwm lCmn ko pukwr lIno bwr bwr

nwm suinE hY AcwnkI] imRg hI ky hyq mn nYn kwn
eyk qwn swvDwn TwFI auq dYkY DXwn jwnkI] bfo
auqpwq rwm gwq kI n kusrwq qwko Pl lwigE bwq
krI n isAwn kI] lotY Dr mIjY kr qwq ibiD pIr
hr pwRn kXoN n lyq dyh lwgq iglwn kI]2]

pRSnoqR sIqw ky lCmn soN]


bol lCmn jU soN khI sb bwq sIA jwhu Ab bIr suD

lohu bIr pIr kI] sok qj mwq AYso kOn qIno lok
mWih tyFI kr BONih Er dyKY rGubIr kI] s`kR isv
syK isMDu cMdRmw ibrMc jm nrpiq syvY rj jwky pg
qIr kI] mwr imRg kMcn ko AYhYN imRgrwj rwm kwho ko
hYN hoq sPrI ibnwhI nIr kI]3]

sIqwa vwc lCmn soN]


Gwq kroN rGunwQ ibnW qn qU moih bwqn hI

smJwvY]vY pd kMj ibnw inrKy GrI cwr BeI khu
kXoN kil AwvY]hY idRV pRIiq shI pRBu soN suin qwih qy

jwnkI qoih pTwvY]lY kr bwn inKMg ksXo kit dUr

hI qy pg ko isr nwvY]4]

kivau vwc]

eyk ibcwr kIE mn mY sIAw ky hT qy pRBu pY Ab

DwaUN] hY bn mwih inswcr ko Cl mwq kY boln kXoN
aultwaUN] ryiK krI chUM Er khXO sun Xw qj pwauN n
dyhu AgwaUN] jO ibiD lO ieh bIc prY jr Cwr aufY
qn kI qurqwaUN]5]


XO kih kY soeI jwq BXo bn FUMFq rwm GrI ku n

pwXo] qO lig rwvn hY jugIAw sIA ky iFg gorKnwQ
jgwXo] jwn AqIq Bry kr qMdul ryK qy bwir pwauj
n pwXo] so n ghy ibn BIK clXo kih dwn bMDXo Ab
lO nih KwXo]6]

rwvnau vwc sIqw soN]


rwj kro qum BUK lgy hm K`pr AOr ky Awgy DrYNgy]

Bwmin BIK bMDI ikh kwm su qoih qjy hmhUM n mrYNgY]
jwnq hoN jIA mY suin suMdir qO sMg rwm n Awie

lrYNgy] jO suin hYN koaU BIK ibnw gXo qW idn Bojn hUM
n kryNgy]7]

kivau vwc]

XO frpwie ipswc khY ibiD jwnq mUMf klMk dIE]

rGubIrih jwc cly qij qMdul qw idn hY ikh kwm
jIE] Ab XON cl hY jg mYN Xh bwq n hY Gr rwm n
bIr bIE] qb pIA ibnw sIA eyk AqI qih BIK
deI n smoD kIE]8]

jwnkIau vwc]

ryK Cwif jwaUN qo frwaUN lKmn jIqy BIK ibn dIny

BIK mIc hON n pwvqI] koaU mMd BwgI Xh rwm ky n
Awgy AwXo drsn pwvqy hON dyq n sMkwvqI] fIf myt
dyaUN iPr fIf hI imlwie lyaUN hY hY bwq soeI BgvMq
jUko BwvqI] dyKo kivrwm kOn jwnkI sON khY Xh fIf
hI mY bol kY jMjwr n cukwvqI]9]

rwvnau vwc]



qO hI lO Awie su bol auiTE qum Awies dyh kCU n

hmwry] hON auiT jwauN khW bs hY aupjI n dXw jIA
mWih qumwry] fIf imtwvq hI sun suMdr sPr ssI
igr hYN nB qwry] XO nih jwnq so sT rwvn mWgq
BIK ik mIc pukwry]10]

kivau vwc]

qwhI ky hyq leI kr BIK deI qij PUln kI

nvlwsI] boil kihE Ab bIr qpo Dn lY jb lO nih
rwm iblwsI] Awie igE iFg hI kptI jIA mwnhu
Pul knyr plwsI] fIf imtI pg sON jb hI qb rwhu
gRsI mwno cMdR klwsI]11]


fIf ktI ikDoN AwXu dswnn kY iSv Kol jMjIr CutI]

kiv rwm ikDo kih rwGv ky suK ky sr kI jnU pwl
PutI] ikDoN dyvn kI duK PWs huqI sIA ky pg lwg
qrwk tutI] mwno rwvn rwhu mXMk klw kit pUrl moN
prvwV ptI]12]

ieiq sRI rwm gIqy cqurQ AMk]4]


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kivau vwc]

hwQ gih lIno nwj BIKko su fwr dIno AYsy kwm kIno
jYsy koaU n krq hY] hwie rGbIr rn DIr pr pIr
hir Awj qo ibrih sy mUMf BUm mY prq hY] hwie
lCmn myry iFg qy kXoN jwie hwie kr jwnkI pukwr
jXNo jrq hY] fIf qy ibCorI rwm Cwfo imRg bwq QorI
jogIAw AGorI moih JorI myN Drq hY]1]


hw ibrMc hw surys CY muK ssI gnys jwnq idnys hUM ko

brXo kCU poq hY] swc khXo jwnkI su kwhy ko CufwvYN
dyv rwm kiv kwm Awj aunhI ko hoq hY] lY afXo
lMkys qij qwpsI ko Bys Buj bIs ds sIs kr borXo
kul goq hY] ibdw BXo Bwg AO mMdodrI suhwg khXo
rwm rwm rwj Ab qyro n audoq hY]2]


ieh ibiD sIA rwvn hrI rwm hry imRg pRwn]

bhuq suKI Aiq iek duKI kQw Awn kI Awn]3]


XON jwnq sB koie Xh mg qj sur mg gXo]

jnk suqw nih hoie mno mIc lY nB aufI]4]


auq mwir kurMgih rwm iPrY bn qy Gr ko sMg bIr

ley] ieq rwvn Awn kurMg kIE GrI cwr BeI sIA
corI gey] soeI dUr hI qy nih fIT prI jh jovq hI
mn nYn dey] qh Awie rhy pCqwie doaU jhW ryK
ktI pg soN hrey]5]


jwnkI n pweI roie auTy rGurweI khy bIrih sunweI

AweI bwq pRwn AMq kI] Kwie kY qvwr su kumwr khY
bwr bwr PUlI byl koaU gj lY gXo bsMq kI] dyK bn
hwir pry kosk pukwr iPrY mwno geI Pn bwbk AnMq
kI] dyKXo qIn Er Dwm pwCy bol auTy rwm cOQI Er
dyKI BwvY dyh sIA kMq kI]6]

rwmcMdRa vwc lCmn soN]


bynI sysnwg muK rohnI suhwg doaU kurMg BONih iBRMg duK
dY gey] koklw su bYn Ar cwl gjrwj, imRgrwj kit
Awj kr kMjn mY rY gey] kdlI su jMG AMg joq ko

AnMg hMs pwien ko pwie myry pwCy kr jY gey] khy

rGubIr Cb jwnkI curweI, soeI jwnkI ko mwr BweI
qyeI bwt lY gey]7]

hPY gey inrws geI Aws isMDu pwr, qij pwq ky

Avws duK suno doaU bIr ky] ckvw ckorin kuMrg isMG
moirn ko bUJYN sIA soD bUJYN rUK pMK qIr ky] Cuvy jl
jwq jl jwq nQwq lwgy bwq jYsy qwqy ryq kx nIr
ky] locn cucwiq nwhI suDw ADrn mwhIN AMgnw
ibhIn AYsy AMg rGubIr ky]8]

rwmcMdRau vwc lCmn soN]


Gs lwie lgwie n cMdn ko qur qy n Cufwie PnI

min ko] Ar bIr ausIrih dUr kro n buJY duK pwvk
ko knko] nlnI dl pwq so bwq kIey auqpwq bFo
pRB jI mwno ko] sun Awj bFI aupjI n buJY iqRx PUg
smrIn ko]9]

kivau vwc]



sRI rGubIr ADIr qIAw ibn nIr Bry AjuMrI As

rovY] bIr deI bhu BWqn DIr n pIr GtY puhmI qn
jovY]kY pihly fr jwn ibEg su dPY kuc bIc n hwr
smovY] kXoN Ab pwr sIAw sIpq vwr sIAw pq
sIibn sovY]10]


Aibbyk su rwm kIE n ibbyk ibdw rGunwQih qwq

dIAw] qij sMpiq dMpiq eyk hI bwr Avws qjy
bnsws lIAw] ijn ky insbwsr ky imlby ihq rwKXo
huqy ibn hwr hIAw] ieh BWq ibEg dIE ibiD Awp
suvwr sIAw piq pwr sIAw]11]


bXwkul folq hYN bn bIQn bUJq logn rwm sMdyso]

cMpk cMdn qwl qmwlin bXwln sON igr bUJq jYsy]
kuMjr kMj kuMdb kurMgin iBRMgin kokl kuMf BrYso]
jwnkI hwQ n lwgiq rwm ko hwQ soN hwQ mrorq


dyK imRg khY imRg nYnI sIA khW cMd muKI cMd dyK
khoN mwnY miq bwaurI] gwFy bn gOn kr DUp Cwih pOn

pUC Dwie Dwie pUCyN igr kUp sr bwaurI] sdw

sIlvMq hYN AnMq BgMvq mwno kIno hY kurMg duK kyhr
kI bwaurI] kYqo vih rwj ky smwj rGurwj qb AYsI
bwau huqI Ab AYsI bhI bwaurI]13]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

eyho lCmn qoih bUJq hUM bwr bwr dyc sIA geI kYsh
bwq BeI jwn kI] Awhut n pwXo pg Koj n clwXo
hm Bwgo BUl gey Ab ko imlwvY jwnkI] kOnY hr
lInI mwr fwrI khw kInI kwhU bwq AYsI kInI hY
AjwnkI ik jwnkI kwsoN duK khoN ghoN kon kI Srn
Awj Blo hY mrn bwq jIA qy n jwn kI]14]

kivau vwc]

ibrhI ibhwl mn jnk suqw ky duK qn ko n nINd prY

jwgY AwTo jwm ky] Bojn ibswr jIA jpXo krY nwm
sIA fwir rhy dyh mwno duKI bfy Gwm ky] jwih
injwkq soaU rUK pwq jwq jir bwq khY kOn AYsy hwQ


lwgy kwm ky] dyKq btwaU Awp rovq ruvwaU qhW jrY
GwsJwaU jhW prYN pwie rwm ky]15]

jwnkI ko hir kwinn try gey sr qIr iqRKw jl kI]

kih kMjn nYk Bey idRg sIql sMpiq dyK rqo pl
kI] Ail kys gey Ab ey idn nwQ neI Cib qO
nlnI dl kI] mwnosweI ibEg pry murJwie flI muK
myl hlwhl kI]16]


dIp ibhIn pro duK syj khU knsIq Gtw Gn kwro]

dyh CutY nh nINd jutY n PutY inseI Ais gwFo
AMDXwro] nwir ibEg qhW qm rUp su AYsy mY fwrq
kwm qvwro] mUMdyeI locn jwnkI ko muK dIsq hoih
mMXk aujwro]17]


rovq nYnn nIr gXo Gt AOr smIr auswsn lyqy]

mwsku mws n mwsk qy sb qyj gXo sIA ky ibCury qy]
jwnkI nwm pukwrq Awrq bol Qky sunwie n khy qy]
so rGubIr hIE sun bfo BRm kY BXo b`jR hIey qy]18]

rwm cMdro vwc]



kMcn ko imRg byq purwin ilKXo n khUM n ibrMK

svwrXo] qwhI ky hyq clXo qij nwir su mYN miq hIn
kCu n ibcwrXo] XwhI qy kykeI mwih krI sb nIq su
hON Gr qy bn twrXo] rwj kI lwiek hY n mhW jV XON
kihkY rGunwQ pukwrXo]19]









svwrXo]qwhI ky hyq clXo qij nwir su mYN miq hIn

kCu n ibcwrXo] XwhI qy kykeI mwie krI sb nIq su
hON Gr qy bn twrXo] rwj kI lwiek hY n mhW jV XON
kihkY rGunwQ pukwrXo]19]

mohn qwpn biskrn audmwdn aucw`t] pWc bwn mn

mQn ky ibrhin qn gey kwtq]20]


kwm clwie dey sr pWc su pMKn lO qn mWih gfyry]

qw sIA ky ibrhwgin mYN jry my mn sO sb AwXuD
qyry]hY ibprIq BeI BeI bwnn ry ibrhw Ab jwhu n
Gyry]AOr suKI jg hoie bfo js mUF mnoj duKI iek


jwnkI ibRhoN kI Awg chUM Er auTI jwg khW jwaUN

Bwg jIA bfI duicqweI hY]qw pr quriq AOr PUk
inrvwrY kOn pwaUN n sMdys jl XhY kiTnweI hY] dyh
jrI jwq Ab jIvq hON koaU GrI eyqy pr bwn so
kmwn qYN cFweI hY] khXo rGurweI duKdweI riqrweI
kUr mwry pr mwrbo n sUr kI bfweI hY]22]


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jgvq mohI]Awju kuvMf cfwie kroN siq KMf ssI
iCn mY Ab qohI]hY n kCU bs rwm khXo jOqMU jwnkI
kI muK Cwih n hohI]23]


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dyKY]AOr ckor AMgwr cugY jIA sIql jwin su kOn sy
lyKy]mwnhu BOr pIE ibK kMjn bUfq hY jl mWih
pryKy]nwau suDwkir log khYN kivrwm khY qum kOn ko



cMdn so lptwie rhI Aih mwlkI jwPl insMk dhXo

hY] pOn pRcMf PnI aur qy jb hY inksXo qb gYl
ghXo hY] bIr ptIr smIr ausIrih nIrih sIql kOn
khXo hY]25]


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pTwXo]kY iSv kMT hlwhl hY iqn KYNic suDw sm Awp
bnwXo]sRI rGubIr khXo suin kr hY ibK ko Gr
nXwie ibrMc klMk lgwXo]26]


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pwnI]rwvn kY sMg jwq auqy Aiq jwnkI rwm khY
iblKwnI]so vhu nwm sunXo Kgrwj jtwaU auTXo jIA
mY Xh AwnI]mwr iPrON ik krON pRBu kwrj kY js lY
dyauN dyh purwnI]27]


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hir bwhn hY iSv ko suq hY su n hoie su moih pCwnq
hY]igrjw jn hY knkwcl hY ibiD lO bl ko jg


jwnq hY]Ab moih kCU smJy n prY BweI kwhy ko kwl

plwnq hY]28]

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pgIAw ko]qw pr moih jrwvq hY Awh AWK idKwie
jrwie dIAw ko]hON gruVwsn rwm ko syvk ry Cl kY
koaU lyq qIAw ko]kY qj dyhu ik rwK snyhu ik qUM rn
mWf ik Cwf sIAw ko]29]


jO lg rwvn bwq khY iPr qO lg koRD hIey n

smwno]qoir Dujw rQ kI pQ mY muK cONc soN cOQ Bujw
lptwno]jwnq hON ds sIs khI Xh cwhq mIc jtwXU
purwno]hY n BlI Aiq jwih rhI pq isMG Ajw kih
Xh cwhq mIc jtwXU purwno]30]


cNONc cpytin rwvn ky AMg pwien ky nK Gwien

BWfy]AOr khI muK kI bhuqy suin AWjl dy suK sMpiq
tWfy]hwr pry rih fwr dIE suqo Awp igrXo irpu ky
lg KWfy]Gwau lgy rGurwie ky kwj jtwaU kI AwaU
GtI rn mWfy]31]


sIA hry dskMD clXo mg gID imlXo soeI snmuK

jUtXo] lMkpqI gih bwn ibKMDr AYNc kuvMf ArI pr
tUtXo] juD mhW jug jwm krXo qb hwr prXo kih
rwm su hUtso] lC`k Gwau lgy prqC`k p`C gey pr
p`C n CUtXo]32]


rwK leI n dswnn qy sIA mYN jIA qy sb pOrK

kIno] AOr n sMg gXo Gr lO iPr soD khXo n bfo
js lIno] AOr rhI sb rwm ko rUp inhwr n nYnn ko
suK dIno] Bwg ibhIn jtwaU kI dyh CutI n CutY mn
ky duK qIno]33]


sRI rGubIr ADIr kI pIr ibcwrq hI bn soDq

Awey] nIr Bry idRg jwnkI ky duK AOr ibhMg inhwr
ibhwey] bUJ rhy n khy muK qy kCu nYn kI sYnn hI
smJwey] mUMf Duny nB Er icqY inj dyh ky Gwau
jtwaU idKwey]34]


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swim Drm js lY clY rx jUJy prlok]35]


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hY qwq iqnih hrn sIA ijn kho]36]


gID clY js lok svwr AbY prlok DrXo hI rhYgo]

hY rhIaE cupkY qb lO ipq bwq sunY duK dhYgo]
sIA ko ilAwvn jI ibn rwvn qwq so bwq ljwq


dwh jtwaU ko dY doau bIr Dsy bn moN mn Sok Bry]

sIA ky ibCury qn ky suK jy sb sPk gey duK hoq
hry] jh rIC lUMgr bfy kip hYN igr kMdr AMdr
jwie pry] qh PUl ky bwg mY Bwg Bry Anurwg rMgy
hnUmwn Kry]38]


dyh Dry mwno riq kMq sMg lY bsMq folq Akyly bl

j`Xy AYsI cwl ky] ikDoN eyeI pUrn AnMq kivrwm
kih ikDoN rwj hMs CUty mwnsr qwl ky] qwpsI ko Bys
kIey rwm rUpvMq ik mukrPl doaU tUty puMn qr fwl
ky] dUr hI qy dyK kihE AMjnI ky pUq ik spUq khUM
rwjw ky ik kwl blI bwl ky]39]


lCmn sMg bUJy kml kdMb khUM dyKI sIl kwnn

qrkulI knk kI] cMd muKI ipk bYnI suMdr kurMg
nYnI kdlI su jMG kt kryh qnk kI sRI Pl aurjo hY
mnoj qIAw vwroN Cib dyh Aih kys BONh aupmw DnK
kI] kyqkI cMbylI rwie byl hY iekylI koaU sMg n
shylI dyK jwnkI jnk kI]40]

kib`q] bn ky kurMg qy mhW kurMg kIno Ab khW suK dYnI

sIAw khUM soD Awie dY] kwry ipkbYn khUM ipk bYnI hUM
kI suD kMj muKI KjMrIt nYn ko bqwie dY] Aho rwj
hMs hMs gvnI gvn kIno pOn AMg bws nYk ieqhUM
pTwie dY] cMpk brn khUM dyKI sunI cMpk kdMb bn
Awj Ab jwnkI bqwie dY]41]

dyKq bn ieh ibD duKI miq gq qj mn gXwn]

ibkl bcn sun rwm ky boly sRI hnUmwn]42]

hnUmwno vwc]

ikqk idvs ieh Bys kOn bMs pRgty doaU]

kY qum brn surys nwir ibXogI bn iPro]43]

rwmcMdRau vwc hnUmwn soN]


sUrj qy rGubMs khy jg qW kul moN pur AOD rhwhI]

rwm hY nwm ipqw pTey bn rwj DrXo lGubIr kI
bwhI] kwnn myN qIAw sMg huqI su hrI iknhUM hm XO
iblKWhI] bwq huqI su khI qum so Ar moih kCUk
rhI suD nwhI]44]

lCmno vwc hnUmwn soN]


pwCy lCmn khI bwq smJwie sb eyeI rwm iSv

snkwid iml gwey hYN] eyeI rGunwQ qIno lokn ky
nwQ kip CIr iniD jwcy ibiD qw qy iKq Awey hYN]
sUrn ky sUr eyaU pUrn hYN rwmcMd mwry AMDkwr Air
kMdrw pTwey hYN] qwrkwinpwqI Kr dUKn ky GwqI Ab
rwvx kI CwqI ko crx cplwey hYN]45]


hm qo AwpxI sB bwq khI qum so qum hUM hm so n

kho] kip kXoN skucwq frwq sy ho ikh kwrn qy ieh
BWq rho] myro nwau h~ kiprwj sugRIv ko Awn imlwaUN


jo bwh gho] inj bIr iCnwie leI qIA rwj grIb

invwj hON lwj bho]46]

kvIau vwc]

dyKq sRI rGubIr ko rUp bnI kCU pRIiq hnU jIA

AYsI] pMkj Born jXoN Gn morn hMs ckorn hUM nih
vYsI] kwm bsMhq BUim AnMqh kMqih nwr piqbRq
qYsI] pwie ghy rGurwie ky Dwie auTwie kY AMk Bry
ibiD jYsI ]47]


Awp imlY Bil BWq h~ pun rwmih Awn sugRIv

imlwey] nwr ibXog bfo duhUM Er khYN suin ky bhuqy
pCqwey] bwlI kI mIc khI rGubIrih Cydn ko qr
swq bqwey] BUl gXo Apno duK qw iCn bwnr ky duK
nYn bhwey]48]


sRI rGubIr khI sbsoN hm sIA ko soD khUM nih pwXo]

FUMF iPry igr kwnn bhyV qw duK Bojn hUM ibsrwXo]


gID jtwaU khI bnYn sYnn so nB Er bqwXo] XON









h~mwno vwc]

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duKwrI] sMg inswcr ky AMg XON muK rwh mno sis kI
aujAwrI] BUKn fwrq rwm pukwrq Awrq mWg
ibdwrq BwrI] ey bqIAW suin kY kip kI rGunwQ
khI vh nwir hmwrI]50]


kwnn kuMfl tIk subysr kMTisrI mn kMcn BIny] sXo

dulrI isr PUl brw kit ikMkn nUpr JWJ nvIny]
pwiel fwr aqwiel so kCU jy hnUmwn skXo qb
bIny] BUlq fwr clI sIA jy mih BUKn ko qyeI
BPKn dIny]51]

kivau vwc]

dyK ibKwd kIE rGubIr lgwie lIey CqIAw

pCqwhIN] bwr Bry idRg XON CibhY mno mIn srovr mY

JlkwhIN] jwnkI AMgn qy ibsry mwno mUk Bey kih

XON iblKwhIN] bIr ibcwr kho qumhUM sIA ky eyeI
BPKn hoih ik nwhIN]52]

lCmno vwc rwmcMdR soN]


jwnkI ko muK n iblokXo qWqy kuMfl n jwnq hoN bIr

CuhoN pwie rGurwie ky] hwQ jo inhwry nYnw PUitXo
hmwry qwqy kMkn n dyKy bol khoN sq Bwie ky] pwien
kY prby ko jwqo dws lCmn Xwqy pihcwnq hON BUKn jy
pwie ky] ibCUAw hY eyeI AOr JWjr hY vyeI jug nUpr
hY qyeI rwm jwnq jrwie ky]53]

kivau vwc]

nwr ibrh doaU duKI ieq kip auq rGubIr]

ibn aupwie duK ikauN try Air mwrn rnDIr]54]


BUql bwil pCwr spq qwl Bydn khXo]

kip piq imlhY nwr hnUmwn swcI khY]55]

hnUmwn vwc]



dIny duK Bwry ieh bwil mwr fwry sb Aq hI sMGwry

hwQ lwgy irK sRwp ky] rwj CIn lIno ibn nwir
kiprwj kIno cwm ky clwey dwm ibnw qol mwp ky]
soeI kwm kIjY qwih mwr suK dIjY js bl j`XY Ab
crn pRqwp ky] Awvq Broso pRBu khw pXY qoso hnUmwn
khY jwnq hUM bIqy idn pwp ky]56]


pwCy sIAw soD ko pTXo hnuvMq nl nIl jwmvMq bol

kIno n Cdm ko] Xih ju sugRIv iFg pwien ky TwFo
rwm rwjw huqo bwnr ATwrh pdm ko] eyk ibn bwlI
Xwih jIqy n kpwlI Xih AMsu AMsmwlI ko dl`Xw ieMdR
jm ko] soeI mwr lIjY XwkY rwj XWih dIjY rwvry
Brosy qwso krY eyk Gm ko]57]

kivau vwc]

hPY gey ikRpwl suny rswl cly swq qwl Bydn sugRIvh
lvwie kY] kip hUM ibcwrI kip mwr lXwv nwrI ikDo
jUJ mroN rwm Awgy Gny Gwie Kwie kY] khY rGubIr
qum doaU kip eyk rUp kYsy pihcwno qwko kYsy mwroN

Dwie kY] tIko kIno Bwl gry lwl PUlmwl khXo jIiq
Air pOF pwCy plkh ibCwie kY]58]

khI lCmn bwq swqn kI sun bIr DoKo kCU nwhI

rGubIr jI ky bl mYN] eyk hI jubwn eykY bwr swq
qwl byDY nYk cUk gey qyeI mwrY qwih pl mYN] rwm
muskwny smwcwr mY n jwny Ab bcn ibkwny jg jI
boeI shl mYN qIr kwF qb hI DnK muK dIno qh
jwie injkwny cwl prI bwl dl mYN]59]


jO irK rwj ky pwien so mn pMkj BOr kI rIiq

bswXo] sIA ibnw supny pr nwirh jo Apno muK hON n
idKwXo] AOr shI iBRg nMdn kI iPr jO nih roK ko
bol sunwXo] qO Xih bwn pqwl Dso ien qwln Byd su
KYNc clwXo]59]


swqo isMDu swqo lok swqo irK hYN ssok swqo riv Gory
Qory dyKY n frwq mYN] swq dIp swqo eIq kwpXoeI
krq AOr sqo mq rwq idn pRwn hY n gwq mYN] swqo
icrMjIv brrwie auuTy bwr bwr swqo sur hwie hwie

hoq idn rwq mYN] swq hUM pqwl kwl sbd krwl rwm
Bydy swq qwl cwl prI swq swq mYN]60]

PUly kip rwie aur AwnMd n mwie rGurwie pwie Cuhy

kr jor isr nwXo hY] bolXo hnumwn eyeI bwlI ky
indwn kwl jwnq sugRIv rwj Awj hI qy pwXo hY]
ckXo auq bwl AMsumwlI ik kpwlI koaU lok pwlI
BUim rx dyKby ko AwXo hY] dUq khI bwq jtw mUMf
Cwr gwq AYsy bIr jug sMg jor bIrih jnwXo hY]61]


qwl iBqy mn cwl prI Ab jwnq kwl kI bwq n jI

kI] AOr ijqy Bt hYN sbey sb ky muK kI Cb dyKq
PIkI] Byt clXo suq BOn BMfwrih dyKq hIN Buj sIA
pqI kI] bwlI khy Ab ky rx mYN ApnI kCu bwq n
dyKq nIkI]62]


Awn ghXo inj bIr blI irs jwh khW Ab qoih

pCwroN] qUM ienky bl kUdq hYN eyeI Awie lrYN ien qy
nih hwroN] bIr jury rGubIr khI Ab mwr sugRIv hON


qoih pcwroN] hIn BXo bl bol auiTE Ab hON duhU

BWqn rwm sMBwro]63]

sugRIvqIE vwc sKI soN]


dUr hUM qy doaU bIrn ko rn dyKq bIr sugRIv kI dwrw]

sRI rGunwQ ko swQ inhwrkY vwrq kMkn kuMfl hwrw]
Awj hI qy piq soriB dY ieq qy auq PUlq folq
qwrw] jO sKI bwlI kI jIq suno inj pRwn kroN qb
Awg ko pwrw]64]


bIrh inkwr dIno moih CIn lIno ien nIq rIq Cwf
sb krI jo AnIq hY] mUMf qy ibswr rwm qpY jYsy jyT
Gwm kIno AiBmwn bod bUfy AYsI rIq hY] qO rhI
Drm bwq bfy auqpwq Awj pwpI bwlI jI qy sKI
bfI ivprIq hY] dyKo hwie hwie rGurwie sy shwie
piq Awj jO n jIq hY qO kbhUM n jIq hY]65]

kivau vwc]

qO lg sRI rGubIr sugRIv ko p`C krXo pRiqpC

sMGwrXo] jXoN CqIAW cF kUdq ho soeI eyk hI bwn

Drw pr fwrXo] pOn cly jXoN pRcMf bfo kdlI qr

mUl smUl auKrwXo] jIq auqwiel so iek bwnr eyk
prXo rn Gwiel hwrXo]66]

ieh ibiD jIq sugRIv rGupiq crn pRqwp qy]

ktI prm duK sIv rwm rwj sb suK lhXo]67]


kip piq kwm svwr bwlI AD sskq prXo]

qb qwhI kI nwir rGupiq so ibnqI krY]68]

qwrwau vwc]

bwil bfo blvMf blwie lXoN mwr krI mukqwhl

lyhI] mWs ky kwj mvws imRgwvl Gyr hnI iml
mwrq jyhI] kyhr ko hq qol Bujw bl rwj AnIq
bfI Ab eyhI] bwnr ibRD iqhI ignqI ibnqI krY
bwlI kI bwl snyhI]69]


jo Xh kwm huqo sun rwGv cwhq ho qum rwvn mwrXo]

Awgy hI kXoN n khI smJwie qYN bwlI so bwnr bwd
sMGwrXo] dyK lXo n Bujw bl nwih ko nYk blI qum hU


n pcwrXo] qWhI ky jIqby ko hnU bwlk AOr sugRIv so

bIru ibcwrXo]70]

jwnkI ko lXwie pRBu pwien imlwie lMk rwie so

iqhwro hyq nYk hUM n qorqo] Awpn n jwqo isMG
isAwr sO n nwqo jYsy bwq suny qumy Byt Byt dY
inhorqo] AOr jo iqhwry jIAw mwrby kI huqI irs eyk
hwQ dys jl iniD mwih borqo] bMs AMsumwlI rwm
pRIiq ikauN n pwlI nwh bwlI qwky mwrby ko sYnwhUM n


dwird aufwieby ko pwrs pRgt jYsy pwrd ky mwrby ko

isMD bVI bwhuky] jYsy Aih rwjn ko Awj Kg rwj
gj rwj ko kurMg rwj bYr riv Cwh ky] isMD ko ksUq
jYsy Gt pUq qYso huqo kYsy smJwaUN lyq rom hwhuky] kro
n bfweI rwm rwvrI duhweI qYsy rwvn ky mwrby ko
hwQ huqy nwhky]72]


nwir ko iCnwie nr nYk n invweI nwQ ienkI iKsI

ko dys dys roeIAq hY] Bwj Bwj gXo rx swmuhy n

BXo mwno lwj byc KweI Ar jIbo joeIAq hY] qum jb

pwey qbhIN BlI n qumoN kI bwq eyk khoN sO kI burI
BYXw hUM so Xo kI qWkI cOkI soeIAq hY]73]

kwhy ko Cwf dXo qb rwvn ry piq kXoN qbhIN n

ibcwrXo] nQwq iPirE lIey swq smuMdRn BUl gXo Gr
Awie sMBwrXo] AMgd ky plnw JJUAw kr bWD keI
idn lwqn mwrXo] qwhI ky hyq Bly rGubIr ibnw
AprwDih bwl sMGwrXo]74]


jIvq ho jg myN js so bl soN piq pOrK pUr rhXo ho]

hwr BeI n khUM rn myN Bj kY nih AOr ko sMg ghXo
ho] nwr n bMd krI kbhUM igr kwnn rwj sdw
inbhXo ho] jo ibiD Xy suK qoh dey qYsy rwm ky hwQ qy
kwl khXo ho]75]

pRwnau vwc bwlI soN]


jIvq hoN ieh lok suKI rn jUJ sur lok gey] piq
dyh CutI n rhy ibiD lO pun lwB bfo qum rwm hey]
ibprIq bfI hm ko sun nwQ ky pwien sMg n pRwn

dey] Ab AMgd pUq smyq su nwh kI Cwir ibnw

prDIn Bey]76]

Ab hON clXo Akws pRwn khXo kiprwj soN]

CwfXo js qum pws qwsoN iKJ kip kihq]77]


nwir iCnwie dXo duK moih qUM bwnr kXoN qbhI n

ibcwrXo] bwlI soN pRwn clXo kih bwq imlXo nih
rwmih hON n auBwrXo] jwih nhIN moih AOr bfo duK
dyKhu rwGv nXwau sMBwrXo] bIr hUM qy hnUmwn hUMqy
nl nIl hUMqy Gt moih inhwrXo]78]


bwl sMGwr blI Asurwie Cfwie lY nwr deI kip

rwjY] Awn sBY Bt pwie pry iqn mD isMGwsn rwm
ibrwjY] AMgd kY iPr Qwp qhIN bn rwj dIE (dXo)
Br nYn n lwjY] bYr Cfwie imlwie sugRIvih bol
a]Ty rGubIr sdwjY]79]


AOD khW inj dys nryS khW pRBu ko bnvws

pTwvY]kXoN ds sIs rhY sIA ko khW kMcn ko imRg hY
muin DwvY]kXoN suq pOn soN pRIq bnY rGubIr ky pwie

sugRIv imlwvY]bwlI mrY kip rwj krY AYsI rwm ibnw

kOn bnwvY]80]

ieq rwm sugRIv smIr ky pUqih mod bFXo inq nyhu

nXo] auq lY phuMcXo sIA ko dskMD DsXo gFlMk
insMk BXO]irKI goqm kop krXo pihly iqn rwvn ko
ieh sRwp dXo]bl soN prnwir BjYNN jb hI qn Cwr
aufY kihky su gXo]81]

kivau vwc]

soeI qW fr qy frpY jIA mY n skY Cuih so bl soN

kbhI]jb kwm ko Bwau DrY mn mY sb AMg jrYN iqRn
jXoN qbhI]sIA rwm ibnw isv sRk n pUjiq so jg
jwnq hY sbhI]jYsy gMg clI Ds pUrb ko iPr pCm
ko n bhI kbhI]82]


rwj smwj idKwie sbY sIA rwvn qoN bhu BWq

inhorI]BUKn BOn BMfwrn lO pr pwie rhXo iqn fIT
n jorI]jo Apny pIA rUp rcI kI Cib QorI]Cwf ssI
kbhMU n hsI kumdI srsI prsI n ckorI]83]

rwvnau vwc jwnkI soN]

kib`q] sUr hMU n hyrI AYsI rwnI sb myrI suin qyqo qyrI cyrI
sb Awj hI krq hoN]dyvn kI bytI pt rUp hMU lpytI
riq lytI ijnYY dyK mwQy iqn kY Drq hoN] jwnkI
isAwnI qYN qo mihmW hU n jwnI kCu AwpnI ibrwnI
qWqy AiDk jrq hoN]eIs sIs cFy pun lY AsIs bFy
dyK qyeI ds sIsn soN pwieqo prq hoN]84]

jYsy AMD rUp ibn gWT Dn jUp kI jXoN hIn gun hY n

Aws kUUp jl pwn kI] mUk jYsy gwn ibn hwQ cwp
bwn ibn kwn bihry hMU ko Aws hY n gg qwn kI]
cwiqRk ijauN kwqk ky myG qy inrws hoq jwck qjq
Aws ikRpn ky dwn kI]kOlO smJwaUN qoih khW lO

AYsI Cwfo rwm Aws rwjw jnk



qUM gF lMk bsI sun jwnkI jwih insMk hY idyv n

dyKY] moN fr qy frpY surrwj n sovq nYn lgwie
inmyKY]sUr ssI jm Aor smIr n pIvq nIr ibnw

pg dyKy]syvq pOr sbY jb ey qb rwm kho qpsI ikh


AMg AnMg ghY su ghY Ar pCm gMg vhI jIA

AwvY]sIql Awig khY koaU swc ghY imRg khY koaU
swc ghY imRg god lY isMG iKlwvY] myru clY DRUA soN
sun sMudr AOr sbMq smIr jrwvY] hoie bfI ibprIiq
sbY pr jwnkI rwm n dyKn pwvY]87]

kivau vwc]

so iPr au`qr dyq n nYk dswnn ko Aiq soc BXo] mn

mYN khY BY ibn pRIiq nhIN bn mY kh Awiesu kop dXo]
qr rwks lwirApwvn qw frpwvn ko qih sMg gXo]
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eykm qorI]


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jorI] ey bqIAW sunkY drkY CqIAW pCqwie khY idRg


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sB QorI]89]

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muMfn lO ijn dwn dIXo iSv ko iCn mwh irJwie
lIE] soeI rwvn pwie rihE gih qYN n auTwie duhUM
kr mwn dIE]90]


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ghI] Xh pUrb pCm ibnW khUM eyk iCnw nlnI sIA
PUlq hY kb hI]91]


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pwvY] hyq bfo duh Ern XON soeI nyhb qumY kiv rwm
sunwvY] jXoN Cib CIn ssI ibn rYn ibBwvrI swvrI
dyh bnwvY] kwl bqIq BXo ieh rIq so kop sugRIvih
rwm bulwvY]92]



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rwm ky pwie hnUmwn lMkw gXo]93]

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rwmcMdRau vwc]

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bIqXo Ab AwgY ko aupwie ko] rwj qum pwXo bwlI
sPrg pTwXo qumY bwq BUl geI suD sIqw kI ko jwie
ko] Awp nhIN AwXo koaU auqr pTwXo nhIN lwXo hY
iblMb bol kIjY sq Bwie ko] soey suK jwmnI imly
jXoN Gn dwmnI ho kwmnI ko pwie kwm BUlXo rGurwie


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sMg ley nl nIl hnU kp kotn kotn JuMf imlwXo]
Cwif iblMb khXo Ab hI sIA soD jtwaU khW hY


sRI rGubIr khI Buj dMf auTwie AKMfl jXoN bl sY]

qum mo blvMf pRcMf mhW kip ko ju insMk hY lMk DsY]
rnmMf GmMf n pMc krY muK pY jb swr kI Dwr lsY]
kiprwj krI soie eyk hnU jo ikRpw kr Xw qn rwm

sugRIvau vwc rwmcMdR soN]


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spUq mn pUqkI] cFy rn roK pky qUq sy igrwvY Air
eyk bwr bwg jwie ghY purhUq kI] pry duK pwr kry
bIrn ky kwm rGurwie ky shwie krby ko bfo kUq kI]
sIqw soD lXwieby ko isMDu PWD jwieby ko pwiek so
rwm Xh lwiek hY dUq kI]4]


AOr chUM Er ko pTwaUN kip jUQ sIA soD ko mMgwaUN

qb kMT pwnI Ds hY] kOn mMd BwgI sun rwm kwm bYT
rhY Awpny hI hwQ kit AwpnI n ks hY] lMk gF
jYby ko insMk lMk bWiD AklMk bl jwko hnUmwn eyk


bs hY] khXo rGubIr sun bIr hnUmwn Awj qyry eI

Brosy mIc rwvn ko gRs hY]5]

kivau vwc]

eyk kip pUrb pCWh eyk isMD mwih auqr kI CWh eyk
pTey ibcwr kY] qaU qo invwie sIs cly jgdIs jUko
bIsn ky JuMf eyk eykly pcwr kY] d`Cn Bujw ko Tok
d`Cn smIr suq d`Cn ky jYby ko jgwXo iklkwr kY]
lMk ko spUq AklMk jwnkI ko soD lMk Ds Awie dY
insMk Air mwr kY]6]

sugRIavwc hnUmwn soN]


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hoeI] qw khu AOr Anyk Kry kip jwih khXo krY
kwrj soeI] rwGv rwvn mwrby ko sIA soD ko qUM su
rcy ibiD doeI] kUr khoN nih rwm hjUr hON qo sm sUr
n dyKq koeI]7]


rwmih rwj dIE hm ko Ar bwlI kI bMd qy nwir

CufwvY] AYsI ey pIr shY rGubIr pY DIr bfo muK qy n

jnwvY] bwdjny jnnI jg qy duK mYN pRB mIq ky kwm

n AwvY] AOr rihE aupcwr DirE sun rwm ky kwm ko
kOn n DwvY]8]

jW iCn swihb kwm ko syvk jwvq qw iCn kI bl

j`XY] bwq ibcwr khY hs kY ibn dwmn qwih ky hhwQ
ibk`XY] hY ieh BWq kI bwq chUM jug qw pr rwm so
Twkur p`XY] inAwie hnU sb kwm krY Bt lwKn mY
jb eyk bul`XY]9]

kivau vwc]

rom rom PUl gXo Tok Bujw TwFo BXo rwm muskwny dyK
rUp hnUmwn ko] sIqw jUko soD hm Awj hI qy pwXo
mwno dyKq hON fIl Xwko isMDu PWD jwn ko] jO lO
rGubIr iml bIr soN ibcwrYN qO lY BXo kip C`Xw so
Cv`Xw Asmwn ko] hwQ jor khY lMk bwrD kY pwr
Ab kIjY n Avwr dIjY Awies indwn ko]10]

hnUmwnau vwc rwmcMdR soN]



jO khOqO rIqo isMD kroN jYsy pIE muin Ar jo khO qo

bIc pwnI rwKoN nwm ko] khO jwie lMk mwroN BIqn so
BIq kho rwvn smyq prswaUN pg bwm ko] dyK kY
AnIqw myry mrq nwhI pIqw joeI kho soeI kroN nwQ
nYk Bro hwm ko] suno myry mIqw suK soeIey n cIqw kho
sIqw soD ilAwaUN khO sI imlwaUN rwm ko]11]


Kyd mwro Kyd ibn Kyd ijn kro nwQ sIqw lYky swqey
pqwl hUM jO jwiego] Cuvq iqhwry pwih khW lO prwie
moqy qO khw bswie Awie sIs pg nwiego] kUp sur
lok isMD Acl sumyr ibMd rwvn pryvw hnU bwj jXoN
abufwiego] nwie mwQ khON nwQ gihE qw kY pwCy
rGunwQ myro hwQ kI su BlI mwr Kwiego]12]


kihE hnUmwn qw ko khO prmwn pRB sunIAY sRvn dYkY

qum ko bqwie dXoN] jr qo kmiT Bwl swqo isMDu Awl
bwl dys AO ibdys fwl cK kY invwie dXoN] pwq myG
syq kwry PUljy Akws qwry Bwry Pl sUr sis qyaU mYN
Jukwie dXoN] hON qo swKwimRg imRgrwj rGurwj AYs

ibEm qru qy iqhwrI sIA ko mY ilAwie dXoNqwry Bwry

Pl sUr sis qyaU mYN Jukwie dXoN] hON qo swKwimRg
imRgrwj rGurwj AYs ibEm qru qy iqhwrI sIA ko mY
ilAwie dXoN]13]

kho sIA ilAwaUN kho qwhI ko sMdys kho rwvn smyq

ilAwaUN byg isK dIjIey] kho qwhI CudR ko kutMb lO
smu`dR boroN lY AwaUN mdodrI ko jwnIey su kIjIey] kho
ds sIs Buj bIsn bKyroN Awgy kho jwie GyroN gF
ibnqI pqIjIey] rMk hnUmwn ko insMk pwn dIjY rwm
kho qo auTwie gF ilAwaUN FUMf lIjIey]14]

rwm cMdRau vwc]


dyK hnU kiprUp sIAw rGubIr hI jIA mY frpY hY]

mwns kI khW tot prI jb dUq kIey kip rIC ljY
hY] dyvn ko mn hY n jhWgF lMk su ey kih kYsu buJY
hY] hY prbIn qaU sIA ko ibncIn dIey prqIq n



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eyk indwn kIey ibn hy kip sIA ibnw prqIq n
kIjo] ey min ky gun guMQ qjy pihcwnq jwnkI AOr n
bIjo] kY bin mY kY igrwn durI jih hY suMdrI muMdrI
qih dIjo]16]

hnUmwno vwc rwmcMdR soN]


eyk kroN ibnqI qum so sunkY rGunwQ buro ijn mwno]

eyk PlMg kroN qj sMk insMk su lMk DsXo moih jwno]
hO hnumwn Ajwn nhIN pRB dyKn ko sb TOr sXwno]
mMjl vY pd kMj kho ikn hON sIA ko ikh BWq

rwmcMdRau vwc]

swc khI ien bwq qaU sIA kI duiq hON ikh BWq
sunwaUN] jy aupmw kiv dyq sbY qyeI Pyr khON sb AMg
ljwaUN] hON kip FUMf rhXo jg mY Cib AMgn kI sm
ko nih pwaUN] mo duK qy ijh BWq sIAw soeI cIn hnU
sb qoih bqwaUN]18]


jhW n hulws qwqy swsn Avws qhW nIky bIr bwq

sun lIjIey indwn kI] jwky dPwry kwjr soN imlI
pMk lMk mWih qhW khUM dyKIE inSMk bDU Dwm muK dIp
muK mUk rwm rwm hI kI kUk jhW sovY CWih DUp qhW
hY AcUk jwnkI]19]


jwky bWDy kys qn qwpsI ko Bys suun bwnr nrys idRg

nIr aUr DovqI] BUKn mlIn pIAw hIn muK CIn
jwkI hPY hY dsw dIn ins nINd hUM n sovqI] AMgn
ruKweI Pl syj n fsweI jw kI qw ko jwn lIjo nwir
nIcy muK jovqI] hnU sun mIq sIA pwieby kI rIq
lMk jw kI BIq BIq rwm rwm kih rovqI]20]


rwvn pwp ko jwl rcXo ibiD qw mih pwauN sMBwr kY

dIjo] bwq ibnw mrjwd kho ijn kRoD krY qo krY sh
lIjo] dyK PlXo bn dyiK rho ijn AMimRq ijauN js
AMimRq pIjo] kwF lY sul inhwl kro muih jwih hnU
Aiq kwl n kIjo]21]

kivau vwc]


pwn ley doaU pwin Dry isr pwie Cuey rGunMdn jUky]
AOr krI ibnqI bhu BWqn dyh bfI pRBu pwie knUky]
Awpno jwn Dry rhIE jIA ho kip s`q khoN qoih
kUky] in`q kro suD ic`q ky swQ suic``q clXo sMg im`q


Cwf clXo su mhyS ko AMs gnyS mnwie clXo idRVQ

hY] Buj pIT su Tok inhwr hnU muK locndwr clXo
jl cYP]mudMrI kr sONp khy muK bYn su dyh ibnw kip
pwRn n dYP]23]


bWiD muTI doaU pwie lgwie su bIr bfo rGubIr kI Gw

ko] pUC auTwie invwie deI kit locn mUMd n nIrih
qw ko]rwm ko nwm lIE muK qy jIA mY Dr prXY lMG
bwirD bWkyy]24]


rwm ko kwj kroNN jIA qy ieh qy suB kOn sI AOr

GrI] Cib bwriD bwrD eyk hI soN kivrwm jhW
qubrI n qrI] inD nIr ky pwr ky prXo pl mY pg


kI AMgurI jl mY n prI]kip nwau hnU ijn ko iqn qo

rGubIr ky nwauNkI nwau krI]25]

isMDu ky PWDby ko surpiq PnIp`iq hMU n rqI mn kIno]

lY riqnwvl pOF rhy kivrwm goibMdih AMq n lIno]so
hnumwn kCU n gnXo bl nwa kirE ju sunXo pur
qIno]jwnq hON su deI muMdrI pF rwm kCU jn twmn


isMDu ky iknwry inj porK sMBwry iklkwr AYsy auTXo

nB mMfl frwXo hY] kmT ky Bwl pr Pin Pinmwl
Dr Pin Pinmwl Dr dys cwl BUim soN jnwau hY]
mihmW Apwr jwky bl ko n pwrwvwr rwkSI ko mwr
pur rwkS ky AwXo hY] kInI mn sMk nih kMcn kI
lMk Xh hPY inMsk DsXo rUp Dwm ko bnwXo hY]27]


kMcn ko gF lMk Blo pr rwm soN bYr klMk XhY hY]

dyK iPrXo sb ky Gr BIqr sIqih soD khUM n lhY hY]
jy rGubIr khy muih cIn su eyk nhIN hnUmwn khY hY]


Jwirn mY ik phwrn mYN ikDoN rwvn ky igRh bIc rhY


eyk jIh pwie pun swrdw shwie nwhIN rwvn ky ngr

kI kYsy Cb gweIey] PUlI PUl fwr qru bYT PUl mwl
Ail suMdr iklwl qwl pwl so irJweIey] bwpI kUp
kuMfn pY guunn ky rQ kMcn ky Dwm pr kOn sI ibBUq
Cwif kOn sI bqweIey]29]


jwhI pOr jwie qhW kOqk loBwie qwl Awvq imRdMg

bIn bwjqy suhwvny] sUr sis brn ibrMc surrwj
Awj kOn ieh lwiek ju pwgY eIhW Awvny] AOrY kCU
rUp kir AMjnI ko pUq jwie phucXo qhW lO KwsgI
ivCwauny] dyvn kI bytI dyiK sMg pIAw lytI qhW
sIqw ky Brm hnUM lwgXo pCqwvny]30]


rwm qjY kh pwp BjY giq rUp inhwr BeI duicqweI]

kY qn Cwif geI nB ko ik iehY sIA hY kip XON
TihrweI] dyiK mMdodir kI Cib ko murJwie rhXo mn


mY iPr AweI] lMkpwqI prjMk prXo soaU, eykih AMk

krY n iFTweI] 31]

kwhU khI sIA kI qhW bwq ik Awn Asok bnI mih

rwKI] dY qb pIT kihE iDRgrwj ibBUiq sbY sis
sUrj swKI] hY js rwm ko dUD mno jm kwF pry Xh
rwvn mwKI] PUl gXo sunkY hnUmwn BXo pg dyKn ko


sRI rGubIr ko sIs invwie gXo kiprwie jhW suD

pweI] cMpk mOlsrI bt qwl lvMg lqw kcnwl
suhweI] kMj kdMb jUhI kdlI suT dwrm byl ielw
AMbrweI] kyqkI hwr isMgwr gulwl srovr kUp mhW


mor ckor kpoq khUM suk swrs cwiqRk hMs luBwny]

KMjn c`kR iJlI bk bwnr nIr kipMjl AOr bKwny]
AMg kurMg sdw Dun soN sB syviq qW bn ko lptwny]
ey suK jwnkI rwm bwn kiv rwm n sovq jwgq jwny]
iJlI bk bwnr nIr kipMjl AOr bKwny] AMg kurMg

sdw Dun soN sB syviq qW bn ko lptwny] ey suK

jwnkI rwm bwn kiv rwm n sovq jwgq jwny]34]

dyK hnU icq cOk rhXo Xh dyvn ky piq ko bin hY]

ikDoN auj`l nIl islw igr hY ikDoN swvn ko aumfXo
Gn hY] Aho kY inj pwvs ko Xh rUp ik rwm Amvws
ko mn hY] Ab moih kCU smJo n prY ik XhI kmlw
piq ko qn hY]35]


qW bn mY kip pYT gXo ibgsXo jb jwnkI FUMfq

pweI] rUK Asok qrY mn sok mno iehqy aupjI
duicqweI] nwir invwie rhI jug jMg Kny nKsoN puhmI
jIA AweI] rwm ibag khY jnu suMdr bYT Drw jnnI


qwih mhIruh aUpr bYT su kwF leI muMdrI muK qy]

soeI fwr deI hrey kih bwq sIAw bc mwq mhW duK
qy qib dyK ibcwr kIE icq cOk jIAE qjIey Ab
Xw suK qy] sKI rwm imlwp kI Aws BeI Xh Awn
prI kq qy ruK qy]37]

sIqwau vwc]

pRwnn ky kwFby ko kr ikDo kr kI hY vYsyeI lgy hYN

ng vYsoeI hY suMdrI] bn ko n pQ bnpQ mhW bn
pQ mhW bn pQ CwifkY iGnwnI bn pwqn kI
guMdrI] pRBu hYN su muMdrI hY pRBu Awp kOn Do phwrn mYN
Cwf AweI quMdrI] myry mn vuqrI qUM kYsy kr auqrI hYN
muMdrI qUM kYsy kir auqrI smuMdrI]38]


ibnw khy pOn ko n gOn Xw ngr bIc kOn Awie skY

eIhW rwh pwQ nwQ kI] jIA mY n rhI BeI nr hIn
khW krY ibiD ibrhIn kY kY ibiD kY AkwQ kI]
mkrMd iehY jIA jwnI min swQ kI hY Xwqy kip nwQY
bUJby kI mn swQ kI] dyKI nYn hwQ kI n suD pwie
hwQ kI su rGunwQ hwQ kI inswnI jb hwQ kI]39]


dyK rhI chUM Ern qwih su koaU n mwns dyq idKweI]

soc ibcwr kIey bhu BWqin rI muMdrI nB qy auf
AweI] qOhI lO bol auTXo kip XO muih rwm deI su


qumY phuMcweI] dUq hnU myro nwauN hY mwq proN pg jI n

kro duicqweI]40]

qb jIA mYN sIA suK kIE rwm dUq Xh Awih] mwns

kI kh tot hI imln khXo hY qwih]41]


qb jIA mYN sIA suK kIE rwm dUq Xh Awih] mwns

kI kh tot hI imln khXo hY qwih]41]


bhuro kIE ibcwr pRwnnwQ Aiq cqur hYN] kIno kip

pRiqhwr mwns ko rwks BKY]42]


dUjI BlI krI myry jI kI sUl hrI pRBu mwns jo hoqo

qwsoN kYsy muK jorqI] rwm dUq sunY qyhI GrI mwr
fwirE huqo qwhI ky jXwieby ko kOn inhorqI] AYsy
kih pwCy muMdrI ko CwqI lwie rhI mwno imly pRwnnwQ
nYk n ibCorqI] kbhUM auGwry FwpY inrDn ko Dn jYsy
nYnn ky nIr aur AMcr incorqI]43]


bUJq hY qwhI ko sMdyso sIAw bwr bwr myry pRBU pRwn

nwQ suK soN rhq hYN] lCmn nIky khW Cwfy khW
kihE qoso myrI suD lYby ko kbhUM aumhq hYN] ikDo myry

AOgn ibcwry hYN ibswr dInI ikDoN moro nwm lY auswsn

Brq hYN] boly hnUmwn iesy muMdrI n khY mwq qyry pwCy
rwm Xwko kMkn khq hYN]44]

Bjw BeI Aiq dUbrI kMkn kInI Cwp]

hnUmwn swcI khY kOn hmwry pwp]45]

hnUmwn vwc sIqw soN]


qyry pwCy qyro duK qyro jpYN nwm muK dUj kI sI klw
kyhUM dyih inbhq hY] sunIey n qorI bwq qwhI ko
Atptwq qlPq gwq bIjrI sI cmkq hY] kMkn
krI hY Cwp soaU hY iFl iFlwq pRwn nwQ hUM ko icMqw
ghyeI rhq hY] CIn rGurweI sun sIA myrI mweI jYsy
pVvw pVYXw AYsy ibD aulhq hY]46]

iqRjtIau vwc sIqw soN]


qb bolI iqRjtI sumiq sun jwnkI Acyq]

qUM ju rwm sMg aUT clI Gr qj bn ikh hyq]47]


qUM n sMg huqI qb ieqIE n huqI khW qo ibn Akyly

rwmcMd kCU frqy] qwpr mnwie rhy rwKby ko pwie

ghy pwCy sb mMdr ky log qoso lrqy] khUM bn jwie

khUM kMd mUl Kwie sMg lCmn lYky suKI idn Brqy]
kwhy kI BlweI jb nwir muKlweI Awj qyry duK kwhy
ko hnUM sy mo sy mrqy]46]

sun hy infr Awj rihqI jy Gr nwr BIqr qy pkwr

inswcr ilAwvqy] ibCry qy pIAw kho kOn sI mrI hY
qIAw qum suKI hoqy rGubIr suK pwvqy] jwnkI qO qb
iFg mosI jO n hoqI qyry AOr hnUmwn ibn lMk kOn
Awvqy] qyrIE aupwD jo qUM sMg hI n hoqI qb rwvn
hPPPPY jogI rwmcMd ko curwvqy]46]

sIqoau vwc iqRjtI soN]


sun iqRstI sIqw khY mrm n jwnY koie] pIAw duKI

bn mY rhY qIAw suKI Gr hoie]50]

sorTw] AOr khON iek bwq jWih smJ hON sMg clI]
sunhu Drm kI BwRq iqRjtI sB qo so khON]51]

mMPf qo ipqw bcn Bwr hY auTwXo rwm dUsro jtw ko

rwK Xwqy auklwie go] kMT Kg Bwr kr DnuK KroeI

Bwr kit so inKMg AMg AMg murJwie go] myry Gr rhy

qy inpt CwqI Bwr hY hY iehY mY ibcwrI ien pY n
shXo jwie go]BPK hY ik rUK hY ik nXwie murJwie
hY su XWqy sMg clI Xh Bwr qO nswie go]52]

kivau vwc]

qb iqRjtI pwien prI cqur jwnkI Awih]

jo lXwXo kip rwm qy pun sIA bUJiq qwih]53]

sIqwau vwc muMdrI soN]


ijn so bhuq snyh rwm cMd mn qy krih]

iqnhUM kI giq eyh su kiv rwm sMg qj rhI]54]


rwj ibBUiq eyk q`q iCn rwmih pIT deI] mn Bwvn

ko phucwvn ky ims pOrhUM lO nih sMg BeI] pun mY bn
mY qum mwrg mY sun hO muMdrI ibpRIq neI] hm
qInhuqy su piqb`Rq kI iqhUM logn mY prqIq


pihly qo qumY sun muMdrI pRbIn rGubIr jU kI mUriq hON

nIky kY inhwrqI] pwCy qy qo dyKqI hON Awpno srUp

sb shAw myr] iDAwn hUMqy pIAw mosy hY gey hYN rwm

AWsn ko fwrqI] dY kpol hwQ rhI nwQ kih sws
Bry mwQy ilKy AMkn ibDwqw n invwrqI]56]

bolXo hnUmwn mwqw jwnkI invwr Sok jwhI idn jwie

qyro soDh sunwie hON] rwvn ky mwrby ko amf rhXo hY
mn qwhI idn sbn cFwie lXwey Awie hON] AOr jo
kdWic moso bhuro khyNgy rwm sIqw kO lY Awie qb iCn
mYN lY jwie hON] rwmih lY Awie hON ik qoih phuuMcwie hON
qUM mwn myrI bwq hnU qW idn khwie hON]57]


AOr jo qUM khyN moih Ab lY jWau qoih lMk hI ky logn

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aufwie kY] qWpr jo mosoN rGubIr jU iKJYNgy qb bIc
pr mwq moih lIjo bKswie kY]58]


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jwnI lMkw ngrI audws hY] hY jo koaU idn ctkIlo

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ky sy DOlhr imtyeI sy dyKIAq rwq GrI dPUYk pwCy
riv ko pRkwS hY] jm kI bnYgI isv jU kI ibgrygI
rGubIr kop isMG imRg rwvn gRws hY]59]

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ibiD lok khY pwpI prlok duK mY pcY] qwqy byg jwhu
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qy bcY] ienky imly qy hO hUM hPY geI kTor jwqy myry
pRwn rhy sun rwm duK nw qcY]62]


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jwgy pwCy qo piqAwny pRwn Awgy n piqAwie hYN] bwsI

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n pRwn jwq dyh Cwf Cwf jI soN inq hI lrq hON]
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hUM n khUM ibdrq hON] eyho mYly Bys myro khIE sMdys
kip Aws bs prI qWqy jIboeI krq hON]64]


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DwroN] ey doaU mYN AprwD kry CmIE rGubIr n Pyr
vMgwroN] so Ab lO duK pwvq hON jb pwie n dyKoN qo
pRwn inkwro]65]


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bwr lIjIAq n Anl chIAq hY] sMg ky dukUl dyK

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plBwrI rwm plO n sMBwrI kip AYsy gF lMk AYsI
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ibn sIl duKI sIA ibn auq rGubIr]67]


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ivprIq iek pwqI Ar pqy ibn]68]


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hI so kwF dInI dIjo rwm hwQ jo bFYXw qyrI riq ko]
dUsry sMdysy icqRkUt qum myry ihq kIE kwk sIk bwn
lY su giq ko] iqlk bnwXo inj hwQ myry mwQy kip
qIno pqy dIjo iqn qIno lok piq ko]69]


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Awie geI iPr kY mn mY kCu hXW Apno bl mY n
jnwXo] ikAw cl hY jg mYN Xih ik rwm ko dUq koaU

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mnko pCqwXo]70]

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Bwau kwier bk muK hI rhY]71]


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kY js rhY, do mih eyk kmwauN]72]


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cFwie bfo aUDm mcwie dUq rwm ko khwie hoN] rwvn
ko swvn ky myG jXoN ruvwie rwm cMdih sunwie bfo
bWdr khwie hoN] AOr jo khyNgy ibnw khy kXoN krI ry
qb myro khW jYhY nwm sIqw ko bqwie hoN]73]


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Xih jwnq n bl ko] Awies ibnw jo kroN dyKn qy
froN qb khY hnUmwn hON kroN qo eyk Cl ko] FIly FIly
pwien so sIqw jU so khXo jwie BUK lwgI ibnw khy


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hoie qYso qor Kwih koaU eyk AwD Pl ko]74]

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kI sI Awg hnUmwn AwgXw leI]75]


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pUMC TwFo BXo rwm qyj sulgwie]76]


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sb aUcI iklkwr kI] Bwg eyk fwty rUK mUl qy
aupwty Pl qory mITy Kwty hrI TOr hI su Cwr kI] Awn
purhUq inj hwQn svwrI AYsI rwvn kI bwrI pwq
pwq fwr fwr kI] dUq khI bwq mhwrwj auqpwq BXo
AwXo kip eyk iqn mwry hm hwr kI]77]


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hwl hUl kI] pwCy aun pUMC so iPrwie sb mwr fwry
Bwgy hm Awey bwq BeI AYsy sUl kI] jWkI Cb dyKY
bn nMdn sy mIcYN AWK sIcYN myG mwlI AYsI bwrI


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blvwn n JulwvY eyqy mwn idFIAq hY] isromn bwgn
bgIcn bnn bIchu qy rKvwry qhW pMCI kI n gq hY]
cFq duKwry hnUmwn ky auKwry AYsy rUK auKrq hY]79]


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ijn mwro bWD lXweIE] kWky khy kIno auqpwq vWih
bUJo bwq qWqy eyk bwr vwih moih idKrweIE] AOr jo
kdwc kwhUM dyvqw ko hoie Cl qO qy qwih nIky bRhm
PWs so PsweIE] mwrXo ijn A`C mq vhY blI hoie
qwso swvDwn hPY kY bytw jIq Gr AweIaE]80]


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auq kOn mry hwr pry bRhm mMqR pF kY clwXo hY] mwnI
bRhm Awn boly khW pwvY jwn kip XO n jwnY mUVQ bpu

Awp qy bMDwXo hY] Xwko Pl Awgy Gr lwgy jwn jY hYN

sB bWD hnUmwn ko su myGnwq ilAwXo hY]81]

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bWDy kip sihq rwvn ky iFg jwih]82]

pRSnoqr rwvn ky hnUmwn soN]


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Tor mn jwnY muK qy hsY]83]


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bUJ AMjnI ko pUq hoN] kOn kwj bwg qor fwrXo suq
mwrXo myro BUK lwgy qorXo Ar mwrby ko BUq hON] myry
Awgy sUr hYN khwvq, khwaUN kXoN n qo sy igr qorby ko
bjR purhUq hON] kXoN hYN lMk AwXo rGubIr hON pTwXo
kCu lwgq hYN syvk hON dUqn so dUq hON]84]


jwnkI lY jwqo qo qy nYk n sMkwqo mUF Awpno ho qn

Awp kwhy ko bMDwvqo] kYsy myGnwd Awid jI so Cwf
dyqo Ar lrby ko qoso sUr Awj khW pwvqo] qyrI bIs
bwhn kI hONs n rihn dyqo nYk rwm cMd jI ko Awies

jo pwvqo] kWso khON jwie jYsI mn kI smwie mn

hwie nIko rx kOqk idKwvqo]85]

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kip kOn BWq mwrIey] eyk khY bMd kIjY eyk khY dIjY
ibK jIjY qb koaU idn AYsI BWq twrIey] bolXo
hnUmwn hON qo AYsy n mroN ry jYsy qum ho khq myro bcn
ibcwrIey] piq hI su geI Ab hONhMU mrXo cwhq hON
qUl qyl sON lpyt dyh myrI jwrIey]86]


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jYsy hnUmwn khXo hY] qUl sn qyl so qo lXwey myl
iGRq bwkI KwsgI Pulyl pt AwnXo XhY rhXo hY] dyKo
kiv rwm kCu BwvI so clq nWih jwqy Gr jrY ienYQ
soeI bXoq ghXo hY] pOn pUq qU jo khY rwm purhUq myro
dUq soeI kip iqn jwie lMk dhXo hY]87


bMhm Pws Cor dInI Awgy kip gXo Bwg Awp PUk
lInI khXo rwvn gvwr ko] jYsy ieMdR brn kubyr jm
jIqXo qYsy mohU jIqXo cwhq hY rudR Avqwr ko] bwg

qorXo qyro pUq mwrXo buiD dyKI qyrI rwmY kYsy jIq hY n
jIqXo pRqhwr ko] dyKo Ab rMk lMk jwrq inMsk qyrI
qaU n buJygI jO lO Awie hYN kupwr ko]88]

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jwaUN Ab XhY hOs rhI hY] khw kroN rwm cMd AMgd
sugRIv jWmvMq nl nIl jur eyk bwq khI hY] sIqw
soD lXwie jwie rwvn pcwr mwry (hOhUM) bjR Buj dMf
so pkr mwroN mhI hY] AYsI jo n hoqI qyro Cwfqo n
goqI koaU, hY n bs vwso rwm rwj gwh ghI hY]89]


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jrwey Air Dwm ky] isMG pOr jwrI aUcy cOptw AtwrI
BlI krI rwm dUq ienhUM clwey cwm ky] rwvn inhwr
rhXo sBw myN pukwr khXo bfy idn myly ien eyk dUq
rwm ky] pwien hjUr iqn sUrn ko kOn gnY jWky
pRiqhwr kip eyqy bfy kwm ky]90]


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eyk qYhI KwXo lOn hY] swcI kih jo qUM Avqwr hYN

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mY n kRoD kr jwih Ab ky hUM tr ngr jrwvYN ijn
swDXo hm mOn hY] bolXo qb jO hON iSv BXo qO khW hY
gXo rwm kop Awgy rudR mhW CudR kOn hY]91]

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BXo qwko Pl dyKIey] SMkr iekwds mY dso sIs kwt
kwt pUjY ds rhXo eyk kWso AiBKykIey] qwqy lMk
jwrI syvw mwnI n hmwrI Ab AwgyeI kusl jb hY hY
qb lyKIey] jwnq hON myro pRB moih smJwvq hYN rudRn
ky JuMfn mYN Byd ko n dyKIey]Y ds rhXo eyk kWso
AiBKykIey] qwqy lMk jwrI syvw mwnI n hmwrI Ab
AwgyeI kusl jb hY hY qb lyKIey] jwnq hON myro pRB
moih smJwvq hYN rudRn ky JuMfn mYN Byd ko n


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jh kip jwrq iPrY qhI inrK mr jwie]93]



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ikDo qIjo nYn so iqRnYn mYn auqpwq hY] ikDo hym igir
nB mMfl so foly ikDo sUrj so imilAE ieMdR DnuK
suhwq hY] AOrY Cib rwm kiv mwno rwm cMd fr rwvn
pRcMf ko pRqwp BwijE jwq hY]94]


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svweI lweI hnUmwn kI n buJY pUs pws qy] sony kI
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geI lyq sws qy] dWqn cbwie hwie pkirE n jwie
kip Bwj geI rwnI sb rwvn ky pws qy]95]


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eyk cly jwq hYN] BUqy hPY rhyN qy ACUqy n rhn pwey
hnUmwn jI qy gihE dWqn so pwq hYN] kIno ijn
rwvn inpUqo jmhUM qy jm kUqy Kyq mMf AjhUM qy n


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rwmcMd dUq ieMdR hUM qy n frwq hY]96]

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kwcy] lMk pqI gRih mYN sIA Awn su dYkr qwlBlI
ibiD nwcy] pUC so lwie jrwie dey hnUmwn sunwr ky
Fwrq sWcy] rwvn ky prpMcn qy jry kMcn ky gRih
rMc n bwcy]97]


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qy]sUrj bMs isromin hY sun sRI rGubIr Bey jb hI
qy] jXoN mix ko Pin rwj inhwr fry n rqI qm rUp
mhI qy] jwr kY lMk insMk BXo kip rwvn rMk BXo
qb hI qy]98]


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jrweI jr geI lyq sws qy] log Bwgy jwq pwCy EFn
jrq jwq kYsy suK p`Xy ibn lMk piq nws qy] cOhtw
bzwr jry bIQI cwtswr jry GoVw hiQXwr jry kip ky


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hUY n geI su ivBICn ky vwsqy]99]

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skucwq hY] rwm bl fIT nYk nIcy n krq fIT boly
hnUmwn ky n ptkwq pwq hY] sbY sh rhy Pyr auqr
n khy XOhUM khyN jwie boly dOr Pwr Kwq hY] mn mo n
sMkw jwko AYso gF bMkw AYsI lMkw jwry bIr js fMkw
dIey jwq hY]100]


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jwnkI ko isr nwXo hY] bwg mYN auKwirE vwko bytw
mwirE mwqw gWau pr jwrXo AYso bcn sunwXo hY] rwm
kwm kIno AOr mYhuM js lInY rGubIr ko rqn dIno soqo
hON bcwXo hY] rwm kwm kIno AOr mYhUM js lIno rGubIr
ko rqn dIno soqo hON bcwXo hY] muK mO idKwie eyk dMq
ko mnwie qb hnUmwn PWD isMD rwm iFg AwXo



dUr hI qy dyK rGubIr suK pwXo khXo dyKo hnUmwn

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hY jwnq hO sIqw soD Awj hmY pwvno] mwQo
crnWribMd aUpr luTwie rGurwie su auTwie kIE
CwqI so lgrvno] bolY qWih mwrq hY jwnq hO sIqw
soD Awj hmY pwvno] mwQo crnwriubMd aUpr luTwie
rGurwie su auTwie kIE CwqI so lgwvno] bolXo pOn
pUq mYN spUqI kOn krI nwQ pwien qy GrI dYPk mohU
nw auTwvno]102]


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kOn kwj kIE jwie kY] qWqy myry AMg kYsy sRI AMg sON
imlYN rwm rwvn ky sIs dyK AwXo mwrXo A`C lMk gV
dIE hY jrwie kY] sIqw ko rqn dIno pRwn ko pqn
rwKXo bUJq sMdyso rGunwQ muskwie kY]103]


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mwhIN] hY pRBu lMk klMk ibn su bsY qh rwvn bwg
kI CwhIN] jIvq hY khby eI ko nwQ so ikauN n mrI

hm qy ibCurwhIN] pRwn bsY pd pMkj mYN jm Awvq hY

pr pwvq nwhIN]104]

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jO lg jwnkI nYn smMudR ky sMgm AWsn hon n pwvY]
fwt khY kip jUQn so bhurO ibiD bMD ik Awp


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sIqw ky AMg kI khq hnMU isr nwie]107]


dUbrI qy AYsI dyKI suno rGurwie jWky Awgy dUj sis

kI rMg AWsun kY Awgy myNh swvn ko hIn hY] ibrh ky
swsn ky Awgy Awg AYsy jYsy mhW ihm bol muK swsn


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dyK mYN qo vwry pur qIn hY]108]

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l`Cmn kQw kho Ab qIn]109]


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lMk ko dyq lMkw piq cup kXoN krI]110]


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sRI rGubIr ky nwmih lY Bv pwr pry jg mYN bfBwgI]
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lMk kI khq rwm so bwq]112]


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qyl soN qUn iBjY iGRq soN pt qwhI ky aUpr hON Dr


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icq cOp so sMq sunhu dY kwn]114]


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kI n kQw rwg qwn kI] rhI n gumwn kI n khMU cF
jwnkI n pOrK kI n kQw Kwn pwn kI] bydn purwn
kI n sunIey sXwn kI hON JUT jo khoN qy sONh rGukul
Bwn kI] rwm fr rwvn ko ngr fgr Gr bgr
bjwr Awj kQw Bwj nwnkI]115]


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soN XON kihE jXoN hYN dYP iqauN qIn]116]

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kiv js suny bwmn ko dwn so] jYsy byd igAwn
inrpyK snmwn jYsy kwnn ko qwn ijauN sroj BOr Bwn
so] jYsy bIr bIr soN jXoN bwirD ko qIr soN iqauN AYsI
pRIq lwgI rGubIr hnUmwn soN]1]


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rGupiq sRI muK kihE Ab iblMb ikh kwm]2]


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pun swk dsmI ibjY pRisD idn]3]


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ko lwgq suhwvno] BUim Bwr dIby ko ik sUr FWp lIby
ko smudR kIc kIby ko ik pwn kY sukwvno] kUrm klys
ko ik Sor dys dys ko ik hwl hUl Awgy kr aUDm
mcwvno] qyry Buj dMf ky pRqwp ky Brosy moih rwvn so
mwr js duMdBI bjwvno]6]


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bfy swl kI] qaU eyk rwm hUMqy pUrn hY kwm sb
krYgI rsoeI Air sYnW mhW kwl kI]10]

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kih hykn ky Awgy AMg eykn ncwXo hY] jIA mYN qo
jwny pIr DIrn mYN bfo DIr bIr lGubIr qIr bwirD
ky AwXo hY] khY lCmn XWkI dyKIE iFTweI Awj rwm
cMd Awgy isMD grb jnwXo hY]11]


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kYsy bny jO lO AYso mUrK n nIky smJwXo hY] Awies jO
pwaUN XwmY CwrhIN aufwaUN rwm qO lO Awg bwl lY
kmwn so cFwXo hY] bwmn ko rUp kr rwm cMd jUky fr
kWpq AsIs dykY bcn suxwXo hY]12]

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khW DrI CpI hoie momYN qb qum ko bqweIey] kho sUk
jwauN sYnw auqrY ibnwhI nwau kho lMk boroN nYk Awies
jO pweIey] kwrn krn hoN qo swgr srn AwXo lwgq
crx moih kwhy ko jrweIey]13]

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huqy m`C bVvwgin ho qwih ko pTwvqo] prbq spC ho
BujMgn ky l`C ho, imlwie eyk TOr sB swmuhyN
aufwvqo] AOr sb rhI qyrI mwnqy qy shI isMD sIqw
jUky kwj jwie sRI piq jgwvqo]14]


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pRlY auqpwq hY] AOr ien m`C k`C aurg huqwsn qy
suno bil jwauN lMkwpiq jIqXo jwq hY] eyk igr shI
hY sp`C qwky p`Cn ky kwtby ko ieMdR bjR lIey Akulwq

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qo Ab rwvroeI gwq hY]15]

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nIr jo mwnY piq joK sb]17]


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pYNfo rwq hI bnwiebo] bwq hY n Awrs kI rIq n
spwrs kI lwK Pyr eyk bwr pwr qyry jwiebo] khXo
lCmn qosoN rwm hYN khq isMDu Awj js lyhu AYso smo
kb pwiebo] nw qo rwjw sgr kI sMqq ko jwn ho
ibnw SRm Kody vYsy qurq ptwiebo]18]


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rwm AYsy TihrweI hY] khI burI BeI bwq pOrK kI
geI sb jwie jwmvMq nl nIl so jnweI hY] jg mYN
clygI bwq sYnw kip rwjn kI rwm bUJ isMD Qwhu hY


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dyKo qwq qum hUM ko kYsI lGuqweI hY]19]

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bwq hnUmwn kop kI] AMgd sugRIv eyaU dono gey rwm
iFg suno mhwrwj isMDu krI bwq Dop kI] nwQ hm
swgr kI gYl kYsy clyN Ar qum hI ibcwro Xw mY kOn
bwq Ep kI] ikDoN XW ky bWDby ko hYN n blvMq hm
ikDoN hnUmwn hUk Awgy piq lop kI]20]


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sugRIv aur Awn hY] moih qo iqhwry suK suK hY sdweI
sUDy swgr bMDwvo kwl XwkI khW kwn hY] myry jIAw
huqI Xwih kwhy ko bMDwaUN AprwD hY n Xwko dXw kIsI
myrI bwn hY] XWkI qo shl Awgy rwvn ky mwrby kI
khXo lCmn nwQ dXw kOn mwn hY]21]


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pKwnn Cwie bWDhu syq iblMb qj]23]



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Ab khIey aupwie ko] AYsy qIno lok mwih rwm kiv
dyKXo sunX dyv nr clY Awj Awies imtwie ko] isMDu
duK shXo bol ienhI ko rhXo BweI BXo inrwDwr Xih
bol rGurwie ko] hnUmwn jwn jIA bwq prmwn Xih
bwrD ptwih ibnW Awj pwr jwie ko]24]


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rGubIr kip Bt Aiq PUlq cly]25]


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joq kumlwnI qm cr boly cor bwt Bwgy sMK Sbd
suhwq hYN] jwgy rwm kwm kI kmwn tUtI CutXo bl
ltI sI qrYXw bIc qyaU Cp jwq hYN]26]


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Awvq phwr ko] eyk dRum fwrYj rUK mUl qy aupwrYN eyk
vwr eyk pwr eyk pwty mWJDwr ko] qXoN qXoN skucwih

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ibcwr ko] qO lO jur Awie kip rwie kr sIs nwie
bcn sunwie AYsy rwGv kumwr ko]27]

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jwhIN] nYnn kI krunw rGu bMs isromix jo nih dUr
krwhIN] qO krnw ky kIey krnw iniD pwQr pWqn
pMQ imlwhIN]28]


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sunwih khyN bqIAW] qwhI ko bulwih rGurwie pIT Tok
khYN jwhu jwhu cly hs kwF kwF dqIAW] rwjw ky
kumwr hm fwrq hYN isMD Dwr dyiKE gusWeI eyeI
rwvx kI CqIAW] smuMd ksUqn kI swKw imRg pUqn
kI lMkwpiq dUqn pTweI ilK pqIAW]29]


eyk kip vwr eyk pwr eyk isMDu Dwr hwr bwr kIey
iml pwty iniD nIr ko] eyk dRum fwr eyk fwrq
phwr eyk Bwry Bwry pwvyN n jOnwvyN inj pIr ko] eyk

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rGubIr ko] eyk iklkwr iklkwr auTy bwr bwr sRm
dyh ko sunwvyN Bt BIr ko]30]

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kt bWDq hY ikDO jur myGn ky JMufn so pIjIey] ikDo
nB PUitE ikDo CUitE ibRMd idgj ko khY SySnwg]
smo hY qo sYn kIjIey] ikDo tUt gXo pihrwvq jnyaU
Xwih bWDy hMU qy swq Cib kho kOn dIjIey]31]


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swqo bWDy iCn mYN] crn pRqwp Awj qyaU qo phwr
ilAwvYN bUFy KMj dUbry jy rogI huqy bn mYN] clIey
gusweIN Ab lok gF qor fwrYN rwvn ky imly rih jY hY
hONs mn mYN] bYlo rGubIr bIr syq ko bFwie jwhu kYsy
jYsy ikRpn bFwie Dn Dn mYN]32]


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pulkq cly iek nB mg prcMf]33]


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ngr jwie bolY qWhI Pwr Kwie KwsgI rsoeI eyk bwr
qo lutwvnI] boly hs rwm qum BUKy ho rihq nwQ Psl
ko lUt Gr jUT Awn pwvnI]35]


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rwvn so jor kr kihq ivBIKn bwq]36]


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pr mwQ rwm bYr kul CY krn]37]


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myry bcn ibcwrIE] ngr ky bwsn ko sONh dY dY buJo
qum koaU XoN khq hY ju rwmcMd hwrIE] qIno lok sMpq
smwj rwj qyry Gr syeI XON kihq hYNN hMU jwaUN sIA
lYkY rwmCwauN jo pY imlY mwr fwr hY qO mOih mwr



jO lO nl nIl jwmvMq hnvMq BONh AMgd sugRIv gRIv

PyrkY n bMk kI] jO lO rGupq jUky kop n GtweI Ep
myr sI bfweI jO pY BeI hY n tMk kI] jO lO rn
jognI n gIDnI AGweI jO lO iPrI n duhrI TkurweI,
kwl rMk kI] qO lO hY aupwie jwie ghY SrnweI, jO lO
rIC kip BwrI n ibdwrI Cib lMk kI]39]


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sIsn kI rwvn n hwnkI] sun lY inPot Et bjR kI
n bcY koaP lwgY Byd cot svwDwn n AcwnkI] jwie
gih pwie isr nwie hwQ jor kih cUk prI prI Ab
lIjY nwQ jwnkI] myro khXo mwn kr hwn hI kI hwn
jwh lIny sIA sMg hY n hwjq jmwn kI]40]


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prDwn mhW mptI kptI qum so nih bwq duKwie



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qnuj ho qo nhIN qO krqo sq KMf]42]


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bwq pRn kr rn CwfoN nhIN]43]


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aupwSnw myN swvDwn gwq hY] cwroN Buj qIA sMg soc
dyK DwrI gMgu iqlk bnmwl cMd Awk PUl pwq hY]
c`kr sy c`krI sugdw jY so dMf nwd sMK sy kpwl qIno
nYn jl jwq hY] qIn pwp Kwp nIl kMT jwko kry
jwp Awp n ljwvy qWpY kwp ly cVwq hY]


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hY] kMT hlwhl hY iSv ky AjhUM sis mY imRg AMk CXo
hY] eyjb XO pRn ko inbhYj qb rwvn ko bl tUt gXo


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sys ko eIs surys ko Twkur hY rGubIr iehY jIA AwvY]

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smJwvY] AYsI kCu jIA mwih prI jk qW sMg rwvx
pRwx pTwvY]45]

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mwirE] so iPrkY iek bwq khY pRBu hO sihqo sb roK
iqhwirE] hY aur mY rGubIr kI TOr hnI soeI qO kul
qy suK twirE] XO kh kY auT TwFy BXo qb rwm ky
pwien ko pg DwirE]46]


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bn clXo Ab rGubIr shwie]47]


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mwih rGupiq crn pRqwp bl] 48]


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dUr qy dyK kihE kip mMfl hY iriK nwrd kY riv

joqI] kY Dr dyh huqwsn Awvq skR ikDo Cib hY sMg
EqI] jO sIA dUq kho qo shI pr qWih kI mwns dyh

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rwvn goqI]49]

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so] jwie ivBIKn pwie ghy isr nwie rqI ibn hO n
rqI so] Qwp kIE rGubMs isromin nYn kI snYn lMk
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kIno] bwsr rYn frY cqurwnn syvq pOr imly pur
qIny] pwie ghy jb hI rGurwie ljwie ivBIKn ko
sooeI dIno]51]


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JUTo nhIN jwnq hYN pur qIn]52]


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kr Bwn dIpk rwvn so khY]53]


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iqn nYk hUM n sMk kI] qyrI pRBqweI Kwry sumRd

bhweI kul lwj byc KweI fwr nwir prjMk kI] qwsON
rGurweI pRIiq bhuqy jnweI rhy CwqI so lgweI XO
bfweI piq rMk kI] XON khY lugweI qo sO kwhUM n
sunweI kMq sunI TkurweI qyry BweI pweI lMk

sRI rGubIr ky qIr qbY kip rwj khY iek bwq khON]
qum lMk ivBIKn ko bKsI AbhI imlqy kho hON n
rhON] jo pY rwvn Awn imly sMg jwnkI dyhu khw pRBu
pwie ghoN] qb mYN hUM ibcwr DrI jIA mYN vhu AOD bsy
sIA so bn hON]55]


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rGupiq lMkw deI Bir Bir nYnn lwj]56]


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jwie ds muK ko smJwie hY]57]

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nwm spqmo AMk smwpqM]9]


AMk AwTvW]

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lMkw pqI kY rUTy sq Bwie]1]


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piq AMgd nIl nl jwmvMq hnUmwn]


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smJwie Awie imlY lMkw pqI]kip piq AMgd nIl
nl jwmvMq hnUmwn]


AMgd lIE bulwie khI bwq rGubMs mix] jwie Ajhu

smJwie Awie imlY lMkw pqI]2]


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kih rGurwie dUq pTwXo bwl suq]3]


myry pwCy hrI ik qYY ibnw jwny krI AYsy isMDu ky Brosy
ik qY rwj AiBmwn qy] ikDo kuMB kwn myGnwd Awid
dIno mMq ikDo isv jor rwjw ikDo md pwn qy] qoko
iCmw kInI sb jwnkI lY imlo Ab jwie kho bIr


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cFweI hoq lMkih lpyt lY hY aupjXo ju Bwn qy]4]

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bwq ko hO auqr qo Awie dXoN] jo kdwc moso buro bolY
ds kMD qWky ds muMf jo khoqo qum pY clwie dXoN] jO
kho qo sIso gih lXwaNU idKrjaUN pwie qwko pirvwr
mwr smuMdR bhwie dXoN] jO kho qO jwnkI smyq bn
lXwaUN qum jo khO qo rwvn smyq lMk lXwie dXoN]5]


bIr sun bwq ijn kro kwhU Gwq qb bIs bwqy khy
hmYN aunhI so kwj hY] khXo qyro mwnY sIA AwnY hm
jwihM iPr AjhUM lO qUM ik qyry bIr hUM ko rwj hY] AOr
kCU smwcwr bUJY jo hmwrI qoih nIko smJwXo qU pryvw
ko so bwj hY] dIjIE bfweI AYsy khXo rGurweI kCu
imlby ko swj ik lrweI ko smwj hY]6]


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BO nW] Awie geI suD qW idn kI jb bwp ky jIvq

hoq hO COnW] qwhI pY Awj cilXo ibiD XO plnw pr

bWD kIE ju iKlOnW]7]

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nwhI dys nws hY hY BweI rwvn ky doK so] eyk jo
sXwly Br mwtI jl Awny lY cFwey Dwm Dwm Pytw bwD
TwFy coK so] kWipXo rnvws sws Bry qRws BXo jIA
AwXo kip vhY BXo AMjnI kI koK so]8]


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khYN`N bwq fobIAw] kMcn ky Dwm ikh kwm jhW ey
aupwiD rwm rwj Blo jhW sovY Kwie lobIAw] BwvY gF
qorY BwvY nwau sI lY borY kip auqr jo dyh Xwih kho
Awj ko bIAw] lwt pwt kIey qb rhI pq jYhY Ab
hwt htqwr prI Gwt hY n DobIAw]9]


eyk ho ju AwXo iqn pONC so jrwXo gwauN lY ktk DwXo

ijn isMD nIr pMk kI] kihby ko bIs pY n sUJq hY
eyk AWK dyKq hY bwq koaU kul ky klMk kI] dInI

ibiD nvo iniD jwnkI mY khw isiD rwvn so kho AYsI

bwq kXo nsMk kI] syvk ky Awey sB kWpXo krY rYn
idn Twkur ky Awey TkurweI jY hY lMk kI]10]

ieh ibiD pur bwsI sbY rh pYT Gr mwih] kQw sunY

hnumMq kI jh jh AMgd jwih]11]


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rwm qyj mwno idpY]12]


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suAwsn Brq hYN] eyk Er cwrn pFq eyk Er m`q
bwrn ko jUQ isr DunXoeI krq hYN] eyk Er pMifq
pRbIn kiv bwjII rQ ibRKB mihK m`l swrMg lrq
hYN] AYso eI smwj kOn kwj rwjw rwm ibn rwm rwm
rwvn so sogeI mrq hYN]13]


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bwq khoN sqBwie so] bWdr ky rUp eyk dPwro TwFo
nwQ qum jo kho qy jwie khoN Awie lwgy pwie so]
sIqw piq hUM ko dUq jwnIAq mhwrwj sBw ky inhwrby

ko BrXo icq cwie so] hnUmwn qy caUno jYsy sis

cOQpUno dOr bwq khI drvwn lMk rwie so]14]

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gF bhuro pTwXo hY] ikDo myry lok Xwih chUM Er rokq
hYN qwqy duK pwie prvwngI ko AwXo hY] dyKo ien FIT
fIT bMd so idKwXo qb Awp qo n jrXo myro ngr
jrwXo hY] khXo bol lyhu Awie gXo khXo ikauN ry sT
dUsro aupwie mrby ko gF ilAwXo hY]15]


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mY pRQmy sunIjIey] imRq pIr hr irp cIr rn DIr
bIr mwry jWky mrIey ijAwey jwkY jIjIey] hnU jwky
rom swnI bfo AiBmwnI gXwnI khW lO khwnI XWky
bl kI khIjIey] rwvn sMkwnXo AwXo vhY kip jwnXo
jYsy dUD ky jry qy CwC PUk PUk pIjIey]16]


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krI jYsI kr soiego] qW pr n kusrwq AOr suno
auqpwq hnUmwn AwXo vih smJwie roiego] hO khO

aupwie vh ko hY lMk rwie] qWih dyhu idKrwie duK

kwl jwih poiego] dyKo hwie hwie qWkI kYsI piq
jwie BweI rwm nwm dIpk pqMg prXo hoiego]17]

jW idn qy gr Pwis prI kip qW idn qy muK Awj

idKwXo] jwih hnU piq rwKq hON Ab lO hIA roK nhI
aupjwXo] rwmih soD kho sIA ko Ar kRoD bFwie jo
jwie bFwXo] jO bl qo n iblMb krY sun dMB ibnw rn
KMB gfwXo]18]


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rMck qo hsy rwm lwj gwq prI iPr sBw mYN n BwXo
hY] lMk sMk m`C A`C bwg swg qoirE ijn hnU vh
AOr Xh AOr kip AwXo hY]19]


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kipn iKswXo hY] Cl qWso kIjY Buj bl n bswie rMk
khW lMk piq jwso pwKMf clwXo hY] vwkI AYsI giq

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AMgd qU rwm cMd kwhhy ko pTwXo hY]20]

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Bwau rwm cMd lCmn khW]22]


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lCmn rwm insq cOdh lokpiq]23]


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jl iniD vwr Ar qum so his XO khI] 24]


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kIno rwm cMd jU so bYr mn qy bFwXo hY] XwhI mY smJ
qY qo ryK nw imtwie skIqWko eyk dUq PWD nIr iniD
AwXo hY] AOr jo kdWc rudR hUMko AiBmwn hY qO rudR hUM
ko bUJ ru`dR kOn ko bnwXo hY]25]


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CqIAw jry aurg ccMUDr bwq]26]


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Bys ibnw juD sIqw nhIN]27]


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ieh qb hI rhygo jb BlI mwr Kwiego] mwqy gj
rwjn ky kuMBn ibdwr jovY lohU so imlwie moqI kyhr
cbwiego] iqn hI kI dwFn ko mws lIE cwhY kip
AYso rwm cMd Awie lMk pCuqwiego]28]


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kInI BwrI suK kI qO hwn kI] sUr sis syvY pOr
Awvq ibrMc dOr AOr purhUq ko n rhI bwq mwn kI]
dyKq smwj AYso Awj hUM n kwl mUF AjO cyq cl bwq
XhY hY sXwn kI] jwnkI n bwq qYsI sIAw hwQ hUM n
lwgI jwn kI lY AwXo soeI jwnI bwq jwnkI]29]



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ko eyk lO qO qwq hY] kOn bwlI kho ikauN n AOr so qo
khON pr qoso khy qwko gun aulto ljwq hY] swc kY
ljwnXo kihE jwn vh jIvq hY kYsy jIey rwm kop
kOn ko n pwq ey] qUM n bYr lIE Awn imlyeI qy jIE
Awgy qyro bYr myGYnwd lIey n prwq hY]30]


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mwirE] ho blvMq bfo jg mYN ivprIq bfI vh kwhy
qy hwirE] ky vh JUT kY myry eI logn mo so purwqn
bYr icqwirE] jwnI n jwie kCU iSv kI giq kMtk
ho suK so ibiD twirE]31]


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kI dXo jr qyl hY] rwm hI ky kop mD kytB sMGwry
Ar qWhI qy ivrucY bl rwm so n myl hY] rwm hI ky
kop imRg mwirE nwk kwtI Ar Kr dUKrwid ko lgwXo
CwqI syl hY] qWhI ignqI mY imRgrwj swKw imRg
mwirE rwm kop myry jwny qo ko hwsI Kyn hY]32]


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qwkI XO bfweI kIjIey] AMs purhUq hMU ko kIno hY
ksUq ijn sun ry kpUq qWky dUq hPYkY jIjIey] saq
ko n Cwf AjhMU lO rn mWf qwso myrI Er hPY kY sMg
sYnW bl lIjIey] bnI hY qy ry bwq nYk bwq hMUko mwny
inj qwq bYr lYkY js suDw kXoN n pIjIey]33]


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piq kbhMU nhwr hY] bYrI iqRn dl qWko rwvn Anl
Ar qo smIr pwey qy Gny eI Gr jwir hY] Bt hYN ik
Bwt hYN bFwvq hYN rwm jsu soaU hm mwnI khw mohU
Awn mwr hY] ijEN bXwr byg sy inbwh qy clYgI qb
rUKn igrwie hY n igir ko aupwr hY]34]


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boly ibn hIAro jrq hYN] bwp qy n blI hON n isMD qy
Acl rwm qyaU mwry bWDy qY qo suny n frq hYN] hON qo
smJwie byky kwj qo pY AwXo AMD qUM qo moih pMcn qy


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sT Awp qO bcq nwhIN mo hUM lY mrq hYN]35]

moih dl dyq hYN so qyro khW hyq hY qMU qIno lok lYky
sMg ikaNu n smuhwq hY] Gr mYN ibrwjq hYN bwdr
ijaNu gwjq hYN qO lO jO lO lCmn bwn ko n pwq hY]
hnUmwn hUM ky Awey swqy BUlI huqI Ab sOk BUl jyhY
koaP AYsy ieq rwq hY] Cwf bkbwd Xwih miq ky
pRswid qUM qo inAwie dys dys Tor Tor bWDXo jwq


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kOn moih gih bWD hY] jwky bl kUdq ho soeI rwm cMd
rn Awie moih dyK kY su kYsy bwn swD hY] eyk hI
pRhwr isMD Dwr mY lY boroN kip kIE pYhY Awpno su moso
bYr swD hY] dwno AOr dyv sb krY jwkI syv soeI
rwvn iqhwro jYbo kOnn mY rwD hY]37]

dohrw] jb rwvn AYsy khXomsih n bwDy koih]

qb AMgd hs hs prY rwm krY so hoie]38]

sorTw] vhY sunwFaUN Awj jy jy rwvn mY suny]

rwm cMd kY kwj iPr bolo pUro krY]39]

eyk ko sh`oR bwhu lY gXo Avws AYso qRws dIno qoih kYsy
kY sunweIey] dUsry ko rwjw bl bWD lY gXo pqwl
dwsn ky Awgy nwcy joq qb pweIey] qIsry ko myro
ipqw bwlI myry kwj lXwXo COnw lY iKlOnw bWD pwlny
JulweIey] rwvn suny Anykiqn mYN qUM kOn eyk grb kI
tyk myry Awgy n jnweIey]40]


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pRmwn qwko kYsy aur AwVIey] pUq myGnwd ijn ieMdR
Awid jIqy sb AOrn ko bUJ dyK kYsy kY bKwnIey] Dwr
blvjn kI n bjR pY shwrI jwie AYso cMdR hws jw ko
qyj nB mwnIey] eYsy rwjw rwvn ko qUM n pihcwnq hYN
Awj jw ko pOrK iqRlokI mWih jwnIey]41]


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hwQ lIeyeI rihq hY] brn smIr myro mMdr buhwrq
hYN nIr Acvq pwCY jg mYN bhq hY] pwk kry pwvk

pRbIn bIn lIny iriK nwrd AO bwk piq sBw hY rhq

hY] suno rwmdUq Gr eyqI hY ivBUq myry rwvn spUq
ibiD Ajpn khq hY]42]

jyqI qYN ivBUq khI sbY AMg sbY shI AOr kY pRqwp kI
clwie skY bwq ko] dwn snmwn Buj pOrK pRmwn sUr
AOr bl kOn gnY qyry bfy BRwq ko] rwks shwiek ho
sBY sUr nwiek ho dyv n ibgwrY qosO mwns kI jwq
ko] rwvn pRbIn pr eyk miq hIn qory rwjw rwm cMd
ibn jYso cMd pRwq ko]43]


dyvn ko piq qwhMU kO hON piq bYrI ADyrn ko idn soN]

kip qUM ju kIey muih fwrq hYN lGu mwnq hYN jIA BY
iqn soN] Ab jO lg qoih n mwrq hON qb lO CqIAw
pr hY irn soN]sT rwm ky dUq n XON irs Awvq mwr
ky pRlyY krON jI ibn soN ]44]


jwnkI lY cl hYN qO sdw PUl Pl hYN qO hwQ qyro gih

rGunwQ so imlwie hON] pwien lgwih AprwD hUM
iCmwie AOr sIqw pY khwie gF lMk hUM idvwie hON] jO

pY rn bwq qo n dyKo ksurwq qyro eyk rwm ibn mws

gIDn Kvwie hoN] suno bIs fIT qoih duhU BWiq FIT
hOhIN AMgd bsIT BUMim pITih luTwie hoN]45]

sIs gey kip sI n kroN Tr lMk gey aU klMk shoN

ry] gwauN jro Ab hIau jro Ar rwm ibBUqih Awn
gho ry] AMgd qy Ab jwnkI lY pRB cUk prI muK qy n
kho ry]46]


rwm ky dyKq jO sIA kI prCWhI kO lY clY qO bl

qOry] jO Cl kY nih ryK imtwvq qO hm jwnq qoih n
bOry] cyq AjO icq mY sT rwvn pwvn rwm ikRpwl
AjON ry] do mih eyk kro inrDwr qO kY sIA dyh kY
sIs bsO ry]47]


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dubwhn smwn kI] vwky sMg bwnr hYN myry sMg bwn
rhYN bwnr kI cmUM sb krON eyk bwn kI] vwky sMg
lCmn myry kot lCmn qIno lok kwnkI n kwn kroN


Awn kI] dyh dyauN jwnkI AO gyh dyauN jwnkI su myrI

miq jwnkI n jwn dyNaU jwnkI]48]

hnUmwn AwXo iqn AYso n iKJwXo moih bWdr ky mwry

myro pOrK prwq hY] lMkw aun jwrI Xih CwqI ko
jrwvq hY kRoD kIey kRoD sIro Bey sIArwq hY] sIqw
qum BIK sI ju mWgq ho bwr bwr mYhUM BIK pweI rMk
rMk ky n jwq hY] bl hY qo Awj krY sUDo rn Awie
lrY kwier jXoN rwm qyrykwhy ibllwq hY]49]


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qUM kwhY ko krq hY] Gr bYTo AwXo rwm sIA dY svwr
kwm ibnw AweI lY burweI kwhy ko mrq hY] pwp kr
Bwry pwCy smJY sMBwry pRBu qy qO sb qwry khXo kwn n
Drq hY] kOqk idKwaUN cl pwQr pX iniD mY pwQr
qrq Awj qUM kXoN n qrq hY]50]


pry rn gwFy rudR hoiego n AwFy jo qUM Twfo (Fo) hY

bjwie Fol lwKk pukwr hY] ibnw jwny qY qo rwmcMd
so ibgwrI Ab jwie imlY rwmcMd qoso n ibgwr hY]

bwlI ky sMGwry hON crn jwie lwgo dIno rwj moih

khXo rwm imlyeI qo hwr hY] hnU ibn mo ibn jo AYhY
koaU AOr kip pRBu ky ibnw eI khy qoih mwr fwr

jO lO rGunwQ jU ko nIky n ibloikE muK qOhI lO n

pwien sy pRIq jorIAq hY] koit sis koit riv kot
myG rwm kiv kot kwm Cib cutkI mY jurIAq hY]
sdweI hsO hY nYn inpt ljOhY mYn mohY BOhY iBRMg pwq
mwno BorIAiq hY] dyK rUp Awpny qUM mn ko khYgo iDRg
vYsI sIA AYsy pIA XON ivCorIAq hY]52]


AYso qyro rwm hY qo Awie gF lMk bsY hsY KylY bYr qj

hOhUM n lrq hoN] moqY ijn frY eyk dIp dyhuM rwj krY
sIqw ibn qWky bXwh bIsk krq hON] mo pr plwnq
hY bl ko n jwnq hY AMgd ibnw hI Awg XwhI qy
jrq hoN] rudR prvwr so phwr ko aucwie bwr bwr
BUim qy auTwih iPr BUim hI Drq hoN]53]



rwvn rwj smwj rhy Gr sRI rGubIrih sIA dIey qy]

AOr bfo js hY Ab lO ivprIq bfI isr bYXr lIey
qy] jwnq hoN ju bsY iFg hI sur lok bsXo ipq bYr
kIey qy] jo jg my ApkIrq hY sT mIc BlI ieh
BWiq jIey qy]54]


qyro pRB lMk ju insMk cilXo Awvq hY kOn kwj AwX

ikQoN kwhUM kCu hirE hY] isMD ko ptwvq hY bwnr
pTwvq hY so qo kip bwlkn Kylby ko kirXo hY] myro
nwm jwnq ik nwhIN kip khXo kXoN n jwnq ik nwhIN
kCU nXo nwm pirXo hY] lMkpiq rwvn khq hY Xih
JUT ikauN Ab qIno lok mYN ivBIKn kO DirXo hY]55]


lY cl jwnkI hO hUM cloN sMg rwvn Awj lO rMg rihXo

hY] nwqr mUMf igryeI so dyKq mUMfn so khW bYr pirXo
hY] rwm ko dUq pY qohU ko cwhq soeI mY mUMf klMk
sihXo hY] myry ipqw ko qUM hYN js jIvq qWqy mYN qoih
pukwr kihXo hY]56]



myry bl mwih kCU qoih ko hY BRm sun bwnr ADm sB

myryeI ADIn hY] kwl jg ibAwl bMdswl n bXwl
Kwq, sUrj qpq mMd mMd bl CIn hY] AwTo lok
pwln kI sdweI mukt mwl, syvq crl DUr qRws pur
qIn hY] lwj byc KweI dyq bwnr pTweI, vwkI bVI
jVqweI kip lyKy prbIn hY]57]


krq bfweI AwpnI qoih n hoq iglwn] ApnI

ApnI hI khY, rwvn aultI jwn]58]


AMgd jIA irs mwr, bhuq khI lMkwpqI] bhuro rwm

sMBwr, kop nYn hs XON khYN]59]


rwm ko qo rhXo bl lCmn hUM so dl eyk pRBU bwn ko

suBwau AYso prXo hY] qwrkw inpwqI qWky sRoxq myN
nQwie lIno mwr imRg kMcl ko mwno jp krXo hY]
sUpnKw nwk kwt kIno Apmwn ijn mwr Kr dUKn
AGwih pyt BrXo hY] Awcmwn isMDu syq pIby ko n
nIr lyq khq mMdodrI ky nYnn mY DrXo hY]60]



rwvn khq sun kMtk AlwpI qoih dUq jwn Cwfq hON
mwrbo n kihE hY] nwqo Buj dMf bl KMf KMf kIno huqo
jwhu pRwn lYky AjhUM lO rMg rihXo hY] AMgd JuTwXo
myry mwrby ko igAwn kwFXo sIqw ky hrq nYk igAwn
ko n gihE hY] bYTo Gr gwjq hY bolq n lwjq hY
rwm kop Awgy ko n kwl Dwr bihE hY]61]


jl myN smr rc mhw Gmswl kIno mwr mD kYtB sy

Kyh mY imlwey hYN] bhuro iklwl pYT mwrXo ijn
sMKwSur qWqy byd Awn kY ibDwqw ko idvwey hYN] jwie
ky pXwl ijn mur sy mror mwry, XWNhI qY murwrI nwm
jg mYN khwey hYN] nKn sON Pwry hrnwKs sy qY n suny
AYsy blI mwr kwl Dwr mYN bhwey hYN]62]


qyro bnbwsI rwm khW hY krq kwm bYrn ko mwrq hY

sdw Xh bwn hY] kOn mwry qYN n suny swKw imRg rwj
bwlI, kOn jwnY kipn so kWkI pihcwn hY] AMgd
kihq rwjw bwl blI AYso jb kIno ho iKlOnw ijn
ibsrwXo qoih nYk n iglwn hY]63]


AMgd sunwie moih ipqw eI kI sONh qoih, rwm cMd kyqy

kip kIny TOr hYN] qwmY kyqy bUPFy kyqy bwlk qrx
kyqy, qWmY sUr kyqy qWmY kyqy sirmOr hYN] qWmY kyqy isMD
ky PaMdYXw kyqy hYN qrYXw, qwmY kyqy rn BUim dyK juD
dOr hYN] kho Anumwn eIhNW AwXo hnUmwn su qO vYso vhY
AhY ikDo pWc swq AOr hYN]64]


jyeI hnUmwn bn qoir qrvw so kINE, mwr Jk Jor

lMk rMk kI sI ngrI]jyeI hnUmwn AC mwr sB ky
sp`C l`C l`C rCn ky Bry igr dgrI]soeI hnUmwn
suq Bwn ky ktk mWih, Bt n ignq koaU kip sYn
sgrI]rwm kI rjwies qy pwies prm pd, BXo
pRiqhwr js ciNFE lMk ngrI]65]


eyk bwr kyhUM qyry rwm hMU ko pwaUNN kip,nIky smJwaUNN

bwq bYr kI n durI hY]smuMd ptwvq hY, Sor hI
mcwvq hY kOn bwq PurI hY]AMgd hmwrI pRIiq mwns
so AYYsy, jYsI kwkrI ko swx ibn pYnI Dwr CurI


hY]qWqy myry bcn sunwie fr pwie kho, sIqw kI

sihl Dun rwvn kI burI hY]66]

rwm cMd jI so jYso, mwns kihq qYso gMgw ko khY go

ndI rMBw qIA jwn hY]AYsy AYrwvq hUM ko bwnr khYN go
Ar, myry jwny mD dys dysn mY mwn hY]kwl hIN khYN
go qUM sumyr hUM ko BUDr hY, bwsk BujMg DRA qwrw kr
Twn hY]bYd ibn bUJY hUM DnMqr khYgo jYsy qYsy hir lok
swq lok myN bKwn hY]67]


jy inj bUfq hYN sb dysn, AOr Cuey iqn sMg

bufwhIN]qyhI qo pwQr isMDu qryN iqn aUpr kotn kot
qrwhIN]mUMf pKwn islw srqw piq bwnr hwQn ko
gun nwhIN]ry ds kMD n sUJq qoih XhY rGunwQ pRqwp
kI CwhIN]68]


sIqw ky ibCohy rqI rwm my n rhXo bl, dUjY lKmn

myGnwd qy kXoN jIq hY]kipn ko rwjw eyk sunXoo
hY(mY)sugRIvsuqo, bwlI AYsy mwirNE jur gey qy AnIq
hY]gXo ju ivBIKn su kOn ignqI mY nl, nIl rn

pOrK kI kOn prqIq hY] hnUmwn bWDXo mwrXo AMgd

inhwrXo nIkY, mohU kOn mwr hY su bfI ibprIq

AjhMU lO koRD qj pRB ky crn Bj, XwhI mYN smJ qorI

bMs byl PlI hY]rwvn ivBUq ky Brosy ijn BUlo Awj,
XhY Cl jwq hY n kwhMU Xh ClI hY]qMU jo hYN bkq AYso
moih kOn qo qy hwry rwm kI blwie mwry, qyry mwrby ko
qyro pwp mhwblI hY]70]


rwvn khq mYN qo rwm bl jwnXo, eyk jwjro purwno

iSv DnuK cFwXo hY] dUsry spq qwl Cydy hYNN krm
kwl, kXo hMU bn geI bUFO swKw imRg GwXo hY]lwKk
inhory kr qyry ibkl vWky eyeI cwro bl qwko Awie
lMk cOguno cuvwau qYN clwXo hY]71]


AOr eyk pYNfy clI jwqI qwrkw inpwqI qwko mwry

sUrn ko bfo auphws hY]kMcn ky loB imRg kMcn ko
mwrXo muin Xhy kCU AOr kip pOrK ibsws hY]myry Buj
dMf ky pRqwp kO n jwny rwm ieMdR jm brn kubyr mwny

qRws hY]qW pr qo lMk ko insMk clXo Awvq hY pRwn qy

auudws ho ik sIqw qy audws hY]72]

kOn bk bwd kry rwvn mwrXo eI mry qWqy khy AMgd

qUaM swvDwn hUjIE]rwm ky bcn qYNqo nYk n ibcwry
mn kO lO smJwaUN hO n AYhoN bwr dUjIE]jwq hON pukwry
qYqoN dso sIs hwry Ab qIno lok jor Bt kot iSv
pUjIE]AwnMd iqRlok CwXo qoko prlok BwXo iehW
prlok ibn AOr n kCUjINE]73]


qb AMgd mn mY khy kroN eyk bl Awj]

ieq dwvn dl pc rhy auq pRsMn rGurwj]74]


qb kip ropXo pwaNu pRgt sBw mYN XoNN khY]

sun lMkw ky rwau, hY ju auTwvy sUrmw]75]


khy inswcr kop pkr aupwro crn ko]

Awj Gtwvo Ep jwie khY rGunwQ ko]76]


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lMkw piq Dun sIs khY bhuq lwgo suBt]77]


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mnhu byl so pwq XON kWpy inscr sbY]78]


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jXoN sumyr aufmwl iPrq chMU ids Acl so]79]


jy Awvq AYNfwq Bujw Tok sB sUrmw]

qyro mn db jwq jXoN pMKI igir pr bsY]80]


lgy crn sb sUr rGupiq crn pRqwp qy]

rwvn mry ibsUr hnUmwn pwsk nhIN]81]


qb bolXo suq bwl bl dyKXo kCu dUq ko]

Aj hUM mUF sMBwl crhu srn iqRn dMq Dr]82]


gry kurwhI bWD jnk suqw Awgy krhu] bYr rwm so

nwD jb syvk qo jIqIE]83]


kwgd crn smwn ACr sb dwno lgy] kho aufoN

Asmwn kho pKwrON isMD mYN]84]


iqn so kYsI rIs jy piq cOdh lok ky] qy rGupiq

jgdIS qUM pRqwp jwnY nhIN]85]


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rGubIr jo rwvn jor ibnqI krI]91]


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locn Bry AMgd kMT lgwie]92]


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gwie] Gny eI sUr Gwie hON] Awie hON n qum pY n
jwnkI pTwiehON hON bwjI rnmWf ibRMd bWdr ncwie
hON] qumih bulwie eyk eyk ibclwie joaU mIc ieh

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lMk so ju Awie bsY AYsyaU klMk n ljwie hON] iSv jy
shwie kryN Blo nwhIN Kro Blo lyhMu bol Awpno n dyq
duK pwie hON] rwm cV Awey qb firE sIA dInI
kip qwhI kI sBw mYN AYsy nwauN n Drwie hON]94]


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inroD rwvn kCu mwnY nhIN]95]

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rwan irs aumf kn kMpq Qr Qr gwq]1]


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hnUmwn moh frwvaq rwm qy]2]


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sbhI bhwie idEN] AOr ijqI BUim pyf pirE dl
eyk kot hON qo eyk bwn iqqI BUmih aufwie idEN] AOr
jIA Awvq hY logn smyq gF lMk ko aupwr iqn
aUpr clwie idEN] Cor bMkswl qy inhwl kr qwq
kwl AwvY mn AYsI hwl kwlih pTwie idEN]3]q


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sSok, Awj mhwrwj kI n dyKI Dun BlI hY] eyk khYN
hm qo pukwr isr mwr hhy, kwhy kI BlweI lMk kMcn
kI jlI hY]suinE hm AMgd pukwr kihE rwvn so
qoih Cl jYhY sIAw mUV qYN n ClI hY]4]


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pr ToikE eyk Bl soN] dYP soN iSv bMd dYP mwro
AMgr bMdPY jug eyk ko auTwie khXo mwro irs (irp)
kwl soN] dPY kmwn bwn qIn so iqRlokn fwit eyk
mUCn ko qwau dyq ligE eyk Fwl soN] TOr TOr mUk

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mwl soN]5]

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dyq n jbwb mwno bwrih Aidq hY]j`C r`C ikMnr
BujMgn kI sytI rwnI nIky kY inhwr cly bWdr cly
bWdr hYN Awvq ky bwdr Aimq ihY]6]


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qO n duirE sis Bwn hY] rwqo ibkrwl nYn kop mwno
AYn bYn AMg kI kTorqw qy koml pKwn hY] XwhIN ko
qo AMgd khq ho n rwm iFg, pRgtY khW qY rn juD ko
indwn hY] Xwko pihcwnq ho lMkw jwrI jwnq hO,
AMjnI ko pUq bfI ibAwD hnUmwn hY]7]


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jwie Xwky bl ko n pwr hY] eyk bwr myry hwQ lwigE
hY mY Cwf dXo qwko kip jwno ijn ieMdR Avqwr hY]
BweI dUr kIno ijn dys rwj lIno sb nYk bYr kIny

Xwky bYr n auDwr hY] nwau kip bwlI jo n kwl bs

BXo jo qO BXo qO qW ko pUq AMgd kumwr hY]8]

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idnys n AnMq hY] Xwko kop rwnI rnBUm kI bFwvY
Ep AYsy Air mwrY mwno Kylq bsMq hY] sUrn kI BIr
prY aUDm mcwvq hY dyKn ko AYso mwno bfo sMq hY]
bWko blvMq jWko hY dyKn ko AYso mwno koaU bfo sMq hY]
bWko blvMq jWko pweIey n AMq cqurwnn ko AMs
jsvMq jwmvMq hY]9]


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ko bfy fIl inAweI rn BUim ko Acl hYN] qyKo chMU
Ern qyN AOr jyqy AwvYN kip mwnoN kiv rwm BwdoN
bwql ky kl hYN] hO n pihcwnq hoN AYsy Anumwnq hoN
AMgd khy hYN mosON eyeI nIl nl hYN]10]


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dyKIAq jIau hY] XwkI duiq Awgy Cib AOrn kI PIkI
lwgy dyKo kiv rwm pOrK kI sIau hY] XhI ky inhory

JUTy swcy rwm mwry bwlI log XON khq qIAw lY deI su
kIau hY] suno Xwko nwauN myry dys dys gWau sb swKw
imRg rwau riv mUrq sugRIv hY]11]

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Cib riv pRkws lwvMn suBg qn] BPA mMfn AvqMs
crn s.yvq sur muin jn] Awjwn bwhu swrMg Dr
ADm auDwrn ivpq hr]kiv rwm pRgt rGubMs mix
ey sIqw piq rwm br]12]


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bRhmMf cikq nv KMf scI piq] kRoD Anl pRjMPilq
pRbl jm dgn suBt suA] mr kuvMf sqKMf auNmf
Gn brK sumiq BuA]Aiq rMuf mMuf kwr inRpiq kirB
sMuf krvr hrn] kiv rwm kwm pUrn skl soeI
soeI rGukul Brn]13]


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bkn suK sdn rdn duiq kMud plwiek] iBRkut BRmr

cMcl kpol imRd bol AMimRq sm] suGt gRIv rs sIv

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rGupiq Aiq syvw inpun] soeI jwn suimqRw suq pRgt
su kiv rwm pRBP lCmn]14]

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lO ignwaUN AOr ky] dUny kXoN n AwvYN sor sO guno mcwvYN
su qo iSv kI duhweI sb myrI eyk dOr ky] BIr ky pry
qy kuMB kwnh jgY hON jwie jwko B`C bwnr iptOrw kOr
kOr ko]pwhMU pr myry Buj dMf kI pRcMf cot lwgY PUt
jYhY jYsy bwsn iblOr ky]16]


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ky auswsn aufwie hON] khw rMk nIl nl mwrq n
lwgY pl hnUmwn bWiDE qYsy bhuro bMDwie hON] eykn ko
isMD bor eykn kI nwr kor eykn mror mMPf kot lY
aufwie hON] frON ijn eyk dwm kOn ignqI myN rwm
qwko BweI BweI soN imlwie Kwie jwie hON]17]



chMP Er Cyk Cyk mwroN ign eyk eyk bc hY n koaU

qb kOn kWkO roie hYN] sORnq mYN BlI BWiq BYrv
nQvwaUN jPQ jognI AGwie ky pswr pwie soie
hYN]myry bl AwgY kOn kOn kI n geI piq AOr cMdRhws
kOn kOn n Koie hY] eyqy pr rwm kr hY so hPY hY
nwhIN isvjI krYgo soeI hoie hY]18]


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jwp nwm lyq l`jw mry]19]


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ko bl khXo kOn hyq skucwq]20]


bYrI ko bl khy qy sbY sUrqw jwd] Ab rwKMn lMkw

pqI kwier ijauN ibllwq]21]


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lrq hY ikDO jwnkI dyq]22]


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pRSn qumhUM krI auqr suno AGwie]23]


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jXoN Kylq mih goie bhk gey KYNcq iPrY]25]


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sBwry Awp jl qrMg jl ibMb riv]26]


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inhwr jg jwnY mOrq pRgt]27]


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bhuq AwrsI dyK dUr krY kY ibsqrY]28]


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auqr dyhu kY smJo suK pwie kY]29]


rwmih rwm pukwr hnUmwn AMgd khY]qb rwvn irs

mwr rwmcMd mn mYN DhY]30]


pRB jwnI ivprIq mn mYN hON rwvn rhoN]khW juD kI

rIiq jb lg hON jIA mYN bsoN]31]


dyKq hI rGurwie sis dyKY jXoN mn dRvY]sbhn ky gun

rwie rwm nwm rwmih imlXo]32]


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pihcwn rwm nwm AYsy gXo]33]


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bl lyq bhuq DUr kI DUr hI]34]


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AMD qwhIN qy inMdw krY]35]


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jQwrQ mYN

khoN sunhu lMk ky nwQ]36]


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rwj n Koie sur nr muin bMdq crn]37]


kMcn kO gwauN iqhUM lokn mY nwaUN sdw suK hUM kI CwauN

hY n bol prpMc ky] ru`dR so qO AYsI riq jWqy surlok
piq KIjY fr jwq bYT AwnMd BRmMc ky] myG nwd
Awid dY shwiek hYN sbY sUr pUrn BMfwr min igir
kMc ky] Awj qo ivBiq Gr mwih qyry AYsI jYsI ieMdR
n kubyr ky n brn ibrMc ky]38]



chUM Er dIn AOr dUir kIn nwir ko invwie khY

ibnqI krq hON] eyk bwq moih mWgI dIjY n iblMb
kIjY koaU idn jIjY jw qy qwhI ko Arq hON] AYsI kOn
bwq qwko byg kXo n mWgo rwnI mWgy jO n dyhu qW qy
mWgq frq hON] rwj kXoN n krO krIey hY AnusrY isr
jwnkI n dYhON dyhu pwien prq hON]39]


so sIA hY isr ky sMMg suMdir rwvn AO rGunwQ jqI

ky] dyK sMGwr ju fwrq hON kip jUQ rqI ibn eyk
rqI ky] rwm ky jIqq XO Bj hYN jYsy kOqk dyKnhwr
sqI ky] Awp amwpiq bWD dXo sB pOrK dyKhu
lMkpqI ky]40]


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duicqweI] jwkhu byd purwn khyN soeI jo Xih rwm qo
hYn BlweI] jwnq hON sun nwir BlI ibiD kwhUM kI
bwmn hY fihkweI] ey sB dMq kQw deI jor khXo
Xih bXoq so Kwhu kmweI]41]



cwroN jug jhIN qhIN qIn rwm suny shI AYso kOn qIn
mYN ju myro bl tyk hY] eyk qo prs rwm dUjy blrwm
eyk AOr sunXo koaU AwXo Gny Gwau syk hY] moso sun
pRgt ibrMc kihE bIs bwr qyrI Er qIn lok mwih
ko n dyK hY] eyk rwm bIiqE eyyk hY hY eyk Cykq ho
rwKy pun boly suqo rwvn hIN Cyk hY]42]


so frpI jb sunI ibiD Awn bnI ibiD qU fhkwXo]

dyvn ky prpMc bfy ju ClXo iqh TOr khUM nih pwXo]
jo ieh rwmih Cykq ho pRB qwhI ky hwQn kXoN n
iCkwXo] AMqk cOQy hMkwr mY kY irs Cyk hY rwvn ko
Xih AwXo]43]


soeI Xih rwm qyry kwm Cwf AwXo Dwm jwky bl lok
pwl inrBY rhq hYN] soeI rwm CIir isMDu qy jwgXo
jwie ibiD qum soN n khy dyv qum qy frq hYN] ien hI
ky mwry mDu kYtl isMGwry Aj hUM lO qIA nYnn qy
Jrnw Jrq hYN] AOr eyk bfo hY suBwau nYk jwih imlY
AOgn n hoq sO guno Frq hYN]44]


rwm ky dUq qO bwq khI su shI Ab Awgy qy mOn gho]

qIA hY ivprIq kI bwq shI qb lMk dhI Ab moih
dho] gF Awn ivBIKn rwj krY rGubIr kY bwnn dyh
sho] iqn rwj dXo nih sIA deI iek rwvn ko Xih
bol rho]45]


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qy pun Awpno hwQ svwr suDw rs swn kubMD bnwey]
bwq khy ibn ikauN bnhY sun mUV jy rwm ky hwQ
igrwey] ru`dR khW sun Cu`dR qy mUF n ru`dR ky bwp pY
jWih lgwey]46]


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sMBwrIAhu khoN n Potk bwq]47]


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pihcwn Awn bnY jo pRwn soN]48]


byd purwn isMimRq sBY bolq bcn rswl]rwm ibmuK

nr qy Bly sUkr swn isMRgwl]49]



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auPnwq, rwm qyj qICn lgY]50]


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sIAw dyh suKI kr bMs sbY jo shI isv ky pd so rqI
hY] sun nwqr hY auqpwq bfo muih jwnq ho qIA kI
miq hY] sT so DrnI srnI srnI gV kI DrnI sb
kWpiq hY]51]


bwq qO bnI hY BlI Awj lO geI hY clI rwm so jo bYr

XhY jwnI bwq hwn kI] sUkI bYl kwl kI lY PUlI
lwgI klI suqo jw idn qy lMk jlI bwq so pRmwn kI]
qoko inj lok dYkY Awpno kubol lYky jwnq hYN bwq kCU
isv ky sXwn kI] gMg ky qrMg so AnMg irp rudR qyro
soeI hY smuMdR rwm nwm lYhY jwnkI]52]


bwnr ky pUq iml bfy AvDUq dyK iCn mYN ksUq kr

fwrXo hY smuMdR ko] hnUmwn AwXo iqn Tok kY jrwXo
pur vwko khY AMgd kIAw hY kwm CudR ko] rwmcMd jU
sy sbhIN ko bl PIko jYsy bwmn ky Awgy byd ko n sunY

sUdR ko] qyry jIA mY n rhy pRgt khY jYso pRBU qyro ru`dR
qYsy rwm ru`dR ko]53]

jYsy BRm twrkY imlI ibbyk bwnI qm lok mWih cMd

cWdnI n AwnkI] Ar kumlwnI kumdnI Cib pwie
sis Sok ko invwr PUl jwq hY AcwnkI] jYsy bfy
pwp ko pCwr dOr byd ibiD jwie imlY qwpsI ko jog
j`g dwn kI] qYsy qoko kuMtb smyq pIs fwrY kMq rwm
cMd jUso iml jYhY Xih jwnkI]54]


jYsy pOn pwnI iml jwq dwn dwnI AYsI bwnI ko qO

sdw inq ko pRbIn qy khY] jYsy Gt pUrn mY prXo
pRiqibMb riv PUty Gt mwih sT sUr n Anyk hYN] jYsy
rwg qwn imlY byd ko purwn pFo skRq su dwn qXoN
qrMg jl tyk hYN] qYsy pIA jwnkI ky nwQ rGunwQ
qyry cMdR mOl pwrbqI nwQ nwQ eyk hYN]55]


kO lO smJwvY koaU Koie iKn mwih doaU, lok prlok

gXo gXo iSv hY khUM] mY hUM sunI gorI vhY hPY rhI
ckorI rwm cMd ibn qyrI Er dyKq n nYk hUM] Awe

rGubIr moih XhY bfI pIr, rx qwso kYsy jIq ho n

jIqI sIA qY khUM] myro kihE mwn bwq XhY swcI
jwn mUF jO n mwn hY qO duK pwie hYN Anyk hUM]56]

lY AwXo curwie sIA DrXo fr hY n jIA, rwmcMd ju

so AYsy duK dIjIAq hY] qwpr inSMk prjMk pOFy lMk
piq lY klMk mUMf eyko idn jIjIAq hY] Aj hUM
hmwrI miq jwnkI dY rwK piq, nwr hUM ko khXo khUM
mwn lIjIAq hY] KwmI dyK hwmI SMkr n Bry, bOrY
bwmI kwmI AYso kwm kIjIAq hY]57]


rnkI tkyr lwgo duMdBI mYN mwrU bwjy jIA AYsI ru`dR
myrI Er lrYgo] jYsy qum dwnv Bey ho eyk Er sB,
qYsy dyv eyk hoq bIc kOn prYgo] bol n gey qy iSv
khYgo qUM bfo pwpI, rwm qy n frXo qo qUM mo qy khW
frYgo] dUr nwr nwgI bol kI qo pIT lwgI, bytw
surrwgI AYso BwK Pyr krYgo]58]


qUTy dyq nvo iniD rUTyeI mukiq ibiD AYso krunw kI

iniD kohY khW pweIey]JuTo sb qyro hT dyv ibnw jYhY

sT soeI rGubIr nIl kMT kMT gweIey] ismrY jo eyk

bwr qwko rwm bwr bwr ibsrY nwhI su kXoN
ibsrweIey] rGukul iqlk imlk bl jwkI qWkI,
iklk iklk kY Srn kXoj n jweIey]59]

qb bolI mMdodrI sun lY bwq inPot] sRI rGupiq js

so khY jwkI rsnw kot]60]


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Anyk qWko swK BuMjg piq]61]


jXo Kg ggn aufwn ibnw AMq Buie prih] qYsy miq

Anumwn rGupiq js brnq sbY]62]


qoih n aupjq gXwn rwjw moh pRqwp qy]Ab inhcY

jIA jwn rwm ibmuK suK qy rhYN]63]


mihmw mhw Apwr jy Gt mMdir Br rhY] Dry gMg kI

Dwr isv AjhUM hY DXwn mYN]64]


khby ko vh nIl ibnw AMq AwkwS jXoN] qXoN sIqw ko

sIl swq lok aUpr sdw]65]



jwnkI ky sq qyN Dr sys rhXo iCq ko isr Bwr n

lwgy] jwnkI ky sq qyN sis sUr iPrYN knkwcl soN
Anurwgy] jwnkI ky sq qyN iSv swD smwD rhy AjhUM
nih jwgy] qW sq dIp kI joq inhwrkY rwvn rMk
pqMg jXoN pwgy]66]


myr cly DRUA soN iCq mMfl nIr bXwr XhY pRjrY ry] jo
sIA ros Dry jIA mYN iPr kY iBRkutI qb kwl mrY ry]
jwnkI sIl piqibRq qy iSv s`kR ibrMc lO pwie prY
ry] qoih jo sRwp n dyq su qO rGunwQ ky pwien qy frpY


pRB qo bfy susIl qWqy kwl kIn FIl dyKby ko kOqk sy

rwm hYN] lCmn kRoD krY soeI BONh dyK frY rudR Awn
bIc prY qwko kOn kwm hY] qyro AprwD sIA mwnhUM n
lIno jwqy Bsm n kIno Ar QWiBE kRoD Dwm hY] qWko
sRwp dIjq hY jwko nwm lIjq hY rwm qj nIc kOn
lyq qyro nwm hY]68]



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jwiebo khbo kOn isAwn]69]


sun dyvn kI rIq BIr prY syvq crn] jb dyKq

ivprIq iPr mwrq sB ismt kY]70]


ijauN ijauN AYsI bwqn mMdodrI smyDY iqauN iqauN dyv

duK pwvYN khYN kYsy smJweIey]XwkI bwq mwnY sIA lY
kY jwie imlY Xh AOgun ibswr Xwko sO guno
bFweIey]lwKo eyc pycn sON jog hY bnwXo ibD hoq hY so
hon dyhu nwhIN aurJweIey] koaU Xwih jwie smJwvY
rWf mOn Bj qoko AOr rwvn kIE hY so sunweIey]71]


miq mwnY Xw nwr kI dyv mnwvq dyv] sIqw sq qy

gwiego rwvn kO AhMmyv]72]


inks mhl qy Awie sBw mwih bYTq BXo] mMqRI cwr

bulwie kOn kOn kiv rwm kih]73]


qIA smJwXo roie smJ igrXo rwvn ibmuK] rwm krY

so hoie khW rMk kh C`qR piq]74]



eyk suk qwko qum ibAws suq jwno ijn dY kY bfo

Awdr mhodr bulwXo hY] AOr ibrUpwC jwkI swK dIjY
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swrn sumRMq ko pRbIn khXo sb ko sunwie Xih kOt
kwl AwXo hY] koaU khY rwm Bj koaU khY sIAw qj
qum hUM kho qy khW kho duK pwXo hY]75]


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miq eyk hI idFweIey] AOr jo iqhwry mn rucY nXwry
nXwry hPYkY joeI Blo hoie mMqR soeI pY pkweIey] eyk
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Gr AweIey] kYsy jYsy mhW ru`dR bYrI sb kIny Cu`dR qaU
swvDwn sdw kho qo sunweIey]76]


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myry sdw locn sRvn suhwq]77]


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ibswr iSv AjhUM duicqo rhY]78]



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inkyq Ar dwqw rIJq sdw]79]


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ko jwp nwhIN hwQ bwn cwp nwhIN Kyp nw clwvqo]
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n AWKn imlwvqo] iqnhI ky kwj mhwrwj sun qoso
khYN jYsy jYsy ibEqn ko rudR hY bnwvqo]80]


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mhwrwj ikRpw pwqR syvw inpun]81]


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AGwq dyq Pl isMD qr iB`Cw mWg lIjIAq hYN]bwnr
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rIJIAq hYN]bYl Dn bOnw Gr pwqr n dONnw jhW
pMng ky COnw ko ibCOnw kIjIAq hYN]82]



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qwqkwl ibsP pRiqpwl pun kwl hI ko kwl hY]rwvn
ABMjn inrMjn pRsMn muK AWgun AnMd AMD dIn ko
dXwl hY] qIno lok nwQ Bolw nwQ sursrI mwQ
pwrbqI pRwn nwQ sB ko ikRpwl hY]83]


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fwry dyq mn ky ibcwry qy pukwr phuMciq hY]Bsm
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rwq hI kI gq hY]Dr gMgw Dwr mwQy cMdRmw iqRnYn
Dr kMT ibK Dr AYso pwrbqI pq hY]84]

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kIt ikRm mwnuK ko jnm mrn dIjIAq hY]rwm Ab
pwien prq mn mY frq XhY eyk nXo AprwD


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doaU pwp Cmo qumy khY lIjIAq hY]85]

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ArDMg hI ADIn hY]XwhI qy suDwkr ko mwQy pr dIno
Gr kwl kUt pcY ik n pcY kMT lIn hY]pRlX kwl
Awg hMU ko nYn kIno AYsy mhW ru`dR jwqy fry kwl Cu`dR
soeI rs ko smudR rwj nIq ko pRbIn hY]83]


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hMU ho blI qaU qjo AhMmyv]87]


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sur gur bWDI nIq mMqR ibfl qy hoq hY]88]

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ibcwr smJ prY plkW suKI]89]

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Bog kwl s`qR mr jWihMgy]90]


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kwl plwn jg jIvn ins suupn ijauN]91]


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mIq sur gur ky miq mwrIey]92]


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bYrI jwnIey qb kIjIey aupwie]93]

kibA`q] kW pr ibcwroN mMq rwm kOn blvMq AOr kip jUQ koaU
lwXk n jwinE hY] jog rUp rwj nhIN rwj ko smwj
nhIN kOn jwnY lMk piq khw kr mwinE hY]s`kR n
bdn cwrI XwhI qy skuc BwrI kw soN jwie lroN mYqo
AYsy jIA jwinE hY]jYsy isMG isAwr ko n pMifq
gvwr ko ppIlkw ko khMU rwj rwj n plwinE

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rucygI so krhoN sun bIr]95]


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fwrY mwr pwCy kI pwCy lgI]93]


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pUijE psupiq AYsI qwso Awj riq hY]qIno lok crn

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hY]BlI krI hrI sIA rwm ko ibswr jIA boilE qb
swDuu swDu BlI qyrI miq hY]97]

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mn myN khY hXW qO AYsI Awih]98]


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bwq Ar pRB qjY AnIq hY]99]


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lO sdw Awvw gOn hY] sUr sis syvY pOr bwiDE surrwj
dOr qyryeI ADIn kwl nr piq pOn hY]kuMB sy krn
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hY]hisE qb swrn kO bwrn idvwey ds nXwie qyry
Awgy bwk piq kIno mOn hY]100]


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khoNgy qb krhY ck cUr]101]



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dIn kip nwcY bYTy auTy]102]


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ju qUM jwnkI lY AwXo hY] rwm ko suBwie sb lokn mY
AYso pirE AOr kho khUM kwhUM XWqy duK pwXo hY] AOr jo
iqRlokI ricE cwhY qO qUM rcY Ar qohI lO n rcY jO lO
jIA mY n AwXo hY] kwhy qy mhodr khY n moso AYsI
bwq mMRqI hY purwno Ar myro hI bfwXo hY]103]


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Tkur suhwqI ibn khy my pr prY ncor]104]


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jnnI lwj rGupiq qij AOrYN BjY]105]


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BUmih ADwr hY] hwl hm rwm bl FwpY jYsy qUl Awg
pRgt Bey qy kCu pwCy ko ibcwr hY] bolXo qwso kop
kr kXoN ry bIr pwC Awj myry jwny qMU qy bUFo bwvro


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kCu mMqR hY ik XhY mMqR swr hY]103]

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kihq hY Abih kro inrDwr]107]


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hI doaU khyN sunwie]108]


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AOr Awies ibn kXoN kh skYN]109]


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kI cot mMqRI surpiq mwr hYN]110]


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lyhu qO ey bcn pRmwnhY]111]


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rGupiq qy n frwq]112]


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XO nhIN jwnq pRyq imRg hY qwky isMG ko]113]


qb suk ko bolq Bey sB ky Awgy Dwie]


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bwrn lY qum Gr gey moko dyau Jukwie]115]


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krq jo mwr hY XwqY BlI n bwq]116]


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XQwrQ sunweIey] rwm kop cItI AO ibrMc lO n bcY
koaU AOr ien bIc pRwn khw lO bcweIey] AOr
ibprIq AprwD ibn qWkI qIA sUny Gr jwie Cl
bl kY curweIey] BWvYN mwr fwr mhwrwj gjrwj sun
md ky Bey qy khW kyhr jgweIey]117]


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Ab CqIXw dhq hY] bIsBuj sIs ds surw sur sbY
bs aumwpiq bs myry pRIq ko bhuq hY] dyK sBhI ky
eyk mIc hUMko hoie fr su qO kwl bXwl pot bWDXo hI
rhq hY] swc ky khy qy rwjw AYsy duK lwgq hY sukqo
khXo hY Ab swrn khq hY]118]


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kRoD mn mY n DrIey] AOr sb bwqn ky pwien ADIn
rhyN mMqR jb bUJo qb hmY AnusrIey] sUr ko suBwau
ibnW juD n krY bKwn kwier jXoN khW Gr bYTy soc
krIey] jO lO sIAw Gr mYN ibrwjmwn mhwrwj qO lO
lwK rudR kI shwie hUM qy mrIey]119]


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rwm hIN kI Er hY] kwhy ry kumiq sb mMiqRn mY nIc
miq Awj surpiq qy kXw rwmcMd jor hY] AYsI AYsI
bwqn qy hs kY ibKwd krY eyqo khY bjR hI qy sumn
kTor hY] bolXo bIr pwC rwjw AwCI bwq AYsI burI
qaU sun lIjY Awj mMqR ko incor hY]120]


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Bey kon sI AnIq hY] rwjn kI rIiq rnmWfY Air
mwrYN mrYN hry prlok jwih js jg jIq hY] jhW hY
Drm bw qqhW hY n p`C pwq mMqR cUk gey hmY bfI


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nYk CwfY qwkI kOn prqIq hY]121]

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isMDu pwr fwr dXoN] jO khO qo sUr ko incor qyj PIko
kroN sis mY qy suDw rqI rqIkY incor dXoN] dyvn ko
mwr qqkwl kroN ruMf mwl iSvko cFwaUN hwl kwlhUM
ko mwr dXoN] mn mYN mhodr khI su idn bIqy Ab cUkY
kr bwq kho kho qo ibswr dXoN]122]


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ky khy qy Cwf dIjIey] bwlI suq DwieE qWko pwau n
auTwXo kwhUM iqn so n KIjO rwjw hm hUM so KIjIey] bUJy
qy n swc khYN qO sdw nrk rhYN khYN so jQwrQ qO
AYsI mwn lIjIey] qyro duK suK sO n rwm ko hY KwXo
lOn doaU hm khI joaU jwnIey so kIjIey]123]


sun rwvl jIA mY jrY kIno iqh hMkwr] mMiqRn ko Ar

nwr ko dyKq eyk ibcwr]125]



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ky rwm rc mwroN sIA ko CloN]125]


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BeI kusrwq mMqR n mwnY sIs ds]126]


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bwr lO su mMqR kC kirE hY] vY qo sb bUFy kCU bwvrI
sI khyN bwq jwnq hoN aunhIN ky jI mYN rwm DirE hY]
rwnI duK pwXo khY jI mYj kwl AwXo pwCy khI BlI
kInI qum qyqo ieMdR firc hY] Qory rihE swQ kOn kwj
ko buro mnwaUN rwm gun gwaUN rWf BeI piq mirE


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Awgy hoiegI sMq suno mn lwie]128]


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shwie XwhI qy jIvq bcY]129]

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dsvW AMk]

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prpMc kr rcoN su lCmx rwm]1]


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qoroN Aws qb Bj hY dskMD ko]2]


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ky jwl pro mIn Cl ko krY]3]


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jXoN joq ieq rwvn AYso lgY]4]


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bYsI clXo qhW hI ko Dwie kY] qIA lInI sMg mwno
rudR pY AnMg DsXo kwl hsXo Awij kwl dyq hoN
aTwie kY] chUM ck sbd krwl BXo rwm kiv hwl
cwl myl ByrI duMdBI bjwie kY] BjXo jwie rwvn
iqhwry fr mhwrwj rwm cMdR jU so kwhU khI AYsI
jwie kY]5]



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BwrI Ab kYsI krhoN] AYsI lCmn muskwie khXo
pwie gih kOn duicqweI nwQ kho nwhI mrhoN] log XON
kihq lMkwpiq BwgXo myry fr moko fr dYP Bey su
kYsI BWiq BrhoN] vwky ibn mwry hON qo sIA ko n lY hON
Ar BjXo Air qwkI qO n pIT cF lrhoN]6]


khI lCmn sun suBt mukt min AYsI AYsI bwqn qy

AYso Anuswr hoN] Awj jo iqRfIT Xwko pIT so lgwie
rwKY qWhI qy GsItq n eyk AMq frhoN] AOr jo kho qo
chUM Er Gyr rwKoN pRB jO lO qum Awvo qO lO TOr qy n
tr hoN] AYho rGubIr CIr nIr ky ibbyk kip BIr kI
bhIr ko smwie kY n kr hoN]7]


qYN qo bwq khI qyro pOrK qo shI qaU sUrn ky lrby kI

AOry BWiq bwq hY] jO lO nB rwvn ko mws n aufwaUN
gID jognI ipswc pRyq gIDn AGwq hY] jO lO ds
muMfn ky JuMf n bKyroN Dr bIso Buj dMfn qy lyhU n


cucwq hY] jO lO sun bIr myry bwn Thwrq nWhI qO lO

rGubIr ky n locn isrwq hY]8]

jO qo Bwj jwie qO n DroN Awgy pwie AOr kip mny kr

qb Awgy Anuswr hoN] dyKIE ibnW ibcwr lXwvy sIA
myry iFg qWhI GrI qWko mwr qyhI GrI mrhoN] jO lO
rn Awie smuhwie duMdBI bjwie jYsI BWiq lrY moso
qYsI BWiq lrhoN] qwko nIky mwr pwCY rwj dY ivBIKn
ko qwky pwCy jwnkI kI mnohwr krhoN]9]


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nwQ koRD mYN aumwhugy] swqo lok Bwr dyky cWpq hoN BUMm
Pt jwiegI pqwl qb sys soN irswhugy] AYso koaU
cOdh Bvn mY n rcXo qum iBRkutI cFwie rx jwso
smuhwhugy] Bwjy ko n mwrq ho moko n pcwrq ho jwnq
hoN Xwko rwj XwhU ko dY jwhugy]10]


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iFg gXo lY ApnI qIA sMg]11]



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jyvrI inkwr GsI kUp kuC syK kr]12]


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ky Awgy qMU qo lwgy AYsI kwry bwdr kI kwmnI]
imRgmd kuMkm kpUr ml qyro coAw so cMbylI hMU n bws
BwmnI] jYsI sIA Er qy Jkor Awvy mwrq kI soeI
qIn lok CUty sOrB kI gwmnI]13]


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qy n myro Gt gwq hYN] jO lO sis pUrn pRkws n pRwcI
ids qO lO nXwie qum sIqrYXw ieqrwq hYN] jYsy kUjw
kyqkI gulwb mwl dyKy ibn bws ibn Awk PUl PUly n
smwq hYN] qyro jIA rUp ko AfMbr ho pY sukMbr ptMbr
brwbrI ibkwq hYN]qum sIqrYXw ieqrwq hYN] jYsy
kUjw kyqkI gulwb mwl dyKy ibn bws ibn Awk PUl
PUly n smwq hYN] qyro jIA rUp ko AfMbr ho pY sukMbr
ptMbr brwbrI ibkwq hYN]14]



AYso rUp BXo qo khW hPY gXo pRwn nwQ mWgy qy n Awvy
hwQ mol hMU n pweIey] jYsy icqR pUqrI bnwie kwhU
dInI hwQ qwko dyK mUV ijauN n icq ko fulweIey]
ryvw sursPqI gMgw gomqI jo jmnw ky nQwie kY
qrMgn mYN pwp ko bhweIey] ikDoN Awp bUF jXY qoNih
kO lO smJXY pIA kwhU ko qo Fofw lYkY rUK cV


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ibiDnw aunhwr Aih muK rsnw duie khq]16]


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pweIey Bjy rwm duK jWih]17]


dwn purhUq soeI kul mYN spUq soeI lwK kwm Cwf ky
jo krY eyk kwm ko] pMifq pRbIn soeI pRym jl mIn
soeI AOr pY khwvY Awp khY hirnwm ko] lwj ko
jhwj soeI Awj kiv rwj soeI lok isr qwj soeI ko
juBrY hwm ko] rwm kiv rwm soeI rwj ko smwj soeI
mhwrwj soeI joeI BjY rwjw rwm ko]18]


sunIey purwn guxIey Bgiq gXwn su qo bfoeI sXwn

AiBmwn pir hrIey] soeI hY sujwn ijh jwnXo
Bgvwn pRBu Cwf ky AswDn ko swD AMk BrIey] AYsI
jb hoie qb jIq hMU lY j`Xy goie Aor jo n hoie qO qo
eyk kwm krIey] jO lO jg jIjY qO lO js lIjY dwn
dIjY snmwn kIjY hs dIjY pwie prIey]19]


jwnkI dY Apnwie rwmih Xw mih qo n rqI suK

CIjY] dys bsY nih lok hsY duK jI n DsY pIA XoN
jg jIjY]joN Xih bwq rucY qO BlI n rucY qO BlI
ibnqI sun lIjY] bMck jo mn nyhu nhIN qb rMck hMU
prpMc n kIjY]20]


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dyKIey bhur krYN jl sYn]21]


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Cl kO krq hON] rwm lCmn ky bnwie mwQy lwie mn
khXo iSv AYso DXwn hO hMU n Drq hON] kMfl mukt
kI ctk dInI gMfn mY nYk hMU n khY rIJ pwien prq

hoN] lCmn qaU kwhy n lgweI hY] rwvrI qO AYsI gq

bwq kho bwvrI sI kho bl jwaUN pwCy kOn (khy) ky
ijvweI hY]30]

nIl nl AMgd qy Awey eI AnMd Gn kwhMU n invwry

qum kOn BWiq lry ho] ikDo myry ibrh qy pOrK purwno
sb ikDoN lMkipq ky kupyc mwJ pry ho] ikDo hnUmwn
jwie khy myry lty AMg iqn so AilMgn ko dyq pIA
fry ho] eykY bwr nwD Awj jwnkI AnwD krI kwhMU
nB bDU lYky bIr doaU bry ho]31]


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Akyly bn Awvqy] dUjy sUpnKw bn AAie ky irJwie
rhI shI bl jwnqI hON vw qn lgwvqy] khw kroN myry
Bwg prI nXwrI rwmcMd sIl ho su dyiKE log mwno
JUT gwvqy] rn hMU mY sMg jo hON hoqI kho myrI sONh moih
Cwf kYsy sur lok jwn pwvqy]32]


qumY rGunwD surnwD bUJY myrI gwQ rhI sIA Cwf sMg
AYsy ko n BwKbo] jO lO kwT jor kY jrwie qn Cwr

krON qO lO piqbRiq myro jYsy qYsy rwKbo] sIl qo

isDwrXo qb sMg n ibDwrI jb qaU Blo AjhMU lO PUto
Gt lwKbo] jYsI Awid huqI qYsI AMq n inbwhI irwm
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AMD ikDo kwhU Awpdw qy byc bl KwXo hY] qyKo iml
bwnr AnMq eyk mMq kr mwrU ko bjwie rwm rx mY
pTwXo hY] lro AWK lwgY kOn jwie mrY AwgY AOr kwl
ky btaUAw lok kw kwm AwXo hY]34]


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lwgy n suhwvny] kysn ko Cor mYN n Jwr DUr pwien
kI qwhI iCn nYn kMj kIey n ibCwvny] myry jIA huqI
kYN mMdodrI ko dyq mwn so qo sb rhI koaU lXwXo n
imlwvny] dyKo mwJ Dwr mY mnorQ kI nwau bUfI rwm
kiv AYso sIA lwgI duK pwvny]35]



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pr AOsr kO cUkY pwCy kXoN Drm pweIey] qwqy isr
kml lY AMk prjMk rwK qWhI so lgwie DXwn pRwn
nwQ gweIey] ibrh ibXwr swD dyhu nyh forI bWD
gufIAw bnwie jwie rwm so imlweIey]36]


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dyv lok jweIey] XhY eyk rwvn ko BXo aupkwr moky
rwm krY Xwko log rwm sMg gweIey] jO qo kCU Cl hY
qO kutMb smyq mskMD idn QryeI mY Xw ko qPl
pweIey] bwq hY nqn kI XON roie khY jwnkI qO myrI
dyih pRwn nwQ Awpn bcweIey]37]


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Aws mj rwm cMd AMg ko skw hI pCqWihgy] qyvn
ibcwrXo eyqo mwXw ky bnwey mMP sIA ky Chy qy qIn


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rwm kYsy rwvn ky hwQn skWihgy]38]

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hYN qIn loko dhYN] lMkpiq rMck pRpMcn qy fr qyrI
dyh CPt jwq qb rwm kop ko shYN] rwK rwK pRwn
sur Bey AMqR DXwn dyK rwm cMd bwn Ab XwhI qy
isro ghYN] kyhr ky AwgY jXoN kurMg qYsy rwvn pY jO lO
jIvY qO lO jO pukwr bwq ko khYN]39]


sIqw bfI Ajwn sbY dyv iml XoN khYN] Ab lO jwqy

pRwn jO hm bIc n Awvqy]40]


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rwjkumwr rwm pRym jIvq bcY]41]


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kI rIiq Cl kIno Ar krYgo]42]


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BujMg kop mrq l`jw mrY]43]



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sok ko invwr kY] jwnkI ky Awpdw ky puMj AYsy Bwgy
jYsy gMg koaU nQwie qWko pwp jwie fwr kY] sIs qo
gey AkwS rwvn nrws hY kY cpXo rUK so mUMf mwr
mwr kY] rwm kiv cwro cwro bwtn ko clY kYsy jYsy
rwm ibmuK cly jnm hwr kY]44]


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Aiq bYiTE murJwiekY] mny kIey sbY lok jIA mYN
bFwXo sok lwgq n hwQ sIAw QkXo hY (hO) aupwie
kY] kwl prXo bMd swl syvy Awgy lok pwl dyKy rwm
moso bYr kIE hY bjwie kY] kYsI hUY hY deI TkurweI hY
hY neI jwnkI n leI geI rwKI dyvn bcwie


cwro muK cwro pVyQ ijn eyk AWik dUr dUr Jwk jwie
AwXo kOn kwm ko] dyKXo bwk piq qWko khXo cup mUV
miq jwnq hY jI mYN surpiq ky smwj kO] Twko ijn
bIn sun nwrd pRbIn Ar jI n fr qyry ieMdR cwhq n

lwj ko] fwt fwt dyvn soN khY drvwn Awj jwnkI
bcn Awn lwgXo lMk rwc ko]46]

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iqRjtI AO srmw bulwie kY] dyKo ien pwpI moN so kYsy
Cl kIno jO n dyv bwnI hoqI pRwn dyq hoN aufwie kY]
bolI doaU Xwky prpMc ko n AMq AwgyaUN krYgo qoso
khXo smJwie kY] swvDwn hUM jo XwkI bwqn pqIjo
ijn rwm Awj kwl Xwih fwrq pcwie kY]47]


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BwrI Dujw Phrwq hYN] sMKn kI Gor sun mor kip
nwcq hYN mwno myG sor hMU qy locn isrwq hYN] Jrnw
JrY Apwr PUlY qRm lqw fwr mwnoN PUl PUl igry pRym
soN cucwq hYN] bwjI ihnnwq mwq hwQI iJnnwq sIA
rwvn sy pwpn ky AYsy mr jwq hYN]48]


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qb qyr iFg Awie hYN] dUr hMU qy qyrI Er dyK
muskwie qyro ibrh ibXwr Dwie hIey soN lgwie hYN]

khY srmw iqRjtI ipAwrI sIA qWhI GrI dwsI mr

AwpnI so hmY so hmY n bcwie hYN]

nYk sIAw hsI sKI suno Gr bsI qumY pRwnn smwn

rGubIr so imlwie hON] AOr qumYN pOn pUq nIky
pihcwnq hY sO gunI iqhwrI syvw qwhMU pY krwie hON]
jwnkI qMU hnUmwn ky Broosy mwqy hY hYN lohU so Anwqy hY
hYN khW BXo qwhI qyry pwien luTwie hON]50]


jW idn Dwie pry kip ko dl jIq iPrY koaU Awn

sunwvY]rwvn ky isr dY iSv ko kiv rwm insMk hY lMk
DswvY]jIvq jwie suno jb sws spUq bDU kr moih
bulwvY]sRI rGubIr ky pwie rhoN gih so idn moih kho
kb AwvY]52]


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prY]mukqw iKs mWg qy tUUt prY doaU nYn ky nIr syN
BUim BrY]qb hON hI bulwie smoD kroN koaU qoi ghy qb
sIX mrY]ieh BWq mnorQ hY sjnI (iqRjtI) su ibnw
rGubIr kOn krY]52]


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nv bDU lY pun AwXo dsgRIv]53]


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mm Er jrq AMg sIql kro]54]


idn hIN qy kroN rwq myloN cwl lok swq bjR pwq hoie
qo shwrby ko swhsI] myro kop ibnw rudR sb kI
GtweI Eup qoso pchwrXo pY qMU jor nYn nw hsI] qyry
eI inhory jy qUM khYN CwfoN qyry piq nwqo rwm jIby kI hON
jwn bwq QwhsI] bolI sIA Xwso koaU khY dskMD AMD
Awj hI prI hY mUF mrby kI hwr sI]55]


jO kho qo mUMf kwt rwKoN qyry pwie qr sB prvwr mwr

Kyh mY aufwie idEN] Aor jo kho qo hY kY syvoN gwFo bn
jO kho qo coro hY kY plkW fswie idENN] jO kho
mMdodrI smyq kir bIr rGubIr qj kihE sIA jwih
jwih jO khY qO Abih jrwie idEN]56]


AYso duK dyq hY aupwiDhIN kO hyq hY pY qaU sIA dY

srwp pwpI n jrwXo hY] swj dl Awey myry pRwn nwQ

XwhI pr qWqy pRBU Kyl mo pY jwq n imtwXo hY] soeI

qIA kOn kwm rwm ky audoq Awgy dyKky KidEq qn
AMD dskMD mn kOn so BulwXo hY]57]

pwp ky mnorQ ry pwpI mn hI mYN Bly aUpr khy qy lok

bwvro khq hYN] iqRjtI iqRdoK jWh ibAwipE qwko doK
nhIN XWqy myry pRwn nYk roK n ghq hYN] rwm Buj dMf
pr AYsy KMf KMf kr kotk bhwaUN pRwn kwhy ko dhq
hYN] jwih dskMD bIs locn soN AMD pwro puMj bIjrI ko
hwQ moN rhq hYN]58]


AYsI sun gXo lMk nYk n BXo insMk, jYsy rMk mIn
ibn nIr Akulwq hYN] rwm ieq AwXo db sIqw kI n
lUtI Cib, mooso pCqwie eyk XhY auqpwq hY] kroN eyk
bfo Cl dyKoN qo sIAw ko bl kYsy n imlygI moso AYsy
ieqrwd hY] kMc Dn dYky min cwhq hY bMck ijauN
AYsy prpMcn qy rMc n ljwq hY]59]


mn mYN kIE klwp rwmcMd binE Awp lIno hwQ cwp

mwQy mukt bnwie kY] pIro pt kt so lpyt kY inKMg

ks, AMg AMg suMdr AnMg ko ljwie kY] rwvn ky

mwQy kwt bwt AwDo AwDo kr pWc pWc lIny kr lohU
soN iBjwie kY] clwE sIA qIr rGubIr bn mwXw bl
dyKky pRqwp pwp prisE n Awie kY] 60]

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ko rUp qn Dwr kY] syvk isKwey rx rwmcMd Awey
jIq mUMf ltkwey hwQ bYrI inj mwr kY] ByrI Fol
pth nSwn soN suhwie bIr duMdBI bjwie lok rIJq
inhwr kY] rwvn khq bwmI hY n mn kwmI Ab
jwnq hON jwnkI lKy qy Cwfy jwr kY]61]


kyaUk inhwr kY srUp Bey rUp lIn mwno mn hwro pUj

AYsy rhoN hyr kY] eyk kr DXwn Bey moCky pXwn jog
eyk log khYN hm dyKYN khUM Pyr kY] eyk khyN BlI kInI
mhwrwj rwm cMd rwvn so pwpI qum mwrXo Gyr Gyr
kY] eyk khY rwj kro lMkw ko inMsk Awj bgr sB
khyN tyr tyr kY]62]



jYsy jwko lwgO mn qYso qwko pUrXo pRn pUrn AnMq rwm
byK isrjwq qy] rwvn khq jy vY pwvq srUp moK qy
qO bf BwgI bYr kIno byhI kwj qy] bhuro bkn lwgXo
sq qy CufwaUN sIA jYsy Kg rwj suDw CInI sur rwj
qy] phuMcXo ASok bn FwpXo sIl qyhI iCn AYsI mn
AweI mwno aupjXo hY lwj qy]63]


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kXoN n aumhq hY] khw gwj prI miq rwmY AnusrI
jwqy GrI GrI lwj sIl fIl ko ghq hY] AOr myry
jIA qy pRcMf kRoD CIn hoie jwie bRhMmfl dhq hY]
XO n jwny pwpI dyh rcI hY ikRpw kI jwkI AYsI eyk
jwnkI ko Gr mYN rhq hY]64]


qau pY n qjI Aws kwhy qy ju pwp rwj gXo sIA pws

hwQ mUMf ltkwie kY] rwvn ky mwQy nXwry nXwry mY
o` ` ` ` auqwry dyK nIky Ab fwr dyq qo ko idKrwie kY]
jwnkI ky AMg kCU qwhIN iCn AYsy Bey jW qy kCU bolI


n imlI hY dOr Awie kY] pRym kI qvwr qY qCwr Kwie

prI khUM hwr bwr khUM BUKn igrwie kY]65]

auTI cyq Bt jXON kpt ky supt jXoN kpt ko n jwnXo

jYsy nt ko idKwiebo] dUjy dyv bwnI khXoN jwnkI
AXwnI BeI XhY eyk lMkpiq rUp ko bnwibo] qO lO
cwhY Bytby ko drXo pY n dOrY mn kYsy jYsy pRwx ibn
dyh ko clwiebo] jXoN jXoN clY Dwie qXoN qXoN Tg ky
sy prY pwie qO lO Awie iqRjtI ko bnXo hY


qWhI iCn BXo lop lMk pRgitEsu sok aupbn kop qy

iKswie BUim pwr kY] XwhIN prpMc qY mYN rMck n pwXo
suK kMcn sI jwnkI n BytI hY inhwr kY] jO lO jwie
swcyaU n jIqoN rx rwm cMd qO lO mo ko duK kI sdweI
AiDkwrI hY] jIqXo surrwj qIn lok ko smwj qaU
qyro mn Awj pwq fwr fwr hY]67]


ieh ibiD rwvn ieq ltY mIc inpt inj kwq] auq
iqRjtI srmw sihq suno sIA kI bwq]68]


krm lyKnI sIs iPrI isRst dyhI skl] rwm skl

sur eIs qWkI qIA AYsI duKI]69]

sIqo vwc]

sIqw pCuqwie murJwie duK pwie pwie khY hwie hwie

sIl lwj Dn gXo hY] kMtk byK rwm hIN ko AwXo
pwpI myry mn DUAw ko so DOlhr CXo hY] jy n Awn
iqRjtI qurq mo so khY qO qo Awj hI inMsk hY klMk
bIj dXo hY] dyKo dyKo XwhI myry mn kI iFTweI mweI
bfy pwpI so qo pwpI imlby ko BXo hY]70]


hw ibrMc hw surys cMfkw gnyS syS hw idnyS dyh Ab

lwgq iglwn kI] bfo AprwD ien kIno duK dIno
moih dyK dyK BUlI qaU hY qo AMq Awn kI] mIic mOl
pwaUN qOqy pRwn dY mMgwaUN Awj jog swDXo huqo qaU
mrqI AcwnkI] rwm Bog BUl rhI logn mYN PUlI sdw
rwm kiv AYso roie roie khY jwnkI]71]


pihly qo rwm hI qy kotk kpt jwqy Ab mo kpt hI

mYN Awp Awie jwq hYN] j`dp n myro AprwD myry pRwn

nwQ qaU myry AMgn soN AMg hIN irswq hYN] dyh khY
pwie cly pwie khYN nYn dOr myry mohU Awie lptwq
hYN] pRwn n aufwie Buim kwhy qY n Pwt jwie XwhIN mY
smwie sIA AYsI duK gwq hY]72]

Ary myry pRwn myry khy qy aufwq nwhIN Awpno kIE qurq
rwm hIN qY pweIE] sdw ky sMgwqI moih hwqI kr
qwqkwl rwm jU py jwhu myro duK Aiq gweIE] Awdr
n hoie qhW kYsy rhXo Bwvq hY inpt inlwj ho qo Byd
ko bqweIE] ikDo myry pRwn nwQ qum soN khXo hY XW ky
KIjy BUKy pXwsy dyh Cof ijn jweIE]73]


pRwn khYN bwq sun jwnkI pRbIn hm qO mYN rGubIr jU

mYN nXwry n rhq hYN] log XON khq sIqw ibrh qy mrI
hY hY aunhIN so rwm iPr AYsy kY mhq hYN] jwnq hoN
jIvq hY kwhy qy gusWeI suno jwqy myry pRwx myrI qyh ko
bhq hYN] qWqy jO lO qo ko rGu nwiek n Bytq hYN qO lO
qyrI bwqYN hm ljKk bhq hYN]74]


iqRjtIau vwc]

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sXwn kwhy ky krq hYN] kwl pro mro rGubIr ko
imlygI kOn qUMqo eyk Cl hI mYN Cl sI mrq hYN] qo ko
chUM GwqY fr lwgoeI rhq pXwrI moqy Xwqy rwvn
qyrwm qqy frq hYN] jON lO BONh cWp qwn dyq n srwp
Xwko qO lO pwp mol lY lY Awpko Drq hYN]75]


qyrI pd rj ky pRqwp qy pRqwp hm jwnXo rGubIr jU

ko qoih n ibsws hY] qIrQ ky bwsI jYsy jwqR sy khY
qum jwnq ho XWko BXo hm qy pRkwS hY] rwmdIp joq
mYN pqMg kot rwvn sy prY lrY pun pl hI mYN nws hY]
dyK kY qmwso jYsy pwnI mYN pqwso lUtXo gIDn mvwso
pwXo mwso mwso mws hY]76]


ihm irq kwtI AwCy issr bsMq pwCy gRIKm ky lwgy

kho kOn nXwie jUfIey] auqrI ho duK ky smuMdR mo sI
nwau cF lwgq knwry hoie hwsI kUd bUfIey] nYk
frpwey hrKwey jIEN mroN kYsy jYsy bwau cly Ancly

dSw gUfIey] iqRjtI hmwry dys AYsy auqpwq nwhIN rwm

rwj suny qy lgwie pMK aUfIey]77]

sIqwau vwc]

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crn pRqwp qy Gr Gr ieMdR smwj]78]


rwj nIiq qy sO khON sun iqRjtI dY kwn] ibn drsn

rGunwQ kY ibiD n krY jl pwn]79]


rGupiq ibn sb eyk so CqR cmr isr nwih BUKn BOn

BMfwr qy hX gX suK Gr mwih]80]


icqR hUM mYN ilKy n bic`qR icqRkwr qIAw pIA qY ibCor

kY n lMk ko so hwl hY] mwns kI khW jhW koklw
kpoq mor ckvw ckor ibn nwr n mrwl hY] sdw
miq gXwn mY ik byd ik purwn mY ik XDwn dwn mwn
mY su AYsy eyk Fwl hY] dwird kO Cl ko kpt ko
sdweI kwl piqbRq punX j`g AMn ko sukwl hY]81]


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ibdys jweIey hm ibn hmry rwj]82]


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qoih sMg lY idKrwaUN vh rwj]83]


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s`q pRqIq sKI sXwnI pRwn sm]84]

CpX CMd]ktk inMb kMtk bMbUl auD`q KjUr qr] pr pMck mY

dyh sdw bMck purwn nr] kutl qrn BUA iBRMg jtl
bt Bsm mukr muK] ibn ib`jl Dun kdl Avr kMpq
n pwie duK] AklMk rwm sb ibnw sIs Ar dwrd
ibn pRjw psu] pun nIc kUp lMpA BRmr ic`q cor
rGupq su js]85]

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jwnkI pRsMn muK krq rwm ko iDAwn]86]


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suMdr kpol Jlkn Alkn br] kc svwr pRPulq
srOj srvr Awnn dur] pIq bsn duq dsn gRsn
Ar bsn AOD pur] kih su kiv rwm rGubMs mix

mdn dhq syvq crn] suK krn Brn poKn inpun

mmpiq rGupiq duK hrn]87]

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rih skY boly kp sb DIr]88]


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inpt gvwr pUrn so pUro krY]89]


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bwq sunhu sunwvY rwm kiv]90]


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mq rwm brnq sMq pRqwp qy]91]


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sdw khY bro bro muih kMq]92]

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nwm dsmo AMk 10]


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Kg auf iPr Dr igrq prq n AMbr pwr]1]


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qy rwvx CilE mIc augwhI dyq]2]


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BwjY dUr ibnw dIp bwqn krY]3]


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nih doie ikauN piqbRqw srwhIey]4]


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mn lwih ihrdy rwm ibnqI krY]5]


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cwroN jug gwey hYN] pOn hUM soN pyt Br sovq BuMjg AO
kurMg iqRx Kwq bn hIN mY Gr Cwey hYN] cwiqRk ibnw
hIN swQI DUr mUMf mylY hwQI DXwn hIN ibVwl bk
jnm gvwey hYN] nwc nwc mor jXoN ibbwd GnGor jXoN
aufwie pRym hIn rGunwQ kwhU pwey hYN]6]


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Bgiq pRbIn kuMB krn bD kwndY]7]


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iklwie auClMq pUC ptkt cMcl Aiq] fIT joir sB
Drq Asur qb dUr rhq dib] riv pRgtq prBwq
jwq qm inrK bdn Cib] rGupiq pRqwp kiv rwm
kih inrKq pIT Bjwie Air] imRg rMk kOn
lMkwiDpiq jih isMG ibdwrn kuMB kir]8]


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dUqn kI AwvnI] jwnkI klys kul lwj sIl FIl
Cwf AwTON lok pwln kI fIT kI lgwvnI] pMc dUq
dyih ko su muMf mwl muMfn ko Awey gn JuMf eyqI bwq n
clwvnI] lMk eIs aUpr inSMk dWq pIs dyKo bIs
krI eyk bwr AYsI DwvnI]9]


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kY n moko isr nwXO hY] honhwr jwko jYsI qYsI miq
hIey bYsI jwnq hoN jwnkI ky kop fhkwXo hY] bolXo

hnUmwn Xih pwpI Ab lO qo nwQ rwvro ky nYnn kI

kruxw ijvwXo hY] nw qo Xko mwr sIAw lY kY dys gey
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swQI kMcn ky kuMfl ikrIt pMuj CwXo hY] pRBU kI
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Awgy lYn AwXo hY] kOn bfI bwq qReI qwp ky
hrnhwr rwm ky ktwC qy Jtwk pd pwXo hY]11]


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puMj eyeI rwKy bwhn n Awpno bulwXo hY] Bey Asvwr
bwjy duMdBI Apwr rwm lMk iFg Awey pY n kop iFg
AwXo hY] bYrI hUM ky mwrby kI bwq muskwq krYN cyqY
nYk rvn qo bfo pRBU pwXo hY]12]



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Xwko so n aupdysY jw qy hm soN audws hY] bolXo
hnUmwn rwm rudR Xwko bfo bYrI XwhI qy n dIno aur
dyKXo n ibsws hY] sMpiq iblws iSv dIno pRBu Blo
kIno so qo vwhI mMqR ky ktwC ko pRkwS hY]13]

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kihE kwqo frogy] rwvn ko mwr rGubIr ky pRqwp qum
jwie lMk hY insMk bfo rwj krogy] qoko rwj dyq hm
bIc n ibgwrXo kwm jwnq hYN hmYN Cwif Bogn myN
progy] BweI kI ibBUiq pwie rwmcMd ko irJwie kho
qo hmwry Awgy khw khw Drogy]14]

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pwie rwj ko kmwie hoN] eyk rwm rom pr kot rwj
idEN lutwih jhW pg DUr qhW mwQoeI luTwie hoN]

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Dwm pDrwie hoN] lMk iCrkwie crnodk so hnUmwn
qW ky pwCy qumY kot ibMjn Kvwie hoN]15]

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rMk ijn sunhu lMk kI bwq]16]

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Gwq Awie gXo jwnXoN nhIN]17]

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kI rIiq bhuq krYN Qoro khYN]18]


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BeI BwrI nwau kI] sur CipE Dujw bIc kIno hY smudR
kIc nIc sy hY gey Air hY n Aws Awau kI] sMKn ky
bwjq byhr BeI CwqI tUk BRm hI qy dyh mwn lInI


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bl rwvry ky bwvry suBwau kI]19]

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byK sbko bnwie kY] sbhIN ko dY kmwn bwn swvDwn
kr cwaU so bFwie cWp hwQn cFwie kY] duMdBI
bjwie bYr pRgtY jnwie rwm lMk ky insMk iFg mWfXo
dl Awie kY] sUrn bulwie kuMB krnY jgwie rwjw
bwq bIq gey qy rhogy pCqwie kY]20]

rwvno vwc]

bWD bWD gwqI p`C pwqI jy sMgwqI myry qwqI bwnI bol
bol khXo hY sunwie kY] mwns kI jwqI B`C QwqI
pweI bYTo Gr mn kI suhwqI bwqI pRgtI hY Awie kY]
iSv kI ikRpw qy kroN jm ky jmwqI sB jognI iblwqI
Ab pTvoN AGwie kY] pwqI ilKI dYNqn ko nwqI
kmlwsn ky rwqI kr AwKYN CwqI koRD aupjwie

kivau vwc]


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bIsoN Bujw AmYT rwm lKn Gr pwhuny]22]


bol mhodr ko kihXo bhur lMk ky rwie]

rwmcMd kh krq hY kho moih sq Bwie]23]

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rGunwiek jgdIs ieh ibiD rihq pRsMn muK]24]


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hnUmwn pwin lwlq auh iB`tq] kihq bwq qv Anuj
sunq muskq duK im`tq] imRdu bcn rcn sugRIv pRiq
Aiq pRsMn l`jw nimq] rwjwiDrwj lMkwiDpiq joeI
jwq Srn bYrih iCmq]25]


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rx khYN krun rs nYnn CuBq] pvn puqR kRuDiq
invwie AMguil BUA ilKq] sIA AwgY Dr imlY rwv
qv mwrgu ip`Kq]snDb`D ibnu lCmn cvr hwQ

aUpr krY] kiv rwm sUrmix ju`D min Cuviq crn

fgmg DrY]26]

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jwq hYN GrIk mYN aufwie hYN] eykn ko bWD lXwie
eykn kO dYN aufwie eykn kI nwir hIN mror qor Kwie
hYN] qO lO eyk rwKsI pRBMjnI bulwie khXo AwDI rwq
Bey qy sbY eI soie jwie hYN] qhW jwie rwm ko auTwie
lXwie myry iFg Bor Bey jIq ky inSwnih bjwie

bBIKno vwc rwm cMdR soN]


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nwQ swvDwn hoiebo] bolXo bwl pUq rGubIr purhUq
sun myrI cOkI pwie kY pswr pwie soiebo] rwvn ky
Awvq lO qumYN n jgYhON dY hoN eyklo jbwb qwko pOrK
ibgoiebo] pRwq rxbwq hY hY swKw imRg BRwq suno mwr
mwr bYrn ko rwm muK joiebo]28]

kivau vwc]

sUr CipE p`Cm pRkwisE sis pRwcI ids c`kR vwk

ibCury ckor suK pwXo hY] kumdnI PUlI kMj mUdy
kwlkUt KwXo hY] AwDI rwiq bIqI sb soey jIA jwn
Awn rwkSI pRBMjnI pRBwau so jnwXo hY] bIjurI sI
PurI BWq burI hwQ CurI lohU curI fIT jurI dyK AMgd
ljwXo hY]29]


rwm lO n jwn dInI bwt hI mYN KrI kInI bwt pwrby

ko blI AMgd pRbIn hY]dOr jwie hwQ grXo moso sUDY
bwq kho lirE cwhY lro AYso kOn qo qy hIn hY]kCU n
bswie Bwj jYby kO ibliblwie kYsy jYsy isMG mod
hrnI ko cIn hY]kIno bfo sor sb jwgy mwno BXo Bor
kor kwr BeI sunXo rwvn mlIn hY]30]


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Bog rwvn pRqwp ky]imly c`kR vwk AYso sIqwaU imln
hwr CUtI iBMRg mwl mwno bwn rwm cwp ky]pUrn
pRkwiSXo puMj ikrn ky Dwie Cwie kYsy jYsy Awie suK

jwnkI imlwp ky]cMd prXo PIko lMkwpiq hMU qy nIko

qwry lty mwno Awau AMk myGnwd bwp ky]31]

rGupiq jUky dl kI pRbl dyKI cOp bfo duK jIAw pY

n muK qy jnweIey]qIn kot rwKs Kpwey jo pTwey hm
jYsy myl pwro qb Awg mY aufweIey]bolXo myGnwd chMU
Eur jwie CykoN dl mwroN eyk eyk gn Awies jo
pweIey]ikDoN kho cloN jwauN kuMBkwn ko jgwie khoN
AwXo Gr B`C qWko Blo eI mnweIey]32]


myGnwQ jwie Fol lwKk bjwie rhXo qXoN qXoN

kuMBkwn jU bfo eI suK pwXo hY] hwQn ky pujMn ko
gofpY clwie rhy mwno pwau cwp BWq soN svwXo hY]
bolI qb nwir XWko eyk hY aupwie khoN AYsI BWiq ru`dR
Awn Awpn jgwXo hY] kwn mY gxyS ko pTwie pwCy
kot gn locn mUMdy eI rhy auqr sunwXo hY]ocn mUMdy eI
rhy auqr sunwXo hY]33]


soeI kwm kIno gj JuMfn bulwie kY bjwie Fol duMdBI

su kwn mY pTwey hYN] AOr sB sUrn soN khXo hY pvr

lwgo jwie lwgy kYsy jYsy pMCI igr Cwey hYN] GrI cwr
pWc lO qo smJo n prI khW Bey giq gey ikDoN pyt mYN
pcwey hYN] qWko pwCy rwjw ky kumwr kuMBkwn khXo
jwnq hON dyn duK rwvn jU Awey hYN]34]

sovq hY Gtkwn jhW cl lMk pqI phuMcXo iqh TOrY]

kXoN ho jgwvq mY hrI jwnkI so jg kY smJwvq
bOrY] so BugqI nih kXoN sun nwQ ibnw rGunwQ BjY
nih AOrY] rwm hI kXoN n bnXoN kptI jO bnXoN qaU
fIl susIl ko dOrY]35]


qWhI ky hyq ley kip ko dl rwm bfo sun bYr bFwXo]

dOr ibBIKn BweI imlXo iek bwnr Awie kY gwauN
jrwXo] AOr bfI ibprIq suno qumqy n frXo qum ko
fr pwXo] XwhIN qy byg clo Gr ko duK moih ju hY sB
qoih sunwXo]36]


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sUpnKw piq hIn krI muin mwr mrIc dey duK Bwry]
A`C kumwr ky sMg Kpy Bt rwCs kotn kot sMGwry]

kRoD bFwie lvwie lY bIrih lMkpqI gF lMk


kuMBkrnau vwc]

jor sBw sB bol Bt bUJq rwj kI rIiq purwnI] jO

bl hY qaU kXoN clIey ijh mwrg hoie Anwj n
pwnI] bwq suny sb bol auTy Dn ho Gtkwn bfo sur
igAwnI] rwvn bol auTXo smJI hm jwnq hYN qum
dyh buFwnI]38]


bolXo kuMBkwn Ab lMk ky Avws eyqo lwgq audws

moih vYsy n suhwvny] jyeI jyeI TOrn qy kwm ko grb
jwqo qyeI qyeI TOr Ab lwgy fr pwvny] cOpKw AtwrI
icqR swrI cOk Bwr BwrI mwny koaU bsXo nwhI Ab ey
bswvny] kOn sIA bwq jWko eyqo auqpwq BRwq rwq
ibn Awey dOr dIpk jrwvny]39]

rwvnau vwc]

bwq sun jrXo AMg AMg irs BrXo moih bfo ho Broso qUM
qo Awgy ibllwq hY] loh kI n AWc lwgI bwnkI n

ibRst pwgI nINd Ab jwgI ikDo qWqy BBrwq hY] eyk

hWk bWdr plwq jYsy sUky pwq bwq ky clyqy BRwq kOn
auqpwq hY] bwd hI auTwXo hm qYso Pl pwXo Ab khy
XWko soieby ko Dwm kXoN n jwq hY]40

bfo eI shweI jwn krqy bfweI hm suqo bwq pweI

mwno rwm hI soN pRIq kI] Awie kY lrweI rGurweI hY
mcweI jb qb XON sunweI sI curweI so AnIiq kI]
bfo duKdweI XWih pIro n prweI XWkI nINd auctweI
su qO ibprIiq kI] iSv kI duhweI mYN n khI hY
bnweI jhW AYsy jury BweI qhW bUfI bwq jIq

kivau vwc]

AYsy jb bolXo kop kRoD soN bFweI Ep soeI gXo n`s kY

ibbyk inr mok qy] blXo kuMBkwn kOn cMdRmW surys
Bwn kOn kwl bXwl mr jWih myrI tok qy] AYsI sun
sbY lok pwln ky bUfy duK qyhI iCn kYsy jYsy irxI


irx Qok qy] rwm soN jo lrY qO qo dyvn ky dIvw brY

nYk rwm BjY dyv BwjY lok lok qy]42]

nINd qy BXo dyKy Bt Aws pws gwgr pcws soN pKwr

muK hisE hY] mMgwXo jyqo pwXo gF lMk mwih qaU n
AGwXo mDupwn rs misE hY] rudR pYn mWigE br
mws ko phwr Gr kUp Bry Awsvn qIsYN jg bisE]
pwCy boilE mhwrwj kwhy ko ibKwd krYN rwm Awn
kuMBkwn dwFn mYN PisE hY]]43]

kuMBkwno vwc]

kho qo sMGwroN kho isMD bor fwroN AOr jO kho qo nB mY

ibQwroN eyk eyk hIN] rIC kip JuMfn ky muMfn auqwroN
kho kot lY auswroN pY n hwroN rhoN tyk hIN] Awpno qo
pOrK n qor fwroN mhwrwj kwl ko pCwroN sB krON
swcI jo khIN] nYk jo sMBwroN qwry qor BUim fwroN AOr
jwih ko pcwroN qwih mwroN Cyk Cyk hIN]45

kivau vwc]



kuMBkwn gwjy rn mwrU BWiq BWiq bwjy swjy jb sUr

lwjy dyv bRhmMf ky] drky phwr idgpwl srky sorK
mwno puMj bIjrI hI krky pRcMif ky] hIey kip qrky
Prky nYn dwhny augwhny ciFE hY jm mwno pRwn dMf
ky] juD ko smudR igr mMdr iblovY mwno dyKq hYN rwjw
jur Awey KMf KMf ky]46]

kuMBkwno vwc]

boilE kuMBkwn kip puMj kwhy kWpq hO qum soN lry qy

bfI lwj mr jweIey] Ary kul pwpI qUM ibBiKn
frwie ijn BIr pry Cwf sMg pRwnn bcweIey] lCmn
quhI pC mno hohu hwsI nwhI bl ko iblws hY qo AOr
ko jnweIey] iSv kI duhweI ikauN mrq ho ibnwhIN
AweI ko hY rGurweI BweI qWhI ko bqweIey]47]


jO lO rx sUrmw n p`Xy koaU AOr qo lO Blo An hyq ko

kCUk rGurweI hY] moko dyv jwnq hYN jwnoN ik n jwno
mUF qum soN lry qy myrI kOn sI bfweI hY] jYsy bfo myG
ibn bwrD ko pwie jl pICy gwgrI pXws n buJweI

hY] AOr jYso kyhr pCwr puMj kuMjr ko pwCy l`C mCr
ko BONh n cFweI hY]48]

kivau vwc]

eyk kip Bwgy jwie lwgy hnUmwn pIT eyk Awn lwgy
rGunwQ ky crn ko] eyk khY jwnq hYN eyeI idn bUJo
ien qyeI Awey cly Gr jm ky Brn ko] eyk khYN XWko
nYk fWty hIXy Pwty jwq Awn kOn sUr hoie ien so
lrn ko] eyk khYN rwm lCmn sIqw jIq lYhYN mwry
jwho qumhI jo Awey ho mrn ko]49]


rwm muskwny dyK kyauk iprwny kip lCmn boly bol

Awpny suBwie soN] qwhI smY hnUmwn AwiekY invwie
mwQ nwQ jO kho qo mwroN eyk hI aupwie soN] AMgd
AnMq bl nIl nl jwmvMq sbY kop Bry mwrby ko icq
cwie soN] qO lO injkwie Awie gdw ko auTwie auco
kuMBkwn bolXo gurrwie rGurwie soN]50]

kuMBkwn vwc]



qwrkw n qwl iriK bwmn prsrwm syq n smudR ko n

CudR bMs hIn mYN] lMk AO mrIc nwhI bwlI kip nIc
nwhIN iqRsrw subwhu Kr dUKn mlIn mYN] rudR ko ipnwk
nwhIN ieMdR suq kwk nwhIN sUpnKw nwk nwhIN kIny dyv
dIn mYN] kuMBkwn nwm khW p`Xo moqy jwn rwm eyju qum
mwry hYN n qryh mYN n qIn mYN]51]

kivau vwc]

jo rGupiq crnn ibmuK qy AYsy grbwr] inj AprwD

n smJeI pRB isauN mWfYN rwr]52]


qb bolXo hnUmwn kh ignqI swcI khIN] ien qo

kIXo sXwn hmih sgun hY sO guno]53]


gdw gih kip mMfl BjwXo iqn jYsy cly bwau puMj
bwdr aufwey hYN] eykhI cpyt jm dUqn ky Bry pyt
jIvq lpyt sb jyl kY clwey hYN] bfy bfy sUrn ko
bfyeI lgwey hwQ dyK rGunwQ bl rIJ muskwey hYN bfy
bfy sUrn ko bfyeI lgwe] hwQ dyK rGunwQ bl rIJ


muskwey hNY] eyk db rhy ghy rwm pwie eykn Anykn

ky pRwn kuMBkwn lY isDwey hYN]54]

bhuro iqRsUl lYky DwXo hY lMgUr hyr XwkI dyK sUrq

ipnwkI rIJ gwXo hY] qWko qyj dyKy dury riv ky mjyj
rwm dOr iqn qwk kip rwj ko clwXo hY] qWhI iCn
rwm cMdR bwn kmwn muK q`Ck ko grV pRqC kY pTwXo
hY] lgn n dIno tUk tUk mwr kIno jYsy dIp ko pRqwp
eyk PUk hI buJwXo hY]55]


qIsro auTwiekY iPrwie mugDr DwXo AwXo nl nIl

iFg bol fr pwey hYN] PUqkwr hIsoN pky qUq sy igrwey
kip bMs ky spUq mwno dwird aufwey hYN] rOdyN eyk
pwien soN mwry icq cwien soN kIny bhu Gwien soN cwm
ky clwey hYN qO lO hnUmwn Awie hwQ qy Cufwie lIno
qWky mwrby ko kip AOr hIN bulwey hYN]56]


AMgd sujwn khXo khW pwvY jwn Ab pOrK pRmwn dyKo

mwr mwr gXo hY] nIl nl lwgy Buj jwmvMq qorI Duj
bwil suq bhuro igrwie BUim dXo hY] koaU mwry bwn

kuaU cOQyN nwk kwn qWko pRwn kOn kwFY koaU rwm ibn
BXo hY] PUly iklkwrI cF bYTy igr BwrI mwno vhY
soie gXo AYsy bwt suK BXo hY]57]

rwm cMd jwnI kip mMfl n gXwnI Xwko nYk hUM sMBwry
kQw bfI ibprIq kI] mwrby ko smoN hm pwXo hY
igrwXo irp Ab jO n mwrhoN qo hmhUM AnIq kI] eyk
bwn qwn kY lgwXo hIey qwq kwl Byd kY pqwl jwie
khI bwq jIq kI] dUsro kpwl lY isDwrXo sur lok
mWih AYsy irpU mwir sYnw AwpnI ncIq kI]58]


hwhwkwr BXo Bwg rwvn ko gXo sB pwCy hnUmwn lY

phwr so aupwXo hY]hwl cwl prI n sMBwl rhI kwhU
qn mwno pRlYkwl ko bGUlw bfo AwXo hY] eyk sMg cly
eyk Awps mYN dly kip eyk igry pwq sy sMBwry suK
pwXo hY] aUcy nB hyr hyr dyvn soN tyr tyr byir byir
lCmn bol XON sunwXo hY]59]

lKmxo vwc]



qjhu Sok sB Amr lok rhIAhu idRV Awsn] pRBu

idn mix mg qjhu nYk trhur kmlwsn] ibgiq
DXwn locn pswr iqRpurwir inhwrhu] aufgn brn
smIr DIr ijn qjhu sMBwrhu] sur lok Awj mMgl
krhu kuMBkwn bD pl auTg] rGupiq pRcMf Buj dMf
lg prs KMf Dr pr luTg]60]


prXo jb gwq BXo bfoeI AGwq mwno prXo b`jR pwq

iFg Awey rGurwie hYN] khXo muskwie Xh bfoeI
Akwie mwno XWko mws gID mws bIs qIs Kwie hYN]
boly hnUmwn rwm jwnXo hI n jwie khW hwQ khW hwQ
khW pwie XWko khW lwgy Gwie hYN] dPwpr ky AMq
eyk BIm blMvq hY hY so qO XWkI kporI mYN bUf bUf
nQwie hYN] 61]


bfI jIq BeI rn hrKy su dyv gn brKy sumn sUr

prKy lrn ky] krKy pRcMf kip KrkBeI rn hrKy su
dyv gn brKy sumn sUr prKy lrn ky] krKy pRcMf
kip Krky n lMk Bt srky inMsk jor rwm ky crn

ky] khI kip rwj Awp Awpny smwj rGurwj kwj

kro duK myto sI hrn ky] Qwny Qwny hnUmwn AMgd
sXwny rho jwny injkwny idn rwvn mrn ky]62]

rwvnau vwc]

rwvn inhwry kuMBkwn qo pCwry rn hwry kip hwry kip

jUQ qy isDwry dyv lok ko] qWky sMg Bwry Bwry sUr jy
hmwry qyaU nYk n sMBwry rwmcMd bwn Pok ko] dyeI ky
svwry hnUmwn qb jwry Gr Awpny qo AWc n lgweI
nK nok ko] qWko jwie mwrY koaU kwm ko svwrY BweI
qWhIN idn Bly ibdw dyaUN mn sok ko]63]


jwhI gVQ lMk ko inSMk hY n dyKYN dyv Awies ko mwn

mwQy BUim isrnwvqy] swqoN pOr bwhr ibCOnw ibn TwFY
rhyN nXwry nXwry Awpno juhwr phucwvqy] jwhIN ko
bulwvqo su Awvqo susMk mn myry ibn khy iFg bYTny n
pwvqy] qWhI gF ko qo rIC bwnr lpytq hYN sB idn
eyksy n pwey mn Bwvq]64]



kY qo surlok ky mYN rok rok rwKy dyv rwj ko smwj AOr

khW lO bKwnIeyN] kMcn ko dys mn rMck n kwhUM fr
myro qRws shI dys dysn mYN mwnIeyN] soeI myry jIvq
insMk hY lMgUr rIC bIc lMk Dsy AOr Awgy khw
jwnIeyN] jwnkI ko kop hY ik Bwg hI ko lop hY ik mo
ko isv lok hY su kYsy pihcwnIeyN]65]

kivau vwc]

rwm ibmuK qh burI miq pihly hI hir lyq] burw hoq

smJY nhIN Blo idKweI dyq]66]


rwm gIq mn lwie jy sunhYN kiv rwm kih] iqn ky

duK rGurwie kuMBkwn ijauN mwr hYN]67]


jy jg inMdk lok rwvn rwm n smJeI] Xih rs

iqnih n jog AOr khY rs hwin]68]


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auqrwie Awgy kQw su hoiegI]69]

ieiq sRI rwm gIqy kuMBkwn bD eykwdso AMk smwpq]11]


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Buj dMf myGnwd bolXo inkit]

rwvno vwc]

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rwab ieMdRjIq ky jIvqy]2]


kMuBkwn mwry sUr bhuqy pCwry Ab jwnq hmwry p`C hY

n ru`dR dwhny] hwry sb bhuqy pCwry Ab jwnq hmwry
p`C hY n r`udR dwhny] hwry su rwks n twry JMuf bwnr
ky Bwgy suK Bwry duK pry hYN srwhny] sMk ibn lMk ky
ikMgUrn ibdwr Ab kwier jXoN dyq qoNih Gr mYN
aurwhny] suno pUq mIq BWiq BWiq ibprIq rwmcMd kI
AnIq qy n cIq mn nwihn]3]


Awj rwjDwnI kI ibkwnI hY ibBUiq suno pUq myGnwd

pY n nYk jIA AwnI hY] kuMBkwn jUJy id`n qbhI qy
bUJy AOr Awgy ky bnwau kI n bwq kwhU jwnI hY] XhY

hm mwnI qaU jwnkI ibrwnI hoq bIjurI qrwnI mwno

AYsI bolY bwnI hY] jwko hr AwnI rhI Bog kI khwnI
so n BeI sIA rwnI myrI Awau sIA rwnI hY]4]

myG nwdau vwc]


boilE myGnwd rwjw kwhy ko ibKwd krYN khw BXo jopY

rn kMBkwn hwirE hY] rwmcMd kIno Cl AOr n pujwXo
bl gXo dl Bwj gih eyklo pCwirE hY] BUmY syj
BeI qb nINdo Awie geI hY dos kOnY dIjY aun pwieE
suK BwirE hY] kY sI Ab hwsI kOn kwj rhy bwsI rn
aUNG kI auswsn mYN PwsI myl mwirE hY]5]


dIjY moih pwn Ab khW koaU pwgY jwnt ju`D ky

iVndwnV mYN nV myrI bwq durI hY] qum hMU qo jwnq ho
jI mY SMk AwVq ho jIqXo sur rwj AYsI qwkI piq
burI hY] bYrn ko mwrby ko AYsI Kg Dwr jYsy pwpn ky
kwtby ko kWSI iSvpurI hY] jIjY qO lO rwj kIjY rn
ko n pIT dIjY lok prlok rwKby kI bwq jurI hY]6]

kivau vwc]


pRym so nYn vhYN gwvq nwcq sPyd cilE sb AMgw] kY

rn mYN gih Kg BlI ibiD lohU soN Gwau Bey ArDMgw]
ey doaU pUq jny jnnI jg AOr sbY kIt pMqgw] j`g
ko Twkur j`g ko jIvn so nr hoq hY gMg ko gMgw]7]


Awn prI ieh BWiq kI gwF gXo mY so iPrXo nih

koeI] rwvn ky jIA qy n BeI sun pUq sBY Ab hovq
soeI] mwns Awie lgy gF lMkih dyvn kI n clwvq
koeI] bIc mMdodrI bol auTI muK dIn BeI mn qy
Aiq roeI]8]

mMdodrIau vwc]

iSv sy shwiek hYN sBY sUr pwiek hYN nwrd sy gwiek

hYN lwK BWiq mnI hY] kMcn kon dys ho n supny ibdyS
ho suryS AlkyS jIqby kI rn AnI hY] pUq myGnwQ ho
su rwj ko svwd ho n jIA mYN ibKwd ho n kyhUM piq
CnI hY] jO qO sIA kbhUM curwvqo n kMq qO qO Awj sb
bwq kI ibswq BlI bnI hY]9]

rwvnau vwc]


kOn smo ien bwqn ko rn rwm dhY Gr mYN ptrwnI]

rwm ky hwQ mrY dskMDr qYN Xih bwq su kwhy qy
jwnI] AOr kdWc bny ieh BWiq qo Awj bno khu kOn
sI hwnI] dyih CutI pY n sIA CutI cil hY jg mYN
jug cwr khwnI]10]

kivau vwc]

jXoN shMsR qpu Bwnu koRD pRgt rwvn kIau] dIey pUq ko
pwn ieMdRjIq jIqY bnY]11]


rwm qy n frY sB dOr Arrwih pry myGnwQ cFy rQ

loh jury pyKIey] sRoxq soN Bry qaU TOr qy n try
hiQAwr qUt pry qy khw lO lK lyKIey] bwn muK Dry
lY kmwn kr kry pY n rwmY Anusry bl mYN Bly
ibsyKIey] KwlI kIny qrkS Bry Bry Bry Bry Bt lry
lry lry pt mry mry dyKIey]12]


bfyeI bnYq sUr sbY pKrqY jYqvwr TOr TOrn ky bfy

bfy fIl hYN] juD ko Afol swim kwrjI Amol gol qY
inks lrYN qWqy kImq BlI lhYN] kwl ko bnwaU lMk

rwau ko n dwau prY jIqn ko cwau khUM jd`ip susIl

hYN] rwmkiv Awj kwl rwvn ky logn ko kop hUM kI
FIl prlok kI n FIl hYN]13]

mGvwijq ko sB sIs invwie Dsy rn mY hiQAwr

auGwry] Awie indwn kI bwq bnI kihkY ieh BWiq
bjwie ngwry] ros Bry smJXo n prY gih bwnr kotn
kot sMGwry] rwm ky kop n Ep rhI iPr AMq ko AMq
ky Dwm isDwry]14]


mcXo ju`D idn rYn duhUM Er mwrU bjXo] mwXw rQ

cVQQ gYt myGnwd bolXo qbih]15]

myGnwdau vwc]

qorXo ijn DnuK ipnwkI ko mhW pRbl jWko bl dyK

iBRg nMd kIno mOn hY] qwrkw ko mwr bwlI bl soN
pCwrXo ijn jWko hnUmwn BlI BWq KwXo lOn hY] Awp
hIN qy jWky sB syvk hY gey kip jwky fr isMDu ky
swsn mY pOn hY] myGnwd rbk Bbk khXo sBw bIc
kho kho sIqw piq rwmcMd kOn hY]16]

rwmcMdRo kI sYnwau vwc]


boly sB sUr AYsy kUr hUM n bUJy Ary myGnwd Awj AYso
ieqrwq hY] jYsy jyT mws kI dupihrI mYN jrYN pwauN
sUrj bq`XY koaU AYsy brrwq hY] pwCy lCmn Awgy
AMgd so kip rwau nIl nl pWieqr AMjnI ko qwq
hY] bIc rGurwie qWky bil jwie rwm kiv jwhI kO n
sUJy qWko Awj kwl pwq hY]17]

ieMdRjIqo vwc]

sun ry sugRIv gRIv nIcy kY inhwr rwj Awpno n rwiKE

qoqy kOn BWiq frhoN] nl mY n bl ko iblws khW
bUJq hoN nIl so lry qy tIko ko n krhoN] hnUmwn hUM mY
kho kOn so gumwn suno jwmvwn AMgd ky pRwn hON n
khhoN] jO lO Tihrwie myrI mwr qy n Bwg jwie qO lO
kCU lrhoN qo rwm hI soN lrhoN]18]

kivau vwc]

XON kihkY brKq BXo bwx bUMd iek Dwr]


aUc nIc kwier suBt sB kIny iek swr]19]


kCU n rhI sMBwr ikqy sUr kt Dr pry] jXON dwvw

prjwr ctkq ptkq bWis iqRx]20]


jwhIN ko pcwrY qWih pihly hI mwrY Awj BlI BWq

sBhI ky bl prKq hY] khI rGubIr kr pwCY bwn
kr pwCy bUMd KrI bfI brKq hY] jwnq hoN Awj rn
rhYgo n koaU kip lCmn nYkhUM n koaU hrKq hY] hON
khoN inPotk su XWkI Et hY kY bIr sB hI ky pRwx
mwno kwl krKq hY]21]


jhW jhW kip lrq Qy qih qih dIey Bjwie] qy iml

sRI rGubIr soN bolq gih gih pwie]22]

bwnro vwc]

myGnwd kopXo kwl nwQ AYsy mylXo cwl jWky bl Awgy

sUr kOn sy srwhny] nIl ko AnMq Gwau FIly mn
kiprwau Awj pRn kInO sb bwnr inbwhny] eyqy pr
rwvn soN sIl qum rwKq hO BOhn qnwie Awj hUjY nYk


dwhny] kIjY n vlwau cl dyKo ds pwaUN rn lOhU ky

qlwau mY rlwau kCu nwhny]23]

kivau vwc]

hnUmwn hUM kI Er dyK muskwny rwm jwie suD sb

bwnr duKwry hYN] bolq kpoln qy Cib ky qrMg auTy
iqrCO hYN kMj nYn BOhYN Bwry hY] bolXo lCmn ey DnuK
lIjY bwn lIjY ien hUM ko dIjY hm qwpsI ivcwry hYN]
hWsI hWsI twrq ho jIqXO rn hwrq ho ieMdR jIq jIq
sbY mwr mwr fwry hYN]24]

lCmno vwc]

hsy rGubIr krnw soN rs Bry nYn lCmn bwn soN

kmwn jb qwn hY] hnUmwn kwhy ko gumwn rhY rwvn
mYN BwrI hY Broso moih jI soN gih Awn hY] pIT Tok
fIT Bir dyiK muK kihE bIr AYso ju`D kIjo jYsI sdw
kul bwn hY] bwiFE Aihlwd rwm kIno sMKnwd kihE
rn ko suvwd myGnwd Awj jwn hY]26]



aumwfy Anyk kip eykn qY eyk cip lCmn jUko chUM

Er Gyr Gyr kY] Awgy Bey h~mwn pwCy nIl jwmvwn
lMk ky inSMk sUr mwry hYN inbyr kY] AYsy bwn cly jYsy
swvn ky myG Bly mwrU ko bjwie rwm rudR khYN tyr kY]
gIDn ko mws bfo rwvn ko qRws myGnwd ghXo dWq
Gws AYso juD hyr kY]27]

kivau vwc]

prI loh mwr sB Awp Awp my sMBwr khUM qrvwrn soN

hwQ qrPq hYN] khUM mwqy hwQI khUM igry kt swQI khUM
BwQI bwDy ignqI ky swsn Brq hYN] eyk PyNt bWD kY
ktwrn sON lrYN Dwie eyk sUr Gwie ibn mwQyeI prq
hYN] jUJy eyk bwr doaU kwhU qy n pwCy koaU qyqo doaU eyk
ApCrw ko brq hYN]29]


myGnwd irs AweI mMqR pF kY clweI bwn hI mYN nwg

Pws bfI duK dwienI] jwky qyj Awgy rwm logn ky
qyj Gty jYso pRBu qYso jn sBhI kO GwienI] pMj
hiQAwry hYN pY sUrmw suBwry hYN pY nYku n sMBwry pRwn

sB ky aufwienI] kwhy kI lrweI aun kQw eI cukweI

jYsy pwrw mwr fwrq hY pl mYj rswienI]29]

pihly sRI rGubIr jI ckvih dIE srwp]

Ab ins ko ckvI hsI qj ibrih ibRlwp]30]

ckvIau vwc]

sRwp dIE ijn mo piq ko soeI rwm prXO duK so rn

mYN] lGubIr smIr ky pUq smyq rhy Cip kY kip gn
mYN] Ab jIq BeI mGvwijq kI kih kY hrKI Aiq
hI mn mYN] ckvI ins bXwkul hI icq mYN qaU nwc
auTI hs kY bn mYN]31]

rwvno vwc]

rwvn soN khI dUqn jwie incIq Bey rn mYN hm jIqy]

rwm smyq sBY kip mMfl BUim pir jn icqRn cIqy]
nwg kI PWs pry ieh BWq n sws BrXo auksy n khIN
qy] lY sIA ko idvrwvhu jwie ju moih BjY AjhMU Ab
hIN qy]32]

sKI susrmw vwc]



sIA soN bwq khI srmw rn dyK sBY Bt jUJ pry]

iqn dyKky sIR rGubIr Bry idRg sINc kIey duK puMj
hry] khI nwQ su jwnkI pwien lwgq jW lg ho ieh
BWq lry] qum aqr Pyr n dyq ho moih iCmo Ab jy
AprwD kry]33]

sIqo vwc]

jb bXwh smY irK mMfl sy qb moih AsIs deI kih

kY] rGubIr suhwgin hohu sdw Buj soN Buj hwQn soN
gih kY] iqn hUM kI khI Ab JUTI BeI Ar byd kI
bwq geI bih kY] sKI AOr kI kOn khY ieh AOsr
pRwn n jwq rhy sihkY]34]


bn ko clqy khI jy bqIAW qyeI jwnq hON icq mY n

rhI] vs kY bn mYN pun qo sMg jwnkI rwj smwj kroN
Gr hI] soeI sRI rGunwQ iqhwrI ey bwq gfI jIA mYN
sc kXoN trhI] qyeI JUTI BeI myry pRwn sqI sIA
pwpin kI sb hON srhI]35]



AjhUM AprwDin jwnkI kI Bju bwm PurY iml locn

soN] AMcrw auksY suD sOn sBY n mroN n jIEN ien
socn soN] AjhUM nhI dyKqy ho Br nYn pry iCq kOn
sMkocn soN] kho bUf mroN kho jwie jroN ihm bIc grON
mn pocn soN]36]


AYsy suK mwn qy n pRwnn ky qwn qy n rqI Br BRwq qy

n mMdr n bnqy] sws ky snyhu qy n bnI TnI dyh qy
n kMcn ky myhqy n khUM sKI jwnqy] jYsy suK myry jIA
hoih myry pRwn nwQ nYk jo ktwC kro prY auT rn qy]
nYnn mYN srm smoie srmw ky Awgy jwnkII ibl
iblwie roie roie mn qy]37]

kivau vwc]

rwm crn qr lCmn sIA dyKXo ibn cYn] hIE Ptq

AsUAn Frq bolq qwsooN bYn]38]

sIqw vwc]

BjI mOn rGurwj khu lCmn ikh hyq qy] BlI

inbwhI lwj rGu kul qy lGu kul kIE]39]


Ary pRwx blB ky bIr bIr lKmn pRwn nwQ mosoN Ab

bolq n nYk hUM] jwnq hoN myry AprwDn qy rUT rhy
bUJy ibn jYsI hYN krq AYsI hY khUM] qUM qy myro crn ko
syvk hYN ry spUq nYk bol pRwx myry jwq khUM qy

kivau vwc]

bFXo jIA auqpwq rwmcMd lCmn Qky] qb sIqw

jg mwq pRwnn soN ibnqI krY]41]

sIqwau vwc]

pRwn sujwn Ajwn pnoqj mwn khXo sun bwl jmwqI]

mWgq hoN iek bwq bfI kr jor bfy duK mYN
ibllwqI] jO lg XoN n clY jg mYN sIA jIvq hY ibn
rwm sMgwqI] qO lg dyh ko XoN qj ry jYsy pMgI kWcrI
ko qj jwqI]42]


kwhy ko dUq kIE hnuvMq deI ijn rwvn ky puir dON]

Ab kwhy ko isMDih bWD dIE duK lY js bwdqI kOn
sI gON] kwip mMfl bIr smyq sbY moih Cwf kY ikauN

n gey Gr kON] qum AMq n bwq inbwih sky su khMU

gey Awp khMU rhI hON]43]

ry sIA ky jIA bwq sun Ab pIA ibn giq kOn] kY

lY bUf smudR mYN kY auf nB iml pOn]44]

kivau vwc]

AYsI ibllwie kr kwt kwt Kwie n ibvwn qy auqrXo

jwie AWsun bhwvqI] kCU n bswie krY hwie hwie
rGurwie moih qum AYsI kr CwfI AnBwvqI] mn ky
mnorQ jy huqy qy iblwny sb srmw kr kwhU n
sunwvqI] log XON kihq muih mWgy Pl dyq ibD
jwnkI qy Awj mIK mWgy hMU n pwvqI]45]

srmw iqRjtIau vwc]


rovq jwnkI kO srmw su ASok bnI mih jwie DrI]

iqRjtI qh Aie smoD kIE sIA pRwx qjO ijn eyk
GrI] sun rwm pRqwp huqwsn qy qn rwvn kI jrhI
su jrI] iml jMQn isMG my sovq isMGnI hY kbhUM

kivau vwc]

suinE surrwj Awj hwry rGurwj rn pRwn lY isDry

Et rwhI hY sumyr kI]rwm kiv eyk sRI mhyS ibn Dk
DkI imtY n ibMrc kI n brn kubyr kI]AwToN lok
lokn ky dyv AYsy Bwjy ijEN ibGUrn mY pwq bwq dyKky
kuPyr kI] nwrd kihE pukwr nwg PWs bWD fwry
sunq hI grV grUr soN dryr kI]47]


ieh ibiD grV pRcMf cilE suswq irswq mn]rwvn

ky Buj dMf rwm rjw ies qy hnON]48]


pMCn kI bwaU soN aufwie igr l`C l`C mwno q`C q`C ko
pRq`C kwl AwXo hY]bwsnw qy Aih kos lwKk gey hYN
bih rwm cMd jU ko isrnwie kY sunwXo hY]sUrn kI kOn
giq cOdih Bvn piq nYnn kI sYnn qy AMimRq bRswXo
hY]rwm hI kI Ern ky jIey hYN krorn pY corn kI
Ern qy eyk n ijvwXo hY]49]


sbY iPr gwjy sbhI ky sMK bwjy sun bwq ko ibrwjy

pRwn jwnkI kI dyh mYN] gruV isDwry sur lok imty

Sok sb myGnwd gey dib iml rhy Kyh mYN] sunq hI

rwvn ky Cpy suK qyhI iCn kYsy jYsy DUr CpY swvn ky
myh mYN] bwFXo duK BwrI nwg PWs BeI nXwrI pweI
kOn bwq pXWrI hm iSv k snyr mYN]50]

mn mYN ibcwrXo pwp iml bYTy bytw mwXw mI bnwie

sIA mwrYN idKrwie kY] soeI kwj kIno AYsI rcI hY n
scI rMbw aurbsI qhW AwnI gih kys jhW jurI AnI
Awie kY] rwmY idKrwie mwQo kwtXo hY bXnwie hwie
hwie mr rwm iCq prY murCwie kY]51]


hY duihnwKl auqr Er qhW rc jgX bfo AnurwgXo]

Awpn mws ko KMfn kwt huqwsn mYN soeI homn
lwgXo] dOr prXo hnUmwn qhW vh cONk prXo jn
sovq jwgXo] hom n hon dXo irpu ko hiQAwr ghy rn
ko auT BwpXo]53]


pwCy lCmn khI myGnwd mhW pwpI bwm jp jwpI

Ab khW jwn pweIey] rn ko indwn Awj swKI hY
shMsR Bwnu myro bwn shky ry Awpny clweIey] sunI jb

bwq Awg auTI gwq gwq iqn XoN clwey bwn idn hIN
qy rwq gweIey] qy sb bcwie khI lCmn jwie pRBU
Awj Xwih mwrq hoN duMdqI bjweIey]54]

qbih kop kr lCmn ptk Bujw iCq pIT] Awj

sMGwroN ieMdRijq sRI rGubIr su fIT]55]


Aiq pRcMf Buj dMf kTn kovMf sMBwrXo] rqn su

jtq suGtq bwn iqh m`D sMcwrXo] Ab snmuK soeI
swD suBwt rn mWih clwXo] myGnwq isr kwit pRgt
bRhmMf aufwXo] pun ijh rwvn lMkwiDpiq soeI isr
igr iqh kr prXo] jIqXo su lCmn bWih bl Air
bl Air kul hwr su Qr hrXo]56]


neI n kQw ibcwr su kib rwm ihrqy khI] jXoN

mClI ibn bwir qXoN qrPY lMkw pqI]57]


Awgy sunhu sujwn sRI rGunwQ cirqR ko] lCmn ko

pihcwn skiq Byd rwvn krY]58]

ieqI sRI rwm gIqy myGnd bD dPwdso AMk smwpq]12]


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rwvn ibRlwp]

dyKq mMUf mhw qrPrXo] inks mIn jnu jlu qy

prX] isv isv isv rwvn kr auTXo] Pixg gey
mix mwno luTXo]1]
icq hulws DIrj gXo tUtI] rog iqRdoK nwtkw CUtI]
Abih kOn soN Awies kro] pRwn inkwr bwhry
DroN]2] myGnwd jUJy rn mWhI] Xih sun dyv n AMk
smWhI] qmYN ieMdR AbY auT DYhY] qW kO jIq kOn Gr
AYhY]3] kutl kubyr pvn sm DwvY] myGnwd bD sun
jb pwvY] hwrI lMk bhur Ab jIqY] jwnq hm jo hm
isr bIqY]4]


bMdswl qy kwl Cut Ab Gyrq hY Awie] myGnwd ibn

Bey jXoN kyhr ibn pwie]5]


jwnq rudR Awj iPr jY hY] jwie rwm ko mwQo nXY hY








TkurweI]6] PUlXo iPrY goie jn jIqy] rwm cMd Ab


hoie ncIqy] rwvn jIqq iblk n hoeI] bwl ibrD

jwnY suB koeI]7] jw BweI ko BweI hseI] so nr
sdw kwl muK bseI] Ab moko mMdodrI dheI] bcn
kTor bjR sm kheI]8] mYN ju khI qb kXoN nih
mwnI] jUJy dyn hwr jy pwnI] sBY kTnweI bhu ibiD
BeI] rwjY BUl sBY suD geI]9]

ijq dyKY iqqhIN duKI suK so Xo rx mWih] jXoN jhwj

bUfq sbY aUCir mr jWih]10]


Ab ey bcn pRgt jg Bey] eyh sIqw sq qy mr

gey] ibn AprwD sIA hr AwnI] qWqy rhXo n dyvw
pwnI]11] hm Bey myGnwd ibn AYsy] ibn pUnXo
ckor gn jYsy] jYsy AMD lkut ibn hoeI] jXoN ibn
lOn n bnY rsoeI]12] vYAiq pRbl inbl hm Bey]
suK lY Ab ibiDnw duK dey] pihly dyih n CutI
hmwrI] qwqy puqR sok BXo BwrI]13] auqrY cFY gtI
mn qWky] mn bc kRm pOrK sB Qwky]13]

kivau vwc]


puqR jnm sm suK nhI mrn smwn sMqwp] ASPmyD

sm Pl nhIN bRhm hqn sm pwp]14]


Xih sB bwq ic`q mY rwKI] pRgt sBw mY irs kr

BwKI] pihr kivc duMdBI bjweI] sYnw cqurMgnI
bnweI]15] bwrn m`q Dujw PihrweI] mnhu spMK
aufy igrrweI] Asl AsIl ckqicq Gory] clyN n
cwl gruV qy Qory]16] rQ pMgq iml ey ibD jorI]
riv rQ sm nih pujY krorI] pwiek cly prm icq
gwFy] rn sun krq rom sB TwFy]17] aufI DUir
riv bIc smwnw] jnu rwvn ky koRD frwnw] DUmsu
swq inks jg BreI] jn ihm irqu ihm nB qy


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snmuK clXo deI lMk iqn pIT]19]


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kirh sMpUrn]20] Ar iqRsUn qIsry b`jR sm] jWky

lgq mrYN kotk jm] cOQy cMdRhws cmkweI] jWky qyj

frih surrweI]21] pMcm PWis jgq ko PwsY] jWky
fr sb lokn qRwsY] CTy CurI burI BWq ibrwjY] jWko
inrK nwgpiq lwjY]22] spqm isp rsu srs
bnweI] bwn ibRiSP iqn sbY bcweI] bnI AwTvYN
brCI AwCI] jn jogin lohU ko kwCI]23] goPn nvYN
hwQ klm leI] sO ml ko sO golw cleI] dsmY gdw
dsoN ids PyrY] kr pRhwr Air kot inbyrY]24] gurj
gXwrmyN igr sm AwhI] fwrY pIs pcwrY jWhI]
Awgm mMqR bwrvYN sohY] pF CwfY sur nr Aih
mohY]25] sMK sbd qyrQvYN suhwXo] bwjq mno pRlY
Gn AwXO] ctk c`kR cODvYN clwXo] jnu riv irpih
mwrny DwXo]26] nWgI Dop pMdRvyN ghI] mwno kwl
jIB lih lhI] gupq gulyl solQvYN DwrY] irpu
icreI idn lwKk mwrY]27] cMdRbwn sqRvYN ibrwjy]
sqRU hnY soeI bcY ju BwjY] Br bMdUk ATwrQvYN CofY]
ieqnyaUN dIp hoih qb EfY]28] dohrw] lY nyjo

au`nIsvYN Ar jm Dr kr bIs] sbY sPl rGunwQ

ibn br dIno iSv eIS]29]

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mreI]30] ieq rwvn lMkw rjDwnI] cFI mihl
mMdodir rwnI] iFg sur bDU jUQ iml TwFI] mwnhu
CIr isMDu miQ kwFI]31] piq ko dyK hrK nih
kreI] sRI rGubIr qyj qy freI] rwj krq bhuqy
suK pwXo] Ab ibD Awn kuPyr bnwXo]32] kMq
Ajwn grb inrbwhY] sRI rGupiq qy jIqXo cwhY]
jXoN pqMg bhuqy bl kreI] dIp n Bsm hoie so


jXoN imRg gj isRMgn rdn bfo bfo nih hoie] icqR

ilXO kyhr ilrK Bwjq ljq n soie]34]


grjq ndI dUr qy AwvY] imly isMDu ko iPr ko pwvY]

jXoN cl pvn rUK ko qorY] blI hoie n sumyrih
PorY]35] jXON dIpk Aiq joiq pRkwSI] qW qn

inrK n sUr audwsI] jXoN idRV bwn hwQ qy CUtY]

bjRih lgY soeI iPr PUtY]36] ieh ibiD mn myN gtI
ibcwrY] siKn bIc ieh BWiq aucwrY] clXo kMq rn
ko smuhweI] bWD mUMf bhu BWiq burweI]37] lMkw
piq rn mYN aucreI] lCmn ko ju n mo qy freI]
mwroN Awj bjR sm bwnw] myGnwd sMg krY

bRhm mMqR pF sYhQI rwvn kr cmkwie] kwl jlD

mY bIjrI jnu pRgtI hY Awie]39]


kRoD aumf soN deI clweI] pihly kmlwsn qy pweI]

sPl sdw inhPl inh hoeI] cOdih Bvn bcY nih
koeI]40] qyj pMuj Awvq lihlhI] sO hnUmwn bIc
hIN ghI] idRV gih rhXo n CwfI FIlI] grV aufq
sWipn jnu lIlI]41] pkV isMDu mY deI clweI] so
iPr rwvn ky kr AweI] ibsmY BXo lMk ko rweI]
qk lCmn iqn bhur clweI]42] iPr hnvMq vYsy


hI rokI] gih smudR gihry mY JokI] so iPr geI duSP

ky hwQw] bhu BXo kop lMk ko nwQw]43]

so brCI lY lMkpiq clXo bRhm pur Dwie] cqurwnn

ko mwrkY bhur lroNgo Awie]44]


bRhm lok mY gXo lMk piq] kmlwsn kWpXo icq mY

Aiq] kRoD fIT dyKI duK pwXo] Apn isMGwsn pr
bYTwXo]45] mhwrwj hm kCu n ibgwrXo] kvn kwj
Awpn pg DwrXo] hm pVQ byd dyih Pl qohI] Ab
nih pVQoN kho jy mohI]46] jXoN jXoN qum rUKy hY hyro]
qXoN qXoN mdn hoq hY myro] qUM myry kul mWih aujwro]
qoqy moih pRiqStw Bwro]47] piq jo Awj rhY nih qo
qy] qO sur Asur frY nih moqy] jo qum kho kroN Ab
soeI] QkI rudR qy jo kCu hoeI]48]


khXO lokpiq dYNq so krI bfI qum bwq] Aj hUM icMqw

ijn krhu idn ieksy nih jwq]49]


khXO lMkpiq mwroN qohI] dInI kpt sYhQI mohI]

bwr pcwsk rhXo hkwry] iPr AweI ibn lCmn

mwry]50] ijh lCmn sb kutMb inbyrXo ] AbY Awn

lMkw gF GyrXo] hON hI bhXo su Xih giq myrI] qW
pr sPl n brCI qyrI]51] mn mY qo ibrMc suK
pwXo] muK PIko kY Sok bFwXo] Xih qo sugm bwq hY
rweI] mwrO lCmn khON aupweI]52] qb nwrd ko
ismrn kirE] nwrd Awn sIs pg DirE] qb hIN
qwq BXo bf BwgI] jb hIN fIT crn soN lwgI]53]

pun rwvn ko dyKky frp gXo mn mwih] icq mY rhXo

ibcwr kY Awj kusl sI nwih]54]

nwrdau vwc]

Awies dyhu kroN Ab soeI] mhwrwj ko jXoN suK hoeI]

Xih dwqw sB jgq iBKwrI] ey piq rwKnhwr
hmwrI]55] jo qum Xwko Blo n krho] qO qum pRwnn
qy nih frho] Cwf iblMbih Awies dIjY] lMkwpiq ko
kwrj kIjY]56] Xih jsu qwq Awju kh pwvY] rwvn
mhW rwj Gr AwvY] jwkI sBw skl sur rheI] sur
gur bYT nXwau ko khXI]57] pvr buhwrY pvn

sdweI] Awpn guhy PUl surrweI] C`pn kot myG jl

BreI] pwvk pRgt pwk ko kreI]58]

byd pVQq ho Awp qum AOr dyv ikn mWih] sur pur
nrpur nwgpur bsq bWh kI CWih]59]


cMdn CqR cMdRmw kreI] CrI hwQ TwFo riv DreI]

bMdswl mY kwl ibrwjY] bjY duMdBI nIr iniD
gwjY]60] iqn hT kY jwnkI curweI] qWky hyq lrY
rGurweI] pihly muin mrIc iqn mwrXo] Cyd qwl
kip bwil sMGwrXo]61] KrdUKn iKn mWih Kpwey]
isMDu pwit lMkw gV Awey] kuMBkwn rn mWih pCwry]
qW pwCy mGvwijq mwry]62] pvnpUq blvMq pRbl
Aiq] iqh CwfXo jqn n lMkwpiq] soeI mhwrwj
qwq Gr AwXo] sb bXoNq kih qoih sunwXo]63]

kivau vwc]

Xih ibnqI nwrd krI lMkw pqih sunwie] qb rwvn

ibiD soN khXo khIey kOn aupwie]64]

bRhmo vwc]


qb bolXo bRhmw sun nwrd] khoN bwq sun buiD

ibswrd] jb lg hnUmwn rl mWhI] qb lg sPlI
sYhQI nwhI]65] pvn pUq jb Anq isDwrY] qb
brCI lCmn ko mwrY] Ab qum jwhu qurq hI qhW]
rwmcMd hnvq hYN jhW]66] hnU pkV lY Anq
isDwrhu] qb brCI lCmn pr fwrhu] mhwrwj qum
Kyd n krhu] lKmn pRwn jwie qum hrhu]67] krau
mnorQ jo mn hoeI] clq sYhQI ghY n koeI] Ab jO








nwrd soN lMkys soN khI ibrMc pukwr] hnUmwn ko qUM

gho qUM lCmn ko mwr]69]

kivau vwc]

ieh ibiD cqurwnn jb BwKI] bIc dXo hir hir ko

swKI] ibdw Bey mwQy pg lwXo] bRhmw ky jIA myN
jIA AwXo]70] rwvn clq khXo pun bYnw] lCmn
mrY qoih kCu BYnw] jwie sYhQI qoN pr fwrON] lCmn

bcY qoih iPr mwroN]71] nwdr hohu hmwry swKI]

Arun fIT rwvn XON BwKI] lMkwpiq ieh ibiD
grbwnXo] kmlwsn jIA mY qb jwnXo]72] rogI
cpY iqRdoKn lwgy] so XON bkY jgq gur Awgy] qWkysMg
nwrd kr dXo] kR`m kRm kr rwvn qb gXo]73]

nwrd clXo iblMb n kInw] Dir kWDy rGupiq js

bInw] hnUmwn ko drs idKwXo] lMkwpiq ieq rn mY
AwXo]74] auq hnUmwn bhuq suK kIno] nwrd imlY
mhW rs BIno] kr pRxwm prkrmw lInI] pRB ko jwn
bfweI kInI]75] jb hON lMk dUq hY AwXO] rwj sBw
mYN drSn pwXo] qb qy Awj inhwry iriKbr]
AwigAw dyh Awn dyauN bnPr]76] pkr bWh nwrd
lY cilE] hnUmwn qWko rs FlXo] nwrd hir mwXw
ibsQrI] lY gXo dUr smJ nih prI]77]


rGupiq kQw iblMb soN sb bUJI iriK qWih] kip

kulmix Dr pRym mn sBY khI Avgwih]78]



hnUmwn Xih Byd n pwXo] bRhmw kI AwigAw qY AwXO]

jo kippiq Xih mwXw jwnY] nwrd swrd kCU n
mwnY]79] bwq nrs AtkXo bf BwgI] smJ n prI
GrI dYP lwgI] hnU n rwmih CwfY GrI] Awn bwq
nwrd sON prI]80] pwie Bgq ko Bgq so PUly] pRBu
ko Bjn qurq hI BUlY] bfy rwm qy rwm snyhI] Awp
n BjY idRVwvYN qyhI]81] ieqny ibiD hnUmwn nih
BUlXo] clY n bs iriK mwXw JUlXo] ieqny mYN dyKXo
lMkwpiq] hnUmwn rn nhI ibsdmiq]82]


qb PUlXo ibiD jo khXo soeI nwrd kIn] AbhON mwroN

lCmnih jXoN jwnih pur qIn]83]


qb iql qmk sYhQI swDI] koRD fIT lCmn aur

bwDI] qyj puMj qIKn lhlhI] mwnhu riv Dwrw hY
bhI]84] DUm kyq jnu nB pRgtwnXo] lokn pRlY
kwl kr mwnXo] jnu jur kot bIjurI clI] sYnw skl
qyj qy KlI]85] igry BUim kip bhur n lry] mwnhu
bwn kroirk pry] Cydky lCmn auh ids geIa]

surpur mWih bDweI BeI]86] XWqy sBn kulwihl

kirXo] BlI BeI lCmn Dr pirXo] jO Dr lCmn
Awj n preI] qO rwvn hm ibn nB kreI]87]

Ab pUrn AprwD qy irs kr hYN rGubIr] sIA

ibrhwg buJwie hY mMdodrI idRg nIr]88]


qW iCn nwrd gXo lukweI] hnUmwn Tig mUrI KweI]

AwXo dOr rwm ky pwsw] rhy Cwf sb jIvn
Awsw]89] bcXo ibBIKn iblpq bYnn] kip piq
jl mWgq hY sYnn] hnUmwn kip ktk inhwrXo]
mwnhu gVQ pwQr ko fwrXo]90] BXo nIl nIlo Aiq
cotn] pIr muK AMgd Dr lotn] AOr kpn kI kOn
clwvY] FUMf rhXo rwmih nhI pwvY]91] sBn Cwif
hON gXo eyk iCn] ien sBhn ko XhY kwl idn] jO
iCn Br rGupiq n inhwroN] Cwf pRwn jm purih

hnUmwnau vwc]



Cl kr nwrd hON ClXo bl kir mwr isrwauN] rwm

rjwies hY nhI Ab jmpuir ko jwauN]93]


lCmn rwj kumwr nhI rn] kXoN jIvY hnUmwn eyk

iCn] khXo ibBIKn qb isrnweI] sbko bil miq
Xh mr jweI]94]

ibBIKn bcn]

sun kip piq Aiq ins AMDXwrI] Ab ibnqI sun

lyhu hmwrI] lY dIpk hm dyKih doaU] sb mr gey ik
jIvq koaU]95 Awgy kIE ibBIKn rweI] pwCy hnvq
dIp jrweI] dyKq jwmvMq iFg Awey] Aiq sUCm
iqn bcn sunwey]96] dyiK ivBIKn rhXo iblK
muK] prXo Awn sb ko iekTo duK] hwQ auTwie iehY
iqn pUCI] muK Cib Awj sbn kI CUCI]97]

jwmvMqau vwc]

sunhu ibBIKn lMk piq suK dY byg sunwie] hnUmwn

jIvq bcXo kY mwrXo iqn Dwie]98

ibBIKn vwc]


sunq ibBIKn roie sunwXo] jIvq jwmvMq iek pwXo]

iqn hI b`jR sm bYnw qWko dyiK isrwq n nYnw]99]
sRI rGubIr kI kusl n bUJI] bhuro lCmn dyih n
sUJI] kippiq AMgd sbY Bulwny] sb qY AiDk h~
qum jwnY]100] qj nl nIlih nyhu Bbr rn mwhI]
fr qy suD rhI kCu nwhI]101] hmYN rwm ko bhuq
Broso] syvk khW Awj kih qoso] Ab kr byg smoD
hmwro] hnUmwn ikh hyq sMBwro]102]

jwmwvMqau vwc]

jwmvMq bolXo qbih sunhu ibBIKn bwq] qWky jIvq

sb jIAYN mUey sbY mr jwq]103]


jO hnUmwn pRwn nih pry] jy rn igry hoq sb Kry] jO

hnUmwn jUJ pg Dwry] jy jIvq qyaU ibiD mwr]104]
qbih ibBIKn bcn sunwey] sRI hnUmwn qWih
drswey] sRI rGupiq lCmn iFg Kry] ey sb dOr
rwm pg pry]105] iml rGubIr bhuq hI roey]
lCmn Awj sbY suK Koey] lgI sYhQI pRwx aufwny]

Cuty hwQ qy Bey ibrwny]106] Ab lCmn ibn iCn

kXoN jIEuN] jW ibn pihly nIr n pIEN] AbhoN pRgt
qjq hON pRwnw] bRhm lok sMg bIr pXwnw]107]

bYn smoDY kwih qb sb rovq iblwlq] jy AD jIvq

Sbd sun qyaU Awvq jwq]108]

rwmcMdRYau vwc]

CutI mUrCw sB auT Dwey] rovq rwmcMd iFg Awey]

lCmn dyiK sbY iblKwny] pRwn Awpny sMg n
jwny]109] rovq nYnn jl nw rheI] qb rGubIr
bIr sON kheI] qum rnDIr mhW rn gwFy] gey Cwf
ieh Avsr TwFy]110] Ab qum sb mYN pRgt
jnwXo] bn Pl Kwq bhuq duK pwXo] sIqw hrn Awj
duK mwno] qWqy surpuir kIn pXwno]111] mo ibn
Bojn pIq n pwnI] rhI mIq sun pRIq khwnI] gupq
soc jo mn mYN rheI] rovq soc jo mn mYN rheI]
rovq rwm su qosoN kheI]112]



jwnkI ko jIA soc nhIN n sMkoc kCU ipq dyh

gvweI] dys qijE Bys Dn kykeI kI n gnI
TkurweI] jYsI kCU idn rYn bsY sun bIr ibBIKn kI
duicqweI] pRwn inMsk qjy quv XON hm rMk BXo ien
lMk n pweI]114]


lCmn inpt AnIq kr gey Cwf rn moih] Ab

rGunwQ AnwQ soN XO Bwvq hY qoih]115]


jwnq hoAN mn mY sun bIr n qo ibn bwnr eyk lrY]

Bj hoN rGu ky kul ko duK hY mr hON qb moN duK sIA
mrY] nhI JUTI khI kbhU muK qy ieh JUT hU qy
rGubIr jwie kY rwj krY]116]


CwfXo inj dys kIE qwpsI ko Bys dyK rwvn nrys

Aiq rwKs ko fIl hY] AMgd n dIsY suKI Gwien qy
Gno duKI muKn kY Awgy lwgy sRonq ko JIl hY] BweI
lCmn Ab hoq hY hsweI kho khW jIA AweI myro
jIA AweI myro jwq suK sIl hY] rovY rGurwie hwie


hwie lCmn bIr qo ibnw shwiek n Awj nl nIl


ipClI qo AYshI rIiq qYsI kInI myry kInI myry mIq

pRIiq pRgtweI jYsy hY n sis kok ko] pihly Kvwie
Pl syj ko ibCwie dl qW pr svwie moih pwCy jwqy
Ek ko] ikDoN jIA prI bwq hm hYN ibmwq BRwq AYsI
pRgtIvq bFwvq hYN Sok ko] AjhUM n jwgy mosoN AYsy
Anurwgy bIr moih Cwif Awgy jwn lwgy surlok


dsrQ jUky dyh qXwgy qy n qXwgI qYN qo mo mYN icq

rwKXo pY n rwKXo hY jnk mYN] pwCy bn Awey bn Pl
qYN Kvwey Kwey ieqI pRIiq BweI koaU qorq qnk mYN]
jwnkI hrn qy n mrn ibcwrXo qYNqo myry jIA kwj
rwKXo bwn qON Dnk mYN] Awj rGubMs myro bMs hoq
lCmn sYhQI ky lwgy swQ CwfXo qYN iCnk mYN]119]


riv qy mnu Awid idlIphUM qy rGu qy Aj qy ikn bMs

gXo CY] hY n klMk sbY ipqsoN jssoN Air jIq huqI

jg jY] Ab myry klMk isr dyKhu nwir geI Ar bIr

cilE dY] bwFI iKsI iqhUM lok DsI Duin sIs Aho
rGubIr kihE hY]120]

AOD khW rGunwQ khW ipq bYnn qy bn kO auT DwvY]

rwvn sIA hrY su khw kip rwj smwj ley sMg
AwvY] isMDu ptY rGubIr ltY Ab kwn GtY mn XON duK
pwvY] jO jIA mYN supny hUM n sUq su sUq sbY ibD roK


ieh ibiD Aiq duK pwie kY rovq kY Dr luTq] qW

pwCy rGurwie hnUmwn so irs BirE]122]

rwmcMdR vwc hnUmwn soN]


sIqw rho rwj bho BlI burI koaU burI kho jIA Awin
gho irpu nYku n iKswiego] sun ry smIr huq pIr shI
jwq nhIN jhW myro bIr rGubIr qhW jwiego] eyk
iCn ibnw lCmn pwXo pRwn irn ibnw dIny rwm cMd
kYsy kY isrwiego] qWqy myrI sbhI soN rwm rwm kih
rwvn iqhwry ikh lyKy inj kwiego]123]


Awn jury kip mMfl kwl sumwr pry rn kwm n AwvY]

ho blvMq bfo hnUmwn gXo Bj kY inj pRwn bcwvY] jW
ibn Awj duKI ieh BWiq su rwm khW BrqY Ab pwvY]
bIr ibnw Ab bIr ky pRwnn ko rGubIrih Awn


kykeI ko pUq lCmn jUko Cwf rn qyro jXoN pvn pUq

kYsy muK morqo] shYQI ko Gwau lMk rwau ko n hon dyqo
rwvn ky dl mYN smudR ibK Gorqo] eykhI isrwsn ky
jor pwk swsn ko Awsn igrwie kmlwsn qy jorqo]
gwrqo grb dskMDr ko sB Awj huqO n BrQ nB rQ
jwie qorqo]125]


nwir geI Ar bIr igrXo rn hO mn qo sb Bwqn

hwrXo] rwvn kY idRV bwnn qy kip mMfl BUim prXo
n sMBwrXo] eyk huqo hnUmwn blI iqn hUM jIA mON ieh
BWq ibcwrXo] Aws rhI gruVwsn rwm srwsn fwr
kY Awsn mwrXo]126]

kvIau vwc]


hnU jwn AprwD inj snmuK krq n fIT] Brq

Bujwbl sRvn sun mn irs mwrq nIT]127]


mn mY hnU irswie bdn nwie TwFo BXo] pRB soN khw

bwswie dIn BXo ibnqI krY]128]

hnUmwnau vwc rwm cMdR soN]


kwhy ko krq ros syvkn dyq dos Tokqy jo pIT nYk

kOn BWiq hwrqo] Kyd lCmn jUkI dyh ko n hon dyqO
nYk qumYN kwhU hUM ko isMDu n auqwr qo] Ab lO qO sIqw
jU ko lYky sMg mhwrwj BlI BWiq bYT rQ Gr hIN
pDwrqo] gwrqo grb dskMDr ko sbY Awj jYsy lMk
jwrI qYsy rwvn ko mwrqo]129]


sBY rho bYiT lMk eykloeI pYiT nwQ mUl qy aUpwr isMDu
Dwr mYN bhwie dXoN] rwKsn mwr iklkwr sB ko
ipCwr iCnhI mY cMdmuKI jwnkI ko ilAwie dXoN] jyqy
l`Cju`gn mYN lCmn jUJy rn suDw rs Awn kho sB ko
ijvwie dXoN] kwhy ko kmwn bwn fwrf ho mhwrwj
dIjY nYk Awies qo rwvn igrwie dXoN]130]


hnUmwn eyh swc sBu ijqI khI qYN bwq] rn rwvn

PUlXo iPrY kr lCmn ko Gwq]131]

hnUmwnau vwc]

clI kQw ibpRIq dys dys pur pur ngr] rn rwvn

kI jIq rwm cMd hwry pRgt]132]


hY geI eyk Acwnk hIN pRBu ky bl ko knkw n lhY

hY] rwvn mIc ky hwQ prXo ignqI pl pRwn ley
inbhY hY] nIc ibMDuquk jXoN sis lIl idvwkr ko pun
jwie ghY hY] qO khW bYiT sBw mih rwGv rwhu khUM
idn nwiek hY hY]133]


rwvn rwhu gRsXo lCmn sis] hoXo gRihn AbY auT hY

hs] nwQ sMkoc n mn mYN Awno] lCmn ko jIvq hI

rwmcMdRau vwc]

suDw smwn hnU ky bYnw] qaU bIr ibn PUithM nYnw] jO

hm Ab jIqXo lMkw piq] ibn lKmn ikh kwj rwj
piq]135] dYP pRkwr suK iniD ky pwey] hnUmwn

qoih kihq sunwey] dYP pRkwr suK iniD ky pwey]

hnUmwn qoih kihq sunwey] jw ibBUiq ko Air n
inhwrY] mn duK pwie hIE sunwey]136] aun B`Xn
soN imln suhweI] Kwn pwn nih sBw bnweI] hir
gur ibpR hyq nih dInI] bl Cl kir aun hUM qy
lInI]137] jW iniD ko n srwhY koeI] so ibBUq
bYrI ky hoeI]qWqy lCmn ibn Ab mraUN] ikh ibiD
ngr Er muK kraUN]138]

myry pwCy pvV suq jO jIvY sIA nwir] qO lY Gr

phucweIN lMkw piq ko mwr]139]

kivau vwc]

qb hnvMq Br lInY nYnw] prs pwauN boilXo muK

bYnw] jo kCu AwigAw dyhu su kraUN] kho jwie jm hUM
so lraUN]140] pRwx Awin lCmn qn myloN] jO lr
mroN qo jI pr KyloN] qb boly rGupiq suKdweI] jo hON
khauN krhu kip rweI]141] bYdrwj lMkw gF
rheI] nwk suKYn skl jg kheI] ptqr Awj

DnMqr dIjY] qWko Abih Awin suK lIjY]142] jo

vhu khY so krhu aupweI] s`q bcn qWko n imtweI]
hnUmwn iCn hIN mY kIno] Awin suKYn sovqo

hnUmwn ky pRwney rGupiq jUky pwie] ky lCmn pg

qr mroN kY Ab dyhMu ijAwie]]144]


qW iFg kip koaU n pTwXo] pkr bWh rGubIr

jgwXo] auTq suKYn dMfvq kIno] sRI rGubIr cMdRmW
cIno]]145]pkr bWh lCmn drswey] AMg AMg ky
Gwab idKwey] Duin Duin gRIv suKYn sunwvY] bUtI
kTn khw koaU pwvY]146] phucY nhIN grV qih
jweI] bIc bsY Awvy idn rweI] mn qy byg kiTn
koaU DwvY] sUr audY lg soaU n AwvY]147] kXoN
lCmn jIvY rGurweI] jih bUtI qih koaU n jweI]
qw mY duSt bhuq rKvwry] pRyq ipswK BUq



lCmn dyKq idRg Brq rwm dyK murJwie] nIc nYn

suKYn kir bolq mn pCqwie]149]


iqn qy krmmwl jo bcY] ihm smMudRqw mY pun pcY]

qWqy sbY kTneI jwnhu] mory bcn s`q kr
mwnhu]150] nwauN gwauN mrTwauN bqwaUN] ibqw mrO qo
sIs invwaUN] au`qr KMf dRoxw igr kheI] bsYN n qyv
rwksYN rheI]151] swT lwK jojn hY kosw] kOn
jwie jIA hY n Brosw] AO pun suno jrI ko nwaUN] sRI
rGupiqjI qumih sunwaUN]152] hY ibslX blI
au`cXwrI] dIv joq jXoN jrY auGwrI] ibn riv audY
jrI jo AwvY] Gs lCmn crnn ko lwgY] lwc
DnMqr jo cl AwvY] qW bUtI ibn qy n ijAwvY]154]
Awin ibQwqw jo aupcrY] ijAwie n sky sMg so jrY]
jIAn aupwie kihE mYN soeI] qum eIsPr qum qy sB
so jrY] jIAn aupwie kihE mYN soeI] qum eIsPr
qum eIsPr qbm qy sB hoeI]155] bwqYN krq bIqI
GrI] qb suKYn pun ibnqI krI] suko ju moih iehW lY

AwXo] qb suKYn pun ibnqI krI] suko ju moih iehW

lY AwXo] qb hnUmwn rwm drswXo]156] drsn dyK
bhur so khY] Xh mn krY qo pvnY ghY] AOr BrosO ko
AvY] qwhI ko mhwrwj pTwvY] qW prjMk suKYn
suvwXo] hnUmwn iCn mY phucwXo] kip mwXw suKYn
BrmwXo] soie rihE jnu supno AwXo]158]

kivau vwc]

ieh ibiG bUtI smJ kY hnUmwn suK pwie] qW pwCy

ibnqI krI sb moN pRgt snwie]159]

hnUmwnau vwc]

bYd khI so sb soN khI] rwm Aws lCmn lO rhI]

rwm tihl AwXo sB koaU] XWqy pry tihl nih
hoaU]160] jOlO sUr n inksn pwvY] jrI aupwr
koaP lY AwvY] Apno Apno bl aucrhU] rwm kwm ky
FIl n krhU]161]pRBu kY kwj n syvk AwvY] lok
hsY prloku hssvY] sIqw kI icMqw ko mreI] Ab mo
Aws su lCmn mreI]162]qWqy qjhu iblMb AhO

kip] AvDin kt kit kshu clhu Dip] pOrK kQw

jbY Qk jYhY] qb lCmn ko rwm n pYhY]163]

qWqy pRgt kho sbY lwj skuc min Koie] qW pr mMqR

ibcwrIAY rwm krY so hoie]164]

sBkipab vwc]

qb auT nl rGupqih sunwvY] qIn rwiqR ibn aury n

AwvY] ieMdu kuieMdu duie rwiq bqweI] mwrg kI
kTneI jnweI]165]
qb kip piq sugRIv sunwvY] eyk rwq bs syvk
lXwvY] nIl khI Ab Gt nih hoeI] Xwqy byg n
ilAwvY koeI]166] AMgd auTXo Bbk bl qolXo]
KYNc pyc rGupiq soN bolXo] cwr pihr jo mWgy pwaUN]
kwl dupihrI lY phMucwaUN]167] sB ky bcn rwm
jIA Dwry]mUrC pry n bhur sMBwry] kip mMfl jo
bcn aucwry] rGupiq ihRqy bwn jnu mwry]167]


pRwnn ky plty bUtI pRwn bcq hYN doie] so rGupiq

jwnY nhIN kWqy DIrj hoie]167]

rwmcMdRo vwc]

pIAYN ruiDr jogn iklkwhIN] jMbuk gID mws lY

jwhIN] qW pr rwm jIAY ikh lyKY] lCmn Awsb
jwm dPY bwkI] Bor hoq isr lyq ipnwmI] kip gn
shq rwm iblKweI] dyK hnU qn krI bfweI] qMU
Avqwr ru`dR ko AwhI] hm jwnXo jb lMkw
dwhI]172] isMD PWD sIA ko suK dIno] qyro bl hm
qbhI cIno] jb jb ibpip prI hm AweI] qb qb
hnUmwn qy jweI]173] Ab hON khON kOn soN jweI]
bwq indwn hnU lO AweI]


sUrj AkwS ipqw sur pur bws kIno kOn hkI Srn
jwaUN qwko qMU bqwie dY] Brqq ibqys dys Awn pry
isMDb pwr mwJ Dwr bUfq hY nwau phMucwie dY] corI
geI nwir bIr pirE rn pRwn fwr khY rGurwie hoie
AYsy iPrvwie dY] qyroeI Brosy qwqy qo soN khON bwr
bwr hnuvMq blvMq bIr ijAwie dY]175]



khw BXo jOpY Kr dUKn bnwie mwry khw BXo jIq kip
isMDu sy bMDwey hYN] khw BXo jOpY kMuBkwn sy indwn mwry
myGnwd ko pCwr sUrmw khwey hYN] jYsy jog j`gj mp
qIrQ Anyk jp pRym ky Bjn hIn kWky kwm Awey hYN]
qYsy ibn AYsy duK pwey hY]177]


dyK hnUM Xih kOn smo Ab qo bl kI ibrIAw suqo

eyhI] jO lg bIrn sUr audY qO lO lXwie sMjIvn pRwn
snyhI] bIr prXo jn so rn BUim jXwie auBY iml
bwt n lyhI] hY iqhUM lok kI pIr kI BIr prI su shI
rGubIr kI dyhI]178]


jO iCq Er inhwrq hON soeI swsu lgY bhuqY srmY hY]

sIA n rwK skXo bn mY Xih rwj bfo duK dY hY]
qWqy rhY AD bIc hI fIT su AYsy prXo duK dyX EhY

kivau vwc]



duh hwQn mYN bdn rhy Dr] jugl kml jnu cWd
rhXo pr] locn mUMd n ibCurq koey] jn jlcr jug
srvr soey]180] isQl Bwl iBRkutI kumlwnI]
jnu iPr kwm kmwnn qwnI] kuitl Ailk sUDI hY
geI] jn swp n rogn sI BeI]181] AMg AMg sRm
jl kin pry] rGupiq igr Jrnw jlu Jry] jugl
hwQ isQlqw Aimq ky] mwnhu mkl lty ihm irqu
ky]182]CUCy ADrn ibn mDb AYsy] ibn mDu AYsy]
ibn hI pky ibMb Pl jYsy] jugl isMG sMkocn mIcy]
jnu kdlI ibn hI jl sIcy]183]

dohrw] kip kul inrKXo pvn suq kwhUM mY bl nwih] Au

rGupiq kI dSw qY rudn krq mn mwih]184]

hnUmwnau vwc]
cOpeI] sRI rGupiq bl mn mY DwrXo] auT ky syBw mWih
iklkwrXo] Ab qo jrI sBn qY QkI] imtI n
rwmcMd Dk DkI]185] Ab jO sB mI AwigAw pwaUN
sRI rGubj ko sIs invwaUN] jrI dUr qum sbY bKwno]

Awj pRqwp rwm ko jwno]186] jo kCu pOrK hoie su

kro] lCmn pRwn jwn qy froN] bkoN khW Ab kroN
sujweI] jYsy BjY rwm duicqweI]187] lCmn auTY
bhur iPr lrY] qO hnUmwn pRwn ko DrY] nwqo lCmn
sMg isGwaUN] jm ko mwr sMg lY AwaUN] dOr hlU
crnn isr DreI] mo jIvq pRB kXoN idRg
kib`q] jO kho qo jhW qy inkwsXo qyv dwno iml iqhI TOr
phuc kY eyklo ibloie lXoN] jO kho qo jwie qyvlok
rokoN sbY qyv sUDo dyihM dyihM piq Koie lXoN] kho rokoN
bwt surpur ky kpwt Tok pOrK jnwaUN kho qO iBKwrI
hoie lXoN] jO khy do swq hMU pqwl cwl myloN rwm jO
kho suDw mr ky suDw kY incoie lXoN]189]
cOpeI] jo igr khXo suKYn suBwgy] so igr qo nYn ky Awgy]
bfI rwiq qWqy nih DwaUN] GrI pwau mY lY hI
AwaUN]190] lCmn kI icMqw mq krhu] jwghu pRwn
nwQ ijn frhu] cloN Abih jO AwgXw pwaUN] qO

aUNGq hr eyeI DwaUN]191] sws BrXo DIrj jIA

AwXo] aGry nYn kml riv pwXo]

rwmcMdRau vwc]
jwh hnU Aiq kwl n kIjY] pRwn dwn lCmn kaU dIjY]192]
qumih clq AweI suD bwqw] ngr AOD kOslXw
mwqw] lCmn mwq suimqRw rheI] BweI Brq bhuq
duK sheI]193]

rwmcMdRau vwc]
dohrw] ieqqy jwq pRbIn kip aunih imlo ijn jwie] Awvq
pRgt sunweIAhu lCmn jIAn aupwie]194]

kivau vwc]
cOpeI] iml iqn kI kuslwqih lIjo] qb Awvn ko ieq mn
kIjo Xih sun hnU pvn hY gXo] rwm crn pr mwQo
nXo]195] Tok pIT muK cUmXo rGupiq] mo crnn mY
sdw rY miq] bhur sugRIv Aw isKw deI] hnUmwn qo
qy nih neI]196] sB soN rwm rwm kih leI] aufXo
hnU n idKweI deI] nB soN imlXo jwie hnvMqw] bfy

bfy Asurn ko hMqw]197] jo mwrg mYN ibGn pswrY]

eyk cpyt cOQ hI fwrY] pRwn qjY jWko kip fwtY] jYsy
Drm pwp ko kwtY]198]
dohrw] ibCrXo hnvq rwm soN sRI lCmn ky hyq] jYsy mukr
mlIn mY muK n idKweI dyq]199]
cOpeI] eyk mhUrq mY auf AwXo] qW prbq pr pauN itkwXo]
iqh bUtI ko soDn lwgXo] sB eykY sB soN
AnurwgXo]200] kon qjoN kWko lY jWaUN] qw sON jO
lCmn nihM pwaUN] qb iKswie auqr kh kroN]
rGupiq kop Agin qy froN]201]bUJoN kwih sMg koaU
nwhIN] auqrY cFY gtI mn mWhIN] AtkXo jIA mY bfo
kulyKXo] auqih kusupn suimqRw dyKXo]202] kwl
BuXMg rhXo lptweI] bwm AMg sb gXo gbweI]
jwgq kOSilAw pY DweI] sPpn kihE ieh BWiq

kivXo vwc]


dohrw] sunq nYn jl Br rihE kOS`ilAw duK pwie] auT

bYTI prXMk qj Brq bissx bulwie]204]
cOpeI] iqnsoN sPpn sunwie kihE iqn] ieh ibD dyiKE
sPpn Abih ien] qb iriK khXo ibcwr sbnwXo]
brIAw burI sPpn ien pwXo]205] rwm lKn hUjo
kusrwqw] hY Xih sPpn bfo duK dwqw] qb lg hom
j`g jp krhIN] byd mMqR ibiD so aucrhI]206]
Brq DnuK sr lY rKvwro] ibGn krY qWhI qum mwry]
ieh ibiD kQw Aju`DXw BeI] hnUmwn AOrY miq
TeI]207] lY prbq Ab cloN auTweI] jrI dyK
lYhYN rGurweI] myro kOn jMjwrs kreI] Ab igrqy
lCmn nih mreI]208]

kivau vwc]
dohrw] lY aupwr igr kr DrXo pvn pUq prcMf] ngr
Aju`DXw ko clXo grb kIE BujqMf]209]
cOpeI] nYnn DXwn Brq nB lwXo] Xih koaU ibGn krn ko
AwXo] ijn ins mwqw fsI hmwrI] jWky kwj krI

rKvwrI]210] so Xih j`gX ibGn ko AwXo]qwn

bwn kr kRoD clwXo] lgXo Bwl mYN auq hPY PUtn qy
freI] gey sgl qwky iFg dOrI ] jwgy sBY prI
puir rOrI]212] crnn sbY jwq hIN lwgy] rwm nwm
sun kY Anurwgy] bUJI skl kOn qMU AwhI] kq kO auf
Ab kq kO jwhI]213]
dohrw] rwm nwm qYN muK khXo qo hm CwfXo qoih] ibn Xw
Bjn bcY nhI isv surpiq jO hoih]214]

hnUmwnau vwc]
cOpeI] suno Brq qum soN sB khoN] Gwau sMBwr jIAq jO rhON]
nwm hnMU sb jgq aucrY] Apno jwn rwm ihq
krY]215]so rGupiq lMkw pr pwXo]iml sugRIv smuMdR
ptwXo]qhW ju`D AYso kCu BXo]kuMBkrn jm puir ko
gXo]216]myGnwd qWqy pun mwrXo]rwvn kop kIE
iqn BwrXo]qwih kCU ins idn nih sUJXo] lgI
sYhQI lCmn jUJXoy]217] Ar ivsQwr kQw jO kroN]


audy hoq sUrj qy froN]qW lCmn ihq igr gih

lXwXo] so lCmn qum surg pTwXo]218]
dohrw]sUr aUdY qy XON froN jO n lMk hON jwauN]aUdY hoq lCmn mrY
qWqy bhuq frwauN]219]
cOpeI] ibn igr gey n lCmn jIvY] qW ibn rwm n pwnI
pIvY] auq rGubIr ibnw iCq BeI]hmry mUry khw hY
Brq kumwr bwq hY AYsI] krhu AbY AwvY jIA
jYsI]lCmn bwq sunq sb roey]kOs`lXw ky sB suK
sumqRw bcn]
cOpeI] bcpn sunq suimqRw DweI]lCmn kI Aiq krI
bfweI hON qo Awj spUqI BeI] lCmn dyih ihq
pRB ky ihq jo syvk mrY] qwkI mwq sok ikauN
krY]sUr Bey kI iehY bfweI] pRBu dyKq rn BUm

rn mYN pIT ju pRBu ko dyeI] qWko mws gID nih

lyeI]hnUmwn XON khIE jweI] rGupiq jIE sdw
lKmn ko kCu sok n kIjo] rwvn jIq bfo js
lIjY]rn mY bwq hoq hY doaU] kY jIqY kY hwrY
jIqY pwvY rwj bfweI] snmuK jUJ dyv puir
jweI]qWqy moih sok nih AwvY] rGupiq jIAY sok
kOS`lXw bcn]
cOpeI] kOS`lXw muriCq Dr soeI] lCmn pUq pUq kr
roeI]sun hnvMq ibsr ijn jweI] bolq nYnn jl n
myrI khI rwm soN khIE] qum lCmn ibn jIAq n
rhIE] iPr Awvhu qO donO BweI] jUJy rn sO gunI


khIE kip rn pIT n dIjo] jUJ kwm Arjn jXoN

dohrw] sIA so lCmn jO imly qO Awvhu ieh dys]
bIr qIAw ibn bn Blo kIjo gorK Bys]229]
bisst bcn]
cOpeI] qb bissP Blkw gih kwFXo] AOKD bl hnvq
kIE TwFXo] khIE kip AsIs rGubrsn] bhu ibD
duK pwXo hY hY bn]230]
rwvn ko iSv lok pTwvhu] sIqw sihq byg
GrAwvhu] Ar jvwie lCmn ko lIjY] Awie ijvwie
lCmn ko lIjY] Awie Awpno rwj krIjY]231]
Brq bcn]
cOpeI] Brq jwie crnn qb lwgXo] qumry drSl hI duK
BwgXo] ibn jwnY AprwD invwrhu] jwhu hnMU rGubIr
inhwrhu]232] Ab rwvn ko mwr igrwvhu] lCml
jXwie sIl lY Awvhu] Brq ckor nYn ibn dyKy] ibn
sis cMd rwm kih lyKy]234] crn kml jb rwm

idKwvY] qW idn iBRMg Brq suK pwvY] jlD AMg

qbhI sIA rwaUN] jb rQ DPUir mwih ml nQwaUN]
bDI jtw isr qbih suDwroN] rGupiq crn DUir jb
JwroN]236] auGrih Bly qbih idRg kOny]pRBu crnn
ko krON ibCOny] AMg snyh Blo ib lwaUN] jb snyh
crnn ko pwaUN]237] Brq kml PUly ikh lyKy]
kml bMdu rGupiq ibn dyKy] Ab dyKq ho dsw
hmwrI] qumho cqur l khoN ibQwrI]238]

kiv bcn]
cOpeI] hnUmwn qn pul kq BXo] Apno pRym BUl sB gXo]
soc rhXo mMn mWih ibcwrY] rGupiq Brqih inAwie
sMBwrY]239] qaU Brq ky bl ko dyKoN] bhur jwie
rGupiq ko pyKoN] hnUmwn qb khXo sunweI] Ab qO mo
pY aufXo n jweI]240]
cOpeI] Xih igr lY phucwvhu qhW] jUJy lCmn lMkw jhW] jO
riv audY jwie auphwsw] qO Cwfhu lCmn kI
Awsw]241] jo iPir kop krYN rGurweI] Brq mUMf

sb cFy burweI] bcn kykeIrwm lIE bn] kip hq

Brq sMGwrXo lCmn]242] BweI SMk n mn mY
DreI] hm syvk sB Bwqn freI] ieh ibiD Brq
hnU fr pwXo] Brq gwq jnu qIr lgwXo]243]

Bbqau vwc]
dohrw] mUMf hmwry dyyq ho lCmn ko auqpwq] eyk bwn lwgy
hnU kwier ijauN ibllwq]244]
cOpeI] Brq kihE kip qYN bl hwry] Ab qUM pOrK dyK
hmwry] igr smyq cF gih mo bwnih] dyauN clwie
bhuq qMU jwnih]245] bhur moih ijn dyhu burweI]
myry bcn swK kip rweI] ijqI dUr qy lXwXo hY
igr] iqqI dUr lMkw pwCy iPr]246]

kivau vwc]
cOpeI] jb kip cFXo kmwn cFweI] iPr kip ky jIA AYsI
AweI] khMU jwie jO proN Akylw] iPr rGupiq sO
imln duhylw]287] iPr ko qbih bqwvih mohI]


Brq Bujw nIky tk tohI] auqr bwn qy pwin pirE]

auqirE grb jo BOhn BirE]248]
dohrw] rwm crn bl mn DirE qW pr sbY sMdys] pl hI mYN
Cl hY gXo pvn ko Bys]249]
cOpeI] icq Br cONp lMk ko DwieE] Bor n BXo rwm iFg
AwieE] dyiKE sBn hnU bfBwgI] rwm fIT auqhIN
ko lwgI]250] igr smyq hnUmwn inhwirE]
rGupiq suKpwXo jIA BwirE] jw idn ibCury mIq
imlwhIN] qW idn ko suK sur pur nwhIN]251]
hnUmwn Awey kusrwqw] lXwXo jrI rwm suK dwqw]
gih dRoxw cl byg auTwXo] FMUFq bUtI iblm n
lwXo]252] lyhu byg lCmn ko jXwvhu] Apny mn ko
duK ibsrwvhu] swDu swDu hnUmwnih kIno] rGupiq
bol bhru suK dIno]253]

rwmcMdRo vwc]
dohrw] byd cwr Avqwr ds rudR iekwds jwn] dPwds Bwnu
smwn nih qo so qUM hnUmwn]254]

kvIau vwc]
cOpeI] dOr hnU qb pwien lwigE] rGupiq suK dY duK lY
BwigE] Buj Br ltk illwtih cUmXo] Bey hrK
hir Awvq BUimE] Buj Br ltk illwtih cUmXo]
Bey hrK hir Awvq BUimE]255] kMT lgwie lXo
hnUmwnih] so suK sRI rGupiq hI jwnih] Brq sMdys
sunq suK pwXo] hnUmwn ko bl drswXo]256] qb
sMjIvin qor mMgweI] pIsq qWih Awp rGrwie] iqh
bwsn qy AMg srswny] lCmn kCu jIvq sy
jwny]257] hIey Gwau ko jbih lgweI] lCmn
swsn leI jMBweI] hWkq bwau jrI jb sUkI] rwm
rwm lCmn kih kUkI]258] auTq kRoG kr bwn
sMBwirE] rGupiq sok dUr kr fwirE] Buj Br rhy
kMTI sON lweI] pRIq nIr nYnn rihE CweI]259]
lKmx Gwau pIr sb Kovhu] myry hIey plMG pr
sovhu] qum lCmn rGupiq soN khY] Gwau pIr mokhu
nih dhY] ko bil Gwau moh aun lwno] kih ibiD pIb

su qumhI jwno] Xih aupkwr hnU ko AwhI] imlhu

pswr bWih qum qwhI]261]

rwmcMdoR vwc]
svYXw] kO lg hON brno hnUmwn ju qYN hmso aupkwr kry] hk
do kip hYN Pn PUln soN cF rUKn BUKn pyt Bry] Buj
mY Buj lY qum qW pr nYk krI krunw musmwie Fry]
qyeI hY gey lwK krorn ky jyeI mosy grIb invwj
cOpeI] qum hmsoN krAhu aupkwrw] dws jwn moih lyhu
sMBwrw] qWsoN rwm bhur iPr khYN] hnUmwn pRwnn mY
rhYN]264] jO iPr Abih kihq hON qohI qO l`jw
aupjq hY mohI] jXoN sMswr rIiq hY mIqw] soaU kihq
bfI ibprIqw]265]

rwmcMdRau vwc]
dohrw] ibpiq prn duK hrn ko pihly krq ibcwr] qW pwCy
aupkwr ko cwhq pRiq aupkwr]266]

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doaU] ieh ibiD lCmn Pyr ijAwey] sRI rGupiq bhuqy
suK pwey]267] jo Xih jQw suny mn lweI] iqh
ibCrXo iml hY iPr BweI] sRI rGubIr Bgiq idRV
hoeI] suq XuvqI ko ibrh n hoeI]268] AsPmyD
mIno Pl lhY] so Pl hoie rwm gun khY] qIrQ kot
krY sO bwrw] so Pl hoie AMq insqwrw]269] jo
ruic soN koeI khwvY] jnnI jTir bhur nhI AwvY]
rGubr kQw punIq sdweI] syvk ihrdy rwm

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dohrw] rwvn ko Aiq kop kr mwrihMgy rGurwie] kQw su
Awgy hoiegI sMq sunhu mn lwie]271]

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bwrI] rwvn sunq mhW duK pwXo] BXo pRwq iek dUq
bulwXo]1] qwsoN khI bwq smJweI] qurq isDwrhu
jih rGurweI] jo hON khoN jwie sunwvhu] pun jo khY
rwm sun Awvhu]2] iBRgpiq jIq prs qum pwXo] qW
lg hON lMkys pTwXo]3] bdly jo jIA ko cwhY] so
lMkw piq bol inbwhY]3] krq pRnwm clXo qb
DweI] rGupiq crn inhwry jweI] kr fMfOq pRkrmw
dInI] ApnI idRsit sPl kr lInI]4]

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lMkwpiq khI hI qy sB khI sunwie]5]

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jUJXo ijq purhUq lMkw piq ikh krq hY]6]

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dInO lMk lok pCuqwq hY] mUl qy aupwrI ien hmrI
Asok bwrI AYsI kr fwrI PUl Pl hY n pwq hY]
lCmn jUkI dyh ienhU aubwrI isMDu dWqn cbwq hY]
bYT bYT mIqn mY BIq kI pCIqn mY cIq cIiq
hnUmwn kwt kwit Kwq hY]7]

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kTn bwq mY hm Psy] bl qy sbY aUpwie AOr sB
kIjIey] nih dY hON Byt kuTwr pRwn ko lIjIey]8]

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jIq qih nwm puMj miC jtq suhwXo] iqRibiD qwp duK
hrn crn rGupiq gF gMjY] nIl kml jnu srd syq

bwdr Cib rMjY] PihrMq DUjw hnMvq kip ikliklwie

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jwqhIN lohqwC isr nwXo] lMkwpiq nIky smJwXo] qW

pwCy rwjw iPr bolXo] bl mn mwih inpt
JkJolXo]10] rwmcMd Duj kOn ibrwjY] jwmI Duin
swvn Gn lwjY] jWko dyiK mhW BY AwvY] jnu lB
DUmkyq drswvY]11] Bujw dMf jn bjR smwnw] cmk
inrK bIjurI smwnw] qb bolXo mMqRI isr nweI] Xih
hnUmwn kipn ko rweI]12] jWky cirq sbY qum

lMk bwg Ar smuMd pCwnhu] lCmn Awn

pRwn ijn dIno] so rGupiq Dujpiq hY kIno]13]


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pUrn sis lihr sws Anumwn]14]


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qnuj qy hIn jXoN auqrq pUnXo ssI]15]

rwvnau vwc]


rwnI sun AYsI hI n jwnI jYsI BeI rn myGnwd Awid

sB jUJy mn Bwvny] AYsy rih jYsy gey fwr pwq ibnw
rUK sbY AMg sbhI ko lwgq frwvn] qyry mn AYsI jo
hON rwmY AnusroN sIA lYky sIs DroN pg DUir ky
ibCwvny] dyK kYsy mwrq hON POjn ibfwrq hoN AYsy Bwj
jYhYN pRwn prYNgo bcwvny]16]

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sunq bcn jIA kRoD bFwXo] mnhu grj Gn myG

suhwXo] clXo cmk rn ko smuhweI] riv dPwds sm
bdn bnweI] Awj indwn kroN mWhI] kY rGupiq kY
rwvn nwhIN]17]


ckq Bey sur nr Asur Qkq Bey rv gYn] Ckq Bey

rn BUim Bt sMkq Bey iqRnYn]18]


ds icMqw mn mwih dsoN Er ds muK kIey] dsoN idsw

suK nwih jy rGupiq crnn ibmuK]19]


eyk sIAw Er dUjo dyvn ko Sor sun qIsro iqRnYn jWky

br ko gumwn hY] cOQy icq BY soN hnUmwnih inhwrq hY

pWcvoN ibBIKn ko dyK irs mwn hY] Cto Br Coh BOihM

sUrn pcwrq hY swqvoN su kop rwm cMd soN indwn hY]
dYP lgy AnIiq nIiq bwkI khYN jIq jIq doN muK Er
kIey swvDwn hY]20

rwm kI Er qy bwn cly cl rwvn ky bhuqy Bt Gwey]

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gj rwjn ky Avswr igry gj kuMBn pRwn bcwey]
mwnhu kwmin ky kuc pwie lgwie hIey bhuq suK


bwaE juD prbl pRcMf plcr bncr iklkwry]

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kmwn iqRsUl sYhQI snmuK sqR pcwry] qj muK Fwl
krwl koD mn Air kul Poj ibfwry]22] Bk Bkwie
rn prq suBt kit ruiDr AMg Cib pwvYN] mwnhu mn
Anurwv pRgit kir inj pRBu ko drswvYN] jUJy eyk sUr
ieh BWqn bwn AMg sB CydXo] mwnhu pRwn lgwie
pMK auf idn mix mMfl BydXo]23] iek jUJy qrvwr

Dwr lg rhI hIey miD PwtY] jnu jm jIB pwn sy

Kwey iPr iPir lohU cwtY] iek jmDr lwgq hI jUJy
iPr n inkwsn pweI] jn jmdwV kTn aufgf rhI
Xih aupmW jIA AweI]24]
brCI inkws duswr ruiDr Br Cib qrMg Aq CUty rn
srqw sINcy suBtn ky jnu js AMkur PUty] kty kvc
jUJy rn snmuK bhur n nYk sMBwrY] cly bjwie inswn
sPrg ko jn kMlk inj fwry]25] dY muK Fwl kty
rx iCq Bt gFy bwn Aiq gwFy] mwnhu kmT pIT
bwsk ky Bey shs Pin TwFy] bwnr bdn ruiDr riv
pRqwp rn srvr mnhu kml kul PUly]26] muK pRcMf
icq cONp hrK sON lpt Bujw gih pyly] kr kc kvc
ruiDr lptwny jnu holI sI Kyly] ikliklwie kwlI
kr qwlI dY dY fmru bjwvY] BYrv BUq ipswc pRyq gn
ruiDr smuMdr nQwvY]27] gID mvws Akws aufq lY
mws mhW mn BwXo] swn isMRgwl kwr ibMRdt ko mws su
B`C jnwXo] iek Bwjq dRm gnkc Atky frq n

auqmuK mory] Cwfhu pRwn dwn dY hm kaU kihq sqR ky

Bory]28] clq bwn snmuK Awvq kip kul qy sBY
bcwey] jYsy mhW jog swDk ko pwp n prsn pwey]
Amr bDU kr kusm mwl lY folq Aiq AnurwgI]
mwnhu smr sXMbr rc ky suBt brq bfBwgI]29]
swimkwr jI lrq sUrmw js AwXo ijh bWty] mwnhu
inrK surbDU rIJq lyq sIs ky sWty] isMG nwd bolXo
qb rwvn swKw imRg skucwny] jYsy b`jR grj qy igr
piq cmk frwnY]30]

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sUpnKw Kr dUKn soN lr mwr mrIc pRisD Bey ho]
kwl ky AMk insMk pro ijn kXoN smJy ibn Awie Key
ho] Cwfq hoN rGubIr pDwrhu sMudr ho Ar bYs ney

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ry dskMD sIAw sMg lY AjhUM BjIAY pdkMj rsIly]
jXoN quih Cwf gey rn mYN iSv XwhIN qy Awj dsoN muK
pIly] qUM rGunwQih Cwfq hYN pr qoih n Cwfq rwm

rwvno vwc]

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sMBu smyq auTwie ihmwcl qolu kIE ijn gyNd qy nwno]
qW idn qy FreI igr Dwqu JrYN Jrnw pRgtwie bhwno]
dYP Buj dMft qy qn bXwkul lohU bhYN AjhUM igr

hnumwn vwc]

hnUmwn ibnqI krY dyK rwm kI Er] rn rwvn kYsy

bcY bolq bcn kTor]34]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

AjhUM Broso moih dY sIqw rwvn imlY] AOr sunwaUN qoih

hnUmwn jWqy bcY]35]


rwm khI Br bwn AbY ju hON rwvn ky hIey mwrq hoN]

qih sIA bsY idn rYn sdw pun sI jIA mWih mhW
riq hoN] pun mo mih byd purwn bsY jg XON mn mWih
ibcwrq hoN] qWqy Awpny eI gih Awpny hwQn cOdih
lok sMGwrq hoN]36]

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su krhu Ab mwrq sBnn Gyir]37]


ry jm Awj ibnw hIN pRlY Br pytiI BUK ijqI mn mYN]

guh mMufn mwl ibswl BlI iSvjI pihro ruic soN qn
mYN] kmlwsn Aws qjo jg kI ruic AOr kI bIj buvo
mn mYN] qb kwhy kI hOs rhY qumrY jIA rwvn kop
krY rn mYN]]38]


jubMk igrJn sON khXo rwvn moN ibnqI sun lyhu ry

B`Xo] cOp sON Awj lor sIA ky ihq BUim Akws qly
mMif rQ`Xo] JUJ mrO rn mY sun mIq incIq hY myroeI


mws AG`Xo] rwm kI Er inSMk pY GsItq lMk kI

Er n j`Xo]39]

kivau vwc]

sB dyKq icq cOp lgweI] rwvn rwm indwn

lrweI] sur mun cF ibvwn jur pyKY] rwvn fIT
bcwie nmyKY]40] mD smudR rudR AnurwgI] CutI
smwiD idMSt rn lwgI] cFI mhl mMdodrI rwnI]
muK Cib rGupiq qyj ibkwnI] sur gn bDU sMg gn
bDU sMg sB sohYN] rhI icqRsI ilKI ibcwrI] j`dip
suqw iqRjtI sMg sohY] cF ibvwn dyKY mn mohY] sb
duicqYN mn mYN XON khY] rwvn mrY sbY duK bhYN]mn
mohY] sb duicqYN mn mYN XON khY] rwvn mrY sbY duK

rwmcMdRau vwc]

rGupiq rwvn so khXo suBt sMBwr] iSv smyq sB

sUrmw mo pr Awj Awj hkwr]44]



sun lY inPot Et kwhU kI n Cwfo qoih sWJ ky aury lO

Awj mwr hI igrwie hoN] kwhy kI n CwfoN qoih swJ k
aury lO Awj mwr hI igrwie hoN] kwhy ko cvwau kr
cwm ky clwvq hYN mMUf kwt kY kbMD nB mYN aufwie
hoN] bwn lY kmwn ko sMBwr kY kwt kY kbMD nB mYN
aufwie hoN] bwn lY kmwn ko sMBwr kY ipnwk pwl ko
hkwr Gwau kr pwCy qoih Gwie hoN] mo jIA mY mo qIA
ky ibrh kI Awg hY su qo qIA ky nYnn ky nIr soN
buJwie hoN]45]

kivau vwc]

hY iblKI mn mWih mMdodir hY geI hY muK kI Cb

PIkI] XON jb pYj krI rGunMdn qO piq kI piq eyk
rqI kI] jy juvqI sB sMg huqI iqn XON smJI jYsy
BIr sqI kI] BOn BMfwr qy XON auctI jYsy jog jutI
mq hoq jqI kI]46]


kop kIey ds sIsn ko jb rwm kmwn mYN bwn ksYgo]

lMk mY Awie insMk ibBHKn moih inhwir inhwr

hsYgo] qW iCn AOr bfI ibprIq su mokau Awn n

kwl gRsYgo] myryeI jIvq kwl sKI ien BOnn mYN koeI
AOr bsYgo]47]

ru`dR ndI rGunwQ smu`dR bcwau nhI pIA ky jIA ko]

Br locn bwrhI bwr inhwrq so qn sO vumfy pIA
ko] rGubIr audY sis pUrn hY duK dY srsIrhu mo hIA
ko] puin moih krY ckvI ieh sWJ ckor bDU kr mo
hIA ko]48]


kWpq hY gF kI DrnI krnI pIA kI pRgtI

pCqwny] qUtq hYN nB mMfl qy gRih jMbuk bol sunY
frpwny] AMjn hwr qMbol isMgwr auqwrhu syq kro sb
bwny] kwhy qy Awj sBY hm log BlI ibiD kwl ky
hwQ ibkwny]49]

kivau vwc]

rwvn smJy bYn Ab rGupiq CwfY nhIN] kRoD cucYhYN

nYn cpXo cor jXoN bl krY]50]



rwvn kop kIE grjXo qb dyv Adyv kIey frpOhYN]

Awj pRlY idn jXoN vumfXo kh cwp cFwie qnwie kY
BOhYN] bwn smUh cly ieh BWq BlI aupmw aupjI jIA
mohYN] l`Ck q`Ck jXoN n lgY rGurwj ikDoN Kgrwj ik


mwrU ko bjwie eyk bwrhIN irsweI pry bfy bfy sUr

jyvY huqy eyk jor ky] swihb ko lOn Kie kOn muK PyrY
Awj BOn Byt Awie Bey pRwn qm Bor ky] dyiK rGubIr
khI bIr sON bulwie hs bIr cF Awvq hYN lMkwpiq
cor ky] rwm kiv eyk rwm bwn ko pRqwp dyKo Erw
ijauN iblwny sB rwvn kI Er ky]52]


Awj rGubIr jUky pwien ko pwie bl pWie rop pwien

soN dl kO pryr hYN] kwit ds sIs Buj bIs eIs sIs
Dr rwm js dsoN ids sO gunO bKyr hYN] Awj hI jnk
jw ky sby ibsrwie duK sMg lY lvwie rGunwQ muK hyr
hYN] khyN kip tyir tyir lMkw gF Gyr Gyr rwm kI
duhweI sb khYN Pyr Pyr hYN]53]


sRI rGubIr ky bIr qbY sB dWqn pIs kY kRoD Bry]

chU Er qy lMk lpyt leI rn rwvn qy n rqI ku
fry] kivrwm prI riv joq qhW rn mY sB ky qn
rom Kry] mno kMcn ko gF eyk huqo kip kotn kotn
kot kry]54]


kMcn kot so dyh geI iml ijauN iml jwq sdw pX

pwnI] PWD pry iklkwr sbY gF lMk ky BIqr SMk n
AwnI] AOr BlI aupmw kivrwm khy qum soN jIA mYN
aulJwnI] jog ky swDk pOn ArwDk jXoN jg Cwif
gey nB gXwnI]55]


hY jh r`Ck rwks kotn ruMfn muMf kIey iek TOrY] kRoD

Bry chUM Er khYN kho hY khW rwvn jo Ab KOrY] Awvq
cONp cFy chUM Ern qy kip kUk bulwvq AOrYN] mwnhU
lMk jhwj PuitE jl rwm dOrY]56]


rwvn ko rwks ik swvn ky myG khYN Awvn ko pwvY

plgoN mY lot pot hYN] dY dY muK Fwl kr lY lY qrvwr
nWgI kwl kI sI jIB kIny sBY BUp cot hYN] qyqo

rGubIr kCU AYsI BWq mwry prlok hIN isDwry khYN kw

kI hm Et hYN] kwl qy inPot kIno kotk aupwie pICy
Fwhy eyk cot jyvY koitn ky kot hYN]57]

jb kuvMf kr bwm lY KYNicE sRI rGunwQ] d`Cn kr sON

qb kihE irsDr bwmo hwQ]58]


d`Cn so boilE bwm jbhI cFweI rwm rn myN kmwn

iPr BwgY khIN ky khI] dwn Bojn kI bwr BUKn
pihr qb Awgy huqo kIno Ab mo ko Cwf tyk hI]
boilE qwso kwn lwigE hON qo n frq BwigE bUJq hON
mwrkY aufwie fwroN lY khI] kho eyk bwrhI auqwroN
ds sIs jO kho qo sr sy auqwroN eyk eyk hI]59]


rwm kmwn qy bwn Cuty Cut rwvn Gwie hfwvl cUsI]

lohU kI CIt prI iPr rwmih mwnhu Gwv kI dyq
jsUsI] AOr BlI aupmW kivrwm khY jIA mY aupjI ju
kCUsI] mwnhu nIl islw igr aUpr PYl clI sB cMd



sUrn ko mwr DUir DUir ky jrUrn soN kotk ikMgUrn

lMgUrn ky JuMf hYN] bfI ey AnIiq khUM jIq kI n bwq
ibprIiq honhwr jhW qhW ruMf ruMf muMf hYN] khUM rQ
tUty khUM ijrh kvc PUty Pwty pyt bwjI khUM krI ibn
sMuf hYN] rwvn khq mwno swvn ko myG pirE TOr TOr
lMkw pr sRonq ky kuMf hYN]61]


rvn eyk aupwr bfo igr bIc su gyNd kIE issu Kyl
BXo hY] so hnUmwn lXo gih bIc su gyNd kIE issu
Kyl BXo hY] lY duh hwQn bIc kIE ck cUr su DUrhI
mY imilXo hY] so Dn hIn mnorQ ijauN auT bIc hI
bIc iblwie gXo hY]62]


rwvn AOr kIE bl eyk qikE hnUmwn qnwie kY

BOhYN] qYsyeI AMgd qWih qikE doaU sUr bfy Ar
ApnI gO hYN] dYP igr bIc imly bl soN nB hY Atky
su prY Dr sO hYN] bwl bihkRm ijauN ibDvw kuc nIc
Bey clky auprO hYN]63]



rwvn dOr cilE qb pwien Gwien so irs ky Brqy]

iqn Dwie ghy nl nIl sugRIv gey db AOr mhW
frqy] Buj mY Brky su iPirE gF ko soaU bwt mY CUt
gey Crqy] mn XON aupjI aupmW ctIAw jnu Bwj gey
idj kY krqy]64]


Dwie pry sb rwvn aUpr hY sBky mn kRoD jgXo] rQ

qor Dujw Buj dWqn cOQ sugRIvh jwie sugRIv lgXo]
irs so iklkwr mhW rjnIcr Gyrn ko jbhI
aumgXo] kip XON stky mno bIc b}wr ky isMG CuitE
sb log BgXo]65]


qy sB bwn clwie QkXo ijn bwnn qy sur rwj BgY]

Cl soN bl soN soeI dyvn ko rGubIr ibnw iCq mWih
TgY] gj rwj suKI qb lO bn mY jb lO imRgrwj n
cONk jgY] sr rwvn ky Bey rwmih XON jYso BUq kI
eINt clY n lgY]66]




Ary lMk nwQ myry hwQn qy Awj kty qyry ds mwQ rn

BUim mY suhwihMgy] kCU jt jYhY bwkI qoih smJY hYN Pl
lwigE hY AnIq qo su AYsy pCqwihMgy] qWky pwCy myrI
Er dyK dWq kwF kwF hwhw Cwfo Cwfo rwm AYsy
ibllwihMgy] jwnkI curwieby ky lMk cF Awieby ky sI
ky jI ky kRoD qb hI qy sIA rwihMgy]67]

rwvno vwc]

qb kop kY au`qr dyq BXo rl mY Xh bwq sunI sbhI]

ibn eyk ky eyk Bey Ab hI sIAw Bytn kI jIA hONs
rhI] kY qo rwmih mwr sMgRwm ko jIq ko jIq kY nym
kQw qb hoie shI] Ab Awj clY jg mY Xih bwq ik
rwvn nwihM ik rwm nhINN]68]

kivau vwc]

kop Air jury n duhMUky muK mury rn sUrn mYN sUr rwm
rwvn mhW blI] jYsy kCU Gwau lMk rwau ko lgwey
rwm qYsy shby ko dyh vwhI kI rcI BlI] bIr rs
mwqy sB qwqy nYn rwqy rwqy lohU Bry gwq aupmw n mn

qy tlI] rwm lCmn AMg gMg jmnw qrMg lohU Dwr

iqn mY srsPqI sI hY clI]69]

rIJ rIJ lry doaU TOr qy n try rhy rUKn jXoN Kry
AwCy rs Fry hYN] Gwien soN Bry lohU Jrnw jXoN Jry
qaU qy n Awih kry lrby ko kr kry hYN] Bey dyv hry
nB qY pihp pry pRwn rwvn ky gryeI mY rwm Awn Dry
hYN] rudR Br hry bfy hY n bIc pry ibhcry khXo sdw
hm rwmY Anusro hYN]70]


jy jnkwidk pOn ArwiDk jog jutI AKIAW rhYN

lwgI] iDAwn DrYj n DsY qh rm suqy khIey jg mYN
AnurwgI] lMk pqI rn mWih khY iqn ko Ary rwGv
Awvhu AwgI] AMk BrY mukIAW auGrY kho rwvn qy
Ab ko bfBwgI]71]


kRoD kI fIT icqY nB Er su dyvn soN khXo rwvn XON]

iDRg myryeIjIvq rwm ky aUpr PUl dIey brKwie su
kXoN] Ab XON irs Awvq hY rn mY inrmU kroN qb


jwnhu jXoN] Aiq PUl kI pIr BeI qn ko rGuubIr ky

qIr shy suK isauN]72]

jyeI jy clwey bwn qyqo qory hnUmwn pRwn nwQ rwm Er

jwnhUM n deY hYN] sb hI iblwny kwhUM crq n jwny jYsy
dwirdI mnorQ iblwie bIc gey hYN] qWky pwCy AMgd
sugRIv jwmvMq nl nIl FIl Cwif rn mY insMk Bey
hYN] sYhQI iqRsUl qWky PUln jXoN qor fwry rwvn ky
c`kR qy n nYku c`kR Dey hYN]73]


qWky pwCy lCmn pYTkY insMk rn kwtkY krI kpwl

AwGo AwDo krXo hY] sbMf ibn krXo qhW sRox q ko
kuMf jhW bUf gXo AMg kuMf dIsq auGrXo hY] qwhI
iCn AYsI Cib AweI jIA rwmkiv mwno iSv rUp sb
hI ko mn hrXo hY] cMdn gulwl PUl mwl soN kjwie
gwl pUj pUj dyv bDU jUQ pwie prXo hY]74]


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mwrXO] hwQn qy hQXwr gey Cut mwQn qy mukto BXo

nXwrXo] dws rQIqb rwvn kI giq qor rQI ibrQI

kr fwrXo]75]

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TOr hI TOr BBUky sy lUky syk kwl ky PUky sy bwnr
BUry] hY sBky muI rwm hI rwm ik mwr hI mwr krYN
rn sUry]76]


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jYsy isMG ky Sor suny aunm`q krI fr soN md sUk lty]
rGunwQ ky kop n Ep rhI su dsoN isr rwvn ky
Jpty] kr hY qhvwr ik gMg kI Dwr mY pwpn ky jnu
pwp kty]77]


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bolY] jy gj kuMjr qUt pry iqn ko Buj bIsn so Jk
JolY] jXoN Gr myN ins ko ju inSwcr BWjn ko qm mY
tk tolY]78]


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ky] qb sIA kI Er su bIshI locn cwih rhy auq ko
iqn ky] Cut pRwn gey nih Aws CutI eyeI hwl sdw
Bey pRymn ky]79]


rwm sIAw iSv isMDu Drw Aih dyvn ky duK puMj buty]
rn Aws mMdodir jogn gIiD mswn AO bwn AnMd
luty] rGunwQ ky hwQ qy rwvn ky isr Buie jo luTy su
luty n juty] qb swqn ky duK swqn ky suK dyh CutI
sMg eyaU Cuty]80]

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jwnkI bjwie Fol lInI hY] AOr ijn jwno ik mYN bfI
Tkurwieq imly qy qw kY BweI ik bnwie lMk kInI hY]
kIno hY ibBIKn bfoeI aUpkwr qWih AYso jsu dIno
jWqy rwm kQw cInI hY] suqo jYsI mYhMU kInI BIl BWq
jorwvrI pihly mukiq lInI pwCy sIA dInI hY]81]

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KoeI] sRI rGubIr soN bYr kIE ibl piq kupq ibpiq
smoeI] jO Pinpiq psUpiq rwm soN A`q krYj n clYN
idn doeI] rwvn sO kih pRwn cly ry ibmiq ky hwQ
prY ijn koeI]82]

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rwvn pRwn so bwq khY iPr jwih BlI kir hON n

sMBwrXo] dY muih pIT clo kptI Xih kOn smo rn hON
nih hwrXo] jwnkI kor ktwCn aupr qosy hON lwKk
vwrny vwrXo] moN rn sYn krI suK so Ab CwfI sIA
rGubIr pDwrXo]83]

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XoN] mno mUrqvMq pRqwp chUM ids PYl rihXo Ab lO
Dr moN] rn rwvn jUJ prXo pl mYN isvlok DsXo su


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PUl pry Gn jXoN]84]

sRI rGunwQ ky pwie pRqwp qy Gwie kY rwvn jIqI hY

lMkw] so srmwiekY XON bKsI jYsy dyq audwr ley kr
tMkw] jwie ivBIKn rwj kro su bjwie kY rwGv ko
js fMkw] jo ibiD lY koaU byr krY soaU rwm ky kop rhY
nih bMkw]85]


PUl gey rGubIr mhW lGubIr imly kip jUQ sbY] auq
jwnkI PUl geI icq mY iqRjtIso khY auT jwaUN kbY]
kCu AYsI BeI sBhUM kI dsw brno qb rwm ko hoeI
jbY] ieh bIc mMdodir kI Apdw kCU QorI sI hY sun
lyhu AbY ]86]


BOn qy inks Awie rovY ibllwie hwie hwie lMk rwie

Dwie pwien prq hY] rhI n sMBwr khUM hwr khUM bwr
Awj BWiq BWiq Awpdw ky puMjn Brq hY] pry nXwry
nXwry rwm bwnkY auqwry mUMf JuMfn ko lY lY ruMf aUpr


Drq hY] jWky fr cONk cONk prYN cqurwnn sy soeI cONk

cONk rwnI cINtI qy frq hY]87]

dyvn kI bytI dskMGr kI BytI jIq jIq jy lpytI

qyqo sbY inksq hYN] kiv lMk ikDoN CoB Bry swgr qy
eyhI bVvwnl kI lptY lskq hYN] sWJ smY joq pIA
rwie Dwie Dwie Awie mwno riv rwvn mY ikrnY Drq
hYN] mwno auqpwq idn sUky jl jwq muKI lMkwpiq myG
bIjurI so lSkq hYN]88]


ikDo piq jwn iCq Cwfy ho n eyk iCn pRym bs hY gey

ho qWqy n sMBwry hYN] cIn ttkwry bhy lohU ky pnwry
ikDo nXwry nXwry rwm bwx kwt hI auqwry hYN] jYsy
rwm cMd bn sIqw so kIE hY Cl qysy prpMc koaU
rwvry ibcwry hYN] ikDo iSv aUpr cVQwey hYN bhur muMf
jory n jurq jor rhI hwQ hwry hYN]89]


eyk khYN roie hwQ AWsun so Doie kho kYsy suK hoie eyk
kWpXo eI krq hYN] eyk khYN qIA Bly hwQ hYN lgwey
sIA hnUmwn dyK eyk jIA mY frq hYN] prI Dwm DUm

eyk GUm GUm prI BUim duK ky smuMdR sb kXoN hUM n

qrq hYN] jyhI imRg nYnI BeI BwrI duK dynI bynI eyfI
soN Atk igr pwCy eI prq hYN]90]

sB qy duKI mMdodrI rhI crn lptwie] swq BWq

aupmw BeI so Ab khoN sunwie]91]


ikDoN ApkIrq pRgt BeI rwvn qy ikDoN sIA Aws

dyh Cuty qy audws BeI lY geI mukiq pwCy mIic
injkweI hY] ikDoN TkurweI lMkrweI qy ibdweI hoq
ikDoN gID jogn n jognI pTweI hY] dyKXo rGurweI
jb nIky TihrweI Xih Awie kY mMdodrI crn


kY qo ien pwien ko dyv lok lokn ky Awie injkwie

Byt Byt dY inhorqy] AwToN lok pwln kI sdweI mukt
mwl lotbo krq hI n qwso fIT jorqy] j`C r`C ikMnr
BujMg PUl cMdn soN pUjq sy sWJ lO bfyeI Bor Borqy]
rwm kiv rwm fr Awj iqn pwien kO lwj n mrq
mn jMbuk kForqy]93]


jW idn qy AwnI sIA qW idn qY pXwry pIA p`C kY

hmwry ru`dR dwihny n Bey hYN] idnY idn BeI hwn nYk
hUM n bfI kwn mwnhu sMBwr BWiq BWiq suK ley hYN]
qb hI qY mIjq hON hwQn AnwQ BeI jb hI qy pRwn
nwQ AYsy soie gey hYN] nYk n sMBwrq ho eykY bwr
hwrq ho nwQ mws lY lY gID gID gID gey hYN]94]


jO AiBmwn krY gF ko koaU qO gF kMcn ko kb hoeI]

Kod krY prKw gj bIsk isMDu bnwie skY nih koeI]
jIvq kOn khY mr kY sur rwjih jIqq kOt so loeI]
ey sb rwvn ko deI eIs ieqY pr rwm kIE BXo

sugRIvau vwc]

qO log Awn sugRIv khXo qum Kyd qjo rn mY Xih

hwrXo] rwGv bwn qy mUMf kty Dr hY sB swc snyh
qumwrXo] Drm soN nIq cly iml kY jnu rwm kI Er
duhUM pg DwrXo] sRI rGubIr mMdodir hY Xih XON kih kY
kip rwj pukwrXo]96]


hY mGvwijq kI jnnI mX dwnv kI kMnXw prDwnI]

rwjq hI sb ky isrnwQ iehY dskMDr kI ptrwnI]
sRI rGubIr su pwien lwgq dYP kr jor mhw
ibllwnI] rwvn ky duK XON qlPy jYsy mIn mrY ibn
sINcq pwnI]97]

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nl nIl rnU lGubIr su AMgd mOn BjI TTky hsqy]
rs pWc Bey rGubIr ky nYnn mYN kCu kwrn ky bs qy]
soeH sMq suno mn lwie sbY aucto ijn rwGv ky js


iqh Avsr bRhmwid iSv sB rQ cVyQ Akws] so

Xih sB jug hYY pRgt jh pRB hY qh dws]98]


lj`Xw kop pRswid Jmk JuMf nYnn Bry] krun Ar

ibsmwdu iml ien soN pWcO Bey]100]


iSv lCmnw surys iml ds kMDr ipqw qy] mMdodir

duK Bys jXoN rs qXoN kwrn gny]101]


jyeI nYn dyK iSv lwj ky jhwj Bey jyeI lCmn dyK
kop auCrq hYN] jyeI ieMdR Bwnu sy inswn sun rIJ jwq
lMkpiq qwq dyiK soc ko Drq hYN] jyeI nYn dyK kY
mMdodir ibpiq kwl hY ikRpwl krunw ky rs my Frq
hYN] qyeI nYn rwm ky bcXw kwl Gwm ky vY rwm kiv
kwmnw kO pUrn krq hYN]102]

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sok Br bUJI rGubIr iqhMU lok piq nYk BjY dynhwr

rokhI mukiq ky] bolI qb dsrQ nMdn AwnMd mX
kumq ktYXw ho bF`Xw ho sumiq ky] Ab hON inrws BeI
jognI audws BeI eyk Aws jIEN pwie rGupiq ky]
Awies jo dyhu jroN pwpI pIA sMg mroN cyrI hY kYP
pwnI BroN Twkur Bgiq ky]103]


sRI rGubIrih BUl geI sb XON tpky idRg jXoN n

JrI] su jhW ky qhW rhy icqR ilKy sb dyvn jXoN
plkYN n prI] Ailkys idnys ky aUpr BONih sdw


rihqI qb koRD BrI] n AKMfl qo ignqI ibnqI su

krY kip mMfl bIc KrI]104]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

jWkI dyh Cuty buty dUq khI myrI jIq suxkY pRqIq koaU
dyv n krq hY] khY surrwj hmYN Awj qo sunwvo ijn
jIAq jO hoie qO qo aulto prq hY] jwny kmlwsn jo
rwm gruVwsn hYN qaU isr kwnn mY Awnn Drq hY]
khI rGubIr Xih qwkI qIAw dyKo kip eyqy pr kwl
qy qO koaU n frq hY]105]


suMdir dwh kro piq kO bfBwgn mYN qUM bfI bfBwgI]

sMg jrY ijn nIq nhI sun lY br ko ibpqw Ab
BwgI] swc khoN Xih bwq AbY jg jO lg moih BjY
AnurwgI] qO lg sMg ivBIKn ky kr rwj iehw gV
hY ptrwgI]106]


jo kCu AMk ilKy bDnw qyaU hoq hY suMdr sok invwro]

myro kCU AprwD nhI Ar hY AprwD qo Awp ibcwro]
bwr duqInk mYN pTey kip rwvn bYr ibswr sMBwro]

Awin imlo sIA ky plty piq kI piq rwj lY lMk


mMdodrIau vwc]

hY ibnqI rGunMdn jU AprwD Cmo qum rwvn ky] jb

sIA hrI qbhI ibgrI qum hO ibgrI n Bulwvn ky
jyeI pwp dvwgin mwih jrY iqnko qum hO Gn swvn
ky] duK isMDu mY bUf rhy hm sy qum sy pRB pwr lgwvn


jWhI idn corI sIA QorI sI sbn jwrI qWky pwCy mYhUM
smJwie prjwrI hY] AwXo hnUmwn lMk rwj kY inMsk
jwrI pwauN rop AMgd Bsm kr fwrI hY] jwnkI bcn
aUlkw inpt jwrI AOr kIE n shwie iSv XO Jurs
mwrI hY] rwm bwn kwt fwrI pwien pY bilhwrI qW
pr khq ho jrIX dY auGwrI hY]110]


qyj qy koaU n bol skY Gr XOhI gXo sB kokmqy] su

ibBIKn so Kg Awie imlXo qj lMkpqI ibK qy
dRmqy] sIAw dIp sO pRIq krI riq pRwn bcY qb kOn

mqy] pIA ko sb jwnq hoN pRBU jU Ab rwvn kI giq

hY qum qy]111]

rwmcMdRau vwc]

jo sIA corI leI qo khw Aru bYr kIE qo khw

ivgrXo hY] mYN ju khI so n eyk krI qo khw BXo lY
qrvwr lrXo hY] Xw rn mYN myry nYnn qy pl pwCy ko
pwau n nYk trXo hY] DMn sbY AMg rwvn ky jo n mo
pg qy muK Pyr DrXo hY]112]

kivau vwc]

rwm kI rjwie pwie hnUmwn kI shwie cOp soN icMqw

bnwih rwvn kI dyh ko] qW pr lY DrI PUk dInI
qyhI GrI khYN dyv BlI krI idRg dyKYN Br gyh ko]
AYsI prjrI AjhUM lO hY hrI mwno pRgtY jnwvq hY
sIqw ky snyh ko] prY kot myh qaU jrY lyh dyh kIey
hIey ky hulws qy n imlI jwie Kyh ko]113]


qb AMgd hnUmwn rwm rjwies pwie kY] kIno rbk

plwn jnk suqw ijh bn bsY]114]


jwie isrnwie khXo clO sIA mwie Dwie dyKo rwm

pwie sqBwie inrml soN] ho ju lMkrwie rn jUJXo
Arrwie js duMdBI bjwie rGurwie jIqy bl soN] khI
n bnwie rhy locn lgwie ieq sBso khq Awj CUty
kl kl soN] lY cly lvwie kivrwm bil jwie Cb
rhI iCq Cwie nK cMdRkw kI Cl soN]115]


mor cly AilkY Aih jwn ckor cly muK jwn ssI]
idRg dyiK srojn qy suQry miD pwvil sIA kY sMg
DsI] sun pwien nUpr kI Duin kO iml hMs cly jIA
mYN ju bsI] AjhUM sIA lwK sMkocn soN qaU dwimn kor
dpWiq hsI]116]

sIqwau vwc]

jo kih hYN rGubIr icqY moih qYN bn mYN imRg kwj

pTwey] AOr ieqy pr ryK imtwiekY BIK deI qo ieqy
duK pwey] qO jm kyhr ko hnUmwn ey pRwn kurMg sIAw
hYN bnwey] jwnq hON kCu hY ibprIiq ju moih bulwvn
Awpn Awey]117

hnUmwn vwc]

qo sq qy sq jojn isMD hON PWD prXo puir Tok

jrwXo] qo sq qy sis sUr iPrYN nB sys DrI iCq Kyd
n pwXo] qy sq qy rn kop cFy sun jwnkI rwvn mwr
igrwXo] qoih qo bolq hY ds pYNf su dws rQI lMG
bwriD AwXo]118]


qyry ibCury qy AOr ibCrI hI swq qIA rwvn ky mwrq

hI swqoN Fur AweI hY] lwj rwKI nYnn pRbInqw su
bYnn my gRIv kr skuc audwrqw bsweI hY] soBw AMg
AMg bRhmMf kIriq AKMf Awj Buj dMft mY sUrqw
suhweI hY] jo qUM khYN mokau TOr khW rGubIr mn qWkI
Er nYn Br dyKny n pweI hY]119]

kivau vwc]

jdip XO hnUmwn khI qaU sI jIA ko n imtY Ktko]

jb hI kCU rwvn kI cl hY mn hI mn mwnk hY
ctko] bn kMtk kuMj ibcwrn mY BXo jwnkI pRwn mhI


ptko] kivrwm clY TTkY skucY su BXo qn Awj btw


dUr qy rwm idvwkr dyK Bey sIA ky idRg kMj hsO hYN
sXwm Gtw AMg AMgn sO kIey cwiqRk mor mhW llcO
hYN] nYn sroj inhwrq hI qyeI iBRMg kIey aunmq DsO
hYN] pUrn qW muK cMd iblok ckor kIey icq ky cplO


jwnkI Er inhwrq hI rGuubIr ky nYn Bey srsoN hY]

AOr ijqy Bt hYN sB ky idRg sIl ghy kIey BUim DsO
hYN] kY pRgtI min bwsk kI ikDON kMj pry iCq mY
ibgsO hYN] AOr BlI aupmw kivrwm inCqR mno jl
mWh lgO hYN]122]


sRI rGubIr khI muskwie sunwie kY logn ko sIA so]

jb lO nih Awg pRvys krY qb lO nw iglwin imtY
jIA so] Dr sIs leI su kroN AbhI isr nwie khXo
Awpny pIA so] Ab AOr kI kOn pRqIq krY jb rwm
sy Awj khYN qIA so]123]


Ab hON krON pRvys rwm rjwie su pwiekY] swK smIr

idnys piqbRq Aiq pUro sdw]124]


hnUmwn qb XO khI jwnq hO ieh hyq] kMcn dyh

sIAw huqI kuMdn sI kr lyqu]125]


hwQn jor khI sIA jU qb pwvk ky isrnwiekY

AYsI] jO rGubIr ibnw jIA mY supny hUM mY mUriq AOr
hY bYsI] qO myry AMgn jwr ipqw quih rwm kI sOh ry
kwn hY kYsI] jo piq pwien so riq hY qo sroj sI
rwK srovr mYsI]126]


iSv ibrMc dyKq sbY sur gn Ar sur rwie] Agin

lwt mY lpt sI geI sIA lptwie]127]


jdip Awn khI nB mY surnwQ PnIs su byd meI]

iqhMU logn mY jo rmw so aumw soeI jwnkI hY nwih bwq
neI] Ar Awpn jwnq hY pIA kI qaU bwq kCU
smJI n geI] kip BIr KrI rGubIr qaU sIA Awg
mY Awg imlwie deI]128]



rwm rjwies qy pihly igr kMcn qy jnu rws leI]

Gir AwiekY lMkrcI ruicso iqhuM lokn qy iqn BWiq
neI] qb dyiK pRsMn Bey rGubIr su rIJ kY qWih su
moK deI] mwno rwGv rwvn cor sunw rqy kwsnI sI
sIA qwie leI]129]


sIA huqwsn mwih pRvys kIE jb rwm rjwies

pweI] jwnq ho ieh kwrn kOn BlI aupmw kivrwm
bnweI] jwnkI qy ibCury ibrhwgn hI jIA qy jn
bwhr AweI] rwvn mwr ibdwr dIE Ab qo pg CYP
kr hoq ibdweI]130]


jwnkI sIl ky qyj qy qyj BXo auqpwvk ko Aiq

pIro] pwien lwg krI ibnqI qum ho jg mwq ipqw
rGubIro] mo pr Awj kro qum kRoD kpUr ptIr smIr
qy sIro] jwnq log sIA idb lyq su Awg ko Awn
prI duK BIro]131]


Awig qy inks AweI Awg joq qy svweI rIJy rGurweI

mn BweI ibn Kyd soN] mwno pRwn dwienI gvweI mn

AweI Awj ikDO rwj qIn lok pwXo irpu Cyd soN] nwnw
icq cwien so vYsyeI suBwien so rwm cMd pwien so
lwgI eyk Byd soN] imly mIq mIqw jXoN DnI so dOr
nIqw qYsy rwmY imlI sIqw jYsy gIqw imlI byd

jb nwrwien lC qb hir sMig rukmix hoie] jb

rGupiq qb jwnkI ney n aupjq doie]133]

lCmno vwc]

hwQ jor isr nwie qb lCmn ibnqI krY] deI lMk

rGurwie rwvn ko Dnu lIjIey]134]

rwmcMdRo vwc]

jO irpu jIqXo jwie sUr khwvY jsu bFY] qb kIjIAY

shwie qWko kCU n lIjIey]135]

kivau vwc]

kipgn sMg lvwie clXo ibBIKn pwie pr] js

duMdBI bjwie lCmn shq sIA cly]136]



jYsy dwn kIriq jXoN mws ruiq pRIq iciq jYsy riq
kwm kiv rwm iniD Bwg soN] jXoN ArQ bwnI mhW
rudr soN BwvnI isMDu gMg cMd cWdvwnI jXoN min syK
nwg soN] jXoN Drm nIiq Blo swihb bsIT qYsy Awj
imlI jwnkI jU Awpny suhwg soN] bYTky ibvwn
gIrvwn cly sIAw rwm jYsy @krqwl imly qwn cly
rwg soN]137]


cly irpu jIiq krI rIiq sB sUrn kI ly sMg mwno

pRwn sO lvwih kY] sIAw sON khq dyK AwXo vih TOr
jhW lCmn ieMdRjIq mwrXo hY irswie ky] eIhW nwg
PWs prI eIhW hnUvMq bIr igrXo myro bIr moko dIE
hY ijvwie kY] eIhW kwhMU mwQy ds kwty lMk rwie hMUky
khI rGurwie bwq nYn srmwie kY]138]


sMg sIA bIr AO smIr suq AMgd sugRIv jmwvMq kip

mMfl hulws kI] syvw ko qqIKn bBIKn bBIKn so
nl nIl plhI mY krY jo rmUj rwm sws kI] sbYN
bfBwgI AnurwgI pRBu pwien ky cwien soN bwq khYN

sB ky iblws kI] cly auproD mwny pOD lwgI AwnMd

kI AOD Awie geI bnbws kI]139]
svYYXw] sMg sIA bIr AO smIr suq AMgd sugRIv jwmvMq kip
mMfl hulws kI] syvw ko qqIKn bBIKn so nl nIl
plhI mY krY jo rmUj rwm sws kI] sbYN bfBwgI
AnurwgI pRBu pwien ky cwien soN bwq khYN sb ky
iblws kI] cly auproD mwny pOD lwgI AwnMd kI AOD
Awie geI AOD geI bnbws kI]139]

dUr qy dyK bisst khI nB mMfl rwm AKMfl Awey]

lok sBY imil XON inrKYN sis soN idRg puMj ckor
lgwey] Awpn hIN mn Bwvn soN mwno swvn cwiqRk
mor ijAwey] rwGv rwm sIAw piq sRIpiq so sB ky
muK kMj suhwey]140]


rwm bisst ky pwie pry iml bYT BlI ruic sON pg

Doey] BUpiq kI ibprIiq kQw sun kY aumfy jl nYn
smoey] isMDu Drw Dr nwg ndI bn bohV jo pihly hm


joey] dyKq sRIgur pwien ko pl mY ibsry pRB jU duK


kykeI nMdn dUr qy Awie pRnwm kIE duK nYn bhwey]

mUMf jtw nK Bys qpoDn BUpiq JuMf sbY pg lwey] sRI
rGubIr lgwie rhy CqIAw muK cUm kCU muskwey] dyiK
ibBIKn AOr sugRIv n gRIv auTI bhuqy srmwey]142]


AYsI ey BWiq sbY iml kY rGubIr su kykeI ky Gr

Awey] pwie ghy sIA bIr smyq khXo sB AWgn
Awj suhwey] qwq BXo AirnI sun mwq kIE ihq qYN
bnbws pTwey] dyh CutY sB kI jg mYN js lY n cly
nr qy pCuqwey]143]


pUrn pivqR cly imln suimqRw jUko locn ibCOnw lok

krYN fg fg mYN] iqn hUM ko rwm kiv vwr Pyr fwrXo
qn pRym jl AWsun soN kIc kInI mg mYN] jwie
lptwie nyhu bhuqo jnwie pRBU jwnkI smyq rhy sIs
Dr pg mYN] rwm lKmn jU ky gIly Gwau dyK khXo
sUr suq jnnI n jny AOr jg mYN]144]


jO lO rGubIr mwq mMqr lO jWhI jwih qO lO hONs

iBKkn rhI hY n dwn kI] BUKn ptMbr auqwr sB
vwr dIny kihq kOs`lXw Awj kOn myry mwn kI]
AwrqI bnwie iqn pOr hI mY Awie lIny Awj hON
spUqI BeI dyK giq Bwn kI] pwie qy auTwie muK cUMm
pwnI pIE vwr COnw doaU god lY ky bIc kInI


rwm ky dyK by ko sKIAW aumfI Gn jXoN sMg AwnMd jI

ky] rUp inhwir sbY bl jwih vY mwnhu GUtq GUt AmI
ky] KIJ khY iqn soN jnnI muih bwrn dyhu dIAw sb
GI ky] qO lg dyKn dyaUN n kwhU ko jO lg nYn isrwq
n nIk]146]


gwauN kI lugweI lY lY Awvq bDweI DweI iqn kI

AsIs sIs sO guno Drq hY] eykn ko dwn snmwn dY
dY eykn ko eykn ky pwie pr ibdweI krq hY] pRwnn
smyq vwr fwroN rwm cMd pr jOk joeI joeI dY dY duK


ko hrq hY] AOr kI clwvY kOn vwrqw hY rweI lOn

myrI fIT lwgY ijn jIA mYN frq hY nIk]147]

BOn qy inks Awie rwj mMflI bnwie kIno AiBKyk

irK mMfl bIcwr kY] C`qR Dujw cwmr ibjn lYkY bIr
sB rwj ky isMGwsn ibrwjy Air mwr kY] duMdBI
bjwie sur rwj brKwie PUl sUl imtI sb hINkI PUl
nr nwir kY] rwmcMd cMdRmW ky rwj ko smwj dyiK
Awj qWqy rwm kiv pRwn dIny vwr kY nIk]148]


khY rGurwie sun BweI ho BrQ rwie kOn kOn khoN

aupkwr kip rwj ky] sIqw soD lXwie isMDu pwtkY
bnwie gYl ijAwie lCml jU ko eyqy bfy kwj ky]
nIl nl hnUmwn AMgd soN jwmvwn eyeI hYN ij`qXw sB
rwvn smwj ky] qwq hm ienky irxI hYN AjhUM lO
bIr locn hmwry n auTq mwry lwj ky nIk]149]


dysn dyS qy Awie nryS sBY rGubIr ky pWie pry]

iPr Qwp ibdw kr AwnMd so duK sUk gey suK hoq
hry] kip mMfl AOr ibBIKn kO rQ bwrx dY mn puMj

Kry] sRI rGubIr ky syvq hI jug cwrn mYN kho ko n

qry nIk]150]

hnUmwnau vwc]
sorTw] rwm Bgiq rs hoie qO rGupiq Cwfo nhIN]
pRBu crnn mn joie hnUmwn sB soN khY]151]

dwn purhUq soeI kul mYN spUq soeI lwK kwm CwfkY ju
krY eyk kwm ko] pMifq pRbIn soeI pRym jl mIn soeI
AOr pY khwvY Awp khY hir nwm ko] lwj ko jhwj
soeI Awj kiv rwj soeI myro isrqwj soeI nYk BrY
hwm ko] rwm kiv rwj soeI rwj ko smwj soeI
mhwrwj soeI joeI BjY rwjw rwm ko nIk]152]

AMgdo vwc]

AwnMd aur n smwie Buj auTwie AMgd khY]

rGupiq ky gun gwie iCn BMgr qn jwn nIk]153]


sdw rGubIr kih l`Cmn bIr kih mhW rxDIr kih

mn ky shwie ry] sIqw piq sXwm kih kwm hUM ky
kwm kih rwm rwm rwm kih AOr dY bhwie ry] qIno

lok nwQ kih bUfy dyq hwQ kih Awp rGunwQ kih
AOr pY khwie ry] bydn ko swr kih sb kO ADwr
kih moK lO audwr kih hoq hY shwie ry nIk]154]

ibBIKno vwc]

inRp mMfl qy auT rwie ibBIKn Awn cFI icq cONp

neI] Xih mUriq swvrI nYnn mYN aur mYN bs hoie
AnMd meI] pRBu kI mihmw kih kOn skY sun lyhu sBY
Bt bwq neI] jb Awie imlXo qb hIN hskY moso
rMkn ko ijn lMk deI]155]

sugRIvau vwc]

muK pRsMn icq cwau nYn kml riv rwm soN]

kpt rihq kip rwau kIriq rGupq kI krY]156]


rwm ky pwien ko bwil so mwrkY dys lXo] Aru rwm ky

pwien ky bl qy kip mMfl my kip rwj BXo] ieq
rwm ky pwien myN jbhIN icq cONp imlwie ky nYku
dXo] qbhI sb pUrn kwm Bey kiv rwm iehY jIA
jwn lXY]157]

kivXo vwc]

iSv ibrMc sur eIs byd bRhm syvq crn] dyq

bisst AsIs sBw sihq rGubIr ko]158]


sys sy smJ vwr hPY hY gun ky BMfwr qyeI sIK sIK

kMT BUKx jo Dr hYN] Awpn smJ pwie AOrn sunwie
suK AYsy gun gwie gwie jI mY pRym Br hYN] iqn ky
hIXy qy rGubIr bIr lCmn jwnkI smyq sdw DRUA
jXoN n tr hYN] rwmcMd gIq ky ey cOdih ju AMk qyaU
cOdih Bvn ko klMk dUr kr hYNY]159]


sMmq ibkRm inRpq sh`s Kt sq A`sIh br] cyqR

cWdnI dUj CqR jhWgIr suB`t pr] SuB l`Cn d`Cn
sudys kivrwm ibc`Cn] ikRSn dws qn kul pRwkS
js dIpk r`Cn] rGupiq cirqR iqn jQw miq pRgt
khXo SuB lgn gix] dY Bgiq dwn inrBY krhu jY
rGupiq rGubMs mix]160]
ieiq sRI rwm gIqy hnUmwn nwtky rwvnbD
cODvoN AMk smwpqh]14]

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