BIRTHDAY MAD LIB for a Rapidly-Aging Mother on the occasion of a Landmark Birthday Anniversary Rating: PG-13 (at the moment;

caution: rating may change after use) I woke up on Saturday morning. “_____!” I exclaimed. “It’s my _____ birthday!” I ______ into the bathroom to check to mirror. “Hmm…” I thought, pulling my _____ up with my fingers. “Dare I wait another _____ before scheduling that complimentary consult with my friendly neighborhood cosmetic surgeon?” At that moment my _____ husband came in and wrapped both arms around my _____. “Happy Birthday, _____!” he exclaimed. “You don’t look a _____ older than the day I first _____ you behind the _____ at the _____ in the _____ grade!” At this point I thanked my lucky _____ that I had married my childhood sweetheart, whose _____ would forever be blinded by true love. He began to _____ my _____ but at that point there was a knock on the door. “Curses! Foiled again!” cried my husband, and flung open the door. _____ _____ children came _____ in. They bore my favorite breakfast on a tray: _____ and _____ with a piping hot carafe of _____. The youngest presented _____ _____wrapped gifts which turned out to be _____ and _____ and my favorite, a _____ with all their handprints on it! After that the day went _____. My friends picked me up for a day of shopping, courtesy of a _____ gift certificate in the amount of _____ to _____ provided by my _____ husband. Then we came home and sat on the porch and had _____ of _____ while Dad ran herd on the kids. Finally he got fed up and kicked them out. “Darling! Finally we’re alone!” he exclaimed, wrapping his _____ around my _____ and kissing me _____ on the _____. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and _____ kids came prancing in….. (lather, rinse, repeat!) Word List 1. exclamation. 2. Scribe: insert appropriate decennary birthday number here 3. verb of locomotion 4. body part, plural. 5. increment of time 6. adjective. 7. body part. 8. term of endearment. 9. increment of time, singular 10. verb describing physical contact 11. horticultural item. 12. building. 13. number. 14.noun, plural 15. noun 16. verb. 17. body part. 18. number. 19. adjective. 20. verb of locomotion. 21. food. 22. food. 23. beverage. 24. number. 25. adverb. 26. noun. 27. noun. 28. noun. 29. direction. 30. adjective. 31. monetary amount. 32. name of a store. 33. adjective. 34. type of container, plural. 35. beverage. 36. body part, plural. 37. body part. 38. adverb. 39. body part. 40. number

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