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November 14, 2002 Walter Jacobson Kathy Peterson Fox Chicago News 392 Pheasant Chase Drive Chicago, IL. 60601 Bolingbrook, Il. 60490 have tried to reach you in effect to tell my story of corruption in Bolingbrook, and Will County. Here isa letter to the States Attomey in reference to another matter that the Justice Department is over looking. My husband is a Police Officer with Bolingbrook, and has directed all of you is employed with the Department to do what he says, This goes from the Major to the Chief of Police. His affair with a seventeen-year-old employes of Bolingbrook has raised some heads, It seems everyone needs to cover this up, based on the way it was handled, ‘That only the beginning of many other occasion of looks the other way clause. In this particular case lack of filing police reports due to the fact Officer Peterson is our friend is going to destroy my sons and my life. I would like to meet or talk with you, to explain my story. This man is manipulating the system, to destroy mine, and benefit his. How many times has this happen to others?? At the present time | am a full time nursing student struggling to finish my goal, but because of Officer false allegation he and his gir! friend are charging me with Battery. This isn’t your typical domestic My court is at Will County court house on November 21" room 306 9:00 am And January 6" 1;30 2003 this is INJUSTICE in action. Please call 630-863-4041 car 630-759-3562 home ‘Thank-you for your time Ss Adetioct ak. wen Kathleen Peterson.