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Closing Remarks To our Philippine Law School President, Dean of College of Law, Atty. Manuel R.

Bustamante, to our Professor who are here tonight, friends, classmates, ladies and gentlemen good evening. THERE ARE MANY TYPES OF SHIPS. THERE ARE WOODEN SHIPS ,PLASTIC SHIPS, AND METAL SHIPS. BUT THE BEST AND MOST IMPORTAINT TYPES OF SHIPS ARE FRIENDSHIPS. Ladies and gentlemen let us not forget the true meaning of this event, we are here to gain friends, to be acquainted, and among to find someone who will be our true friend. To the Student council, class officer and student thank you for the cooperation you make our acquaintance party possible. To the newly elected officers, I am hoping for the best. Continue what we were started and please dont be so strict in implementing rules and regulations to the members anyways all of us are humans. Leadership should be self-serving, not over-bearing and abusive. My fellas, leaders are gift. But you should one thing if you lead, lead with diligence. It should not an oath about position, but it is being a servant, equipped and releases people that leaders must be nameless and faceless like the love of our parents. It is also something like, leadership influence to affect people but not typical. Not so with us. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. Once again, thank you for your present in this event Good evening and hope you enjoy your night