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I have already checked your coursework and the following are my comments For the introduction start with

h the traditional PM and their weakness and then introduce BSC. After explaining the 4 perspective you need to explain a little on how companies come up with their own KPIs. How they start with a strategy map and then select appropriate performance measurements and link it with the 4 perspectives

Make sure that you paraphrase your cw, (ie write in your own words not just cut and paste) including the companies in the case study i not the turnit !in will "e #uite high. $lso you will "e penali%ed or plagiarism. Make sure that e&ery paragraph is with ull 'ar&ard re erence, including introduction, conclusion, and case study.

(our inte)t re erence is wrong. Follow 'ar&ard style o re erence. *he conclusion is not good . *he conclusion must link the cw title and introduction to analysis and leads to reasona le conclusion. !how how your ideas fit together rather than "ust random comments Conclusion carries +,- o the marks.

(our list o re erence is wrong. .o num"ering and it must "e in hanging indent and all re erence must ha&e ull url. See /ary0s guideline "elow1

(our ormat is wrong. *he appendi) is $F*23 the list o re erence

For all graph, diagram or ta"le in the main body o the cw you must ha&e the re erence as the source at the "ottom o the diagram. 4 you ha&e an appendi) then make sure that all diagrams and ta"les in the appendix ha&e ull Finally note that the a"o&e are my suggestions only. 'owe&er your ocus should "e to ollow Mr Peter0s instructions and comments strictly.