A Math Test is Coming! A Math Test is Coming!

What should you do to study?
1. The date of the math test is ___________________. Today is ________________. I have _________________ days to study. 2. Here is a rough sketch on the REALISTIC amount of time I have each day to devote to studying:

3. Glance through your notes and write down the topics on the test:


The notes covered on the test are from date _______________ to ______________

5. Gather up all the homework you have done for those days. 6. If the book was used for any part of the topics, here are the sections and page numbers covered:


Now that you have all your resources in one spot, glance through your notes and homework, and rewrite the topics here and indicate which ones were easy for you, which ones were so-so, and which ones you need extra practice with:


Look at the realistic time you have to study, and at the topics you need to cover, and map out a strategy for using your time effectively to prepare: (i.e. Monday=20 minutes: look over notes and practice problems regarding negative exponents)


During the time listed above, it is VITAL that you rework problems from scratch (cover up the answers and start anew as if you have not done the problem yet). Only after you have attempted it again, look at the answer and/or how it was done. These problems can come from old homework problems, or from the book, or from the Internet, or from other practice books.

10. Your

teacher’s tutoring hours are: _____________________. Don’t leave it until the last minute; use it if you need it.

11. Your

teacher’s e-mail address is: ___________________. You can use this resource to ask SPECIFIC questions if you can’t get help in another way.

12. Other

students I know who are studying for this test are _____________________. Call or e-mail them or get together in a study group as needed.

13. Google.com

can be used as a potential resource of extra practice problems. Type in the name of your topic (i.e. solving one-step equations) and “practice” or “examples” or “algebra” or “geometry” as the case may be, and you can potentially find an extra set of problems or explanations that may help you.

14. The night before the test: get rest, scan over your notes, scan over the problems to see if there are any last-minute questions you can get an answer to from someone.

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