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Apprentice Electrician - Required Immediately!

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Employer Name: Wage/Salary Info: Posted Date: Location: # of Positions: Employment Terms: Length of Employment: Ho to !pply": )arnduff Electric *td +E,!TIA-*E. -A/E0 !+ E1PERIE+)E 2 34A*IFI)ATI!+/ %525$2'5%% )AR+04FF % Full Time Permanent Full Time In person or fa6 resume. Attention# /usan

)arnduff Electric *td7 has an openin for a 8th year Apprentice Electrician7 !ilfield e6perience is and asset7 Preference 9ill be i:en to applicants 9ith :alid safety tic;ets. ho9e:er they are not a necessity7 Employer offers a )ompany <ealth Plan