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CAD Engineer Date Posted Location Country Degree Required Job Type Min Experience Position Id Job Description

9/26/2011 Auburn Hills, MI USA Degree Contract Full !i"e 10 #ears $1%%


)SME, )SEE *ro" an A)E! accre+ite+ uni,ersit- or e.ui,alent e/0erience 1it2 a +egree in relate+ *iel+


CA!IA Hig2 le,el o* CA!IA 56, 7 D geo"etr- creation, sur*acing, soli+s, 2 D +ra1ings E/cellent 1ritten an+ ,erbal co""unication s8ills re.uire+ Strong lea+ers2i0 an+ inter0ersonal s8ills De"onstrate+ abilit- to su""ari9e an+ 0resent 1or8 to cross *unctional tea"s as 1ell as senior "anage"ent :ro*icient 1it2 Microso*t &**ice 0ro+ucts ;:o1er:oint, E/cel, <or+= Mini"u" E/0erience( 10 -ears e/0erience re.uire+ 1it2 e"02asis on *easibilit-, +esign an+ 0ac8aging o* ,e2icle s-ste"s an+ co"0onents t2at a**ect interior an+/or e/terior class A sur*ace +e,elo0"ent


Coor+ination, integration an+ s-nt2esis o* engineering in*or"ation in t2e :ro+uct Design &**ice Stu+ios 4ea+ engineering *easibilit- acti,ities *or ,e2icle interior class A sur*ace Su00ort +e,elo0"ent o* 0rogra" relate+ cla- "o+els an+ electronic sur*ace De,elo0 0ac8aging 2ar+ 0oints an+ ,eri*- CAD sur*ace an+ cla- "o+el co"0liance 5eri*- +esign ? 0ac8aging *easibilit- b- coor+inating construction o* seating 0ro0erties, "oc8 u0s an+ ,eri*ication "o+els

Number of


!or" #$ift Tra%e& Required