Croft, 103, Dies of Old Age
BOSTON - Mrs. Croft, a woman who rented out her apartment for most of her life,
died this past weekend. She was 103 years old. Her daughter told the media that she died of heart failure, a common cause of death for a woman her age. Mrs. Croft resided on Massachusetts Avenue for the extent of her 103 year life. She lived alone, but was kept company by the renters that stayed in the extra room in her apartment. She is described of being a “passionate” woman, always holding her ground and never taking orders from anyone, even in her old age. A former renter of hers, reacted to her death as shocking. “She was a very kind woman,” said the renter “and will be missed by many.” Mrs. Croft charged just 8 dollars per night to rent a room. “We would sit on the piano bench and talk. It was very humbling to talk to someone with so wise and filled with knowledge.” Mrs. Croft is survived by her daughter, Helen (71). Private Burial has been arranged for those close to Mrs. Croft.
Billy Foshay

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