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311 Waverly Avenue Syracuse, New York 13210 January 26, 2014 Ms.

Faith Plvan 239 HBC Huntington-Beard Crouse Hall Syracuse, New York 13210 Dear Ms. Plvan: While deciding on which courses to enroll in for the Spring 2014 semester just a few months ago, I did a fair share of research on classes in the Writing category, since I am cognizant of the fact that writing is imperative to success in the workplace. To my liking, I was impressed with WRT 307, for the course description best fit my desires for improvement. Specifically, I was intrigued by the section in the syllabus that stated how students will learn how to prepare their own workplace texts by using appropriate technologies for research and document design. Fittingly, these skills are necessary for my career aspirations, which include data analysis and operations, for proficient and efficient communication is an integral part of any workplace. As a sophomore finance/information technology major at Syracuse University, I would very much like to join your WRT 307, because I wish to acquire the exceptional writing and rhetorical skills that the course helps develop. Although only a sophomore, I believe that I am qualified and well suited for the class, for I have taken a plethora of writing intensive courses that have not only enhanced my writing abilities, but have accustomed me to working in a team environment as well. For example, in my Perspectives of Business and Management course, my team and I managed a sustained, multiple product project, in which we were required to research, analyze, and condense our findings of the hotel industry into a 40-page report. The experience was truly enlightening, and I believe the skills practiced and acquired will be beneficial when collaborating with my team on our WRT 307 Feasibility Study. Participation and oral presentations were heavily weighted in the course, which have prepared me to effectively analyze audiences and situations, a key objective in WRT 307. Most importantly, I believe that it is important for students enrolled in WRT 307 to possess certain characteristics, which promote a positive classroom environment. I believe that my diligent and eager learning style will not only be beneficial to my peers, but for you as well. It is your creative and passionate approach to instructing WRT 307 that makes the course so desirable, and I believe that I can be an excellent addition to the classroom, for I pride myself on classroom engagement. Additionally, the expectations that you have set for the Onboarding Project and Instructions Project, in addition to the professional values you instill in the classroom, will bring out the best in me, as our approaches to academia seem to be highly compatible.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and care to this matter. I would love to meet with you in person so that I can convey more about my personality and what I can contribute to WRT 307. Sincerely, Dylan Weinberger Dylan Weinberger