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F0R INNEBIATE RELEASE: Contact: Allen Blakemoie
Nonuay, Febiuaiy 1u, 2u14 71S-S26-SS99

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SAN ANT0NI0 - Senatoi Bonna Campbell, iunning foi ieelection in Senate Bistiict
2S, ieleaseu hei new Tv au this moining. The thiity-seconu spot, entitleu "Fighting
foi 0s", celebiates the stiong seconu amenument legislation Senatoi Campbell
authoieu anu passeu uuiing the 8Siu Legislative Session.

The spot was piouuceu by Weeks & Company anu shows Senatoi Campbell at a gun
stoie anu shooting iange in hei uistiict. It began appeaiing this moining on cable
anu netwoik Tv. Bei auveitising will iun fiom now thiough Election Bay.

click to view: http:¡¡youtu.be¡SP2b8c}NuQw

A piouu gun ownei, Senatoi Campbell was iecognizeu foi hei legislative woik with
a special awaiu anu election enuoisement fiom the NRA. Bei successful effoits to
stieamline the classioom houis to obtain a conceal-caiiy license in Texas aie a focal
point of the new au.

Polls have shown Bi. Campbell fai aheau of hei two piimaiy opponents in the
election scheuuleu foi Naich 4th. An emeigency ioom physician, she is one of only
thiee Republican women seiving in the Texas Senate.

Senatoi Bonna Campbell iepiesents Senate Bistiict 2S, which incluues all oi paits of
Bexai, Comal, uuaualupe, Bays, Kenuall, anu Tiavis counties. She lives in New
Biaunfels with hei husbanu anu the youngest of theii foui uaughteis.


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