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Rivera, Maura

ENC 1101

July 23, 2007


What does captivity mean to you? In the Webster dictionary captivity is defined as the

state of being imprisoned; the state of being a slave. In the novel Ishmael he struggles

with captivity. To him captivity means that you are captive and have made yourself

captive of the world itself. Also, he is being held captive. Ishmael says that people have

tried to make an effort to escape from captivity but it has ultimately failed because they

were unable to find the bars of their cage. The fact that he was caged didn’t break his

spirit. his spirit transcended through the bars of the cage. You can cage the body but you

can’t cage the mind. I can relate to Ishmaels captivity because I was held captive. Having

a brain has been my captivity. I was unable to find the bars of my very own cage with this

tumor. Having a tumor was my cage. I wasn’t able to live the life of a 10 year old I was

held captive with running test and having seizures.

Being diagnosed with a brain tumor has my captivity. I wasn’t able to go to school

and live the life that I wanted. Being in the hospital was my cell no more where to go and

nothing to do. To me the nurses were my guards watching every move that I would make.