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Lesson Plan: Immigration and Heritage Class/Subject: 11th Grade US History Student Objectives/Student Outcomes: Students will be able

to Identify their heritage and use their imagination to write a letter to an ancestor Understand the struggles immigrants faced during Analyze the results of immigration on their life today Content Standards: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RH.11-12.9 Integrate information from diverse sources, both primary and secondary, into a coherent understanding of an idea or event, noting discrepancies among sources. Materials/Resources/Technology: Paper to write a letter Timing: 3 minutes Start of class: Review immigration and what they about families coming over to America for a better life. Introduction of Lesson: Show pictures of Irish immigrants and claim that these could have been my ancestors. Demonstrate students can look online to find their actual ancestors but for this project they can look online for facts and turn to older family members for information one might have. Lesson Instruction: Students are to write a creative letter imagining they are immigrants writing to the future to tell why they immigrated to the United States. The students are to write one page. Topics include asking questions about traveling, describing the conditions, reasons for leaving their homeland, and etc. Assessment: Students will turn in the written letter the following day. Students are encouraged to hand write neatly on paper to demonstrate how people communicated back then. Closure/Wrap up/Review: Discuss some creative ideas and commonalities between students letters

3 minutes

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