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Alan Ward 1982, revised 1996
METHODOLOGY Citation of forms 1. Reconstructed Proto-Celtic forms are cited in upper case and must always be understood as starred forms. 2. Irish words are cited in standard classical Irish orthography. Any departure from this practice is noted. Old Irish and Archaic Old Irish words are cited as they appear in the texts. 3. Welsh words are cited in standard orthography. Old and Middle Welsh words are cited as they appear in the texts. 4. Cornish words are cited as they occur in the texts. 5. Breton words are cited in standard orthography. Old and Middle Breton words are cited as they appear in the texts. 6. Gaulish, Lepontic and Celtiberian words and names are cited as they appear in inscriptions or in classical Latin and Greek sources. In the latter case the classical author quoted is given in parentheses after the word. When Gaulish forms have been reconstructed from remains in Romance vocabulary or nomenclature, they are starred and the Romance (or other) evidence is cited after them. 7. Nouns are quoted in the nominative singular wherever possible. Gender is indicated whenever possible. No further details of inflexion are given unless there is evidence that this diverged from the flectional paradigms given at the beginning of the work. 8. Adjectives are quoted in the nominative singular masculine. Equative, comparative and superlative forms are quoted only when they diverge from the flectional paradigms given at the beginning of the work. 9. Verbs are quoted in the third person singular present indicative immediately followed by the verbal noun where this is not inferrable from the present indicative form. In the case of all verbs other than  and Î stems the present subjective, future indicative and aorist or perfect indicative tenses are quoted wherever possible in the third person singular whenever this is extant. The passive participle is also given where possible. 10. Pronominal forms are quoted under the nominative wherever possible. Where this is not possible, they are given under the accusative. References References have been kept to a minimum. No reference is made to standard works in the case of generally accepted reconstructions. Reference is made to articles published since the appearance of the standard works when these include detailed discussion of the entry in question. The followIng have been considered standard works: 1. Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru. 2. Roparzh Hemon: Dictiohnaire Breton-Français. 3. A. Holder: Alt-Celtischer Sprachschatz. 4. Kenneth Jackson: Language and History in Early Britain. 5. Henry Lewis and Holger Pedersen: A Concise Comparative Celtic Grammar. 6. W. Meyer-Lübke: Romanisches etymologisches Wörterbuch. 7. RIA Contributions to a Dictionary of the Irish language.

8. R.Thurneysen: A Grammar of Old Irish. 9. J.Vendryes: Lexique étymologique de l'Irlandais Ancien. 1O. Walde-Pokorny: Etymologisches Wörterbuch der indogermanischen Sprachen. 11. Y Geiriadur Mawr.

Alphabetical order and writing of Common Celtic The following discrete letters have been used to represent reconstructed Proto-Celtic forms: AÂÄBDEÊFGIÎKLMNOQRSTUÛWY They are self-explanatory except that Ä represents the vowel that gave E in proto-Goidelic but A elsewhere, while F (always in the combination SF) represents the consonant that developed out of PIE p in the group sp and fell together with w in proto-Goidelic but remained as f elsewhere. A Â Ä are treated as A, E Ê as E, I Î as I and U Û as U for the purposes of alphabetical order. Abbreviations a. accusative AOI Archaic Old Irish aor. aorist indicative AU Annals of Ulster B Breton C Cornish Cat. Catalan Celt. Celtica (journal) CI Celtiberian cs. causative d. dative du. dual EC Études Celtiques f. feminine Fr French fut. future indicative G Gaulish g. genitive Goth. Gothic Hitt. Hittite I Irish IA Antonine Itinerary geographer of Ravenna IES Indo-European Studies intr. intransitive It. Italian JCS Journal of Celtic Studies L Lepontic Lat. Latin Lith. Lithuanian LLat. Late Latin m. masculine MB MW n. ND nom. OB OBr OC Occ. OCS OE OFr Og OHG OI ON OW p. perf. pp PT Rav s. SC SG Sk sub. tr. vn. W Middle Breton Middle Welsh neuter Notitia Dignitatum nominative Old Breton Old British Old Cornish Occitan Old Church Slavonic Old English Old French Ogham Old High German Old Irish Old Norse Old Welsh plural perfect indicative past participle passive Peutinger Tables anonymous singular Studia Celtica Scots Gaelic Sanskrit present subjunctive transitive verbal noun Welsh


NOUNS AND ADJECTIVES 1. O and  stems masculine s. nom. voc. a. g. d. Cicollui du. nom/voc/a. g. d. p. nom. voc/a. g. d.


OI fer I fear W gwr G Segomaros OI,I fir G (g)nate OI fer I fear G adgarion OI,I fir Og maqi G Segomari canti OI fiur I fior G Alisanu Makkarioui OI fer I fear OI fer I fear OI feraib I fearaibh OI,I fir W gwyr G aððedilli OI firu I fiora W gwyr G Catilus OI fer I fear Og maqa G anderon OI feraib I fearaibh G aganntobo

neuter: genitive and dative identical to masculine. s. nom/voc/a. KENETLON du. nom/voc/a. ? p. nom/voc/a. KENETLÂ feminine s.

OI cenél I ceinéal G nemeton OI cenél I ceinéal OI cenél G kantena (?)

TEUTAI OI,I tuaith OI mnaí TEUTAU OI,I tuath OI,I ban TEUTÂBIN OI tuathaibh I tuathaibh p. TEUTÂS OI,I tuatha mná G marcas TEUTON OI,I tuath ban cf G -ÂNON bnanom TEUTÂBIS OI tuathaib mnáib I tuathaibh mnáibh TEUTÂBOS G Namausikabo glaneikabo Gaulish has an instrumental singular -I marcia and plural -ÂBI marcabi. A stems have s.nom/voc. -A BENA AOI ben a. -EN BENEN AOI bein, the rest as  stems. 2. Î and Û stems feminine s. nom/voc. cainc a. g.

Slaniai du.

nom. TEUTÂ voc. TEUTA a. TEUTÂN Proto-Goidelic and G *TEUTEN g. TEUTÂS Proto-Goidelic and G TEUTIÂS d. TEUTAI nom/voc/a. g. d. nom/voc/a. g. d.

OI,I tuath Og inigena G Buscilla G gnatha L lokan palam OI,I tuaith AOI bein G marcin OI,I mná Og Gosoctas OI,I tuaithe G marcias OI tuaith mnaí G Eskengai marci L


I ríoghain muc W rhiain OI rígnai OI rígnae


p. blynedd

d. nom/voc/a. g. d. nom/voc. a. g. d.


OI rígnai W eleni OI rígain OI rígnae OI rígnaib muccaib OI rígnai OI mucca W rhianedd OI rígnae OI rígnaib muccaib

3. I stems masculine feminine s. nom. voc. a. g. d. nom/voc/a. g. d. nom/voc/a. g. d.




I fáith G Namausatis I fáith G uimpi I fáith G ratin Og Anavlamattias OI Anfolmithe Og Allato OI fátho I fáith G are late, Ucuete I fáith ? I fáithibh OI fáthi trí W gwythi Og tria OI fáthe tre W gwledydd OI trib I fáithibh

neuter: genitive and dative identical to masculine and feminine. s. nom/voc/a. MORI OI muir du. nom/voc/a. MORÎ OI muir p. nom/voc/a. MORIÂ OI muire tre 4. U stems masculine feminine s. nom. voc. a. g. locos d. du. nom/voc/a. g. d. p. nom. Lugoves voc/a. g. d.


I sruth W cad G Taranus I sruth I sruth Og Cunagusos OI srotho I srotha G I sruth G bratou Taranoou I sruth OI srotho OI srothaiib OI srothae I srotha W cadau G OI sruthu I srutha OI srothae I srothaibh G Lugovibus

neuter: genitive and dative identical to masculine and feminine. s. nom/voc/a. MEDU OI mid du. nom/voc/a. MEDU OI mid




OI dorus W deigr

5. Plosive stems masculine feminine s. nom/voc. a. g. d. du. nom/voc/a. g. d. p. nom/voc. a. g. d.


I rí W rhi G Dumnorix I rígh I ríogh Og Lugudeccas G Valentos I rígh I rígh MW ugeint I ríogh I ríoghaibh I rígh MW carant G Bituriges I ríogha G Lingonas I ríogh I ríoghaibh

neuter: genitive and dative identical to masculine and feminine. s. nom/voc/a. DÄNT OI dét du. nom/voc/a. DÄNTÎ ? p. nom/voc/a. DÄNTÂ OI dét 6. R stems masculine feminine s. nom/voc. a. g d. du. nom/voc/a. g. d. p. nom/voc. a. g. d. sub-type:

ATÎR I athair W brawd MB breuzr ATERÄN I athair ATROS I athar ATRI I athair ATERÎ I athair ATROU I athar ATRIBIN I aithribh ATERES OI aithir MW broder MB breuder ATERÂS OI aithrea I aithre ATRON OI athar ATRIBIS I aithribh ATRIBOS G matrebo SWESÛR SWESORÄN SWESROS SWESRIBIS

7. S stems masculine feminine (> to N or T stems in Goidelic on the disappearance of intervocalic s) s. nom/voc. WÊDÛS OI fiadu coimdiu a. WÊDUSÄN OI fiadain coimdid g. WÊDUSOS OI fiadan coimded d. WÊDUSI OI fiadain coimdid du. nom/voc/a. WÊDUSÎ ? g. WÊDUSOU ? d. WÊDUSOBIN ? p. nom/voc. WÊDUSES OI fiadain a. WÊDUSÂS OI fiadna g. WÊDUSON OI fiadan d. WÊDUSOBIS OI fiadnaib

neuter s.

WÊDUSOBOS nom/voc/a. g. d. nom/voc/a. g. d. nom/voc/a. g. d. MAGOS MAGESOS MAGES MAGESÎ MAGESOU MAGESOBIN MAGESÂ MAGESON MAGESOBIS MAGESOBOS KRAMUS g. KRAMUSOS I magh W -ma G -magos I maighe I maigh ? ? ? I maighe W tai I maighe I maighibh



sub-type: 8. N stems masculine feminine s. nom/voc. a. g. d. du. nom/voc/a. g. d. p. nom/voc. a. g. d. sub-types:

neuter s.

ARIAMÛ OI airem Colgu W Iwerydd cenau ARIAMONÄN OI airemoin W Iwerddon ARIAMONOS Og Inissionas OI airemon Colgan ARIAMON OI airem ARIAMONÎ OI airemoin ARIAMONOU ? ARIAMONOBIN ? ARIAMONES OI airemoin MW canawon ARIAMONÂS OI airemna G Lingonas ARIAMONON OI airemon ARIAMONOBIS OI airemnaib ARIAMONOBOS BRUSÛ g. BRUSNOS OI bru g. bronn UKSÛ g. UKSENOS W ych p. ychen GOBÄNNS g. GOBÄNNOS OI gobae g. gobann KÛ g. KUNOS OI cú g. con W ci p. cwn MENMENS g. MENMENOS OI menmae g. menman ANMÄN ANMENS ANMEN ANMENÎ ANMANOU ANMÄNBIN ANMENÂ ANMANON ANMÄNBIS ANMÄNBOS OI ainm OI anmae OI ainm ? ? ? OI anmann OI anmann OI anmaimm (singularised in




nom/voc/a. g. d. nom/voc/a. g. d. nom/voc/a. g. d.

9. Equative form of the adjective: -ISETRI OI dénithir MW duhet > W dued 1O. Comparative form of the adjective: -IYÛS n. -IYOS OI siniu > I sine 11. Superlative form of the adjective: -ISAMOS OI sinem OW hinham G Rigisamo


1. The PRESENT stem. -E/O- thematic type.

active s1. s2. s3. p1. p2. p3.



OI ·biur G regu delgu OI ·bir (proto-Goidelic *BERIS) OI ·beir W,C car B kar AOI ·melom OI ·beram OB -om ni MB OI ·berid ·berith MB queret quirit AOI ·angot OI ·berat C kerons MB OI biru OI biri MW kery atebyd C keryth MB OI berid berith (Â Î I stems: MW -awt OI bermai OI berthe OI berait OI beres OI bermae OI bertae berdae G dugiiontiio OI ·berar MB carer (Î stems: MW OI ·bertar OW planthonnor OI berair OI bertair OI berar OI ·molor OI ·moltar OI ·moladar OI ·molammar OI ·molaid OI ·molatar OI molaithir OI molaimmir OI molaitir

queront + ED querez -it -yt)

+ SO + IYOI passive s3. BERER cerir C keryr) p3. + ED + SO deponents1.

+ ED

s2. s3. p1. p2. p3.



passive s3. deponents2. lubites

s2. s3. p1. p2. p3. p3.


OI beir W,C,MB car OI bered bereth W,MB caret C cares OI beram MB queromp OI berid berith MB queret quirit OI berat OI berar OI bertar OI comalnaithe cluinte G lotites

active deponent s1. carenn s2. s3. BERÊNI ? BERÊTO ? BEREMESTE BEREMOS ? BERENTO ? ? OI ·berin(n) MW carwn C caren MB OI ·mórtha MW carut C,MB cares OI ·bered MW gwyd(y)at G singeieto MW carei keri C care guilly MB care OI ·beirmis MW carem C caren MB caremp OI ·mórthae MW kerynt C kerens MB carent OI ·beirtis (x p1. BEREMESTE) OI ·berthe MW cerit C kerys B karet OI ·beirtis


s3. p1. p2. p3.


OI comalnad OI suidigem OI comalnaid ? (OI cluinetar comalnatar <

p1. p2. p3. passive s3. p.3.

Stems in  ΠI NA NU follow the paradigm of BERE- with elision of the thematic vowel E/O except in the following forms: BERÛ caraff



W,C caraf OW -am B karan MB OI moraim MW kwynif OI sluindim OI benaim OI gninaim


G dugiiontiio etc

OI .mórthar MW canotor (also OI .sluinter OW gwelitor (also MW OI .gaibther OI .bentar OI .gnintar

Two types are recoverable from Irish: an  stem of type BERÂ- and and S stem of type TÊKSE-. Remains of both types occur in British as well as what appears to be a third type. The IMPERFECT SUBJUNCTIVE is formed from the subjunctive stem by adding the terminations of the imperfect indicative.  SUBJUNCTIVE: PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE active s1. BER s2. BERÂS s3. BERÂT p1. BERÂMOS p2. BERÂTE p3. BERÂNT + ED BER ED BERÂS ED BERÂT ED BERÂMOS ED BERÂTE ED BERÂNT ED + SO BERÂT SO + IYOI BERÂMOS IYOI BERÂNT IYOI passive s3. BERÂTOR p3. BERÂNTOR

OI ·ber OI ·berae OI ·bera MW car(h)o C,B gallo OI ·beram OI ·beraid .beraith OI ·berat OI bera OI berae OI beraid beraith OI bermai OI berthae OI berait OI beras OI bermae OI berdae bertae OI ·berthar OI ·bertar

+ ED deponents1. BERÂR s2. s3. p1. p2. p3. + ED


OI berthair OI bertair OI ·menar OI ·mentar OI ·menathar ·menadar OI ·menammar ·menmar OI ·menaid ·menaith OI ·menatar OI suidigidir OI suidigmir OI suidigitir


OI ·tias OI ·téis OI ·té OI ·tiasam MW car(h)om MB OI ·tésid MB guelhet OI ·tiasat MW car(h)ont C gallons OI tiasu OI tési OI téis MW duch gwnech gwares OI tiasmai OI tiasait OI tias OI tiasmae OI tiastae OI tiasar .gessar MW car(h)er C OI ·gessatar OI gessair OI ·fessur OI ·fesser OI ·festar OI ·fessamar OI ·fessid OI ·fessatar OI estir

MW car(h)wyf C gyllyf MB guillif C gylly MB guilly OI co·rici ? MW cer(h)ych MW rodwy credoe C gyllyn MB galhint

Two types are recoverable from Irish: an  stem of type ANÎBÂ- and an S stem of type

GIGESSE-. The  stem is formed from the present stem by dropping the stem vowel andadding -ÎBÂ- (cf Eriu 29.13ff). The S stem is formed from the verbal root by reduplication and suffixing -SE-. Personal endings are identical to those added to the  and S subjunctive stems respectively. The CONDITIONAL is formed from the future stem by adding the terminations of the imperfect indicative.  FUTURE - active s123 s1. s2. s3. + ED


OI ·ainiub (for *·aineb x S FUTURE) OI ·ainfea OI ainfea OI ainfe OI ainfid

S FUTURE - active s123 s.1. s2. s3. + ED


OI ·gigius OI ·gigis OI ·gig OI gigfea (for *gigsiu x  FUTURE) ? OI gigis

4. The AORIST stem. Two types are recoverable from Irish: an S stem of type MÂRASSE- and a T stem of type BERT. The S stem is formed from  ΠI stems by adding -SSE- and shortening Â>A Î>I while I is replaced by E (hence GABESSE- from GABI-). S AORIST. active quiris

s1. s2. s3. p1.


OI ·mórus MW kereis C kerys MB OI ·morais MW kereist OI ·mór MW cafas C,MB caras OI ·mórsam MW carassam carassom OI ·mórsaid OI ·mórsat MW carassant carassont OI gabsu OI soersai OI mórais OI carsait OI soeras OI celebirsimme OI caechsite OI · suidigsiur OI ·suidigser OI ·suidigestar OI ·suidigsemmar OI ·suidigsid

MB quersomp

p2. p3. C carsons MB quersont + ED

+ SO +IYOI deponent s1. s2. s3. p1. p2.

+ ED



T AORIST. active

+ ED deponent

s1. s2. s3. p1. p2. p3. s1. s2. s3. p1. p2. p3.


OI ·biurt MW keint OI ·birt (proto-Goidelic *BERTIS) OI ·bert MW cant MW aetham OI ·rubartid MW aethant aethont OI birt ? ? ? OI ·bertammar OI · rubartid OI · bertatar

5. The PERFECT stem. active s1. s2. s3. p1. p2. p3. ÂNONKA ÂNONKAS ÂNONKE ÂNONKAMES ÂNONKATE ÂNONKANT ÂNONKA ED ÂNONKE ED ÂNONKE SO MIMNAR MIMNAR MIMNER MIMNAMRO MIMNATE MIMNANTRO OI ·ánac OI ·anac OI ·ánaic MW goruc MW gorugam OI ·áncaid MW gorugant OI lod OI luid OI luide OI ·ménar OI ·ménar OI ·ménair OI ·ménammar OI ·ménaid OI ·ménatar

+ED +SO deponent

s1. s2. s3. p1. p2. p3.

6. The PAST PARTICIPLE PASSIVE This is formed by suffixing -TOS to the verbal root (see individual verbs). Â Î I stems form it as follows: MÂRÂMÂRATOS STLONDÎSTLONDITOS GABIGABETOS Predicative s. m. MÂRATOS OI ·mórad MW caffat C caras MB carat f. MÂRATÂ OI ·mórad n. MÂRATON OI ·mórad p. m. MÂRATÎ f. MÂRATÂS OI ·mórtha n. MÂRATÂ

+ED Attributive Participle of necessity


OI mórthae OI mórthai OI mórthae OI mórthai W caradwy G aniateios

7. The formation of the VERBAL NOUN varies according to the verb. Â Î I stems normally have MÂRATUS m. OI mórad MÂRAMUS m. W -o MB -aff N-añ STLONDÎTUS m. OI sluindiud SODETUS m. OI sodad

 vocative particle. I,W,B,C a ABALL f. apple tree. I abhall W afall B avalenn ABALLAW f. rich in apple trees, place name. OBr Aballava ABALLON- place name. G Aballon- LLat. Aballone Avallone Fr Avallon ABALLOYALON n. place name. G *Aballoialon LLat Avalogile Fr Valeuil Occ. Valuèjol ABALU n. apple. I abhall W afal B,C aval ABÛ a. ABONÄN g. ABENS p.n. ABENES f. river. OI aub a. abainn g. abae p.a. aibne I abhann W afon OBr Abona B aven OC auon ABÄNKOS m. river being dwarf I, water demon W, beaver W,B). I abhac W afanc B avank AD to, towards; preverb; intensive prefix to adjectives. AD DU towards. W at cf ADK ADQE AD AGET drives, moves. OI ad·aig ADAKSTRON n. halter. I adhastar (< British *adastr) ADAMRIOS very wonderful. OI adamrae AD ANDÂT vn ADANDATUS m. kindles, begins. OI ad·andad I adhnadh ADAND f. taper, tinder. I adhann AD ANEKET vn ADANEKTLON n. escorts, buries. OI ad·anaig I adhnacal ADARDWOS very high, noble. OI adardd ADASSOS proper, suitable. OI adas W addas ADAWOS suitable. OI ada AD BA- vn ADBATIÛ f. dies. OI pp at·bath apt(h)u AD BINAT vn ADBIYON n. slays. OI at·mbia T(O)ADBIYON n fragment, portion. OI taipe ADBEGIS ripe. OI apaig I aibigh ADBEGLOS quick,sudden. OI aipél ADBERON n. estuary. I abar (marsh) W,B aber cf ÄNDEBERON KOMBERON ADBERT f. game, trick, performance. I abairt cf BERTÂT ADBÊTON n. bait. W abwyd cf BÊTON ADBODIOS very yellow. OI apuide cf BODIOS ADBOGIOS m. man's name. G Adbogius, g. Adbucilli ADBOGION f. woman's name. G Adbugiounae Αδοβογιωνη(Strabo) ADBOGON n. carcass. I abach (entrails) W abo cf BONGET ADBOYON n. reason, cause. OI apa ADBRESKIS very brittle. I aibrisc cf BRESKUS AD BUNDET vn ADBOUDON n. proclaims, declares. OI at·boind apad

ADBUTÂ f. harm. OI apaid W abwth (< OI; injury, fright) cf WO BUTÂT ADBUTÂKOS m. outlaw. OI apthach AD DAMET vn ADDAMON n. admits, acknowledges. OI ataim I admhail W addef B añzav AD DERKET sees. AD ED KONDEDORKE has seen. OI ad·condairc I do chonaic ADEKÎ f. night. OI adaig I oidhche ADERKÂ f. horn. I adharc (OI d. aithircc) AD ELLÂT vn ADELON n. visits. OI ad·ella adall ÂDETÂ f. floor, pIace. I áit (place) AD ETET vn ADETÂ f. attacks (vn violent death) OI ad·etha aided I oidheadh AD GABIT vn ADGABAGLÂ f. ? WO ADGABIT vn W(O)ADGABAGLÂ f. leaves. OI ·facaib fácbáil I fágbháil AD GARIT vn ADGARION n. summons, claims, sues. OI ad·gair I agra ADGARIOS m. summoner. G adgarion (EC 15.180) ADGARWOS very rough. OI aggarb W agarw ADGENETON n. nature essence. I aigneadh cf GANITRO AD GLÂDETRO vn ADGLÂDEMÂ f. speaks to. OI ad·gládathar I agallamh AD GODIT vn ADGEDIÂ f. gives/requests security. OI ad·guid aicde (vn. bond, surety, manufactured article) cf W agweddi (gift, dowry) ADGOSTÎ near to hand. AOI ocuis OI ocus I agus (and) ADGOSTUS m. nearness to hand. W agos (near) (cf Eriu 32.159f.) ADKÂ ADKIÂ f. nearness. I aice W ach ADKIATIS m. neighbour. OI aiccid accaid (tenant, farmer) ADKOWREGIS f. partition fence. W achwre AD KANET vn ADKANTLON n. recites,extols,sounds. OI ad·cain aicetal W achan (paean) AD KAINÎT vn ADKAINIÂ f. complains. OI ad·caíni accaíne W achwyn ADKAROS very dear. OI accor W achar cf KARÂT ADKASSIS f. hate. I acais W achas cf KASSIS AD KLADET wn ADKLADIÂ f. pursues, hunts, fishes. OI ad·claid aclaid(e) ADKLAMOS very sick. W achlaf cf KLAMOS ADKOILOS very thin. OI accael W achul cf KOILOS ADKONSMIYÂ f. tribe, genus, race. I aicme cf KONSMIYOS AD KORITRO vn ADKOROS m. comes towards. OI ·tacuirther tacur W achor (fear, tumult) cf DÎADKORIS DUADKOROS ADKUBRON n. desire. OI accobor cf KUBRON ADLEKÎ f. tendency, habit. OI álaig ADLENDIS beautiful. OI álaind I álainn; OI ailde (beauty) ADLIGENOS soft. I áilghean AD LOGIT vn ADLOGETUS m. lays down, smoothes down, comforts. OI fo·algim falgud talgad AD LUWET vn ADLUWETUS m. ? KON ADLUWET vn KONADLUWETUS m. sets out, stirs up. OI con·alai ·comlai comlúth ADMÄNTON n. material. I adhmad (Celt. 1.339, 4.46f) AD MEDITRO vn ADMESSUS m. attempts. OI ad·mither I amas AD NEWET vn ADNOWON n. declares. OI ad·nuu as·noi EMBI ADNEWET vn EMBIADNOWON n. bequeaths, delegates. OI imm·ánad imna I tiomna ADQE and. W a(c) B ha(g) cf AD AD QISES vn ADQISTIÛ f. sees. OI ad·cí aicsiu I do chí, faicsin ADRÊGON n. chain,collar. I árach W aerwy B ere cf RIGET ADRÊGIÂ f. byre. I áirghe AD RETET runs towards, catches. OI ad·reith

AD RIGET vn ADRÊGON n. binds. OI ad·regar árach AD RÎMÎT vn ADRÎMÂ f. counts, reckons. OI ad·rími áram I áireamh W eirif ADRÎTIOS numbered, certain. I áirithe ADSÂWOS easy,adaptable. OI assae cf SÂWIT AD SEQET vn ADSQON n. ? WO ADSEQET vn W(O)ADSQON n. announces, declares. OI ta·faisig fásaig fásc I tásc SG tathasg ADSEWIOS left (not right). W aswy. cf G Asuius, man's name ? ADSILTIÂ f. "the looked upon one" MW Essyllt (Isolda) ADSKOROS m. company, retinue. T(O)ADSKOROS m. id. OI tascar cf SKORIT AD SLIGET vn ADSLOIGON n. persuades to. OI ad·slig I aslach AD SODIT vn ADSODETUS m. fixes, holds back. OI ad·sudi astud ADSOQÂTS m. rival, follower. OI ascae g. ascad cf SEQETRO ADSOWIÄNTÎ f. childbirth. OI asaít cf SOWIT AD TÂYET is present. OI attá I atá AD TEQET vn ADTEQON n. beseeches, flees to. OI ateich attach ADTEQOMÂROS m. "great in refuge ", man's name. G Atepomaros ADTEQORÎGS m. "king of refuge", man's name. G Ateporix AD TLOQETRO vn ADTLOQETUS m. thanks. OI ad·tluchedar attlugud > I altughadh AD TREBÂT dwells,inhabits. OI ad·treba ADTREBON n. abode. OI atrab I áitreabh W athref ADTREBATÎS m.p. "dwellers", tribal name. G Atrebates (Caesar) Fr Arras ADÛ m(?) law, ceremony. OI ad (cf Sk adhvará m. rite) ADENOWIDS m. one learned in the law, pleader. OI aigne p.g. aidhnead ADENOWISSUS m. arguing, pleading. I aighneas ADUGROS very cold. OI aduar cf UGROS ADUKSNEKTON n. hurdle fence. I udhnacht ADUKTON n. testament, will. I udhacht cf UKTON AD WÊDET vn ADWISSIÛ f. tells to. OI ad·fét g aidbsen (ms aidhbdhen aidhbhsina) TO ADWÊDET vn T(O)ADWISSIÛ f. shows. OI do·adbat I taidhbhse ADWÊLOS very abundant, enormous-. I adhbhal ADWÊLIÂ f. great abundance. OI aidble ADWERON n. material matter. I adhbhar cf WERET, DUADWERIS AD WERTET vn ADWERTÂ f. turns. OI ad·ferta adbairt AD WÎRÎT vn ADWÎRÎTUS m. sues, claims. OI ad·fíri aidbriud ADWOLÂMOS ready, prompt. OI adblam cf AREWOLÂMOS AGET drives (British: goes). OI ·aig W â B, C a sub. AGÂT OI ·aga MW aho aor. AKT OI ·acht W aeth B eaz C eth vn. AGIÂ f. I aighe, AGNÂ f. OI án I táin (flock,driving) cf AD AGET, ÄMBI AGET, ÄNDE AGET, DÎ AGET, TO AGET, WER AGET ÂGETRO fears. OI ad·ágathar sub. ÂGÂTRO OI ·ruagathar pp. ÂGETOS OI aigthi vn. ÂGETIÛ f. OI áigthiu ÂGOS m. danger, battle. OI ág (+ OI dág dáig, for fear of, because of) AGETÂ f. face, surface. I aghaidh AGINON n. leather bag (for cooking). OI aigen I oigheann (boiler,pan) ÂGION n. joint, member, pillar, prop. OI áige ágae cf AKSIS AGLÂ f. brood, litter. I ál W ael CI ailam AGLOMATWÎ f. "having a good brood", woman's name. OI Âlmaith

AGOS n. a bovine. I agh AGOSEDON n. field. OI ached I achadh AGRÎNÂ f. sloe. I áirne W eirin (plums) B hirin G *agrînion- Occ. agranhon Cat. aranyó AGRIÛ f. kidney. OI áru I ára > W aren AGRON n. hunting, slaughter. I ár W aer OB air AGROKÛ g. AGROKUNOS m. hunting dog. OI árchú AGRON- berries. W aeron AGROS importunate,eager. T(O)AGROS id. W taer cf WERAGROAGROS firm,strong. cf AKSIS AGRESTU n. dwelling,house. I áras AIDUS m. fire, fire god. I Aodh OI Aed cf TO AIDET AIDUGALÂ m man's name. OI Aedgal AIDUGENOS m. man's name. OI Aedgein AIDULUGUS m. man's name. OI Aedlug AIDWO- p. those of the fire god, tribal name. G Aedui (Caesar) AILON n. lime. I aol AIRÂ f. satire. I aor AISOS n. law suit. OI ae g. aie AISSON n. age. I aos W oes C oys cf WERAISSIATIS AISSUS m. people. I aos W oes AKROS high, noble. OI ér cf DÎAKRIS AKROTALUS m. having a noble forehead, man's name. G Axrotalus AKSIS f. chariot. OI ais AKSILÂ f. armpit. OI aisel W achel B ael AKSIS f. back. I ais cf ÂGION AGROS AKSMÄN n. hand, band, host. OI amm cf AGET AKTÎNÂ f. furze. I aiteann W eithin AKTUS m. pain. I at (swelling) W aeth ÂKUS sharp. I áith (for *áich < *ÂKWIS) W hogi (to sharpen) W hogalen B higolenn (whetstone) cf DÎÂKIS EKSÂKIS KOMÂKUS ALAMON n herd,flock. OI alam W alaf ALBOS, white. ALBÂ f. river name. G Alba ALBIOS m. a god's name. G deo Albio et Damonae ALBIODURON n. place name. G *Albioduron LLat Albiodero Fr Augers ALBIORÎGS m. a god's name. G Marti Albiorigi ALBIÛ f. the white island (Britain). OI Albu I Alba (Scotland) OBr Albio W elfydd (native land) ALET nourishes,fosters. OI ·ail sub. ALÂT OI ·almais fut. ? OI ·ebla aor. ALT OI ·alt pp. ALTOS OI ·alt altae vn. ALTRON n. ALTRASMUS m. I altram ALTRAMÛ m. fosterfather. W athro B aotrou C aultra ALTRAMONÎ f. fostermother. MW elldrew B itron ALTRIÛ m. fosterfather. OI altru ALIDUBROS m. man's name. OI Aildobur Aldebor ALIGALÂ f. man's name. OI Ailgel ALIGENIOS m. man's name. OI Ailgine ALIGUSTUS m. man's name. I Ó hAilgheasa

ALIKATUS m. man's name. OI Ailchad Ailchid ALIKENGETS m. man's name. OI Ailching ALIKÛ g. ALIKUNOS m. man's name. OI Ailchú ALIOS other. OI aile (n. aill; pretonic ala-) I eile W ail C eyll yll B eil ALIOS ALIOS other, each other. OI alaile I aroile W arall ALIOTÎRES- m. pilgrim. OI ailithir I oilithir ALIS f. rock. OI ail g. alo, ailech ALIKNOS m. rocklet. OI ailén I oiléan (island) ALLÂ beyond. OI al ol (preposition), all allae (adverb) cf KINÂ ALLÂMORIS overseas, foreign. OI allmuir ALLÂTERON n. the world beyond. OI alltar ALLATIS from beyond, wild. I allaidh ALLÂT cf TO ALLÂT ALLOS other. ALLOMROGS m. foreigner, p. tribal name. W allfro G Allobroges (Caesar) ALLOTEUTOS foreign. OBr Matrib(us) Ollototis sive Transmarinis W alltud ALLOS n. cliff. OI all I aill ALTÂ f. tutelary goddess. OI maccu Alta ALTORÎGION n. tribe of Altâ. I Altraighe ALTÂT shaves. MW allaw ALTANÎ f. razor. OI altain W ellyn B aotenn ALTON n. bank, hillside. I,W allt B aot OC als ALTOMAGOS n. place name. G *Altomagos LLat Aldemega Fr Haulmé ALTOYALON n. place name. G *Altoialon Fr Auteuil ALTOS m. knuckle. I alt OC chefals (joint) AM- negative prefix, variant of AN- ÄN- which see AMARKON n. a non-greeting. I amharc (look, stare) cf ARKET ÄMBÄN n. butter. OI imb I im W ymenyn B amann OC amenen ÄMBELIÛ f. navel. OI imbliu g imlenn I imleacán ÄMBERÄNTÎ f. barren, sterile. I aimrid cf BERET ÄMBI about, on both sides of; intensive prefix to adjectives; preverb. OI imb (im + adjective; im· relative imme· preverb) I um W,B,C am G ambi- (Eriu 28.145f) with personal pronouns: ÄMBI ME OI immum ÄMBI SNÎS OI immunn ÄMBI TE OI immut ÄMBI SWÎS OI immib ÄMBI EM OI imbi ÄMBI SÛS OI impu ÄMBI SIYÄN OI impe ÄMBI AGET vn ÄMB(I)AGNÂ f. drives. OI im·aig I iomáin ÄMB(I)AKTOS m. servant. W amaeth (husbandman) B amezeg (neighbour) G ambactus ÄMBIDURNOS m. sword hilt. OI imdorn cf DURNOS ÄMBI GARIT vn ÄMBIGARION n. demands. OI timgart I tiomghaire ÄMBIKATUS m. man's name. Og E(m)bicatos I Iomchadh OBr Ammecati G Ambicatus (Livy) ÄMBI KENGET vn ÄMBIKÄNKSMÄN n. goes round. OI im·cing imchim ÄMBILANSSIÛ f. iris of eye. OI imlisen cf LANSSUS OI mac imblissen, mac imlesan (pupil of eye) ÄMBILOKUS m. place name. OI Imbliuch g. Imblecho I Imleach ÄMBILON n. edge, border. I imeall W ymyl (< OI?) ÄMBILUKOS visible, obvious. W amlwg ÄMBI ORGET vn ÄMB(I)ORGENÂ f. gathers, shortens. OI do·immuirc I tiomargain ÄMBI ED ORGÛ "I add", "I may add" OI immurgu I iomorro (however) ÄMBI QELLÂT vn ÄMBIQELLON n. surrounds. OI imme·chella du.imchella I timcheall ÄMBI RÂYET vn ÄMBIRÂMUS m. rows, navigates. OI imme·rái I iomramh

ÄMBIRÊDSMÄN n. riding around. OI imrim cf RÊDET ÄMBIROLON n. missed (of a shot). I iomrall cf LÂYET ÄMBI SÂWIT vn ÄMBISÂWETUS m. turns round. OI im·soi impuuth impúth I iompódh ÄMBI SEDET vn ÄMBISODION n. besieges. OI immae·saitar I impidhe ÄMBISNÎTON n. anxiety, sorrow. OI imned I imnidhe cf SNIYET ÄMBI TÊGET vn ÄMBITIKTÂ f. sets forth. OI im·tiagam I imtheacht ÄMBITOGON T(O)ÄMBITOGON n. cloak. OI timthach cf TOGIT ÄMBI UKET defends, contends for. MW amwyn amyg- amwg B amoug (delay) ÄMBI WINAT vn ÄMBIWIYON n. fences. OI ·imben (fences) imbe (fence) AMBRÄNTS m. eyelid. OI abrait I fabhra W amrant B abrant OC abrans AMERISTÂ f. doubt, disbelief. OI amires I amhras cf ERISTÂ AMET pours out. OI ·aim cf ÄNDE AMET AMLABARIS speechless. I amhlabhair W aflafar cf LABAROS AMLESSON n (?) disadvantage. I aimhleas W afles AMLONGIATIS m. man's name. Og Ammllongitt AOI Amolngith I Amhalghaidh AMMÄNTÎ f. witch; fool, witless. OI ammait aimmit I amadán AMNERTOS weak. I aimhneart AMNISSOS harsh. OI amnas (harsh, crafty) W efnys (hostile) AMOSSOS m. masterless man, mercenary. I amhas AMRÊDIS unrideable, uneven. I aimhréidh W afrwydd AMRIKTUS m. disguise. OI aimricht AMULUKS beardless. OI amul(ch)ach B blouc'h (< OI?) AN- ÄN- AM- negative prefix. AN from. I an-iar an-oir an-uas etc. cf ANLESSIÛ ANLESSON ANAS (for *ANOS) p. ANASÂ n. riches. OI ana ANASONÂ f. goddess of riches. OI Anann ANAT breathes. OI an- I fan- (remain) cf UKS ANAT ANAMÛ m. soul. B ene p. anaon ANASMÄN n. soul. OI animm g. anme I anam ANATIS f. soul. W enaid ANATIMÂROS m. "great-souled", man's name. OBr Anatemori ANATLÂ f. breath. I anál W anadl MB alazn B alan ANADSÂWOS difficult. OI ansae ANAT blemishes. OI anaid cf ONOS ANEMIS (?) f. blemish. OI anim W anaf B anañv ANDAGON n. badness. OI andach ANDAGATIS bad. OI andgaid aingid ANDÂMOS unaccompanied, rare. I annamh ANDÂT kindles, begins. OI and- cf AD ANDÂT, UKS ANDÂT ANDE- intensive prefix. OI and- I an- W an- G ande- (Eriu 28.145f) ÄNDE preverb (into). OI inn- W an- G ande- (Eriu 28.145f) with personal pronouns: ÄNDE ME OI indium ÄNDE SNÎS OI indiunn ÄNDE TE OI indiut ÄNDE SWÎS OI indib ÄNDE EM OI ind ÄNDE SÛS OI intiu ÄNDE SIYÄN OI inte ÄNDE AGET drives. OI ind·aig ÄNDE AMET washes (hands and feet). OI ind·aim ad·haim vn indmat ÄNDE ANEKET vn ÄND(E)ANEKTLON n. ? AD ÄND(E)ANEKET escorts, leads. OI ad·indain TO ÄND(E)ANEKET vn T(O)ÄND(E)ANEKTLON n. bestows. OI du·indnaig tindnacol ANDE ARKET vn AND(E)ARKON n. greets. W annerch C dynnargh

ÄNDEBERON n. estuary. OI indbeir I inbhear cf ADBERON, KOMBERON ÄNDE BINAT vn ÄNDEBIYON n. hacks, cuts. OI tinme tinbi ÄNDE BLÂDIT vn ÄNDEBLÂDETUS m. makes a commotion. OI innlaidim indládud cf BLÂDOS ANDEDÊWOS m. major god. OI bennacht dé 7 andé fort ÄNDE ENTET kindles. MW ennunhu W ennyn enynnu (SC 112.1f) ÄNDE GARIT vn ÄNDEGARION n. guards, tends. OI ·ingair(e) tinghair I ionghaire ANDEKAMULOS m. man's name. G Andecamulos ANDEKSIS awkward, wretched. I andeis ÄNDEGUSTUS m. man's name. OI Indgus ÄNDE LÂYET vn ÄNDELON n. arranges,yokes. OI in·la I inneall ANDEMÂROS enormous. I anmhór W enfawr ANDEMNIYÂNTS f. patience. OI ainmne g ainmnet MW anmyned W amynedd ANDERÂ f. damsel. I ainnear W anner B annoar G *anderá Fr landier Occ. andiron Basque andere (W,B heiffer; Fr,Occ firedog) ÄNDE RETET vn ÄNDERETON n. invades. OI in·reith indred ANDERITUS m. great ford, place name. G *Anderitus Ανδερηδoν (Ptolemy) LLat Anderitum Occ. Anterius ÄNDEROS lower. G anderon (EC 15.I8O) ÄNDE SÂWIT vn ÄNDESÂWETUS m. turns over, returns, converts. OI do·intá tintuuth I (t) iontódh ÄNDE SEDET inhabits. W annedd anheddu MB annhezaff C annedhy ÄNDESLÎMUS m. wealth. OI intlem cf SLIYET ÄNDESUBRON n. falling asleep. OI tindabrad (Eriu 27.119ff) cf SUBRON ANDE TAUSET listens. MW andaw ÄNDE WÊDET vn ÄNDEWISSIÛ f. tells. OI in·fét I innisin EKS ÄNDEWÊDET vn EKSÄNDEWISSIÛ f. describes. OI ass.indet aisndís I faisnéis ÄNDE WINAT vn ÄNDEWIYON n. fences in. OI inde (paddock, stable) ÄNDIYÂ f. essence, inner part. I inne ÄNDO inside (adverb, prefix) with personal pronouns: ÄNDO MOI OI indium I ionnam ÄNDO SNÎS OI indiunn ÄNDO TOI OI indiut I ionnat ÄNDO SWÎS OI indib ÄNDO EM OI and I ann ÄNDO YOBIS OI indib ÄNDO YAI OI indi ÄNDOGANON n. nature. W anian OB angan (SC 12.9) cf GANITRO ÄNDOKOMBOGIOS m. man's name. G Andocombogius (Caesar) L Anokopokios ÄNDONIGÄNTION n. bath tub. W ennaint (SC 12.9) cf NIGIT ÄNDORÊGON n. plug keeping wound open. I ionnrach OB anre cf RIGET ÄNDOWEGON n. woof. I inneach W anwe cf WEGET ÄNDOWESTÂ f. byre, milking enclosure. OI indes cf WESET ÄNDOYALIÂ f. property. OI indile cf YALUS ANDUBNOS m. the otherworld. W Annwfn cf DUBNOS ANEKET ANEKTLON n. protects. OI ·ainig I anacal cf AD ANEKET, ÄNDE ANEKET sub. ANEKST OI ·ain ainsiu aor. ANEKT OI ·anacht pp. ANEKTOS OI anacht ANEKTLOMÂROS "great in protection". G Apollini Anextlomaro ANEMORÎGS m. man's name. AOI Ainmori g. Ainmuireg I Ainmhire ANGONIÂ f. treachery. OI tangnae ANGÛ f. snake,eel. cf ISKOANGÛ ÄNGUÎNÂ f. finger nail. OI ingen I ionga W ewin B ivin OC euuin

ÄNKARANTS m. enemy. OI éccra W angar (cruel) cf KARANTS ÄNKARANTIÂ f. enmity. OI éccraite ÄNKATON n. fish hook. OI écath MW anghad ÄNKENÂ f. need. I éigean W angen B,C anken ÄNKENAWOS m. salmon. I éigne G *ankenavos LLat ancorago ancoravus O.Picard ancreu Walloon ancraou German Anke ÄNKET reaches. OI ·ic MW a(n)gh- (escape) B rankout sub. ÄNKST OI ·í ·íssed perf. ÂNONKE OI ·ánic pp. ÄNKTOS OI ·rícht vn. -ÄNKTIÛ f. -ÄNKON n. cf ARE ÄNKET, DÎ ÄNKET, KON ÄNKET, RO ÄNKET, TO ÄNKET ÄNKEWES p. the dead. OI do écaib I éag W angau B ankou C ankow cf ENKTUS ÄNKONDERKIS invisible. OI écndairc cf DERKET ANLESSON n. sweat. I allas ANLESSIÛ f. sore, cancer, tumour. I aillse ANMÄN n. name. Og anm I ainm OW anu W enw B anv C hanow G p anuana ÂNOS m. ring. (cf Lat ânus) ÂNINION n. small ring. OI áinne I fáinne ANSÂ f. footprint. OI és (Eriu 32.159) ANSIYÂS p.f. reins. OI éssi (cf Gk hêniâ) ÄNSKÎTIS tireless. I éascaidh (quick); OI abstract éscus ÄNTEKIS ugly. OI étig cf TEKOS ANTROS m. place name. Goedelic Andros (Pliny) Αδρου (Ptolemy) OI Étar I Binn Éadair ANTONOS m. forehead. I éadan ANUKTON n. what is not said, grammatical (or poetic) fault. OI anocht cf UKTON ANWÊLOS shameless. OI anbal ANWETÂ ANWETONIÂ f. storm. OI anbud ainbthine cf WETÂ ANWIDS ignorant. OI ainb ANWISSUS m. ignorance. I ainbhios ANWLAMATIS m. man's name. Og Anavlamattias OI Anfolmith ANWOSTATIS unstable, uneven. OI anbsaid W anwastad ARATRON n. plough. OI arathar W aradr MB arazr B arar OC aradar cf ARIT ARATRÂKON n. ferryboat. OI arthrach I árthach ARATRIOS m. man's name. G Aratrius ARAUSIOS m. temple(of head). I ara (cf Gk pareíâ id.) cf AUS ARBÎNON n? turnip. W erfin B irvin ARDWOS high. I ard W ardd ARDWEN- high ground, place name. G Arduenna (Caesar) Fr Ardennes ARDWÎ f. peak,point, cardinal point. I aird ARE for, because of, in front of, beside. I ar W er (preposition); OI tair I thoir (in front, in the east) with personal pronouns: ARE ME OI airium ARE SNÎS OI erunn ARE TE OI airiut ARE SWÎS OI airib ARE EM OI airi ARE SÛS OI airriu erru ARE YÛ OI airiu ARE YOBIS OI airib ARE SIYÄN OI airre ARE YAI OI airi ARE ÄNKET vn AR(E)ÄNKON n. brings about, finds. OI ·airic airec ARE BÂGÎT vn AREBÂGÂ f. boasts. OI ar·báigi airbag ARE BERET m AREBERIÂ f. reproaches. OI ar·beir airbire I oirbhire

ARE BERET partakes of, brings out, expresses. OI ar·beir AREBERÂ f. armful, bundle. OI airber AREBERON n. custom, usage. W arfer AREBERTÂ f. practise, use. OI airbert I oirbheart ARE BINAT vn AREBIYON n. harms. OI aurbai AREBÎTIS f. destruction, fight. OI airbaid W erfid AREBOGON n. breach, destruction. OI airbach urbach cf BONGET AREBOWION n. hedge, fence, pen. OI airbe cf BOWIOS AREBRIGNOS by the hills. G *arebrignos Lat arebrignus cf BRIGS AREDAMON n. porch, vestibule. OI airdom I urdhamh cf DAMAREDERKIS well known, manifest. OI airdirc I oirdhirc W ardderchog (excellent) cf DERKET AREDRIKÂ f. face, front. OI airdrech cf DRIKS AREDROUGOS m. phantom, ghost. OI airdrech aurddrag AREDURNON n (?) ankle, wrist. OI aurdorn W arddwrn B arzorn cf DURNOS AREEMBIBERTÂ f. preparation. OI airimbert W armerth AREGALÂ f. battle, vigour. OI airgal I iorghal W arial cf ARE WIKET ARE GARIT vn AREGARION n. forbids. OI ar·gair ergaire irgaire I urghaire AREGNÂTIS well known, famous. OI airgnaid ergnaid cf GNÂTOS OI abstract airgnas ergnas aurgnatu AREGNÂWOS well known, famous. OI airgnae cf GNÂWOS ARE GNIYET vn AREGNÎMUS m. prepares. OI ·aurgnaidh aurgnam I urghnamh AREKAITOS edge of a wood. W argoed ARE KANET vn AREKANTLON n. declares, sings forth. OI ar·cain airchetal W argan (lamentation) ARE KELET conceals. OI ar·celim W argelu ARE KLEKET vn AREKLEKIÂ f. wards off. OI ar·clich irchlige AREKOMELON n short spancel. OI airchomal I urchall cf KON LÂYET ARE KORITRO increases. OI ar·cuirethar AREKOROS m. shot, throw, thrust. I urchar W ergyr AREKOYÂ f. outhouse, side building. OI airchae cf KOYÂ ARE KRINET trembles, fears. W ergrynu ARE E KRINET perishes. OI ara·chrin AREKRITIS f. terror. W ergryd AREKRIYON n. perishing. OI irchre erchrae I urchra ARELABARIÂ f. speech. OI airlabrae I urlabhra ARELANDÂ f. forecourt. OI airlann aurland I urlann ARELENGON n. hurdle, barrier. OI airleng cf LENGET ARE LINAT chases, pursues. W erlynvn. ARELÎTIS f. W erlid ARELÊSMÄN n. OI airlim ARE LINQET lends. OI ara·leicthar vn airlicud ARELOWOS m(?) lock of hair. OI airla I urla cf LOWOS AREMEDÂ f. measure for grain. OI airmed ARE MEDITRO vn AREMESSIÛ f. hits on, understands. OI ·irmadar ermaissiu AREMEDON n. intent. W arfedd arfeddydd ARE MONITRO vn AREMÄNTIÛ f. honours. OI ar·muinethar ermitiu I oirmhidin AREMORIKÂ f. seaside, shore, placename. G Armorica (Caesar) cf W arfordir arforwy, sea coast ARE NASKET vn ARENADMÄN n. betroths. OI ar·naisc I urnaidhm ARE ORGET vn AREORGENÂ f. ? KON AREORGET vn KOMAREORGENÂ f. errs. OI con·rerortatar comrorcon W cyfeiliorn AREORON n. edge, coast, shore. OI airer I oirear W eryr cf OROS ARE QELLÂT vn AREQELLON n. circles, constrains. OI tairchella taircell

AREQENNIS f. headland of ploughed field. OI airchinn G arepennis (Columella) Fr arpent AREQENNOS fixed, definite, prominent. OI airchenn AREQENNÎKOS prominent. OI airchinnech (head, leader) W arbennig (special) ARE QÊSLÂT vn AREQÊSLÂ f. (1) taked care of, saves (2) convinces.W arbwyllo (2) B arboellañ (1) ARE QETET has pity on. OI ar·cessi vn airchissecht W arbed cf QETET ARE REGET vn AREREGON n. AREREGIÂ f. ? ARE AREREGET vn (1) ATEAREREGON n. (2) ATEAREREGIÂ f. (1) repeats (2) emends. OI ad·errig aithirrech (1) aithirge (2) I atharrach (1) aithrighe (2) ARE RETET vn ARERETON n. seizes, assails. OI ar·rethat AREROYON n. payment (for someone). I arra cf RINAT ARESAGS m. nobleman. OI aire cf SAGIT ARESAKTÂ f. assembly of nobles. OI airecht I oireacht ARE SISTETRO vn ARESISTAUS m. rests. OI ara·sissedar erissem I oiriseamh ARESKIYON n. stump of neck. OI airsce cf SEKET ARE SLADET defends. OI ar·slaithi ARE SLIGET vn ARESLOIGON n. kills. OI ar·slig airlech ARESODION n. bench. OI airide cf SEDET ARESTATIS old. OI arsaid airsid I arsaidh ARESTÛNÂ f. doorpost. I ursa g. ursan cf STÛNÂ ARE TAUSET listens, is silent. OI ar·tuaisi vn erthuasacht ARETEGON n. a high oath. I urthach cf TONGET ARETERON n. front part, east. OI airther I oirthear cf RÂKOTERON ARETOGION n. protection. W ardwy cf TOGIT ARE TUDET vn ARETEUDSMÄN n. falls into swoon or trance. OI taurthim ARE WEDET vn AREWEDNÂ f. guides. W arwedd- arwain AREWEDS m. charioteer. I ara g. aradh AREWEDONÂ f. reins, guidance. OI aradu g. aradan (remodelled) AREWERNO- p.m. tribal name. G *Arewerno- Arverni (Caesar) AREWERNORÎGS m. god of the AREWERNO- G Mercurio Arvernorigi AREWIDION n. sign, token. I airdhe (<*ARUDION) W arwydd B arouez cf WINDETRO ARE WIKET vn AREGALÂ f.(q.v.) fights, conquers. OI ar.·fich ARE WINAT vn AREWIYON n. excludes, shuts out OI ar·fenat aire (hedge, dam, weir) ARE WINDETRO vn AREWISSUS m. knows. OI ara·finnathar aires (tryst, assignation) AREWOLÂMOS ready. OI aurlam (<*ARULÂMOS) I ullamh cf ADWOLÂMOS AREWORÂTOS m. surety, guarantor, person of standing. OI aurrad (< *ARURÂTOS) I urradh cf DÎWORÂTIS AREWORON n. delight, desire, satisfaction. OI airer AREWOZDOS m. length, interval. OI airet I oiread cf WOZDOS ARE YÂLÎT vn AREYÂLON n. beseeches. W eiriol ? ARGÄNTON n. silver. OI argat I airgead W arian(t) B arc'hant C arghans G argantoARGÄNTOBRANOS m. "silver crow", man's name. OI Argatbran ARGÄNTODUBRON n. river name (in Aude). Occ. Argentdoble (821 Argentumduprum) ARGÄNTOKOKSOS m. "silver leg", man's name. OBr Αργεντοκοξος ARGÄNTOMAGOS n. place name. G *Argantomagos LLat Argantomago (IA) Fr Argenton ARGÄNTOMÂROS m. "great in silver", man's name. OI Argatmar ARGÄNTORÂTIS f. place name (Strassburg) G *Argantorâtis (Argentorate PT) ARGÄNTOROTÂ f. "the lady with the silver heel", a goddess. W Arianrhod ARGÄNTOYALON n. place name. G *Argantoialon LLat Argentoialo Fr Argenteuil ARG(I)ON n(?) snow. OI arg (drop) W eira B erc'h OC irch ARGIOTALUS m. man's name, "snowy browed". G Argiotalus

ARIT ploughs. OI ·air airim W ardd- B arat cf MRAKNOAROS sub. ARÂT OI ·ara vn AROS m. OI ar ARTÎKÂ f. freshly ploughed field. G *artîkâ Occ/Cat. artiga ARIAMÛ m. plowman. OI airem I oireamh ARKET requests, greets. OI arcu ·comaircc W arch- MB arch- C arghsub. ARKST OI ·comarser perf. ÂRKER OI ·comarcair vn -ARKON n. cf AMARKON, ANDE ARKET, KON ARKET ARMMÄN n. place. OI airm ARTOS m. bear. I Art W arth ARTÂ f. bear goddess. OI macua Arta, mac hua Airte ARTIÛ f. bear goddess. G deae Artioni ARTOGALÂ f. man's name. OI Artgal OW Arthgal ARTOGENOS m. man's name. OW Arthgen MW Arthen ARTOMAGLOS m. man's name. OW Artmail MW Arthvael ARTORÎGS m. man's name. OI Artrí g. Artrach ARTORÎGION n. tribe of the bear goddess. I Artraighe ARWAR g. ARWENS n. crops, grain. I arbhar g. arbha p. arbhann ARWEROS m. host, army. OI arbar arber ÂSNOS bright, glowing. I án ASSON n. nourishment. OI as (milk) ÂSSON n. growth. OI ás I fás ASTO- bone. MW asseu eis (ribs) ASTONION n. rib. I asna W asen ASTOKORNON n (?) bone. W asgwrn B askourn C ascorn ATE- again, re- (preverb). I aith- W ad- G ateATE AWET leaves. W adaw ATE BERET vn ATEBRITIS f. restores. W adfer- edfryd ATEBERON n. reproach. I aithbhear cf BARNAT, DÎATEBERIS ATE BIYET is past. W adfod ATEBIYON n. ebb of the sea. I aithbhe cf BINAT ATEBODWOS m. man's name. G Ateboduus ATE BONGET vn ATEBOGON n. breaks (contract) OI taithbeg ATE DAWET ignites. OI ad.daí vn atúd I adódh ATEDAWON n (?) firebrand. B etev ATEDAWINION n. firebrand. I aithinne W atewyn ATEGANON n. progeny, lineage. W adian cf GANITRO ATEGNÂTOS m. personal name. G f. Ategnate ATEGNIYON n. recognition. OI aithigne I aithne cf GNINUT ATEGNIYOMÂROS m. man's name. G Ategniomari ATEKOS m. a certain time. OI athach W adeg ATEKOZDÎ p.m. a tribal name, "the old ones" OBr Atecotti cf KOZDOS ATELIYON n. following, consequence. I aithle cf LINAT ATE NEWET vn ATENOWON n. pledges. OI ·aithnither I aithne W adnau ATE RÂDIT vn ATERÂDOS m. recites. W adrodd ATE SEQET un ATES(E)QON n. answers. OI aithesc W ateb ATESQÂTOS m. man's name. G Atespatus ATE WINAT vn ATEWIYON n. repays, recompenses. OI ad·fenar I aithe ATEWISSIS f. insult. I aithis cf WÊDET ÂTIS f. kiln, oven. I áith W odyn ATÎR m. father. OI athir I athair

ATERONIOS m. man's name. G Ateronius ATRINIOS m. man's name. I Aithirne ATRIWIOS m. paternal relative. OI p. aithre cf GUTUATÎR, WIDES ATRIS ATSMUS m. time. I am ATSMUSTERÂ f. time,weather. I aimsear W amser B amzer OC anser ATTIOS m. fosterfather. OI aite I oide cf ATÎR AU from. I ó W o B a with personal pronouns: AU MOI OI uaim AU SNÎS OI uainn AU TOI OI uait AU SWÎS OI uaib AU TÛ OI uad AU TOBIS OI uadib AU TIYAI OI uadi AUBEROS vain, emptied. I uabhar (pride) W ofer B euver cf BERET AUS g. AUSOS n. ear. OI áu áo ó p. aue oa cf ARAUSIOS, SUAUSIÂ AUS SAGITRO > AUSAGITRO hears. OI auchide auchaide auchar augestar AUSANÂ f. sun. W huan AUTÎNIO- p.m. tribal name. Og Αυτινοι (Ptolemy) I Uaithne AUTÎTOS rare, solitary. I uathadh W odid (Eriu 27.128) cf TINUT AWELÂ f. wind, breeze. OI ael aial W,C awel B avel cf WENTOS AWENTROS m. uncle. W ewythr B eontr OC euitor OI amnair (< Br?) cf AWIOS AWETS AWENÂ f. poetic art. OI aui g. uath W awen AWET guards, defends. OI con·oí ·comai W rhy-m aw cf ATE AWET,KON AWET sub. AWÂTRO OI con·oadar ·comathar vn AWETUS m. AWIOS m. grandson. Og avi OI aue I ó ua SG ogha cf AWENTROS AWOISON n (?) liver. OI oe I p. aoi SG atha W afu B avu BA- dies. cf AD BApp. BATOS OI at·bath ·apad vn -BATIÛ f. OI apthu BATON n. plague. W bad BÂDIT vn BÂDETUS m. drowns. I báidh- bádhadh W boddi (bawdd) B beuzin C buthy BÂGÂ f. fight. OI bág BÂGÎT fights. OI bágim MW bwyo cf ARE BÂGÎT Here? W bai (fault, blame) BAIDOS m. boar. W baedd BAIDAGNOS m. man's name. Og Baidagni OI Baedán BAISSON n (?) manners. W moes B boaz I béas (< W) BAITLON n. danger. I baoghal (for the phonetic development cf SAITLON) BAITOS foolish. I baoth; baos (foolishness) BALÂ f. peak, summit. W bâl; OI bal I bail (prosperity) BALOBRIGS f. place name. G *Balobriga Fr Baloeuvre BALOMAGOS n. place name. G *Balomagos Fr Balon BALIOS m. homestead. I baile BALKOS a. proud. OI balc W balch BALLET strikes, kills. OI ·baill sub. BELÂT OI ·bela W belu (to kill) aor. BELT OI ·rubalt ·ebailt vn -BELTIÛ f. OI epeltu apaltu BALEROS m. drought god. I Balar cf W ball (plague, death). cf EKS BALLET

BALLOS m. member, limb. I ball cf ROTOBALLOS BANATLON n(?) broom (plant). W banadl MB balazn B banal OC banathel BÄNDUS melodious. I binn (< *BÄNDWIS) MW ban OB bann BÄNNÂ f. horn (ev. peak). I beann W ban MB ban- G *bannâ Occ. bana Cat. banya BÄNNOBRIGS f. place name. G *Bannobrigá Galician Bañobre BANO- composition form of BENÂ which see. BANODÊWÂ f. goddess, river name. OI Bandae I Banna BANONÂ f. woman's name. G Banona BANOSKÂKSLON n. woman. OI banscál BANOTÛTS m. woman's property. OI p. bandtaig BANOWESTIS f. wedding feast. OI banais I bainis cf WESET BÂNOS shining. I bán (white) BANWOS m. piglet, sucking pig. I banbh W banw B banv OC baneu G Banvi BARÄNDÂ f. large stone. OI bairenn I boireann BARÄNDÎKOS m. limpet. I bairneach W brennig B brennigen BARÄNNS m. anger. OI barae g. barann W bâr BARÄNNÂKOS angry. OI bairnech BARDOS m. bard. I bard W bardd B barzh C barth G bardos cf BRÂDOS BAREGON n bread. W,B,C bara BAREGENON n loaf. I bairghean BAROGENÂ f. black bread. Occ.(Gascon) bròja Castilian borona Portuguese b(o)roa BÂREGON n. morning. OI barach W bore B beure BARKÂ f. spear shaft. OI barc W barch BARNAT vn -BERON n. judges. W barnu B barnañ cf ATEBERON, BRÂTUS, EKS BERET BARROS m. summit, spike. I,W,B barr BARUS heavy. OI bair (< *BARIS) BÂSET vn BÂSETON n. dies. OI ·ba ·baat bath baath cf DÎ BÂSET sub. BÂSÂT OI ·baad fut. BIBÂST OI ·beba perf. BEBÂSE OI ·bebae BÂSSON n. death. I bás BASKIS f. burden. W baich B bec'h. Here? OI basc (collar) BEBROS m. beaver. BEBRAKTÂ f. beaver colony, place name. G Bibracte (Caesar) Fr Mont Beuvrey BEBRONÂ f. river name. G *Bebroná LLat Bebronnae Fr Brevenne BEDON n. trench. W bedd B bez C beth (grave) G *bedon OFr bief biez Occ. besa(l) (millrace) BEDORÂTIS f. tumulus, graveyard. W beddrod MB bezred B bered BEKLOS m. gob,beak. I béal (mouth). Hypocoristic BEKKOS m. G *bekkos LLat beccus Fr,Occ.,Cat. bec. Asturian beizo Portuguese beiço (lower lip) < *BEKKIOS BEKLOSENTUS m. pass,frontier. OI bélat BEKTOS exact. I beacht BELEGON n. road,path. I bealach BELEGION n. bridle. OI beilge BELENOS m. a god. G Apollini Beleno BELENOTÄNESÎ d.n. two fires of Belenos, May day. I Beal(l)taine (< *BELNOTÄNESÎ) Here also BELISAMOS? G Minervae Belisamae Βηληsαmι BELEWOS m. marten. MW beleu W bele BELION n. sacred tree. I bile BELIOKANDÂ f. Achillea millefolium. G *beliokandá βελιouκανδας (Dioscorides) BELIOMAGOS n. place name. G *Beliomagos LLat. Billiomaco Occ. Bilhom BENA f. woman. I bean G -bena

N. BENA OI ben I bean BEN I bé A. BENÄN OI bein G. BNÂS I mná D. BNAI OI mnaí I mnaoi P. NA. BNÂS I mná G. BANON I ban D. BNÂBIS I mnáibh Composition form BANO- q.v. BENION n. crime. OI bine BENTUS m. crime, injury. I béad. BÊNOS m. sheepskin. I bian BERET carries, bears. OI ·beir I beirsub. BERÂT OI ·bera aor. BERT OI ·bert MW cgmerth C kemert(h) pp. BRITOS OI ·breth vn. BRITÂ OI breth BRITIS W cymryd -BERTÂ f. BERÄNTÎ f. sow ("bearer"). OI beirit birit cf ÄMBERÄNTÎ, ARE BERET, ATE BERET, AUBEROS, EMBI BERET, KON BERET, TO BERET, UKS BERET, WER BERET, WO BERET, WRIT BERET BERGÂ f. river bank. G *bergâ Fr berge BERNÂ BERNÂTS f. gap. OI bern berna I bearna BERTÂT prepares,determines. OI ·berta I beartaigh- cf ADBERTÂ, AREEMBIBERTÂ BERTOS shining. W berth (beautiful) cf WLATIBERTÂKOS BERU n. roasting spit. I bior W bêr B,C ber BERUROS m. watercress. OI biror I biolar W berwr B,OC beler G berula BERURAWON n. place of watercress, place name. I Biorra BERWET boils. I bearbhadh W berwi B birviñ cf BORWOS, BRUTUS, EKS BRÎWÄNT, UKSBERON BERWIÂ f. river name. I Bearbha BÊSMÄN n. blow. I béim B bomm C bom cf BINAT BÊON n. food. W bwyd B boed C bo(y)s cf OI biathaid (feeds,supports) BETÛ f. birch tree. I beithe (< *BETWÎ) W bedw B bezvenn G *betú Lat. betula From G *bettio-: Occ.Cat. beç Cast. biezo BETULANDÂ f. birch clearing, place name. I Biothlann BETUWOS m. man's name. G Betuo f. Betua, Betuvius, f. Betubia BEUDLIT vn BEUDLETUS m. strikes. I buail- bualadh cf BUDLINIOM BEWENOS permanent. I buan BEZGÂ f. leap. I beadhg BEZGÎT leaps, startles. OI bidg- cf DÎ BEZGÎT BIBUDÛS m. enemy. OI bibdu g. bibdad; abstract bibdanas. cf BUNDET BIKKOS small. I beag W bych (e.g. Dinbych) BIKKAGNOS small. I beagán W bychan B bihan BIKOS m. bee. I beach G *bikos cf W begegyr (drone) Occ.(Creuse dialect) beca abieca bieca (bee) represent crossings of G *bikos and Occ. abelha. BILIS good. OI bil BILIKATUS m. man's name. G Bilicatus BINAT becomes. cf RO BINAT, WRIT BINAT BINAT has been remodelled from *BUNAT under the influence of BIYET q.v. BINAT strikes, cuts. OI ·ben I bean- MB benaff sub. BIYÂT OI ·bia fut. ? OI sl biu s3 bied bithpret. BIBE (proto-Goidelic *BIWE) OI s1 beo s3 bí


pp. BÎTOS OI ·bíth vn. BÊSMÄN (see above) -BIYON n. BINANTÎ f. rennet ("breaker") I binid BIYÂKOS striking. OI biach (erect sc. penis) cf AD BINAT, ARE BINAT, ATEBIYON, BIYASLIS, KON BINAT, ROBIYON, WO BINAT BIRROS short. OI,B berr W byrr G *birros LLat birrus (short mantle) cf I bearradh (to shave) BISTIS m. finger. OI bissi ega (icicles) W bys B biz OC bis BISTLI n. gall. W bustl B bestl C bystel G *bistli Occ. bescle BÎTS f. entrance. OI bí g. bith cf EMBÎTS BITUS m. world. I bioth W byd B bed C bys BITURÎGES p. tribal name, "kings of the world". G Bituriges (Caesar) Fr Bourges BÎWÂ f. bitumen, pitch. OI bí BIWOS alive. I beo W byw B bev BIWETON n. food, livelihood. OI biäd I biadh W bywyd BIWOTÛTS m. life. OI bethu I beatha BIYASLIS f. axe. OI biail g. bela W bwyall B bouc'hal C boell OHG bîal (< G) cf BINAT BIYAMON n(?) beehive. W byddaf B binenn (remodelled) BIYET becomes. OI ·bí I bídh W bydd (MW vr bi bit) B bez C beth BIYET is the result of regressive assimilation from *BUYET sub. BESET OI ·bé fut. BIYÂT OI ·bia MW bydawt perf. BOWE OI ·boí W bu pp. BUTOS OI ·both vn BUTÂ f. OI both buith W bod B bout Further forms: sub. OW boi MW bo G buet-id (EC 15.184) fut. G bissiet (EC 15.186) cf ATE BIYET, ENIBUTÂ, KÄNTÂ BIYET BLADON n. fame. I bladh BLÂDOS m. commotion. W blawdd cf ÄNDE BLÂDIT BLAKNON n (?) end, tip, summit. W blaen C blyn B blein BLAKOIRO- ? shoots, sprouts. W blagur BLÂROS pale, bare. I blár (open space) W blawr (pale, grey) cf Lat. florus BLÂTUS m. flower. I bláth MW blawd W blodau cf C blejan B bleunienn bleuñvenn from *BLÂTMEN- ? BLÂTUKÂ f. buttermilk. I bláthach LLat balthuta (read *blathuca) BLÂTUMÂROS m. man's name. G Biatumari (read Blatumari) f. Belatumarae BLÊDANÎ g. BLIDNIYÂS f. year. I bliadhain W blwyddyn p. blynedd B blizenn C blethen blythen -BLÊDOS X-years old. W blwydd B bloaz BLEDIOS m. wolf. W blaidd B bleiz BLEDINOS m. candlewick, lupicorda (Verbascum thapsus). G *bledinos Occ. blese Cat. ble BLÎNOS tired. W,B blin BLIWÂ f. hair. W blew B blev BLUNGET swells up, gets angry. W blyngu blwng B blouiñ BODÎNÂ f. troop. I buidhean W byddihn OB bodin cf WOBEDIS BODÎKÂ f. fallow field. G *bodîkâ Occ. bosiga Cat. boïga BODIOS yellow. I buidhe (cf Lat. badius) BODIOKASSÎS p.m. tribal name. G Bodiocasses (Pliny) Fr Bayeux BODWÂ f. carrion crow, war goddess. I Bodhbh

BODWÂKOS m. man's name. G Boduaci OBr Boduoci BODWOGENOS m. man's name. OBr Boduogenus BODWOGNÂTOS m. man's name. G Boduognatus (Caesar) BODWOKATUS m. man's name. OI Bodbchad BOGGOS soft. I bog BOLGO- p.m. a tribal name. OI Fir Bolg G Belgae G Belgae shows dialectal E for O after labial (cf MONAQÎ, WORETOMÂROS) BOLGOS m. bag, belly. I bolg W bol(a) B bolc'h (flax husk) G *bolgo- LLat bulga (leather bag) BOLKOS m(?) mountain pass. W bwlch B boulc'h BONGET breaks, reaps. OI ·boing sub. BOKST OI ·bó ·bosar fut. BIBOKST OI s1 ·bibus perf.BEBOGE OI ·bobig ·chombaig pp. BOKTOS OI ·bocht vn BOGNIS f. I buain -BOGON n. BOKSMÄN n. piece, fragment. OI boim BOKTOS poor. I bocht cf ADBOGON, AREBOGON, ATE BONGET, KON BONGET, TO BONGET, WOBOGON BONUS n. base, basis, trunk. I bun W bôn BONUSEDON n. basis. I bunadh MW bonhed (noble ancestry) BORBOS foolish, rude. I borb BORGIT raises. W bwrw byri- (throws) BORROS swollen. I borr W bwrr G *borros Occ. borrar Fr bourrer BORWOS boiling. cf BERWET BORWÂ f. hot mud. G *borvâ Fr bourbe BORWON- m. local god at Bourbon. G deo Apollini Borvoni Fr Bourbon BORWETOMAGOS n. place name. G Borvetamagos Βορβητομαγος (Ptolemy) German Worms BOSTÂ f. palm of hand. I,W bos cf G *ambibostâ > ambostâ, the fill of both hands. Occ.(Bearn) mosta Cat. embosta Asturian ambueza Piemontese ambosta BOUDI n. victory, talent. I buaidh W budd B buz BOUDÎKOS victorious. W buddig BOUDÎKÂ f. woman's name. OBr Boudicca (Tacitus) BOUDIMAGLOS m. man's name. AOI Boidmal BOUS f. cow. S. N. BOUS I bó A. BOWÄN I boin (from sandhi form before vocalic auslaut) G. BOWOS I bó OI bóu D. BOWI P. N. BOWES I ba MW bu A. BOWÂS OI bú is a remodelling after the analogy of U stems G. BOWON OI báu D. BOUBIS I buaibh cf also W biw B bioù BOUGORTOS m. cowyard. W buarth BOUKÂ f. small cow. Hypocoristic BOUKKÂ W buwch MW buch B buoc'h C bugh BOUKKIATIS m. cowherd. OI Buchet (< Br) BOUKOLIS m. cowherd, lad. I buachaill W bugail B,C bugel BOURÊGON n. spancel. I buarach W burwy cf RIGET BOUSTON n. cow pasture. OI buas (wealth in cattle) CI boustom (ZCP 34.12) Castilian

bustar Portuguese bostar BOUSWETOS m. boasting ("bull blowing"). OI buafad BOUTEGOS n. stable, cowshed. I bóitheach W beudy OB boutig BOUWINDÂ f. "she who has white cows", goddess and river name. Og Βουοuινδα (Ptolemy) AOI Boend I Bóinn BOWITRON n. road, cow track. I bothar W beidr (< I) BOUYALIÂ f. cow pen. I buaile cf YALUS BOWIOS pertaining to cows. cf AREBOWION BOWERON n cattle. I buar BOUTRON n. dung. I buachar (for *buathar) W budr (dirty) BOYÎ p.m. tribal name. G Βοιoι (Polybius) BOYODURON n. placename. G Βοιoδoυρoν (Ptolemy) German Beiderbach BOYORÎGS m. man's name. G Boiorix (Livy) BOYON n. profit. OI bae BOZDOS m. knob. I bod (penis) W both (hub of wheel) G *bottos Fr bout (end) bouton (button) BRÂDOS m. poetry. W brawddeg (sentence) cf BARDOS BRAGET farts, bellows. OI ·braig G *brag- Fr,Occ. braire (bray) perf. BEBRAGE OI bebraig vn. BRAKSMÄN n. I broim W bram C bramm G *bramman Occ.Cat. bramar (to bellow) BRAGANÂ f. carrion crow. W breuan BRÂGÄNTS m. throat. I brágha g brághad W breuant (windpipe) OB brehant C bryangen BRAGATS m (?) graveworm. W breuad BRANÂ f. crow. W,B bran G *branâ Basque bela BRANOS m. raven. I bran G *branos Basque belatz Og Brani W Bran BRANODÛNON n. place name. OBr Branoduno (ND) BRANOGALÂ f. man's name. OI Brangal BRANODUBUS m. man's name OI Brandub BRANOGENOS m. man's name. Og Branogeni BRANOGENION n. place name. OBr Βρανογενιον (Ptolemy) BRANOWIKES p.m. tribal name. G Brannovices (Caesar) BRÄNKÂ f. lie,falsehood. I bréag BRASSOS thick, big. OI,W bras B braz BRÂTÎR m. brother. I bráthair W brawd B breur C broder BRÂTRONOS m. man's name. G Bratronos BRATTOS m. cloak. I brat W brethyn (woollen cloth) Here? B brozh (skirt) BRÂTUS m. judgement. I bráth W brawd B breut (pleader) C bres G bratu- cf BARNAT, SUBRÂTIÛ BRÂWÛ f. quern. I bró g brón (OI broon) W breuan B brev OC brou BRAZDET harms, plunders. I brad- W brathu (to sting, stab) BRAZDÂ f. plunder. OI brat I broid BREMET roars. W brefu BRENDET bubbles forth. OI ·eprinn perf. BEBRONDE OI bebarnatar vn. BRÄNSSIÛ f. OI bréisiu cf EKS BRENDET, UKS BRENDET BRESTOS broken (break). I briseadh B bresañ (rumple) G *bressos Occ. bresar Fr briser sub. BRESÂT (break) OI ·bria BRESKUS fragile. I briosc B bresk cf ADBRESKIS BRÊTIS torn,holed. W brwyd BRÊTRON n. a tearing. I briathar (word) W brwydr (battle) cf EKSBRÊTRON BRÎGON n. strength, worth, power. I bríogh W,MB bri C bry G *brôgon OFr brif Occ. briu

Italian brio BRÎGÂKOS m. man's name. OBr Briaci B Briek BRÎGOMAGLOS m. man's name. OBr Brigomaglos Briomaglus BRIGÄNTÎ f. dawn goddess. I Brighid OBr Brigantia (place name) OW bryeint W braint (privilege) BRIGÄNTÎNOS m. husband of Brigäntî, hence "king" AOI Brenden g. Brendin I Bréanainn (man's name < Br) MW breenhin W brenin C brentyn cf G Brigantinus Lacus BRIGÄNTES p.m. tribal name. G, OBr Brigantes BRIGÄNTION n. city of the Brigantes. G Brigantion CI Birigantio (on coin) BRIGODIOS fine, fair. I breaghdha BRIGS f. hill fort. OI brí g. breg W fry (upwards) BRIGÂ f. id. W,C,B bre (hill) BRIGNOS hilly. W bryn (hill) cf AREBRIGNOS BRIGÛ m. chief (of hill fort). OI Bregon (man's name) OI Brion g. Briuin (man's name < Br) OI bregu (prince, chief < Br) BRIGÛTS g. BRIGUTOS m. hospitaller (owner of hill fort?) OI briugu g. briugad BRIKKOS speckled, freckled. I breac W brych B brec'h (pock) G Briccus (man's name) BRIKKÂ f. speckled cow. G *brikká Poitevin breche BRIKTON BRIKTLON n. harm, magic. G bricto(m) BRIKTLIÛO m. magician. OI Bricriu (assimilation from *Bricliu, Bricre the poison-tongued) I Loch Bricleann (Bricre's lake) BRIKTLINIOS m. descendent of Briktliû. OI Briccirne BRIKTUS m. magic formula. I briocht G brixtia(EC 15.18O) BRITÂ f. judgement. I breath BRÎWÂ f. bridge. G Briva -briva BRÎWATIS f (?) place name. G *Brîvati- LLat. Brivas Occ. Briude BRÎWODURON n. place name. G Brivoduro (TP) Fr Briare BRODÎNÂ f. hotel for travellers. I bruidhean BROKKOS m. badger. Og Brocc Broci I broc W broch B broc'h BROKKOMAGLOS m. man's name. OBr Brohomagli OW,OB Brocmail MW Brochvael BROKSÂ f. witch, enchantress. Occ. bruèissa Cat. bruixa cf BRIKTLON BROMBÂKOS m. foal. I bromach BRONDÎS p.f. breast. I bruinne BROZDOS m. goad, spike. I brod BRUGNON n (?) sorrow. I brón W brwyn BRUKTUS m. belch. OI brucht I brúcht G *bruktus Fr bruit Occ. bruch/bruit (noise) BRUSNÂT injures, damages, spoils. OI brondaid cf DÎ BRUSNÂT BRUSÎT id. OI bru- G *brusî- OFr bruisier (bruise) BRUSOS brittle, fragile. W brau BRÛSUS wounded, bruised. W briw BRUSÛ g. BRUSNOS f. belly, lap. I brú W bron B bronn BRUTUS m. heat, boiling. I bruth W brwd B broud cf BERWET BRUTUS m. weight. OI bruth BRUWES p. eyebrows, edge. OI brú G *bruvâ Occ. bròa (edge) BRUWÂKON n (?) edge. OI bruäch I bruach SG bruthach BUDÂ BUDIÂ f. desire. I buidhe (thanks) W bodd C both BUDAROS deaf. I bodhar W byddar B bouzar C bothar BUDLINION n. wound,blow. I buille cf BEUDLIT BUNDET announces. OI ·boind cf AD BUNDET, UKS BUNDET sub. BEUTST OI ·bó ·bois fut. BIBUTST OI ·opus perf. BUBOUDE OI ·bobuid

vn. -BOUDON n. BUSSUS m. BUSSUGNÂTOS m. man's name. G f Bussugnatae BUSSUMÂROS m. man's name. G Bussumarus (Boii) BUNDOS m. ground, sole of foot. I bonn BÛSTIS f. tree trunk. G *bústis Occ. bust BUTÂ f. hut, dwelling. I both G *butâ Dauphinois boyé Aostan buata BUTÂT frightens. cf AD BUTÂT, WO BUTÂT DABUKÂ f. vat, tub. I dabhach DAGOS good. OI dag- I deagh- W,B,C da G dagoDAGODUBNOS m. man's name. G Dagodubnus DAGODURNOS m. man's hame. G Dagodurnus DAGODÊWOS m. the shaman god. I Daghdha DAGOMÂROS m. man's name. G Dagomarus DAGORÎGS m. man's name. OBr Daari G Dagorigi DAGOWOSTOS m. man's name. G Dagovassus DAKRU n. tear. OI dér I deor W deigr MB dazrou B daerou C dager DÂLON n. share. OI dál (share, tribe) DÂLÎT vn DÂLIS f. divides,disperses. OI ·dáli I dáil cf KON DÂLÎT, TO DÂLÎT, WO DÂLÎT DAM- house,home. OI d. daim (Celtica 1.332ff) cf AREDAMON, KONDEMÂ DÂMÂ f. company, suite, following. I dámh DÂMOS m. son in law. W daw p. dofion B deuñv C def DAMATON n. tame animal (Brit. sheep). W dafad B dañvad C davas DAMET leaves, grants, lets. OI ·daim cf AD DAMET, WO DAMET sub. DAMÂT OI ·dama fut. DIDAMÂST (?) OI ·didma perf. DÂMER OI ·dámair pp. DÄNTOS OI ·dét vn. DÄNTIÛ f. OI déitiu -DAMON n. DÄNTLIOS bold. OI détlae DAMNÂT tames. I damhnadh DAMNION n. material. I damhna W defnydd B danvez cf WIRODAMNOS DAMOS m. stag. I damh G *damos Fr daim Occ. dam DAMONÂ f. hind goddess. G deo Apollini Borvoni et Damonae DAMUS piled up. DAMUKÂ f. sandbank. I dumhach DANÂT comforts. OI ·donaimm donad danad cf DÎ DANÂT DAMGINOS firm. I daingean W dengyn DÄNT n. tooth. I déad W,B dant C dans DÂNÛ f. great river. (cf Sk, Avestan dânu-) DÂNUWION n. Danube. G Danuvium (Horace) DARIT copulates (cattle). OI dairid aor. DART OI ·dart vn. DÂRIS f. I dáir DARTIS f. heiffer. I dairt DARNON n (?) fragment. W darn DARUS m. oak tree. OI daur dair W dâr OC dar DARUKKÛS g. DARUKKUWOS (< DARU-KNÛS) f. acorn. OI derucc g. dercon (remodelled) I dearcán DARUWIDU n. oak wood. OI deruth daurauth

cf DERWON, DRU-, DRUNOS DASSIS f. heap, rick. OI dais W das G *dassis Fr. tas DATLON n. assembly, lawsuit, meeting. I dál W dadl B dael DATU n. colour. I dath DAUNON n. praise poem. I duan DAWET ignites. OI dóïd vn dóüd I dódh SG dothadh cf ATE DAWET, KON DAWET DE truncated form of IDE which see. Also see under SO DE, YOM DE DEDET gives, puts. OI ·rat (perfect RODED>RODDE) G dede L tetu (EC 12.45O) cf Ê DET, KONDOS, KREDDET, MENDET, NI DET, RO DET DEDMÄN n. law. W deddf DEGÛ f. drink. OI deog I deoch DEGUÂTS f. id. W diod B died OC diot DEGUIS m. flame. Og Dego(s) OI daig g. dego MW de (fiery) cf DOGUIT DEKÄN ten. I deich W deg B,C dek DEKAMETOS tenth. I deachmhadh W deggfed B dekvet C degves G decametos CI

tekametinas DEKÄN QE plus ten, -teen. OI deec I déag cf TRÎS KARBÄNTÎ DEKÄNQE thirteen chariots Goidelic TRÎS KARBENTÎ DEENQE Old Irish trí carbait deec Irish trí carbaid déag DEKÄNTO- p.m tribal name. OBr Decantorum Δεκανται (Ptolemy) MW Dygant DEKÄNTOWION n. place name. OBr arx Decantorum W Degannwy DEKNIS f. will, pleasure. I deoin DEKOS n. the best. OI dech cF EQODEKS, LUGUDEKS DÊKSÂ f. corn ear. I déas DEKSI to the right/south. I deas DEKSI MOI to my right. OI dessum DEKSISWELON n. clockwise. I deiseal cf SWELOS, TEUTISWELON DEKSIWOS, right-hand. DEKSIWÂ f. the right hand,south. OI desse MW deheu C dyghow B dehou G Dexsiva (goddess of oaths) DELGET vn -DELGON n. holds. OI coindelg W dal(a) dali- B derc'hel dalc'h- C dalh- G delgu (EC 13.54) DELGOS n. thorn. I dealg W dal(a) (sting) DELIS dear. I dil W dêl (smart, pretty) cf KONDELIS DELÛ f. figure. I dealbh W delw cf DLÛTOS, DOLWÎT, DUDELWIS DELWONIÎ p.m. tribal name. I Dealbhna DEMETO- p.m. tribal name. OBr Δημηται (Ptolemy) W Dyfed OE Deomadas DENSIS f. vassalry, tenantry. OI déis DERGOS dark-coloured. I dearg (red) Here? OI dergnat I dearnait dreancaide (flea) W dera (she-devil, giddiness) DERKET sees. I dearcadh cf AD DERKET, ÄNKONDERKIS, DRIKSKET, WRITKONDERKIS perf. DEDORKE OI ·condairc (KONDEDORKE) DERKON n. eye, eyesocket, hole, cave. I dearc cf W derch (exalted) DERNONOS m. palm of hand. I dearna g. dearnann (remodelled) DERWÊTÂ f. ringworm, shingles. W tarw(y)den MB dervoeden B deroueden G *dervetâ LLat derbita cf I deir id. DERWON n. oak. W derw B derv G *Dervon (place name) Lat Dervo Fr Der DERWERION n. oak grove. I dairbhre DERWOS sure, firm. I dearbh

DERWONÂ f. oak goddess. G Fatis Dervonibus, Matronis Dervonnis DES yesterday. I indé W doe B dec'h OC doy DESNU n. high place. I dionn (cf Lat. fânum Oscan fêsnâ-) DEUKSLON n. due form, proper characteristics. I dual W dull DEUSÄNT n-. upper arm. OI doe g. doat DÊWOS m. god. I dia W duw B doue G devoDÊWÂ f. goddess. OI g. dee. As river name: Og Οβοκα (Ptolemy read *Δηουα) OI Inber Dee OBr *Déva Δηουα (Ptolemy) W Dyfrdwy CI *Dévá Castilian Deba DÊWIOS divine. G diíiuion (EC 15.178) DÊWOBRIGS f. place name. CI *Dévobrigá Δεοβριγα (Ptolemy) DÊWODURON n. place name. G *Dévoduron Divoduri (Tacitus) Δουοδοuρον (Ptolemy) DÊWOGDONIO- gods and men. L teuoxtonioDÊWOGNÂTOS m. man's name. G f Devognatae DÊWONÂ f. river name. OBr Δηουανα (Ptolemy) Devoni (Rav.) G Dîvona (Ausonius) Δουεονα (Ptolemy) DÊWOTARWOS m. man's name. G *Dêvotarvos Δηιοταρος DÎ from (preposition, preverb); negative prefix. I de dí- W,B di- C dywith personal pronouns DÎ MOI OI dím DÎ SNÎS OI dínn DÎ TOI OI dít DÎ SWÎS OI díb DÎ YÛ(?) OI de DÎ YOBIS OI diïb DÎ YAI OI dí DÎADKORIS insurmountable. I deacair W diechyr cf ADKOROS DÎ AGET drives off. OI di·eblad DÎÂKIS slow, lazy. W diog B diek C dyec cf ÂKUS DÎAKRIS ignoble. OI diuir (trifling, petty) cf AKROS DÎ ÄNKET vn DÎÄNKON n. escapes. W dianc DÎATEBERIS irreproachable. I deithbhir (fitting, proper) cf ATEBERON DÎ BÂDIT vn DÎBÂDETUS m. destroys, extinguishes. OI do·bádi dibdud DI BÂSET vn DÎBÂSETON n. becomes extinct, dies out. OI do·beba I díobhadh Here? W difa (destroy) DÎ BEZGÎT vn DÎBEZGÎTUS m. throws. OI du·bidcet ·dibairg díbirciud DÎ BINAT vn DÎBIYON n. cuts off, destroys. OI timdiben timdibe DÎ BRUSNÂT wounds. OI do·bria vn diburndud DIDÂT melts, wastes away. OI ·deda cf KONDÂTIS DÎ DANÂT vn DÎDANATUS m. comforts, entertains. OI do·donaimm dídnad W diddanu OB didanuud C dythane DÎ ELLÂT vn DÎELON n. turns aside. OI do·ella I diall DÎ GABIT vn DÎGABAGLÂ f. takes away. OI do·gaibther I díoghbháil DÎGANDIS not scarce. I díoghainn cf GANDOS DIGÂTS m. black beetle. I deagha g. deaghadh DÎGALÂ f. vengeance. I díoghal W,B dial C dyal DIGENOS strong,compact. OI digen cf DINGET DÎ GLENDET vn DÎGLÄNSMÄN n. gleans. OI do·glinn I díoghlaim DÎ GNIYET vn DÎGNÎMUs m. does, makes. OI do·gní I déanamh DÎ GODIT vn DÎGEDIÂ f. begs pardon, deprecates. OI do·guid I díghdhe DÎGOUSOS n. the worst choice. OI dígu I díogha cf GEUSET DÎGOWIS not false. W diau cf GOWÂ DÎ KANET vn DÎKANTLON n. sings spells. OI di·cain I dícheadal DÎ KELET vn DÎKLITÂ f. hides. OI du·celtar dichleth DÎKORON n. difference. OI dechor DÎKOSQIS uncontrollable. OI díchoisc cf KON SEQET

DÎ LEGÂT vn DÎLEKTUS m. destroys. OI do·lega MW dileith W diIeDÎ LINAT vn DÎLÎTIS f. follows. MW dilit W dilynDÎ LOGIT vn DÎLOGETUS m. forgives. OI do·luigim I díolghadh DÎ MINAT vn DÎMIYON n. ? TO DÎMINAT vn TODÎMIYON n. makes fast, sets up( pillar) OI ·tuidmen tuidme DÎMOINIS without possessions. I díomhoin (useless, idle) DÎ NIGIT vn DÎNIGON n. washes clean. OI di·nig I díneach DINASTUS m. space of a day. OI denus DINGET kneads, shapes, forces into shape. OI ·dengar sub. DÊKST OI ·diassatar fut. DIDIKST OI ·didsiter perf. DEDOIGE OI dedaig pp. DIKTOS OI fortechtai vn. DINGIÂ f. OI dinge -DOIGON n. cf DIGENOS, ENDIGNIS, KLADODOIGON, KONDIKSIÛ, UKS DINGET, WER DINGET DINUT sucks. OI denait W dynu B denañ C dene perf. DEDE OI dith rel. dide vn. ? I deol DÎNUNTS m. lamb. OI dínu SG díonag DÎ RÂYET vn DÎRÂMUS m. goes away, comes down. OI di.ra do·rera díram DÎRÊDSMÄN n. cavalcade, great troop. I dírim cf RÊDET DÎREGUS straight. OI díriug I díreach cf REGET DÎ RETET serves. OI do·rimthirid vn timdirecht DI RIGET vn DÎRÊGON n. uncovers ,unties. OI du· rig dírech DÎ RINAT vn DÎRIYON pays (fine), recompenses. OI do·ren I díre W dirwy DÎROMÄNTON n. forgetting. I dearmhad cf RO MONITRO DÎROMÂRIS huge. OI derma(i)r W dirfawr cf MÂROS DÎ SAGIT vn DÎSAGITIS f. seeks, asks for. OI con·dieig cuindgid DISAR (?) n. earth. W daear B douar C dor DÎ SEDET: EKS DÎSEDET sits. W eistedd DÎSEDIS seatless, idle. OI déeid; abstract OI déess DÎSLIKTIS orphaned. OI dílechtae I díleacht cf SLIKTUS DÎ STLONDÎT vn DÎSTLONDÎTUS m. denies. OI do·sluindi díltud I diúltadh DÎ TONGET vn DÎTEGON n. denies by oath. OI do·thung dithech DÎ TUDET vn DÎTEUTSMÄN n. lapses, becomes forfeit. OI · díthat díthaim DÎ WEDET vn DÎWEDONÂ f. leads away. OI ·diat I tuidhidhean DÎWEDON n. end. OI diäd W diwedd DÎWERMENTIS without jealousy. AOI Diormit I Diarmaid cf WERMENTUS DÎ WIKEK vn DÎGALÂ f. avenges. OI do·fich DÎWOLOUTIS without property, gratuitous. I deolaidh cf WOLOUTON DÎWORÂTIS unable to stand as guarantor. I deoraidh (stranger, outsider) cf AREWORÂTOS DÎWOZDIS without length. I diúid (simple) cf WOZDOS DÎ YEMET vn DÎYÄNTIÛ f. protect. OI do·eim dítiu I dídean DIYÎUS m. day. S. N. DIYÎUS AOI diu I indiu W heddiw MB hiziu B hiriv A. DIYÎN OI dië de G. DIWOS AOI die dee OI dia D. DIWI P. N. DIYEWES W diau DLIGET has a right to. OI ·dlig I dligh- MW dly- B dlesub. DLÊKST OI ·dlé pp. DLIKTOS OI ·dlecht

DLIKTUS m. due, prerogative. OI dliucht DLIGETON n. entitlement. I dligheadh (law) W dyled (debt) DLUNGET splits. OI ·dloing cf EN DLUNGET fut. DIDLUKST OI ·dedlai perf. DEDLOUGE OI ·dedlaig pp. DLUKTOS OI dlochtae vn. DLUGIÂ f. I dluighe -DLOUGON n. DLUKTON n. bunch, wisp. I dlocht DLÛTOS compact, dense. I dlúth (abstract: dlús) G*dlútos Fr. dru cf DOLWÎT, DELÛ DOGUIT burns. W deifio B deviñ cf DEGUIS DOKLOS m. plait, tassel. I dual DOLION n. leaf. W dail B deil cf QENQEDOLÂ DOLINION n. small leaf. I duille DOLOS m. valley. W dôl DOLUS m. going. I dul DOLWÎT shapes, bewitches. I dolbh- doilbhthe DOLWÂ f. fiction, lie. OI dolb DOLWOS m. sorcery, shaping. I dolbh cf DELÛ, DLÛTOS DOMOS tame. W dof B doñv DONIOS m. man, person. I duine W dyn B,C den cf DÛ DONOS, DÊWOGDONIODONIORGENÂ f. murder. W dyniorn Note: Proto-Goedelic apparently had a by-form DOINOS cf OI doín (human being) DOINOS, I daoine (people) DOINIÎ, I daonda (human) DOINODIOS. DORBÂ f. small water worm. OI dorb duirb DORDOS m. noise, hum. I dord W dwrdd DRABON n. refuse, dung. OI drab cf OI drabarsluag (plebs) DRAGENOS m. thorn. I draighean W draen C dren B draen DRAGENÂKOS m. hedgehog. W draenog I gráinneog (< W) DRÄKSMÄN n. bundle, sheaf. I dream (group) B dramm (cf Gk. dragma) DRENGET climbs. OI dringid W dringo (cf Russian drjagátj) perf. DEDRONGE OI deblaing drebraing pp. DRÄNKTOS I dréacht (poem, extract) vn. DRÄNKSMÄN n. I dréim DRIBNOS furious, frantic. AOI drebene OI dremun DRIKSKET sees. cf DERKET, EKS DRIKSKET DRIKS f. face. I dreach W drych DRIKSMÂ f. face. B dremm DRISTIS f. briars. I dris W drysi B drez OC dreis DRISTIKKÛ g. DRISTIKKONOS m. satirist, lesser bard of third degree. OI drissiuc p.a. driscona (< *DRISTIKNÛ "briar-singer"?) DRITOS sparing. W dryd DRIWOS m. wren. W dryw I dreolán DRIWONOS m. wren. OI dreen SG dreathan DRU- great, strong. cf DARUS, DERWOS, DRUNOS DRUKANTOS m. bridge. OI drochat I droichead cf KANTOS DRUNEMETON n. great sanctuary. G Drunemeton (Strabo) DRUWIDS m. druid, magician. OI druí g. druad I draoi G p. δρυιδες cf WINDETRO DRUKOS bad. I droch- W drwg B drouk DRUKTUS m. dew. OI drucht I drúcht

DRUNGOS m. troop. I drong OB drog(n) G *drungus LLat drungus DRUNOS firm. I dron cf DARUS, DERWON DRÛTOS lustful. I druth (abstract: drús) G *drûtos Occ. drut DRUSLION n. fragment, piece. W dryll MB druill G drullia DU/DÛ to. I do OW di MW y W i B da C dhe with personal pronouns: DU MOI OI dom dam DU SNÎS OI dún(n) DU TOI OI duit DU SWÎS OI dúib DU YÛ OI dáu dóu dó DU YOBIS OI doïb DU YAI OI dí DÛ g. DONOS f. place, earth. OI du g. don W Dôn (earth goddess) DONONÂ f. earth godaess. I Donann DU- badly. I do- W dy- cf SUDUADKORIS ill-surmountable. OI doccair cf ADKOROS DUADWERIS ill-equipped. I daidhbhir (poor) cf ADWERON DUBAGNOS m. man's name. Og Dovagni I Dubhán OBr Dobagni cf DUBUS DUBNOS deep. OI domun I domhain W dwfn B doun C down cf RODUBNÂ DUBNOS m. world. I domhan cf ANDUBNOS DUBNÂKOS m. man's name. G Dubnacus Dumnacus (Hirtius) DUBNOGARTOS m. man's name. OI Domangart DUBNOGENOS m. man's name. Og Domngen Domnginn OI Domaingen OBr Dumnogeni W Dyfnien DUBNOKOWÎROS m. man's name. G Dumnocoveros Dubnocove(ros) DUBNONES p.m. tribal name. OI Domnainn g. Domnonn OBr Dumnonii W Dyfneint DUBNORÎGS m. man's name. G Dumnorigi Dubnoreix (Caesar) DUBNOTALUS m. man's name. G Dubnotali Dumnotali DUBNOWALOS m. man's name. I Domhnall W Dyfnwal DUBNOWELLAUNOS m. man's name. G Dumnobellau(nus) Dubno(ella)unos DUBROS dark. I dobhar DUBROS m. water. I dobhar W dwfr C dour B dour DUBRÂ f. river name. OBr Dubris (Dover) G Dubra (Rav) German Tauber DUBROKÛ m. otter. I dobharchú W dyfrgi B dourgi DUBROSENTUS m. valley. W dyffryn DUBUS black. I dubh W,B du G Dubis (river Doubs, Caesar) DUBUNÂ f. the Black Goddess. Og mucoi Dovvinias OI Corco Duibne I Corca Dhuibhne DUBUTÂKOS ns. man's name. I Dubhthach DUBUWIDU n. black wood. I Dubhadh (place name) DUDELWIS ill-shaped. OI dodeilb cf DELÛ DUERQIS wretched. I duairc cf ERQOS DUKOSQIS ill-controlable. I dochoisc cf KON SEQET DUKOROS m. hurt, harm. I dochar cf KOROS DUKTÎR f. daughter. OI der/dar - G duxtir DÛLIS f. element. I dúil DÛNON n. fort. I dun W dinas G -dûnon cf DURON, DÛROS, DWOOS DÛNOGALÂ f. man's name. OI Dúngal DÛNOGUSTUS m. man's name. OI Duúngus DÛNOKATUS m. man's name. I Dúnchadh OBr Dunocati W Dingad DÛNOLENGÂ f. man's name. OI Dúnlang DÛNOMÂROS m. man's name. G Dunomarus DÛNOSEDON n. camp, hosting. I dúnadh DUQRITIS ugly, ill-shaped. I dochraidh W dybryd cf QRITUS DURNOS m. fist. I dorn W dwrn B dorn cf AREDURNON, ÄMBIDURNOS

DURNÂKOS m. man's name. G Durnacus DURNOMAGOS n. place name. G Durnomago (IA) German Dormagen DURON n. fort. G -duron cf DÛNON, DÛROS, DWOOS DUROBRÎWÂ f. fort bridge (place name). OBr Durobrivas Durobrivis (IA) DUROKASSÎS p.m. tribal name. G Durocassis (TP) Fr Dreux DUROTRIGES p.m. tribal name. OBr Δουροτριγες (Ptolemy) DÛROS firm, sure. I dúr W dir cf DÛNON, DURON, DWOOS, KONDÛRATUS DUSÎNONÂ f. bad weather. I doineann cf SÎNÂ DUSNOS brown. I donn W dwn DUSNOGALÂ f. man's name. I Donnghal DUSNOGUSTUS m. man's name. I Donnghus DUSNOKATUS m. man's name. I Donnchadh DÛSSIOS m. incubus. G *dûssios LLat dusius Here? Basque tusuri (devil). cf DWÂSSETRO DUSTOS m. shrub. I dos DUTONKETON n. ill luck. OI dodcad cf TONKETON DÛTUKÎ f. native place, place of origin. I dúthaig cf KINÂDÛTUKÎ DUWIROS low-born. I daor cf WIROS DWÂU two. M.NA. DWÂU OI dáu dá I dó dá W dau B daou C dow F.NA. DWAI OI di W dwy B diou C dyw Ne.NA. ? OI da G. ? OI da D. ? OI dib DWÂU DEKÄN, DWÂU ... DEKÄNQE twelve OI dá .. déag W deuddeg B daouzek C dewthek DWÊ- double. OI déDWÊBLOS double. OI diabul DWÊKALEDONIOS of the two Caledonias. OBr Δουηκαληδονιος (Ptolemy) DWÊRÊDÂ f. two-wheeled chariot. OI dériad DWÊYEMESTOS having two handles. I deimheas (shears) cf YEMOS DWÊSESSÂ f. two persons. I dias g. deise SG dithis (cf Hamp Eriu 33.178-9 *DWISAD-TÂ > dias *DWISADIO- > déide) DWÂSSETRO is mad. OI dásthir I vn dásacht cf DÛSSIOS (cf OE dwáes OHG twás, fool) DWEETS f. smell, smoke. I dé g. diadh DWEETÂKOS smoky. I deathach (smoke) DWÊNOS fast, sudden. I dian DWÎTUS m. end, death. I díth DWOOS m. rampart. OI doe duae dua cf DÛNON, DURON, DÛROS, KNUWODWOOS Ê backwards (preverb) cf Ê DET, Ê TONGET EBUROS m. (1) yew (2) cow parsnip. (1) I iobhar G *eburos Briançonnais evur (2) SG (f)iubhrán W efwr B evor G *eburos ιουμβαροuμ (Dioscorides) EBURÂKON n. place name. OBr Εβoρακoν (Ptolemy) W Caerefrog EBUROBRIGS f. place name. G Eburobriga (TP) Fr Avrolles EBURODÛNON n. place name. G Ebureduno (TP) Fr Yverdon EBUROMAGOS n. place name. G Eburomagi (TP) Occ. Bram EBURONES p.m. tribal name. G Eburones Caesar) EBURONOS m. shaman god. OI Ebron (glé fo Erc n-Ebron) cf IWOGABLOS EBUROWIKES p.m. tribal name. G Eburovices (Caesar) Fr Evreux ED- foot. p.n. ÂDES G αδες (Hesychius) cf ENIEDON, ÎSSU EDIS m. fetter. OI id

EDON n. space, intervaI. OI ed I feadh (ZCP 31.22ff) EDSKÛTO- shoe ("foot leather"). W esgid OC eskit ED introductory particle occupying second place in the main clause of a sentence. Fully attested in Old Irish, remains in Welsh, attested in Gaulish. G buet-id (EC 15.184) . Attestation in Irish: (1) when there is no preverb: ·KARAST ED OI carais (he loved) ·TÂYET ED MOI OI táithium (it is to me, I have it) (2) when there is a preverb: ·RO ED ·KARAST OI (he has loved) ·TO ED ·BERET OI do·beir (he brings) ·NÎ ED ·TOBERET OI ní.tabair (he does not bring) : (3) when there is both preverb and object pronoun ·RO ED ME ·KARAST OI rom.char (he has loved me) ·RO ED SIYÄN ·KARAST OI ros.carthe (he has loved her) After a preverb ending in a consonant and before a pronoun object beginning in a vowel the elision ED>D apparently took place in proto-Goidelic: ·WER ED EM ·KANET > ·WERDEM ·KANET OI fort.cain (teaches him) ·KON ED E ·ÄNKET > ·KONDE ·ÄNKET OI cond.icc (he can do it) ·EKS ED E ·BERET > ·EKSDE ·BERET OI at.beir (he says it) This elided form then spread by analogy to other structures with the same preverbs: ·WER ED ME ·KANET > ·WERDEDME ·KANET OI fordom.chain (teaches me) ·WER ED SÛS ·KANET > ·WERDESÛS ·KANET OI forda.cain (teaches them) After a preverb ending in a vowel and before the pronoun objects EM and E (cf SO) ED was apparently dropped in proto-Goidelic: ·RO ED EM ·KARAST > ·RO EM KARAST OI (has loved him) ·RO ED E ·KARAST > ·RO E ·KARAST OI ra.char (has loved it) ED- to eat. pres.s3 ESS W ys (scratches) sub. ESSETRO OI eser estir fut. IESST OI ·íss I íosperf. EODE OI ·uaid s2 dood I duaidh pp. ESSOS OI ·does eisib Irish shows present forms based on *ETET OI ithid I ithe Ê DET shuts. I iadh- cf DEDET EDÛS g. EDUNOS f. birth pangs. OI idu g. idan ÊGET vn ÊGETUS m. bellows, shouts, groans. OI éigid I éigheamh iacht (groan, sigh) cf WO ÊGET EKS out of (preposition, preverb) I a W e(ch)with personal pronouns: EKS TOI OI essiut EKS YÛ(?) AOI es I as EKS YOBIS OI essib EKS YAI OI essi EKSÂKIS blunted, ripe. B eok ef ÂKUS EKS BÂDIT, DÎ EKSBÂDIT extinguishes. W diffodd C dufyth EKS BALLET strikes out. EKS ED E BAILET "strikes it out", dies. OI at·baill ·epil vn epeltu EKS BERET vn EKSBERTÂ f. says. OI as·beir ·epir epert I abairt cf BARNAT EKS BERET vn EKSBRITIS f. DÎ EKSBERET vn DÎEKSBRITIS f. defends. W diffryd C dyffres EKS BINAT vn EKSBIYON n. cuts wood. OI du·epenar I eibe EKSBIYÄNTÎ pruning hook. OI eipit

EKS BRENDET vn EKSBRÄNSSIÛ f. gushes out. OI do·eprinn OI tepresiu g. teipersen EKSBRÊTRON n. a tearing apart. W ffrwydro (explode) cf BRÊTRON EKSBRÎWÄNT n. well, source. I tiobra g. tiobrad cf BERWET EKS DRIKSKET looks at. W edrych EKS ETET flies out. W ehedeg ehedEKSGALIS fearful. I eagail cf GALÂ EKS GEUSET vn EKSGUSTIÛ f. wishes. OI ad·go aicsu EKS GLENDET vn EKSGLÄNSSMÄN n. examines. OI as·glinn I eaglaim EKS GNINUT vn EKSGNOYON n. finds out, gets to understand. OI asa·gninain I eagna (wisdom, knowledge) EKS IBET drinks up. aor. EKS IBEST OI ·essib EKSKARANTS m. enemy. W esgar cf KARANTS EKS KELET vn EKSKLITIS f. avoids. OI ·reccell (leg. ·reccelt) he avoided WO EKSKELET vn WOEKSKLITIS f. avoids, is wary of. MW gochel- gochlyt EKSKENGOS m. man's name ("out-stepper"? cf KENGET) G Escingos f. Εσκεγγαι EKSKENGOMAGOS n. place name. G Εξσκιγγομαγον (Strabo) EKSKENGOMÂROS m. man's name. G Excingomarus EKSKENGORÎGS m. man's name. G Esciggorix EKSKENGOWLATIS m. man's name. G Escengolatis EKS KRINET vn EKSKRIYON n. withers up. WO EKSKRINET vn W(O)EKSKRIYON n. fails. OI fo·feiscren feiscre EKS LUWET EKSLUWETUS m. escapes, goes away. OI as·lui élud I éalódh EKS MEDITRO refuses, fails, is wary of. OI emid I féimheadh WO EKSMEDITRO refuses, denies, omits. OI fo(r)·émid W gomedd EKSNERTIS weak. I éinirt cf NERTON EKSOBNIS fearles. OI essamain G Exobni Exsomnus cf OBNÂ EKSONGIS wide. MW ehang W eang B enk cf WEREKSONGIS EES ORGET vn EKSORGENÂ f. strikes. OI as·oirc essarcon I easargain EKS REGET vn EKSREGIÂ EKSREGNIS f. rises. OI at·roig (with infixed pronoun *EKS D E REGET) I éirghe MW dwyre- dwyrein W dwyrain (east, sunrise) ARE EKSREGET rises, exalts. MW arwyreKON EKSREGET rises. OI con·erig I coméirghe EKS RIGET vn EKSRÊGON n. unbinds. DÎ EKSRIGET vn DÎEKSRÊGON n. strips. OI do·erged I déarach EKS RINAT vn EKSRIYON n. repays, expends. OI as·ren. I éaraic éiric (remodelled) EKS SEKET cuts off. OI do·esc I teascadh W twysgo B teskañ (glean, gather) EKS SEMET vn EKSSÄNTIÛ f. pours out. OI do·esaim teistiu EKSSTORIS f. litter, straw. I easair cf STRINÂT EKS TONGET vn EKSTEGON n. refuses. OI as·toing I eiteach sub. EKS TEKST OI s2 ·ettis EKTAMOS outermost. W eithaf cf EKS EKTEROS outside, exterior. I eachtar EKTRI but, except, outside of. I acht W eithr ELANÎ ELÄNTÎ r. doe. I eilid W elain cf LOMBINÂ ELÄMBIÛ f. deerslaying (??). G Elembiu (name of a month) ELLÂ f. herd. OI ell ELGOS n. west, sunset. OI Elg (Irelana) (cf Iranian arzah n. the west) ELGORÎGION n. a tribal name. OI Elgraige ELLÂT goes. OI ·ella cf AD ELLÂT, DÎ ELLÂT, SEQOMÎ ELLÂT sub. ELÂT OI ro·lá ·rala MW el C ello B yelo fut. IBLÂST OI eblaid vn. -ELON n.

ELOSOS m. swan. OI p.a. elu I eala (cf Lat. olor) Here? W alarch B alarc'h id. ELOWIDÛ f. knowing how to do. I ealadha g. ealadhan (art) cf LÂYET ELUKOS m. paean. OI ilach ulach W elwch (< OI) ELUS much, many. OI il I iol- cf LÂNOS LÎYÛS ne. LÎIS more. I lia W lliaws B lies (much) cf OI lir (as many as) EMBI reflexive preverb. W ym- (Eriu 28.145f) EMBI BERET vn EMBIBERTÂ f..plies, practises, plays. OI imb·beir I imirt EMBI KORITRO vn EMBIKOROS m. brings, carries. OI imme·churetar I iomchar EMBÎTS f. passage. OI imbath (narrow sea) cf BÎTS ÊMIS prompt, timely. I éimh (cf ON fimr) EN in, into (preposition, preverb). I i W yn G in ENÂKON n. marsh. I eanach cf ONOENDIGNIS f. anvil. OI indeoin I inneoin cf DINGET EN DLUNGET vn ENDLOUGON n. splits. OI in·dlung as·dloing I ionnlach EN GABIT vn ENGABAGLÂ f. reproaches. OI in·gaib ingabál DÎ ENGABIT vn DÎENGABAGLÂ f. wards off, repels. OI ·dingaib I diongbháil EN GNINUT vn ENGNOYON n. knows. OI ·enggnatar engne EN GRENDET vn ENGRÄNSSMÄN n. persecutes. OI ad·greinn ingreimm ENI inside (preposition, preverb). CI eni ENIALTÎ f. maidservant ("reared in the house"). I ionailt cf ALET ENIBOUDIOS m. man's name. G Eniboudius ENIBUTÂ f. right/due time. I ionbhaidh cf BIYET ENIEDON n. place. OI ined I ionad inead cf EDON ENIGENÂ f. girl. Og inigena I inghean cf GANITRO ENIGENOS m. man's name. G Enigenus Enignus ENIQÂ ne.p. face. OI enech d. inchaib OW enep W wyneb B,OC eneb (Eriu 25.261f) For W wyneb cf ERQOS. ENIQOKLUTS f. honour ("face fame"). OI eneclann eneclainn (< *eneclú g. eneclann) ENIQENNI n. brain. I inchinn cf ENQENNION, QENNON ENI SWETET vn ENISWETON n. blows into, inspires. OI do.infet I tinfeadh ENISTÎ f. island. I inis W ynys B enez cf ENSTÎ, RIKISTÎ ENISESKOLANDÂ f. clearing in the sedges, place name. I Ineasclann, Droim Ineasclainne ENITEQON n. journey, path. OI intech cf TEQET ENITOGON n. sheath, scabbard. AOI intech cf TOGIT ENIWÊTROS m. bowels. OI inathar (< *ENUWÊTROS) cf WINAT EN KORITRO vn ENKOROS m. arranges. OI in·cuirither I eagar ENKOSQON n. aspect. I éagosc cf ROSQOS ENKTUS m. slaying. OI écht cf ÄNKEWES EN LUNGET vn ENLOUGON n. puts in, furnishes with livestock. OI in·loing I eallach (livestock) ENQENNION n. brains. W ymennydd B empenn C ympynnyin cf ENIQENNI QENNON EN QISET vn ENQISTIÛ f. sees. OI do·écai ·déci déicsiu EN QRINAT buys up. OI in·cren ENSEDON n. war chariot. G essedum cf SEDET EN SEKET cuts into/off. I éisceadh ENSKIYON n. moon ("the shadowy one"). OI éisce ésca I éasca cf SKÂTUS EN SNADET vn ENSNADÂ f. inserts, grafts. OI in·snadat esnid ENSTÎ f. track. I éis cif ENISTÎ, RIKISTÎ EN TAUSET hears. OI in·tuaisi vn éitsecht I éisteacht EN TÂYET obtains. OI ad·cota ·éta vn éit I féad-

EN TÊGET goes in. KON ENTÊGET vn KOMENTIKTÂ f. accompanies. OI con·éitgim comitecht I cuideachta ENTET kindles. cf ÄNDE ENTET ENTERIÂ f. suretyship. OI aitire I oidire ENTOGON n. clothing. I éadach cf TOGIT ENTRI between I eidir OW ithre B e(n)tre C yntre with personal pronouns: ENTRI ME OI etrum ENTRI SNÎS OI etrunn I eadrainn ENTRI TE OI etrut ENTRI SWÎS OI etruib I eadraibh ENTRI EM OI etir itir I idir ENTRI SÛS OI etarru I eatarra EN WEDET, TO EN WEDET marries. W dyweddio C domethy B dimezin EN WÊDET tells. EN KOWIDE he told. OI ad·cuaid in·cuaid ·éicdid EN KOWÊSSÛ I tell (subj.) OI at·chous ·écius EN WERET vn ENWERON n. grazes. I inbhear EQOS m. horse. I each G epoEQÂLOS m. colt. W,OC ebol B ebeul EQODEKS m. man's name. AOI Echuid OI Eochaid g. Echdach cf DEKOS EQODIO- p.m. tribal name. OI Eichde, Aird Echdaei (Eriu 2.32) OBr Επιδιοι (Ptolemy) EQONÂ f. horse goddess. G deae Eponae EQORÊDÂ f. cavalry. AOI echredd I eachradh cf RÊDET EQORÊDIÂ f. place nnme. G Επορηδια (Strabo) Piemontese Ivrea EQORÊDIS running like a horse. W ebrwydd (swift) EQORÊDORÎGS m. man's name. G Eporedorix (EC 13.125) EQORÎGS m. man's name. OI Echrí EQOSAGITRO steals horses. W epa EQOSMERTÂ f. rut in horses. I eachmairt cf SMERTÂ EQOSÎLON n. offspring. W epil EQOSUGNÂTOS m. man's name. G Εποσογναtος (Polybius) EQOTEGERNOS m. man's name. OI Echthigern EQOWIKS m. man's name. OI Eochu g. Echach EQIGNOS m. man's name. Og Eqqegni OI Echén ERAMOS slow. W araf ÊRAN ÊRAM- behind, after, to the west of. I iar (TO ÊRAN OI tiar I thiar, west, behind) with personal pronouns: ÊRAM YÛ OI iarum ÊRAM YOBIS OI iarmaib as preverb: ÊRAMÎ ED WOSAGIT OI iarmi·foig (asks) ÊRAMÎ SO WOSAGIT OI iarma·foich (who asks) ÊRAMWOSAGITIS f. OI iarfaigid I fiafraighidh (asking) ÊRAMAWIOS m. great-grandson. OI iarmua ÊRAMBALLOS m. rear-member, tail. OI erball I earball ÊRANTIGION n. result, offspring. OI iardaige iartaige cf TIGUERBÂ f. cow. OI erb ERGET goes. imp. ERGE I eirg (go!) ERI- around. ERIITUS m. edge,circumference. OI iriud I feireadh cf ITOS ERIRETS m. chariot fighter ("runner round") OI eirr g. erred p.d. errethaib cf RETET From early Irish sources it is clear that the war chariot (KARBÄNTOS) was manned by two men, the charioteer (AREWEDS) and the warrior (ERIRETS). On arrival at the place of combat the warrior left the chariot and fought on the ground ("ran around" the chariot). ERISAMOS furthest. OI irem

ERISTÂ f. belief. OI iress I iris cf AMERISTÂ ERIYÛS n. ERIYOS further. OI iriu ire ERKOS speckled, m. trout. OI erc W erch ERKUNÎ f. Harz mountains. G *Erkunî Lat Hercynia (Caesar) ERIROSTOS m. moory foreland. AOI eirros I iorras cf ROSTOS ERNAT grants,gives. OI ernes sub. ERÂT OI ·áera (read ·era) fut. IBRÂST OI ebarth-i ebarthir perf. ÎRE OI ·ír pp. RATOS OI ·rath vn. RATON n. I rath W rhad cf RÂTÂ, RATON ÊROS m. grandchild, descendent. W wyr cf Ê ÊROTEROS behind, western I iarthar (the west) cf Ê ERQOS n. heaven, sky. Og Eracias Erca Erccias OI erc W wybr B ebr (cf Sk arká- ray) OI Elcmar (judge of the gods, sky god; for *Erc Már) For W wybr cf ENIQÂ ERQAGNOS m. man's name. Og,OBr Ercagni (< Og) ERQOLENGÂ f. man's name. AOI Ercleng OBr Ercilingi (< Og) ERQOWIKS m. man's name Og Ercaviccas ERROS m. tail, arse. I earr ERUROS m. eagle. I iolar W eryr MB erer B,C er ERUTI last year. OI innuraid I anuraidh cf WETSÎ ESAR n. blood. W gwyar (< *wyar) ÊSKOS m. fish. I iasc cf ISKÄNT ESOKS m. salmon. OI eo é g. iach W eog B eok OC ehoc G *esoks LLat. esox ESOLOS m. path, direction. OI éol (direction, district) I eol eolas (knowledge) W heol B heul ESOLOSAGS m. path seeker, guide. OI éola (expert) EST is. pres.ind. s1 ESMI OI am W wyf MB ouff B oun C of s2 ESI OI at W wyt MB out C os (all from *ESI + TÛ) s3 EST W yw B eo C yu +ED I is W ys +SO OI as ESMOS +ED OI ammi SENT +ED OI it W ynt OW hint B int C yns +IYOI OI ata imperf.ind. s3 ESÂT W oedd B oa C o ÊSTLÂ f. leash, thong, flock of birds. I iall ESUS good. cf SUESUGENOS m. man's name. W Owain G Esugeni ETET vn. -ETON n. flies. OI ·etha W ehedcf AD ETET, ATE ETET, EKS ETET, TO ETET, WO ETET ETÄNTÎ f. flying creature. OI ethait I feithide (insect) ETAR n. bird. W adar ETANÎ f. wing. W adain OB attanoc (winged) ETNOS m. bird. I éan W edn B evn ein MB ezn C ethen ETNÎT treads (cock). OI iunaid cf W adaf (wing) I eite (wing, fin) OI eithre (tail) ETI (QE) and. G etic eððic Ê TONGET vn ÊTEGON n. perjures himself. I éitheach ÊTU n. grazing land. I iath EUGÂ f. interment. I uagh (grave) EUGSLÂ f. mourning. OI uall EUKTUS m. cold. OI uacht I fuacht cf UGROS EUTUS m. fear, horror. I uath

EWELÂ f. cheek, mouth. OI oal g. óile GABIT takes. OI ·gaib I gabh- W gafsub. GABÂT OI ·gaba aor. GABEST -OI gabais ·gab ppp. GABETOS OI ·gabad vn. GABAGLÂ i. OI gabál I gabháil W gafael C gavel G *gabaglâ Fr javelle Occ gavèla (swathe of corn) GABALÎ f. tongs. W gefail cf AD GABIT, DÎ GABIT, EN GABIT, EKS GABIT, KON GABIT, UKS GABIT, WO GABIT GÂBÎTUS m. trouble. I gábhadh W gofid GABLOS m. fork, gallows. I gabhal W gafl B gaol G *gablos LLat gabulus GABROS m. goat. I gabhar W gafr B gavr C gaver GABROMAGOS n. place name. G Gabromago (IA) GABRORÎGIO- tribal name. OI Gabrige GABROSENTUS m. goats' path, place name. OBr Gabrosenti (ND) GAGAROS m. hound ("barker"). OI gagar I gadhar cf GARIT GAISOS m. spear. OI gáe I ga G gaiso- LLat gaesum GAISATIS m. spearman. G Gaisatai GAISOSKÊTON n. armour and weapons. I gaisceadh GAISSÄNTÎ f. coarse bristly hair. I gaoisid (cf Gk χαιτη, mane; Av. gaisa- tress) GAITOS wise. I gaoth (abstract: gaos) GALÂ steam, courage. I gal cf EKSGALIS GALATOS m. Gaul, Galatian. G Galatos Gk Galatai Lat Galatae GALOGÄNTÂ f. act of violence. OI galgat cf GONIT GALARON n. sicknes. W galar B glac'har GALIOS m. stomach, digestion. OI gaile I goile GALLOS m. stone. I gall gallán G * gallos OFr gal Fr galet GAMINOS m. skin, hide. OI gaimen cf TOGAMINOS GÄNDET fits into. OI ro·geinn W genni gann- s3 gain GANDOS scarce. I gann cf DÎGANDIS GANSIS f. goose. OI géis (swan) GÄNSET vn GÄNSMÄN n. roars. OI géis- I géim GANITRO is born. OI ·gainethar sub. GENÂTRO OI ·genar fut. GIGENÂSETRO OI ·gignethar perf. GEGNER OI ·génair cf W geni gan- B genel cf ÄNDOGANON, ATEGANON, ADGENETON, ENIGENÂ, GENÄN, GENETÂ, GENETÂKOS, GNÂTOS GARANOS m. crane. W,B,OC garan G -garanus GARGOS rough. I garg G *gargos Basque garratz GARIT calls. OI ·gair I goirsub. GARÂT OI ·gara fut. GIGRÂSET OI ·géra aor. GART OI ·gart pp. GRITOS OI ·rograd vn. GARSMÄN n. I gairm W,B garm GÂRIS f. I gáir W gawr GARION n. W gair B ger (word) cf AD GARIT, ÄNDE GARIT, ÄMBI GARIT, ARE GARIT, GAGAROS, KON GARIT, UKS GARIT, WRIT GARIT GARRÂ f. shank. W,B garr G *garrá Occ.Cat. garra (hough, fetlock joint)

GARUS short. I gair GARWOS rough. I garbh W garw B garv G *garvos LLat garba (sort of hardened earth) GASTON n. stalk. I gas GAZDOS m. withy. I gad GAZDÂT vn GAZDÂ f. (1) steals OI·gata gat I goid (2) pierces. OI tris·gata ·trecatim GELDUSOS m. lad. OI gilla gilldae g. gilli I giolla (cf OE cild p. cildru) GELET grazes. OI gelid aor. GELT OI ·gelt pp. GLITOS OI nephglidi vn. GLITÂ I gleith GELTÂ I geilt f. GELTON n. grazing, grass. W gwellt B geot C gwels GELTOBUTÂ f. grazing. OI geltboth GELLOS m. jaw. I giall (proto-Goidelic *GÊLLOS) GELOS bright. I geal Here? W,B gell (yellow) GELUS m. leech. I giol W gêl B gelaouenn GEMELON n. fetter. I geimheal Here? W gefyn I géibheann (< W) id. GENÂ f. smile. OI gen W gwen GENÄN n. birth, offsring. OI gein cf GANITRO GENETÂ f. daughter. G geneta cf GANITRO Hypocoristic GENETTÂ W geneth (Eriu 24.16O) GENETÂKOS m. name. Og avvi Genittac(i) OI Gentech I Uí Gheintigh GENÄNTÎ f. spectral woman associated with battle ("slayer") OI genit cf GONIT GENUS m. mouth. I gion W gên genau B genou C ganow G Genava f. GENUSNOWÂ f. shaving. OI g. giunnae, giunnach cf SNOWÂ GERBÂ f. scab. I gearb GERET heats (intr.) OI ·geir cf GORIT, WO GERET sub. GERÂT OI · gera aor. GERT OI ·gert GERETS f. tallow, suet. I geir g. geireadh W gwêr GERROS short. I gearr

GERTÂ p.n. dairy products. OI gert (cf Sk gh«tá-) GÊSTLOS m. hostage. I giall W gwystl B gouestl (promise) OC guistel G -geistlos cf GISTLÂT GÊTLOKATUS m. man's name. OI Giallchad GÊSTLONIÂ f. hostageship. OI giallnae GEUSET chooses. OI ·goa (remodelled) sub. GEUSST OI ·go (and ·gú ·guis- remodelled) fut. GIGUSST OI ·gega (remodelled) perf. GEGOUSE OI ·roígu pp. GUSTOS OI tuigsib vn. -GOUSON n. -GUSTIÛ f. cf EKS GEUSET, TO GEUSET, UKS GEUSET, DÎGOUSON GEUSTÂ f. danger. OI guas cf GUSTUS GEUSTAKTÂ f. danger, man's name. Og Gosocteas Gossucttias Gosoctas I guasacht GIGROS (< *TIGROS) sharp. I géar cf TIGUGIGURROS m. barnacle goose. CI Gigurri (Pliny) Asturian Jurres GIGURRONOS m. id. OI giugrann GÎS g. GIYOS f. nerve, sinew. W giau cf ROGIYOS GISTLON n. pledge, promise. I geall GISTLÂT promises, pledges. I geall-

cf GÊSTLOS, UKS GISTLÂT, WER GISTLÂT GIYAMOS m. winter. OI gam (remodelled on SAMOS q.v.) W gaeaf B goañv OC goyf GIYAMON- a winter month. G GiamonGIYAMORÂTON n. winter season. I geimhreadh MW gaeafrawd GIMRON n. winter corn. I geamhar (early crop) GIYAMNIS m. yearling calf. I gamhain GLÂDETRO speaks. OI ·gládathar sub. GLÂDÂTRO OI ·arladur aor. GLÂDESSETRO OI ·raglastar pp. GLÂSSOS OI acailsi vn. -GLÂDEMÂ cf AD GLÂDETRO GLÄMBUKOS m. lobster. I gliomach SG giomach W cimwch (< OI) GLÄNDOS n. valley, riverside. I gleann W glan B glann W glyn (valley < I) GLANOS clean, pure. I,W,B glan GLANÎ f. jewel, crystal. OI glain I gloine (glass) W glain(jewel) GLASTOS green. greeny-blue. I,W glas GLASTON n. woad. G glastum (Pliny) GLASTINÂ f. (1) woad (2) bilberry. (1) I glaisean (2) G *glassinâ Veronese giásine Friulian glázinis GLENDET picks out, examines. OI·glinn ·gleinn G *glende- Fr glaner (glean) sub. GLENSST OI ·gléis fut. GIGLÄNSST OI ·derglastar perf. GEGLONDE OI ·roeglaind pp. GLÄNSSOS OI ecailse fogailse vn. -GLÄNSSMÄN n. GLENSSUS m. instrument, rig. I gléas cf DÎ GLENDET, EKS GLENDET, WO GLENDET GLÊSTIOS pretty. OI gléise (shining) W glwys GLEUSTUS m. movement. I gluais- vn gluasacht (moves) cf RENTUGLUSÛ GLÊWOS clear, bright. I glé W gloyw GLÊWON n. place name. OBr Glevi OW Cair Gloiu GLINAT sticks to. OI ·glen W glynu MB englenaff sub. GLIYÂT OI · glie fut. GIGLIYÂST OI giulait perf. GEGLE OI · gíuil GLIWOTS m. battle. I gleo g. gliadh Here? W glew (brave) GLIYÂ f. green lawn. W gledd GLOITON n. glue, birdlime. I glaodh (for *glaoth) W,B glud GLÛNON n. knee, generation. I glún W,B glin GNÂTOS known, usual. I gnáth (abstract: gnás) W gnawd (abstract: gnaws) G gnatocf GNINUT, AREGNÂTIS GNÂTOS m. GNÂTÂ f. son, daughter. G gnatus gnatha cf GANITRO GNÂWOS obvious, known. OI gnó (shapely) MB gnou cf AREGNÂWOS, GNINUT GNÂWIÂ f. comeliness. OI gnoe I gnaoi GNIYET does. OI ·gní gniid cf ARE GNIYET, DÎ GNIYET, KON GNIYET, WO GNIYET sub. GNIYÂT OI ·gné fut. GIGNÂST OI ·géna perf. GEGNOYE OI ·géni pp. GNÎTOS OI ·gníth vn. GNÎMUS m. I gníomh MW gnif -GNÎTUS m. GNIYENTS m. servant. OI gnia p. gniitt

GNINUT knows, recognizes. OI ·gnin sub. GNIYÂT OI ·gné fut. GIGNÂST OI ·géna perf. GEGNE OI ·géuin W adwaen C aswon vn. GNIYÂ f. OI gné (sign) -GNOYON n. cf ATEGNIYON, EKS GNINUT, EN GNINUT, GNÂTOS, GNÂWOS GOBÄNNS m. smith. I gobha g. gobhann W gof p. gofaint B gov. G gobann- (p.d. gobedbo) GOBÄNNONOS m. smith god. OI Goibniu g. Goibnenn W Gofannon GOBÄNNITION- m. man's name. G Gobannitioni (Caesar) GOBÄNNIO- river name. OBr Gobannio (IA) W Y Fenny Here? W gefail B govell (forge) GODIT prays. OI ·guid I guidh- W gweddi cf AD GODIT, DÎ GODIT, NI GODIT, WO GODIT sub. GESST OI ·gé ges fut. GIGESST OI ·gig gigis perf. GÂDE OI ·gáid pp. GESSOS OI ·gess vn. GODIÂ I guidhe -GEDIÂ f. GESSÂ f. taboo. I geis GOGLOS GLOGOS m. coal. I gual W glo B glaou C glow GOGLÛ g. GOGLENOS f. shoulder I guala GOITÂ f. wind. I gaoth GOLIT vn GOLOS m. weeps. I goil- gol GONIT wounds, kills. OI ·guin I goin- W gwanu sub. GONÂT OI ·gona fut. GIGNÂST OI genaid aor. GONT MW gwant s1 gweint perf. GEGONE OI geguin pp. ? OI ·goet vn. GONI n. I guin cf GALOGÄNTÂ, GENÄNTÎ, KONGONION GORIT warms, heats, hatches. OI guirid W gori cf GERET sub. GORÂT OI ·gora GOROS m. I,W,B gor (a burning, pus, hatching) GORMOS blue. I gorm W gwrm (< I) GORNOS m. fire. OI gorn GOROS pious, taking care of. OI gor W gwar GORTIS bitter. I goirt Here? OI gortae I gorta n. hunger. GORTOS m. garden. I gort OBr *gartos W garth B garzh GORTAGNOS m. grove. W gwarthan GORTIÂ f. hedge G *gortiâ Occ. gòrça GOTIT copulates. OI goithimm GOTÎNÂ f. whore. G *gotînâ Occ godina gorrina (whore) Fr gouine (lesbian) GOTOS m. copulator, fornicator. W god (adulterer) GOURION n. bristle. I guaire GOWÂ f. falsehood. OI gau gáo gó I gó MW geu B gaou cf DÎGOWIS GRÂDOS m. love. I grádh cf MAGUGRÂSSLÂ GRÂGNIS f. grief, horror, ugliness. I grain W graen GRÂNON n. grain of corn. I grán W grawn B greun OC gronen GRÂNOYALON n. place name (Tarn). Occ. Granuèjol (9th C Granoialo) GRAWÂ f. gravel. W gro C grow G *gravá Fr greve Occ.Cat. grava GREGIS m. herd of horses. OI graig g. grega I groigh W gre B gre OC gre (cf Lat grex)

GREGISWENDON n. horse race. I grafann GRÊNÂ f. sun. I grian GRENDET seizes, grasps. OI ·greinn (cf Lat. praehendere) sub. GRENSST OI ·ingre ·griastais perf. GEGRONDE OI ·gegrannatar vn. GRÄNSSMÄN n. I greim W grym (< OI) cf EN GRENDET GRENNÂ f. hair, bristle. OI grenn G *grennâ Castilian greña Occ gren OFr grenon (beard) GRENSON n. heat. I gríos (Proto-Goidelic *GRÎNSON < GRINSON) W gwres B gwrez GREUDOS n. cheek. I gruadh W grudd GRIKÂ f. nutshell. OI grech GRIYANON n. gravel. OI griän I grian W graean B grouan GRONKÂ f. hair of head. OI gruac I gruaig GRUNKET frowns. GRUNKUS m. frown. I grug gruúg GREUKSMÄN n. frowning, ill humour. I gruaim GRUTUS m. curds. I gruth GULBÎNÂ f. beak. I gulban W gylfin OC geluin Hypocoristic GUBBON n. snout, beak. I gob G *gubbon Fr gobet gobbet GUSTUS m. force, ferocity. OI gus W gwst cf GEUSTÂ GUTUS m. voice. I guth GUTUS m. libation. GUTUATÎR m. libating priest. G gutuater cf ATÎR IBET drinks. OI ·ib I ibhe W yfu B evañ cf EKS IBET sub. IBÂT OI ·eba fut. ÎBÂT OI ·íb íba IDE deictic particle. cf DE MW y yd B e ez C y yth Used in British as (1) introductive: MW yd af i (I shall go) C ydh ethons dhy besy (they went to erntreat him) (2) introductive of "improper" relative sentence: MW yr fforest yd aei (to the forest he would go) MW Gwalchmei y-m gelwir (I am called Gwalchmai) ISAMNIS f. place name. Og Ισαμνιον (Ptolemy) AOI Emuin g. Emno I Eamhain ISARNON n. iron. OI iärn I iarann W haearn C horn B houarn G isarnoISARNOBÂSSON n. violent death ("iron death"). OI ernbas ISARNÂKOS m. man's name. OI Ernach ISARNODURON n. place name. G *Isarnoduron LLat Isarnod(e)ro Fr Izernore ISARNOMAGLOS m. man's name. OI Ernmál MW Eharnvael ISKÂT searches (for lice). OI escaid (Celtica 3.171f) ISKÂ f. water. OBr Isca (Rav) Ισκα (Ptolemy) W Wysg (river name) cf UKSISKAWOS for W Wysg cf ENIQÂ ERQOS ISKAWOS watery. W ysgaw B skavenn (elder tree) ISKOANGÛ f. water snake, eel. OI escung g. escongan I eascú cf ANGÛ ISKOSROWOS m. water pourer, pouring jar. I eascra cf SROWOS ISKÄNT f. back of thigh, popliteal region. OI escait I ioscad cf ÊSKOS ISOS m. sharp point, fibula. I eo (EC 16.157f) ÎSSU below. I -íos (OI tís I thíos, below) W.,B is (lower) cf EDwith personal pronouns: ÎSSU MOI OI íssum ÎSSU SNÎS OI ísunn ÎSSU YÛ OI íssa ÎSSU YOBIS OI íssaib ÎSSELOS low. I íseal W isel B izel

ITOS gone. OI ethae cf ERIITUS, MORIITUS ITRON n. boat, vessel. I eathar ITUS m. corn. I ioth W yd B ed C ys ITULANDÂ f. rickyard. I iothlann (haggard) W ydlan ÎTUS m. fat. I íoth ÎWERIÛ f. the fat land, Ireland. (1) AOI Érion OI Ériu g. Érenn I Éire W Iwerddon (Ireland) The vocalism has been perturbed in Irish. (2) OI íriu g. írenn (land,earth,soil) ÎWERINOS Irish,tribal name. Og *Îwerno- Ιουερνοι (Ptolemy) Iuverna Hibernia Ιεrnη Ιουερνια (Ireland) OI Érainn a. Érnu g. Érann d. Érnaib IWOS m. yew. I eo W ywen B iven OC hiuin G ivoIWOBRANOS m. man's name. OI Éobran IWODEKS m. man's name. Og Ivodacca IWOGABLOS m. the shaman god. OI Éogabul cf EBURONOS IWOGALÂ f. man's name. OI Éogal IWOGENOS m. man's name. Og Ivageni AOI Eugen I Eoghan IWOGUSTUS m. man's name. OI Éogus IWOKATUS m. man's name. Og Ivacattos I Eochaidh g. Eochadha IWOMAGOS m. place name. G Ivomagi IWORÎGS m. man's name. G Ivorix IWOTEGERNOS m. man's name. OI Éothigern KABUROS m. hawk. OI caubar I cubhar (cf Germanic *HABUKAZ) KÂDOS n. anger. W cawdd B keuz C cueth cf KASSIS KADÛ m. barnacle goose. OI caud I cadhan KAET has, holds. W cael caffael B kavour cf KAKTOS KAERÂKS vr KAERÛKS f. sheep. OI cauru I caora W caer-iwrch (roebuck) KAERÂKATIS p.m. tribal name. G Caeracatium (Tacitus) KAGON KAGION n. hedge. W cae B kae G caio- LLat caii OFr chai (dam) Fr quai (cf Germanic HAGO-) KAGERON n. enclosure. W caer (city) B ker (village) KAGNÂ f. surface, peel, film. W caen KÂGNIS f. law. I cáin (Celtica 3.172) (cf OCS kaznï) KÂGNÎT blames,censures. I cáineadh KÂGNITIOS m. censor, blamer. I cáinte (satirist) KAIKOS one-eyed. I caoch W coeg B koag OC cuic KAILON n. omen. OI cél (< W) W coel B koal KAINÎT mourns. I caoineadh W cwyno B keinañ cf AD KAINIT KAIRÂ f. berry. I caor KAIRÂTINOS m. rowan tree, man's name. Og Cairatini Carattinn I caorthann cárthann caoirtheann cáirtheann B kerzhinenn (service tree, sorb < OI) KAITON n. wood. I caoth (boghole) W coed B koad C coys CI kaitoKAITOBRIGS f. place name. CI Καιτoβριξ (Ptolemy) KAKKOS m. shit. I cac W cach B kac'h (cf Lat caccare) KAKTOS m. captive, slave. OI cacht W caeth B kaezh OC caid cf KAET KALDIS f. grove, wood. OI caill I coill W celli OC kelli KALETOS hard. OI calad W caled B kalet KALETO- p.m. tribal name. G Caleti (Caesar) Fr Chaux KALETOBOLGOS m. sword of the Wind God, Excalibur. OI Caladbolg W Caledfwlch KALGOS m. penis. W cal(a) B kalc'h C kal KALGÂKOS m. man's name. OBr Calgacum (Tacitus)

KALIÂKOS m. cock. Og Caliaci OI cailech I coileach W ceiliog B kilheg C kullyek KALLION n. testicle. OI caull W caill B kell G callio- cf I coilleadh (castrate) KALLION MARKÎ n. colt's foot (plant). G calliomarcus KAILMIOS effective. I calma (brave) W celfydd OB celmed B kalvez (carpenter) KALUNOS m. man's name. Og Caluno- OI Caulann I Culann KALUNOWIKS m. man's name. Og Calunovic(a) KAMBOS crooked. OI camb I,W,C cam B kamm G kamboKAMBÂ f. crooked one (leg). G *kambâ Fr jambe Occ. camba Cat. cama KAMBÂKÂ f. place name. I Camach KAMBASTUS m. river bend. OI Camas W camas KAMBODÛNON n. place name. G Καμβοδουνον (Strabo) German Kempten KAMBOLEKTRO- p.m. tribal name. G Cambolectri KAMBORITUS m. crooked ford, place name. G *Kamboritus LLat Cambortus Fr Chambord KAMULOS m. a god. I Cumhall G deo Marti Camulo KAMULODÛNON n. place name. OBr Camulodunum (Tacitus) KAMULOGENOS m. man's name. G Camulogenus (Caesar) KAMULOGNÂTOS m. man's name. G f. Camulognata KAMULORÎGS m. man's name. G Camulorici OBr Camulorigi KAMBIT bends. G *kambit LLat cambiare Fr changer Occ. cambiar Cat. canviar KAMBETÂ f. felloe. G *kambetâ B kammet F jante Occ canta KAMUS g. KAMUSOS n. sadness. I cumha MB caffou B kañv KAMUSELÂ f. drudge, slave girl. I cumhal KANAWÛ m. whelp, cub. OI cano I cana W cenau p. cenawon KANDOS white, bright. W cann (cf Lat. candidus) KANDÎNÂ f. leek. I caineann W cennin KANDODUBROS m river Occ. Candesobre (Tarn) KANEQON n. lanugo of plants, lint, cotton down. I canach G *kanepon Gk κανναβις OE henep (hemp) KANEQOSEDLON n. a lint (upholstered?) chair. G kanekosedlon KANET sings. OI canaid W canu B kanañ C kane sub. KANÂT OI ·cana fut. KIKNÂST OI ·cechna aor. KANT W cant s1 MW keint perf. KEKANE OI ·cechain pp. KANTOS OI cete vn. KANTLON n. OI cétal W cathl KANONTS m. singer. OI cano g. canat cf AD KANET, ARE KANET, DÎ KANET, DRISTIKKÛ, KON KANET, WER KANET, WO KANET, WOKLIYOKKÛ KANGÎNÂ f. lawsuit, claim, a "stepping forward". I caingean cf KENGET KANIS new, fresh, pretty. OI cain W cain B ken I caoin (< W) cf KENET KÄNKSALÎ f. armpit. W cesail B kazel C kazal KÄNKÛ f. branch. I géag W cainc KÄNTÂ with. OI cét- OW cant W gan B gant C gans KÄNTÂ BIYET vn KÄNTÂBUTÂ f. feels. OI céta.bí cétbuid I céadfaidh (sense) KÄNTÂ LINAT vn KÄNTÂLÎTIS f. follows, accompanies. W canlyn- MW canlit OI cétluth m. cohabitation KÄNTÂSEDON n. seat, couch. OI cétad cf SEDON KÄNTON n. hundred. I céad W cant B kant C cans CI cantom KÄNTION n. assembly (a hundred). I céide OBr *Cantion Cantium (Caesar) KANTOS m. edge, corner. OI cét (round stone pillar) W cant (rim, tyre, dome) B kant (disk) G

*kanto- OFr chant Occ cant Italian canto Here? G cantalon cantena (pillar) cf DRUKANTOS KARÂT loves. OI caraid W caru B karet C care sub. KARÂT OI ·carat fut. KIKRÂST OI ·cechra aor. KARAST OI ·car pp KARATOS OI carthi KARATÂKOS m. beloved, man's name. Og Carrttacc I Carthach OBr Caratacus (Tacitus) W Caradog KARANTS m. friend, relative. I cara g. carad W câr p. ceraint B kar p. kerent cf ÄNKARANTS, EKSKARANTS KARANTION n. friendship, treaty. I cairde MW cerennydd KARANTÂKOS m. man's name. OBr Carantacus OW Carantauc W Carannog KARANTORÎGS m. man's name. OBr Carantorius KARANTOMAGOS n. place name. G Carantomago (TP) Occ. Crantom KARBÄNTON n. waggon, jawbone. I carbad W cerbyd (< OI) OBr carbanto- (waggon) MW gorcharvaneu B karvan (jaws) G *karbanton LLat. carpentum Fr charpente (beam) KARBÄNTÂKOS m. chariot fighter. OI cairptech KARBÄNTORÂTIS f. place name. G Carbantorate (Pliny) Occ. Carpentràs KARBÄNTORÎGION n. place name. OBr *Karbantorîgion Καρβαντoριγon (Ptolemy) KARIÂ i. fault, blame. OI caire I coire W cerydd caredd B karez KARIOS m. shoemaker. W cerydd B kere OC chereor KARIAMÛ m. id. OI cairem KARMANÂ i. weaver's beam. OI garman I garma W carfan KARNON n. heap. I,W carn KARNÎT heaps up. L aor.s3 karnitu p3 karnitus KARNU n. horn (horn substance, trumpet; hoof WBC handle of sword WC horn B) W,OC carn B,OC karn G *karnu Gk καρνον καρνυξ (trumpet) cf KERNUTOS KARNUTÎS p.m. tribal name. G Carnutes (Caesar) Fr Chartres KARRIKÂ f. rock. I carrag (< W) W carreg B karreg KARROS m. cart. I carr W car B karr G *karros Lat. carrus KARRODÛNON n. place name. G Καρρoδouνoν (Ptolemy) KARTIS f. skin, bark. I coirt g. cartach W carth (oakum) KARUTS m. warrior. OI caur cur g. caurad curad I curadh (Eriu 27.28f) KARWOS m. deer. W carw B karv G carvos (cf Lat. cervus) KASNÎ f. hare. W ceinach KASSIS bright. KASSÎS p.m. gods, "the bright ones". G (dis) Cassibus KASSIERGON n. hail. OI casar (< W) W cesair B kazarc'h C keser KASSIGNÂTOS m. man's name. G Cassignatus (Livy) KASSIMÂROS m. man's name. G f. Cassimara KASSISURÂTOS m. man's name. G Cassisuratos KASSITALUS m. man's name. G Κασσιταλoς KASSIWELLAUNOS m. man's name. OBr Cassivellaunus (Caesar) KASSIS f. hatred. OI caiss cf ADKASSIS, KÂDOS KASSOS hateful. W cas B kas KATÊGÂ f. trespass, fine for trespass. OI cathach p. caithge(a) cf TÊGET KATENON n. plant name (genevrier oxycèdre). G *katenon LLat catanum Occ. cade KATENIÂ f. arbutus. I caithne KATÎT consumes. OI ·caithi I caithKÂTOS wise, holy. OI cáth KATROS strong. W cadr MB kazr B kaer (handsome, fine)

KATRÎ f. stronghold, hill fort. OI cathair caithir p.a. caithri I cathair W cader (< I) KATROWIROS m. fort-dweller, townsman. OI cathrar KATUS m. battle. I cath W cad C cas G katu- (cf Germanic HAÞUZ id.) KATUBUTS m. man's name. Og (Cat)tabott Cattubuttas OI Cathub g. Cathbath KATUGALÂ f. man's name. OI Cathgal KATUGNÂTOS m. man's name. G Κατουγνατος (Dio) KATUGUSTUS m. man's name. OI Cathgus KATUKÛ g. KATUKUNOS m. man's name. OI Cathchú KATUMAGOS n. place name. G *Katumagos OFr Cadum Fr Caen KATUMAGUS m. man's name. OI Cathmug KATUMÂROS m. man's name. G Catumarus KATUNEYETS m. man's name. OI Cathnia KATURÎGS m. man's name. OI Cathrí KATURÎGES p.m. tribal name. G Caturiges (Caesar) KATUSLOUGOS m. tribal name. G Catuslugi (Pliny) KATUTEGERNOS m. man's name. OI Cathchern OBr Catotigirni OW Cattegirn KATUWALOS m. man's name. I Cathal OW Catgual KATUWALATROS m. man's name. W Cadwaladr KATUWELLAUNO- p.m. tribal name. OBr Κατouελλαuνoι (Ptolemy) Catuvellaunorum KATUWIKS m. man's name. Og Catuviq(qa) KATUWIROS m. man's name. Og Catvvirr Catuvvir OI Cathaer I Cathaoir OW Catgur KATUWOLKOS m. man's name. G Catuvolcus (Caesar) KATWOS m. troop, batallion. I cath W cadw KAULÂ f. faggot. OI cual (cf Gk καuλος Lat caulis) KAULINION n. stake, post. OI cualne I cuaille KAUNOS m. harbour. KAWÂ f. owl. G *kavâ OFr choe Fr chouette Here I caóg SG cathag W cawci (jackdaw); W cwan B kavan LLat cavannus (owl) KAWAROS m. giant. W cawr G Καυαρος KÊ here, on this side. OI in bith cé (this world). cf KIMÛ, KINÂ KEBNON n. back. W cefn B kein KÊDET falls. W cwyddo B kouezañ KELET hides. OI ·ceil I ceil- W celu cf ARE KELET, EKS KELET, KON KELET, WO KELET sub. KELÂT OI ·chelad aor. KELT OI ·celt pp. KLITOS OI clithe vn. KLITÂ KLITIS f. OI cleth W clyd KELGON n. treachery, deceit. I cealg W celg (< I) KÊLIOS KÎLIOS m. companion. I céile Og celi W cilydd KELURNOS m. pail. OI cilornn W celwrn B kelorn KENET is descended from. OI cin- cf KENTUS, KANIS, WOKENOS KENETLON n. kindred, gender. I ceinél OW cenetl OC kinethel KENETUS m. offspring, descendants, tribe. I cineadh KENGET steps. OI cingid W rhygyng (ambling pace) sub. KENKST OI ciasair fut. KIKENKST OI cichis perf. KEKONGE OI cechaing pp. KÄNKTOS nominalized as "path" in I Dian Céacht, the sun god and god of healing < *DWÊNOS KÄNKTON "the swift one of the paths". vn. KÄNKSMÄN n. (step) I céim W,C cam B kamm KENGETS m. warrior, "stepper". OI cing g. cinged G Cinges g. Cingetis, Cingetius KENGETORÎGS m. man's name. G Cingetorix (Caesar)

cf ÄMBI KENGET, KANGÎNÂ, WERKENGETORIGS KENNÂ f. skin, scale. I geann W cenn B kenn KÊNOS distant, far. I cian cf SAITLOKÊNIÂ KENTUS first. I céad- W cynt B kent C kyns G kintu- cf KENET KENTUGENOS m. first-born. G Cintugenus KENTUGIYAMON n. beginning of winter. W cynhaeaf OC kyniaf KENTUGNÂTOS m. first-born. G Cintugnatus KENTULONGETUS m. breakfast, first meal. I céadlongadh KENTULONGON n. first meal. W cythlwng (fasting) KENTUSAMOS first. G Cintusmos KENTUSAMINON n. beginning of summer. OI cétamain cf SAMOS KERAT he fell. OI do·cer do·rochair ·torchar cf KORITRO KERBOS sharp, cutting. OI cerb KERDÂ f. craft. OI cerd (craft, craftsman) I ceard W cerdd (song) KERDOKOYÂ f. workshop I ceardcha (forge) KERDORÎGIO- p.m. tribal name. OI Cerdraige KEUDET throws, casts (British: walk) OI ·ceird W cerdded B kerzhout cf WO KERDET sub. KERRT OI ·ceirr fut. KIKRISST OI ·cicherr perf. KÂRDE OI ·caird KRISSOS OI ·cress KERKÂ f. hen. I cearc KERNÂ f. edge, hair parting (W chin). I cearn W cern B kern KERNO- skull. OI cern KERNUNOS m. horned god. G *Kernunos (C)ernunno(s) LLat. Cernuni cf KARNU KÊROS dark, black. I ciar KÊRAGNOS m. man's name. I Ciarán KÊRÛ m. beetle. OI ciarainn I ciaróg KÊSSUS m. trench, pit. W cwys KESTÂ f. spear. OI cess KEUDET hides. W cuddio B kuzhat cf KUZDRON KÊWOS dark, black. KÊWÎ f. mist. OI ceu g. cia I ceo g. ciach SG ceathach KÊWOMORI n. dark sea. I ciamhair (mist, gloom) KÎKUS m. flesh. I cíoch (breast) W cig OC chic B kig (cf Gk κικuς) KÎKUKAROS craving for flesh. I cíocar (greedy) KIMÛ hither, on this side. (cf Umbrian çimu simo id.) cf KÊ, KINÂ KIMÛSTÂ f. edge,border. I ciomhas KINÂ on this side of. OI cen I gan (without) W amgen (however) cf KÊ, KIMÛ, ALLÂ With personal pronouns: KINÂ TE OI cenut KINÂ SWÎS OI cenuib KINÂ EM OI cenae I cheana (already) KINÂDÛTUKÎ f. this territory. OI cennadach g. cennaithche KINÂTERON n. this world, this territory. I ceantar (district) KÎRÂ f.(p.n.?) comb, rake, cock's comb. I cíor KIRUS m. jet. I cior KIZDOS m. permission, granting. I cead KIZDNIS yielding. I ciúin (quiet) KLADET digs. OI ·claid. W claddu B klazañ sub. KLASST OI ·clasat fut. KIKLASSET OI ·cichlus perf. KEKLADE OI ·cechlaid

pp. KLASSOS OI ·clas vn. KLADIÂ f. OI claide I cloidhe KLASSON n. burial. G *klasson Fr glas Occ. clas (death knell) KLASSÂ f. ditch n. OI clas I clais KLADON n. ditch. OI clad W cladd KLÂDOS m. ditch. W clawdd B kleuz C kledh KLADODOIGON n. dyke. I cladach (stony shore) cf DINGET KLADIBOS m. shovel, sword. OI claideb I cloidheamh W cleddyf B kleze G *kladibos Lat. gladius KLAMOS leprous, sick. I clamh W,OC claf B klañv cf ADKLAMOS KLAMRON n. leprousy, sickness. W clafr KLÂRON n board, flat surface. I clár W clawr KLÊBOS m. basket, thorax. I cliabh KLEKET plays, practises. OI ·clich cf ARE KLEKET, KON KLEKET sub. KLEKST OI ·clessid fut. KIKLIKST OI ·ciuchail perf. KEKLOKE OI ·cichlaig vn. KLOKIÂ I cluiche -KLEKIÂ f game KLEKTUS m. practise. I cleachtadh (to practise) KLEKSTUS m. trick. I cleas KLÊTÂ f. hurdle. I cliath W clwyd B kloued G *klêtâ Fr claie Occ.Cat. cleda KLÊTION n. roofbeams. I cléithe KLÊTORÎGS m. man's name. OI Cliathrí KLEUSTÂ f. hearing, ear. I cluas W clust cf KLUNUTRO KLINIT leans towards. cf KLIYOS, KLOINOS, KLITS, KLITRÂ, KLOKIÂ, KLOYIT DÎ EKSKLINIT selects, chooses. W dichlyn KLINON n. inclination, will. OI clen KLISAROS lukewarm. W claear B klouar C clor KLITS f. housepost. OI clí cleth (Eriu 29.155) I cleath cf KLINIT KLITRÂ f. cover, beam, support. I cleathar W cledr cf KLINIT KLITUROS sheltering, cosy. I cliothar W clydwr KLIYOS left (not right). I clé W cledd B kleiz cf KLINIT KLIYOBNIS m. son/brother in law. I cliamhain g. cleamhna cf LÂNOBNÎ KLOINOS slanting. I claon cf KLINIT KLOINOBRIGS f. crooked hill, place name. I Claonabhair KLOITÂ f. heap. W clud KLOKIÂ f. game. I cluiche cf KLEKET KLOKÂ f. stone. I cloch W clog (crag, cliff) KLOKERON n. stony place. I clochar W clegyr C clegar KLOKERNÂKOS craggy. I Clocharnach W clogyrnog KLOKOQENNON n. skull ("stone head") I cloigeann KLOKKON n. bell. I clog W cloch B kloc'h G *klokkâ Fr cloche KLOUNIS f. deceit. I cluain KLOUNIS f. buttock (ev. field bottom, meadow) I cluain W,C clun B klun KLOYIT vn KLOYETUS makes lean, repels, overthrows. OI cloïd cloüd I claoi- cf KLINIT KLUNUTRO hears. OI ·cluinethar sub. KLEWÂTRO OI ·cloathar fut. ? OI ·cechladar perf. KEKLOWE OI ·cualae W cigleu pp. KLUTOS OI ·cloth vn. KLEUSTÂ q.v. cf W clywed B klevat C clevas (to hear). Remodelled forms.

KLUTS f. fame. I clú cloth W clod (Eriu 29.156) cf ENÎQOKLUTS KLUTOGALÂ f. man's name. OI Clothgal KLUTOGNÂWOS m. man's name. AOI Clothgno KLUTOKÛ m. man's name. OI Clothchú KLUTORÎGS m. man's name. OBr Clutorigi Clutori OW Clotri KLUWÄNTÂKÂ f. river name. I Clóideach Cláideach Claoideach KNABION n. shearing fleece. OI cnaí (< W) W cnaif C kneu B kreoñ (kreviañ, to shear) KNÂYET gnaws. OI cna- W cnoi cf KON KNÂYET pp. KNÂTOS W cnawd (flesh) vn. KNÂMUS I cnámh KNÂMÄN n. bone. I cnáimh W cnaw KNESSOS m. skin. I cneas W cnes KNIDÂ f. scratch, wound. I cneadh KNOKKOS m. hill. I cnoc W cnwc (< I) OB cnoch B krec'h Here? W cnwch (joint, knuckle) KNÛS g. KNUWOS f. nut. OI cnu I cnó W cnau B kraon KNUWASTUS m. nut harvest. I cnuas KNUWODWOOS m. nut rampart, place name. I Cnodhbha cf DWOOS KOBON n. victory. OI cob cf WERKOBIOS KOBONERTOS m. man's name. G Cobnertos KODELÂ f. hide, skin. OI codal KOILOS narrow. I caol W cul ef ADKOILOS KOILOBUTS m. man's name. Og Coillabbotas OI Coelub g. Caelboth KOIMOS dear. I caomh W cu B kuñv C cuf KOIMAGNOS m. man's name. Og, OBr Coimagni I Caomhán KOIMOGENOS m. man's name. OI Coemgen KOIMONOWON n. cherishing. I caomhna cf NEWET KOKIS f. condition, state. OI p. cuichi KOKSÂ f. leg. I cos (cf Lat. coxa) cf ARGÄNTOKOKSOS KOKSOLOUTOS fastlegged. Og Cosaloti KOLANÎ f. body, flesh. I colainn g. colla W celain p. celanedd KOLDON n. loss. OI,W coll B koll vb loses: OI coill- I caill- W coIli B kollañ OC collet KOLGOS m. beard of corn. I colg W col(a) cf OW colgin W colyn (sting, hinge) KOLIGNOS m. whelp, puppy. I coiléan W colwyn B kolen OC coloin KOLINOS m. holly. I cuileann W celyn B kelenn KOM- cf KON KOMÂKUS sharp. B koñvok W cyfogi (to sharpen) cf ÂKUS KOMALTIOS m. foster-brother. I comhalta MW cyfeillt W cyfaill (friend) cf ALET KOMALTRON n. co-fostering. OI comaltor KOMBERON n. confluence. I cumar comar W cymer B kember cf ADBERON, ÄNDEBERON KOMENS g. KOMENOS m. memory. I cumhan W cof C cov B kouñv cf MONITRO KOMENÂKOS mindful. I cuimhneach KOMLÂNOS full. I comhlán W cyflawn cf LÂNOS KOMONGIS narrow. I cumhang W cyfyng (Eriu 28.147f) cf EKSONGIS KOMRIYOS delightful. I cumhra (fragrant) cf RIYOS KOMWEDONÂ f. troop of soldiers. OI coibden KOMWÊKOS m. contracting party. OI cobach cf WÊKOS KOMWÊKIÂ f. marriage settlement. I coibhche KOMWIDIS proper, harmonious. I cubhaidh W cywydd (metre, consistency) KOMWOSTATIS steady. I cobhsaidh cf WOSTATOS

KON KON- with (preposition, preverb). OI co I go with personal pronouns: KOM TÛ OI cono conu (remodelled) KOM TOBIS OI condaib KON ÄNKET vn KOMÄNKON n. is able. OI con·icc I cumhang KOMÄNKTION n. power. I cumhachta W cyfoeth OC chefuidoc KON ARKET vn KOMARKON n. greets, enquires. OI comaircim W cyfarch WRIT KOMARKET vn WRITKOMARKON n. consults, inquires. OI fris·comairc frecmarc WO KOMARKET vn WOKOMARKON n. inquires. OI fo·comairc fochmarc TO KOMARKET vn TOKOMARKON n. woos. OI tochmarc KON AWET vn KOMAWETUS m. protects. OI con·oí comad I comhad WER KOMAWET retains, keeps in possession. OI for·comai WRIT KOMAWET guards against. OI fris·comai frecomét KON BERET vn KOMBRITÂ f. takes, vn KOMBERTÂ f. conceives, vn KOMBRIS f. helps. OI cobrith combart con.berad (conceives) I cobhair W cymer- cymryd MB compred C kemerkemeres KON BINAT vn KOMBIYON n. cuts off. OI con·ben cuimbae W cymyn- (hews) B kemener (tailor) KON BONGET vn KOMBOGON n. breaks. OI con·boing I comach KON DÂLÎT vn KONDÂLIS f. divides. OI ·condlaither condáil KONDÂTIS f. confluence. G Condâtem, Condate Fr Condé Occ Condat cf DIDÂT KONDÂTOMAGOS n. place name (Milhau). G Condatomagus KON DAWET ignites. W cynnau KONDAUTON n. firewood. I connadh W cynnud B keuneud KON DELGET vn KONDELGON n. maintains, upholds. OI coindelg (contract) W cynnal KONDELIS dear. I connail cf DELIS KONDEMÂ f. house-sharing, billeting. I coinneamh cf DAMKONDIKSIÛ f. face, aspect. OI cuinsiu cf DINGET KONDOS m. good sense, head. OI conn cf DEDET KONDÛRATUS m. contract. OI cundrath I conradh cf DÛROS KON GABIT vn KONGABAGLÂ holds. OI con·gaib I congbháil KON GARIT calls, orders. OI con·gair KON GNIYET vn KONGNÎMUS m. helps. OI con·gní I cungnamh KONGONETODUBNOS m. man's name. G Congonnetodubni Conconnetodumno (Caesar) KONGONION n. antlers, horns. I congna cf GONIT KONGONOKNESSOS m. horn skin. OI conganchness KONGÛ f. yoke. OI p. cunga I cuing (cf Lat. cingere?) KON KANET vn KONKANTLON n. sings together, agrees. OI con·canat I coigeadal KONKATUS m. war, battle. I cogadh W cyngad KON KELET hides. OI con·ceil I coigilt KON KLADET digs, excavates. OI con·claid KON KLEKET vn KONKLEKIÂ f. dashes, tosses. OI con·clich cuclige KON KNÂYET vn KONKNÂMUS m. chews, gnaws. OI con·cná I cognamh KON KORITRO contracts (legally). OI con·corad KONKOROS m. advice. I cogar (whisper) W cyngor KON LÂYET vn KOMELON n. fulfills. OI con·la I comhall cf AREKOMELON KON MEDITRO vn KOMMESSUS m. is able, has power over, gives orders. OI con·midethar I cumas W cymes (due, measure) KOMMEDÛS g. KOMMEDUSOS m. lord. I coimdhe KON MELET vn KOMMELTÂ f. rubs. OI cot·meil commilt I cuimilt KON QÊSLÂT vn KONQÊSLÂ f. mentions. W cymhwyllo cymwyll KON REGET vn KOMREGNIS f. stretches out corpse, buries. ARE KOMREGET vn AREKOMREGNIS f. i. W argyfre- argyfrein

KON RIGET vn KOMRÊGON n. binds. OI con·rig cuimrech I cuibhreach W cyfrwy (saddle) B kevre KON SAGIT vn KONSAGITIS f. supports, preserves. OI to·coisig I taiscidh KON SEQET vn KOSQON n. corrects, reprimands. OI con·secha I cosc W cosb cf DÎKOSQIS DUKOSQIS EN KONSEQET vn ENKOSQON n. teaches. OI do·recuisc I teagasc ENI KOSEQET ENIKOSQON n. signifies. OI in·coissig I ionchosc KONSKETLON n. story. OI cuiscle (great stories) MW cychwedl MB quehezl B kel cf SKETLON KON SKARÂT vn KONSKARATUS m. destroys. OI ·coscram I coscradh KONSMIYOS like, similar. I cuma cf ADKONSMIYÂ, SÄNKON SNIYET vn KONSNÎMUS m. contends, contests, defends. OI con·sní I cosnamh W cynnydd- cynnif KONSNIYON n. land obtained by conquest. MW kynnyd AD KONSNIYET vn ADKONSNÎMUS m. strives after. OI ad·cosnat I ascnamh KON SODIT vn KONSODETUS m. restrains, checks. OI con·suidet costud KON STRINÂT vn KONSTORIS f. spreads out. OI con·sert I cosair (bed) KON SWELÂT vn KONSWELOS m. goes away. OI con·sela WO KONSWELÂT vn WOKONSWELOS m. takes away. OI fo·coisle foxol KONTÄNTOS hard. OI cotut KON TAUSET remains silent, listens to. OI con·tuaisi coitsecht W cynhewi KONTEGON n. mutual oath. I codach cf TONGET KON TOLIT vn KONTOLETUS m. sleeps. OI con·tuli I codladh KONTREBIÂ f. community. CI Konterbias Belaiskas KONTRUTSMOS of the same weight. OI cutrumma KON WEDET vn KOWEDNIS carries. W cywedd- cywain ARE KOWEDET harms, injures. OI ara·choat erchoat I urchóid W argywedd- OB arcogued DÎ KOWEDET goes. OI dichthim perf. DÎ KOWÂDE I do chuaid pp. DÎKOWESSOS OI tuidchisse I do chuas KON YEMET vn KOMYÄNTON n. guards. I coimhéad KORBORÎGIÎ p.m. tribal name. I Corbraighe KORDÂ f. herd. W cordd KORETS f stone wall, weir, dam. I cora g. coradh SG cairidh W cored KORETIOS m. standing stone. I coirthe KORITRO places. OI ·cuirethar I cuirsub. KORÂTRO OI ·corathar aor. KORESSETRO OI ·corastar pp. KORETOS OI coirthi vn. KOROS m. I cor W -cor cf AD KORITRO, ARE KORITRO, ATE KORITRO, DÎKORON, DUKOROS, EMBI KORITRO, EN KORITRO, KON KORITRO, TO KORITRO, WER KORITRO, WRIT KORITRO KORIOS m. warband. I cuire G -corii KORIOS KOYÎ «X», the «x» clan. OI corcu cf KOYOS KORKIOS m. oats. I coirce W ceirch B kerc’h KORROS m. dwarf. I corr W corr(ach) B korr(ig) KORUKOS m. coracle, curragh. I curach W corwg KOSLOS m. hazel tree. I,W coll OC colwiden B kelvez G *koslá Occ.(Aran) còila (hazel twig) KOUNÂ f. dog pack. I cuan W cun. KOUNOGALÂ f. man’s name. OI Cuangal

KOUNOGUSTUS m. man’s name. OI Cuangus KOUNOWIKS m. man’s name. OI Cuanu g. Cuanach KOURAGNOS m. shoe. I cuarán W curan KOWEKS f. cuckoo. OI coí g. cuach I cuach W cog KOWEKTIS m. companion. W cywaith cf WEKTUS KOWERIS proper. OI coïr I cóir W cywair cf WERET KOWÎROS true,correct. W cywir G -covirus cf WÎROS KOWOS m. cavity, cave, hollow. OI cua W cau B kev KOWESTOS n. hollow, cavity, cove. I cuas KOYÂ f. a night’s lodging. OI coe g. cuë cua I caoi («coshering») KOYOS m. clan. I scaoi (tribe, swarm) MAGUS KOYÎ «X», member of «x» clan. Og mucoi OI moccu KORIOS KOYÎ «X», the «x» clan. OI Corcu KOZDOS old. B kozh C coth G cottos cf ATEKOZDÎ KRABET claws, scratches. I scrabhadh W crafu KRABOS m. claw, paw. I crobh KRABANKÂ f. claw, talon. I crobha(i)ng W crafanc KRÂBETUS m. piety. I crábhadh Here? W crefydd (religion) KRÂDIT vn KRÂDOS m. torments. I cráidh- crádh KRAKOS m. stone. W craig B krag (sandstone) I crag creag (< W) G *krakos LLat cracus KRAMUS g. KRAMUSOS n. wild garlic. OI crim crem I creamh W craf KRAMUTONDOS m. fox («having garlic hide») OI craumthann cremthann crimthan KREDDET believes. I creid- W credu B krediñ C cresy cf KRIDION, DEDET KREDRON n. relic. OI cretar W crair B p. kreiriou KRENDET vn KRÄNSSMÄN n. chews, gnaws. OI crennait I creim, creimneach KRENKTON n. wound (Br scar). I créacht W craith B kleizenn KRÊQRON n. honeycomb. I criathar (< *criachar) W crwybr cf KRÎQÂ? KRESUROS KRESWEROS m. gadfly, hornet. I creabhar W crehyren (cf Lat. crâbrô) KRETET shakes, trembles. I crith- OI crithid crethaid vn KRETUS m. I crioth W creth (< I) cf KROTIT KRETINOS m. aspen tree. I crithean KRÊTRON n. sieve. I criathar W crwydr (wandering) MB kroezr B krouer cf KRINAT KREWÂ p.n. blood. OI cráu I cró W crau C crow KRIDION n. heart, centre. OI cride I croidhe W craidd C creys B kreiz cf KRISSUS, KREDDET KRIKOS hoarse. W cryg KRIKSOS curly. W crych G Crixus (cs Lat. crispus) KRIMOS strong. W cryf B kreñv KRINAT sieves. LLat crientare crientiare OFr crincier Savoyard crenter Aostan crienter cf KRÊTRON, WO KRINAT KRINET withers, rots, trembles. OI ·crin W crynu B krenañ cf ARE KRINET, EKS KRINET sub. KRIYÂT OI ·crietis fut. KIKRÂST OI ·ciurat perf. KEKRE OI ·archiuir ·arrceoratar KRÎNOS withered, brittles. I críon W crin KRITIS f. trembling, fever. W cryd KRITRIS shaking. I crithir W crydr KRÎQÂ f. division I críoch (border, limit) W crib (comb, crest, ridge) B krib (comb) cf KRÊQRON KRISSOS reduced, cut down. OI cres (narrow) KRISSUS m. girdle (British: shirt) I crios W crys B krez OC kreis cf KRIDION KROK(KE)NOS m skin. I croiceann W croen B kroc’hen C crohen OC croin

cf W crogen B krogen (shell) KROTIT shakes. I crothadh croth- Lat. crottiâre cf KRETET KROTÂ f. cream, curds. OI croth KROUDIS hard, harsh. I cruaidh G *kroudis Occ. cròi Cat. croi KROUKÂ f. heap, peak, rick. I cruach W crug B krug G *kroukâ Occ. cruga KROUTOS m. cradle. W crud KROWOS m. pigsty. I cró W crau KROWOS m. eye of needle. I cró W crau KRUMBOS curved. I crom W crwm B kromm KRUNNIS round. I cruinn W crwn B krenn KRUTTÂ f. harp, violin. OI crot I cruit W crwth OBr *krottâ LLat chrotta KRUTTIATIS m. harper. OI cruit (cf Eriu 32.41) KU how? where? OI co W cw(dd) KÛ g. KUNOS m. dog. I cú g. con W ci p. cwn B ki p. koun KUNOBELINOS m. man’s name. OBr Cunobelinus W Cynfelyn KUNODAR(I)Â f. rabies. W cynddaredd B kounnar KUNOGALÂ f. man’s name. I Conghal KUNOGLASTOS m. man’s name. OW Cinglas KUNOGENOS m. man’s name. OI Congen KUNOGUSTUS m. man’s name. Og Cunagussos OI Congus KUNOKAROS m. man’s name. OW Cincar MW Kyngar KUNOKATUS m. man’s name. OI Conchad KUNOKUBROS m. man’s name. OI Conchobor I Conchubhar KUNOLENGÂ f. man’s name. Og Cunalegi Cunalegea AOI Conleng OI Conlang KUNOMAGLOS m. man’s name. Og Cunamagli KUNOQENNOS m. man’s name. I Coincheann G Cunopennus KUNORÎGS m. man’s name. OI Conrí KUNOSERÂ f. hounds’ track, path. OI conar cf MAGOSERION KUNOWALOS m. man’s name. I Conall OBr,Og Cunovali W Cynwal KUBRON n. desire. cf ADKUBRON, KUNOKUBROS, MELIKUBROS (cf Lat. cupere) KUBROS m. foam. OI cobar I cubhar KUKROS curved, crooked. I cuar KUKSOS m. beehive. W cwch KULIS f. fly. I cuil W cylion B kelien OC kelionen KULOS m. sin, blame. I col W cwl (cf Lat culpa?) KÛLOS m. nape, back. I cúl W cil B kil OC chil KÛLOWÊTÂ f. muscle at nape of neck. OI cúlad (Celtica 3.168f) cf WÊTIS KUMBÂ f. KUMBOS m. valley. I com W cwm B komm (trough) G *kumbâ Occ. comba Cat. coma KURMÄN n. beer. OI cuirm g. cormae p.d. cormannaib MW cwryf W cwrw C kor G κουρμι (Dioscorides) ( cf Lat. cerevisia?) KUTIS m. bag, pouch. W cwd KUWOS n. young, of animal. W cyw KUZDRON n. matrix, rectum («hiding place»). W cwthr B kourz cf KEUDET LABAROS talkative. I labhar W llafar B lavar G Labarus LABARÂ f. river name. OBr Labarâ OE Laefer LABARONÂ f. river name. I Labhrann LABARÂTRO talks. OI ·labradar I labhr- W llefaru B lavaret LÂGENÂ f. broad-headed spear. OI lágan láigean W llain (blade) LÂGIOS m. mattock, spade. OI lága láige I láighe LAGUS small. MW llaw OB lau

LAGIÛS n. LAGIOS smaller. OI laigiu I lugha W llai OB lei LAKSET burns. I lasadh LAKSAROS burning. OI lasar I lasair (flame) W llachar (bright) LÂMÂ f. hand. I lámh W llaw C luef LÂMOWENDU n. glove («hand fur»). OI lámand I lámhainn LAMETRO dares. OI ·laimethar W llafasu llyfasu MB lafuaez C lauasos sub. LAMÂTRO OI ·lamathar perf. LÂMER OI ·lámair vn. LÄNTIÛ f. OI p. létena LANDÂ f. clearing (land, ground, plot). I lann W llan B lann G *landa Occ. landa (Gascon) lana LANDERÂ f. lamp, gleam, shine. OI lainner I loinnir cf LANSSUS LÂNON n. plain. cf MEDIOLÂNON, LÂYET LÂNOS full. I lán W llawn B leun cf ELUS, KOMLÂNOS, LÎNON LÂNOBNÎ d. married couple («completed woman») I lánamhain cf KLIYOBNIS LANSSUS m. light, radiance. I léas cf ÄMBILANSSIÛ, LANDERÂ, SULANSSUS LANWON n. fullness. C lanwes; W llanw B lanv (tide) LAREKS f. larch. OI rail g. ralach (cf Lat. larix) LÂRON n. floor, threshing floor. I lár W llawr B leur LASNIS greedy. OI lainn LATIS f. mud, liquid. OI laith (liquid) I laitheach (mud) W llaid (mud) OW llad (liquor) G are latê («by the marsh» i.e. Camargue) Lat. Arelate Occ. Arle LATION n. day. OI laa laithe I lá SG latha G lat.. LÂTOS m. ardour, passion. I láth W llawd LATRONIO- p.m. tribal name. I Latharna LÂYET puts, arranges. OI ·la s1 ·láo aor. LÂYEST OI ·laa ·rolsat pp. LÂYETON OI ·rollaad ·rolád vn. -LON -ELON n. cf ÄMBIROLON, ÄNDE LÂYET, KON LÂYET, UKS LÂYET, ELOWIDÛ LÂMÄN n. giving birth. OI lamnaid (gives birth) LÂTRON n. (1) site. I láthar (2) trousers. W llawdr B loer (stocking) lavreg(drawers) (3) arrangement. OI láthar MB leuzr B leur OI láthraim (I arrange, aim at) MB leuzraff (send) (EC 5.565f) LAZGÂ f. snowfall. I ladhg LEBLEBOS > LELEBBOS m. baby. OI lelan I leanbh LÊGÂ f. ladle, spoon. OI liag I liach W llwy B loa C lo cf LIGIT LEGÂT melts. I leagh- cf ARE LEGÂT, DÎ LEGÂT pp. LEKTOS molten,melted. I leachtach (liquid) MW llaith B leiz (wet) LEGASTUS m. death. W lleas LEKTUS m. death. I leacht (place of death) W llaith LEGET lies. OI laigid I luigh- cf LOGÂT, LOGIT, WOLEGS sub. LEKST OI ·less(ed) fut. LEKST OI ·lee perf. LELOGE OI dellig dellgetar Here? G legasit (has placed) vn. LEGIÂ Ol lige I luighe f. LEKSKOS lazy. I leasc W llesg LEKSOWIÂ f. slope. W llechwedd LEKSOWIO- p.m. tribal name. G Lexovii (Caesar) Fr Lisieux LEKTRON n. hill, slope. I leitir (< W) W llethr cf KAMBOLEKTROLEGETÂ f. glue, dregs. B lec’hid (dregs) G *legetâ Basque lekeda (slime) LEGOS n. place. W lle O le B lec’h

LÊGOS wretched. OI liag I liach LEKKÂ f. flagstone. I leac W llech B lec’h LEKKOLEUKOS m. place name. G Fund(um ) Liccoleucum LÊKSOS m. pen, fold. OI lias cf LINQET LEMOS m. voice, call. W llef B lenv LEMOS insipid. I leamh LEMOMLIKTON n. beestings. I leamhnacht W llefrith B livrizh LEMOS m. elm tree. I leamh W llwyf G lemoFor W llwyf cf ERQOS ENÎQÂ LEMOWIKES p.m. tribal name. G Lemovices (Caesar) Occ Lemòtge LEMOYALON n. place name. G *Lemoialon LLat Levivialum (read Lemuialum) Fr Limeil LENGET leaps. OI lingid I ling- (Celtica 4.1OOf) cf ARELENGON, TO LENGET, WO LENGET sub. LENKST OI lias fut. LIBLÄNKST OI ·ribuilsed perf. LEBLONGE OI ·leblaing vn. LÄNKSMÄN n. I léim W llam B lamm LÊNOS soft. OI lian LÊNIATS f. shirt. I léine g. leineadh LERGÂ f. hillside. I learg cf LORGOS LÊQRI n track (what is left). W llwybr (path) cf LINQET LÊRIS clear, visible- I léir W llwyr LÊSSOS greyness. I lias cf LÊTOS LESSUS m. advantage. I leas W lles OC les LESTRON n. vessel. I leastar (< W) W llestr LETOS n. side, half. I leath W lled cf LITANOS LETIOS m. shoulderblade. OI leithe LETS beside. OI la I le G *lets Fr lez Occ. latz (+ Lat. latus) with personal pronouns: LETS ME OI lemm LETS SNÎS OI leinn LETS TE OI lat LETS SWÎS OI lib LETS TEM OI leis LETS SÛS OI leu LETS SIYÄN OI lee LETSBUTÂ f. being beside. I leabaidh (bed) LETSÂ f. haunch, hip. I leas B lez LETOSEKSMÄN n. half-rivet. W lletem LÊTOS grey. I liath W llwyd B louet cf LÊSSOS LETRON n. leather. I leathar W lledr B ler LEUDET moves, conducts. I luadhLEUDRON n. vigour, movement. OI luadar LEUGOS n. price, value. OI lóg I luach LEUKÂ f. league. G *leukâ Fr lieue LLat leuga Castilian legua LEUKOS bright, shining. OI lóch W llug LEUKO- p.m. tribal name. G Λεuκoι (Strabo) LEUKETS m. lightning. Hypocoristic LEUKKETS W lluched OC luhet B luc’hedenn I lóichead (< W) LEUKETIOS of lightning. G Marti Leucetio, Loucetio Marti LEUKORNON n. lantern. I lócharn W llugorn OC lugarn B lugern LEUKOKAMULOS m. man’s name. G Leucamulo LEUKOMALEKS of the shining eyebrows. G deo Marti Leucimalaco LEUKOMÂROS m. man’s name. G f. Leucimarae LEUKSNÂ f. moon. I luan W Dydd Llun LEUSKET swings. I luascadh W llusgo B luskañ cf LUWETRO

LÎÄNKS f. slab, stone. OI lië g. liac I liag B liac’h Og liag LIBROS long. I leabhar LIDNAWON n. swampy ground, meadow land. I léana LIGIT licks. I lighe W llyfu llyo B leat fut. LILIKST OI lilsit perf. LELOIGE OI ·leluig LIKTON n. bait, mash. W llith LIKTIÛ f. porridge. OI lichtiu littiu I leite cf LÊGÂ LÎMÂ f. flood. W llif B liñvañ (to flood) cf LINET LINAT follows, adheres to. I leanamhain W llynu OB linom sub. LIYÂT OI ·liad fut. LILIST OI lilith perf. LELE OI ·lil vn. -LITIS f. -LIYON n. cf ARE LINAT, ATELIYON, DÎ LINAT, KÄNTÂ LINAT LINET flows. OI lincf LÎMÂ, LIROS, LÎYÄNTS, TOLIYON, WOLIS LINNÂ f. cloak, mantle. I leann B lenn W llen G *linnâ LLat. linna LINNIS f. lake, pool. I linn W llyn B lenn LINNU n. liquid, drink. I lionn W llyn LÎNON n. number. I líon líonadh (to fill) cf LÂNOS LINQET leaves. I léig- leigcf ARE LINQET, LÊKSOS, LÊQRI, SKIYOLINQS, TO LINQET, UKS LINQET LIROS m. sea. I lear W llyr cf LINET LIROGALÂ f. man’s name. OI Lergal LIROGNIYATIS m. man’s name. OI Lergnaid LIROGUSTUS m. man’s name. OI Lergus LIROKÛ m. man’s name. OI Lerchú LISSOS m. court,courtyard. OI les I lios W llys B lez LISSO- step-(father, mother), nick-(name). I leas- W llys- B lesLISSUS m. loathing,disgust. OI lius (adj. lista) LITANOS wide. I leathan W llydan C,B ledan G litano- Litanam (Livy) cf LETOS, LETIOS, LITAWÎ LETIÛS wider. I leithe W lled LITANOBRIGS f. place name. G Litanobriga (IA) LITANOMAGOS n. place name. OBr *Litanomagos Litinomago (Rav) LITAWÎ f. mainland,continent. W Llydaw (Brittany) OBr Litavî LLat Letavia OI Lethe G Litavi (earth goddess) LITAWÎKOS m. man’s name. G Litaviccus LÎTOS of good augury. CI litom LÎTUS m. luck, prosperity, festival. OI líth W llid B lid LÎTUGENOS m. man’s name. OBr Litogeni Litugenus G Litugeni LÎTUMÂROS m. man’s name. G Λιtoumαrεoς LÎTUWIROS m. man’s name. Og Litubiri G Litovir LÎWÂ f. colour. I lí W lliw B liv OC liu LÎWIOS m. man’s name. G Livius LÎWET vn LÎWETUS m. complains. OI líid líud cf ATE LÎWET LIYÂ f. scar,blood. W lledd LIYAGIS m. surgeon,leech. OI liaig g. lega I liaigh SG lighich (cf Germanic LÊKYAZ from Celtic?) LÎYÄNTS m. high tide,flood. OI lië I lia SG lighe W lli lliant cf LINET LIZBÂ f. strip of skin or leather. I leadhbh

LOBÎNÂ f. tassel. OI luban LOGÂT forgives, remits. I loghadh cf LOGIT, LEGET LOGIT places. OI ·luigim cf LEGET sub. LOGÂT OI ·logae vn LOGETUS m. OI logad -LOGON n. LOIDIT incites, exhorts. OI ·laídid LOIDÂ f. praise poem. I laoidh LOISSÂ f. praise. OI laes LOIGOS m. calf. OI loeg I laogh W llo p. lloeau (British *LAIGOS) LOKTUS m. fault. I locht (cf Germanic LAHAN to blame) LOKUS m. lake. I loch W llwch (< I) G locos (cf Lat. lacus) LOKO g. LOKENOS f. lake bird, duck. OI lachu g. lachan loichen I lacha g. lachan LOLEGÂKÂ cf ROLEGÂKÂ LOMBINÂ f. deerskin (cloak). OI lumman cf ELANÎ LONKÂ f. depression,hollow. I log G *lankâ Lombard lanca (river bed) Vaudois lanche (steep strip of meadow) Savoyard lanche (rock chimney) LONOS m. blackbird. I lon LORGOS m. club. I lorg W llwrw B lorc’henn (shaft) OC lorch LORGIÛ f. shin. OI lurga I lorga MW llorf W llorp LORGOS m. track. I lorg W llwrw B war lerc’h C lergh G *lorgos Basque lorratz LOSKÄNDOS cf ROSKÄNDOS LOUDIÂ f. lead (metal). I luaidhe (cf Germanic LAUDA-) LOUGOS m. chaff. OI lóch cf LUNGET LOUKARIS f. rush, sedge. I luachair LOUKOS black, dark. OI lóch W llug LOUTOS swift, fast. I luath (abstract: luas) cf LUWETRO, KOKSOLOUTOS LOUTUS m. ash. I luaith W lludw B ludu LOWANON n. provisions for journey. I lón cf LUWETRO LOWATRON n. basin. OI loathar I lothar MB louazr B laouer (trough) OBr Lavatris Lavatres cf LOWOLOWATRON LOWENOS happy. W llawen C lowen B laouen. From *ROWENOS? LOWERNOS m. fox. OI Loarn W llywarn B louarn C lowarn LOWERNÂKOS m. man’s name. OBr Lovernaci LOWERNIOS m. man’s name. OBr Lovernii G Λουερνιος (Strabo) LOWERNOKÛ m. man’s name. OI Loar(n)chú LOWION ni. flipper. OI lue (kick, foot) LOWOS m. fleece. I ló cf ARELOWOS LOWOLOWATRON n. place name. G *Lovolovtron LLat. Lovolautrum Fr Vollore cf LOWATRON LOWOS m. flow of water. OI ló cf LUWETRO LOWÂ f. flow of water, river name. OI ló g. lua I Laoi g. Lua LUBIS f. herb. I luibh LUBIGORTOS m. herb garden. OI lubgort W lluarth B liorzh C lowarth LUBÎT loves. G lubitus (they loved) LUBNÂ f. thong, leash. OI loman LUBROS infirm, leprous. I lobhar W llwfr (coward) B lovr cf I lobhadh (to rot) LUDE he went. OI luid cf TÊGET LUGON LUGION n. oath. I luighe W llw B le LUGNON n. rump, haunch. OI lón luan LUGRÂ f. the bright one, moon. W lloer B loar LUGAT- ? moon. W lleuad cf WOLUGUS LUGOBEROS m. light, light bearer. W lleufer

LUGUS m. the storm god. I Lugh W Lleu G Lugus Lugoves LUGUBELINOS m. man’s name. W Llywelyn LUGUDEKS m. man’s name. I Lughaidh Og Lugudec(a) Lugudeccas LUGUDÛNON n. place name. G Λουγδοuνον (Strabo) Λουγοδοuνον (Ptolemy) Fr Lyon Occ. Mont-Lesun Dutch Leiden LUGUMARKOS m. man’s name. W Llywarch LUGUNIOS m. tribal name. Og mucoi Luguni I Luighne LUGUQRITUS m. man’s name. Og Luguuqrit OI Luccraid LUGUSELWÂ f. woman’s name. G Luguselva LUGUTEGERNOS m. man’s name. OI Lugthigern LUGUWALOS m. man’s name. LUGUWALION n. place name (belonging to Luguwalos) OBr Luguvallium OW Caer Ligualid W Caer Llywelydd LUGUWIKS m. man’s name. Og Luguvveca Luguvvec OI g. Lugach LUKAT- ? eye. W llygad B lagad LUKROS corrupt. W llwgr LUKSKET burns. I loisc- loscadh W llosgi B leskiñ C losky LUKSKOS lame. OI losc LUKTON n. ruin, destruction. I lot cf LUNGET LUKTUS m. people, load. I lucht W llwyth G luxtos LUKÛTS G. LUKOTOS m. mouse. I luch g. lochadh W llyg p. llygod B logodenn LUNGET breaks,consumes. OI loingid cf LOUGOS, LUKTON, WO LUNGET sub. (1) LEUKST OI ·lú lusair (2) LUNGÂT OI ·longe W llewa pp. LUKTOS OI fulacht W golwyth LUNGET supports. OI ·loing cf LUGNON, LUKSKOS, EN LUNGET, WO LUNGET sub. LEUKST OI ·ló ·lós fut. LILUKST OI ·lil ·lilus perf. LULOUGE OI ·lolaig pp. LUKTOS OI fulachtae vn. -LOUGON n. LÛS g. LUSOS f. louse. W llau B laou C low LUSMOS bare, plucked. I lom LUSTÂ f. tail, harpoon. I los W llost B lost LUSTÂKORNON n. tail. W llosgwrn LUSTUS m. herb. I lus W llysiau B louzou LUTNOS (< *UTLOS) m. young animal, foal. OI luan W llwdn MB lozn B loen LÛTUS m. energy. I lúth LÛTUMÂROS m. man’s name. G Lutumarus LUWETRO floats, sails, moves. OI lu- cf LEUSKET, LOWANON, LOUTOS, LOWOS, LOWION vn. LUWETON OI lúud I luadh LUWIÂ f. rudder. OI luae LUWOS m. steersman. W llyw B leviañ (to pilot) MADAWOS vain,futile. OI madae OB madau OI i mudu I amugha (astray, wasted) MADIT breaks. OI maidid ·maid sub. MASST OI ·má mai~s fut. MIMASST OI ·mema memais perf. MEMADE OI ·memaid vn. MADMÄN n. I maidhm cf TO MADIT MAGET grows,increases. OI ·formaig cf WER MAGIT

sub. MAKST OI ·torma ·tórmais fut. MAKST OI ·foirmsed aor. MAKT OI ·rormacht pp. MAKTOS OI tórmachte vn. -MAGON n. OI tórmag MAGEROS m. salmon spawn. OI magar MAGERIOS m. young salmon. I maighre MAGIT kneads. W maeddu B mezañ MAKSTRON n. kneading, churning. I maistir (< British) MAKSTRÂ f. dough. G *makstrâ Occ mastra MAGLOS m. prince. OI mál MW,OB mael G Magali (Livy) Magalu cf MAGOMAGLAGNOS m. man’s name. OBr Maglagni Og Maglani W Maelan MAGLOKÛ m. man’s name. Og Maglicunas OBr Maglocune OW Mailcun W Maelgwn MAGLOMATONOS m. man’s name. G Maglomatonio MAGLORÎGS m. man’s name. W Meilyr MAGNOS m. stone. W,B maen MAGO- great. MAGOSOWÂ f. great mother(goddess). I Macha cf SOWIT MAGÛ m. magnate, great man. MW p. maeon MAGOS n. plain. I magh W,C -fa G -magos MAGESTU n. small plain. W maes B mez C mes (field) MAGODÛNON n. place name. G *Magodunon LLat Magdunum Fr Meung MAGOSEDON n. milking yard. I machadh MAGOSERION n. plain. I machaire cf KUNOSERÂ MAGUS m. young man. I mugh (serf) B mao C maw B maouez (woman) C mowes (maiden) MAGUS KOYÎ «X» member of «x» clan. Og mucoi mocoi OI moccu MAGUS DÊWÎ m. servant of god. W meudwy (hermit) MAGUDURNO- p.m. tribal name. OI Mugduirn a. Maugdornu g. Mugdorn MAGUGRÂSSLÂ n.p. male genitals. OI macrall g. macraille I magairle MAGUNÎ f. woman’s name, maiden. AOI Maugin OI Mugain MAGURÎGS m. man’s name. G Magurix MAGUTEGERNOS m. man’s name. OI Mugthigern MAILOS bald. I maol W moel B moal MAILÂ f. cropped head, flat hill. OI mael I maoil W moel MAILAGNOS m. man’s name. Og Mailagni MAKET nourishes. W magu B magañ aor. MAKT W maeth MAKTON n. nourishment. W maeth MAKTRIÛ f. nourishing. W meithrin MAKÎNÂ f. bellows («nourisher»). W megin MAKKOS m. surety, bond. OI macc W mach MAKROS m. finger. I méar MÂLÂT MOLÂT praises. I moladh W moli s3 mawl B meuliñ MALEKS f. eyebrow. I mala g. malach cf LEUKOMALEKS Here? B malvenn malgudenn (eyelid) MALDUKOS m. top, peak I mullach MALENÂ f. high tide. G *malenâ Lat. malina MALENOMORI n. neaptide. I mallmhuir (Proto-Goidelic *MALNOMORI) MAMMÂ f. mother. W mam B mamm MAMMIÂ f. fostermother. I muime buime MANATLON n. sheaf. B malan C manal (cf Lat. manus)

MANAWÎ f. the Isle of Man. OI Mana OBr *Manavô Monapia (Pliny) W Manaw MANAWIYAGNOS m. the Manxman (the sea god). I Manannán (remodelled) W Manawyddan MÄNDON n. place, space. W man MÄNDOSENTUS m. abode. OI mennat mennut g. mendato mennota MÂNIS f. peat bog. I móin W mawn (cf Lat. mânâre) MÄNTÎ f. size. I méid W maint B ment MÄNTOS m. mouth. W mant I mant (< W gap in teeth, gum) MANTRON n. trampling, what is trampled. I mannar (< W) W mathr B mantrañ (to trample) MAQOS m. son. W,B mab Hypocoristic MAQQOS Og maqi maqqi I mac MAQQODAKTÎ f. nubile girl. OI maccdacht MW machteith C maghteth B matez MAQONOS m. god of youth. W Mabon G Mapon(on) (EC 15.178) Hypocoristic MAQQONOS OI Macan Óc (written Mac ind Oc) MARGÂ f. marl. G marga (Pliny) B marg (< G) MARKOS m. horse, steed. I marc W march C marh G markoMARKÂKOS m. horseman. I marcach W marchog B marc’heg MARKODURON n. place name. G in vico Marcoduro (Tacitus) MARKOMAGOS n. place name. G Marcomagus (TP) German Marmagen MARKOMÂROS m. man’s name. G Marcomaro (Marcus Aurelius) MARNET betrays. OI ·mairn cf MERELOS sub. MERÂT OI ·mera aor. MERT OI ·mert vn. MRATON n. OI mrath I brath W brad C bras MÂROS great. OI már I mór W mawr B,C meur G mâroMÂYÛS n. MÂYOS greater, more. OI máo I mó MW moe mwy W mwy B mui C moy cf NEK MÂYOS, DIROMÂRIS here also: OI móir W mor B mar (as great as) MÂROBODWOS m. man’s name. G Maroboduus (Velleius Paterculus) MÂROYALON n. place name. G *Mâroialon Occ Maruèjol MARTOS m. corpse. I mart (slaughtered ox, mortality) cf MARWOS, MORÎNÂ MARWOS dead. I marbh W marw B marv G *marvos (numb) Occ marfi Rumanian marv MARWONATUS m. elegy. I marbhnadh W marwnad MÂTÎR f. mother. I máthair G p.d. matrebo MÂTRIQÎ f. mother’s sister. W modryb MB mozreb B moereb OC modereb MÂTRITAMÂ f. queen bee. W modrydaf MÂTRIWIOS MÂTROWIOS m. mother’s kinsman. OI p. máithre máthra MÂTRONÂ f. mother goddess, river Marne. W Modron G Matrona (Caesar) Fr Marne MÂTÂ f. thumb. W bawd B meud MÂTORÊGON n. thumb ring. W modrwy MATUS good, auspicious. I maith W mad B mat G mat..; m. bear (euphemism: the good one) OI math I mathghamhain MATUGENOS m. man’s name. OI Mathgen MW Madyein G Matugenus MATUMARKOS m. soothsayer («requester of auspicious omen» cf ARKET) OI mathmarc MATWÎT makes good, forgives. I maitheamh W maddau (< I) MAZDIOS m. stick. I maide Here? OI madan (club) ME, first person singular personal pronoun. N. not attested A. ME (1) autonomous. I mé W mi C my B me (2) verbal object. OI,W,C,B -m (3) prepositional object. OI -m W,C -f MB -ff B -n

(1) indirect verbal object. OI -m (2) prepositional object. OI -m W,C -f MB -ff B -n G. MEME W fy, -m OW mi B ma va -m C ow -m MEWE I mo; (stressed) OI muí MW meu MEDITRO judges, estimates. OI ·midethnr cf MODOS sub. MESSETRO OI ·mestar fut. MIMESSETRO OI ·miastar ·messur (< Proto-GoideIic *MIWESSETRO) perf. MÎDER OI ·mídir pp. MESSOS OI messe vn. MESSUS m. I meas (judgement) W cymes (measure, due) -MESSIÛ f. cf AD MEDITRO, ARE MEDITRO, EKS MEDITRO, KON MEDITRO, RO MEDITRO, TO MEDITRO, WO MEDITRO MEDAMÛ m. judge. OI medam MEDRÂ f, a measure. I meadar (churn) MEDÂ f. weight, balance. I meadh W medd Here also: W meddwl (thought) meddu (possess, be able, rule, control) MEDIOS middle. OI mid- G medioMEDAMOS middlemost. G (name) Medamus MEDIÂ f. midlands of Ireland. I Midhe MEDIOSAMINON n. midsummer month (June). I meitheamh OI mithem g. mithemon W mehefin B mezheven MEDOSESSUS m. noman’s land between two tribal territories. OI methas MEDOGNON n. middle. I meadhón MW mywn W mewn MÊDIOS m. lower part of neck. I méidhe MÊDON n. honour, dignity. I miadh cf MOIDIT MEDRI n. merriment, chatter. I meadhar (remodelled) MEDU n. mead. I miodh W medd B mez MEDWÂ f. the Intoxicator (the mother goddess in role of king’s bride) I Meadhbh MEDWÂKOS m. river name. G Meduacus (Livy) MEDWONÂ f. goddess of drunkenness, river name. G *Medwoná Meduâna(Lucan), de (abus) Vercane et Medune Fr Mayenne MEDWOS drunk. Og Medvvi OI medb W meddw B mezv MELDÂ f. sport, delight. OI Mellbretha (Sports judgements) Mag Meld (Plain of delights) cf MLIDNOS, MLIDUS MELDÂKOS delightful. OI meldach MELDÂT seduces, beguiles. I mealladh MELDENÂ f. thunder. W mellten (p. mellt - back formation) MELET grinds. OI ·meil I meil- W malu B malan sub. MELÂT OI ·melat aor. MELT OI milt ·melt vn MLITÂ f. OI bleth mlith -MELTÂ f. MELÄNTÎ f. a grinder. I meilit (worn, blunted instrument) cf KON MELET, MLÂTON, MOLOS, TO MELET, WO MELET MELGOS n. milk. OI melg cf MLIGET MELI n. honey. I mil W,B mel MELIKUBROS m. bear («honey-lover»). OI milchobor MELIKKÛ g. MELIKKUNOS m. man’s name. OI Miliuc g. Milcon MELINOS honey-coloured. yellow. W melyn B melen G *Melina (river) LLat Melina German Mehlenbach MELISSOS sweet, honeyed. I milis W melys B milis G Melissus f. Melissa der. Meliððius MELISWEKSMORION n. sweet clover. G *melisveksmorion μερισειμoριoν (Dioscorides) cf SWEKSMORÂ



MELITIONES p.m. clover. W meillion B melchen (British *MELTIONES) MELITOMAGOS n. place name. G *Melitomagos Μελιτoμαγησιoς (Diocletian) MEMBLÂ f. shame. I meabhal W mefl C meul (cf Gk μεμφoμαι) MÊNÂ f. mine. I mian W mwyn G *míná Fr mine Occ.Cat. mina MENDOS clear. OI meann MENDU n. a sign. I mionn (diadem, heirloom, sign) MÊNIS MÎNIS soft, delicate. I mín W mwyn B moan MENMENS g. MENMENOS m. mind. OI menmae g. menman I meanma Here: W menwyd (mind) MENMANDÛTO- p.m. a group of gods. G Menmandutis MENDET wishes. W mynnu B mennout cf DEDET, MONITRO MÊNON n. wish, sake. I mian W mwyn MÊNOGUSTUS m. eager desire. I mianghus MENTLÂ p.n. guts. I méadal W methl (snare, entanglement) (cf Lat. mentula) MENUS small. OI min menb I mion cf W difanw B minvig MÊQOS n. bushel. I miach MERELOS treacherous. cf MARNET MERELIÂ f. treachery, robbery. I meirle MERGIS f. rust. I meirg B mergl (< I?) MERKÂ f. lass. W merch B merc’h MERTENÂ f. weariness. OI merten mertan MERUS insipid. I meirbh W merw MESALÂ f. blackbird. W mwyalch B moualc’h OC moelh I smólach smaolach (< W) MESSUS m. cf MEDITRO, METET MESSUGENOS m. man’s name. G Medugenus MESSUGNÂTOS m. man’s name. G Meddugnatus METET reaps. W medi B mediñ cf TOMESSON vn. MESSUS m. harvest. I meas W mes METELÂ f. reaping band. I meitheal W medel B mevel OC midil MÊTUS m. sap. W mwyd I méith (fat, fruitful) MÎKNON n. lip. OI mén (mouth) W,B min C myn (snout) MIKSKET mixes. I meascadh measc (drunk) W mysgu B meskañ MIKTNOS m. root. I meacan MÎLON n. animal. I míol W mil MINÂ f. meal,flour. I mean min MINOYUTÂKÂ f. meal gruel. OI menadach cf YUTUS MINAT makes fast, fixes. OI ·tuidmen sub. MIYÂT OI ·dime aor. MÎT OI ·demi pp. MITOS OI tuidmithi vn. -MIYON n. OI tuidme cf DÎ MINAT MINAT passes. W tremynu MB tremen C tremena pp. MITOS MITON n. decay (failure). I meath W methu (< I fail) B mezh (< I shame) MITODIOS cowardly. I meata MINAWITS m. awl. I meanadh W mynawyd B minaoued MÎNS g. MÎNSOS m. month. I mí g. míos W mis B miz G mid midx (Eriu 10.39) MÎRÄN n. piece, measure. I mír MIROS crazy. I mear MIROGUSTUS m. man’s name. OI Mergus MIROSWELOS m. mind-wandering, a crazy course. I mearbhall mearathall (< * mearfall)

MISTÂ f. fosterling, beloved of. OI mess MISUKAROS kindly, affable. OI micha(i)r MI(S) badly. I míMI(S)KLEWOS n. ill-fame. OI mélae (shame) MISSUGNÂKÂ f. barren cow. W myswynog MISWIRIS unmanly. OI mifir (fainthearted) MIZGOS m. whey. I meadhg W maidd OB meid G *mizgos Fr mêgue Occ mergue MLASTON n. taste. OI mlas I,W blas MLÂTIS weak,soft. OI mláith (abstract: mlás) I bláith B blod (Celtica 1O.151) MLÂTON n. flour. W blawd OC blot B bleud G *bláton Fr blé Occ.Cat. blat cf MELET MLÂTOBOLGOS m. grain sack. MLÂTOBOLGION n. place name. OBr *Blátobolgion Blatobulgio MLÂTOMAGOS n. place name. G *Blatomagos LLat Blatomago Fr Blond MLIDNOS m. groin. OI mlén I bléan cf MELDÂ MLIDUS delicate, soft. W blydd B ble (Celtica 1O.151) MLIGET milks. OI ·mlig cf MELGOS, UKS MLIGET pres. MLOGIT OI bluigid sub. MELKST OI ·tuinmell perf. MEMLOGE OI memlaig pp. MLIKTOS OI mlecht I bleacht W blith (milch) vn. MLIGONÂ f. I bleaghan MLIKTUS m. OI blicht g. mlechta (milk) MODOS m. work, measure. OI mod cf MEDITRO MOGETIOS mighty. G Marti Mogetio cf MOKTIOS MOGONTS mighty, powerful. G deo Mogonti MOGONTÎ f. mighty, powerful. G deae Mogontiae MOGONTIÂKON n. placename. G Mogontiacum German Mainz MOIDIT boasts, declares. I maoidh- vn maoidheamh cf MÊDON MOILOS blunt. I maol W mul (simpleminded, dim) MOINIS f. treasure, gift, goods. I maoin cf DÎMOINIS MOITOS soft. I maoth (abstract: maos) MOKKÛ f. pig. I muc W moch G deo Mercur(io) Mocco MOKKIATIS m. swineherd. OI muicid muccaid I muicidhe W meichiad I (tribal name) Corca Muichead (< W) MOKS soon. OI mos·,mo I moch (< W) W moch MOKTIOS mighty. OI mochta cf MOGETIOS MOLÂT cf MÂLÂT MOLOS m. grinder. I mol (axle hub) cf MELET MOLTOS m. wether. I molt W mollt B maout C mols G *moltos Fr mouton Occ. motón Cat. moltó MOLU n. lump. OI mul MONAQO- p.m. tribal name. I Monaigh G Menapii For G dialectal E for O after labial cf BOLGO- WORETOMÂROS MONGÂ f. mane. I mong W mwng B moue cf MONIS MONÂS n.f. omen, portent. I mana cf MONITRO MONIS f. neck. I muin W mwn cf MONGÂ MONIKLON n. neck. I muinéal W mynwgl MONION n. mountain pass. W mynydd C meneth B menez SG monadh (< W) MONISAGÎNÂ f. reliance, dependence («neck-seeking»). I muinighin cf SAGIT MONITRO remembers,recalls. OI ·muinethar sub. MENÂTRO OI ·mentar perf. MEMNER OI ·ménair pp. MÄNTOS OI nephtoimtiu

MONUTERÂ f. family, dependents. I muintear (cf Sk manu¿- man) MORGIT troubles,saddens. I mairg (alas for) OI mairg Ultu (alas for the Ulaidh!) OI moircc damsa (alas for me!) vn. MORGETUS m. I morgadh (decay, corruption) B morc’hed C moreth (sadness,trouble) MORGETUYOUDOS m. man’s name. OW Morgetiud Margetiud W Maredudd MORI n. sea. I muir W,B,C mor G moriMORIDÛNON n. place name. OBr Moridûnon Μαριδouνoν (Ptolemy) W Caerfyrddin MORIITUS m. estuary, inlet of sea, water. W moryd cf ITOS MORIKAMBÂ f. place name. OBr Μορικαμβη (Ptolemy) MORIMAGOS n. sea marsh. I muirbheach murbhach W morfa MORINOS maritime, m. tribal name. G Morini (Caesar) MORISESKÂ f. sea sedge. W moresg MORISKÂ f. coastal plain. OI muiresc MORITÊGS m. sailor. OBr moritex W mordwy (sea voyage) B merdeiñ (to sail) MORITIKTÂ f. sea voyage. W mordaith cf TÊGET MORI- young man. (cf Sk. marya- Gk μειραξ) MORIBRANOS m. man’s name. OI Murbran MORIDUBROS m. man’s name. OI Muirdebar MORIGALÂ f. man’s name. OI Murgal Muirgel MORIGENOS m. man’s name. OI Murgen OW Morgen MORIGUSTUS m. man’s name. OI Muirgius MORIGNÂ f. virgin, damsel. OI muirenn W morwyn C moren MORIKATUS m. man’s name. I Murchadh MORISAGS m. person in charge, headman. OI muire I muireach MORISAGÎNÂ f. burden, charge. I muirighean MORITAZGOS m. a god. G Moritasgus MORIWOROS m. troop, household, charge. I muirear cf WORÎNÂ MORIYOUDÂKOS m. master, lord, personal name. I Muireadhach MORIYOUDOS m. man’s name. OW Moriud MORÎNÂ f. spear. OI muirenn MORORÎGONÂ f. death goddess. I Moirríoghan MORWIS f. ant. OI moirb W mywion myrion B merien C muryon MORWIKROUKÂ f. ant heap. W morgrug MORYÊTS f. thigh. W morddwydd B morzhed OC morboit (read *mordoit) MRAKNOS rotten. I bréan W braen B brein MRAKIS f. malt. OI mraich W brag I braich G bracem MRAKUS m. swamp, morass. G *brakus Italian braco Occ.Cat. brac Fr brai MRAKNÂ f. rotten, swampy place. G *brakna Cat. braina Galician, Asturian braña MRAKNOAROS m. fallow field. I bréanar W braenar B breinar G *brakn(o)aros Occ. (Gascon) branar MRIKTOS speckled. OI mrecht I breacht W brith B brizh OC bruit MRIKTORETON n. variety, confusion. OI mrechtrad W brithred MROGIS m. land. OI mruig I brugh W bro G brogi- brogae MROGIMÂROS m. man’s name. G Brogimarus MROGITARWOS m. man’s name. G *Brogitarvos Βρογιtαrος MUDROS dark, dingy, dirty. I modar- modartha MÛKO- lump.


MÛKODURNOS m. ankle, wrist. OI mu(g)dorn W migwrn MUKON MÛKON n. smoke. I much W mwg B mog (fire) moged (smoke) C mok I múchadh W mogi mygu B moukañ (to suffocate) MUKTOS weak. OI mocht W mwyth MUNET vn MUNETUS m. moves,goes. W myned B mont MÛNOS m. piss. I mún MÛRON n. great number. OI mur (cf Gk μυριοι) MÛSKOS m. mouse. MÛSKORÎGION n. tribal name. I Múscraighe MUTOS m. penis, male principle. I moth (cf Lat. Mutunus) cf TUTOS Here? Occ.(Provençal) mòti (penis). MUTRON n. wooded swamp. I mothar NABOS m. lord. W naf (JCS 2.2f) (cf Sk nâbhi-) NÂMANTS m. enemy. I námha g. námhad NÂMANTIOS m. man’s name. G Namantius NÂMANTOBOGIOS m. man’s name. G Namantobogi (Eriu 27.3ff) NANI f. granny. W nain NÄNTIS f. battle. I Néid (war god) G nanti- (Eriu 27.14) NÄNTIGALÂ f. man’s name. OI Nétgal NÄNTUS m. valley. W,B nant C nans G nantus Savoyard nant NÄNTUATÎS p.m. valley dwellers, tribal name. G Nantuates (Caesar) Lat. *Vallenses (translation) Fr Valais NÂROS susceptible to shame. OI nár (cf Hittite nahsara-) NASKET joins. OI ·naisc B naskañ cf ARE NASKET, NETSAMOS, WO NASKET sub. NASST OI ·na ·nais fut. NINASST OI ·nenais perf. NENASKE (for *NENADE) OI nenaisc pp. NASSOS OI immainse vn. NADMÄN n. I naidhm (joint) snaidhm (knot) NASKON n. I nasc B nask (link, joint) NATRIS f. snake. I nathair W neidr p. nadredd MB nazr B naer C nader NATUS m. shout. I nath (poem) W nad cf MARWONATUS NÂWÂ f. ship, vessel, trough. OI náu G nava (gorge) NÂWIÂ f. shallow wooden bowl. W noe B nev NE- negative prefix. CI neNE, negative particle, found in the following combinations: (1) NE SO DE who not ·NE SO DE ·QRINAT OI nad·chren (who does not buy) ·NE SO DE ·BERET OI nad·beir (who does not bring) With s3 n. pronoun object NE SO DE is replaced by NEK: ·NEK E ·BERET OI nach·beir (who does not bring it) (2) NE YOM DE how not, that not. ·NE YOM DE SÛS ·TOBIBRISETO OI nanda·tibérad (that he would not give them) When there is no pronoun object, OI shifts the nasalisation forward to the verb: ·NE YOM DE ·BIYÂT OT *nand·bia > nad·mbia (that there will not be) NÊBÂ f. vigour, brightness. I niamh OI niab W nwyf cf NOIBOS NÊBOREYOS n. bright sky. W nwyfre (firmament) cf REYOS NEK NEQE nor. OI na I ná CI necue NEK, prohibitive particle (do not,lest not). This corresponds in function to Latin ne. NEK ·BERE OI na·beir (do not bring)

·NEK E ·BERE OI nach·beir (do not bring it) ·NEK SNÎS ·W(O)ADGABI OI nán·facaib (do not leave us) ·NEK EM ·GABITO OI (con)nách·gabad (lest it seize him) On the basis of s3m,n nach Old Irish formed new combinations with pronoun objects (nachan· for nán· etc.). The British forms are W na(g) na(c) B na(g) In Irish partly and in British wholly, NEK and its derivatives replace NE SO DE (see above under NE). NEK MÂYOS only («and not more»). OI nammá I amháin MW namwyn W namyn NEKTÎ f. niece. OI necht W nith B niz OC noit NEKTONOS m. a god, a man’s name. I Neachtan Pictish Naiton OW Neithon (cf Sk, Av. Apâm napât- Celtica 6.38) NEMÄN n. poison. I neimh neimhneach (poisonous) NEMONÂ f. wife of the wargod. OI Neman NEMETON n. sacred grove. I neimheadh MW nyfet G νεμητoν NEMETÂKON, n. place name. G Νεμετακoν (Ptolemy) cf DRUNEMETON NEMETAWO- p.m. tribal name. CI Νεμεταυων (Ptolemy) NEMETOBRIGS f. place name. CI Νεμετoβριγα (Ptolemy) NEMETODURON n. place name. G *Nemetoduron LLat. Nemetodero Fr. Nanterre NEMETONÂ f. goddess. I Neimhtheann (a mountain) G Marti et Nemetonae NEMOS n. sky. I neamh W nef B neñv NEMESOTÊGS m. going to heaven. OI nimidech neimedach cf TÊGET NEROS m. boar, male. OI ner W ner (lord) NERIOS m. a god. G Nerio deo, fontes Nerii NERIOMAGOS n. place name. G *Neriomiagos Neriomagienses NEQOS someone. I neach W neb NEQ something. I ni The vocalism in Irish is perturbed (crossing with OI a n-í) NEQOTEROS one of two. I neachtar cf MW nebawt (anyone) B nebeud (a little) C nebes (something) NERTON n. strength. I neart W,C nerth B nerzh G nerto- cf EKSNERTIS NERTOBRIGS f. place name. CI Νερτoβριγα (Ptolemy) NERTOMÂROS n. man’s name. I neartmhar (strong) G Nertomari NERTOWALOS m. man’s name. G Nertovali NÊSTLOS m. man’s name. I Niall NÊSTLOGUSTUS m. man’s name. OI Niallgus NETSAMOS nearest. OI nessam W nesaf B nesañ C nessa G neððamon (EC 13.54) cf NASKET NÊTUS m. emotion, passion. W nwyd cf NEYETS NEUDONTS m. the wind god. I Nuadha g. Nuadhad OI (variant) Luadat W Nudd Lludd OBr Nodenti Nodonti Nudente NEUSSUS m. beestings. W nus OI nús (< W) cf NOUDÂ, NUDÂ, NUDELOS NEÛTS g. NEOTOS m. nephew. Og niott(a) OI niae g. niath nioth W nai B ni p. nied OC noi NEWÄN NAWÄN nine. I naoi W naw B nav NEWÄN DEKÄN, NEWÄN ... DEKÄNQE nineteen. I naoi... déag OW naunec- B naontek C nawnzack NEUMETOS ninth. OI nómad W nawfed B naved C nawas G naumetos NEUKONTES ninety. I nócha g. nóchad NEWÄNDINON n. nine days. OI noínden NEWÄNWIRON n. nine men. OI nónbor (remodelled) NEWE or. I nó W neu NEWET vn NEWETUS m. -NOWON n. proclaims, makes public. OI nóith-ium noad

cf AD NEWET, ATE NEWET, TRAGUNOWOS NEWIDÛS g. NEWIDUSOS m. ignorant, innocent. I naoidhe g. naoidhean (infant) NEWIOS new. OI nue I nua SG nodha W newydd B nevez G nevio- novioNEWIODÛNON. place name. G Noviodunum (Caesar) Νοουιοδοuνον (Ptolemy) Fr Nouan NEWIOMAGOS n. place name. G Noviomago (IA) Νουιομαγος (Ptolemy) Fr Noyon NEWÎT vn. NEWÎTUS m. renews, exchanges. W newid NEYÄNTIS stingy, mean. I neoid cf YÄNTUS NEYET vn -NIYON n. cooks. OI ·fonither fuine cf WO NEYET NEYETS m. warrior. Og neta netta OI nie nia g. neth niath niad cf NÊTUS NI down (preverb). NÎ not. I ní W ni B ne C ny NIDÂ f. river name. W Nedd NI DET vn NIDON n. puts down, goes down. WO NIDET vn WONIDON n. sets (sun). I fuin- fuineadh ARE WONIDET vn AREWONIDON n. lowers, takes down. OI ta·n-aurnat do·fairnitís tairniud tairinnud TO WONIDET vn. TOWONIDON n. comes down. OI toined NIGIT washes. OI ·nig I nighsub. NÊKST OI ·nestá fut. NINIKST OI ·ninus perf. NENOIGE OI ·nenaig pp. NIKTOS OI necht (pure) W nithio B nizañ (to winnow) vn. NIGIÂ f. I nighe -NIGON n. cf ÄNDONIGÄNTION, DÎ NIGIT, UKS NIGIT, WO NIGIT NI GODIT vn NIGEDIÂ f. prays. ARE NIGODIT vn ARENIGEDIÂ f. id. OI ar·neget irnigde ernaigde I urnaidhe NIGLOS m. cloud. I néal NIKSON n. wound. OI ness W nych (pining) B nec’h (anxiety) NINATIS f. nettle. OI nenaid g. nento I neantóg SG deanntag W danadl B linad OC linhat (ZCP 33.24) NI SEDET vn NISODIÂ f. sits, awaits. OI ·neat sub. NI SEDÂT OI ·nethe pp. NISESSOS AD NISEDET waits for, is next in line. T(O)ADNISESSIOS second in line, second. OI tánaise I tánaiste ÄNDE NISEDET vn ÄNDENISODIÂ f. expects. OI ad·neot indnide ARE NISEDET vn ARENISODIÂ f. expects, attends to. OI ar·neat irnaide TO NISEDET vn. TONISODIÂ f. is due. OI ta·neat ·tuinither I tuinidhe (a holding, possession) NI STÂYET vn NISTÂMUS m. steps down onto. OI ·nessa AD NISTÂYET vn ADNISTÂMUS m. accuses. OI áinsem KON NISTÂYET vn KONNISTÂMUS m. tramples, condemns OI con·nessa comainsem DÎ NISTÂYET vn DÎNISTÂMUS m. despises. OI du·nessa dínsem TO NISTÂYET vn TONISTÂMUS m. walks, steps, crushes. OI do·nessa tuinsem WER NISTÂYET kicks,treads,accuses. OI for·nessa NÎTIS f. battle. OI níth cf NÊTUS NÎTIGALÂ f. man’s name. OI Níthgal NIZDOS m. nest. I nead W nyth B neizh C neith NOIBOS holy,good. OI noeb I naomh cf NÊBÂ NOKTS f. night. OI innocht I anocht MW henoeth W heno B henozh fenozh (tonight) MW

peunoeth(every night) NOKTIÊR- last night. MW neithiwyr W neithiwr B neizheur C nehuer NOKTOS naked. I nocht W noeth B noazh C noyth NOUDÂ f. swampy ground. G *naudâ Pr noue Occ nausa cf NUDÂ NOWÄNION n. hunger, fast. OI naunae núna noeine W newyn B naoun NU imperfective introductive particle. OI no W neu (remodelled) NUDÂ f. sap, juice. W nodd cf NEUSSUS, NOUDÂ NUDELOS juicy. NUDELÂKÂ f. milch cow, cow after calving. OI nuidlech NUQE and yet. I noch OBNÂ f. fear. I omhan W ofn B aon cf EKSOBNIS, TRISOBNIS ODET lends. OI oides ·odur sub. OSST OI ·o ·ois perf. OODE OI ·uaid pp. OSSOS OI oissi vn. ODNÂ f. OI ón úan I uain ODION n. journey. OI uide ODOKOS m. dwarf elder. G odocos (Marcellus) Occ. olegue OGMIOS m. a god. OI Ogma G Ογμιος (Lucian) OGNOS m. lamb. I uan W oen B oan C on OGOS n. egg. I ogh W wy B vi C oy OGUIS f. worm. W euod (worms in sheep) OI preverb. cf Ê OIBÂ f. beauty. I aobh OIBELÂ f. spark. I aoibheall W ufel (JCS 1.133f) OIDÎ f. attention, care. I úidh aoidh cf WODÊTUS OIDUGÂ f. milch cow. OI aídech OIGÎTS m. traveller. I aoighe g. aoigheadh OINOS one. I aon W,B,C un OINOS DEKÄN, OINOS ... DEKÄNQE eleven. I aon .. déag MW undec B unnek C ednack OINOGUSTUS m. man’s name. I Aonghus MW Unwst OINOTAMOS single. OI oentam (unmarried) MB eintaff B intañv (widower) OINOTÛTS m. oneness, unity. OI oentu g. oentad OISFERNÂ f. ankle. OI odbrann adbrann (for *oebarn crossed with OZBOS q.v.) W uffarn ucharn OITOS m. oath. OI oeth W anudon (perjury) OKETÂ f. harrow. W,B oged OKROS m. side, edge. OI ocha(i)r I i bhfochair (next to) W ochr (< I) OKTÛ eight. I ocht W wyth B eizh C eath OKTÛ DEKÄN, OKTÛ .. DEKÄNQE eighteen. I ocht .. déag B eizdek C eatag OKTÛMETOS eighth. I ochtmhadh W wythfed B eizhvet C eathas G oxtumetos OKTÛMOKONTES eighty. I ochtmhogha g. ochtmhoghad OKTUS g. OKTUSOS n. breast. I ucht OLÊNÂ f. wheel. W olwyn cf Occ.(Gascon) òlia (wheel rut) OLÎNÂ f. elbow. OI uilen I uilleann W elin B ilin OC elin OLIOS all. I uile. OLKÂ f. arable land. G olca OFr ouche Occ. olca Galician olga OLKOS bad. I olc OLLOS all (Goidelic: big, great) I oll W holl G ollon (EC 15.184) OLLODAGOS m. man’s name. G Ollodag(i)

OLLOGNÂTOS m. man’s name. G Ollognatus OLLOSAMOS the greatest. OI ollam OLLOSAMÛ m. chief (in poetry etc.) I ollamh g. ollamhan OLLOWIKS m. man’s name. G Olloviconis filius OMOS raw. I omh W of OMIYON n. copper. I umha W efydd ONDOS n. stone, rock. OI ond g. uinde ONGOS m. lament. OI ong ONO- water. cf ENÂKON ONOKÛ g. ONOKUNOS m. water hound, otter. I onchú ONOSWESSIS f. breathing under water. OI onfaig ONOS m. blame, shame. OI on cf ANAT OQOLOS m. maple. G *opolos LLat. opulus ORBION n. inheritance. OI orbe ORBIOS m. man’s name. G Orbius ORBIOGENOS m. man’s name. OW Urbgen W Urien ORBIOTALUS m. man’s name. OBr Orbiotal(us) ORDOS m. hammer, sledge hammer. I ord W gordd B horz ORDOWIKES p.m. tribal name. OBr Ordovices ORDÛ g. ORDENOS m. thumb. OI ordu g. ordan I ordóg ORGET slays, strikes. OI ·oirg OB orgiat sub. ORRT (for *ORKST) OI ·orr ·oir fut. IARRT (for *IARKST) OI ·íur íuras aor. ORT OI ·ort pp. ORTOS OI ·ort ortae vn. ORGENÂ f. OI orcun g. oircne I argain W -orn ORGETIOS m. man’s name. G Orgetius ORGETORÎGS m. man’s name. G Orgetorix (Caesar) cf ÄMBI ORGET, ARE ORGET, EKS ORGET, TO ORGET, DONIORGENÂ ORGIS f. testicle. OI (dual?) uirge ORKOS m. pig. OI orc (young pig) ORKO- n.m. place name (Orkney islands) Og Orcades (Pliny) I Inse Orc SG Arcaibh ORKÛ f. ORKENOS f. calf of leg. OI orcuin I orca p. oircne OROS m. edge,border. OI,W or (cf Lat. ora) cf AREORON OSNOS m. ash tree. W,C onnen B onnenn OSNESTÛ g. OSNESTÛNOS f. ash tree. OI uinnius g. uindsenn I fuinseog cf WERESTÛ OTIKOS m. householder. OI aithech OTIT makes fall. W odi (throw, snow) OUKSU above. I uas ós W uch W uwch C ugh B uc’h (TO OUKSU above OI tuas I thuas) with personal pronouns OUKSU MOI OI uasum OUKSU SNÎS OI uasunn OUKSU TOI OI uasut OUKSU TÛ OI uaso OUKSU YOBIS OI ósib OUKSU YAI OI uaise OUKSAMOS highest. W uchaf OUKSAMÂ f. place name. CI Uxama Castilian Osma OUKSISAMÂ f. place name. G Uxisama Fr Ouessant OUKSELOS high, noble. I uasal W uchel B uhel C huhel OUKSELON n. place name. OBr Ουξελλον (Ptolemy) OUKSELODÛNON n. place name. G Uxellodunum OUKTEROS upper. I uachtar (upper part) OWINON n. foam. OI auen I uan W ewyn B eon

OWIS f. sheep. OI oí OWIGARIOS m. shepherd. OI augaire oegaire I aoghaire OWÎKÂ f. ewe. W ewig (hind) OWILOGOS m. sheep’s dropping. I aoileach (dung) OWIMELGON n. Spring Day (2 February) OI oimelc OWISISQÎ f. ewe that has not given birth. OI oïsc óisc I fóisc SG othaisg OZBOS m. knob, lump, knot in wood. OI odb I fadhb W oddf (cf Gk οσφuς hip) QALATRON n. spear, beam. W paladr QANÂ whence? OI can W pan cf QÊ QANÎ when? OI cuin W pan G ponc (EC 15.184) cf QÊ QÄNSSOS tormented, tortured. OI ·céssim I céasadh (suffer, torment) QÂQOS each, every. OI cach I cách gach W pawb pob bob B pep C pup QÂQOTEROS either of two. I ceachtar cf NEQOTEROS QARIOS m. cauldron. I coire W pair B,OC per G *parios Occ. pairòl Basque pertz QARIATÎS p.m. tribal name. G * Qariatís Quarites (Pliny) Occ. Cairàs QARIT does, makes, causes. W peri par- cf QRITÂ, QRITUS QÂRON n. pasture. I pór (seed < W) W pawr B peuriñ (to graze) (cf Av. cahra- pasture) QARRÂ f. spear. OI carr W par QASTÂ f. cough. I casachtach W pas peswch B,C paz QÂTIS f. chaff. I cáith -QE and. OI -ch (Celt. 5.77ff) G -c (EC 15.151) CI -cue L -pe (EC 12.43O) QÊ who? I cia W pwy B piv C pyw cf OI coich (whose?) QANÂ, QANÎ, QI(D), KU QÊ whither? OI cia cf QÊ QELLÂT vn -QELLON n. goes round. OI ·chela ·ciallathar cf ÄMBI QELLÂT, ARE QELLÂT, QOLÛ QELÂ f. ball. W pel B pell I peil (< W) QELLOS distant. W,C,B pell QELLIGNOS m. stranger. G pelign(on) (EC 15.18O) QENKTUS m. desert, open space. W paith QENNON n. head. I ceann W,B penn G penno- cf ENQENNION, ENIQENNI QENNON LOKOUS n. head of the lake, place name. G *pennon lokous Penno lucos (TP) Penne locos (IA) Penno locus(Rav) QENNOBRIGS f. place name. G *Pennobrigá LLat. Penobria Pennobrias Penobrias QENNOGALÂ f. a pressing. OI cenngal MW pennyal QENNORÊGON n. filIet, halter. I ceannrach MW penrwy QENNOWINDOS white-headed. I ceanann W penwyn G πεννοοuινδος QENNOWINDOSTUS m. place name. I Ceanannas QENNÂ f. cliff. Occ.(Gascon) pena Cat. penya QENNÎT decides, settles. I cinneadh QENQE five. I cúig OI cóic W pump MW pymp B pemp G pempeQENQETOS fifth. I cúigeadh OW pimphet W pumed B pempet C pympes G pinpetos QENQE DEKÄN, QENQE ... DEKÄNQE fifteen. I cúig ... déag W pymtheg B pemzek C pymthek QENQEKONTES > QENQONTES fifty. OI cóica I caoga g. caogad MW pymwnt QENQEDOLÂ f. plant name («five leaves») G *pempedolâ πομπεδουλα QERTIS f. bush. OI ceirt cuert queirt (Ogham letter Q) I scairt W perth QÊRÂ f. a goddess. Og moco(i) Qerai OI moccu Chiara QÊRORÎGION n. tribal name. I Ciarraighe QESET weeps. OI ciid (cf Lat. querre) sub. QESÂT OI · cia

fut. QIQESST OI cichit perf. QEQOSE OI ciich cích (< Proto-Goidelic *QESOQE) vn. QOSÂ f. I caoi QÊSLÂ f. sense, understanding. I ciall W pwyll B poell cf QISET QÊSLÂTRO vb. OI ·ciallathar ·chellamar cf ARE QÊSLÂTRO, KON QÊSLÂTRO, WO QÊSLÂTRO QETET complains. W arbed cf ARE QETET pp. QESSOS OI ceis- (complains) QETWORES four. M. N. QETWORES OI cethair I ceathair W pedwar B pevar C peswar A. QETWORÂS I ceithre G. QETURON? D. QETUROBIS? N. NA. QETWORÂ? OI cethir F. N. QETESORES OI cethéoir W pedair C,B peder A. QETESORÂS OI cethéora G. QETESRON? D. QETESRIBIS? QETWORES DEKÄN, QETWORES ... DEKÄNQE fourteen. I ceathair .. déag B pevarzek C puzwarthack QETWORIOS fourth. W pedwerydd B pevare C peswere G petuar(ios) QETWORIÂ f. place name. OBr Petuaria QETRUKONTES forty. OI cethorcha I ceathracha QETRUDEKAMETOS fourteenth. G petrudecameto QETRUEDS m. quadruped, cattle. OI cethir p. cethre QETRUDINASTUS m. four days. OI cethardenus QETRUKORIO- p.m. tribal name. G Petrucorii (Caesar) Occ. Peiregós QETRUROTOM n. fourwheeled cart. G *petruroton Lat. petorritum cf W pedryfan pedryollt QEZDIS f. bit, piece. I cuid W peth B pez (thing) G pettis LLat pettia Fr pièce Occ.Cat. peça I pit (vulva) SG pett (piece of land) (< British PETTIS) QEZDODIOS m. pet. I peata (< British) QI(D) what? OI ci ce cf QÊ QI ARE why? OI cair QID EST what is? OI cid ced QID SENT what are? OI cis QINUTS m. fault, liability. I cion g. cionadh QISET sees. OI ad·ci I do chí cf AD QISET, AREQISTÂ, EN QISET, QÊSLÂ sub. QISÂTRO OI ·accadar ad·cear fut. QIQISST QIQISSETRO OI at·chichestar G pissiiumi (S1 EC 15.186) perf. QEQOISE OI ·écacha ·acca pp. QISTOS OI ·chess vn. QISTIÛ f. OI aicsiu I feiscint QITUS m. danger. I cioth (shower) W pyd QOLÛ n.p.(?) waggon. OI cul cf QELLÂT QOLÛWATÂ f. gear, equipment. OI culad I culaith cf WATÂ QOQIT cooks. W pobi C pobas B pobañ QOKTOS cooked, hot. W poeth B poazh QOKTUS m. form, colour. OI cucht QOS towards. OI co I go MW py with personal pronouns: QOS QOS ME OI cucum I chugam QOS QOS SNÎS OI cucunn I

chugainn QOS QOS TE OI cucut I chugat QOS QOS SWÎS OI cucuib I chugaibh QOS QOS EM cuccai I chuige QOS QOS SÛS OI cuccu I chuca QOS QOS SIYÄN OI cucae cuicce I chuice QOTI how many? B pet dez (how many days?) G peti CI cuati QRENNON n. tree. I crann W,B prenn G prenne QRIKS g. QRIOS n. body. I crí QRIKTÂ f. frame, body, trunk. I creat QRIMIS m. worm. I cruimh W,C pryf B preñv QRINAT buys. OI crenas W prynu B prenañ C prenne perna sub. QRIYÂT OI ·cria fut. ? OI ·cicher perf. QEQRE OI ·ciuir pp. QRÎTOS QRITOS OI ·críth ·creth vn. QRÎTIS f. OI críth W prid -QROYON n. ? OI creic cf ARE QRINAT, EN QRINAT, TO QRINAT, WO QRINAT QRINOS m. what one has bought for oneself. OI cron (crime, fault, possession, claim) QRITÂ f. poetic art. OI creth W prydu (compose) prydydd (poet) cf QARIT QRITENOS m. British, Briton. OI Cruithni (from QRITENIO-) OBr *Pritenî Πρεttανοι Βρεttανοι W Prydyn QRITENOTEUTÂ f. state of the Britons (in Ulster) OI Cruithentuath QRITUS m. shape, appearance. I cruth W pryd C prys B pred (time) cf QARIT, DUQRITIS QRITUNIKTOS m. wheat. I cruithneacht QRIWENOS bright red. OI croän I crón cruan QRIWENON n. enamel. I cruan QRÎYETS f. clay. I cré g. criadh W pridd c pry B pri (cf Lat. crêta) QRÎYETO-OMIYON n. brass. OI crédumae RÂDIT vn RÂDOS m. says. I ráidh- radh W adrodd cf ATE RÂDIT RÂK- forward. W rhag B rak (before) W yrhawg (in future) B araok (forward) RÂKOTERON n. east OB recter B reter cf ARETERON RAKINÂ f. corncrake. W rhegen RÂMÄN n. spade, oar. OI rám ráma I rámh (oar) rámhann (spade) W rhaw p. rhofiau (spade) cf RÂYET RÂMOSENTUS m. highroad. OI rámut B ranved cf SENTUS RÂNOS m. seal. W moelrhon B reunig I rón (< W) RÂNOS m. horsehair. W rhawn B reun I rón (< W) RASNÂ f. part. I rann W rhan B rann C ran cf RINAT RÂTÂ f. surety, guarantee. OI ráth cf ERNAT RÂTIÂ f. -RÂTON n. season. I ráithe cf GIYAMORÂTON, RÂYET, SAMORÂTON RATIS f. fern. OI raith G ratis (Marcellus) RATINOS ferny. I raithneach W rhedyn B raden RATILANDÂ f. ferny clearing, place name. OI Raithlind RÂTIS f. rampart, fort. I ráith G ratin cf BEDORÂTIS RATON n. gift, grace. I rath W rhad cf ERNAT RÂTOS shrewd,observant. OI ráthaigid (observes) RÂTUS m. career, course. W rhawd rhodio (travel) cf RÂYET RÂTUMAGOS n. place name. G Ratumagus (TP) Ρατομαγος (Ptolemy) Fr. Rouen RÂTUMEDIOS m. man’s name. G f. Ratumediae RÂYET rows. OI ráid sub. RÂYÂT ?

fut. RIRÂST OI ·rera perf. RERÂYE OI rerais (remodelled) pp. RÂTOS OI dirathe vn. RÂMUS m. I iomramh, rámh cf ÄMBI RÂYET, DÎ RÂYET, RÂTIÂ, RÂMÄN, RÂTUS RAZDET scrapes, smoothes. W rhathu B razhañ (cf Lat. râdere) RAZDIÂ f. smoothed path. OI raite REBÂ f. game, sport. I reabh RÊBÂ f. brindle, stripe. OI riab I riabhach (striped) REBRU n. sieve. I riobhar I riobhar meala (honeycomb) Here? W rhefr B reor (rectum) RÊDET drives (chariot). OI ·rét ·riadat cf EQORÊDÂ, EQORÊDIS, RÊSSUS vn. RÊDSMÄN n. I reim cf DIRÊDSMÄN RÊDIS driveable. I réidh (easy, smooth) W rhwydd (easy) B rouez (thin sown) RÊDÂ f. vehicle, drive. OI riad (drive) G reda (Caesar - cart) RÊDONES p.m. tribal name. G Redones (Caesar) B Roazhon Fr Rennes RÊDONTIOS m. man’s name. OI Korku Reti, moccu Retai I Dál Riada RÊGÂ f. torture, gibbet. OI riag cf RINGET REGET stretches out,directs. OI ·rig rigid G regu-c (EC 15.185) sub. REKST OI ·ressed fut. REKST OI ·ré ·res aor. REKT OI · racht MW dyreith datwyreith perf. REROGE OI reraig pp. REKTOS OI ·recht vn. REGIÂ f. I righe -REGNIS f. cf ARE REGET, EKS REGET, KON REGET, DÎREGUS, ROGIT, TO REGET, WO REGET, WERREGÂ REGINOS stiff. I righin W rhain REGNON n. span. OI rén REGETS f. forearm. OI rig g. riged RÊGSMÄN n. bond. W rhwym cf RIGET RÊKET tears. Y rhwygo B regiñ MB roegaff cf RIKNOS, ROIKÂT RÊKSIÂ f. finger span. OI réise cf RINGET RÊKSMIS m. contortionist. OI réimm cf RINGET RÊKSTRON n. contortion. I riastradh cf RlNGET REKTUS m. rule. I reacht W rhaith B reizh cf RÎGS REKTUGENOS m. man’s name. G Rextugenos REMÎT places. cf WO REMÎT REMROS fat. I reamhar W rhef (< *rhefr?) REMIÛS n. REMIOS fatter. I reimhe REMESÂ p.n. thickness. OI reime RENDIS f. a point. I rinn RENDÂT indicates. cf WO RENDÂT, RONDÂ RÊNOS m. track, course. I rian (track, path, course, sea) G Rhenus (Sallust - the Rhine) cf ROINOS RENTUS m. star. OI rét RENTUGLUSÛ g. RENTUGLUSNOS f. star. OI rétglu g. rétglann I réalta cf GLEUSTUS RENTUS m. thing, OI rét I réad rud RÊRÂ f. will. I riar RÊSKOS m. fen. I riasc RÊSSUS m. driving. cf RÊDET RÊSSUMÂROS m. man’s name. G Redsomarus Restumarus Ressimari RÊSTRON n. impediment. W rhwystr B rouestl

RETET runs. OI rethid I rith- W rhedeg B redek C resek sub. RESST OI ·ré ·resmai fut. RESST OI ·ré ·reissed perf RÂTE OI ·ráith MW gwarawt pp. RESSOS OI tarras indrisse vn. RETUS m. I rioth -RETON n. cf AD RETET, ÄNDE RETET, ARE RETET,DÎ RETET, ERIRETS, ROTIT, ROTÎNÂ, ROTOS, TORETON, UKS RETET, WO RETET REUDOS n. fragment, broken piece. OI ruad (ruin) W rhuddion (husks) REUGET roars. W rhuo cf RUKTUS REUTRON n. attack. O ruathar W rhuthr (< I) REUTSMÄN n. redness. I ruaim (red dye) OI ruamna (redness) cf RUNDET REWOS n. level piece of ground, battle field. OI róe g. roë d. roí REYOS n. celestial space, space of time. OI ré g. ree (space, moon) I ré cf NÊBOREYOS REYESOMESSÂ f. measure of time period. I réimheas OI reimes RIGÂT will go. OI regaid suppletive to TÊGET q.v. RIGET binds OI ·rig sub. RÊKST OI ·re ·rias fut. RIRIKST ? perf. REROIGE OI reraig pp. RIKTOS OI cuimrechta vn. -RÊGON n. cf AD RIGET, ADRÊGON, ÄNDORÊGON, DÎ RIGET, EKS RIGET, KON RIGET, RÊGSMÄN, WO RIGET RÎGS m. king I rí g. ríogh W rhi G rîgo- -rîx cf REKTUS RÎGANÎ f. queen. I ríoghain W rhiain p. rhianedd G rigani (EC 15.151) RÎGÄNTÎKOS m. man’s name. G Ριγαντικος RÎGÄNTONÂ f. a goddess. W Rhiannon RÎGION n. kingdom. I ríghe W rhiydd G *rígion Gothic riki RÎGISAMOS most royal. OBr,G Marti Rigisamo RÎGODÛNON n. royal fort. OBr Ριγοδοuνον (Ptolemy) RÎGOMAGOS n. place name. G Rigomagus (Rav) LLat. Ricomagensi Occ. Riom German Remagen RÎGOSAGES p.m. tribal name. G Γαλαταi Ριγοσαγες (Polybius) RÎGOSEDON n. throne. OI ríched RÎGOWERYUGOS m. man’s name. G Ri(c)overiugi RÎGOYALON n. place name. G *Rigoialon LLat. Rigoialinsim Fr Rueil RIKISTÎ f. embers. OI richis W rhysyn rhysod B regez OC regyth cf ENSTÎ, ENISTÎ RIKNOS torn. W rhygnu (rub, scrape, rasp). cf RÊKET RIKONIÛ f. place name. Og Ρικενα (Ptolemy) Riginia (Pliny) I Reachra g. Reachrann RIKS f. furrow W rhych G *rikâ Fr raie Occ.Cat. rega Basque erreka RIKTUS m. form. I riocht W rhith RÎMÂ f. number. I riomh W rhif cf AD RÎMÎT, ADRÎTIOS, TO RÎMÎT RÎMÎT counts. OI rímther RINAT sells. OI ·ren cf AREROYON, DÎ RINAT, EKS RINAT sub. RIYÂT OI ·ria perf. RERE OI ·rir ·rirtar pp. RÂTOS I rath (pledge, security) vn. -ROYON -RIYON n. cf I reic g. reaca (sale). RINGET tortures, hangs. OI ringid I reangadh cf RÊGÂ, RÊKSIÂ, RÊKSTRON RISAN RISAM- before. OI ré ria

RISAMÎ ED TÂYONT OI remi·taat (they stand before) RISAMÎ SO BESET OI reme·bé (who may be before) with personal pronouns: RISAM MOI OI rium RISAM SNÎS OI rinn RISAM TOI OI riut RISAM SWÎS OI reuib RISAM YÛ OI riäm I riamh RISAM YOBIS OI remib RISAM YAI OI remi RISAROS former. RISARÂKOS m. man of former times. OI rerach RISAMOITOS m. preliminary oath. OI remad RISSIS f. piece of news. OI p. rissi RÎTIS f. crotch (?). W rhidio (copulate). (cf OCS ritï, buttock) RITKÂ f. fart. W rhech RITUS m. ford. W rhyd OB rit OC rid G rituRITUMAGOS n. place name. G Ritumagus (TP) RITUWIKS m. man’s name. Og Rituvecas Rittuvvecc RIWÂ f. frost, hoarfrost. W rhew B rev RIWOTOS m. id. I reodh RÎWÂ f. slope, hillside. W rhiw RIYATIOS m. ram. I reithe RIYATRON n. waterfall, torrent OI riathor W rhaeadr RIYOS free. W rhydd cf KOMRIYOS RIZGÂ f. start, dash, spring. I readhg RO very, too, perfective preverb. I ro W rhy B re- G roRO ÄNKET vn ROÄNKON n. reaches. OI ro.ic richtu MW ranc bod B rankout KON ROÄNKET nv KOMROÄNKON n. meet, encounter. OI con.ric I comhrac W cyfranc ROBERTÊYOS m. torrent,flood. I rabharta W rhyferth RO BINAT stays, abides. OI ·ruiben ROBIYON TOROBIYON n. profit. OI torbae I tairbhe ROBIYON n. wounding,killing. I rubha cf BINAT ROBOROS m. copious flow. I robhar ROBOUDON n. warning. I robhadh W rhybudd cf BUNDET ROBWOS m. body, animal. I rob (Proto-Goidelic *ROBBOS) RO DEDET gives. W rhoddi C ry ro- B rein roTO RODEDET id. OI ·tarti (preterite: do·rat ·tarat) C dry dro- (s3 present: doro) RODERKOS m. vision, sight. OI roderc I radharc OW Riderch W Rhydderch cf DERKET RODUBNÂ f. place name. G *Rodumnâ Ροδοuμνα (Ptolemy) Roidomna (TP) Fr Rouanne RODÛRÂKOS prolonged. I rudhrach cf DÛROS RODÛRATUS m. length of occupation. I rudhradh ROGALÂKOS combattive. OI roglach cf GALÂ ROGIT stretches out. OI rogaid cf REGET ROGIYOS wanton. W rhewydd OB rogedou cf GÎS ROGNIYATIS m. man’s name, hero («great doer»). Og Rugniatio I ruanaidh ROGOUSON n. choice. I rogha cf GEUSET ROIKÂT tears. cf RÊKET, WO ROIKÂT ROINOS m. range of hills. I raon B run cf RÊNOS ROINOS m. route, rout. I raon ROINÎT routs. OI roín- sroínROISOS m. withe, rope. OI roe ROKATUS m. man’s name. Og Roc(a)t(o)s OBr Rocati ROLEGÂKÂ f. heiffer. OI laulgach I loilgheach RO MEDITRO vn ROMESSUS m. esteem, wonder.

as preverb:

ROMEDON n. a wonder. W rhyfedd ÄMBI ROMEDITRO vn ÄMBIROMESSUS m. overestimate oneself. OI imme·ruimdetar immarmus (transgresses) ROMESSEWES p.m. great crops. OI roimse ROMOKS too early. OI rom RO MONITRO vn ROMÄNTON n. be able to remember. DÎ ROMONITRO vn DÎROMÄNTON n. forget (be unable to remember). OI ·dermanadar I dearmhad dearmad ROMORI n. ocean. OI romuir g. romra RONDÂ f. tail, point. W rhonn cf RENDIS RONDON n. chain. OI ronn I rann (quatrain) RORÎGS m. overking. OI ruiri g. ruireg ruirech RO SAGIT vn ROSAGITIS f. reaches. KON ROSAGIT vn KOMROSAGITIS f. id. MW cyrhaed W cyrraedd TO ROSAGIT vn. TOROSAGITIS f. id. OI do·roich MB dirhaes B direzañ RO SÂWIT nv ROSÂWETUS m. turns. EKS ROSÂWIT fails. OI sub. ·éra perf. at·roi ROSKÄNDOS m. frog, toad («great leaper»). cf SKENDET OI loscann loiscenn MW llyffan W llyffant ROSLÊBESÂ p.n. great mountain. OI roilbe ROSENTUS m. highway. OI rout I ród SG rathad cf SENTUS RO SLIYET vn. ROSLÎTUS m. deserves. AD ROSLIYET vn ADROSLÎTUS m. id. OI ad·roilli áirilliud TO ROSLIYET vn TOROSLÎTUS m. id. W derllydd- derllid B dellezañ ROSMERTÂ f. a goddess. G deo Mercurio et Rosmerte RO SNIYET vn ROSNÎMUS m. succeeds in striving. EKS ROSNIYET vn EKSROSNÎMUS m. escapes. OI as·roinnea ernam ROSQON n. chant, ode. OI rosc cf SEQET ROSQOS m. sight. I rosc cf ENKOSQON ROSTOS m. moor. I ros W rhos MB ros ROSTOMAGOS n. place name. G *Rossontagos LLat Rossomum Fr Rousson ROTEGERNOS m. man’s name. OW Ritigirn ROTEGERNÂ f. woman’s name. OI Ruithchern ROTIT turns round, sets in motion. OI roithid ruithid cf RETET ROTÎNÂ f. ray, beam of light. OI ruithen ROTOS m. wheel. I roth W rhod B rod ROTOBALLOS m. turbot. G *rotoballos Castilian rodoballo Portuguese rodovalho ROUDOS red. I ruadh W rhudd C ruth B ruz G -roudos cf RUNDET ROUDAGNOS m. man’ s name. Og Rodagni I Ruadhán ROUDORÎGS m. man’s name. OI Ruaidri g. Ruadrach RO UNKET has taken away. OI ro·uic ru·uc ·ruc I rug ROWELLAUNOS m. man’s name. W Rhywallawn RO WERET suffices. OI ro.fera ROWERON n. sufficient, enough. OI lour lór I leor W llawer C lower ROWIDU n. forest. OI ruud I p.g. Corca Raoidhe ROWION n. promontory. I rubha SG rudha ROWISSIOS knowing, fitting, reliable. cf WINDETRO TOROWISSIOS id. OI toraisse I tairise ROWISSUS m. great knowledge. OI rus ROWORGÂ f. thigh, haunch. OI loarg laarg I láirg ROWOZDON n. distance, cast (of spear). OI rout ROZDOS m. saw. OI rodb (cf Lat. rôdere)

ROZDOS m. rat («gnawer»). G *rottos Continental Germanic *RATTAZ OE raett M German Ratze (cf Lat. rôdere) RUDS f. plant for red dye. OI rú rod (Eriu 29.156) cf RUNDET RUDODION n. bog water, bog stuff. OI rota RUDÎT gets red. OI ·ruidi RUDKIÂ f. reddening, shame. OI rucce RUKTUS m. howl. OI rucht cf REUGET RÛNÂ f. secret. I rún W rhin B rin (cf Germannic RÛNÔ) RUNDET reddens. OI ·forondar sub. REUSST OI ·furastar perf. RUROUDE OI ·roraid pp. RUSSOS OI ·ros OI roise (redness) cf REUTSMÄN, ROUDOS, RUDS, RUZDON RÛSKÂ f. tree bark. I rúsc W rhisgl B rusk G *ruská Occ. rusca RUTUS m. surf, backwash, strong flowing tide. I ruth (ZCP 31.266) RUTUQIÂ- place name. OBr Rutupiae Ροuτοuπιαι (Ptolemy) Rutupînaque lîtora (Lucan) RUZDOS ? OI rot (strong, impetuous) W rhwth (gaping, wide) RUZDON n. rust,iron ore. I rod(iron ore) W rhwd (rust < I) cf RUNDET SABRINÂ f. river name. OI Sabrann OBr Sabrina (Tacitus) W Hafren SÂDIT rushes in. I sáidh- sádhadh W soddi s3 sawdd(sinks) SÂSSOS m. trap, snare, instrument. I sás SÂDOS easy. W hawdd SÂDOYÂLIS comfortable. I sádhail cf YÂLOS SAEROS m. mason, carpenter. I saor W saer (cf Lat. sapere) SAGETLON n. plough handle. W haeddel MB haezl B hael SAGIT looks for (Br reach). OI ·saig W haeddu C hethy OI -aig- W -ha- (verb formant) sub. SAKST OI ·sá ·sásad fut. SISAKST OI ·sia aor. SISAKT T OI siacht pp. SAKTOS OI ·comtacht vn. SAGITIS f. OI saigid cf ARESAGS, DÎ SAGIT, KON SAGIT, RÎGOSAGES, RO SAGIT, TENKTOSAGES, UKS SAGIT, WO SAGIT SAGROS importunate, contentious. I sár (insult) W haer Og Sagri SAGRAGNOS m. man’s name. Og Sagragni I Sárán OBr Sagrani SAGROSAGITUS m. insult. I sárughadh MW sayrhaed W sarhad SAITLON n. life. I saoghal W hoedl MB hoazl B hoal For the phonetic development in Irish cf BAITLON SAITLOKÊNIOS longlived. OBr Deae Setloceniae SAITLONOS m. ruler, king. OI saeglonn SAITRON n. effort. I saothar SAITUS m. effort. I saoth W hoed (longing) SAIWOS lively. W hoyw SAKROS ugly. W hagr B hakr SAKROBENA f. woman’s name. G Sacrobena SAKROWIROS m. man’s name. G Sacrovirus Sacrovir (Tacitus) SALÂ f. dirt. OI sal SALÂKOS dirty. I salach W halog SALTRON n. a dirtying, a trampling. OI saltr- (trample) I satailt W sathru (trample) B saotr (stain) saotrañ (trample, soil)

SALENON n. salt. I salann W halen OC haloin B holen SALÎMÂ brine. W heli B hili SALDOS salty. W hallt B sall SALDÂ f. salt meat. I sall SALIKS f. willow tree. OI sail g. sailech I saileach W helyg B halegenn G Salicilla (cf Lat. salix) SAMALIS similar. I samhail amhail (like) W hafal fel (like) C haval B hañval cf SÄN- (cf Lat. similis) with personal pronouns: SAMALÎ ME OI samlum SAMALÎ TE OI samlut SAMALÎ TEM OI samlith I amhlaidh SAMNIS f. meeting. I Samhain (festival on 1 November) cf SÄNSAMOS m. summer. OI sam W,C haf B hañv cf KENTUSAMINON, MEDIOSAMINON SAMORÂTON n. summer. I samhradh SAMOSISQÎ f. «summer dry», cow that has not calved. I samhaisc B hañvesk cf SISQOS SÂMOS quiet. I sámh SÄN- together. cf KONSMIYOS, SAMALIS, SAMNIS SÄN BRONKET leads, escorts. W hebrwng B ambroug SÄNTERON n. half. W hanner C,B hanter SÄNTIQÎ f. wife, companion. OI sétig SÄNTIOS m. companion. W hennydd B hantez (neighbour) SANESSON n. story, history. OI sanas W hanes SANIS separate. OI sain MW han SANI DET alienates, separates (land). OI sannaid cf DEDET SANIRETON n. speciality. OI sainred W hanred SÄNTOS m. thing, chattel. OI sét I seod (jewel) SASION n. barley. W haidd B heiz G (s)asiam (cf Sk. sasya-) SATION n. swarm. I saithe W haid B hed. cf SATON SÂTIS f. fullness, enough. I sáith SÂTIGALÂ f. man’s name. OI Saithgel SÂTIGENOS m. man’s name. G Satigenus SATON n. seed. W,B had cf SATION SÂULIOS m. sun. W haul B heol C heul houl SÂIWIT vn. SÂWETUS m. turns. OI soid soud sub. SÂWÂT OI ·soe pp. SÂWETOS OI ·soad soithe cf ADSÂWOS, ÄMBI SÂWIT, ÄNDE SÂWIT, RO SÂWIT, TO SÂWIT SÊBARIS f. ghost. I siabhair cf SOIBOS, WINDOSÊBARÂ SEDET sits- OI ·said sedait sub. SESST OI ·sius ·seis G sesit (EC 15.184) fut. SISESST OI seiss aor. SISESSER OI síasair perf. SESODE OI dessid do.fessid vn SODION n. I suidhe -SESSUS m. SEDON n. seat. W sedd cf ÄMBI SEDET, ÄNDE SEDET, AGOSEDON, ARESODION, DÎ SEDET, DÎSEDIS, ENSEDON, KÄNTÂSEDON, MEDOSESSUS, NI SEDET SEDOS SÎDOS n. peace. I síodh W hedd SEGET sows. W hau MW heu he- W he se (seed) SEGETÂ f. a goddess. G deae Segetae SEGOS n.fruitfulness, strength. OI seg g. sige W hy (keen) For phonetic development in Welsh cf TEGOS

SEGOBODION n. place name. G Segobodium (TP) Fr Seveux SEGOBRIGS f. place name. CI Σεγοβριγα (Strabo) Segobiriges (coin) Cat. Segorbe SEGODÛNON n. place name. G Σεγοδοuνον (Ptolemy) SEGOMÂROS m. man’s name. G Segomaros SEGOMONIO- p.m. tribal name. OI Semaine SEGOMÛ m. a god. Og Neta Segamonas OI Meth Semon, Nia Segamain G deo (Marti) Segomoni SEGONTIÂ f. place name. CI Saguntiae (Livy) Secontia (Pliny) Σεγοντια (Ptolemy) Castilian Sigüenza SEGONTION n. place name. OBr Seguntio (Rav) OW Cair Segeint SEGOSTÎ f. mythical well of fruitfulness. I Seaghais SEGOWELLAUNO- n.m. tribal name. G Σεγαλλαuνοι (Ptolemy) Segovellaunorum (Pliny) SEGOWAKS m. man’s name. OBr Segovax (Caesar) SEGOWÎSUS m. man’s name. G Segovesum (Livy) SEGOWOS strong. G secoui (EC 15.183) SEGNON n. saine net. I séan SEKET cuts. cf EN SEKET, EKS SEKET, ARESKIYON, SKESENÂ SEKIÂ f. a hide. I seiche (cf ON sigg) SEKSMÄN n. rivet. I seim MW hemm p. hemyein(t) cf SOGLÂ SEKTÄN seven. I seacht W saith B seizh C seyth SEKTÄN DEKÄN, SEKTÄN ... DEKÄNQE seventeen. I seacht .. déag B seitek C seitag SEKTAMETOS seventh. I seachtmhadh W seithfed B seizhved C seythves G sextametos SEKTAMUKONTES seventy. I seachtmhogha g. sechtmhoghad SEKTÄNTERIONES p.m. the Great Bear. OI sechtarét (< *sechtarenn) (Eriu 24.174) SEKTNION n. peritoneum. I sicne (maidhm sicne, hernia) SELET crawls, creeps. OI aor. selt (settled on) SELÄNTÎ f. creeper. I seilide (snail) SELEKIOS m. snail. OI seilche SELGÂ f. hunt. I sealg W hel(a) B emolc’h C hellys (hunted) cf SLIGET SELGAWOS hunting. SELGAWO- p.m. the hunters, tribal name. OBr Σελγοοuαι (Ptolemy) SELWÂ f. property. I sealbh G -selva cf LUGUSELWÂ SEMET pours. OI ·essim cf EKS SEMET, UKS SEMET sub. SEMÂT OI ·(f)usme aor. SENT OI ·esset pp. SÄNTOS OI tuiste vn. -SÄNTIÛ f. SÊMIS soft. I séimh SENOS old. I sean W,B,C hen SENÂKOS m. man’s name. OBr Senacus SENÂKOWIDS m. «knower of old things», traditional historian. OI senchae senchaid I seanchaí SENÂKOWISSUS M. tradition, lore. I seanchas SENISAMÛ m. old man, elder. OI sinemoin SENISTEROS senior. I sinsear SENOBENA f. woman’s name. G Senobena SENOBUTS m. man’s name. OI Senboth SENOGNÂTOS m. man’s name. G Senognato SENOKAROS m. man’s name. OB Hencar G Senocarus SENOMAGLOS m. man’s name. OBr Senomagli Senemagli SENOMÂROS m. man’s name. G Senomari SENONES p.m. tribal name. G Senones (Caesar) Fr Sens

SENOTONDÂ f. old woman, «old skin». OI sentonn SENOTÛTS m. old age. OI sentu SENOWIROS m. man’s name. G Senovir SENTUS m. way, path. I séad W hynt B hent OBr -sentocf ROSENTUS, RÂMOSENTUS, WOSENTUS SENTUBOGIOS m. man’s name. G Setubogios SÊQANÂ f. river name. G Sequana Fr Seine SEQET says. OI sichid ·sich W eb ebe ebr sub. SEKST OI ·coississed pp. SEKTOS OI ·choisecht cf AD SEQET, ATE SEQET, KON SEQET, ROSQON, SKETION, SKIYON, UKS SEQET, WO SEQET, WRIT SEQET SEQETRO follows. OI sechitir cf ADSOQÂTS SEQOS past, beyond. I seach W,C heb B hep (without) with personal nronouns: SEQOS ME OI sechum SESOS SNÎS OI sechunn SEQOS TE OI sechut SEQOS EM OI sechae I seacha SEQOS SÛS OI seccu SEQOS SIYÄN OI secce preverb: SEQOMÎ ELLÂT vn SEQOMELON n. passes by, neglects. OI sechmo·ella sechmall SERGÂ f. sickness. I searg (cf Lith. sirgti sergu, be sick) SERRÂ f. sickle. OI,W serr SERTOS abrupt. W serth SERWON n. pillage. OI serb W herw (Eriu 27.116ff) SESKA f. sedge. I seisc W hesg B hesk OC heschen G *seskâ OFr sesche Occ. sesca cf ENISESKOLANDÂ SESKINÂ f. bog, sedge marsh. OI sescann p. seiscne I seisceann SEUMENÂ p.n. cream. W hufen SFELGÂ f. spleen. OI selg B felc’h SFENION n. teat. I sine. cf TRISFENIÂ SFERETS f. heel, ankle. OI seir, di pherid I speir W ffer OC fer SFERIT wanders through, traverses, seeks. OI sirid I sireadh SFERIONTIOS m. shape changer. OI sirite SFIYONÂ f. foxglove. OI sion I sian W ffion (cf Lat. spionia) SFLITÂ f. coitus occurring when the woman is asleep. OI sleth W ffled B fled SFOINÂ breath. W ffun SFONDOS m. stake. I sonn W ffon SFRAKTOS nimble, swift. W ffraeth B fraezh C freth SFUDRON n. trotting. I sodar SFUDSKET hurries. MW ffysgiaw C fesky Here? W ffrwst (haste) SIDOS m. deer. OI sed W hydd B heizes SIDOGONIOS m. deer hunter. OI sedguine SIDOLOUKOS m. deer clearing, place name. G Sidoloucom (IA) Fr Saulieu SIDOTREBON n. deer rut(?) W hydref B here (October) SIDINÂ f. venison. OI sidin SÎDOS cf SEDOS SÎDOS n. otherworld dwelling. I síodh SÎDOKORIOS m. otherworld troop. OI sídchaire SÎLON n. seed. I síol W hil sil cf EQOSÎLON, SATON

SÎNÂ f. weather. I síon W hin cf DUSÎNONÂ SINDOS, demonstrative adjective, eventually definite article. cf SO S.M. N. SINDOS OI in int+V I an an t- OW ir W y yr+V B,C an W hyn MB,C hen (this~that) A. SINDON OI in (WRIT SINDON OI frissin) G. SINDÎ OI ind I an D. SINDÛ OI ind (EN SINDÛ OI issind) S.Ne. NA. SIN OI a (WRIT SIN OI frissa) S.F. N. SINDÂ OI ind OW ir W y yr+V B,C,I an A. SINDÂN (Proto-GoideIic SINDÄN) OI in (WRIT SINDÄN OI frissin) G. SINDÂS OI inna I na D. SINDAI OI ind (EN SINDAI OI issind) P.M. N. SINDÎ OI ind OW ir W y yr+V B,C an A. SINDÛS ? G. SINDON ? D. SINDOBIS OI naib ndaib (EN SINDOBIS OI isnaib) P.Ne. NA. SINDÂ ? P.F. NA. SINDÂS OI inna inda I na (WRIT SINDÂS OI frisna) G. SINDON ? D. SINDÂBIS OI naib ndaib (EN SINDÂBIS OI isnaib) SINDWONÂ f. water goddess, Shannon. AOI Sinon I Sionann g. Sionna SINUS m. thread, rope. OI sin sln SIO- this. cf SO S.M. D. SIÛ OI síu W heddiw (today) S.N.NA. SION OI se B ze S.F. D. SIAI MW henoeth (tonight) W eleni B hevlene (this year) SIQARIS f. river name. I Seachair G *Siparis LLat Separis Fr Sèvre SÎROS long. I síor W,C,B hir SÊYÛS n. SÊYOS longer. I sia W hwy SITUS m. length. I sioth W hyd B hed SISQOS dry, sterile. I seasc W hysb B hesp hesk cf SAMOSISQÎ, WOSISKLOS SISTETRO vn SISTAMUS m. stands. OI ·sissedar I seasamh cf TÂYET, WO SISTETRO SÎTLON n. filter, sieve. OI síthal I síothl- (filters) W hidl B sil SITROS strong, keen. OI sethar W hydr OB hedr MB hezr SKAILÎT separates, scatters. I scaoileadh SKÂKSLON n. phantom. I scál cf SKOKIT SKAMÄNTES p.m. lungs, lights. W ysgyfaint B skevent OC sceuens Here also I scamhóg scamhán OI scaim (id.) SKAMNOS light (weight). W ysgafn B skañv C scaff SKANDERÂ f. dispersal. OI scainder (skirmish) scaindr- (to disperse) cf WO SKANDÂT SKANDET begins. OI scannSKÄNDOS m. flea («jumper») W chwain s. chwannen B c’hwanenn c’hwenenn cf SKENDET SKÂNOS cloven, burst. OI scáinid (bursts, cleaves) SKARÂT vn SKARATUS m. separates. I scar- scaradh W ysgar SKÂTUS m. shadow. I scáth MW isgaud B skeud C skez cf ENSKIYON SKÂTUDERKOS m. mirror, sight. OI scaterc scadarc SKÊDON n. shoulder. I sciath (wing) W ysgwydd B skoaz C scoth SKEKNON n. terror. I scéan cf SKOKIT SKENDET leaps, jumps. OI ·scended I sceinn- cf W cychwynn- (start) perf. SESKONDE OI ·sescainn vn. SKÄNDMÄN n. I sceinm cf SKÄNDOS ROSKÄNDOS

SKERÄNTÎ f. place name, «divider». OI Scirit SKERDET flays, strips off. OI ·sceird perf. SKÂRDE OI ·scaird SKESENÂ f. knife. I scian g. sceine W ysgien (< I) cf SEKET SKÊTIS f. vomit. I scéith W chwydu C hweja B c’houdeañ (vb) cf SKIYET SKETLON n. story. I scéal W chwedl C whethl cf SEQET, TO SKETLÎT, KONSKETLON SKETLOLINQS m. «telling remnant», a survivor of a battle able to give news. OI sceola sciula p.a. sceólanga SKÊTON n. shield. I sciath W ysgwyd B skoed SKÊTORÊGON n. shield strap. I sciathrach MW ysgwytrwy SKÎTOS tired. I scíth (abstract: scís) Here? B skuizh SKIYET slices. B skejañ SKIYET vn SKITÂ f. vomits. OI sceid ·scé I sceathach cf SKÊTIS SKIYETS f. place name, Skye. OI Scí g. Sceth Sciath OBr Σκητις (Ptolemy) Scetis (Rav) SKIYON n. mention. cf SEQET SKIYÛ with mention of, and. OI sceo (Celt.5.78) SKOKIT shakes. OI scuichit scuchait (depart, move, end) W ysgogi s3 pres. ysgyg (budge) cf B diskogellañ (shake, disturb) sub. SKEKST OI ·roisc perf. SKÂKE OI ·scáich vn. SKEKTUS m. OI scucht (remodelled) SKOKTOS m. nomad, emigrant(?). OI Scot LLat Scottus (Irish) cf SKÂKSLON, SKEKNON, UKS SKOKIT, WO SKOKIT SKOLTON n. a split. I scoilt- (vb) W hollt B faoutañ C fela (vb) SKORIT vn SKOROS m. separates. OI scuir- I scor cf ADSKOROS sub. SKORÂT OI ·scora SKOTÂ f. sprout, bud. I scoth B skod (stock of plant) (cf Lat. scatere, rush out?) SLADET kills,strikes. OI ·slaid W lladd B lazañ cf ARE SLADET sub. SLASST OI ·slaiss fut. SISLASST OI ·sela ·selos pp. SLASSOS OI ·slassa W llas vn. SLADIÂ f. OI slaide SLADNOS healthy, whole. I slán SLAZDA f. rod, cane. I slat (< W) W llath yslath B lazh G *lattâ Fr. latte Occ. lata Cat. llata cf SLADET? SLÊBOS n. mountain slope. I sliabh cf SLIBNOS SLÊKTUS m. a stroke. I sliacht- (to smooth, stroke, cut, hack) cf SLIGET SLENKTUS m. prostration, adoration. I sléacht SLIBNOS slippery, smooth. OI slemon I sleamhain W llyfn MB dileffn (hard) cf SLIKTRON, SLÊBOS SLIGET strikes,kills. OI ·slig cf AD SLIGET, ARE SLIGET, WO SLIGET, SELGÂ sub. SLÊKST OI ·slé fut. SISLIKST OI silis perf. SESLOIGE OI ·selaig pp. SLIKTOS OI ·slecht vn. SLIGIÂ f. OI slige -SLOIGON n. SLIGÂ f. spear. I sleagh SLIKSMOS sharp. W llym B lemm SLIGÎTS m. path. I slighe g. sligheadh SLIKTRON n. a slide. W llithr cf SLIBNOS SLIKTUS m. track, family (pedigree). I sliocht cf DÎSLIKTIS SLIYET deserves. OI ·slí cf RO SLIYET, TO SLIYET, ÄNDESLÎMUS

sub. SLIYÂT OI ·roillea pp. SLÎTOS OI airillte vn. SLÎTUS SLÎMUS m. SLOUGOS m. troop. I sluagh W llu Og slogi SLUNKET vn SLUNKETUS m. swallows. OI sluic- (sub. ·róllca) I slogadh W llyncu llwnc B lonkañ SLUNKÄNTÎ f. gullet. OI slucait SLUNKIR... intestinal worm. W llyngyr B lenker SMEKÂ f. chin. OI smech I smeig SMERTÂ f. ? cf EQOSMERTÂ, ROSMERTÂ SMERTOMÂROS m. man’s name. G f. Smertomara SMERTOLITANOS m. man’s name. G Smetulitani SMERU n. marrow (of bone). I smior W mer B mel SMEUDNO- thought, reflexion. OI smuan I smuaineamh (to think) SMIYARON n. blackberry. I sméar W mwyar B mouar C mor SMUNKET blows nose. OI smucli (snot) I smugadh (blows nose) smuga smugairle (snot) SMUWESTÂ f. cartilage. I smuas smúsach (cf Gk μυελον) SNADET cuts,carves. OI snaides W naddu cf EN SNADET sub. SNASST OI ·snassar pp. SNASSOS OI snaise vn. SNADIÂ f. OI snaide I snoidhe SNASSUS m. I snas -SNADÂ f. SNADIMOS m. adze. W neddyf neddau B (n)eze SNÂDIT protects. OI snád- W noddi s3 pres. nawdd SNATIS f. leap. W naid B nijal (fly) cf SNÂYET SNÂTOS m. thread. I snáth B neud cf SNIYET SNÂTOWIYÄNTÎ f. needle. I snáthad g. snáthaide SNÂTOWIYO- needle. W nodwydd B nadoz C nasweth SNÂYET swims. OI sná- cf SNATIS, TO SNÂYET vn. SNÂMUS m. I snámh W nawf B neuñv SNÊDIS swift. OI snéid SNIGIT snows, drops. OI sniges perf. SESNOIGE OI ·senaich pp. SNIKTOS I sneachta (snow) vn. SNIGIÂ f. I snighe cf W nyf (snow) SNÎS, first person plural personal pronoun. N.A.D. SNÎS SNÛS (1) autonomous. OI sní -ni I sinn (< snísni) W,B ni C ny G sni (2) verbal object. OI -nn W,C,B -n (3) prepositional object. I -nn MW,C -n G. SNÂSRON OI náthar (unstressed ár); but cf W ein MW an yn C agan an B hon SNÎTRON n. entanglement. W nidr SNIYET spins. I sní- W nyddu B nezañ C nethe sub. SNIYÂT OI ·chosna ·roinnea pp. SNITOS OI snithe MW kynnyd vn. SNÎMUS m. I sníomh MW kynnif -SNIYON n. cf. ÄMBISNÎTON, KON SNIYET, RO SNIYET, SNÂTOS, SNÎTRON SNOUDOS m. cloud, mist. I snuadh (colour, hue) W nudd SNOWÂ f. shaving. cf GENUSNOWÂ SO third person personal pronoun. cf SINDOS, SIOS.M.N. SO fossilized in OI s3 relative structures: (1) without preverb: BERET SO OI beres (who brings) KARAST SO OI caras (who loved)

(2) with preverb: EKS SO BERET OI as·beir (who says) (3) in the form SO DE with preverb and personal pronominal object: NU SO DE SNÎS NERTÂT OI nodon·nerta (who strengthens us) EKS SO DE E BERET OI assid·beir (who says it) WER SO DE EM TÊGET OI forid·tét (who helps him) For negative NE SO DE see under NE A. EM TEM TOM (1) autonomous: I é OW em W ef MB eff B heñ C ef (2) as prepositional object: WO EM OI foí WER EM OI fair SEQOS EM OI sechae ÄMBI EM OI imbi TARES TEM OI tairis WRIT TEM OI fris SAMALÎ TEM OI samlith OW -dam W -ddo MB -zaff B zañ C -tho (3) as verbal object: RO EM KARAST OI ra·car (has loved him) ORT ED EM OI orti (killed him)(Proto-Goidelic *ORTIDEM>*ORTIEM) GEGONE ED EM OI gegni (slew him)(Proto-Goidelic *GEGONIDEM>*GEGONIEM) ÎSSONT ED TEM OI ístait (they will eat him) GON(I)ONT ED TEM OI gontait (they kill him) GODIMOS ED TEM OI guidmit (we ask it) W -e C -n B hen G. ESIO unstressed I a MW y W ei B e C y, stressed OI aí D. YÛ TÛ as prepositional object: ARE YÛ OI airiu WO YÛ OI fou RISAM YÛ OI riäm WÊDÛ YÛ OI fiad AU TÛ OI uad S.N.NA. ED (stressed autonomous) OI ed E (unstressed) as object of verb: BERET ED E OI berthi (bears it)(Proto-Goidelic *BERETIDE>*BERETIE) RO E KARAST OI ra·char (has loved it) S.F. N. SÎ autonomous: OI sí, -si W,B hi C hy A. SIYÄN TIYÄN (1) autonomous:OI sí,-si I í W,B hi C hy (2) as prepositional object: ÄMBI SIYÄN OI impe WO SIYÄN OI foe TARES TIYÄN OI tarse (3) as verbal object: W,C -s MÂRÂT ED SIYÄN OI mórthus (magnifies her) TO ED SIYÄN BERET OI dos·mbeir (brings her) G. ESIÂS unstressed I a W ei MW,C y B he, stressed OI aí D. YAI TIYAI as prepositional object: WER YAI OI fuiri DÎ YAI OI dí AU TIYAI OI uadi W -ddi B -zi C -thy P.M.N. IYOI (1) autonomous OI é MW wy W hwy (2) fossilized in OI p3 relative structures: BERONT IYOI OI berdae (who bear) KAIKASSONT IYOI OI caechsite (who blinded) DUGIONT IYOI G dugiiontiio (who ...) A. SÛS TÛS (1) as prepositional object: WER SÛS OI forru ÄMBI SÛS OI impu TARES TÛS OI tairsiu (2) as verbal object: W,C -s G sos (EC 15.180) RO ED SÛS KARAST OI (has loved them) MÂRAST ED SÛS OI mórsus (magnified them) G. ESON unstressed I a W eu B ho C aga


AU TOBIS OI uadib MW -du B -ze C -the P.Ne.NA. Î MB y B hi C i y P.F. N. G sies (Larzac) G. G eianom (Larzac) D. G(instrumental) eiabi (Larzac) SODIOS that. OI suide (unstressed side, ade) n.NA sodain (són ón) SOSIN n. this. I so G sosin SODIT makes sit. OI ·suidi sub. SODÂT OI ·soda vn. SODETUS m. SODION n. SODOS. m. weir. OI sod SODION n. seat. I suidhe cf AD SODIT, ÄMBI SODIT, KON SODIT, SEDET, WO SODIT, WRIT SODIT SOGLÂ f. nail. W hoel cf SEKSMÄN SOIBOS false, crooked, askew. I saobh cf SÊBARIS SOITOS m. magic. W,B hud C hus SOMOS self. OI é-som (he himself) hé-ssom (they themselves) SOROS m. animal louse. I sor W hor Basque sorri (ZCP 32.85) SOUDIKLON n. soot. W huddygl B huzil cf SÛDIÂ SOUNOS m. sleep. I suan W,B hun SOUTIT vn SOUTETUS m. mixes, kneads, stirs. I suaith- suathadh SOWIT vn SOWÂ f. SOWETUS m. gives birth cf. ADSOWIÄNTÎ, MAGOSOWÂ, SUTUS, TO SOWIT SOWETÂKON n. womb. I soitheach (animal’s womb, vessel, container) SQIYATS f. hawthorn. OI scé g. sciath I sceach SG sgitheach W ysbyddad B spezed C spethes SRÂMOS lively. W ffraw SRAWÂ f. crow, rook. C frau B frav (cf Goth. sparwa) SREGOS n. nose, nostril. B fri Hypocoristic SREGGOS id. C frig (Eriu 25.277) SRENGET vn SRENGON n. -SRENGÂ f. drags. OI sreng- I sreang (string) cf TO SRENGET SRENKNÂT vn SRÄNKSMÄN n. snores. OI srenn- sreim sréim I srannadh SREUSMÄN n. stream. I sruaim OB strum cf SROWOS SROGNÂ f. nose,nostril. I srón W ffroen B fron G *frogná Fr frogne (cf Eriu 25.277) STROGNÎ STROGNÂ f. id. W trwyn OC trein G *trugnâ Fr trogne Galatian δροuγγος SROWOS m. a flow,gush. W ffreuo (gush out) cf SREUSMÄN, SRUTUS, ISKOSROWOS SRUKON n. urine. B froug frig SRUTUS m. stream. I sruth W ffrwd B froud G *frutâ Lombard fruda froda cf SROWOS STABÂ STABÂTS f. pillar. OI sab p.n. saba sabaid STAGNÂ f. conspersion. W taen STAGRÂ f. stream. B ster G *stagrás (place name) Fr Estaires STALÎ f. base. W sail cf TÂYET STAMNON n. mouth. W safn B staoñ (cf Gk στομα Av. stamna-) STAMUS m. a standing W sefyll saf- (stand) sefydlu (establish) cf TÂYET STÂTLÂ f. heel. I sál W sawdl MB seuzl B seul cf TÂYET STER- star. OI ser W seren B,C steren STERONÂ f. star goddess. G Sirona Ðirona STERKÂ f. love. I searc W serch (cf Gk στεργει loves)


as prepositional object: DU YOBIS OI doïb ÊRAM YOBIS iarmaib KON TOBIS OI

STERKTLON n. titbit, favourite food. OI sercol STEUKSMÄN n. bend. I tuaim (ridge) B stum cf STOUGÂ, STUKTOS STLEDMÄN n. spittle, dribble. OI sleidm OB stledm STLENDET declares. OW istlinnit W ystlynedd (pedigree) MB stlen (in common knowledge) STLONDOS m. declaration. OI slond (meaning) W cystlwn (affirmation of a right, lineage) STLONDÎT signifies, declares. OI sluindid ·sluindi cf DÎ STLONDÎT STLÊSSÄNTÎ f. thigh. I sliasaid p. sliasta STLISSUS m. thigh, side. I slios W ystlys STOUGÂ f. arch, bend. I tuagh stuagh (arch) tuagh (axe) cf STEUKSMÄN STUKTOS STRABIS f. lightning bolt. OI sraib I ruibh (sulphur) OI sraibtine (lightning) (cf Gk στραπtει) STRATON n. valley bottom, river field. I srath W ystrad B strad cf STRINÂT STRINÂT strews, spreads out. OI ·sernat cf EKSSTORIS, KON STRINÂT, WOSTORIS sub. STERÂT OI ·sera aor. STERT OI ·sert pp. STRITOS OI ·sreth vn. STRITÂ I sreth -STORIS f. STARNÂ f. causeway. W sarn ystarn STRONKOS m. turd. W trwnc B stronk G *stronkos Fr étron Italian stronzo STRUTIS m. venerable elder. OI sruith OW p. strutiu (cf OCS stryjï, father’s brother) STUKTOS bent. W ystwyth. cf STEUKSMÄN STOUGÂ STUKTIÂ f. river name. OBr *Stuktiá Στοuκκια (Ptolemy) Iuctius (Rav) W Ystwyth STÛNÂ f. pillar. (cf Sk,Iranian stunâ) cf ARESTÛNÂ WERSTÛNÂ SU- good,well. I so- W hy- B he- G suSUADWERIS wellstocked. I saidhbhir (rich) SUAUSIOS well-eared, man’s name. G f. Suausiae SUBORGIOS m. member of the Suborgiî tribe. Og Ροβογδιοι (Ptolemy - read *Soborgioi) AOI Sebuirgi (read *Sobuirgi) I Dún Sobhairce SUBRÂTIÛ f. prosperity. OI sobarthu cf BRÂTUS SUBRÎGIS vigorous. OI sobraig SUGENOS m. man’s name. OI Sogen Sogan SUGNÎMIS active. W heini(f) SUKAROS m. man’s name. G Sucarus SUKATUS warlike, man’s name. OI Sucat (< W) W hygad SUKLEWES- renowned. I sochla SUKLUWOS audible. W hyglyw B heglev SULABARIS eloquent. OI sulbair SULÂMIS prompt, ready. OI solam SULANSSUS clear, bright. OI solus SUQRITIS pretty, shapely. I sochraidh SUTÄNGUÂTS eloquent, well-tongued. OI suithnge SUTEGERNOS m. good ruler. OI suithchern SUTONKETOM n. good fortune. OI sothcad SUWIDS m. wise man, sage. OI suí I saoi W syw SUWIROS free, noble. I saor SUWISSON n. knowledge, wisdom. OI sous SUBIS f. strawberry. I subh W syfi B sivienn G *subi- σοuβιτης SUBRON n. sleeping. cf ÄNDESUBRON, SOUNOS SÛDIÂ f. soot. OI suide I sú G *sudiá Fr suie Occ. suja Cat. sutja cf SOUDIKLON SÛGET sucks. I súighSUKÂ f. girl, daughter. W hogen (+ hogyn, boy) SUKKOS m. pig. W hwch B hoc’h SUKKOS m. pig’s snout, plowshare. I soc W swch B soc’h G *sukkos Fr soc

SÛTEGOS n. pigsty. G sutegis SUTUS m. foetus. I suth cf SOWIT SWADUS sweet, pleasant. SWADWÂ f. woman’s name. I Sadhbh SWADUGENOS m. man’s name. G Suadugeni SWADURÎGS m. man’s name. G Suadurix SWAKTÂ f. taste, smell. W chwaeth B c’hwez SWANTUS m. desire. I sant (< W) W chwant B c’hwant SWARIT vn SWARTIÛ f. laughs. W chwardd- chwerthin B c’hoarzh- c’hoarzhin SWE towards. SWE ARE forwards, to the east. OI sair I soir SWE DEKSI to the right, to the south. OI sadess fadess I ódheas SWE ÊRON backwards, to the west. I siar SWE ÎSSU downwards. I síos SWE OUKSU upwards. I suas SWE TEUTI to the left, to the north. OI sathuaid fathuaith I óthuaidh SWESWELOS m. walk. I siubhal SWEKOS sweet. W chweg B c’hwek SWEKRÛ f. mother in law. W chwegr OC hweger SWEKRUNOS m. father in law. W chwegrwn OC hwigeren

SWEKS six. I séW chwech B c’houec’h C whegh CI sues SWEKS DEKÄN, SWEKS ... DEKÄNQE sixteen. I sé .. déag B c’houezek C whettak SWEKS(ET)OS sixth. I seiseadh W chweched G suexos SWEKSWIRON n. six men. I seisear SWEKSKONTES p. sixty. I seasca g. seascad SWEKSMORÂ f. clover («having six parts»). I seamar G *sueksmoron visumarus (Marcellus) cf melisweksmorion SWELENÂ f. condiment. OI selann g. seillne SWELOS m. turn. I seal W chwel chwyl chwil cf KON SWELÂT, UKS SWELÂT SWENDET plays (music), barks (dog). OI ·seinn cf TO SWENDET sub. SWENNST OI ·ses fut. SISWENSST OI ·sib sifis perf. SESWONDE OI sefainn pp. SWÄNSSOS OI ·sessa vn. SWÄNDMÄN n. I seinm -SWENDON n. SWENSSIS f. music. OI séis SWÄNDUS m. barking. OI sinn (mockery) SWÄNDUKOS m. fox. I sionnach SWERBET whirls. W chwerfu SWERWOS bitter. I searbh W chwerw B c’houerv C wherow SWESÛR g. SWESROS f. sister. I siúr OI siür SG piuthar W chwaer B c’hoar C hor SWETET blows. OI ·infet cf ENI SWETET sub. SWESST OI ·tinib pp. SWESSOS OI ·rinfess vn. -SWETON n. I tinfeadh OI feth m. (air) SWETION n. gust of wind. OI sithe side SWETIGALÂ f. vehemence. OI sidgal SWÊZDET blows (wind). I séideadh W chwythu B c’houezañ C whythe cf SWIZDÂ SWÎQANON n. whistle. W chwiban B c’hwiban SWÎS second person plural personal pronoun. N.A.D. SWÎS SWÛS (1) autonomous. OI sí, -si I sibh W chwi C why B c’hwi (2) as prepositional object. OI -b I -bh W -ch B -oc’h C -gh

(3) as verbal object. OI -b W -ch G. SWESRON OI sethar (unstressed far) cf MW awch ych W eich MB ho hoz B ho hoc’h C as agas SWISSIS f. sweat. W chwys B c’hweziñ (to sweat) SWIZDÂ f. whistle. I fead feadóg (flute) feadán (water pipe) cf SWÊZDET SWORRINÂ f. gland. W chwarren TÂDÎT vn TÂDON n. melts. I táith- táth (welds, heals wound) W toddi tawdd B teuziñ (cf Lat. tabêre) TAISTON n. dough. I taos W toes B toaz W teisen (< I, cake) (cf OCS têsto) TAKET chokes, strangles. W tagu B tagañ pp. TAKTOS I tachtadh (choke, strangle) TÂKSLON n. adze. I tál (cf OHG dehsala OCS tesla) TALAMÛ m/f. earth. I talamh g. talmhan TALIÂ f. dung. W tail TÂLIS, such. MW py sawl (QID TÂLIS > QIS SÂLIS) (cf Lat. talis) W y sawl C suel MB seul (SINDOS TÂLIS) (SC 1O.61) TALKON n. fragment, grist. W,OC talch TALSMIS f. sling. OI tailm g. telma W telm (snare) B talm TALU n. forehead,boss. OI tel tul W tâl G taluTALUBERNÂ f. obstruction. OI p. taulberna TALUKÂ f. slope, hill. I tulach G *taluko- Fr. talus TALUKONÂ f. river name. I Tulcha g. Tulchann TAMNOS m. piece cut off. I tamhan (decapitated trunk of body or tree) CI taunei (to cut off Botorrita) TÂMUS m. plague. I támh TANÂ f. time. OI tan (cf Sk. tanâ, continuously) TANAWIOS thin. I tana W tenau B tanav C tanow TÄNGUÂ TÄNGUÂTS f. tongue. OI teng tengae I teanga g. teangadh W tafod B teod C taves TANKET shuts, protects. G *tanke- Cat. tancar TANKNAM.. peace. W tangnef(edd) G toncnaman(EC 15.183) TANKOS m. peace. W tanc TANKORIGS m. man’s name. G Tancorix TANKROS m. protection. I téagar TÄNOS n. fire. OI ten tene I teine g. teineadh W tân B tan cf TEENTS TÄNOKORÂ f. tongs. OI tenchor TÄNOLEGOS n. fireplace, hearth. I teallach TÄNTUS m. string, rope. I téad W tant TARANUS m. thunder. W taran G Taranus Here? I torann g. toirne TARANUKNOS pertaining to thunder. G deo Taranucno, Iovi Taranuc(n)o TARATRON n. auger. I tarathar W taradr C tardar MB tarazr B tarar G *taratron LLat taratrum Occ. taraire Cat. taradre TARBOS n. flight. W tarf TARES across. OI tar I thar W tra- (?) with personal pronouns: TARES ME OI torom TARES SNÎS OI torunn TARES TE OI torut I thart TARES SWÎS OI toraib TARES TEM OI tarais tairis I thairis TARES TÛS OI tairsiu TARES TIYÄN OI tairse TARESTÊGÂ f. threshold. I tairseach cf TÊGET TAROSTONDOS m. condiment (the «skin» across the bread) OI tarsand cf TONDOS

TAUSET is silent. W taw (be silent!) (cf Sk tû¿©îm, silently) pp. TAUSTOS OI ·tuaissi (is silent) cf ANDE TAUSET, ARE TAUSET, EN TAUSET, KON TAUSET, WER TAUSET TAUSOS silent. OI tó TAUSIÂ f. silence. OI táue TAUSELOS silent. W tawel B tevel TÂYET is at, stands at. OI ·tá I tá W taw sub. TÂYÂT OI ·cota ·eta fut. TITÂST OI ·etada perf. TETÂYE OI ·cotedae ·etade pp. TÂTOS OI ·cotad vn. -TÂYOS m. cf AD TÂYET, EN TÂYET, STAMUS, STÂTLÂ, SISTETRO, STALÎ, WOSTOS, WOSTATOS, WO TÂYET TAZGOS m. badger. OI tadcach (badger-like) I Tadhg(name) G Tasgetius Moritasgus *tazgonLLat taxo Occ. taissón Cat. teixó Basque azkoin (Eriu 31.150ff) TAZGAGNOS m. man’s name. Og Tazegagni I Tadhgán TEDMÄN n. plague. I teidhm TEENTS hot. OI té p. téit I te cf TÄNOS, TEKSTUS, TÊSMÄN TEENTIÂ f. heat. OI téite TÊGET walks, goes. OI ·téig téit sub. TÊKST OI ·té ·tiasar pp. TIKTOS C toyth B tiz (speed, fast) (JCS 2.14) vn. TIKTÂ f. I teacht W taith cf ÄMBI TÊGET, EN TÊGET, TO TÊGET, UKS TÊGET, WER TÊGET, MORITÊGS, NEMESOTÊGS, KATÊGÂ, TARESTÊGÂ, MORITIKTÂ TEGOS n. house. I teach W ty C chy B ti cf TOGIT, WOTEGESÂ TEGERNÂKOS m. man’s name. I Tighearnach OBr Tegernacus TEGERN(I)OS m. lord. I tighearna W teyrn G tegerno- Lat Thigernum castrum Fr Thiers TEGERNOMAGLOS m. man’s name. OBr Tegernomali OB Tiernmael TEGERNONOS m. a god. W Teyrnon TEGOSLOUGOS m. household. I teaghlach W teulu OC teilu TEGUS thick. I tiugh W,C tew B tev TEKOS pretty, fair. W teg B tek TEKSTUS m. heat. I teas W tes cf TEENTS TEMOS n. darkness. TEMESÂ p.n. darkness. I teimhe TEMESLOS dark. I teimheal W tywyll B tevel TEMRI n. sacred enclosure. OI Temuir g. Temro I Teamhair (Tara) TENDET breaks, cuts, cracks (a nut) OI ·tendat sub. TENSST OI ·tiasar (read *·tésar) perf. TETONDE OI ·tethaind

TAROSTNOWON n. across, crossbeam. I tarsna cf TNOWON TARRO- fear. TARRÂKOS afraid. OI tarrach TARRUS dry. I tur cf TARTOS TARTOS m. drought, thirst. I tart cf TARRUS TÂRUKÂ f. mite. W t(o)rogen B teurog TARWOS m. bull. W tarbh W tarw B tarv G tarvos (cf Lat. taurus) TÂTIS m. thief. OI táith g. táthat (cf Hitt. tayus) TATOS m. dad. W,B tad C tas; W taid (grandfather)

vn. TÄNDMÄN n. OI teinm W tam B tamm (piece) TENKTIOS right, natural, proper. OI téchtae W teithi TENKTOSAGES p.m. tribal name. G Tectosages cf SAGIT TENUS m. body. OI tin p.a. tinu TEQET flees. I teich- MW tebet cf AD TEQET, ENI TEQET, ENITEQON, WO TEQET sub. TEKST OI ·tes W techu B tec hout fut. TEKST ? OI ·theis perf. TÂQE OI táich vn. -TEQON n. TERKOS scarce. I tearc G *terko- Occ(Gascon) terc (cruel) Cat. enterc (rigid) TÊSMÄN n. heat. W twym OC toim B tomm cf TEENTS Here? OI timme (heat) TEUTÂ f. tribal state. I tuath W,B tud C tus (people) TEUTANORÎGS m. man’s name. G Toutannorigis TEUTIORÎGS epithet of a god. G Apollini Toutiorigi TEUTOKAROS m. man’s name. I Tuathchar TEUTOMATUS m. man’s name. G Teutomatus Toutomatus (Caesar) TEUTOWALOS m. man’s name. I Tuathal OW Tutagual W Tudwal TEUTIOS member of a tribal state. G tooutious TEUTOS left. OI tuath (left hand) tuath- (northern, wicked) TEUTATIS m. a god. G Teutates (Lucan) OI tuathaid (sorcerer) TEUTI to the left, to the north. I thuaidh TEUTISWELON anticlockwise. I tuaithbheal cf DEKSISWELON, SWELOS TIGUS last. OI tiug cf ÊRANTIGION TIGUBÂSSON n. death. OI tiugbas TIGUBIWOS the last alive. OI tiugba (surviving) TINUT fades away. OI tinaid OB tinsot sub. TIYÂT OI ·tae perf. TETOYE OI tethae pp. TÎTOS I uathadh W odid cf AUTÎTOS TÎROS n. land. I tír (vr. tíor) W,B tir TÎRESMIS dry. I tírim TLÂTOS wretched, weak. I tláith (soft; abstract tlás) W tlawd (poor) B treut (thin) TLINAT steals. OI ·tlen sub. TLIYÂT OI ·tlethar perf. TETLE OI ·rotuil (read *·rothiuil) vn. -TLOYON n. cf TOTLOYON, WO TLINAT TLOQETRO speaks (solemnly). OI ·tluchedar (cf Lat. loqui, OCS tlükü) cf AD TLOQETRO, TO TLOQETRO TLUSSOS pretty. W tlws TLUSSUS m. valuable, property. OI tlus W tlws (gem) TNOWON n. plain, valley, bottom, base. W tyno OW tnou MB tnou B traoun cf TAROSTNOWON TNÛTUS m. desire. I tnúth TO hither, towards the speaker (preverb). OI to- do· W dy- B,C dTO yes. OI tó W do TOADEDION n. beginning (of a season). OI taite cf EDON TO AGET comes. OI taig (come!) W deu- daw B deu- C do- due cf OI ám (t)hám (a moving to and fro) TO AIDET shines. OI taíd- cf AIDUS TOAIDELOS shining. OI taídle (brilliance) TO ALLÂT fits into. OI ·talla

TO ÄNKET comes. OI do·ic vn tíchtu I tig TO BERET vn TOBERTÂ f. brings, gives. OI tabart I do bheir, tabhairt TO BINAT vn TOBIYON n. attacks, slays. OI don·rubad I tubha TO BONGET vn TOBEGON n. breaks, levies tribute. OI do·boing I tobhach TOBUTÂ f. coming. W dyfod TODAKRIS tearful. OI todéoir I taidhiuir cf DAKRU TO DÂLÎT vn TODÂLIS f. pours out. OI do·dáli todail TO ETET comes. OI do·eth TO GEUSET vn TOGOUSON n. chooses. OI do·goa I togha TOGIT covers, thatches. I tuigh- W toi cf TEGOS TOGIÂ f. spiny rush (Ulex europeus) G *togiâ Fr tuie Occ.(Gascon) toja TOGION n. straw, thatch. I tuighe TOGOS m. covering. lJ,C,B to (roof) TOGÎNÂ f. mantle. OI tugan tuigen cf ARETOGION, ÄMBITOGON, ENTOGON, WERTEGESÂ TOIBOS m. side. I taobh W,C,B tu TO KENGET vn TOKÄNKSMÄN n. comes. OI do·cing tochim I do chum (to, towards) TO KLADET roots up. OI du·claid I tochailt TO KORITRO vn TOKOROS m. puts, throws. OI du·cuiredar tochur TOISKOS m. jet, spurt. I taosc TOISKET pours out. I taoscTOISKMÄN n. jet, gush. I taom TOGAMINOS m. marten. OI togmann togmall togán cf GAMINOS TOLÂ f. will. OI tol I toil TOLOKAROS wilful. OI talchar TOLGÂ f. force, attack, strength. OI tolg TOLGOS m. bed cubicle. OI tolg TO LENGET springs before. OI do·ling TO LINQET casts, lets. OI do·lléici teilciud I teilgean TOLIT sleeps. OI ·tuli cf KON TOLIT sub. TOLÂT OI ·tola aor. TOLIST OI ·tuil toilis vn. TOLETUS m. OI cotlud TOLIYOM n. flood. I tuile cf LINET TO MADIT un TOMADMÄN n. breaks forth. OI do·ma tomaidm TO MEDITRO vn TOMESSUS m. measures, weighs. OI du·mmidethar I tomhas TO MELET vn TOMELTÂ f. consumes. OI do·meil I tomhailt TOMESSON n. ear of corn. W tywys B tañvouez TO MONITRO vn TOMÄNTIÛ f. thinks. OI do·muinetar toimtiu TONDÂ f. land. OI tond TONDETON n. breaking. OI tonnad (death) cf TENDET TONDOS m. hide, skin. I tonn W ton cf KRAMUTONDOS, SENOTONDÂ, TAROSTONDOS TONGET swears. OI ·toing W tyngu twng C to- B touin sub. TOKST OI ·tó ·tois fut. TITEKST OI ·tithis perf. TETOGE OI ·ruthethaig vn. -TEGON n. cf ARETEGON, DÎ TONGET, Ê TONGET, EKS TONGET, KONTEGON, WER TONGET, WRIT TONGET TONKIT predestines, causes. OI toc- MW tyngh- B tonkañ sub. TONKÂT OI ·thoicther

fut. TONKST (?) G p3 toncsiiontio (EC 15.183) pp. TONKETON OI ·tocad TONKETON n. luck, fate. OI tocad W tynged B tonket cf DUTONKETON TONKETÂKOS m. man’s name. Og Togittacc OBr f. Tunccetace TONKÄNTÎ f. cause, reason. OI tucait TO ORGET vn TOORGENÂ f. crushes, grinds. OI do·fuairc tuarcun TOQI n. natural thing, natural course. OI toich TOQIKOS like, natural. W tebyg TOQESTUS m. property. OI tochus TO QRINAT vn TOQROYON n. purchases bride. OI do·cicher tochra TO REGET vn TOREGNIS f. rises (sun), comes. W dyre- dyrain TORETON n. produce, fruit. I toradh W toreth (< I) cf RETET TO RÎMÎT vn TORÎMÂ f. recounts, counts. OI do·rími I tuireamh TORKOS m. boar, hog. I torc W twrch B tourc’h OC torch cf ORKOS TORROS m. belly. I tarr B,W tor TORRIKÂ f. pregnant. I torrach toirrcheas (pregnancy) TO SÂWIT turns (this way). OI do·soí TO SKARÂT vn TOSKARATUS m. overthrows. OI do·scara ·tascrad I trascairt TO SKETLÎT explores. OI do·scéulai TO SLIYET vn TOSLÎMUS m. deserves, earns. OI do·slí I tuilleamh TO SNÂYET floats. OI ·tonda (read *·tonna) TOSNÂ f. wave. I,B tonn W ton TOSNOGARON n. noise of waves. OI tonngar W toniar TO SOWIT vn TOSOWÂ f. gives birth. OI toaid toí TO SRENGET vn TOSRENGÂ f. drags. OI do·srenga I tarraing TO SWENDET vn TOSWENDON n. barks, chases after. OI do·seinn I tafann TO TÊGET vn TOTIKTÂ f. comes. OI do·théig tuidecht TO TLOQETRO asks. OI do·tluichethar vn todlugud TOTLOYON n. stealth. OI tothlae cf TLINAT TO TUDET vn TOTEUSMÄN n. falls. OI do·tuit tothaim TO U(N)KET brings. OI do·uic du·uc ·tuc I tug W dyg- dwg B doug- C degvn TOUKNIS f. W dwyn MB doen C don TO UNKET is used to, understands. OI do·ucci ·tuicei I tuigTO WEDET vn TOWEDONÂ f. leads to. OI to·feid ·tuid tuidin TOWESSUS m. beginning. OI tuus I tús TOWESSÂKOS m. leader. Og,OBr Tovisaci I taoiseaeh W tywysog TO WERET vn TOWERON n. procures, supplies. OI du·ferthar I tuar SG todhar (supply, manure) TOWORÎNÂ f. corn. OI tuirenn TO WETET says. W dywedTO WIKET vn TOGALÂ f. attacks, destroys. OI du·fesed togal TOWORÎNÂ f. band, company. OI tuirenn cf WORÎNÂ TRÂGÂ f. ebb. I trágh (beach) trágh- (to ebb) W trai (ebb) TRÂKTUS m. beach. OI trácht W traeth TRÂGET treads on. TRÂKTUS m. sole of foot. I trácht TRÂKTÊYON n. what is to be trodden on, threshold. W trothwy B treuzou (British *TRÂTTEYON) TRAGETS f. foot. I troigh g. troigheadh OI traig W p. traed B p. treid C p. treys trys TRAGUS swift. cf WERTRAGUS TRAGUNOWOS m. corncrake («swift proclaimer»). I traghna TRAGINÂ f. pine resin. I traighean

TRAITÂ f. sole of foot. W troed B troad C troys (foot) TRAITÂT overthrows, suppresses. I traothadh TRÄNKET abandons, goes away. I tréig- W tranc (death) trengi (expire) TRÂTUS m. point of time. I tráth W trawd TRAZDUS m. starling. I truid druid (< *TRAZDWI-) W trydw drydw B dred TRAZDURÎGION n. tribal name. I Tradraighe g. TRAZDOUS OI moccu Trato (member of Tradraighe) TREBON n. homestead. I treabh W tref OB treb TREBÂT inhabits. G *trebâ- Occ trevar (to haunt) treva (ghost) cf AD TREBÂT TREBNÂ f. order, system. W trefn TREKSÂ f. strength, combat. I treas W trais TREKSNOS strong. Og treni I tréan TREKSNOLUGUS m. man’s name. Og Trenalugos TREKSAMOS strongest. OI tressam W trechaf B trec’hañ (back-formed comparatives: OI tressa W trech B trec’h) TREUSSLÂ f. sheath. I truaill TRI through. OI tri tre I tré W trwy drwy B dre with personal pronouns: TRISAM ME OI trium TRISAM SNÎS OI triunn TRISAM TE OI triut TRISAM SWÎS OI triib TRISAM TEM OI triit TRISAM SÛS OI treu TRISAM SIYÄN OI tree as preverb: TRISAMÎ SO ETET OI trema·etha (who moves through) TRITUKSLOS perforated. OI tretholl W trydwll TRÎS three. M. NA. TRÎS I trí W,B tri C try G. TRIYON Og tria OI tre D. TRIBIS TRIBOS OI trib N. NA. TRIA OI trí (remodelled) F. N. TISORES OI teuir W tair B teir C teyr tyr G tidres A. TISORÂS OI téora G. TISRON ? D. TISRIBIS ? TRIBERU n. trident, harpoon. W tryfer TRIDINASTUS m. three days. OI trédenus TRIGARANOS with three cranes. G trigaranus TRIKONTES p. thirty. I tríocha g. trlochad OW trimuceint (remodelled) B tregont G tricontes TRIKASSI- p.m. tribal name. G Tricacces (Pliny) Fr Troyes TRIKASTINO- p.m. tribal name. G Tricastinos (Livy) Τρικαστινοι (Ptolemy) TRIKORIO- p.m. tribal name. G Tricorios (Livy) Τρικοριοι (Strabo) B Treger LLat. in territorio Tricurino TRINOWÄNTES p.m. tribal name. OBr Trinovantes (Caesar) TRIS three times. TRISÄNTONÂ f. river name. OBr Trisantona OW Trahannon TRÎS DEKÄN, TRÎS ... DEKÄNQE thirteen. I trí ... déag B trizek C trethek TRISFENIÂ f. having three teats. OI triphne TRISOBNIS thrice scared. OI triamain (weak, sad, weary) TRISTOS third. I treas TRITIYOS third. W trydydd B trede C trysse TRIWIRON n. three men. I triar g. trír d. triúr

TRIYANON n. a third. I trian W traean TRIYATÛ f. sea, ocean. OI triath g. trethan TRIYATORÎGS m. sea god. OI Tethri g. Tethrach (< *Trethri) TROGOS m. turn. OI trog (childbirth,offspring) W,B,C tro Here? OI droch m. (chariot wheel) TROGIÂ f. milch (sow). G *trogiâ Fr truie Occ. truèja Cat. truja TROGIT cf WO TROGIT TRONKET immerses. OI ·truicset MB gozronk- cf WO TRONKET sub. TRONKST W trochi pp. TRONKTOS W trwyth (steeped, decoction) vn. -TRONKETUS m. TRONQET wishes. (cf Tokh. tränk- say?) cf WO TRONQET sub. TRONKST OI ·dúthrais perf. TRÂNQER OI ·futharcair vn. -TRONKTIÛ f. I dúthracht TROSKIT vn TROSKETUS m. fasts. I troisc- troscadh TROUGOS wretched. I truagh W tru TROUGOKAROS merciful. OI trocar TROUGOKARIÂ f. mercy. I trócaire W trugaredd TRUKS fey,condemned. I trú g. troch TRUTSKOS scabby. OI trosc W trwsgl (having thrush) TRUTSMOS heavy. I trom W trwm cf KONTRUTSMOS Here? G *trutsmos Occ trum (gloomy) TÛ second person singular personal pronoun. N. TÛ I tú W ti B te C ty cf BERES TÛ OI ·bir-siu A. TE (1) as verbal object. OI -t W,C -th B -z (2) as prepositional object. OI,W,B -t C -s G. TEWE unstressed I do W dy B da C the, stressed OI taí MW teu D. TOI (1) as inclirect verbal object. OI -t (2) as prepositional object. OI,W,B -t C -s TUDET falls. OI ·tuit sub. TEUSST OI ·todsat (< TOTEUSSONT) fut. TITEUSST OI ·taíth (< TOITEUSST < TOTITEUSST) vn. -TEUTSMÄN n. cf ARE TUDET, DÎ TUDET, TO TUDET TÛKNÂ f. arse. I tón W tin C tyn TUKSLON n. hollow, hole. I toll W twll Occ(Gascon) tolh Cat. toll (pool in river) TUMET TÛMET grows. W tyfu twf B tiñvañ TUTOS m. vulva. OI toth (cf Lat. Tutunus) cf MUTOS UDROS otter-coloured, brown. I odhar UDRONIOS otter- (adj.) OI coin fodoirne (otters) UGROS cold. OI uar I fuar W oer OC oir cf ADUGROS EUKTUS Here? G Ogroni..(month name) OBr Ugrulentum (Rav) (place name) UGROGUSTUS m. man’s name. OI Uargus UKS- up (preverb). (cf OCS vüz-) UKS ANAT vn UKSANATUS m. breathes out, sighs. I osnadh W uchenaid MB huanat KON UKSANAT vn KOMUKSANATUS m. ends, ceases. OI con.osna cumsanad WO UKSANAT vn WOUKSANATUS m. rages, disturbs. OI fu.fuasna fuasnad UKS ANDFÂT vn UKSANDATUS m. lights up. WER UKSANDÂT vn WERUKSANDATUS m. enlightens. OI for.osna fursundud UKSBÄNDUS sudden. I obann UKS BERET offers, carries up.

AD UKSBERET vn ADUKSBERTÂ f. offers, sacrifices. OI ad.opuir idbart I íodhbairt W aberth B aberzh DÎ UKSBERET vn DÎUKSBERTÂ DÎUKSBRITÂ f. withholds. OI do.opir diupart MW dieber- diebryt WO UKSBERET vn WOUKSBERTÂ f. attacks, sets about. OI fo.opair fóbart I fóbairt UKSBERON n. a welling up. cf BERWET T(O)UKSBERON n. well. I tobar UKS BINAT DÎ UKSBINAT vn UKSBIYON DÎUKSBIYON n. digs up, uproots. OI do.riupad diupa UKS BONGET vn UKSBOGON R(O)UKSBOGON n. assaults. OI ropach UKS BRENDET bubbles up. OI toiprinnit UKS BUNDET vn UKSBOUDON n. refuses. OI at.bobuid I obadh UKS DINGET vn UKSDOIGON n. pushes, forces up. ARE UKSDINGET vn AR(E)UKSDOIGON n. refreshes. OI ar.utaing ertach KON UKSDINGET vn KOMUKSDOIGON n. builds. OI con.utuinc I cumhdach WO UKSDINGET vn WOUKSDOIGON n. kidnaps. OI ·fuatnge I fuadach UKS GABIT vn UKSGABAGLÂ f. takes, picks up. OI ocbath EMBI UKSGABIT vn EMBIUKSGABAGLÂ f. avoids. OI ·imgab imgabáil KON UKSGABIT vn KOMUKSGABAGLÂ f. raises. OI con·ocabar cumgabál WER UKSGABIT vn WERUKSGABAGLÂ f. raises, makes known. OI du·furgaib turcbál UKSGALOS quicktempered. I ogal UKS GARIT vn UKSGARION n. calls up. DÎ UKSGARIT vn DÎUKSGARION n. shouts. OI do·riucart diucrae TOUKSGARION n. seeking a way. OI tocra WO UKSGARIT vn WOUKSGARION n. proclaims. OI ·fuacair I fógra UKS GEUSET vn UKSGOUSON n. picks out, chooses. OI ·uicsed I uga UKS GISTLÂT makes a bargain. DÎ UKSGISTLÂT buys. OI diuclither UKSISKAWOS m. liquid. I uisce (water) cf ISKÂ, ISKAWOS (otherwise Hamp: Eriu 12.547, 21.87) UKS LÂYET vn UKSLON n. puts up. EN UKSLÂYET vn ENUKSLON n. collects. OI do·inola I tionól UKS LINQET opens up. OI as.oilgi oslucud (remodelled) UKSLOGON n. load («what is put up»). I ualach cf LOGIT UKS LUWET rises, ascends. OI con.hualai UKS MLIGET vn UKSMLIGONÂ f. milks out. EN UKSMLIGET vn ENUKSMLIGONÂ f. levies, taxes. OI in·omblig in(m)bleogan UKSMONIOS m. bole of tree, spear shaft, mast. I omna UKS NIGIT vn UKSNIGON n. washes clean. OI únach DÎ UKSNIGIT vn DÎUKSNIGON n. id. OI do.fonug díunach UKS RETET vn USKRETON n. runs up. DÎ UKSRETET DÎUSKRETON n. remains over, stays behind OI do·fuarat diurad UKS SAGIT vn UKSSAGITIS f. preserves, supports. OI do·roisechtatar toschid I taiscidh UKS SEMET vn UKSSÄNTIÛ f. produces, brings forth, creates. OI do·fuissim tuistiu WER UKSSEMET vn WERUKKSÄNTIÛ f. pours off/away. OI forsatu fursitiu UKS SEQET, DÎ UKSSEQET wakes up. OI do·fúsci ·diuschi I dúiseacht UKSSKAROS m. outsider, newcomer, non-professional. I oscar UKS SKOKIT shakes up. KON UKSSKOKIT alters, removes. OI con·oiscet cumscugud DÎ ROUKSSKOKIT surpasses, excells. OI do·róscai derscugud UKSSTATON n. respite, cessation, truce. OI ossad UKSSTORIS f. bed, couch. OI osa(i)r cf STRINÂT

UKS SWELÂT slips up, falls. OI do·fuisledor I tuisleadh UKSTALUS arrogant. I sotal (< SU+UKSTALUS) UKS TÊGET vn UKSTIKTÂ f. walks up. EN UKSTÊGET vn ENUKSTIKTÂ f. enters. OT in.otgam inotacht UKSÛ g. UKSENOS m. ox. I os (deer, fawn) OI Uissin g. Uissen (river name) W ych p. ychen B p. oc’hen C p. ohan UKSORÎGIÎ p.m. tribal name. OI Ossairge I Osraighe UKTÂKÂ f. pine tree. OI ochtcach p. ochtga UKTON n. thing said. cf ADUKTON, ANUKTON, WEQSMÄN, WEQTLON ULUKS f. beard. OI ulcha ulach (bearded) ulfota (longbearded) cf AMULUKS ULUTO- p.m. tribal name. OI Ulaith a. Ultu. r. Uloth I Ulaidh UNKET is accustomed to. OI ·ucci cf TO UNKET U(N)KET leads, transports. OI ·uic ·uc W dyg- amyg- dwg B dougperf. OUKE W dug MW amuc goruc C duk gruk cf ÄMBI U(N)KET, RO U(N)KET, TO U(N)KET, WER U(N)KET ÛROS fresh. I úr W ir G Urae (name of a spring) Occ. Ura ÛROS m. wild ox, aurochs. G, Lat. úrus ÛROGENOS m. name. G Urogeni(i) f. Urogena ÛROGENONERTOS m. man’s name. G Urogenonerti USTINO- hearth. USTINÂKOS m. place name. I Uisneach (Eriu 25.256ff) UTROS rotten, sick. I othar (invalid) ÛTUS m. udder. I úth WÂGNO- slope. I fán fánaidh OW guoin W gwaun (meadow moor) B geun (marsh) WAI woe! OI fae W gwae WAIDIS f. cry, outcry. I faoidh W gwaedd WAILOS m. wolf. OI fael WAILAGNOS m. man’s name. I Faolán WAILOBRANOS m. man’s name. OI Faelbran WAILODUBROS m. man’s name. OI Faeldobur WAILOGUSTUS m. man’s name. I Faolghus WAILOKATUS m. man’s name. I Faolchcadh WAILOKENGETS m. man’s name. OI Faelching WAILOKÛ m. wolf. OI faelchú W gweilgi WAILORÎGS m. man’s name. OI Faelri WAKT.. worse. W gwaeth B gwazh WALATRON n. power. cf KATUWALATROS, WLATIS WALNETRO rules, governs. OI fallnathir follnathir WALNIAMÛ m. ruler. OI follamnus (lordship) follamnaid (ruler) follamnaigid (rules) -WALOS powerful. cf DUBNOWALOS, KUNOWALOS, TEUTOWALOS WALIS f. armring. OI fail foil B gwal WÂLOS m. hedge, enclosure. I fál W gwawl WANDELÂ f. swallow (bird). OI fandall g. faindle I fáinleog W gwennol (remodelled) B gwennili G *vannelo- Fr vanneau (lapwing) WANKIOS m. crossbar, beam. I féige (ridgepole) CI *vankio- Portugese banço (crossbar of fence) (cf Sk. vansa-) WÂRI n. dawn, sunrise. OI fáir W gwawr WARRÂ f. support. I farr (pillar, prop) W gwar (nape of neck) WASKET WÂSKET squeezes, presses. I fáisc- W gwasgu B gwaskañ WASNOS weak. I fann W,B gwan (cf Lat. vânus)

WÂSTOS empty. I fás Here? W gwaws (horrible) WATÂ f. covering, garment. OI fath cf QOLÛWATÂ WÂTIS m. seer, prophet, poet. OI fáith I fáidh G ουατεις (Strabo) WÂTUS m. prophecy, poetry. I fáth (reason, poetic art) W gwawd (song, satire) WE or. CI -ue cf NEWE WEBRU n. amber. W gwefr WEBRUMÂROS m. man’s name. G Ουηβροuμαρος WEDET leads, goes. OI fedid sub. WESST OI ·fé ·fessed fut. WIWESST OI ·coised perf. WÂDE OI ·fáid MW gorddiwawdd pp. WESSOS OI ·cuas vn. -WEDONÂ -WEDNIS f. cf ARE WEDET, DÎ WEDET, KON WEDET, TO WEDET, WODOS, WOUZDOS WEDET binds. OI ·choat ·choided G uediIumI (EC 15.178) cf KON WEDET sub. WESST OI ·cói ·aurchoissed fut. WIWESST OI ·irchói pp. WESSOS OI ·airchós WEDONÂ f. yoke, team. OI fedan WEDMÄN n. use, effort. I feidhm WEDELOS constant, lasting. OI feidil WÊDET tells, orders. OI ·fet ·fiadar sub. WÊSST OI ·fé fut. WIWISST OI ·fii ·fiastar perf. WIWIDE OI fíd pp. WISSOS OI ·rindes vn. -WISSIÛ -WISSIS f. cf AD WÊDET, ÄNDE WÊDET, ATEWISSIS, EN WÊDET WÊDONTS m. lord, commander. OI fiadu g. fiadat WÊDOS m. appearance, presence. I fiadh W gwydd WÊDÛ in the presence of. OI fiad B ac’houez (openly) with personal pronouns: WÊDÛ MOI OI fiadum WÊDÛ TOI OI fiadut WÊDÛ SWÎS OI fiadib WÊDÛ YÛ OI fiado cf WINDETRO WÊDODEKS m. man’s name. OI g. Fiatach WÊDOS wild,woodland. I fiadh (deer) W gwydd B gouez cf WIDU WÊDELOS m. barbarian. W Gwyddel (Irishman) OI Goídel I Gaoidheal (< W) WÊDOKÛ m. man’s name. Og Vedacuna OI Fiadchú WÊDOSÎLON n. wild seed. I fiadhail (weed) WÊDÛS g. WÊDUSOS m. witness. OI fiadu g. fiadan I fiadhain cf WINDETRO WEGET weaves. I figh- W gwau B gweañ C gwia cf ÄNDOWEGON perf. WÂGE OI ·fáig pp. WEKTOS OI fecht WEGON n. web. W gwe WEGION n. loom. W gwydd WEGNOS m. waggon. OI fén W gwain OBr covinnus (chariot) WEGNIOS having a waggon. G Marti Vegnio WEGRON n. grass. I féar W gwair WÊKOS m. debt. I fiach cf KOMWÊKOS WÊKO- fight. cf WIKET

WÊKORÎGS m. man’s name. AOI Fechreg I Fiachra G Vecorix WÊKOWIKS m. man’s name. OI Fiachu g. Fiachach WEKTIRÎGS m. man’s name. G Vectirix WEKTIS f. time, occasion. I feacht W gwaith B gwezh gwech C gweth WÊKTLON n. weapon (hence: tusk). AOI feccol I fiacal (tooth) cf WIKET WEKTUS m. action, work. W gwaith cf KOWEKTIS WELÎT sees. OI fil (see! there is) W gweled B gwelout WELÎTS m. seer. I file g. fileadh Og velitas G *velîtâ ουεληδαν (Dio) WÊLOS generous, modest. I fial W gwyl WÊLOS akin, related. OI fial I gaol (< British *guil) WÊLOKAROS kinloving. OI fialchar WÊMÄN n. chain. OI fiam cf WINAT WÊNÂ f. hunting band, war band. I fian (cf Lat. vênâri) WÊNIATIS m. leader of hunting band. I féinnidh WÊNIOS m. member of hunting band, tribesman possessing full legal capacity. OI p. Féni WÊNOBUTS m. man’s name. OI Fianboth WÊNOKÛ m. man’s name. Og Venacunas OI Fianchú WÊNOGALÂ f. man’s name. I Fianghal WÊNOGUSTUS m. man’s name. I Fianghus WENDU n. hair, fur. OI find I fionn cf WENSOWENDWÂNOS long coarse white swamp grass. I fionnán W gwynnawn WENETO- p.m. tribal name. G Veneti (Caesar) B Gwened Fr Vannes WENIS m. relative, kinsman. OI p.d. finib WENIÂ f. kin group. I fine B gouenn (tribe) WENIGALÂ f. kin murder. I fionghal WENIKAROS m. man’s name. G Venicarus WENIMÂROS m. man’s name. G Venimarus WENISAMOS m. man’s name. G Venixxam(us) f. Venisamae WENISAMODURON n. place name. G Venaxamodorum WENISTRUTIS m. elder of the family, clan head. OI finnsruth (read *finsruith) WENITEUTÂ f. woman’s name. G Ουενιτοοuτα WENITÛTS m. kin property. OI finntiu p.a finteda WENSO- beard. OI fés I féasóg cf WENDU WENSORÊGON n. muzzle. I féastrach WENTOS m. wind. W gwynt B gwent C gwyns cf AWELÂ, WETÂ WENTOYALON n. place name. G *Ventoialon Fr Venteuil Occ. Ventuèjol WEQO- face. W gweb WEQOGENOS m. man’s name. OBr Vepogeni WEQOLITANOS m. man’s name. G Βηπολιτανος (Plutarch) WEQONOS man’s name. G Veponius WEQOTALUS m. man’s name. G Vepotali WEQSMÄN n. call, sound. I fuaim cf UKTON WEQTLON n. word. I focal W gwaethl (quarrel ) cf UKTON WER over, on. preposition: OI for I ar preverb/prefix: I fo- W gor- gwar- B gour- C gor- G verwith personal pronouns: WER ME/MOI OI form WER SNÎS OI fornn WER TE/TOI OI fort WER SWÎS OI fuirib WER EM OI fair WER SÛS OI forru WER YÛ ? for WER YOBIS OI foraib WER SIYÄN OI forrae

WER YAI OI fuiri WERINOS upper, superior. OI fern (good- < WERNOS) WER AGET completes, does. perf. WER ÂGE MW g(u)oreu WERAGRO- p.m. tribal name. G Veragros (Caesar) Ουαραγροι (Strabo) cf AGROS WERAISSIATIS old and experienced. OI forsaid cf AISSON WERBÂ f. blister, blemish. I fearb WERBEGON n. extra levy. OI forbach cf BONGET WER BERET vn WERBERTÂ f. grows,increases. OI for·beir forbart I forbairt WER BONGET breaks, subdues. OI for·boing WERBUTÂ f. compulsion, need. W gorfod WERDERKOS visible, manifest. OI fordarc WERDÎBIYON n. slaughter. OI fortbe cf DÎ BINAT WER DINGET vn WERDINGIÂ f. suppresses. OI for·dengar fortige fordinge WEREKSONGIS wide, ample. I fairsing cf EKSONGIS WERET finds, grants. OI ·fera I fearperf. WEURE I fuair pp. WRÎTOS OI ·fríth I fríoth vn. -WERON -WORON n. cf ADWERON, AREWORON, EN WERET, KOWERIS, RO WERET, ROWERON, TO WERET, WO WERET, WORÎNÂ WERENON n. feoff, land grant. I fearann WERENOS m. girdle. OI ferenn WERESTÛ g. WERESTÛNOS f. spindle tree. OI feorus g. fersen cf OSNESTÛ WERGÂ f. activity. I fearg (anger) WERGO- active,effective. MW gwery OB guerg WERGOBRITUS m. chief magistrate. G vergobretus WER GISTLÂT vn WERGISTLON n. overswears, gives testimony of greater legal value. OI for·ceilla forgell WERGISTLIATIS m. overswearer. OI forglid WERGOUSON n. choice, the best. OI forgu W goreu WER KANET nv WERKANTLON n. teaches, sings forth. OI for·cain I foirceadal MW gwarchan WERKASSIWELLAUNOS m. man’s name. G Vercassivellauno (Caesar) WERKENGETORÎGS m. man’s name. G Vercingetorix (Caesar) WERKOBIOS m. man’s name. G Vercobius WERKOMBOGIOS m. man’s name. G Vercombogi Verco(m)bogionis WER KORITRO vn WERKOROS m. violates. OI for·corastar forcor WER MAGET vn WERMAGON n. increases. OT do.formaig tórmag WERMESSUS m. oppression. W gormes WERMONION n. shoulder. I formna WER MONITRO vn WERMENTUS m. envies. OI for.muinethar I formad W gorfynt B gourvent cf DÎWERMENTIS WERNEMETON n. great sanctuary. G *vernemeton vernemetis (Fortunatus) WERNOS m. WERNÂ f. alder tree. I fearn W,B gwern OC guern G verno- LLat vernum Occ.vern WERNODUBRON n. place name. G Vernodubrum (Pliny) Occ. Verdoble Vernesobre Vernobre WERNOMAGOS n. place name. I Fearnmhagh G *Vernomagos Fr Vernon WERORO- border, edge. W goror WÊROS crooked. I fiar B gwar cf WINAT WERQENNON n. end. I foirceann W gorffen B gourfenn C gorfen WERREGÂ f. pole for measuring land. OI forrach cf REGET

WERSEDON n. platform, dais. OI forud W gorsedd cf SEDET WERSESSON n. basis, established thing. I foras WERSTÛNÂ f. doorpost. MW gorsin W gorsing cf STÛNÂ WERTÂ f. shaft, pole. OI fert WERTET turns. cf AD WERTET WERTETS f. spindle. W gwerthyd B gwerzid OC gurthit WERTESSÂ f. spindle. OI fertas g. feirtse I fearsad WERTAWÂ f. tumulus. OI fertae. WERTAMOS topmost. W gwarthaf C guartha WER TAUSET is silent. MW gorthaw WER TÂYET be left over,be on/over. OI for·tá WER TÊGET vn WERTIKTÂ f. helps. OI for·tiag fortacht WERTEGERNOS m. overlord, man’s name. OI Foirtchern Og Vortigurn Vorrtigurn OW Guorthigirn MW Gwrtheyrn WERTEGESÂ p.n. rugs, coverings. OI fortche cf TEGOS, TOGIT WER TONGET vn WERTEGON n. overswears. OI for·toing fortach WERTRAGUS swift. G vertragus (swift dog) OFr veautre Italian veltro cf TRAGUS WERTURI- stronghold. I Feartair (< W) W Gwerthyr OBr Verteris WERTURIONES p.m. tribal name. OI Fortrenn OBr Verturiones (Ammianus) WERUDRAGNOS m. man’s name. OI Furudran WER U(N)KET completes perf. WER OUKE MW goruc C gruk WERWESTIS f. siege. OI forbais cf WESET WER WINAT vn WERWIYON n. completes. OI for.fen I foirbhe WERWITIOS perfect, completed. I foirbhthe WERWIROS m. attendant, supernumerary. OI forbfer WERYUGOS m. man’s name. G Veriugus WERYUGODUBNOS m. a god. G Apollini et Veriugodumno WESANTÊNOS belonging to spring. OW guiannuin MW gwaeanhwyn W gwanwyn OC guaintoin WESET spends the night. OI fo- cf ÄNDOWESTÂ, BANOWESTIS, WERWESTIS sub. WESÂT OI ·fia perf. WEWOSE OI foe fiu s12 foa vn. WESTIS f. feast, sleeping. I feis W gwest WESQEROS m. evening. I feascar W ucher OC gurthuher (< British *EUQSEROS) WESULIS f. flesh. I feoil WESURANDÂ f. green bank, shoreland. OI feórann g. feorainde I feora OB Gueuran Fr Guérande (cf Hittite wasi, grass; wesis, pasture; Germanic RANDÔ rim, edge) WESWÂ f. worth, goodness. OI feb I feabhas cf WOSU WETÂ f. wind. cf ANWETÂ, WENTOS WETET says. OI feith- W dywed- cf TO WETET perf. WÂTE W dywawd WÊTIS f. vein,nerve. I féith cf WINAT, KÛLOWÊTÂ Hypocoristic WÊTTIS W gwythi B gwazhi WÊTIS f. woodbine, creeper. OI féith cf WINAT WÊTELIÛ f. woodbine. I féithle g. féithleann WETSÎ f. yearling sow. OI feis W gwys B gwiz C gwis cf ERUTI WIDÂ f. form, aspect. W gwedd cf WINDETRO WIDES ATRIS m. teacher. OI fithithir g. fithidrea cf ATÎR WIDU n. wood, trees. I fiodh W gwydd B gwez C gueyth WIDUBIYON n. billhook. I fiodhbha W gwyddyf G vidubium Occ. vesog cf BINAT

WIDUKASSI- p.m. tribal name. G Viducasses (Pliny) Fr Vieux WIDUQÊSLÂ f. chess. I fidhcheall W gwyddbwyll WIDUWOZDOS m. cudgel, stick, aspen tree. OI fidot cf WÊDOS WIDWÂ f. widow. OI fedb W gweddw OC guedeu WÎKÂ f. woods. W gwig WIKÄNTÎ du. twenty. I fiche g. fichead W ugain B ugent C ugens WIKET fights. OI ·fich sub. WÊKST OI ·rae ·fess fut. WIWIKST OI ·fí ·fiastar perf. WIWIKE OI ·fích pp. WIKTOS OI ·fechta vn. -GALÂ f. q.v. WIKTÂ f. campaign. I feacht WIKTON n. anger. W gwyth WIKURIS fierce. I feochair W gwychyr (< I) cf ARE WIKET, DÎ WIKET, TO WIKET, WO WIKET, LEMOWIKES, WÊKO-, WÊKORÎGS, WÊKOWIKS, WÊKTLON WIKOS m. WIKÂ f. vetch. W gwyg B gweg G *vikh Occ. bega (cf Lat. vicia) WIKSMONÂ f. seaweed. I feamhain W gwymon B goumon cf I feam (sea rod, rod) WÎKOS m. battle rage. I fíoch WINAT plaits. OI ·fen sub. WIYÂT OI ·fia fut. WIWIST OI ·fether ·fither pp. WITOS OI fithe vn. -WIYON n. WIYÂ f. rod. OI fé cf ÄMBI WINAT, ARE WINAT, ÄNDE WINAT, ATE WINAT, ENIWÊTROS, WER WINAT, WITENÂ, WITNOS, WÊTIS, WÊROS, WÊMÄN WINDET flays. I feannadh WINDETRO finds out about (past: knows) OI ro·finnadar I fionn-; W gwn B goun C gon (I know) sub. WÊSSETRO OI ·festar fut. WIWISSETRO OI ·fiastar ·festar perf. s3 WIDRI WÊDRI I fidir W gwyr B goar C gor pp. WISSOS OI ·fess W gwys B gous vn. WISSUS m. (1) knowledge I fios (2) summons I fios W gwys The British verb has been much arranged but the basis is WID- W gwydd- B gouz- C gothcf ARE WINDETRO, AREWIDION, WÊDOS, WIDÂ, DRUWIDS, SUWIDS, WÊDÛS WINDOS fair, blond. I fionn W gwyn B gwenn G vindoWINDOBALÂ f. white peak, place name. OBr Vindobala WINDOBITUS m. bliss. OI findbuth W gwynfyd WINDOBARROS m. man’s name. Og Vedabar I Fionnbharr OBr Vendubari WINDOBONÂ f. place name. G Vindobona WINDOBRIGS f. white hill, place name. AOI g. Findubreg I Fionnabhair g. Fionnabhrach G *Vindobrigâ Fr Vend(o)euvre WINDOGALÂ f. man’s name. I Fionnghal WINDOGENIOS m. man’s name. OI Finguine WINDOGNOS m. man’s name. Og Vendogni OBr (V)endogni Vendoni WINDOGUSTUS m. man’s name. I Fionnghus WINDOKATUS m. man’s name. I Fionnchadh WINDOKLADIÂ f. white ditch, place name. OBr Bindogladia (Rav) Vindogladia (IA)

WINDOLANDÂ f. place name. OBr Vindolana Vindolande WINDOLUGUS m. man’s name. I Fionnlugh MW Gwynllyw WINDOMAGLOS m. man’s name. Og Vedomali OBr Vendumagli Vinnemagli MW Gwenfael WINDOMAGOS n. white plain, place name. I Fionnmhagh G Ουινδομαγος (Ptolemy) WINDONOS m. a god. G deo Apollini Vindon(no) WINDOQRITUS m. man’s name. OI Findchrad WINDOSAITLOS m. man’s name. OBr Vendesetli Vennisetli MW Gwynnhoedl WINDOSÊBARÂ f. woman’s name, Guinevere. OI Findebair MW Gwenhwyfar WINDOSENOS m. man’s name. AOI Finten I Fiontan WINDOYALON n. place name. G *Vindoialon Fr Vendeuil WIROS m. man. I fear W gwr B,C gour G -vir(us) cf DUWIROS, SUWIROS WIRODAMNOS m. a minor, adolescent. OI ferdoman WIRODÛNON n. place name (Verdun). Fr,Occ. Verdun WIROGALÂ f. man’s name. I Fearghal WIROGNÂWOS m. man’s name. AOI Fergnoi OI Fergnae OBr Virognous WIROGUSTUS m. man’s name. I Fearghus Og Vergoso OW Gurgust WIROKAROS m. man’s name. OI Ferchar WIROSKÂKSLON n. man. OI ferscál WIROYOUDÂKOS m. man’s name. I Fearadhach WÎROS true; WÎRON n. truth. I fíor W,B gwir WÎRÎT cf AD WÎRÎT, KOWÎROS WISÂKOS m. raven,sea reven. OI fiäch I fiach SG fitheach W gwyach (grebe < I) WISALOS m. ferret. I fial g. fiail CI Visalos f. Visala (name) (cf ON visla OHG wisula) WÎSKET dresses. W gwisg B gwiskañ WISUS withered. I feo W gwyw B gweñviñ (withers) WÎSUS worthy, worth. I fiú W gwiw B gwiv (merry) WÎSURÎGS m. man’s name. G Visurix cf WOSU WITENÂ f. coil. OI fethan (ring) W gwden cf WINAT WÎTIS f. food. W gwid WITNOS tough, supple. W gwydn B gwevn cf WINAT WÎWEROS m. squirrel. I iora iara (< *fiar) W gwiwer B gwiñver Lat. vîverra (< G) WLANÂ f. wool. I olann (< W) W gwlan B gloan WLASNOS bloodred. I flann WLASNOKATUS m. man’s name. I Flannchadh WLATIS f. lordship. I flaith (lordship, prince) W gwlad (country) B glad (estate) cf WALNETRO WLATIBERTÂKOS m. man’s name. I Flaithbheartach WLATIGALÂ f. man’s name. I Flaithgheal WLATIGUSTUS m. man’s name. OI Flaithgius WLATISAMOS m. man’s name. Og Vlatiami I Flaitheamh WLIDÂ f. feast. I fleadh W gwledd WLIDOWETSÎ f. a goddess («the feast sow») I Fliodhais WLIDORÎGS m. man’s name. G Vlidorix WLIDUS soft. W gwlydd WLIDU n. chickweed. I fliodh W gwlydd B gleizh WLIQUS wet. I fliuch ~W gwlyb B glep C gleb; W gwlych (liquid) B glec’h (steeping) (< I) WLIKTON n. dew, damp. W gwlith WLISKÂ f. switch, whip. I fleasc G *vliskâ Friulian viscle Venetian vis-cia (< *WISKLÂ) Here? W gwrysg (stalks) WLISKÂKOS m. stripling. I fleascach cf WOWLISKÂ WO under.

preposition: OI fo I fá preverb, prefix: I fo- W,C go- B gou- gwa- G vowith personal pronouns: WO ME/MOI OI foum WO SNÎS I founn WO TE/TOI OI fout WO EM OI foí I faoi WO YÛ OI fóu WO YOBIS foïb WO SIYÄN OI foae WOINOS lower, inferior. I faon (supine) WOBEDIS active, swift. OI fobaid cf BODÎNÂ WO BÂDIT vn WOBÂDETUS m. immerses. OI fo·báidithir fobdod WO BERET vn WOBRITÂ f. brings under. OI fo·beir WOBERON n. subterranean stream. I fobhar W gofer B gouver DÎ WOBERET vn DÎWOBRITÂ f. renounces, forswears. W diofer- diofryd MB dioverat WO BINAT vn WOBIYON n. overthrows, destroys. OI fo·benat I fubha WOBOGON n. undercutting, breaking. OI fobach cf BONGET WO BUTÂT vn WOBUTATUS m. frightens. OI fo·bothaim fubthad cf ADBUTÂ WO DÂLIT vn WODÂLIS f. divides, distributes. OI fo·dáli fodail W gwaddol (portion) WO DAMET vn WODAMON n. suffers, endures. OI fo·daim W goddef B gouzañv C gothaf WODEKSIWON n. south, right, right hand seat. OI faitse cf DEKSI WODEKTIS f. burning, bonfire. W goddaith cf DEGUIS WODÊTUS m. caution. cf OIDÎ WODÊTÂKOS cautious. I faiteach WODÎLON n. remainder. I fuidheall W gweddil WODOS m. mole. W gwadd B goz cf WEDET WODWOS m. spoils. I fodhbh WO ÊGET raises outcry. OI fo·égi ·foeige WO ETET flies off. ARE WOETET departs. OI ·urtha WO GABIT vn WOGABAGLÂ f. finds. OI fo·gaib fagbáil I fagháil WOGAISOS m. dart, spear. I fogha W gwaew B goaf C gew WOGARON n. sound. I foghar WO GERET heats (intr.). OI fo·geir WOGIYAMROS m. autumn. OI fogamar I foghmhar cf GIYAMOS WO GLENDET Vn WOGLÄNSSMÄN n. learns. OI fo·glennat I foghlaim WOGLOS m. urine. I fual WO GNIYET vn WOGNÎMUS WOGNÎTUS m. serves. OI fo·gní fognad I foghnamh W gweinydd- gweini B gounez- gounit (earn) C gones (work) WO GODIT vn WOGEDIÂ f. begs, entreats. OI fo·guid I foighdhe cf GODIT WOIDIT sends. OI foídid WO KANET vn WOKANTLON n. sings (to someone). OI fo·cain W goganu (satirize, praise) DÎ WOKANET vn DÎWOKANTLON n. predicts. MW dyoganu MB diougan TO AREWOKANET vn T(O)AREWOKANTLON n. prophesies. OI do·erchain tairchital W darogan WO KELET vn WOKLITIS f. avoids. OI foichled (let him avoid!) MW gogel- goglyt WOKLITIOS avoided. OI fochlithi WOKENOS m. young corn in blade. OI fochan fochenn cf KENET WO KERDET puts, places, throws. OI fo·cheirt WO KLADET vn WOKLADIÂ f. digs out. OI fochlaid fochlaide WOKLADON n. place name. G *vokladon LLat Vogladensi Vocladum Fr Vouillé WOKLIYON n. left ,north. I fochla W gogledd WOKLIYOKKÛ (< *WOKLIYOKNÛ) m. poet of lower grade («singer on the left») OI

fochluc g. fochlocon WO KLUNUTRO ? ARE WOKLUNUTRO smells. W arogleu aroglywWO KNÂYET corrodes. OI fo·cná W gognaw (irritate, provoke) WOKONDAUTON n. tinder, small firewood. OI fochnod cf KONDAUTON WOKRIDION n. girding. OI fo·cridigedar (girds) WO KRINAT sieves. W gogryn(u) B gourner (sieve) WOKRI n. a sieve. W gogr gwagr WOKRISSUS m. girdle. I fochras W gwregys B gouriz OC grugis WOKSIS f. wasp. OI foich (< W) W gwychi (drones) OB guohi OC guhien WOKUBÂ f. cave. OW guocobauc W gogof B kougoñ WOLEGS f. a wallow. OI foil fail g folach (pigsty) cf LEGET WOLEGION n. bed. W gwely B gwele C guely WO LENGET vn WOLÄNKSMÄN n. jumps up, anticipates. OI fo·lingg folaimm ARE WOLEGET vn AREWOLÄNKSMÄN n. dismounts. OI do·arblaing ·tarblaing turlaim I tuirlingWOLGOS m. enough, sufficiency. W gwala B gwalc’h WOLIS f. blood. I fuil g. fola cf LINET WOLÎS p.f. wound. OI fuili W gweli B gouli WOLKET washes. I folcadh W golchi B gwalc’hiñ C golhy WOLKOS m. wolf. WOLKO- p.m. tribal name. G Volcae cf Continental Germanic WALHAZ OE wealh OHG walh (originally «Celt», then «Latin speaker») WO LOGIT vn WOLOGON n. places under, hides. OI fo·luigi I folach WOLOUTON n. property, wealth. I foladh W golud cf DÎWOLOUTIS WOLTOS m. hair. I folt W gwallt OC gols WOLTODAGÂ f. woman’s name. G Voltodagae WOLUGUS m. light. W golau B goulou cf LUGATWOLUKON n. sight. W golwg WOLUKTON n. cooking. I fulacht (cooking place) W golwyth (collop, rasher) WO LUNGET vn WOLOUGON n. supports, sustains. OI fo·loing folog WO LUKSKET singes. I folscadh W golosgi WO LUWET vn WOLUWETON n. flies. OI fo·luatar fuluth WO MEDITRO vn WOMESSUS m. estimates. OI fo·midethar I fomhas WO MELET vn WOMELTÂ f. spends, uses up. OI fomeilt WO MONITRO vn WOMÄNTIÛ f. is wary of. OI fo·mentar foimtiu WOMORI n. shoreland. OI g. fomra WO NASKET vn WONADMÄN n. OI fo·nascar fonaidm WO NEYET vn WONIYON n. prepares food. OI ·fonither I fuine WONIKTOS winnowed. W gwenith B gwinizh C gwaneth (wheat) WONISEDOS m. sunset, west. I fuineadh WO NIGIT vn WONIGON n. washes clean. OI fo·nenaig funech WOQENNION n. pillow. W gobennydd WO QÊSLÂT vn WOQÊSLÂ f. takes heed of, cares for. OI fu.ciallathar focell MW gobwyllWO QRINAT vn WOQRÎTIS f. buys,hires. OI fo·crethther W gobryn- gobrit (merits) WOQROYON n. reward. W gobr(wy) B,C gober OI fochraic WORÊDOS m. a mount. W gorwydd (steed) G *vorédos LLat paraverêdus (spare horse) WO REGET vn WOREGON n. ? DÎ WOREGET vn DÎWOREGON n. irritates. OI do·dúrgim tudrach WO RETET vn WORETON n. helps. OI fo·reith W gwared MB goret C gueres WORETOMÂROS m. man’s name. G Ουερετεμαρεοuι

For G /we/ for /wo/ cf BOLGO- MONAQÎ WORETOWIROS m. man’s name. G Voretovirius WO RIGET vn WORÊGON n. delays. OI fo·rig I fuireach (stay) WORÎNÂ f. team. I foireann W gwerin (plebs) cf WERET, TOROWÎNÂ WO RENDÂT vn WORENDON n. signifies. OI do·foirndea tórand WO REMÎT places. OI ·fuirmi WORGIS personal name. OI Fuirg g. Forgo cf WERGÂ WO ROIKÂT tears. W gorugaw WORRÄNKOS m. abyss. CI *vorrankos Castilian barranco WORRÄNKIÂ f. abyss. OI foirrce I fairrge (sea) WO RUNDET reddens. OI ·forondar WO SAGIT vn WOSAGITIS f. tempts. OI fochaid g. fochatho ÊRAMÎ WOSAGIT vn ÊRANWOSAGITIS f. asks. OI iarmi·foich iarfaigid I fiafraighidh WOSANIS f. difference. W gwahan WOSENTUS m. sod,turf. I fod cf SENTUS WO SEQET responds. W gohebu WOSISKLOS m. underside (of sod of grass) OI faescal cf SISQUS WO SISTETRO vn WOSISTAMUS m. protects. OI fo·sisedar I faoiseamh WO SKANDÂT vn WOSKANDATUS m. winnows, scatters. OI fo·scanna I foscnadh cf SKANDERÂ WO SKARÂT scatters. W gwasgar WOSKÂTUS m. shelter. I foscadh W gwasgod B gwasked WO SKOKIT removes, changes. OI fo·scochet foscugud WO SLIGET vn WOSLOIGON n. smears. OI fo·sligim follach foillech WOSLADNOS healthy. I follán WO SODIT vn WOSODETUS m. entertains. OI fo·suidither fothud WOSTATOS level, firm. OI fossad W gwastad B goustat cf TÂYET, KOMWOSTATIS WOSTEKÂ f. silence. W gosteg WOSTORIS f. appurtenances. I fosair cf STRINÂT WOSTOS m. lad, servant. OI foss W,B,C gwas G vassus cf TÂYET WOSTORÎGS m. man’s name. G Vassorix WOSTOS m. stopping. I fos (rest, resting place) W gwas (abode, silence) cf TÂYET WOSU n. goodness, good. OI fó cf WESWÂ, WÎSUS WOSULANSSUS light, clear. I follas WOTÂDÎNO- p.m. tribal name. OBr Votadini Ωταλινοι (Ptolemy) OW Guotodin W Gododdin WO TÂYET vn WOTÂYOS m. supports. OI ·fotha fotha (basis, foundation) WOTEGESÂ p.n. space in front of house, green. I faithche cf TEGOS WO TENDET nibbles, gnaws. OI fo·teinn WO TEQET vn WOTEQON n. takes refuge with. MW godep W godeb (attention) WOTEQORÎGS m. protector, man’s name. Og Votecorigas OBr Voteporigis LLat Vortipori (Gildas) OW Guortepir WOTÎROS n. unreclaimed valley or woodland. OI fuither WO TLINAT vn WOTLOYON n. steals. OI fo·tlen fothla WOTNOS m. sole of foot. OI fonn (for *fón + bonn BUNDOS q.v.) W gwadn WO TROGIT milks. W godro MB gozro B goero WO TRONKET vn WOTRONKETUS m. bathes. OI fothraicid I fothragadh MB gozronket B kouronkañ WO TRONQET vn WOTRONKTIÛ, DÎ WOTRONQET vn DÎWOTRONKTIÛ f. wishes. OI do·futharcair I dúthracht WOUNON n. leather breeches. OI fuan WOUZDOS m. stretcher, bier. I fuad cf WEDET WO WERET vn WOWERON n. causes. OI fo·fera fuar

WO WIKET vn WOGALÂ f. inflicts injury. OI fo·fich fogal ÄMBI WOWIKET impugns, annuls. OI im·fuich WOWILANOS m. seagull. I faoileann W gwylan B gouelan CI *vavilanos (sparrowhawk) Castilian gavilán Portuguese gavião Basque gavirain WOWISKÂ f. twig. I fualasc cf WLISKÂ WO YEMET vn WOYÄNTIÛ f. ? ARE WOYEMET vn AREWOYÄNTIÛ f. assumes,receives. OI ara·foim ·eróim airitiu WOYO- hunting. cf WÊNÂ WOYOMÂROS m. great in hunting, epithet of the drought god. WOYOMÂRIÎ p.m. drought demons. OI Fomairi I Fomhóire WOZDOS m. length. OI fot I fad WOZDAWOS long. OI fotae I fada cf AREWOZDOS, DÎWOZDIS WRADION n. root. W gwraidd B grizienn OC grueiten WRAGET does, makes. OW gurag- W wna B gra C gura sub. WREKST MW gwnech aor. WREKT W gwnaeth (remodelled) vn. WREKTIS f. W gwraith WRAKÎ f. woman. W gwraig p. gwragedd B gwreg C gurek WRAKKÂ f. hag. OI fracc W gwrach B gwrac’h C gwrah WRASTÂ f. shower, rain. I fras WREGIS f. partition wall. OI fraig g. frega I froigh W achwre WRIDNÂ f. root. OI frén I fréamh cf WRADION WRIDOS strong,stout,brave. W gwrdd WRIDOLÂNOS m. man’s name. G Vridolanus WRIDOMÂROS m. man’s name. G Virdomarus (Livy) WRIDOWIKS m. man’s name. Viridovix (Caesar) WRIGÄNTS f. fleshworm. I frigh g. frighead W gwraint B grec’h (mite) G *vrigantes brigantes (Marcellus) Occ briant WRIGET sews. W gwnio B gwriat WRIKSMÄN n. seam. W gwrym WRISENOS male. I fireann (AOI *firenn < *frien + WIROS) WRIT against. preposition: OI fri I le W wrth C orth B ouzh preverb: OI fris· with personal pronouns: WRIT ME OI friumm WRIT SNÎS OI frinn WRIT TE OI frit WRIT SWÎS OI frib WRIT TEM OI fris WRIT SÛS OI friu WRIT SIYÄN OI frie WRIT BINAT vn WRITBUTIS f. WRITBEUTUS m. heals. OI fris.·en frepaid WRIT GARIT vn WRITGARION n. calls back to, answers. OI fris·gair I freagra WRITKONDERKIS present. I freacnairc cf DERKET WRIT KORITRO vn WRITKOROS m. OI fris.curiur freccor WRIT ORGET vn WRITORGENÂ f. strikes against. OI fris·oirc frithorgon WRIT SEQET answers. W gwrtheb C gordheby WRIT TONGET vn WRITTEGON n. denies by oath. OI fris·toing I freiteach W gwrthdwng WROlKOS m. rage, fury. I fraoch WROIKOS m. heather. I fraoch W grug C brug G *vroikos>*vrûkos Fr bruyère Cat.Occ. bruc WRONKÂ f. branch, hand. G *vrankâ LLat.Occ. branca Fr branche (branch) Rumanian brîncă (paw)

YAKKOS healthy. W iach B yac’h C yagh (cf Gk ακος) cf YÎKKÂ YALON n. a clearing. W iâl (upland) G -ialon YÂLOS m. desire, request. OI á(i)l W iawl B youl cf SÂDOYÂLIS YÂLÎT requests. OI áiliu YÂLONOS m. god of desires and requests. OBr deo Ialono Contre(bi) G Ialon(o) et Fortunae YALUS m. enclosing wall. OI aul g. elo cf ÄNDOYALIÂ YALUSEDON n. burial cairn, sepulchre. OI ilad aulad I uladh YÂMÂ f. a cave. OI uam I uaimh (cf OCS jama, a pit) For the phonetics cf MÂROS I mór (dialectal: muar) YÄNTÂ f. herd of cattle. OI éit p.d. étaib YÄNTODÂNÎ f. cattle giver, the moon goddess. OI Étain g. Étaine YÄNTUS m. jealousy, zeal. I éad W addiant cf NEYÄNTIS YÄNTUMÂROS m. man’s name. G Iantumari f. Iantumara YÄNTUWÎSUS m. man’s name. G Iantovesi YAOS n. waggon, cart. OI á p.d. aaib (Eriu 29.161) YARÂ f. hen. W iâr B yar I éirín (chick) YÂTUS m. ford. I áth YEGIS f. ice. OI aig g. ega W ia OC iey YEGINOS YEGNOS cold. W ien B,C yen YEGIRETON n. ice. OI aigred I oighreadh YEKTIS f. language. OI icht (race, people) W iaith B yezh YEMET takes, holds fast. OI ·eim cf DÎ YEMET, KON YEMET, WO YEMET sub. YEMÂT OI ·ema aor. YENT OI ·ét pp. YÄNTOS OI ·dite eriti vn. YÄNTIÛ f. -YÄNTON n. YEMOS n. haft, handle. OI em cf DWÊYEMESTOS YEMNOS m. YEMNÎ f. twin. OI emon emuin (Eriu 5.16O) YENTOS n. arm, weapon. I p.n. éide (weapons) (cf Gk εντος Sk yantra-) YEQRI n. fish roe, spawn. I eochair OI,SG iuchair YEQANIOS fish roe-coloured. OI iuchna (pink) YESTUS m. a boiling, seething. I eas (waterfall) W ias G iesta (foam) YEUKSMÄN n. joint,seam. OI uaimm I fuaim cf YOUGIT YEWÄNKOS young. OI oac I óg MW ieuanc B yaouank C yowynk G(name) Iovincae YEWIÛS n. YEWIOS younger. OI óa W iau B yaouYEWISTEROS junior. OI ósar óiser I sóisear ef SENISTEROS YEWÄNTÛTS m. youth. OI oítiu W iewaint YEWORNION n. barley. I eorna YÎKKÂ f. cure. I íoc ef YAKKOS YÎKKAWOS m. man’s name. G Iccavos YÎKKIOS m. man’s name. G Iccius (Caesar) YÎKKIODURON n. place name. G Icciodurom Fr Yzeures YÎKKIOMAGOS n. place name. G Icciomagus Fr Usson YÎTOS, thirsty. YÎTOTÛTS m. thirst. OI ítu I íota YOINIS f. reed. OI aín YOM when, as, how. OI a (cf Lat. cum tum) The structure YOM DE, always in seeond position, occurs in relative clauses: ·EKS YOM D(E) E ·BERÛ OI asind·biur (as I say it) ·QID EST ·ARE YOM D(E) E ·EKSBERÛ OI cid arind·epur (why do I say it?) ·EKS YOM DE SNÎS ·BERONT OI asndon·berat (as they say of us)

·WER YOM DE SWÎS ·KANER OI forndob·canar (by which you are taught) ·QOS YOM DE SWÎS ·T(O)ÂNONKE OI condub·tánicc (until it came to you) For negative NE YOM DE, see under NE. YORKOS m. roedeer. W iwrch B yourc’h OC yorch G *iorkos > Basque orkatz YOUDOS m. warrior. OW iud W udd (lord) YOUDONERTOS m. man’s name. OW Iudnert(h) MW Idnerth YOUDOWALOS m. man’s name. OW Iudgual MW Idwal YOUGIT joins, sews. OI uaig- I fuaighYOUGOS a. joined. OI óg (whole, entire) YUGON n. yoke W iau C ieu B yev G -iugoYUGOS joined to, near, beside. OI oc I ag (proto-Goidelic *YUGGOS) (cf Lat. iuxta) with personal pronouns: YUGGOS MOI OI ocum I agam YUGGOS SNÎS OI ocunn I againn YUGGOS TOI OI ocut I agat YUGGOS SWÎS OI ocaib I agaibh cf OI ucut I úd (yonder) YUGGOS YC OI oco I aige YUGGOS YOBIS OI ocaib YUGGOS YAI OI occai I aice YUTUS m. porridge W uwd B youd

INDEXES OF FORMS CITED NDEXES A. GOEDELIC Old Goedelic Archaic Old Irish Old Irish Irish Scots Gaelic B. BRITTONIC Old British Pictish Old Welsh Middle Welsh Old Breton Middle Breton Breton Old Cornish Cornish C. CONTINENTAL CELTIC Gaulish Lepontic Celtiberian D. NON CELTIC LANGUAGES Greek Latin French Picard

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Old Goedelic Αδρου ANTROS Ammllongitt AMLONGIATIS Anavlamattias ANWLAMATIS Andros ANTROS anm ANMÄN Αυτινοι AUTÎNIOavi AWIOS Baidagni BAIDAGNOS Βουουινδα BOUWINDÂ Brani BRANOS Branogeni BRANOGENOS Βριγαντες BRIGÄNTES Brocc Broci BROKKOS Cairatini KAIRÂTINOS

Caliaci KALIÂKOS Caluno- KALUNOS Calunovic(a) KALUNOWIKS Carattinn KAIRÂTINOS Carrttacc KARATÂKOS (Cat)tabott KATUBUTS Cattubuttas KATUBUTS Catuviq(qa) KATUWIKS Catuvvir KATUWIROS Catvvirr KATUWIROS celi KÊLIOS Coillabbotas KOILOBUTS Coimagni KOIMAGNOS Cunagussos KUNOGUSTUS Cunalegea KUNOLENGÂ Cunalegi KUNOLENGÂ Cunovali KUNOWALOS Dego(s) DEGUIS *Δηουα DÊWÂ Domngen DUBNOGENOS Domnginn DUBNOGENOS Dovagni DUBAGNOS Dovvinias DUBUNÂ E(m)bicatos ÄMBIKATUS Eqqegni EQIGNOS Eracias ERQOS Erca ERQOS Ercagni ERQAGNOS Ercaviccas ERQOWIKS Erccias ERQOS Ercilingi ERQOLENGÂ Genittac(i) GENETÂKOS Gosoct(e)as GEUSTAKTÂ Gossucttias GEUSTAKTÂ Hibernia ÎWERINOS Ιερνη ÎWERINOS inigena ENIGENÂ Ιουερνοι ÎWERINOS Isamnion ISAMNIS Iuverna ÎWERINOS Ivacattos IWOKATUS Ivageni IWOGENOS Ivodacca IWODEKS *Îwerno- ÎWERINOS liag LÎÄNKS Litubiri LITUWIROS Lugudec(a) LUGUDEKS Lugudeccas LUGUDEKS Luguni LUGUNIOS Luguqrit LUGUQRITUS Luguvecca LUGIWIKS Luguvvec LUGIWIKS

maccu MAQOS Maglani MAGLAGNOS Maglicunas MAGLOKÛ Mailagni MAILAGNOS maq(q)i MAQOS Medvvi MEDWOS mocoi MAGUS KOYÎ mucoi MAGUS KOYÎ net(t)a NEYETS Οβοκα DÊWÂ Ορκαδες ORKOQerai QÊRÂ Riginia RIKONIÛ Ρικενα RIKONIÛ Rittuvvecc RITUWIKS Rituvecas RITUWIKS Ροβογδιοι SUBORGIOS Roc(a)t(o)s ROKATUS Rodagni ROUDAGNOS Rugniatio ROGNIYATIS Sagragni SAGRAGNOS Segamonas SEGOMÛ Scottus SKOKTOS Slogi SLOUGOS *Soborgioi SUBORGIOS Tazegagni TAZGAGNOS Togittacc TONKETÂKOS Tovisaci TOWESSÂKOS treni TREKSNOS Trenalugos TREKSNOLUGUS tria TRÎS Vedabar WINDOBARROS Vedacuna WÊDOKÛ Vedomali WINDOMAGLOS velitas WELÎTS Vendogni WINDOGNOS Vergoso WIROGUSTUS Vlatiami WLATISAMOS Votecorigas WOTEQORÎGS Vor(r)tigurn WERTEGERNOS

Archaic Old Irish Ainmori Ainmuireg ANEMO-RÎGS Amolngith AMLONGIATIS auen OWINON Boend BOUWINDÂ Boidmal BOUDIMAGLOS Brenden BRIGÄNTÎNOS Clothgno KLUTOGNÂWOS Conleng KUNOLENGÂ

Diormit DÎWERMENTIS diu DIYÎUS echredd EQORÊDÂ Echuid EQODEKS eirros ERIROSTOS Erce ERQOS Ercleng ERQOLENGÂ Eugen IWOGENOS feccol WÊKTLON Fechreg WÊKORÎGS Fergnoi WIROGNÂWOS Findubreg WINDOBRIGS Finten WINDOSENOS Maugin MAGUNÎ Muirchu MORIKÛ Ret(a)i RÊDONTIOS Sebuirgi SUBORGIOS Sinon SINDWONÂ Old Irish a SINDOS, YOM á YAOS abrait AMBRÄNTS accael ADKOILOS accaid ADKIATIS accaíne ADKAINIÂ accobor ADKUBRON accor ADKAROS ached AGOSEDON aclaid(e) ADKLADIÂ ad ADÛ ada ADAWOS ad·ágathar ÂGETRO adaig ADEKÎ ad·aig AD AGET adall ADELON adamrae ADAMRIOS ad·anaig AD ANEKET ad·andad AD ANDÂT adardd ADARDWOS adas ADASSOS adbairt ADWERTÂ adblam ADWOLÂMOS adbrann OISFERNÂ ad·cain AD KANET ad·caíni AD KAINÎT ad·ci AD QISET ad·claid AD KLADET ad·condairc AD DERKET ad·cota EN TÂYET ad·cuaid EN WÊDET

ad·cosnat KON SNIYET ad·daí ATE DAWET ade SO ad·ella AD ELLÂT ad·errig ARE REGET ad·etha AD ETET ad·fenar ATE WINAT ad·ferta AD WERTET ad·fét AD WÊDET ad·fíri AD WÎRÎT ad·gair AD GARIT ad·gládathar AD GLÂDETRO ad·go EKS GEUSET ad·greinn EN GRENDET ad·guid AD GODIT ad·haim ÄNDE AMET ad·indain ÄNDE ANEKET ad·mither AD MEDITRO ad·neot NI SEDET ad·nuu AD NEWET ad·opuir UKS BERET ad·regar AD RIGET ad·reith AD RETET ad·rími AD RÎMÎT ad·roilli RO SLIYET ad·slig AD SLIGET ad·sudi AD SODIT ad·tluchedar AD TLOQETRO ad·treba AD TREBÂT aduar ADUGROS ae AISOS Aed AIDUS Aedgal AIDUGALÂ Aedgein AIDUGENOS Aedlug AIDULUGUS ael AWELÂ ág ÂGOS ágae ÂGION aggarb ADGARWOS aí SO aial AWELÂ aiccid ADKIATIS aicde ADGEDIÂ aicetal ADKANTLON aicsiu ADQISTIÛ, QISET aicsu EKSGUSTIÛ aidble ADWÊLIÂ aidbriud ADWÎRÎTUS aídech OIDUGÂ aided ADETÂ -aig- SAGIT aig AGET, YEGIS

áige ÂGION aigen AGINON aigne ADENOWIDS aigred YEGIRETON áigthi ÂGETRO áigthiu ÂGETIÛ ail ALIS ·ail ALET áil YÂLOS Ailchad ALIKATUS Ailchid ALIKATUS Ailching ALIKENGETS Ailchú ALIKÛ áilde ADLENDIS Aildobur ALIDUBROS aile ALIOS ailén ALIKNOS Ailgel ALIGALÂ Ailgine ALIGENIOS ailithir ALIOTÎRESaill ALIOS ·aim AMET aimmit AMMÄNTÎ aimricht AMRIKTUS aín YOINIS ainb ANWIDS ainbthine ANWETONIÂ aingid ANDAGATIS ·ainig ANEKET ainmne ANDEMNIYÂNTS áinne ÂNINION áinsem NI STÂYET aipél ADBEGLOS ·air ARIT airbach AREBOGON airbág AREBÂGÂ airbaid AREBÎTIS airbe AREBOWION airber AREBERÂ airbert AREBERTÂ airbire AREBERIÂ airchae AREKOYÂ airchenn AREQENNOS airchetal AREKANTLON airchinn AREQENNIS airchinnech AREQENNÎKOS airchissecht ARE QETET airchomal AREKOMELON airdirc AREDERKIS airdom AREDAMON airdrech AREDRIKÂ, ARE-DROUGOS aire ARESAGS, AREWIYON

airec AREÄNKON airecht ARESAKTÂ airer AREORON, AREWORON aires AREWISSUS airet AREWOZDOS airem ARIAMÛ airgal AREGALÂ airgnae AREGNÂWOS airgnaid AREGNÂTIS airgnas AREGNÂTIS ·airic ARE ÄNKET airide ARESODION áirilliud RO SLIYET airimbert AREEMBIBERTÂ airitiu WO YEMET airla ARELOWOS airlabrae ARELABARIÂ airlann ARELANDÂ airlech ARESLOIGON airleng ARELENGON airlicud ARE LINQET airlim ARELÊSMÄN airm ARMÄN airmed AREMEDÂ Airte ARTÂ airsid ARESTATIS airther ARETERON aisel AKSILÂ aisndís ÄNDE WÊDET aithech OTIKOS aithesc ATES(E)QON aithirge ARE REGET aithirrech ARE REGET aithgne ATEGNIYON ·aithnither ATE NEWET aithre ATRIWIOS aitire ENTERIÂ al ALLÂ ál YÂLOS ala- ALIOS álaig ADLEKÎ alaile ALIOS ALIOS alam ALAMION Aldebor ALIDUBROS all ALLÂ, ALIoS allae ALLÂ allmuir ALLÂMORIS alltar ALLÂTERON áliu YÂLÎT Âlmaith AGLOMATWÎ Alta ALTÂ altain ALTANÎ

altru ALTRIÛ am EST ám (t)hám TO AGET amiress AMERISTÂ amm AKSMÄN ammi EST ammait AMMÄNTÎ amnair AWENTROS amnas AMNISSOS amul(ch)ach AMULUKS án AGNÂ an- ANAT ana ANASÂ anaid ANAT Anann ANASONÂ anbal ANWÊLOS anbsaid ANWOSTATIS anbud ANWETÂ and ÄNDO and- ANDÂT, ANDEandach ANDAGON andé ANDEDÊWOS andgaid ANDAGATIS Anfolmith ANWLAMATIS anim ANEMIS animm ANASMÄN anocht ANUKTON ansae ANADSÂWOS áo AUS apa ADBOYON apad ADBOUDON ·apad BAapaid ADBUTÂ apaig ADBEGIS apthach ADBUTÂKOS apthu ADBATIÛ apuide ADBODIOS ar AROS, SNÎS ara·chrin ARE KRINET ara·choat KON WEDET aradu AREWEDONÂ ara·finnathar ARE WINDETRO ara·foim WO YEMET arai·lecithar ARE LINQET áram ADRÎMÂ ara·sissedar ARE SISTETRO arathar ARATRON ar·báigi ARE BÂGÎT arbar ARWEROS ar·beir ARE BERET arber ARWEROS ar·cain ARE KANET

ar·celim ARE KELET ar·cessi ARE QETET árchú AGROKÛ ar·clich ARE KLEKET arcu ARKET ar·cuirethar ARE KORITRO ar·fenat ARE WINAT ar·fich ARE WIKET arg ARG(I)ON ar·gair ARE GARIT argat ARGäNTON Argatbran ARGÄNTOBRANOS Argatmar ARGÄNTOMÂROS ar·muinethar ARE MONITRO ar·naisc ARE NASKET ar·neget NI GODIT ar·rethat ARE RETET ar·slaithi ARE SLADET ar·slig ARE SLIGET Arta ARTÂ Artgal ARTOGALÂ arthrach ARATRÂKON Artrí ARTORÎGS ar·tuaissi ARE TAUSET áru AGRIÛ ar·utaing UKS DINGET as EST, ASSON ás ÂSSON asaít ADSOWIÄNTÎ as·beir EKS BERET ascae ADSOQÂTS as·dloing EN DLUNGET asa·gninain EKS GNINUT as·glinn EKS GLENDET as·indet ÄNDE WÊDET as·lui EKS LUWET as·noi AD NEWET as·oilgi UKS LINQET as·oirc EKS ORGET as·ren EKS RINAT as·roinnea RO SNIYET assae ADSÂWOS as·toing EKS TONGET astud ADSODETUS at EST ata EST ataim AD DAMET at·bath AD BAat·baill EKS BALLET at·bobuid UKS BUNDET at·boind AD BUNDET at·mbia AD BINAT

ateich AD TEQET athach ATEKOS atrab ADTREBON at·reig EKS REGET at·roi RO SÂWIT attach ADTEQON attlugud ADTLOQETUS atúd ATE DAWET áu AUS aub ABÛ auch(a)ide AUSSAGITRO auchar AUSSAGITRO aue AWIOS augaire OWIGARIOS augestar AUSSAGITRO aui AWETS aul YALUS aulad YALUSEDON aurbai AREBIYON aurddrag AREDROUGOS aurdorn AREDURNON aurgnaid ARE GNIYET aurgnam AREGNÎMUS aurgnatu AREGNÂTIS aurlam AREWOLÂMOS aurland ARELANDÂ aurrad AREWORÂTOS aurrae AREWORÂTOS ba WE ·ba BÂSET Badbchad BODWOKATUS bae BOYON Baedán BAIDAGNOS bág BÂGÂ ·bai]l BALLET bair BARUS bairenn BARÄNDÂ bairnech BARÄNNÂKOS bal BALÂ balc BALKOS banais BANOWESTIS Bandae BANODÊWÂ bandtaig BANOTÛTS banscál BANOSKÂKSLON bárach BÂREGON barae BARÄNNS barc BARKÂ basc BASKIS beilge BELEGION beirit BERÄNTÎ bélat BEKLOSENTUS

·ben BINAT bern(a) BERNÂ ·berta BERTÂT bethu BIWOTÛTS bí BÎTS, BÎWÂ biach BINAT biail BIYASLIS biathaid BÊTON bibdu BIBUDÛS bidg- BEZGÎT bil BILIS bine BENION biror BERUROS bissi BISTIS bleth MELET blicht MLIKTUS bluigid MLIGET boim BOKSMÄN ·boind BUNDET ·boing BONGET Bolg BOLGOboth BIYET ·braig BRAGET Brandub BRANODUBUS Brangal BRANOGALÂ brat BRAZDÂ bréisiu BRÄNSSIÛ Bregon BRIGONOS brí BRIGS Briccirne BRIKTLINIOS Bricriu BRIKTLIÛ Brion BRIGÛ briugu BRIGÛTS brondaid BRUSNÂT brú BRUWES buafad BOUSWETOS buas BOUSTON Buchet BOUKKIATIS buith BIYET cach QÂQOS cacht KAKTOS caera KAERÂKS cailech KALIÂKOS caill KALDIS cailte KALETOS cain KANIS cair QI ARE caire KARIÂ cairem KARIAMÛ cairptech KARBÄNTÂKOS caiss KASSIS


cethir QETRUEDS cethorcha QETRUKONTES ceu KÊWÎ -ch QE ci QI(D) ·ciallathar QELLÂT, QÊSLÂ-TRO Ciara QÊRÂ ciarainn KÊRÛ cid QID EST ciid QESET cin- KENET cilornn KELURNOS cing KENGETS cingid KENGET cis QID SENT clad KLADON ·claid KLADET claide KLADIÂ claideb KLADIBOS clas KLASSÂ clen KLINON cleth KELET clí KLITS Cliathrí KLÊTORÎGS ·clich KLEKET cloïd KLOYIT Clothchú KLUTOKÛ Clothgal KLUTOGALÂ cloüd KLOYIT ·cluinethar KLUNUTRO cna- KNÂYET cnaí KNABION cnú KNÛS co KOM, KU, QOS ·coat WEDET cob KOBON cobach KOMWÊKOS coblige KOMLEGIÂ cobrith KON BERET cobur KUBROS codal KODELÂ coe KOYÂ Coelub KOILOBUTS coí KOWEKS cóic QENQE cóica QENQONTES coich QÊ coibden KOMWEDONÂ coill- KOLDON coindelg KONDELGON coitsecht KON TAUSET coll KOLDON

comad KON AWET ·comairc ARKET comainsem NI STÂYET comaircim KON ARKET comaltor KOMALTRON combart KON BERET comitecht EN TÊGET ·comlai AD LUWET comluth AD LUWET commilt KON MELET comrorgon ARE ORGET conar KUNOSERÂ con·alai AD LUWET con·berad KON BERET con·ben KON BINAT con·boing KON BONGET Conchad KUNOKATUS Conchobor KUNOKUBROS con·canat KON KANET con·ceil KON KELET con·claid KON KLADET con·clich KON KLEKET con·cná KON KNÂYET con·corad KON KORITRO ·condairc DEEET con·dieig DÎ SAGIT ·condlaither KON DÂLÎT condáil KONDÂLIS con·erig EKS REGET con·gaib KON GABIT con·gair KON GARIT con·gní KON GNIYET Congus KUNOGUSTUS Congen KUNOGENOS conganchness KONGONO-KNESSOS con·hualai UKS LUWET con·icc KON ÄNKET con·lae KON LEGET con·la KON LÂYET Conlang KUNOLENGÂ con·midethar KON MEDITRO conn KONDOS con·nessa NI STÂYET con·oí KON AWET con·oiscet UKS SKOKIT con·ocabar UKS GABIT con·osna UKS ANAT con·rerortatar ARE ORGET Conrí KUNORÎGS con·ric RO ÄNKET con·rig KON RIGET con·secha KON SEQET

con.sela KON SWELÂT con·sert KON STRINÂT con·sní KON SNIYET con·suidet KON SODIT con·tuli KON TOLIT con·tuaisi KON TAUSET con·utuing UKS DINGET corcu KORIOS KOYÎ ·coscram KON SKARÂT costud KONSODETUS cotlud TOLETUS cotut KONTÄNTOS cráu KREWÂ craumthann KRAMUTONDOS crédumae QRÎYETOOMIYON creic QRINAT crem KRAMUS cremthann KRAMUTONDOS crenas QRINAT crennait KRENDET cres KRISSOS cretar KREDRON creth QRITÂ crethaid KRETET cride KRIDION ·crin KRINET crim KRAMUS crimthan KRAMUTONDOS críth QRÎTIS croän QRIWENOS cron QRINOS crot KRUTTÂ croth KROTÂ cruit KRUTTIATIS Cruithni QRITENOS cua KOWOS cual KAULÂ cualne KAULINION Cuangal KOUNOGALÂ Cuangus KOUNOGUSTUS Cuanu KOUNOWIKS cuclige KONKLEKIÂ cuert queirt QERTIS cucht QOKTUS cuichi KOKIS cuimbae KON BINAT cuimrech KON RIGET cuin QANÎ cuinsiu KONDIKSIÛ ·cuirethar KORITRO cuiscle KONSKETLON culad QOLÛWATÂ

cúlad KÛLOWÊTÂ cumgabál UKS GABIT cumsanad UKS ANAT cumscugud UKS SKOKIT cundrath KONDÛRATUS cur KARUTS cutrumma KONTRUTSMOS dag- DAGOS dág ÂGOS daig DEGUIS dáig ÂGOS daim DAM·daim DAMET dair DARUS ·dairid DARIT dál DÂLON ·dáli DÂLÎT dalb DOLWÂ dar DUKTÎR dásthir DWÂSSETRO dáu DWÂU daur DARUS daurauth DARUWIDU dé- DWÊ dech DEKOS dechor DÎKORON ·déci EN QISET ·deda DIDÂT dee DÊWÂ deec DEKÄN QE déeid DÎSEDIS déess DÎSEDIS dechenbor DEKÄNWIRON déicsiu EN QISET déis DENSIS déitiu DÄNTIÛ ·dengar DINGET denus DINASTUS denait DINUT deog DEGÛ der DUKTÎR dergnat DERGOS dériad DWÊRÊDÂ dermá(i)r DÎROMÂRIS ·dermanadar RO MEDITRO derscugud UKS SKOKIT derucc DARUKKÛS deruth DARUWIDU desse DEKSIWÂ dessum DEKSI détlae DÄNTLIOS

di DWAI diabul DWÊBLOS diäd DÎWEDON ·diat DÎ WEDET ·dibairg DÎ BEZGÎT dibdud DÎBÂDETUS díbirciud DÎ BEZGÎT diburndud DÎ BRUSNAT di·cain DÎ KANET dichleth DÎKLITÂ díchoisc DÎKOSQIS dichthim KON WEDET die DIYÎUS di·eblad DÎ AGET digen DIGENOS dígu DÎGOUSON dílechtae DÎSLIKTIS díltud DÎSTLONDITUS ·dingaib EN GABIT dinge DINGIÂ di·nig DÎ NIGIT dínu DÎNUNTS dínsem NI STÂYET díram DÎRÂMUS díriug DÎREGUS dírech DÎRÊGON ·díthat DÎ TUDET díthaim DÎTEUDSMÄN dithech DÎTEGON dítiu DÎ YEMET diucrae UKS GARIT ·diuclither UKS GISTLÂT diúir DÎAKRIS díunach UKS NIGIT diupa UKS BINAT diupart UKS BERET diurad UKS RETET ·diuschi UKS SEQET dliucht DLIKTUS ·dloing DLUNGET do· TO do·adbat AD WΡDET do·arblaing WO LENGET do·bádi DÎ BÂDIT do·beba DÎ BASET do·boing TO BONGET do·bria DÎ BRUSNAT doccair DUADKORIS do·cer KERAT do·cing TO KENGET do·cicher TO QRINAT do·dáli TO DÂLÎT

dodcad DUTONKETON dodeilb DUDELWIS do·donaimm DÎ DANÂT do·dúrgim WO REGET doe DWOOS, DEUSÄNT do·éci EN QISET do·eim DÎ YEMET do·ella DÎ ELLÂT do·eprinn EKS BRENDET do·erchain WO KANET do·erged EKS RIGET do·esc EKS SEKET do·essim EKS SEMET do·eth TO ETET do·fich DÎ WIKET do·fonug UKS NIGIT do·foirndea WO RENDÂT do·fairnitís NI DET do·formaig WER MAGET do·fuarat UKS RETET do·fuairc TO ORGET do·fuisledor UKS SWELÂT do·fuissim UKS SEMET do·fúsci UKS SEQET do·futharcair WO TRONQET do·gaibther DÎ GABIT do·glinn DÎ GLENDET do·gní DÎ GNIYET do·goa TO GEUSET do·guid DÎ GODIT do·ic TO ÄNKET dóïd DAWET do·immuirg ÄMBI ORGET do·infet ENI SWETET do·inola UKS LÂYET do·intá ÄNDE SÂWIT do·lega DÎ LEGÂT do·ling TO LENGET do·lléici TO LINQET do·luigim DÎ LOGIT do·ma TO MADIT do·meil TO MELET Domaingen DUBNOGENOS Domangart DUBNOGARTOS Domnainn DUBNONES do·muinetar TO MONITRO domun DUBNOS ·donaimm DANÂT do·nessa NI STÂYET don·rubad TO BINAT do·opir UKS BERET dor DWORON

do·rat RO DEDET dorb DORBÂ do·rera DÎ RÂYET do·ren DÎ RINAT do·recuisc KON SEQET do·rími TO RÎMÎT do·riupad UKS BINAT do·riucart UKS GARIT do·rimthirid DÎ RETET do·róscai UKS SKOKIT do·rochair KERAT do·roisechtatar UKS SAGIT do·roich RO SAGIT do·scara TO SKARÂT do·scéulai TO SKETLÎT do·seinn TO SWENDET do·slí TO SLIYET do·sluindi DÎ STLONDÎT do·soí TO SÂWIT do·srenga TO SRENGET do·théig TO TÊGET do·thung DÎ TONGET do·tluichethar TO TLOQETRO do·tuit TO TUDET do·u(i)c TO U(N)KET do·ucci TO UNKET drab DRABON drabarsluag DRABON dreen DRIWOS dremun DRIBNOS dringid DRENGET drissiuc DRISTIKKÛ droch TROGOS drochat DRUKANTOS druí DRUWIDS dú DÛ dua(e) DWOOS du·bidcet DÎ BEZGÎT du·celtar KELET du·claid TO KLADET du·epenar EKS BINAT du·ferthar TO WERET du·fesed TO WIKET du·furgaib UKS GABIT du·imchella ÄMBI QELLÂT du·indnaig ÄNDE ANEKET duirb DORBÂ du·mmidethar TO MEDITRO Dúnall DÛNOWALOS du·nessa NI STÂYET Dúngal DÛNOGALÂ Dúngus DÛNOGUSTUS


ér AKROS ·éra RO SÂWIT erb ERBÂ erball ÊRAMBALLOS erc ERKOS, ERQOS Érainn ÎWERINOS erchoat KON WEDET erchrae ARE KRINET ergaire AREGARION ergnaid AREGNÂTIS ergnas AREGNÂTOS ernes ERNAT ernbas ISARNOBÂSSON Ernmál ISARNOMAGLOS Ernach ISARNÂKOS ernam RO SNIYET ernaigde NI GODIT erissem ARESISTAMUS ermaissiu AREMESSIÛ ermitiu AREMÄNTIÛ ·eróim WO YEMET ertach UKS DINGET erthuasacht ARE TAUSET és ANSÂ ésca ENSKIYON escaid ISKÂT escait ISKÄNT éscus ÄNSKÎTIS esnid ENSNADÂ essamain EKSOBNIS essarcon EKSORGENÂ ·essib EKS IBET éssi ANSIYÂS ·essim SEMET ·éta EN TÂYET Étar ANTROS Étain YÄNTODÂNÎ ·etha ETET ethait ETÄNTÎ ethae ITOS étig ÄNTEKIS fa WE ·facaib AD GABIT fadess SWE DEKSI fae WAI faescal WOSISKLOS Faelbran WAILOBRANOS Faelchú WAILOKÛ Faelching WAILOKENGETS Faeldobur WAILODUBROS Faelri WAILORÎGS

fagbáil WOGABAGLÂ fail WALIS, WOLEGS fáir WÂRI fáith WÂTIS faitse WODEKSIWON fallnathir WALNETRO falgud AD LOGIT fandall WANDELÂ far SWÎS fásaig AD SEQET fásc AD SEQET fath WATÂ fathuaith SWE TEUTI fé WIYÂ feb WESWÂ fedan WEDONÂ fedb WIDWÂ fedid WEDET feidil WEDELOS feis WETSÎ feiscre EKS KRINET feith- WETET ·fen WINAT fén WEGNOS Féni WÊNIOS feórann WESURANDÂ feorus WERESTÛ ·fera WERET ferdoman WIRODAMNOS ferenn WERENOS Fergnae WIROGNÂWOS Ferchar WIROKAROS ferscál WIROSKÂKSLON fern WERINOS fert WERTÂ fertae WERTAWÂ fertas WERTESSÂ fés WENSO·fét WÊDET fethan WITENÂ fiäch WISÂKOS Fiachu WÊKOWIKS fiad WÊDÛ Fiadchú WÊDOKÛ fiadu WÊDONTS, WÊDÛS fial- WÊLOS fialchar WÊLOKAROS fiam WÊMÄN Fianboth WÊNOBUTS Fianchú WÊNOKÛ Fiatach WÊDODEKS ·fich WIKET

fidot WIDUWOZDOS fil WELÎT find WENDU Findabair WINDOSÊBARÂ findbuth WINDOBITUS Findchrad WINDOQRITUS finib WENIS finnsruth WENISTRUTIS finntiu WENITÛTS fithithir WIDES ATRIS Flaithgius WLATIGUSTUS fo- WESET fo WO fó WOSU fo·algim AD LOGIT fobach WOBOGON fobaid WOBEDIS fo·báidithir WO BÂDIT fóbart UKS BERET fobdod WOBÂDETUS fo·beir WO BERET fo·benat WO BINAT fo·bothaim WO BUTÂT fo·cain WO KANET focell WOQÊSLÂ fochan WOKENOS fochaid WOSAGITIS fochenn WOKENOS fo·cheirt WO KERDET fochluc WOKLIYOKKÛ fo·chlaid WO KLADET fochlaide WOKLADIÂ fochmarc KON ARKET fochlithi WO K1ELET fochnod WOKONDAUTON fochraic WOQROYON fo·cná WO KNÂYET fo·coisle KON SWELÂT fo·comairc KON ARKET fo·crethther WO QRINAT fo·cridigedar WOKRIDION fodail WODÂLIS fo·dáli WO DÂLÎT fo·daim WO DAMET fodoirne UDRONIOS fo·égi WO ÊGET ·foeige WO ÊGET foel WAILOS fo·feiscren EKS KRINET fo·fera WO WERET fo·fich WO WIKET fogal WO WIKET

fo·gaib WO GABIT fogamar WOGIYAMROS fo·geir WO GERET fo·glennat WO GLENDET fognad WOGNÎTUS fo·gní WO GNIYET fo·guid WO GODIT foídit WOIDIT foich WOKSIS foil WALIS, WOLEGS foillech WO SLIGET foimtiu WOMÄNTIÛ foirrce WORRÄNKIÂ Foirtchern WERTEGERNOS folaimm WOLÄNKSMÄN fo·ling WO LENGET follach WO SLIGET follamnaid WALNIAMÛ follamnaigid WALNIAMÛ follamnus WALNIAMÛ follnathir WALNETRO folog WOLOUGON fo·loing WO LUNGET fo·luatar WO LUWET fo·luigi WO LOGIT Fomairi WOYOMÂRIÎ fomeilt WOMELTÂ fo·mentar WO MONITRO fo·midethar WO MEDITRO fomra WOMORI fonaidm WONADMÄN fo·nascar WO NASKET fo·nenaig WO NIGIT ·fonither WO NEYET fo·opair UKS BERET for WER forbach WERBEGON for·beir WER BERET forbart WERBERTÂ forbfer WERWIROS for·boing WER BONGET for·cain WER KANET for·ceilla WER GISTLÂT for·comai KON AWET for·corastar WER KORITRO forcor WERKOROS forbais WERWESSIS fordarc WERDERKOS for·dengar WER DINGET fordinge WERDINGIÂ for·émid EKS MEDITRO fo·reith WO RETET

for·fen WER WINAT forglid WERGISTLIATIS forgell WERGISTLON forgu WERGOUSON fo·rig WO RIGET ·formaig MAGET for·muinethar WER MONITRO for·nessa NI STÂYET ·forondar WO RUNDET for·osna UKS ANDÂT forrach WERREGÂ forsatu UKS SEMET forsaid WERAISSIATIS for·tá WER TÂYET fortbe WERDIBIYON fortige WERDINGIÂ for·tiag WER TÊGET fortche WERTEGESÂ for·toing WER TONGET fortach WERTEGON Fortrenn WERTURIONES forud WERSEDON fo·scanna WO SKANDÂT fo·scochet WO SKOKIT foscugud WO SKOKIT fo·sisedar WO SISTETRO fo·sligim WO SLIGET foss WOSTOS fossad WOSTATOS fo·suidither WO SODIT fot WOZDOS fotae WOZDAWOS fo·teinn WO TENDET fotha WOTÂYOS ·fotha WO TÂYET fothla WOTLOYON fothraicid WO TRONKET fothud WOSODETUS fo·tlen WO TLINAT foxol KON SWELÂT fraig WREGIS fracc WRAKKÂ freccor WRITKOROS frecmarc KON ARKET frecomét KON AWET frén WRIDNÂ frepaid WRIT BINAT fris·ben WRIT BINAT fris·comai KON AWET fris·comairc KON ARKET fris·curiur WRIT KORITRO fris·gair WRIT GARIT

fris·oirc WRIT ORGET fris·toing WRIT TONGET frithorgon WRITORGENÂ ·fuacair UKS GARIT fuar WOWERON ·fuatnge UKS DINGET fubthad WOBUTATUS fu·ciallathar WO QÊSLÂT fu·fuasna UKS ANAT fuili WOLÎS Fuirg WORGIS ·fuirmi WO REMÎT fulacht(ae) LUKTOS funech WONIGON fursundud UKS ANDÂT Furudran WERUDRAGNOS gabál GABAGLÂ Gabrige GABRORÎGIOgae GAISOS gagar GAGAROS ·gaib GABIT gaile GALIOS gaimen GAMINOS ·gainethar GANITRO gair- GARIT galgat GALOGÄNTÂ gam GIYAMOS gáo GOWÂ garman KARMANÂ gat GAZDÂ ·gata GAZDÂT gáu GOWÂ ·geir GERET géis GANSIS géis- GÄNSET gelid GELET geltboth GELTOBUTÂ gen GENÂ genit GENÄNTÎ Gentech GENETÂKOS gert GERTÂ Giallchad GÊSTLOKATUS giallnae GÊSTLONIÂ gilldae GILDUSOS giugrann GIGURRONOS giunnach GENUSNOWÂ giunnae GENUSNOWÂ ·gládathar GLÂDETRO glain GLANÎ gléise GLÊSTIOS ·gleinn GLENDET

·glen GLINAT ·glinn GLENDET gné GNIYÂ ·gní GNIYET gnia GNIYENTS gniid GNIYET ·gnin GNINUT gnó GNÂWOS gnoe GNÂWIÂ ·goa GEUSET Goibniu GOBÄNNÛ Goídel WÊDELOS goithimm GOTIT gor GOROS gorn GORNOS gortae GORTIS graig GREGIS grech GRIKÂ ·greinn GRENDET grenn GRENNÂ griän GRIYANON gruac GRONKÂ guas GEUSTÂ ·guin GONIT guirid GORIT gus GUSTUS iardaige ÊRANTIGION iarfaigid WO SAGIT iarmi·foich WO SAGIT iärn ISARNON iarmua ÊRAMAWIOS iartaige ÊRANTIGION iarum ÊRAM YÛ ·ib IBET ·ic ÄNKET icht YEKTIS id EDIS idbart UKS BERET idu EDÛS il ELUS ilach ELUKOS ilad YALUSEDON im- ÄMBI im·aig ÄMBI AGET imb ÄMBÄN, ÄMBI imbliu ÄMBELIÛ Imbliuch ÄMBILOKUS imbath EMBÎTS imblissen ÄMBILÄNSSIÛ imbe ÄMBIWIYON imb·beir EMBI BERET

·imben ÄMBI WINAT im·cing ÄMBI KENGET imchim ÄMBIKÄNKSMÄN imdorn ÄMBIDURNOS im·fuich WO WIKET ·imgab UKS GABIT imgabáil UKS GABIT imlisen ÄMBILÄNSSIÛ imme·ruimdetar RO MEDITRO immarmus RO MEDITRO imm·ánad AD NEWET imm·urgu ÄMBI ORGET imme·chella ÄMBI QELLÂT imme·rái ÄMBI RÂYET immae·saitar ÄMBI SEDET imme·churetar EMBI KORITRO imna AD NEWET imned ÄMBISNÎTON impuud ÄMBISÂWETUS imrim ÄMBIRÊDSMÄN im·soi ÄMBI SÂWIT im·tiagam ÄMBI TÊGET i mudu MADAWOS in SINDOS inathar ENIWÊTROS in·cuirither EN KORITRO in·cuaid EN WÊDET in·coissig KON SEQET ind SINDOS, ÄNDE in·cren EN QRINAT ind·aig ÄNDE AGET ind·aim ÄNDE AMET inde ÄNDEWIYON indeoin ENDIGNIS in·dlung EN DLUNGET indber ÄNDEBERON indládud ÄNDEBLÂDETUS indrisse RETET indnide NI SEDET indes ÄNDOWESTÂ indile ÄNDOYALIÂ indred ÄNDERETON Indgus ÄNDEGUSTUS indmat ÄNDE AMET ined ENIEDON ·infet SWETET in·fet ÄNDE WÊDET in·gaib EN GABIT ingabál ENGABAGLÂ ·ingair(e) ÄNDE GARIT ingreimm ENGRÄNSSMÄN ingen ÄNGUÎNÂ

in·lá ÄNDE LÂYET in·loing EN LUNGET inn- ÄNDE inna SINDOS innuraid ERUTI innlaidim ÄNDE BLÂDIT in(m)bleogan UKS MLIGET in·otgam UKS TÊGET inotacht UKS TÊGET in·omblig UKS MLIGET in·reith ÄNDE RETET in·snadar EN SNADET int SINDOS intech ENITOGON,ENITEQON in·tuaisi EN TAUSET innocht NOKTS intlem ÄNDESLÎMUS irchlige AREKLEKIÂ irchre ARE KRINET ire ERIYÛS irem ERISAMOS iress ERISTÂ irgaire AREGARION iriu ERIYÛS íriu ÎWERIÛ iriud ERIITUS ·irmadar ARE MEDITRO irnaide NI SEDET irnigde NI GODIT it EST íth YUTUS ithid EDO ítu YÎTOTÛTS iuchair YEQRI iuchna YEQANIOS iunaid ETNÎT la LETS ·la LÂYET laa LATION laarg ROWORGÂ ·labradar LABARÂTRO lachu LOKÛ laes LOISSÂ lágan LÂGENÂ lága LÂGIOS laídid LOIDIT láigen LÂGENÂ laigiu LAGIÛS ·laimethar LAMETRO lainn LASNIS lainner LANDERÂ


lubgort LUBIGORTOS Luccraid LUGUQRITUS lue LOWION Lugach LUGUWIKS luid LUDE ·luigim LOGIT lumman LOMBÎNÂ lurga LORGIÛ lúud LUWETON -m ME Macan Óc MAQONOS maccdacht MAQODAKTÎ macc MAKKOS macrall MAGUGRÂSSLÂ madae MADAWOS madan MAZDIOS magar MAGEROS mael MAILA midid MADIT ·mairn MARNET máithre MÂTRIWIOS mál MAGLOS Mana MANAWÎ máo MÂYÛS már MÂROS math MATUS Mathgen MATUGENOS mathmarc MATUMARKOS máthra MÂTROWIOS medam MEDAMÛ medb MEDWOS mélae MI(S)KLEWOS meld MELDÂ meldach MELDÂKOS melg MELGOS mellbretha MELDÂ mén MÎKNON menadach MINOYUTÂKÂ menb MENUS menmae MENMENS menn MENDOS mennat MÄNDOSENTUS Mergus MIROGUSTUS mertan MERTENÂ mess MISTÂ methas MEDOSESSUS micha(i)r MISUKAROS mid- MEIDIOS ·midethar MEDITRO mifir MISWIRIS milchobor MELIKUBROS

Miliuc MELIKKÛ min MENUS Mithem MEDIOSAMINON mláith MLÂTIS mlas MLASTON mlás MLÂTIS mlechta MLIKTUS mlén MLIDNOS ·mlig MLIGET mlith MELET mo MOKS mocht MUKTOS mochta MOKTIOS moccu MAGUS KOYÎ mod MODOS moircc MORGIT moirb MORWIS móir MÂROS mos· MOKS mraich MRAKIS mrath MARNET mrecht MRIKTOS mrechtrad MRIKTORETON mruig MROGIS Mugain MAGUNÎ Mugduirn MAGUDURNOmu(g)dorn MÛKODURNOS Mugthigern MAGUTEGERNOS muí ME muicid MOKKIATIS ·muinethar MONITRO Muirgel MORIGALÂ Muirgius MORIGUSTUS Muirdebar MORIDUBROS muiresc MORISKÂ muirenn MORÎNÂ, MORIGNÂ muire MORISAGS mul MOLU múr MÛRON Murbran MORIBRANOS Murchú MORIKÛ Murgal MORIGALÂ Murgen MORIGENOS na NEK nad NE naib SINDOS ·naisc NASKET nammá NEK MÂYOS nár NÂROS náthar SNÎS náu NÂWÂ

naunae NOWÄNION ndaib SINDOS ·neat NI SEDET necht NEKTÎ, NIKTOS neimedach NEMESOTÊGS Neman NEMONÂ nenaid NINATIS ner NEROS ness NIKSON nessam NETSAMOS ·nessa NI STÂYET Nétgal NÄNTIGALÂ Neth Semon SEGOMÛ -ni SNÎS niab NÊBÂ nia NEYETS niae NEÛTS Nia Segamain SEGOMÛ Niallgus NÊSTLOGUSTUS nie NEYETS nimidech NEMESOTÊGS níth NITIS Níthgal NÎTIGALÂ no NU noad NEWETUS noeb NOIBOS noeine NOWÄNION noínden NEWÄNDINON noíth-ium NEWET nómad NEUMETOS nónbor NEWÄNWIRON nue NEWIOS nuidlech NUDELÂKÂ núna NOWÄNION nús NEUSSUS ó AUS óa YEWIÛS oac YEWÄNKOS oal EWELÂ oc YUGOS ocbath UKS GABIT ocha(i)r OKROS ochtach UKTÂKÂ ocu(i)s ADGOSTÎ odb OZBOS odbrann OISFERNÂ oe AWOISON oegaire OWIGARIOS oentam OINOTAMOS oeth OITOS óg YOUGOS

Ogma OGMIOS oí OWIS oides ODET oíntu OINOTÛTS ·oirg ORGET óisc, oïsc OWISISQÎ óiser YEWISTEROS oítiu YEWÄNTÛTS ol ALLÂ ollam OLLOSAMOS on ONOS ón ODNÂ, SO ond ONDOS onfais ONOSWESSIS ong ONGOS or OROS orbe ORBION orc ORKOS orcuin ORKÛ orcun ORGET ordu ORDÛ osa(i)r UKSSTORIS ósar YEWISTEROS ossad UKSSTATON Ossairge UKSORÎGIÎ pherid SFERETS ráid RÂYET rail LAREKS raite RAZDIÂ raith RATIS Raithlind RATILANDÂ rámut RÂMOSENTUS ·rat DEDET ráth RÂTÂ ráthaigid RÂTOS ré RISAN regaid RIGÂT reimes REYESOMESSÂ reime REMESÂ réimm RÊKSMIS réise RÊKSIÂ remad RISAMOITOS ·ren RINAT rén REGNON rerach RISARÂKOS ·rét RÊDET rét RENTUS rétgLu RENTUGLUSÛ ria RISAN riab RÊBÂ

riad RÊDÂ riag RÊGÂ riathor RIYATRON ríched RÎGOSEDON richis RIKISTÎ ríchtu RO ÄNKET rig REGETS ·rig RIGET, REGET rigid REGET rímther RÎMÎT ringid RINGET rissi RISSIS rod RUDS roderc RODERKOS rodb ROZBOS róe REWOS roe ROISOS ro·fera RO WERET ro·finnadar WINDETRO roglach ROGALÂKOS rogaid ROGIT ro·geinn GÄNDET ro·ic RO ÄNKET roilbe ROSLÊBESÂ roimse ROMESSEWES roín- ROINÎT roise RUNDET roithid ROTIT rom ROMOKS romuir ROMORI ronn RONDON robach UKS BONGET rosc ROSQON ro·saig RO SAGIT rot RUZDOS rota RUDODION rout ROSENTUS, ROWOZDON ro·uic RO UNKET rú RUDS ruad REUDOS ·ruagathar ÂGETRO Ruaidri ROUDORÎGS ruamna REUDSMÄN ·ruc RO UNKET rucce RUDKIÂ rucht RUKTUS ·ruiben RO BINAT ·ruidi RUDÎT ruiri RORÎGS ruithen ROTÎNÂ ruithid ROTIT Ruithchern ROTEGERNOS

rús ROWISSUS ru·uc RO UNKET ruud ROWIDU sab STABÂ Sabrann SABRINÂ sadess SWE DEKSI saeglonn SAITLONOS ·said SEDET ·saig SAGIT saigid SAGITIS sail SALIKS sain SANIS sainred SANIRETON sair SWE ARE Sáithgel SÂTIGALÂ sal SALÂ saltr- SALTRON sam SAMOS sanas SANESSON sannaid SANI DEsathuaid SWE TEUTI scadarc SKÂTUDERKOS scainder SKANDERÂ scaindr- SKANDERÂ scaim SKAMÄNTES scáinid SKÂNOS scann- SKANDET scaterc SKÂTUDERKOS scé SQIYATS ·scé SKIYET sceid SKIYET ·sceird SKERDET ·scended SKENDET sceo SKIYÛ sceola SKETLOLINQS Scí SKIYETS Scirit SKERÄNTÎ sciula SKIYOLINQS Scot SKOKTOS scuchait SKOKIT scuichit SKOKIT scuir- SKORIT scucht SKOKIT se SIOsechitir SEQETRO sechmo·ella SEQOMÎ ELLÂT sechmall SEQOMELON sechtarét SEKTÄNTERIONES sed SIDOS sedguine SIDOGONIOS seg SEGOS

seilche SELEKIOS séis SWENSSIS seir SFERETS selann SWELENÂ selg SFELGÂ selt SELET Semaine SEGOMONIOsentonn SENOTONDOS senchae SENÂKOWIDS senchaid SENÂKOWIDS Senboth SENOBUTS sentu SENOTÛTS ser STERserb SERWON sercol STERKTLON ·sernat STRINÂT Semaine SEGOMONIOserr SERRÂ sescann SESKINÂ sét SÄNTOS sethar SWÎS, SITROS sétig SÄNTIQÎ sí SO, SWÎS -si SO, SWÎS sichid SEQET side SWETION -side SODIOS sidgal SWETIGALÂ sídchaire SÎDOKORIOS sidin SIDINÂ sin SINUS sinemoin SENISAMÛ sinn SWÄNDUS sion SFIYONÂ sirid SFERIT sirite SFERIONTIOS ·sissedar SISTETRO sithe SWETION síu SIO·slaid SLADET slaide SLADIÂ sleidm STLEDMÄN slemon SLIBNOS sleth SFLITÂ ·slí SLIYET ·slig SLIGET slige SLIGIÂ slond STLONDOS slucait SLUNKÄNTÎ sluic- SLUNKET sluindid STLONDÎT smech SMEKÂ

smuan SMEUDNOsmucli SMUNKET sná- SNÂYET snád- SNÂDIT snaide SNADIÂ snaides SNADET snéid SNÊDIS sní SNÎS sniges SNIGIT sobarthu SUBRÂTIÛ sobraig SUBRÎGIS sod SODOS sodain SODIOS Sogan SUGENOS Sogen SUGENOS soid SÂWIT solus SULANSSUS solam SULÂMIS -som SOMOS són SODIOS sothcad SUTONKETON soud SÂWETUS sous SUWISSON sraib STRABIS sraibtine STRABIS sreim SRÄNKSMÄN sreng- SRENGET srenn- SRENKNÂT sroín- ROINÎT sruith STRUTIS Sucat SUKATUS suí SUWIDS suide SODIOS, SÛDIÂ ·suidi SODIT suithchern SUTEGERNOS suithnge SUTÄNGUÂTS sulbair SULABARIS ·tá TÂYET tabart TOBERTÂ ·tacuirther AD KORITRO tacur AD KORITRO tadcach TAZGOS ta·faisig AD SEQET taes TAISTON taí TÛ taíd- TO AIDET taídle T(O)AIDELOS taig TO AGET tailm TALSMIS taipe ADBIYON tair ARE

tairchital WO KANET taircell ARE QELLÂT taircella ARE QELLÂT tairinnud NI DET tairniud NI DET táith TÂTIS ·talla TO ALLÂT talgud AD LOGIT tan TANÂ tánaise NI SEDET tangnae ANGONIÂ ta·neat NI SEDET ta·n-aurnat NI DET talchar TOLOKAROS tar TARES ·tarat RO DEDET · tarblaing WO LENGET tarrach TARRÂKOS tarras RETET tarsand TAROSTONDOS ·tarti RO DEDET tascar ADSKOROS tascrad TOSKARATUS táth TÂDON táue TAUSIÂ taulberna TALUBERNÂ taurthim ARETEUDSMÄN téchtae TENKTIOS ·téig TÊGET teilciud TO LINQET teinm TÄNDMÄN teistiu EKS SEMET téit TÊGET téite TEENTIÂ tel TALU Temuir TEMRI ten(e) TÄNOS tenchor TÄNOKORÂ ·tendat TENDET teng(ae) TÄNGUÂ téora TRÎS tepresiu EKSBRÄNSSIÛ Tethri TRIYATORÎGS teuir TRÎS tiar ÊRAN tíchtu TO ÄNKET timme TÊSMÄN timgart ÄMBI GARIT timthach ÄMBITOGON timdirecht DÎ RETET tin TENUS tinaid TINUT

timdibe(n) DÎ BINAT tindabrad ÄNDESUBRON tindnacol ÄNDE ANEKET tinfed SWETON tinghair ÄNDE GARIT tinme ÄNDEBIYON tintuuth ÄNDESÂWETUS tiug- TIGUtiugba TIGUBIWOS tiugbas TIGUBÂSSON ·tlen TLINAT · tluchedar TLOQETRO tlus TLUSSUS to- TO tó TO, TAUSOS tóaid TO SOWIT toc- TONKIT tocad TONKETON tochmarc KON ARKET tochra TOQROYON tochim TOKÄNKSMÄN tochur TO KORITRO tochus TOQESTUS tocra UKS GARIT to·coisig KON SAGIT todail TODÂLIS todlugud TO TLOQETRO todéoir TODAKRIS to·feid TO WEDET togal TO WIKET togán TOGAMINOS togmall TOGAMINOS togmann TOGAMINOS toí TOSOWÂ toich TOQI toimtiu TOMÄNTIÛ toined NI DET ·toing TONGET toiprinnit UKS BRENDET toischid UKS SAGIT tol TOLÂ tolg TOLGÂ, TOLGOS tomaidm TOMADMÄN tond TONDÂ ·tonda TO SNÂYET tonngar TOSNOGARON tonnad TONDETON toraisse ROWISSIOS tórand WO RENDÂT torbae ROBIYON torchair KERAT tórmag WER MAGET

toth TUTOS tothaim TOTEUDSMÄN tothlae TOTLOYON Trato TRAZDUS ·trecatim GAZDÂT trédenus TRIDINASTUS trema·etha TRI tressa(m) TREKSAMOS tretholl TRITUKSLOS tri TRI triamain TRISOBNIS triath TRIYATÛ triphne TRISFENIÂ tris·gata GAZDÂ trócar TROUGOKAROS trog TROGOS ·truicset TRONKET tuarcun TOORGENÂ tuath TEUTOS tuathaid TEUTATIS ·tuc TO U(N)KET tucait TONKÄNTÎ tudrach WO REGET tugan TOGÎNÂ ·tuicci TO UNKET ·tuid TO WEDET tuidchisse KON WEDET tuidme DÎ MINAT ·tuidmen DÎ MINAT tuidecht TOTIKTÂ tuigen TOGÎNÂ ·tuinither NI SEDET tuinsem NI STÂYET tuirenn TOWORÎNÂ tuistiu UKS SEMET ·tuit- TUDET tul TALU ·tuli TOLIT turcbál UKS GABIT turlaim WO LENGET tuus TOWESSUS uaig- YOUGIT uaimm YEUKSMÄN uam YÂMÂ úan ODNÂ uar UGROS Uargus UGROGUSTUS ·uc U(N)KET ·ucci UNKET ucut YUGOS ·uic U(N)KET

·uicsed UKS GEUSET uide ODION uilen OLÎNÂ uirge ORGIS uinnius OSNESTÛ uisse YUSTIOS Uissin UKSÛ ulach ULUKS, ELUKOS Ulaith ULUTOulcha ULUKS ulfota ULUKS únach UKSNIGON urbach AREBOGON ·urtha WO RETET Irish a Â, EKS, SO abach ADBOGON abairt ADBERTÂ, EKSBERTÂ abar ADBERON abhac ABÄNKOS abhall ABALLÂ abhsann ABÛ acais ADKASSIS achadh AGOSEDON acht EKTRI adhann ADANDÂ adharc ADERKÂ adhastar ADAKSTRON adhbhal ADWÊLOS adhbhar ADWERON adhmad ADMÄNTON adhnadh ADANDATUS adhnacal ADANEKTLON admháil AD DAMET adódh ATE DAWET ag YUGOS agallamh ADGLÂDEMÂ agh AGOS aghaidh AGETÂ agra ADGARION agus ADGOSTÎ aibidh ADBEGIS aibrisc ADBRESKIS aice ADKIÂ aicme ADKONSMIYÂ aighe AGIÂ aighneas ADENOWISSUS aigneadh ADGENETON áilghean ADLIGENOS Ailgheasa ALIGUSTUS

aill ALLOS aillse ANLESSIÛ aimhleas AMLESSON aimhneart AMNERTOS aimhréidh AMRÊDIS aimrid AMBERÄNTÎ aimsear ATSMUSTERÂ ainbhios ANWISSUS aindeis ANDEKSIS ainm ANMÄN Ainmhire ANEMORÎGS ainnear ANDERÂ airchis AREQISTÂ aird ARDWÎ airdhe AREWIDION áireamh ADRÎMÂ airgead ARGÄNTON áirghe ADRÊGIÂ áirithe ADRÎTIOS áirne AGRÎNÂ ais AKSIS áit ÂDETÂ aiteann AKTÎNÂ aith- ATEáith ÂKUS, ÂTIS aithbhe ATEBIYON aithbhear ATEBERON aithe ATEWIYON aithinne ATEDAWINION Aithirne ATRINIOS aithis ATEWISSIS aithle ATELIYON aithne ATEGNIYON, ATE-NOWON aithrighe ARE REGET áitreabh ADTREBON ál AGLÂ álainn ADLEDIS Alba ALBIÛ allaidh ALLÂTIS allas ANLESSON allt ALTON alt ALTOS Altraighe ALTORÎGION altram ALTRON altughadh ADTLOQETUS am ATSMUS amadán AMMÄNTÎ amas ADMESSUS amhail SAMALIS amháin NEK MÂYOS Amhalghaidh AMLONGIATIS amharc AMARKON

amhas AMOSSOS amhlabhair AMLABARIS amhlaidh SAMALIS amhras AMERISTÂ amugha MADAWOS an SINDOS án ÂSNOS an- ANDEanacal ANEKTLON anam ANASMÄN anál ANATLÂ aniar AN anmhór ANDEMÂROS ann ÄNDO annamh ANDÂMOS anocht NOKTS anoir AN anuas AN anuraidh ERUTI aobh OIBÂ aodh AIDUS aoghaire OWIGARIOS aoi AWOISON aoibheall OIBELÂ aoidh OIDÎ aoileach OWILOGOS aoighe OIGÎTS aol AILON aon OINOS Aonghus OINOGUSTUS aor AIRÂ aos AISSON, AISSUS ar ARE, WER ár AGRON ara ARAUSIOS, AREWEDS ára AGRIÛ árach ADRÊGON araoid AREWESÄNTÎ áras AGRESTU arbhar ARWAR ard ARDWOS argain ORGENÂ arra AREROYON aroile ALIOS ALIOS arsaidh ARESTATIS Art ARTOS árthach ARATRÂKON Artraighe ARTORÎGION ascnamh KON SNIYET aslach ADSLOIGON asna ASTONION at AKTUS

atá AD TÂYET áth YÂTUS athair ATÎR atharrach ARE REGET báidh- BÂDIT bail BALÂ baile BALIOS bainis BANOWESTIS bairghean BAREGINON bairneach BARÄNDÎKOS Balar BALEROS ball BALLOS bán BÂNOS banbh BANWOS Banna BANODÊWÂ baoghal BAITLON baos BAITOS baoth BAITOS bard BARDOS barr BARROS bás BÂSSON bé BEN beach BIKOS beacht BEKTOS béad BENTUS beadhg BEZGÂ beag BIKKOS beagán BIKKAGNOS béal BEKLOS bealach BELEGON Beal(l)taine BELENOTÄNESÎ bean BENA bean- BINAT beann BÄNNÂ Bearbha BERWIÂ bearbhadh BERWET bearna BERNÂ bearradh BIRROS beartaigh- BERTÂT beatha BIWOTÛTS béim BÊSMÄN beir- BERET beithe BETÛ beo BIWOS bí- BIYET biadh BIWETON bian BÊNOS bile BELION binid BINANTÎ binn BÄNDUS biolar BERUROS

bior BERU Biorra BERURAWON bioth BITUS Biothlann BETULANDÂ bladh BLADON bláith MLÂTIS blár BLÂROS blas MLASTON bláth BLÂTUS bláthach BLÂTUKÂ bleaghan MLIGONÂ bléan MLIDNOS bliadhain BLÊDANÎ bó BOUS bod BOZDOS bodhar BUDAROS Bodhbh BODWÂ bog BOGGOS Bóinn BOUWINDÂ boireann BARÄNDÂ bóitheach BOUTEGOS bolg BOLGOS bonn BUNDOS borb BORBOS borr BORROS bos BOSTÂ both BUTÂ bóthar BOWITRON brad- BRAZDET brágha BRÂGÄNTS braich MRAKIS bran BRANOS brat BRATTOS bráth BRÂTUS bráthair BRÂTÎR breac BRIKKOS breacht MRlKTOS bréag BRÄNKÂ breaghdha BRIGODIOS bréan MRAKNOS Bréanainn BRIGÄNTÎNOS bréanar MRAKNOARON breath BRITÂ briathar BRÊTRON Bricleann BRIKTLÛ Brighid BRIGÄNTÎ briocht BRIKTUS bríogh BRÎGON briosc BRESKUS briseadh BRESTOS bró BRÂWÛ broc BROKKOS

brod BROZDOS broid BRAZDÂ broim BRAKSMÄN bromach BROMBÂKOS brón BRUGNON brú BRUSÛ brúcht BRUKTUS brugh MROGIS bruach BRUWÂKON bruidhean BRODÎNÂ bruinne BRONDÎS bruth BRUTUS buachaill BOUKOLIS buachar BOUTRON buaidh BOUDI buail- BEUDLIT buaile BOUYALIÂ buain BOGNIS bualadh BEUDLETUS buan BEWENOS buar BOWERON buarach BOURÊGON buidhe BODIOS, BUD(I)Â buidhean BODÎNÂ buille BUDLINION buime MAMMIÂ bun BONUS bunadh BONUSEDON cac KAKKOS cách QÂQOS cadhan KADÛ caill- KOLDON cáin KÂGNIS cáineadh KÂGNÎT caineann KANDÎNÂ caingean KANGÎNÂ cáinte KÂGNITIOS cairde KARANTION cáirtheann KAIRÂTINOS caith- KATÎT cáith QÂTIS caithne KATENIÂ calma KALMIOS cam KAMBOS Camach KAMBÂKÂ cana KANAWÛ canach KANEQON caoch KAIKOS caóg KAWÂ caoga QENQONTES caoi KOYÂ, QESET

caoineadh KAINÎT caoirtheann KAIRÂTINOS caoin KANIS caol KOILOS caomh KOIMOS Caomhán KOIMAGNOS caomhna KOIMONOWON caor KAIRÂ caora KAERÂKS caorthann KAIRÂTINOS caoth KAITON cara KARANTS carbad KARBÄNTON carn KARNON carr KARROS, QARRÂ carrag KARRIKÂ Carthach KARATÂKOS cárthann KAIRÂTINOS casachtach QASTÂ cath KATUS, KATWOS cathair KATRÎ Cathal KATUWALOS Cathaoir KATUWIROS cead KIZDOS céad KÄNTON céad- KENTUS ceachtar QÂQOTEROS céadfaidh KÄNTÂBUTÂ céadlongadh KENTULONGE-TUS cealg KELGON ceanann QENNOWINDOS Ceanannas QENNOWINDOS-TUS ceann QENNON ceannrach QENNORÊGON ceantar KINÂTERON cearc KERKÂ ceard KERDÂ ceardcha KERDOKOYÂ cearn KERNÂ céas- QÄNSSOS ceathair QETWORES ceathracha QETRUKONTES céide KÄNTION ceil- KELET céile KÊLIOS céim KÄNKSMÄN ceinéal KENETLON ceirt QERTIS ceo KÊWÎ cheana KINÂ cia QÊ ciall QÊSLÂ

ciamhair KÊWOMORI cian KÊNOS ciar KÊROS Ciarán KÊRAGNOS ciaróg KÊRÛ Ciarraighe QÊRORÎGION cineadh KENETUS cinneadh QENNÎT cíocar KÎKUKAROS cíoch KÎKUS ciomhas KIMÛSTÂ cion QINUTS ciontach QINUTS cior KIRUS cíor KÎRÂ cioth QITUS ciúin KIZDNIS cladach KLADODOIGON Cláideach KLUWÄNTÂKÂ clais KLASSÂ clamh KLAMOS claoi- KLOYIT claon KLOINOS Claonabhair KLOINOBRIGS Claoideach KLUWÄNTÂKÂ clár KLÂRON clé KLIYOS cleachtadh KLEKTUS cleath KLITS cleathar KLITRÂ cleas KLEKSTUS cléithe KLÊTION cliabh KLÊBOS cliamhain KLIYOBNIS cliath KLÊTÂ cliothar KLITUROS cloch KLOKÂ clochar KLOKERON Clocharnach KLOKERNÂKOS clog KLOKKON Clóideach KLUWÄNTÂKÂ cloidhe KLADIÂ cloidheamh KLADIBOS cloigeann KLOKOQENNON cloth KLUTS clú KLUTS cluain KLOUNIS cluas KLEUSTÂ cluiche KLOKIÂ cnáimh KNÂMÄN cnámh KNÂMUS cneadh KNIDÂ

cneas KNESSOS cnó KNÛS cnoc KNOKKOS Cnodhbha KNUWODWOOS cnuas KNUWASTUS cobhair KON BERET cobhsaidh KOMWOSTATIS codach KONTEGON codladh KONTOLETUS cogadh KONKATUS cogar KONKOROS cognamh KONKNÂMUS coibhche KOMWÊKIÂ coigeadal KONKANTLON coigilt KON KELET coileach KALIÂKOS coill KALDIS coiléan KOLIGNOS coilleadh KALLION coimdhe KON MEDITRO coimhéad KON YEMET coimhéirghe EKS REGET coinneamh KONDEMÂ cóir KOWERIS coirce KORKIOS coire KARIÂ, QARIOS coirt KARTIS coirthe KORETIOS col KULOS colainn KOLANÎ colg KOLGOS coll KOSLOS com KUMBOS comach KON BONGET comar KOMBERON comhad KON AWET comhall KON LÂYET comhalta KOMALTIOS comhlán KOMLÂNOS comhrac RO ÄNKET Conall KUNOWALOS Conchubhar KUNOKUBROS congbháil KONGABAGLÂ Conghal KUNOGALÂ congna KONGONION connadh KONDAUTON connail KONDELIS conradh KONDÛRATUS cor KOROS cora KORETS Corbraighe KORBORÎGIÎ corr KORROS

cos KOKSÂ cosair CONSTORIS cosc KON SEQET coscradh KONSKARATUS cosnamh KONSNÎMUS crábhadh KRÂBETUS cráclh KRÂDON crag KRAKOS cráibhtheach KRÂBETUS cráidh- KRÂDIT crann QRENNON cré QRÎETS creabhar KRESWEROS créacht KRENKTON creag KRAKOS creamh KRAMUS creat QRIKTÂ creid- KREDDET creim KRÄNSSMÄN creimneach KRÄNSSMÄN crí QRIKS criathar KRÊTRON,KRÊQRON críoch KRÎQÂ críon KRÎNOS crios KRISSUS crioth KRETUS crith- KRETET crithean KRETINOS crithir KRITRIS cró KREWÂ, KROWOS crobh KRABÂ crobha(i)ng KRABANKÂ croiceann KROKKENOS croidhe KRIDION crom KRUMBOS crón QRIWENOS crothadh KROTIT cruach KROUKÂ cruan QRIWENOS cruimh QRIMIS cruinn KRUNNIS cruit KRUTTÂ CruithentuathQRITENOTEUTÂ cruithneacht QRITUNIKTOS cruth QRITUS cú KÛ cuach KOWEKS cuaille KAULINION cuan KOUNÂ ,KAUNOS cuarán KOURAGNOS cuas KOWESTOS cubhaidh KOMWIDIS

cubhar KABUROS, KUBROS cuibhreach KON RIGET cuideachta EN TÊGET cúig QENQE cuúgeadh QENQETOS cuid QEZDIS cuil KULIS cuileann KOLINOS cuimhneach KOMENS cuimilt KON MELET cuing KONGÛ cuir- KORITRO cuire KORIOS cuirm KURMÄN cúl KÛLOS culaith QOLÛWATÂ Culann KALUNOS cuma KONSMIYOS cumar KOMBERON cumas KON MEDITRO cumha KAMUS cumhaL KAMUSELÂ Cumhall KAMULOS cumhan KOMENS cumhang KOMONGIS, KON ÄNKET cumhachta KON ÄNKET cumhdach UKS DINGET cumhra KOMRIYOS cungnamh KONGNÎMUS curach KORUKOS curadh KARUTS dabhach DABUKÂ Daghdha DAGODÊWOS daidhbhir DUADWERIS dáil DÂLIS daingean DANGINOS dáir DÂRIS dairbhre DERWERION dairt DARTIS dais DASSIS dál DATLON damh DAMOS dámh DÂMÂ damhna DAMNION damhnadh DAMNÂT dán DÂNUS daoine DONIOS daonda DONIOS daor DUWIROS dásacht DWÂSSETRO dath DATU

de DÎ dé DWEETS deacair DÎADKORIS deachmhadh DEKAMETOS déad DÄNT déag DEKÄN QE deagh- DAGOS deagha DIGÂTS dealbh DELÛ Dealbhna DELWONIÎ dealg DELGOS déanamh DÎGNÎMUS déarach EKS RIGET dearbh DERWOS dearcadh DERKET dearcán DARUKKÛS dearg DERGOS dearnait DERGOS dearm(h)ad RO MEDITRO, DÎROMÄNTON deas DEKSI déas DÊKSÂ dearna DERNONOS deathach DWEETÂKOS deich DEKÄN deichneabhar DEKÄNWIRON deimheas DWÊYEMESTOS deir DERWÊTÂ deiseal DEKSISWELON deithbhir DÎATEBERIS deoch DEGÛ deoin DEKNIS deol DINUT deolaidh DÎWOLOUTIS deoraidh DÎWORÂTIS deor DAKRU dí- DÎ dia DÊWOS, DIYÎUS diall DÎELON dian DWÊNOS Dian Céacht KÄNKTOS Diarmaid DÎWERMENTIS dias DWÊSESSÂ dícheadal DÎKANTLON dídean DÎ YEMET díghdhe DÎGEDIÂ dil DELIS díleacht DÎSLIKTIS díneach DÎNIGON díobhadh DÎBÂSETON díogha DÎGOUSON díoghainn DÎGANDIS díoghal DÎGALÂ

díoghbháil DÎGABAGLÂ díoghlaim DÎGLÄNSSMÄN díolghadh DÎLOGETUS díomhaoin DÎMOINIS diongbháil EN GABIT dírim DÎRÊDSMÄN díreach DÎREGUS díre DÎRIYON díth DWÎTUS diúid DIWOZDIS diúltadh DÎSTLONDITUS dligh- DLIGET dligheadh DLIGETON dlocht DLUKTOS dluighe DLUGIÂ dlús DLÛTOS dlúth DLÛTOS do DU, TÛ do- DUdó DWÂU dobhar DUBROS dobharchú DUBROKÛ do bheir TO BERET do chí AD QISET do chonaic AD DERKET dochar DUKOROS dochoisc DUKOSQIS do chraidh DUQRITIS do chuaidh KON WEDET do chuas KON WEDET do chum TOKÄNKSMÄN dódh DAWET doigh DEGUIS doilbhthe DOLWÎT doineann DUSÎNONÂ dolbh DOLWOS dolbh- DOLWÎT domhain DUBNOS domhan DUBNOS Domhnall DUBNOWALOS Donann DONONÂ donn DUSMOS Donnchadh DUSNOKATUS Donnghal DUSNOGALÂ Donnghus DUSNOGUSTUS dord DORDOS dorn DURNOS dorus DWORESTU dos DUSTOS draighean DRAGENOS draoi DRUWIDS dreach DRIKS

dréacht DRÄNKTOS dream DRÄKSMÄN dreancaide DERGOS dréim DRÄNKSMÄN dreolán DRIWOS dris DRISTIS droch- DRUKOS droichead DRUKANTOS dron DRUNOS drong DRUNGOS drúcht DRUKTUS druid TRAZDUS drús DRÛTOS drúth DRÛTOS duairc DUERQIS dual DEUKSLON, DOKLOS duan DAUNON dubh DUBUS Dubhadh DUBUWIDU Dubhán DUBAGNOS Dubhthach DUBUTÂKOS Duibhne DUBUNÂ dúil DÛLIS duille DOLINION duine DONIOS dúiseacht UKS SEQET dul DOLUS dumhach DAMUKÂ dún DÛNON dúnadh DÛNOSEDON Dúnchadh DÛNOKATUS dúr DÛROS dúthaigh DÛTUKÎ dúthracht WO TRONQET é SO each EQOS eachmairt EQOSMWERTÂ eachradh EQORÊDÂ eachtar EKTEROS éad YÄNTUS éadach ENTOGON Éadair ANTROS éadan ANTONOS éag ÄNKEWES eagail EKSGALIS eaglaim EKSGLÄNSSMÄN eagna EKSGNOYON eagar ENKOROS éagosc ENKOSQON eala ELOSOS ealadha ELOWIDÛ

eallach ENLOUGON Eamhain ISAMNIS éan ETNOS éalódh EKSLUWETUS eanach ENÂKON éaraic EKS RINAT earball ÊRAMBALLOS earr ERROS eas YESTUS easair EKSSTORIS easargain EKSORGENÂ easca ISKAWÂ éasca ENSKIYON éascaidh ÄNSKÎTIS eascra ISKOSROWOS eathar ITRON eibe EKSBIYON eidir ENTRI éide YENTOS éigheamh ÊGEMUS éigean ÄNKENÂ eigne ÄNKENAWOS eile ALIOS eilid ELÄNTÎ éimh ÊMIS éinirt EKSNERTIS Éire ÎWERIÛ éirín YARÂ eirg ERGET éirghe EKSREGIÂ éiric EKS RINAT éis ENSTÎ éisceadh EN SEKET éisteacht EN TAUSET eite ETET eiteach EKSTEGON éitheach ÊTEGON eo ISOS IWOS eochair YEQRI Eochaidh IWOKATUS Eoghan IWOGENOS eol ESOLOS eorna YEWORNION fá WO fabhra AMBRÄNTS fad WOZDOS fada WOZDAWOS fadhb OZBOS fágbhail AD GABIT fagháil WOGABAGLÂ fáidh WÂTIS

faicsin AD QISTIÛ fáinleog WANDELÂ fáinne ÂNINION fairrge WORRÄNKIÂ fairsing WEREKSONGIS fáisc- WÂSKET faisnéis ÄNDE WÊDET faiteach WODÊTÂKOS faithche WOTEGESÂ fál WÂLOS fan- ANAT fán(aidh) WÂGNOfann WASNOS faoidh WAIDIS faoileann WOWILANOS faoiseamh WOSISTAMUS Faolán WAILAGNOS Faolchadh WAILOKATUS Faolghus WAILOGUSTUS faon WOINOS farr WARRÂ fás ÂSSON, WÂSTOS fáth WÂTUS feacht WEKTIS, WIKTÂ fead SWIZDÂ féad- EN TÂYET feadán SWIZDÂ feadóg SWIZDÂ feadh EDON feabhas WESWÂ feam WIKSMONÂ feamain WIKSMONÂ feannadh WINDET fear WIROS fear- WERET féar WEGRON fearann WERENON Fearadhach WIROYOUDÂKOS fearb WERBÂ fearg WERGÂ Fearghal WIROGALÂ Fearghus WIROGUSTUS fearn WERNOS Fearnmhagh WERNOMAGOS fearsad WERTESSÂ Feartair WERTURIfeascar WESQEROS féasóg WENSOféastrach WENSORÊGON feidhm WEDMÄN féige WANKIOS féimheadh EKS MEDITRO

féinnidh WÊNIATIS feireadh ERIITUS feis WESTIS feiscint QISET féith WÊTIS feithide ETÄNTÎ féithle WÊTELIÛ feo WISUS feochair WIKURIS feoil WESULIS feora WESURANDÂ fiacal WÊKTLON fiach WÊKOS, WISÂKOS Fiachra WÊKORÎGS fiadh WÊDOS fiadhail WÊDOSÎLON fiadhain WÊDÛS fiafraighidh WO SAGIT, ÊRANWOSAGITIS fial WÊLOS, WISALOS fian WÊNÂ Fianghal WÊNOGALÂ Fianghus WÊNOGUSTUS fiar WÊROS fiche WIKÄNTÎ fidhcheall WIDUQÊSLÂ fidir WINDETRO figh- WEGET file WELÎTS fine WENIÂ fíoch WÎKOS fiodh WIDU fiodhbha WIDUBIYON fionn WENDU, WINDOS fionn- WINDETRO fionnán WENDWÂNOS fionghal WENIGALÂ Fionnabhair WINDOBRIGS Fionnbharr WINDOBARROS Fionnchadh WINDOKATUS Fionngus WINDOGUSTUS Fionnghal WINDOGALÂ Fionnlugh WINDOLUGUS Fionnmagh WINDOMAGOS Fiontan WINDOSENOS fíor WÎROS fios WISSUS fireann WRISENOS fiú WÎSUS flaith WLATIS Flaithbheartach WLATIBERTÂKOS Flaitheamh WLATISAMOS Flaithgheal WLATIGALÂ

flann WLASNOS Flannchadh WLASNOKATUS fleadh WLIDÂ fleasc WLISKÂ fleascach WLISKÂKOS fliodh WLIDU Fliodhais WLIDOWETSÎ fliuch WLIQUS fo- WO fóbairt UKS BERET fobhar WOBERON focal WEQTLON fochair OKROS fochla WOKLIYON fochras WOKRISSUS fód WOSENTUS fodhbh WODWOS fogha WOGAISOS foghar WOGARON foghlaim WOGLÄNSSMÄN foghmhar WOGIYAMROS foghnamh WOGNÎMUS fógra UKS GARIT foighdhe WOGEDIÂ foirbhe WERWIYON foirbhthe WERWITIOS foirceadal WERKANTLON foirceann WERQENNON foireann WORÎNÂ fóisc OWISISQÎ folach WOLOGON foladh WOLOUTON folcadh WOLKET follán WOSLADNOS follas WOSULANSSUS folscadh WO LUKSKET folt WOLTOS fomhas WOMESSUS Fomhóire WOYOMÂRIÎ fonn WOTNOS for- WER foras WERSESSON forbairt WERBERTÂ formna WERMONION formad WERMENTUS fortacht WERTIKTÂ fos WOSTOS fosair WOSTORIS foscnadh WOSKANDATUS foscadh WOSKÂTUS fothragadh WOTRONKETUS fraoch WROIKOS

fras WRASTÂ freacnairc WRITKONDERKIS freagra WRITGARION fréamh WRIDNÂ freiteach WRITTEGON frigh WRIGÄNTS fríoth WERET froigh WREGIS fuacht EUKTUS fuad WOUZDOS fuadach UKS DINGET fuaigh- YOUGIT fuaim YEUKSMÄN,WEQSMÄN fual WOGLOS fualasc WOWLISKÂ fuan WOUNON fuar UGROS fubha WOBIYON fuidheall WODÎLON fuil WOLIS fuin- NI DET fuine WONIYON, NEYET fuineadh WONISEDOS,NI DET fuinseog OSNESTÛ fuireach WORÊGON fulacht WOLUKTON ga GAISOS gabh- GABIT gábhadh GÂBÎTUS gabháil GABAGLÂ gabhal GABLOS gabhar GABROS gad GAZDOS gach QÂQOS gadhar GAGAROS gáibhtheach GÂBÎTUS gair GARUS gáir GÂRIS gairm GARSMÄN gal GALÂ galar GALARON gall GALLOS gallán GALLOS gan KINÂ gamhain GIYAMNIS gann GANDOS gaoisid GAISSÄNTÎ Gaoidheal WÊDELOS gaol WÊLOS gaos GAITOS gaoth GAITOS, GOITÂ

garbh GARWOS garg GARGOS garma KARMANÂ gas GASTON géag KÄNKÛ geal GELOS geall GISTLON geall- GISTLÂT geamhar GIMROR geann KENNÂ géar TIGROS gearb GERBÂ gearr GERROS géibheann GEMELON geilt GELTÂ géim GÄNSMÄN geimheal GEMELON geimhreadh GIYAMORÂTON gein GENÄN Geintigh GENETÂKOS geir GERETS geis GODIT giall GELLOS, GÊSTLOS giol GELUS giolIa GILDUSOS gion GENUS glaisean GLASTINÂ glan GLANOS glaodh GLOITON glé GLÊWOS gleann GLÄNDOS gléas GLENSSUS gleith GELET gleo GLIWOTS gliomach GLÄMBUKOS gloine GLANÎ gluais- GLEUSTUS gluasacht GLEUSTUS glún GLÛNON gnaoi GNÂWIÂ gnás GNÂTOS gnáth GNÂTOS gníomh GNÎMUS go KON, QOS gó GOWÂ gob GUBBON gobha GOBÄNNS goid GAZDÂ goil- GOLIT goile GALIOS goin- GONIT goirt GORTIS

gol GOLOS gor GOROS gorm GORMOS gort GORTOS gorta GORTIS grádh GRÂDUS grafann GREGISWENDON gráin GRAGNIS gráinneog DRAGENÂKOS grán GRÂNON greim GRÄNSSMÄN grian GRIYANON, GRÊNÂ gríos GRENSON groigh GREGIS gruadh GREUDOS gruaig GRONKÂ gruaim GREUKSMÄN grug GRUNKUS gruth GRUTUS guaire GOURION gual GOGLOS guala GOGLÛ guasacht GEUSTAKTÂ guidh- GODIT guidhe GODIÂ guin GONI guth GUTUS i EN í SO iacht ÊKTUS iadh- Ê DET iall ÊSTLÂ iar ÊRAN iara WÎWEROS iarann ISARNON iarthar ÊROTEROS iasc ÊSKOS iath ÊTU ibhe IBET im ÄMBÄN imeall ÄMBILON imirt EMBIBERTÂ imleacán ÄMBELIÛ Imleach ÄMBILOKUS imnidhe ÄMBISNÎTIN impidhe ÄMBISODION imtheacht ÄMBITIKTÂ inbhear ENWERON, ÄNDE-BERON inchinn ENIQENNI indé DES inead ENIEDON

ineasclann ENISESKOLANDÂ inghean ENIGWENÂ inis ENISTÎ inneoin ENDIGNIS inne ÄNDIYÂ inneall ÄNDELON innisin ÄNDEWISSIÛ inneach ÄNDOWEGON iobhar EBUROS íoc YÎKKÂ íodhbairt UKS BERET iolar ERUROS iol- ELUS iomáin ÄMB(I)AGNÂ Iomchadh ÄMBIKATUS iomchar ÄMBIKOROS iomorro ÄMBI ORGET iompódh ÄMBISÂWETUS iomrall ÄMBIROLON iomramh ÄMBIRÂMUS, RÂMUS ionad ENIEDON ionailt ENIALTÎ ionbhaidh ENIBUTÂ ionchosc KON SEQET ionga ÄNGUÎNÂ ionghaire ÄNDEGARION ionnlach ENDLOUGON ionnrach ÄNDORÊGON iontódh ÄNDESÂWETUS iora WÎWEROS iorghal AREGALÂ iorras ERIROSTOS -íos ÎSSU ioscad ISKÄNT íota YÎTOTÛTS ioth ITUS íoth ÎTUS iothlann ITULANDÂ iris ERISTÂ is EST íseal ÎSSELOS ithe EDlá LATION labhar LABAROS labhr- LABARÂTRO Labhrann LABARONÂ lacha LOKÛ ladhg LAZGÂ láighe LÂGIOS láirg ROWORGÂ laitheach LATIS

lámh LÂMÂ lámhainn LÂMOWENDU lán LÂNOS lánamhain LÂNOBNÎ lann LANDÂ laogh LOIGOS Laoi LOWÂ laoidh LOIDÂ lár LÂRON lasair LAKSAROS láth LÂTOS láthar LÂTRON Latharna LATRONIOle LETS, WRIT leabaidh LETSBUTÂ leac LEKKÂ leacht LEKTUS leachtach LEGÂT leabhar LIBROS leadhb LIZBÂ leagh- LEGÂT leamh LEMOS leamhnacht LEMOMLIKTON léana LIDNAWON leanamhain LINAT leanbh LEBLEBOS leann lINNÂ lear LIROS learg LERGÂ leas LETSÂ, LESSUS leas- LISSOleasc LEKSKOS leastar LESTRON léas LANSSUS leath LETOS leathan LITANOS leathar LETRON leig- léig- LINQET léim LENGET léine LÊNIATS léir LÊRIS leite LIKTIÛ leithe LITANOS leitir LEKTRON leor ROWERON lí LÎWÂ lia LÎYÄNTS, ELUS liach LÊGÂ, LÊGOS liag LÎÄNKS liaigh LIYAGIS lias LÊSSOS liath LÊTOS

lighe LIGIT ling- LENGET linn LINNIS líon LÎNON líonadh LÎNON lionn LINNU lios LISSUS ló LOWOS lobhar LUBROS lobhadh LUBROS loch LOKUS lócharn LEUKORNON locht LOKTUS log LONKÂ loghadh LOGÂT lóichead LEUKETS loilgheach ROLEGÂKÂ loinnir LANDERÂ loisc- LUKSKET lom LUSMOS lon LONOS lón LOWANON lorg LORGOS lorga LORGIÛ los LUSTÂ losc LUKSKOS loscadh LUKSKET lot LUKTON lóthar LOWATRON Lua LOWÂ luach LEUGOS luachair LOUKARIS luadh LUWETON luadh- LEUDET luaidhe LOUDIÂ luaith LOUTUS luan LEUKSNÂ luas LOUTOS luascadh LEUSKET luath LOUTOS luch LUKÛTS lucht LUKTUS Lugh LUGUS Lughaidh LUGUDEKS luibh LUBIS luigh- LEGET luighe LEGIÂ, LUG(I)ON Luighne LUGUNIOS lus LUSTUS lúth LÛTUS mac MAQOS

Macha MAGOSOWÂ machaire MAGOSERION machadh MAGOSEDON magh MAGOS maide MAZDIOS maidhm MADMÄN maighre MAGERIOS mairg MORGIT maistir MAKSTRON maith MATUS maitheamh MATWÎT mala MALEKS mallmhuir MALENOMORI mana MONÂS Manannán MANAWIYAGNOS mannar MANTRON mant MÄNTOS maoil MAILÂ maoidheamh MOIDIT maoin MOINIS maol MAILOS, MOILOS maos MOISSOS maoth MOITOS marbh MARWOS marc MARKOS marcach MARKÂKOS marbhnadh MARWONATUS mart MARTOS máthair MÂTÎR mathghamhain MATUS mé ME meabhal MEMBLÂ meacan MIKTNOS méadal MENTLÂ meadar MEDRÂ meadh MEDÂ meadhar MEDRI Meadhbh MEDWÂ meadhón MEDOGNON meadhg MIZGOS mean MINÂ mealladh MELDÂT meanma MENMENS meanadh MINAWITS mear MIROS mear MAKROS mearbhall MIROSWELOS meas MESSUS, MEDITRO measc MIKSKET meascadh MIKSKET meata MITODIOS meath MITON

méid MÄNTÎ méidhe MÊDIOS meil- MELET meilit MELÄNTÎ meirbh MERUS meirg MERGIS meirle MERELIÂ méith MÊTUS meitheal METELÂ Meitheamh MEDIOSAMINON mí MÎNS mí- MI(S) miach MÊQOS miadh MÊDONN mian MÊNÂ, MÊNON mianghus MÊNOGUSTUS Midhe MEDIÂ mil MELI milis MELISSOS min MINÂ mín MÊNIS miodh MEDU míol MÎLON mion MENUS mionn MENDU mír MÎRÄN mo ME moch MOKS modar- MUDROS modartha MUDROS mó MÂYÛS Moirríoghan MORORÎGONÂ mol MOLOS moladh MÂLIT molt MOLTOS Monaigh MONAQÎ mong MONGÂ mór MÂROS morgadh MORGETUS moth MUTOS mothar MUTRON muc MOKKKÛ múch MÛKON múchadh MÛKON mugh MAGUS muicidhe MOKKIATIS Muichead MOKKIATIS muime MAMMIÂ muintear MONUTERÂ muin MONIS muinéal MONIKLON muine MUNIÂ

muinighin MONISAGÎNÂ muir MORI muirbheach MORIMAGOS muireadhachMORIYOUDÂKOS muirear MORIWOROS muirighean MORISAGÎNÂ muireach MORISAGS mullach MALDUKOS mún MÛNOS Murchadh MORIKATUS murbhach MORIMAGOS Múscraighe MÛSKORÎGION na SINDOS ná NEK naidm NADMÄN námha NÂMANTS naoi NEWÄN naoidhe NEWIDÛS naomh NOIBOS nasc NASKON nath NATUS nathair NATRIS neach NEQOS Neachtan NEKTONOS neachtar NEQOTEROS nead NIZDOS néal NIGLOS neamh NEMOS neantóg NINATIS neart NERTON neartmhar NERTOMÂROS Néid NÄNTIS neimh NEMÄN neimhneach NEMÄN neimheadh NEMETON Neimhtheann NEMETONÂ neoid NEYÄNTIS ní NEQ, NÎ Niall NÊSTLOS niamh NÊBÂ nigh- NIGIT nighe NIGIT nó NEWE noch NUQE nócha NEUKONTES nocht NOKTOS nua NEWIOS ó AU, AWIOS obadh UKSBOUDON obann UKSBÄNDUS

ocht OKTÛ ochtmhadh OKTÛMETOS ochtmhoghaOKTÛMOKONTES odhar UDROS ódheas SWE DEKSI óg YEWÄNKOS ogal UKSGALOS ogh OGOS oide ATTIOS oidhche ADEKÎ oidheadh ADETÂ oidire ENTERIÂ oighean AGINON oighreadh YEGIRETON oiléan ALIKNOS oilithir ALIOTÎRESoirbheart AREBERTÂ oirbhire AREBERIÂ oirdhirc AREDERKIS oireacht ARESAKTÂ oiread AREWOZDOS oireamh ARIAMÛ oirear AREORON oiriseamh ARESISTAMUS oirmhidin AREMÄNTIÛ oirthear ARETERON olann WLANÂ olc OLKOS oll OLLOS ollamh OLLOSAMÛ omh OMOS omhan OBNÂ omna UKSMONIOS onchú ONOKÛ Orc ORKOS orca ORKÛ ord ORDOS ordóg ORDÛ os UKSÛ ós OUKSU oscar UKSSKAROS osnadh UKSANATUS Osraighe UKSORÎGIÎ othar UTROS óthuaidh SWE TEUTI peata QEZDODIOS peil QELÂ pit QEZDIS pór QÂRON rabharta ROBERTÊYOS

rádh RÂDOS radharc RODERKOS ráidh- RÂDIT ráith RÂTIS ráithe RÂTIÂ raithneach RATINOS rámh RÂMÄN, RÂMUS rámhann RÂMÄN rann RASNÂ, RONDON Raoidhe ROWIDU raon ROINOS rath RATON, ERNAT ráth RINAT ré REYOS reabh REBÂ Reachra RIKONIÛ reacht REKTUS readhg RIZGÂ réalta RENTUGLUSÛ réamh- RISAMOreamhar REMROS reangadh RINGET reic RINAT réidh RÊDIS réim RÊDSMÄN reimhe REMIÛS réimheas REYESOMESSÂ reithe RIYATIOS reodh RIWOTOS rí RÎGS riabhach RÊBÂ Riada RÊDONTIOS riamh RISAN rian RÊNOS riar RÊRÂ riasc RÊSKOS riastradh RÊKSTRON righe REGIÂ ríghe RÎGION righin REGINOS rinn RINDIS riobhar REBRU riocht RIKTUS ríoghain RÎGANÎ ríomh RÎMÂ rioth RETUS rith- RETET ro RO rob ROBWOS robhar ROBOROS robhadh ROBOUDON rod RUZDON

ród ROSENTUS rogha ROGOUSON rón RÂNOS ros ROSTOS rosc ROSQOS roth ROTOS ruadh ROUDOS Ruadhán ROUDAGNOS ruaim REUDSMÄN ruanaidh ROGNIYATIS ruathar REUTRON rubha ROWION, ROBIYON rudhrach RODÛRÂKOS rudhradh RODÛRATUS rug RO UNKET ruibh STRABIS rún RÛNÂ rúsc RÛSKÂ ruth RUTUS sádhadh SÂDIT sádhail SÂDOÂLIS Sadhbh SWADWÂ sáidh- SÂDIT saidhbhir SUADWERIS saileach SALIKS sáith SÂTIS saithe SATION sál STÂTLÂ salach SALÂKOS salann SALENON sall SALDÂ sámh SÂMOS samhail SAMALIS Samhain SAMNIS samhaisc SAMOSISQÎ samhradh SAMORÂTON saobh SOIBOS saoghal SAITLON saoi SUWIDS saor SAEROS, SUWIROS saoth SAITUS saothar SAITRON sár SAGROS Sárán SAGRAGNOS sárughadh SAGROSAGITUS sás SÂSSOS satailt SALTRON scairt QERTIS scál SKÂKSLON scamhán SKAMÄNTES scamhóg SKAMÄNTES

scaoileadh SKAILIT scar- SKARÂT scaradh SKARATUS scáth SKÂTUS scéal SKETLON scéan SKEKNON sceathach SKITÂKÂ sceinm SKÄNDMÄN sceinn- SKÄNDET scéith SKÊTIS scian SKESENÂ sciath SKÊDON, SKÊTON sciathrach SKÊTORÊGON scís SKÎTOS scíth SKÎTOS scoilt- SKOLTON scor SKOROS scoth SKOTÂ scrabhadh KRABET sé SWEKS seach SEQOS Seachair SIQARIS seacht SEKTÄN seachtmhadh SEKTAMETOS seachtmhoghaSEKTAMUKONTES séad SENTUS Seaghais SEGOSTÎ seal SWELOS sealbh SELWÂ sealg SELGÂ seamar SWEKSMORÂ sean SENOS séan SEGNON seanchaí SENÂKOWIDS seanchas SENÂKOWISSUS searbh SWERWOS searg SERGÂ searc STERKÂ seasc- SISQOS seasca SWEKSKONTES seasamh SISTAMUS seiche SEKIÂ séideadh SWÊZDET seilide SELÄNTÎ seim SEKSMÄN séimh SÊMIS seinm SWÄNDMÄN seinn- SWENDET seisc SESKÂ seisceann SESKINÂ seiseadh SWEKSETOS seisear SWEKSWIRON

seod SENTOS sia SÎROS siabhair SÊBARIS sian SFIYONÂ siar SWE ÊRON sibh SWÎS sicne SEKTNION sine SFENION sinn SNÎS sinsear SENISTEROS síodh SÎDOS, SEDOS síol SÎLON síon SÎNÂ Sionann SINDWONÂ sionnach SWÄNDUKOS síor SÎROS sioth SITUS síothl- SÎTLON sireadh SFERIT siubhal SWESWELOS siúr SWESÛR slán SLADNOS slat SLAZDÂ sleagh SLIGÂ sleamhain SLIBNOS sliabh SLÊBOS sliacht- SLÊKTUS sliasaid STLÊSSÄNTÎ slighe SLIGÎTS sliocht SLIKTUS slios STLISSUS slogadh SLUNKETUS sluagh SLOUGOS smaolach MESALÂ sméar SMIYARON smeig SMEKÂ smior SMERU smólach MESALÂ smuaineamh SMEUDNOsmugadh SMUNKET smugairle SMUNKET snaidhm NADMÄN snámh SNÂMUS snas SNASSUS snáth SNÂTOS snáthad SNÂTOWIYÄNTÎ sneachta SNIKTION sneadh SNIDÂ sni- SNIYET snighe SNIGIÂ sníomh SNÎMUS snoidhe SNADIÂ

snuadh SNOUDOS so SOSIN so- SUSobhairce SUBORGIOS soc SUKKOS sochla SUKLEWESsochraidh SUQRITIS sodar SFUDROsoir SWE ARE sóisear YEWISTEROS soitheach SOWETÂKON sonn SFONDOS sor SOROS sotal UKSTALUS speir SFERETS srannadh SRENKNÂT srath STRATON sreang SRENGON sreath STRITÂ srón SROGNÂ sruaim SREUSMÄN sruth SRUTUS stuagh STOUGÂ sú SÛDIÂ suaith- SOUTIT suan SOUNOS suathadh SOUTETUS subh SUBIS suidhe SEDET, SODION súigh- SÛGET suth SUTUS tabhairt TOBERTÂ tachtadh TAKTOS Tadhg TAZGOS Tadhgan TAZGAGNOS tafann TOSWENDON taidhiúir TODAKRIS taidhbhse AD WÊDET táin AGNÂ tairbhe ROBIYON tairise ROWISSIOS tairseach TARESTÊGÂ taiscidh KON SAGIT táith- TÂDÎT tál TÂKSLON talamh TALAMÛ támh TÂMUS tamhan TAMNOS tana TANAWIOS tánaiste NI SEDET taobh TOIBOS

taoiseach TOWESSÂKOS taom TOIKSMÄN taos TAISTON taosc TOISKOS taosc- TOISKET tarathar TARATRON tarbh TARWOS tarr TORROS tarraing TOSRENGÂ tarsna TAROSTNOWON tart TARTOS tásc AD SEQET te TEENTS teach TEGOS teacht TÊGET téad TÄNTUS téagar TANKROS teagasc KON SEQET teaghlach TEGOSLOUGOS teallach TÄNOLEGOS Teamhair TEMRI teanga TÄNGUÂ tearc TERKOS teas TEKSTUS teascadh EKS SEKET teich- TEQET teidhm TEDMÄN teilgean TO LINQET teimhe TEMESÂ teimheal TEMESLOS teine TÄNOS thar TARES thiar ÊRAN thoir ARE thuaidh TEUTI thíos ÎSSU tig TO ÄNKET tighearna TEGERNIOS Tighearnach TEGERNÂKOS timcheall ÄMBIQELLON tinfeadh ENI SWETET tiobra(d) EKS BRÎWÄNT tiomargain ÄMB(I)ORGENÂ tiomghaire ÄMBIGARION tiomna AD NEWET tionól UKS LÂYET tiontódh ÄNDESÂWETUS tír TÎROS tírim TÎRESMIS tiugh TEGUS tláith TLÂTOS tlás TLÂTOS

tnúth TNÛTUS tobar UKSBERON tobhach TOBEGON tochailt TO KLADET togha TOGOUSON toil TOLÂ toirrcheas TORRIKÂ toll TUKSLON tomhailt TOMELTÂ tomhas TOMESSUS tón TÛKNÂ tonn TONDOS, TOSNÂ torann TARANUS torc TORKOS toradh TORETON torrach TORRIKÂ trácht TRÂKTUS Tradraighe TRAZDURÎGION trágh TRÂGÂ trágh- TRÂGÂ traghna TRAGUNOWOS traighean TRAGINÂ traothadh TRAITÂT trascairt TOSKARATUS tráth TRÂTUS tré TRI treabh TREBON tréan TREKSNOS treas TREKSÂ, TRISTOS tréig- TRÄNKET trí TRÎS trian TRIYANON triar TRIWIRON tríocha TRIKONTES trócaire TROUGOKARIÂ troigh TRAGETS troisc- TROSKIT trom TRUTSMOS troscadh TROSKETUS trú TRUKS truagh TROUGOS truaill TREUSSLÂ truid TRAZDUS tú TÛ tuagh STOUGÂ tuaim STEUKSMÄN tuaithbheal TEUTISWELON tuar TOWERON tuath TEUTÂ Tuathal TEUTOWALOS Tuathchar TEUTOKAROS tubha TOBIYON

tug TO U(N)KET tuig- TO UNKET tuigh- TOGIT tuighe TOGION tuidhidhean DÎWEDONÂ tuile TOLIYON tuilleamh TOSLÎMUS tuinidhe NI SEDET tuireamh TORÎMÂ tuirling- WO LENGET tuisleadh UKS SWELÂT tulach TALUKÂ Tulcha TALUKONÂ tur TARRUS tús TOWESSUS ua AWIOS uabhar AUBEROS uachtar OUKTEROS uagh EUGÂ uaimh YÂMÂ Uaithne AUTÎNIOuain ODNÂ ualach UKSLOGON uall EUGSLÂ uan OGNOS, OWINON uas OUKSU uasal OUKSELOS uath EUTUS uathadh AUTÎTOS ubhall ABALU ucht OKTUS úd YUGOS udhacht ADUKTON udhnacht ADUKSNEKTON uga UKSGOUSON úidh OIDÎ uile OLIOS uilleann OLÎNÂ uisce UKSISKAWOS Uisneach USTINÂKOS uladh YALUSEDON Ulaidh ULUTOullamh AREWOLÂMOS um ÄMBI umha OMIYON úr ÛROS urchóid KON WEDET urchall AREKOMELON urchar AREKOROS urchra ARE KRINET urdhamh AREDAMON

urghaire AREGARION urghnamh AREGNÎMUS urla ARELOWOS urlabhra ARELABARIÂ urlann ARELANDÂ urnaidhe NI GODIT urradh AREWORÂTOS ursa ARESTÛNÂ urthach ARETEGON úth ÛTUS Scots Gaelic Arcaibh ORKOS atha AWOISON bruthach BRUWÂKON cairidh KORETS cathag KAWÂ ceathach KÊWÎ dearmtag NINATIS díonag DÎNUNTS dithis DWÊSESSÂ dothadh DAWET dreathan DRIWOS fitheach WISÂKOS giomach GLÄMBUKOS iuchair YEQRI latha LATION lighe LÎYÄNTS lighich LIYAGIS monadh MONION nodha NEWIOS ogha AWIOS othaisg OWISISQÎ pett QEZDIS piuthar SWESÛR rathad ROSENTUS rudha ROWION sgitheach SQIYATS tathasg AD SEQET todhar TOWERON B. BRITTONIC Old British Aballava ABALLAWÂ Abona ABÛ Albio ALBIÛ Ammecati ÄMBIKATUS Anatemori ANATIMÂROS Αργεντοκοξος ARGÄNTOKOKSOΣ

Atecotti ATEKOZDÎ Bindogladia WINDOKLADIÂ Blatobulgio MLÂTOBOLGOS Boduoci BODWÂKOS Boduogenus BODWOGENOS Boudicca BOUDÎKÂ Branoduno BRANODÛNON Βρανογενιον BRANOGENION Brettanoi QRITENOS Briaci BRÎGÂKOS Brigantes BRIGÄNTES Brigantia BRIGÄNTÎ Brigomaglos BRÎGOMAGLOS Briomaglus BRÎGOMAGLOS Brohomagli BROKKOMAGLOS Daari DAGORÎGS Decantorum DEKÄNTOΔεκανται DEKÄNTES Δημηται DEMETOΔηουα DÊWÂ Δηουανα DÊWONÂ Deva DÊWÂ Devoni DÊWONÂ Dobagni DUBAGNOS Δουηκαληδονιος DWÊKALE-DONIOS Δουροτριγες DUROTRIGES Dubris DUBRÂ Dumnogeni DUBNOGENOS Dumnonii DUBNONES Dunocati DÛNOKATUS Durobrivas DUROBRÎWÂ Εβορακον EBURÂKON Επιδιοι EQODIOGabrosenti GABROSENTUS Glevi GLÊWON Gobannio GOBÄNNIOIalono YÂLONOS Isca ISKÂ Iuctius STUKTIÂ Calgacus KALGÂKOS Camulodunum KAMULO-DÛNON Camulorigi KAMULORÎGS Cantium KÄNTION Caratacus KARATÂKOS Carantacus KARANTÂKOS Carantorius KARANTORÎGS carbanto- KARBÄNTON *Karbantorîgion KARBÄNTO-RÎGION Καρβαντοριγον KARBÄNTO-RÎGIOΝ Cassivellaunus KASSI-WELLAUNOS Catotigirni KATUTEGERNOS Κατουελλαυνοι KATU-WELLAUNO-

Catuvellaunorum KATU-WELLAUNOClutori(gi) KLUTORÎGS covinnus WEGNOS *krottâ KRUTTÂ Cunobelinus KUNOBELINOS Cunovali KUNOWALOS *Labara LABARÂ Lavatres LOWATRON *Litanomagos LITANOMAGOS Litaví LITAWÎ Litinomago LITANOMAGOS Litogeni LÎTUGENOS Litugenus LÎTUGENOS Lovernii LOWERNIOS Luguvallium LUGUWALION Maglocune MAGLOKÛ Maglagni MAGLAGNOS *Manavî MANAWÎ Mapono MAQONOS Μαριδουνον MORIDÛNON Monapia MANAQÎ Μορικαμβη MORIKAMBÂ *Moridúnon MORIDÛNON Moritex MORITÊGS Nodenti Nodonti Nudente NEUDONTS ollototis ALLOTEUTOS Orbiotal(us) ORBIOTALUS Ordovices ORDOWIKES Ωταλινοι WOTÂDÎNOΟυξελλον OUKSELON Petuaria QETWORIOS Πρετανοι QRITENOS *Pritenî QRITENOS Rigisamo RÎGISAMOS Ριγοδουνον RÎGODÛNON Rocati ROKATUS Rutupiae RUTUQIÂSabrina SABRINÂ Sagrani SAGRAGNOS Scetis SKIYETS Segovax SEGOWAKS Seguntio SEGUNTION Σελγοουαι SELGAWOSenacos SENÂKOS Senemagli SENOMAGLOS Senomagli SENOMAGLOS *sento- SENTUS Setloceniae SAITLOKÊNIOS *Stuktiâ STUKTIÂ Στουκκια STUKTIÂ Tegernacus TEGERNÂKOS Tegernomali TEGERNO-MAGLOS




blawd BLÂTUS bo BIYET bonhed BONUSEDON breenhin BRIGÄNTÎNOS Brochvael BROKKOMAGLOS bu BOUS buch BOUKÂ bwyo BÂGIT canlit KÄNTÂLÎTIS keint KANET cigleu KLUNUTRO cwryf KURMÄN cychwedl KONSKETLON cyfeillt KOMALTIOS cymerth KON BERET kynnyd KONSNIYON Kyngar KUNOKAROS cyrhaed RO SAGIT de DEGUIS deheu DEKSIWÂ dieber- UKS BERET dileith DÎLEKTUS dilit DÎLÎTIS dly- DLIGET -du SO dwyre- EKS REGET dwyrein EKS REGET Dyfneint DUBNONES Dygant DEKÄNTOdyoganu WO KANET ehang EKSONGIS Eharnvael ISARNOMAGLOS eis ASTOel ELLÂT elldrewyn ALTRAMONÎ ennunhu ÄNDE ENTET ffled SFLITÂ ffysgiaw SFUDSKET gaeafrawd GIYAMORÂTON geu GOWÂ gnif GNÎMUS gobrit WOQRÎTIS gobryn- WO QRINAT gobwyll- WO QÊSLÂT gochel- EKS KELET gochlyt EKS KELET gognaw WO KNÂYET gogel- WO KELET goglyt WO KELET gorcharvaneu KARBÄNTON gorddiwawdd WEDET goreu WER AGET

gorsin WERSTÛNÂ gorthaw WER TAUSET goruc WER U(N)KET guoreu WER AGET gwant GONIT gwaeanhwyn WESANTÊNOS gwarchan WER KANET gwarawt RETET gweint GONIT Gwenfael WINDOMAGLOS gwery WERGOS gwnech WRAGET Gwynnhoedl WINDOSAITLOS han SANIS hemm SEKSMÄN henoeth NOKTS heu SEGET Idnerth YOUDONERTOS Idwal YOUDOWALOS ieuanc YEWÄNKOS llaith LEKTUS llaw LAGUS llorf LORGIÛ machteith MAQODAKTÎ Madyein MATUGENOS mael MAGLOS maeon MAGÛ meu ME moe MÂYÛS mywn MEDOGNON namwyn NEK MÂYOS nebawt NEQOS neithiwyr NOKTIÊRnyfet NEMETON pennyal QENNOGALÂ penrwy QENNORÊGON py QOS py sawl TÂLIS pymp QENQE pymwnt QENQONTES ranc bod RO ÄNKET sayrhaed SAGROSAGITUS tebet TEQET teu TÛ tyngh- TONKIT uch OUKSU undec OINOS DEKÄN Unwst OINOGUSTUS wy SO y SO, DU, IDE ych SWÎS yd IDE

yn SNÎS ysgaud SKÂTUS ysgwytrwy SKÊTORÊGON Welsh a â AGET a(c) ADQE aber ADBERON aberth UKS BERET abo ADBOGON abwth ADBUT abwyd ADBÊTON ach ADK achan AD KANET achar ADKAROS achas ADKASSIS achel AKSIL achlaf ADKLAMOS achor ADKOROS achul ADKOILOS achwre ADKOWREGIS achwyn ADKAINI ad- ATEadaf ETET adain ETANÎ adar ETAR adaw ATE AWET adeg ATEKOS adfer- ATE BERET adfod ATE BIYET adian ATEGANON adnau ATENOWON adrodd ATERÂDOS adwaen GNINUT addas ADASSOS addef AD DAMET addiant YÄNTUS ael AGL aer AGRON aeron AGRONaerwy ADRÊGON aeth AGET, AKTUS afal ABALU afall ABALL afanc ABÄNKOS aflafar AMLABARIS afles AMLESSON afon ABÛ afrwydd AMRÊDIS afu AWOISON

agarw ADGARWOS agos ADGOSTUS agweddi AD GODIT ail ALIOS alaf ALAMON alarch ELOSOS all ALLON allfro ALLOMROGS alltud ALLOTEUTOS am ÄMBI amaeth ÄMB(I)AKTOS amgen KINÂ amlwg ÄMBILUKOS amrant AMBRÄNTS amser ATSMUSTERÂ amynedd ANDEMNIYÂNTS an- ANDE, ÄNDE anadl ANATLÂ anaf ANEMIS anheddu ÄNDE SEDET anian ÄNDOGANON annedd ÄNDE SEDET anner ANDERÂ annerch ANDEARKON Annwfn ANDUBNOS anudon OITOS anwastad ANWOSTATIS anwe ÄNDOWEGON angar ANKARANTS angau ÄNKEWES angen ÄNKENÂ araf ERAMOS aradr ARATRON arall ALIOS ALIOS arbed ARE QETET arbennig AREQENNÎKOS arch- ARKET ardd ARDWOS ardd- ARIT ardderchog AREDERKIS ardwy ARETOGION arddwrn AREDURNON aren AGRIÛ arfedd(ydd) AREMEDON arfer AREBERON arfordir AREMORIKOS arfordwy AREMORIKOS argan ARE KANET argelu ARE KELET argoed AREKAITOS argywedd- KON WEDET arial AREGALÂ

arian(t) ARGÄNTON Arianrhod ARGÄNTOROTÂ arogleu WO KLUNUTRO aroglyw- WO KLUNUTRO armerth AREEMBIBERTÂ arth ARTOS arwain AREWEDNÂ arwedd- ARE WEDET arwydd AREWIDION asen ASTONION asgwrn ASTOKORNON aswy ADSEWIOS at AD DU ateb ATES(E)QON atewyn ATEDAWINION athref ADTREBON athro ALTRAMÛ aw AWET awel AWELÂ awen AWENÂ bad BATON baedd BAIDOS baich BASKIS bal BALÂ balch BALKOS ball BALLET ban BÄNNÂ banadl BANATLON banw BANWOS bara BAREGON barch BARKÂ bardd BARDOS barnu BARNAT barr BARROS bawd MÂTÂ bawdd BÂDIT bedw BETÛ bedd BEDON beddrod BEDORÂTIS begegyr BIKOS beidr BOWITRON bele BELEWOS belu BALLET ber BERU berth BERTOS berwi BERWET berwr BERUROS beudy BOUTEGOS blaen BLAKNON blagur BLAKOIROblaidd BLEDIOS

blas MLASTON blawd MLÂTON blawdd BLÂDOS blawr BLÂROS blew BLIWÂ blin BLÎNOS blith MLIGET blodau BLÂTUS blwng BLUNGET blwydd BLÊDOS blwyddyn BLÊDANÎ blydd MLIDUS blynedd BLÊDANÎ blyngu BLUNGET bob QÂQOS bod BIYET bodd BUDÂ boddi BÂDIT bol(a) BOLGOS bôn BONUS bore BÂREGON bos BOSTÂ both BOZDOS brad MARNET braen MRAKNOS braenar MRAKNOARON brag MRAKIS braint BRIGÄNTÎ bram BRAGET bran BRANOS bras BRASSOS brathu BRAZDET brau BRUSNÂT brawd BRÂTÎR, BRÂTUS brawddeg BRÂDOS brefu BREMET brenin BRIGÄNTÎNOS brennig BARÄNDÎKOS brethyn BRATTOS breuad BRAGATS breuan BRAGANÂ, BRÂWÛ breuant BRÂGÄNTES bri BRÎGON brith MRIKTOS brithred MRIKTORETON briw BRUSNÂT bro MROGIS broch BROKKOS bron BRUSÛ brwd BRUTUS brwyd BRÊTOS brwydr BRÊTRON

brwyn BRUGNON brych BRIKKOS bryn BRIGNOS bu BIYET buarth BOUGORTOS budr BOUTRON budd BOUDI buddig BOUDÎKOS bugail BOUKOLIS burwy BOURÊGON bustl BISTLI buwch BOUKÂ bwlch BOLKOS bwrr BORROS bwrw BORGIT bwyall BIYASLIS bwyd BÊTON bych BIKKOS bychan BIKKAGNOS byd BITUS bydd BIYET byddaf BIYAMON byddar BUDAROS byddin BODÎNÂ byrr BIRROS bys BISTIS byw BIWOS bywyd BIWETON cach KAKKOS cad KATUS cader- KATRÎ cadr KATROS cadw KATWOS Cadwaladr KATUWALATROS cae KAG(I)ON cael KAET caen KAGNÂ caer KAGERON Caerefrog EBURÂKON Caerfyrddin MORIDÛNON caeriwrch KAERÂKS caeth KAKTOS caffael KAET caill KALLION cain KANIS cainc KÄNKÛ cal(a) KALGOS caled KALETOS caledfwlch KALETOBOLGOS cam KAMBOS, KENGET camas KAMBASTUS

canlyn- KÄNTÂ LINAT cann KANDOS cant KANET, KÄNTON, KÄNTOS canu KANET câr KARANTS Carannog KARANTÂKOS caredd KARIÂ carfan KARMANÂ carn KARNON, KARNU carr KARROS carreg KARRIKÂ carth KARTIS caru KARÂT carw KARWOS cas KASSOS cathl KANTLON cau KOWOS cawci KAWÂ cawdd KÂDOS cawr KAWAROS cefn KEBNON ceinach KASNÎ ceiliog KALIÂKOS celain KOLANÎ ceirch KORKIOS celfydd KALMIOS celg KELGON celu KELET celwrn KELURNOS celyn KOLINOS celli KALDIS cenau KANAWÛ cenn KENNÂ cennin KANDÎNÂ cerdd KERDÂ cerdded KERDET cerbyd KARBÄNTON cern KERNÂ cesail KÄNKSALÎ cesair KASSIERGON cerydd KARIÂ ci KÛ cig KÎKUS cilydd KÊLIOS cil KÛLOS cimwch GLÄMBUKOS cladd KLADON claddu KLADET claear KLISAROS claf KLAMOS clafr KLAMRON clawr KLÂRON

cledr KLITRÂ cledd KLIYOS cleddyf KLADIBOS clegyr KLOKERON cloch KLOKKON clod KLUTS clog KLOKÂ clogyrnog KLOKERNÂKOS clud KLOITÂ clun KLOUNIS clust KLEUSTÂ clwyd KLÊTÂ clyd KELET clydwr KLITUROS clywed KLUNUTRO cnaif KNABION cnau KNÛS cnaw KNÂMÄN cnawd KNÂTOS cnes KNESSOS cnoi KNÂYET cnwc KNOKKOS cnwch KNOKKOS coeg KAIKOS coed KAITON coel KAILON cof KOMENS cog KOWEKS col(a) KOLGOS colwyn KOLIGNOS colyn KOLGOS coll KOLDON, KOSLOS colli KOLDON -cor KOROS cordd KORDÂ cored KORETS corr(ach) KORROS corwg KORUKOS cosb KON SEQET craf KRAMUS crafanc KRABANKÂ crafu KRABET craidd KRIDION craig KRAKOS crair KREDRON craith KRENKTON crau KROWOS, KREWÂ credu KREDDET crefydd KRÂBETUS crehyren KRESUROS creth KRETET crib KRÎQÂ

crin KRÎNOS croen KROKNOS crogen KROKNOS crud KROUTOS crug KROUKÂ crwm KRUMBOS crwn KRUNNIS crwth KRUTTÂ crwybr KRÊQRON crwydr KRÊTRON crych KRIMOS cryd KRITIS crydr KRITRIS crydd KARIOS cryg KRIKOS crynu KRINET crys KRISSUS cu KOIMOS cuddio KEUDET cul KOILOS cun KOUNÂ curan KOURAGNOS cw(dd) KU cwan KAWÂ cwch KUKSOS cwd KUTIS cwl KULOS cwm KUMBÂ cwrw KURMÄN cwthr KUZDRON cwyddo KÊDET cwyno KAINÎT cwys KÊSSUS cychwynn- SKENDET cyfaill KOMALTIOS cyfarch KON ARKET cyfeiliorn ARE ORGET cyflawn KOMLÂNOS cyfoeth KON ÄNKET cyfogi KOMÂKUS cyfranc RO ÄNKET cyfrwy KON RIGET cyfyng KOMONGIS cylion KULIS cymer KOMBERON cymer- KON BERET cymes KON MEDITRO cymhwyllo KON QÊSLÂT cymryd KON BERET cymwyll KON QÊSLÂT cymyn- KON BINAT cynddaredd KUNODARIÂ

Cynfelyn KUNOBELINOS cynhewi KON TAUSET cynhaeaf KENTUGIYAMON cynnau KON DAWET cynnal KONDELGON cynnud KONDAUTON cynnif KONSNÎMUS cynnydd- KON SNIYET cynt KENTUS Cynwal KUNOWALOS cyngad KONKATUS cyngor KONKOROS cyrraedd RO SAGIT cystlwn STLENDET cythlwng KENTULONGON cyw KUWOS cywain KON WEDET cywair KOWERIS cywaith KOWEKTIS cywedd- KON WEDET cywir KOWÎROS cywydd KOMWIDIS -ch SWÎS chwaer SWESÛR chwaeth SWAKTÂ chwain SKÄNDOS chwannen SKÄNDOS chwant SWANTUS chwarren SWORRINÂ chwardd- SWARIT chwech SWEKS chweched SWEKSETOS chwedl SKETLON chweg SWEKOS chwegr SWEKRUS chwegrwn SWEKRUNOS chwel SWELOS chwerfu SWERBET chwerthin SWARTIÛ chwerw SWERWOS chwi SWÎS chwiban SWÎQANON chwil SWELOS chwydu SKÊTIS chwyl SWELOS chwys SWISSIS chwythu SWÊZDET da DAGOS dadl DATLON daear DISAR

dafad DAMATON dail DOLION dal(a) DELGET, DELGOS danadl NINATIS dant DÄNT dar DARUS darbwyllo ARE QÊSLÂT darn DARNON darogan WO KANET das DASSIS dau DWÂU daw DÂMOS, TO AGET dawn DÂNUS deddf DEDMÄN defnydd DAMNION deg DEKÄN Degannwy DEKÄNTOWION degfed DEKAMETOS deigr DAKRU deifio DOGUIT del DELIS delw DELÛ dengyn DANGINOS dera DERGOS derch DERKET derllid RO SLIYET derllydd- RO SLIYET derw DERWON deu- TO AGET deuddeg DWÂU DEKÄN di- DÎ diau DÎGOWIS, DIYÎUS dianc DÎ ÄNKET dichlyn KLINIT diddanu DÎ DANÂT dial DÎGALÂ diechyr DÎADKORIS diebryt UKS BERET difanw MENUS difa DÎ BÂSET diffodd EKS BÂDIT diffryd EKS BERET dile- DÎ LEGÂT dilyn- DÎ LINAT dinas DÛNON Dinbych BIKKOS Dingad DÛNOKATUS diofer- WO BERET diofryd WO BERET dir DÛROS diod DEGÛ diog DÎÂKIS

dirfawr DÎROMÂRIS dirwy DÎRIYON diwedd DÎWEDON do TO doe DES dof DOMOS dol DOLOS Don DÛ dor DWORON draen DRAGENOS draenog DRAGENÂKOS dringo DRENGET drwg DRUKOS drws DWORESTU drwy TRI drych DRIKS dryd DRITOS drydw TRAZDUS dryll DRUSLION drysi DRISTIS dryw DRIWOS dug U(N)KET dull DEUKSION duw DÊWOS dwfn DUBNOS dwfr DUBROS dwg TO U(N)KET dwn DUSNOS dwrn DURNOS dwyn T(O)UKNIS dwyrain EKS REGET dwy DWÂU dy TÛ dy- TO, DU dybryd DUQRITIS dydd DIYÎUS Dyfed DEMETODyfnien DUBNOGENOS Dyfnwal DUBNOWALOS dyffryn DUBROSENTUS dyfrgi DUBROKÛ dyfod TOBUTÂ dyg- TO U(N)KET dyled DLIGETON dyn DONIOS dyniorn DONIORGENÂ dyre- TO REGET dyrain TOREGNIS dywed- TO WETET dywawd WETET dyweddio EN WEDET

-ddo SO -e SO e(ch)- EKS eang EKSONGIS eb(e), ebr SEQET ebol EQÂLOS ebrwydd EQORÊDOS edfryd ATEBRITIS edn ETNOS edrych EKS DRIKSKET ef SO efnys AMNISSOS efydd OMIYON efwr EBUROS ehed- ETET ehedeg EKS ETET ei SO eich SWÎS ein SNÎS eira ARG(I)ON eiriol ARE YÂLÎT eirif ADRÎMÂ eirin AGRÎNÂ eithaf EKTAMOS eithin AKTÎNÂ eistedd DÎ SEDET eithr EKTRI elain ELANÎ elfydd ALBIÛ eleni SIOelin OLÎNÂ elwch ELUKOS ellyn ALTANÎ enaid ANATIS enfawr ANDEMÂROS ennaint ÄNDONIGÄNTION ennyn ÄNDE ENTET enw ANMÄN enynnu ÄNDE ENTET eog ESOKS epa EQOSAGITRO epil EQOSÎLON er ARE erch ERKOS erfid AREBÎTIS erfin ARBÎNON ergyr AREKOROS ergrynu ARE KRINET ergryd AREKRITIS erlid ARELÎTIS erlyn- ARE LINAT

eryr ERUROS, AREORON esgar EKSKARANTS esgid EDSKÛTOeu SO euod OGUIS ewig OWÎKÂ ewin ÄNGUÎNÂ ewyn OWINON ewythr AWENTROS -f ME -fa MAGOS fel SAMALIS fry BRIGS fy ME ffer SFERETS ffion SFIYONÂ ffon SFONDOS ffraeth SFRAKTOS ffraw SRÂMOS ffroen SROGNÂ ffrwd SRUTUS ffrwst SFUDSKET ffun SFOINÂ gaeaf GIYAMOS gaf- GABIT gafael GABAGLÂ gafl GABLOS gafr GABROS gair GARION galar GALAROS gan KÄNTÂ garr GARRÂ garm GARSMÄN garth GORTOS garw GARWOS gawr GÂRIS gefail GABALÎ, GOBÄNNS gefyn GEMELON gel GELUS gell GELOS gen GENUS genau GENUS geni GANITRO genni GÄNDET geneth GENETÂ giau GÎYÂ glain GLANÎ glân GLANOS glan GLÄNDOS

glas GLASTOS gledd GLIYÂ glew GLIWOTS glin GLÛNON glo GOGLOS gloyw GLÊWOS glud GLOITON glwys GLÊSTIOS glyn GLÄNDOS glynu GLINAT gnawd GNÂTOS gnaws GNÂTOS go- WO gobennydd WOQENNION god GOTOS godeb WOTEQON Gododdin WOTÂDÎNOgodro WO TROGIT goddef WO DAMET goddaith WODEKTIS gof GOBÄNNS Gofannon GOBÄNNÛ gofid GÂBÎTUS gofer WOBERON gogof WOKUBÂ goganu WO KANET gogr WOKRI gogledd WOKLIYON gogryn(u) WO KRINAT gohebu WO SEQET golchi WOLKET golosgi WO LUKSKET golau WOLUGUS golud WOLOUTON golwg WOLUKON golwyth WOLUKTON gomedd EKS MEDITRO gor GOROS gor- WER gordd ORDOS goreu WERGOUSON gorfod WERBUTÂ gorfynt WERMENTUS gorffen WERQENNON gori GORIT gormes WERMESSUS goror WEROROgorsedd WERSEDON gorsing WERSTÛNÂ gorugo WO ROIKÂT gorwydd WORÊDOS gosteg WOSTEKÂ

graean GRIYANON graen GRAGNIS grawn GRÂNON gre GREGIS gro GRAWÂ grudd GREUDOS grug WROIKOS grym GRENDET gwa- WO gwadn WOTNOS gwadd WODOS gwaddol WODÂLIS gwae WAI gwaed WAITOgwaedd WAIDIS gwaeth WAKT... gwaethl WEQTLON gwaew WOGAISOS gwagr WOKRI gwahan WOSANIS gwain WEGNOS gwair WEGRON gwaith WEKTIS, WEKTUS gwala WOLGOS gwallt WOLTOS gwan WASNOS gwanu GONIT gwanwyn WESANTÊNOS gwar GOROS gwarr WARRÂ gwarthaf WERTAMOS gwar- WER gwared WORETON gwarthan GORTAGNOS gwas WOSTOS gwasgar WO SKARÂT gwasgod WOSKÂTUS gwasgu WASKET gwastad WOSTATOS gwau WEGET gwaun WÂGNOgwawl WÂLOS gwawr WÂRI gwaws WÂSTOS gwawd WÂTUS gwden WITENÂ gwe WEGON gweb WEQOgweddi GODIT gwedd WIDÂ gweddil WODÎLON gweddw WIDWÂ

gwefr WEBRU gweilgi WAILOKÛ gweinydd- WO GNIYET gweini WOGNÎMUS gweled WELÎT gweli WOLIS gwely WOLEGION gwellt GELTON gwen GENÂ Gwenhwyfar WINDOSÊBARÂ gwenith WONIKTOS gwennol WANDELÂ gwer GERETS gwerin WORÎNÂ gwern WERNOS gwerthyd WERTETS gwerthyr WERTURIgwest WESTIS gwid WÎTIS gwig WÎKÂ gwir WÎROS gwisg WÎSKET gwiw WÎSUS gwiwer WÎWEROS gwlad WLATIS gwlan WLANÂ gwledd WLIDÂ gwlith WLIKTON gwlyb WLIQUS gwlydd WLIDUS, WLIDU gwlych WLIQUS gwn WINDETRO gwna WRAGET gwnaeth WRAGET gwnio WRIGET gwr WIROS gwrach WRAKKÂ gwraidd WRADION gwraig WRAKÎ gwraint WRIGÄNTS gwraith WREKTIS gwrdd WRIDOS gwregys WOKRISSUS gwres GRENSON gwrtheb WRIT SEQET gwrthdwng WRIT TONGET Gwrtheyrn WERTEGERNOS gwrym WRIKSMÄN gwrysg WLISKÂ gwst GUSTUS gwyach WISÂKOS gwyar ESAR

gwychi WOKSIS gwychyr WIKRIS gwydn WITNOS gwydd WIDU, WEGION gwydd WÊDOS gwydd- WINDETRO gwyddbwyll WIDUQÊSLÂ gwyddyf WIDUBIYON Gwyddel WÊDELOS gwyg WIKOS gwyl WÊLOS gwylan WOWILANOS gwymon WIKSMONÂ gwyn WINDOS gwynfyd WINDOBITUS Gwynllyw WINDOLUGUS gwynnawn WENDWÂNOS gwynt WENTOS gwyr WINDETRO gwys WETSÎ, WINDETRO gwystl GÊSTLOS gwyth WIKTON gwythi WÊTIS gwyw WISUS gylf(in) GULBÎNÂ -ha- SAGIT had SATON haeddel SAGETLON haeddu SAGIT haer SAGROS haf SAMOS hafal SAMALIS haearn ISARNON hagr SAGROS Hafren SABRINÂ haid SATION haidd SASION halen SALENON halog SALÂKOS hallt SALDOS hanes SANESSON hanner SÄNTERON hanred SANIRETON hau SEGET haul SÂULIOS hawdd SÂDOS he SEGET heb SEQOS hebrwng SÄN BRONKET heddiw DIYÎUS, SIOhedd SEDOS heini(f) SUGNÎMIS

hel(a) SELGÂ heli SALÎMÂ helyg SALIKS hen SENOS heno NOKTS hennydd SÄNTIOS heol ESOLOS herw SERWON hesg SESKÂ hi SO hil SÎLON hidl SÎTLON hin SÎNÂ hir SÎROS hoed SAITUS hoedl SAITLON hoel SOGLÂ hogalen ÂKUS hogen SUKÂ hogi ÂKUS hogyn SUKÂ holl OLLOS hollt SKOLTON hor SOROS hoyw SAIWOS huan AUSANÂ huddygl SOUDIKLON hud SOITOS hufen SEUMENÂ hun SOUNOS hwch SUKKOS hwy SÎROS, SO hy SEGOS hy- SUhydr SITROS hydref SIDOTREBON hydd SIDOS hygad SUKATUS hyglyw SUKLUWOS hyn SINDOS hynt SENTUS hysb SISQOS i DU ia YEGIS iach YAKKOS iaith YEKTIS ial YALON iar YARÂ ias YESTUS iau YEWIÛS, YUGON iawl YÂLOS

ien YEG(I)NOS iewaint YEWÄNTÛTS ir ÛROS is ÎSSU isel ÎSSELOS Iwerddon ÎWERIÂ iwrch YORKOS llachar LAKSAROS lladd SLADET llafar LABAROS llafasu LAMETRO llai LAGIÛS llaid LATIS llain LÂGENÂ llam LENGET llan LANDÂ llanw LANWON llas SLASSOS llath SLAZDÂ llau LUSllaw LÂMÂ llawn LÂNOS llawr LÂRON llawd LÂTOS llawdr LÂTRON llawen LOWENOS llawer ROWERON lle LEGOS lleas LEGASTUS llech LEKKÂ llechwedd LEKSOWIÂ lledr LETRON lledd LIYÂ llefaru LABARÂTRO llef LEMOS llefrith LEMOMLIKTON lled LETOS, LITANOS llen LINNÂ lles LESSUS llesg LEKSKOS llestr LESTRON lletem LETOSEKSMÄN llethr LEKTRON Lleu LUGUS lleuad LUGATlleufer LUGOBEROS llewa LUNGET lli LÎYÄNTS lliant LÎYÄNTS lliaws ELUS llid LÎTUS

llith LIKTON llithr SLIKTRON lliw LÎWÂ llo LOIGOS lloer LUGRÂ llorp LORGIÛ llosgi LUKSKET llost LUSTÂ llu SLOUGOS lluarth LUBIGORTOS lluched LEUKETS lludw LOUTUS Lludd NEUDONTS llug LEUKOS, LOUKOS llugorn LEUKORNON Llun LEUKSNÂ llusgo LEUSKET llwch LOKUS llwdn LUTNOS llwfr LUBROS llwgr LUKROS llwnc SLUNKET llwrw LORGOS llwy LÊGÂ llwybr LÊQRI llwyd LÊTOS llwyf LEMOS llwyr LÊRIS llwyth LUKTUS llydan LITANOS Llydaw LITAWÎ llyfasu LAMETRO llyfn SLIBNOS llyfu LIGIT llyffant ROSKÄNDOS llygad LUKATllyg(od) LUKÛTS llym SLIKSMOS llyncu SLUNKET llyngyr SLUNKIR.. llyn LINNIS, LINNU llynu LINAT llyo LIGIT llyr LIROS llys LISSOS, LISSOllysiau LUSTUS llyw LUWOS Llywarch LUGUMARKOS llywarn LOWERNOS Llywelyn LUGUBELINOS Llywelydd LUGUWALION

-m ME mab MAQOS Mabon MAQONOS mach MAKKOS mad MADUS maddau MATWÎT maeddu MAGIT Maelan MAGLAGNOS Maelgwn MAGLOKÛ maen MAGNOS maes MAGESTU maeth MAKT, MAKTON magu MAKET maidd MIZGOS maint MÄNTÎ malu MELET mam MAMMÂ man MÄNDON Manaw MANAWÎ ManawyddanMANAWIYAGNOS mant MÄNTOS march MARKOS marchog MARKÂKOS marw MARWOS marwnad MARWONATUS mathr MANTRON mawl MÂLIT mawr MÂROS medi METET medel METELÂ medd MEDÂ, MEDU meddu MEDITRO meddw MEDWOS meddwl MEDITRO mefl MEBLÂ megin MAKÎNÂ Mehefin MEDIOSAMINON meichiad MOKKIATIS Meilyr MAGLORÎGS meillion MELITIONES meithrin MAKTRIÛ mel MELI melyn MELINOS melys MELISSOS mellten MELDENÂ menwyd MENMENS mer SMERU merch MERKÂ merw MERUS mes MESSUS methu MITON methl MENTLÂ

meudwy MAGUS DÊWÎ mewn MEDOGNON mi ME migwrn MÛKODURNOS mil MÎLON min MÎKNON mis MÎNS moch MOKKÛ modrwy MÂTORÊGON modryb MÂTRIQÎ modrydaf MÂTRITAMÂ Modron MÂTRONÂ moel MAILOS, MAILÂ moelrhon RÂNOS moes BAISSON mogi MUKON moli MÂLIT mollt MOLTOS mor MÂROS, MORI mordaith MORITIKTÂ mordwy MORITÊGS morddwyd MORYÊTS moresg MORISESKÂ morfa MORIMAGOS morgrug MORWIKROUKÂ morwyn MORIGNÂ moryd MORIITUS mul MOILOS mwg MUKON mwn MONIS mwng MONGÂ mwy MÂYÛS mwyalch MESALÂ mwyar SMIYARON mwyd MÊTUS mwyn MÊNIS, MÊNON mwyth MUKTOS mygu MUKON mynawyd MINAWITS myned MUNET mynwgl MONIKLON mynnu MENDET mynydd MONION myrion MORWIS mysgu MIKSKET myswynog MISSUGNÂKÂ mywion MORWIS -n SNÎS na(c) NEK na(g) NEK nad NATUS

naddu SNADET nai NEÛTS naid SNATIS nain NANÎ naf NABOS namyn NEK MÂYOS nant NÄNTUS naw NEWÄN nawdd SNÂDIT nawf SNÂMUS nawfed NEUMETOS neb NEQOS nedd SNIDÂ Nedd NIDÂ neddau SNADIMOS neddyf SNADIMOS nef NEMOS neidr NATRIS neithiwr NOKTIÊRner NEROS nerth NERTON nesaf NETSAMOS neu NU, NEWE newid NEWÎTUS newydd NEWIOS newyn NOWÄNION ni NÎ, SNÎS nidr SNÎTRON nith NEKTÎ nithio NIKTOS nodwydd SNÂTOWIYOnodd NUDÂ noddi SNÂDIT noe NÂWIÂ noeth NOKTOS nudd SNOUDOS Nudd NEUDONTS nus NEUSSUS nwyd NÊTUS nwyf NÊBÂ nwyfre NÊBOREYOS nych NIKSON nyddu SNIYET nyf SNIGIT nyth NIZDOS o AU ochr OKROS odi OTIT odid AUTÎTOS odyn ÂTIS oddf OZBUS

oedd EST oen OGNOS oes AISSON, AISSUS of OMIOS ofer AUBEROS ofn OBNÂ oged OKETÂ onnen OSNOS or OROS -orn ORGENÂ Owain ESUGENOS pair QARIOS paith QENETUS paladr QALATRON pan QANÂ, QANÎ par QARRÂ pas QASTÂ pawb QÂQOS pedair QETWORES pedryfan QETWORES pedryollt QETWORES pedwar QETWORES pedwerydd QETWORIOS pel QELÂ pell QELLOS pen QENNON penwyn QENNOWINDOS peri QARIT perth QERTIS peswch QASTÂ peth QEZDIS peunoeth NOKTS pob QÂQOS pobi QOQIT poeth QOKTOS pren QRENNON prid QRÎTIS pridd QRÎYETS pryd QRITUS prydu QRITÂ prydydd QRITÂ Prydyn QRITENOS pryf QRIMIS prynu QRINAT pump QENQE pumed QENQETOS pwy QÊ pwyll QÊSLÂ pymtheg QENQE DEKÄN rhad RATON, ERNAT

rhag RÂK... rhain REGINOS rhaith REKTUS rhan RASNÂ rhathu RAZDET rhaw RÂMÄN rhawd RÂTUS rhawn RÂNOS rhech RITKÂ rhedeg RETET rhedyn RATINOS rhef REMROS rhefr REBRU rhegen RAKINÂ rhew RIWÂ rhewydd ROGIYOS rhi RÎGS Rhiannon RÎGÄNTONÂ rhiain RÎGANÎ rhidio RÎTIS rhif RÎMÂ rhin RÛNÂ rhisgl RÛSKÂ rhith RIKTUS rhiw RÎWÂ rhiydd RÎGION rhod ROTOS rhodio RÂTUS rhon RONDÂ rhoddi RO DEDET rhos ROSTOS rhudd ROUDOS rhuddion REUDOS rhuo REUGET rhuthr REUTRON rhwd RUZDON rhwth RUZDOS rhwydd RÊDIS rhwygo RÊKET rhwym RÊGSMÄN rhwystr RÊSTRON rhy RO rhybudd ROBOUDON rhych RIKS rhydd RIYOS Rhydderch RODERKOS rhyfedd ROMEDON rhyferthwy ROBERTÊYOS rhygnu RIKNOS rhygyng KENGET rhysod RIKISTÎ rhysyn RIKISTÎ

Rhywallawn ROWELLAUNOS -s SO saer SAEROS safn STAMNON saith SEKTÄN sail STALÎ sarhad SAGROSAGITUS sarn STRINÂT sathru SALTRON sawdl STÂTLÂ sawdd SÂDIT se SEGET sedd SEDON sefydlu STAMUS sefyll STAMUS seithfed SEKTAMETOS serch STERKÂ seren STERserr SERRÂ serth SERTOS sil SÎLON soddi SÂDIT swch SUKKOS syfi SUBIS syw SUWIDS -t TÛ tad TATOS taen STAGNÂ taer AGROS tafod TÄNGUÂTS tagu TAKET taid TATOS tail TALIÂ tair TRÎS taith TÊGET tal TALU talch TALKON tam TENDET tan TÄNOS tanc TANKOS tangnef(edd) TANKNAM.. tant TÄNTUS taradr TARATRON taran TARANUS tarf TARBOS tarw TARWOS tarw(y)den DERWÊTÂ taw TAUSET, TÂYET tawdd TÂDON tawel TAUSELOS

tebyg TOQIKOS techu TEQET teg TEKOS teisen TAISTON teithi TENKTIOS telm TALSMIS tenau TANAWIOS tes TEKSTUS teulu TEGOSLOUGOS teyrn TEGERNOS Teyrnon TEGERNONOS -th TÛ ti TÛ tin TÛKNÂ tir TÎROS tlawd TLÂTOS tlws TLUSSOS, TLUSSUS to TOGOS toddi TÂDIT toes TAISTON toi TOGIT ton TONDOS, TOSNÂ toniar TOSNOGARON tor TORROS torogen TÂRUKÂ toreth TORETON tra- TARES traean TRIYANON traeth TRÂKTUS trai TRÂGÂ trais TREKSÂ tranc TRÄNKET trawd TRÂTUS trech(af) TREKSAMOS tref TREBON trefn TREBNÂ trengi TRÄNKET tri TRÎS tremynu MINAT tro TROGOS trochi TRONKET troed TRAITÂ trogen TÂRUKÂ trothwy TRÂKTEYON tru TROUGOS trugaredd TROUGOKARIÂ trwm TRUTSMOS trwnc STRONKOS trwsgl TRUTSKOS trwy TRI trwyth TRONKTOS trydwll TRITUKSLOS

trydydd TRITIYOS tryfer TRIBERU tu TOIBOS tud TEUTÂ twll TUKSLON twrch TORKOS twym TÊSMÄN twysgo EKS SEKET ty TEGOS tyfu TUMET tyno TNOWON tynged TONKETON tyngu TONGET tywyll TEMESLOS tywys TOMESSON tywysog TOWESSÂKOS ucharn OISFERNÂ uchenaid UKSANATUS ucher WESQEROS uchaf OUKSAMOS uchel OUKSELOS udd YOUDOS ufel OIBELÂ uffarn OISFERNÂ ugain WIKÄNTÎ un OINOS Urien ORBIOGENOS uwch OUKSU uwd YUTUS wrth WRIT wy OGOS wybr ERQOS wyf EST wyneb ENIQÂ wyr ÊROS Wysg ISKÂ wyt EST wyth OKTÛ wythfed OKTÛMETOS y SINDOS ych UKSÛ yd ITUS ydlan ITULANDÂ Y Fenny GOBÄNNIOyfu IBET ym- ÄMBI ymenyn ÄMBÄN ymennydd ENQENNION ymyl ÄMBILON

yn EN ynt EST ynys ENISTÎ yr SINDOS yrhawg RÂK... ys EST, EDy sawl TÂLIS ysbyddad SQIYATS ysgafn SKAMNOS ysgar SKARÂT ysgaw ISKAWOS ysgien SKESENÂ ysgogi SKOKIT ysgwyd SKÊTON ysgwydd SKÊDON yslath SLAZDÂ ystarn STRINÂT ystlynedd STLENDET ystlys STLISSUS ystrad STRATON ystwyth STUKTOS Ystwyth STUKTIÂ yw EST ywen IWOS Old Breton air AGRON angan ÄNDOGANON anre ÄNDORÊGON arcogued KON WEDET attanoc ETANÎ bann BÄNDUS bodin BODÎNÂ boutig BOUTEGOS brehant BRÂGÄNTS Brocmail BROKKOMAGLOS celmed KALMIOS cnoch KNOKKOS didanuud DÎ DANÂT drog(n) DRUNGOS guerg WERGOS Gueuran WESURANDÂ guohi WOKSIS hedr SITROS Hencar SENOKAROS lau LAGUS lei LAGIÛS linom LINAT madau MADAWOS mael MAGLOS meid MIZGOS

orgiat ORGET recter RÂKOTERON rit RÎTUS rogedou ROGIYOS stledm STLEDMÄN strum SREUSMÄN Tiernmael TEGERNOMAGLOS tinsot TINUT treb TREBON Middle Breton alazn ANATLÂ annhezaff ÄNDE SEDET arazr ARATRON arch- ARKET balazn BANATLON ban- BÄNNÂ benaff BINAT bezred BEDORÂTIS bri BRÎGON caffou KAMUS compred KOMBRITÂ dazrou DAKRU dervoeden DERWÊTÂ dileffn SLIBNOS diougan WO KANET dioverat WO BERET dirhaes RO SAGIT doen T(O)UKNIS druill DRUSLION eff SO eintaff OINOTAMOS eizdek OKTÛ DEKÄN englenaff GLINAT erer ERUROS ezn ETNOS -ff ME gnou GNÂWOS goret WORETON gozro WO TROGIT gozronket WO TRONKET haezl SAGETLON hen SINDOS hezr SITROS hiziu DIYÎUS hoazl SAITLON hoz SWÎS huanat UKSANATUS kazr KATROS kroezr KRÊTRON lafuaez LAMETRO

leuzr LÂTRON leuzraff LÂTRON louazr LOWATRON lozn LUTNOS mozreb MÂTRIQÎ nazr NATRIS ouff EST out EST quehezl KONSKETLON ros ROSTOS rouegaff RÊKET seul TÂLIS seuzl STÂTLÂ stlen STLENDET tarazr TARATRON tnou TNOWON tremen MINAT y SO -zaff SO Breton a Â, AU, AGET aber ADBERON aberzh UKS BERET abrant ABRÄNTS ac’houez WÊDÛ ael AKSILÂ alan ANATLÂ alarc’h ELOSOS am ÄMBI amann ÄMBÄN ambroug SÄN BRONKET amezeg ÄMB(I)AKTOS amoug ÄMBI UKET amzer ATSMUSTERÂ an SINDOS anaon ANAMÛ anañv ANEMIS anken ÄNKENÂ ankoù ÄNKEWES annoar ANDERÂ anv ANMÄ aon OBNÂ aot ALTON aotenn ALTANÎ aotrou ALTRAMÛ araok RÂK... arar ARATRON arat ARIT arboellañ ARE QÊSLÂT arc’hant ARGÄNTON

arouez AREWIDION arzorn AREDURNON askourn ASTOKORNON aval ABALU avalenn ABALLÂ avank ABÄNKOS avel AWELÂ aven ABÛ avu AWOISON banal BANATLON banv BANWOS bara BAREGON barnañ BARNAT barr BARROS barzh BARDOS bec’h BASKIS bed BITUS beler BERUROS ber BERU bered BEDORÂTIS berr BIRROS bestl BISTLI beure BÂREGON beuzin BÂDIT bev BIWOS bez BEDON, BIYET bezvenn BETÛ bihan BIKKAGNOS binenn BIYAMON biou BOUS birviñ BERWET biz BISTIS ble MLIDUS blein BLAKNON bleiz BLEDIOS bleud MLÂTON bleunienn BLÂTUS bleuñvenn BLÂTUS blev BLIWÂ blin BLÎNOS blizenn BLÊDANÎ bloaz BLÊDOS blod MLÂTIS blouiñ BLUNGET boed BÊTON bolc’h BOLGOS bomm BÊSMÄN bouc’hal BIYASLIS boulc’h BOLKOS bout BUTÂ bouzar BUDAROS

bran BRANÂ braz BRASSOS bre BRIGÂ brec’h BRIKKOS brein MRAKNOS breinar MRAKNOARON brennigen BARÄNDÎKOS bresañ BRESTOS bresk BRESKUS breur BRÂTÎR breut BRÂTUS brev BRÂWÛ Briek BRÎGÂKOS briz MRIKTOS broc’h BROKKOS bronn BRUSÛ brout BRUTUS brozh BRATTOS brug WROIKOS bugel BOUKOLIS buoc’h BOUKÂ buz BOUDI c’hoar SWESÛR c’hoarzh- SWARIT c’hoarzhin SWARTIÛ c’houec’h SWEKS c’houedañ SKÊTIS c’houerv SWERWOS c’houezañ SWÊZDET c’houezek SWEKS DEKÄN c’hwannen SKÄNDOS c’hwant SWANTUS c’hwenenn SKÄNDOS c’hwez SWAKTÂ c’hweziñ SWISSIS c’hwi SWÎS c’hwiban SWÎQANON d- TO da DAGOS, DU, TÛ dael DATLON daerou DAKRU dant DÄNT dañvad DAMATON danvez DAMNION daou DWÂU daouzek DWÂU DEKÄN dec’h DES dehou DEKSIWÂ deil DOLION deiz DIYÎUS

dek DEKÄN dekvet DEKAMETOS dellezañ RO SLIYET den DONIOS denañ DINUT derc’hel DELGET deroueden DERWÊTÂ derv DERWON deu- TO AGET deuñv DÂMOS deviñ DOGUIT di- DÎ dial DÎGALÂ died DEGÛ diek DÎÂKIS dimeziñ EN WEDET diou DWÂU direzañ RO SAGIT diskogellañ SKOKIT dle- DLIGET doñv DOMOS dor DWORON doredou DWORATON dorojou DWORATON dorn DURNOS douar DISAR doue DÊWOS doug- TO UKET doun DUBNOS dour DUBROS dourgi DUBROKÛ draen DRAGENOS dramm DRAKSMÄN dre TRI dred TRAZDUS dremm DRIKSMÂ drez DRISTIS drouk DRUKOS du DUBUS e IDE, SO eaz AGET ebeul EQÂLOS ebr ERQOS ed ITUS ein ETNOS eil ALIOS eizh OKTÛ eizhvet OKTÛMETOS emolc’h SELGÂ empenn ENQENNION ene ANAMÛ

eneb ENIQÂ enez ENISTÎ enk EKSONGIS entre ENTRI eo EST eok EKSÂKIS, ESOKS eon OWINON eontr AWENTROS er ERUROS erc’h ARG(I)ON ere ADRÊGON etev ATEDAWON etre ENTRI euvor AUBEROS evañ IBET evn ETNOS evor EBUROS ez IDE eze SNADIMOS faoutañ SKOLTON felc’h SFELGÂ fled SFLITÂ fraezh SFRAKTOS frav SRAWÂ fri SREGOS frig SRUKON fron SROGNÂ froud SRUTUS froug SRUKON gant KÄNTÂ gaol GABLOS gaou GOWÂ garan GARANOS garm GARSMÄN garr GARRÂ garv GARWOS garzh GORTOS gavr GABROS gelaouenn GELUS gell GELOS genel GANITRO genou GENUS geot GELTON ger GARION geun WÂGNOglac’h GALARON glad WLATIS glan GLANOS glann GLÄNDOS glaou GOGLOS

glec’h WLIQUS gleizh WLIDU glep WLIQUS glin GLÛNON gloan WLANÂ goad WAITOgoaf WOGAISOS goañv GIYAMOS goar WINDETRO gober WOQROYON goero WO TROGIT gor GOROS gou- WO gouestl GÊSTLOS gouelan WOWILA gouenn WENIÂ gouez WÊDOS goumon WIKSMONÂ goun WINDETRO gounez- WO GNIYET gounit WOGNÎTUS gouli WOLÎS gouloù WOLUGUS gour- WERgour WIROS gourfenn WERQENNON gouriz WOKRISSUS gourner WO KRINAT gourvent WERMENTUS gous WINDETRO goustat WOSTATOS gouver WOBERON gouz- WINDETRO gouzañv WO DAMET gov GOBÄNNS govell GOBÄNNS goz WODOS gra WRAGET gre GREGIS grec’h WRIGÄNTS greun GRÂNON grizienn WRADION grouan GRIYANON gwal WALIS gwalc’h WOLGOS gwalc’hiñ WOLKET gwan WASNOS gwar WÊROS gwas WOSTOS gwaskañ WASKET gwasked WOSKÂTUS gwazh WAKT...

gwazhi WÊTIS gweañ WEGET gwech WEKTIS gweg WIKOS gwele WOLEGION gwelout WELÎT gwennili WANDELÂ Gwened WENETOgwenn WINDOS gwent WENTOS gweñviñ WISUS gwerin WORÎNÂ gwern WERNOS gwerzid WERTETS gwevn WITNOS gwez WIDU gwezh WEKTIS gwinizh WONIKTOS gwiñver WÎWEROS gwiskañ WÎSKET gwiv WÎSUS gwiz WETSÎ gwrac’h WRAKKÂ gwreg WRAKÎ gwrez GRENSON gwriat WRIGET ha(g) ADQE had SATON hael SAGETLON hakr SAKROS halegenn SALIKS hanter SÄNTERON hantez SÄNTIOS hañv SAMOS hañval SAMALIS hañvesk SAMOSISQÎ he SO he- SUhed SITUS, SATION heglev SUKLUWOS heiz SASION heizes SIDOS heñ SO hen SO, SENOS hent SENTUS henozh NOKTS heol SÂULIOS hep SEQOS here SIDOTREBON hesk SISQOS, SESKÂ hesp SISQOS

heul ESOLOS hevlene SIOhi SO higolenn ÂKUS hili SALÎMÂ hir SÎROS hirin AGRÎNÂ hiriv DIYÎUS ho SO, SWÎS hoal SAITLON hoc’h SWÎS, SUKKOS holen SALENON hon SNÎS horz ORDOS houarn ISARNON hud SOITOS hun SOUNOS huzil SOUDIKLON ilin OLÎNÂ int EST intañv OINOTAMOS irvin ARBÎNON is ÎSSU itron ALTRAMONÎ iven IWOS ivin ÄNGUINÂ izel ÎSSELOS kac’h KAKKOS kae KAG(I)ON kaer KATROS kaezh KAKTOS kalc’h KALGOS kalet KALETOS kalvez KALMIOS kamm KAMBOS, KENGET kammet KAMBETÂ kanañ KANET kant KANTOS, KÄNTON kañv KAMUS kar KARANTS karet KARÂT karez KARIÂ karn KARNU karr KARROS karreg KARRIKÂ karv KARWOS karvan KARBÄNTON kas KASSOS kavan KAWÂ kavout KAET

kazarc’h KASSIERGON kazel KÄNKSALÎ kein KEBNON keinañ KAINÎT kel KONSKETLON kelenn KOLINOS kelien KULIS kell KALLION kelorn KELURNOS kelvez KOSLOS kember KOMBERON kemener KON BINAT ken KANIS kenn KENNÂ kent KENTUS ker KAGERON kerc’h KORKIOS kere KARIOS kern KERNÂ kerzhinenn KAIRÂTINOS kerzhout KERDET keuneud KONDAUTON keuz KÂDOS kev KOWOS kevre KOMRÊGON ki KÛ kig KÎKUS kil KÛLOS kilheg KALIÂKOS klañv KLAMOS klazañ KLADET kleiz KLIYOS kleizenn KRENKTON kleuz KLÂDOS klevet KLUNUTRO kleze KLADIBOS kloc’h KLOKKON klouar KLISAROS kloued KLÊTÂ klun KLOUNIS koad KAITON koag KAIKOS koll KOLDON kollañv KOLDON kolen KOLIGNOS komm KUMBÂ koñvok KOMÂKUS korr(ig) KORROS kouezañ KÊDET kougoñ WOKUBÂ kounnar KUNODAR(I)Â kouñv KOMENS

kouronkañ WO TRONKET kourz KUZDRON kozh KOZDOS krag KRAKOS kraoñ KNÛS krec’h KNOKKOS krediñ KREDDET kreiriou KREDRON kreiz KRIDION krenañ KRINET krenn KRUNNIS kreñv KRIMOS kreoñ KNABION kreviañ KNABION krez KRISSUS krib KRÎQÂ kroc’hen KROKNOS krogen KROKNOS kromm KRUMBOS krouer KRÊTRON krug KROUKÂ kuñv KOIMOS kuzhat KEUDET lagad LUKATlamm LENGET lann LANDÂ lanv LANWON laou LUSlaouen LOWENOS laouer LOWATRON lavar LABAROS lavaret LABARÂTRO lavreg LÂTRON lazañ SLADET lazh SLAZDÂ le LUG(I)ON leat LIGIT lec’h LEGOS, LEKKÂ lec’hid LEGETÂ ledan LITANOS leiz LEGÂT lemm SLIKSMOS lenker SLUNKIR... lenn LINNÂ, LINNIS leñv LEMOS ler LETRON lerc’h LORGOS leskiñ LUKSKET leun LÂNOS leur LÂRON, LÂTRON leviañ LUWOS

lez LISSOS, LETSÂ lez- LISSOliac’h LÎÄNKS lid LÎTUS lies ELUS linad NINATIS liñvañ LÎMÂ liorzh LUBIGORTOS liv LÎWÂ livrizh LEMOMLIKTON loa LÊGÂ loar LUGRÂ loen LUTNOS loer LÂTRON logodenn LUKÛTS lonkañ SLUNKET lorc’henn LORGOS lost LUSTÂ louarn LOWERNOS louet LÊTOS louzou LUSTUS lovr LUBROS luc’hedenn LEUKETS ludu LOUTUS lugern LEUKORNON luskañ LEUSKET -m ME ma ME mab MAQOS maen MAGNOS magañ MAKET malgudenn MALEKS malan MANATLON malvenn MALEKS malañ MELET mamm MAMMÂ mantrañ MANTRON mao MAGUS maouez MAGUS maout MOLTOS mar MÂROS marc’heg MARKÂKOS marg MARGÂ marv MARWOS mat MATUS matez MAQODAKTÎ me ME mediñ METET mel MELI, SMERU melchen MELITIONES melen MELINOS

menez MONION mennout MENDET ment MÄNTÎ merc’h MERKÂ merdeiñ MORITÊGS mergl MERGIS merien MORWIS meskañ MIKSKET meud MÂTÂ meur MÂROS meuliñ MÂLIT mevel METELÂ mez MEDU, MAGESTU mezañ MAGIT mezh MINAT Mezheven MEDIOSAMINON mezv MEDWOS milis MELISSOS min MÎKNON minaoued MINAWITS minvig MENUS miz MÎNS moal MAILOS moan MÊNIS moereb MÂTRIQÎ mog MUKON moged MUKON mont MUNET mor MORI morzhed MORYÊTS moualc’h MESALÂ mouar SMIYARON moue MONGÂ mougañ MUKON mui MÂYÛS -n ME, SNÎS na(g) NEK nadoz SNÂTOWIYOnaer NATRIS nant NÄNTUS naontek NEWÄN DEKÄN naoun NOWÄNION nask NASKON naskañ NASKET nav NEWÄN naved NEUMETOS ne NÎ nebeud NEQOS nec’h NIKSON neizh NIZDOS neizheur NOKTIÊR-

neñv NEMOS nerzh NERTON nesañ NETSAMOS neud SNÂTOS neuñv SNÂMUS nev NÂWIÂ nevez NEWIOS nez SNIDÂ neze SNADIMOS nezañ SNIYET ni SNÎS, NEÛTS nijal SNATIS niz NEKTÎ nizañ NIGIT noazh NOKTOS oa EST oan OGNOS -oc’h SWÎS oc’hen UKSÛ oged OKETÂ onnen OSNOS oun EST ouzh WRIT paz QASTÂ peder QETWORES pell QELÂ, QELLOS pemp QENQE pempet QENQETOS pemzek QENQE DEKÄN penn QENNON pep QÂQOS per QARIOS pet QORI peuriñ QÂRON pevar QETWORES pevare QETWORIOS pevarzek QETWORES DEKÄN pez QEZDIS piv QÊ poazh QOKTOS pobañ QOQIT poell QÊSLÂ pred QRITUS prenañ QRINAT prenn QRENNON preñv QRIMIS pri QRÎYETS rak RÂK... raden RATINOS

rankout RO ÄNKET rann RASNÂ rañved RÂMOSENTUS razhañ RAZDET re- RO redek RETET regez RIKISTÎ regin RÊKET reizh REKTUS reiñ RO DEDET reor REBRU reter RÂKOTERON reun RÂNOS reunig RÂNOS rev RIWÂ rin RÛNÂ rod ROTOS rouestl RÊSTRON rouez RÊDIS run ROINOS rusk RÛSKÂ ruz ROUDOS sall SALDOS saotr SALTRON saotrañ SALTRON seitek SEKTÄN DEKÄN seizh SEKTÄN seizhved SEKTAMETOS seul STÂTLÂ sil SÎTLON sivienn SUBIS skañv SKAMNOS skavenn ISKAWOS skejañ SKIYET skeud SKÂTUS skevent SKAMÄNTES skoaz SKÊDON skod SKOTÂ skoed SKÊTON skuizh SKÎTOS soc’h SUKKOS spezed SQIYATS staoñ STAMNON ster STAGRÂ steren STERstrad STRATON stronk STRONKOS stum STEUKSMÄN -t TÛ tad TATOS

tagan TAKET talm TALSMIS tamm TENDET tan TÄNOS tanav TANAWIOS tanvouez TOMESSON tarar TARATRON tarv TARWOS te TÛ tec’hout TEQET teir TRÎS tek TEKOS teod TÄNGUÂ teskañ EKS SEKET teurog TÂRUKÂ teuziñ TÂDÎT tev TEGUS tevel TAUSELOS, TEMESLOS ti TEGOS tiñvañ TUMET tir TÎROS tiz TÊGET to TOGOS toaz TAISTON tomm TÊSMÄN tonkañ TONKIT tonket TONKETON tonn TOSNÂ tor TORROS touiñ TONGET tourc’h TORKOS traouñ TNOWON trec’h TREKSAMOS trec’hañ TREKSAMOS trede TRITIYOS Treger TRIKORIOtregont TRIKONTES treid TRAGETS treut TLÂTOS treuzou TRÂKTEYON tri TRÎS trizek TRÎS DEKÄN tro TROGOS troad TRAITÂ tu TOIBOS tud TEUTÂ uc’h OUKSU ugent WIKÄNTÎ uhel OUKSELOS un OINOS unnek OINOS DEKÄN

va ME vi OGOS war lerc’h LORGOS yac’h YAKKOS yaou- YEWIÛS yaouank YEWÄNKOS yar YARÂ yelo ELLÂT yen YEG(I)NOS yev YUGON yezh YEKTIS yod YUTUS youl YÂLOS yourc’h YORKOS -z TÛ -zañ SO ze SIO-ze SO -zi SO Old Cornish abrans AMBRÄNTS als ALTON amenen ÄMBÄN aradar ARATRON auon ABÛ banathel BANATLON baneu BANWOS beler BERUROS bis BISTIS blot MLÂTON brou BRÂWÛ bruit MRIKTOS dar DARUS diot DEGÛ doy DES dreis DRISTIS ebol EQÂLOS ehoc ESOKS elin OLÎNÂ eneb ENIQÂ eskit EDSKÛTOeuitor AWENTROS euuin ÄNGUÎNÂ fer SFERETS garan GARANOS geluin GULBÎNÂ

gols WOLTOS goyf GIYAMOS gre GREGIS gronen GRÂNON grueiten WRADION grugis WOKRISSUS guedeu WIDWÂ guern WERNOS guhien WOKSIS guistel GÊSTLOS gurthit WERTETS gurthuher WESQEROS haloin SALENON heschen SESKÂ hiuin IWOS hweger SWEKRÛ hwigeren SWEKRUNOS ieu YUGON iey YEGIS irch ARG(I)ON caid KAKTOS karn carn KARNU chefals ALTOS chefuidoc KOMÄNKTION kelionen KULIS kelli KALDIS chereor KARIOS chil KÛLOS chic KÎKUS kinethel KENETLON claf KLAMOS collet KOLDON coloin KOLIGNOS colwiden KOSLOS kreis KRISSUS croin KROKNOS kyniaf KENTUGIYAMON les LESSON linhat NINATIS liu LÎWÂ lorch LORGOS midil METELÂ modereb MÂTRIQÎ moelh MESALÂ morboit MORYÊTS *mordoit MORYÊTS noi NEÛTS noit NEKTÎ oir UGROS per QARIOS regyth RIKISTÎ rid RITUS

sceuens SKAMÄNTES talch TALKON teilu TEGOSLOUGOS toim TÊSMÄN torch TORKOS yorch YORKOS Cornish a Â, AGET aga SO agan SNÎS agas SWÎS am ÄMBI an SINDOS, SNÎS anken ÄNKENÂ ankow ÄNKEWES annedhy ÄNDE SEDET argh- ARKET arghans ARGÄNTON as SWÎS ascorn ASTOKORNON aswon GNINUT aultra ALTRAMÛ aval ABALU awel AWELÂ bara BAREGON barth BARDOS beth BEDON, BIYET ber BERU blejan BLÂTUS blethen BLÊDANÎ blyn BLAKNON blythen BLÊDANÎ boaz BAISSON boell BIYASLIS bom BÊSMÄN bos BÊTON both BUD(I)Â bothar BUDAROS boys BÊTON bramm BRAGET bras MARNET bre BRIGÂ brentyn BRIGÄNTÎNOS bres BRÂTUS broder BRÂTÎR bry BRÎGON bryangen BRÂGÄNTS bugel BOUKOLIS bugh BOUKÂ

buthy BÂDIT bys BITUS bystel BISTLI chy TEGOS d- TO da DAGOS dager DAKRU dalh- DELGET dans DÄNT daras DWORATON davas DAMATON def DÂMOS deg- TO UKET degves DEKAMETOS dek DEKÄN den DONIOS dene DINUT deth DIYÎUS dewthek DWÂU DEKÄN dhe DU do- TO AGET domethy EN WEDET don T(O)UKNIS dor DISAR dour DUBROS dow DWÂU down DUBNOS dren DRAGENOS dry RO DEDET du DUBUS due TO AGET dufyth EKS BÂDIT duk U(N)KET dy- DÎ dyal DÎGALÂ dyec DÎÂKIS dyffres EKS BERET dyghow DEKSIWÂ dynnargh ANDEARKON dythane DÎ DANÂT dyw DWÂU eatag OKTÛ DEKÄN eath OKTÛ eathas OKTÛMETOS ednack OINOS DEKÄN ef SO ello ELLÂT er ERUROS eth AGET

ethen ETNOS eyll ALIOS -f ME -fa MAGOS feljan SKOLTON fesky SFUDSKET frau SRAWÂ freth SFRAKTOS frig SREGOS gans KÄNTÂ ganow GENUS gavel GABAGLÂ gaver GABROS gew WOGAISOS -gh SWÎS gleb WLIQUS glow GOGLOS go- WO gober WOQROYON golhy WOLKET gon WINDETRO gones WOGNÎTUS gor- WER gor WINDETRO gordheby WRIT SEQET gorfen WERQENNON goth- WINDETRO gothaf WO DAMET gour WIROS goys WAITOgrow GRAWÂ gruk WER U(N)KET guartha WERTAMOS guely WOLEGION gueres WORETON gueyth WIDU gura WRAGET gurek WRAKÎ gwa- WO gwaneth WONIKTOS gwas WOSTOS gwels GELTON gweth WEKTIS gwis WETSÎ gwia WEGET gwrah WRAKKÂ gwyns WENTOS haf SAMOS hanow ANMÄN

hanter SÄNTERON haval SAMALIS heb SEQOS hellys SELGÂ hen SENOS, SINDOS hethy SAGIT hethew DIYÎUS heul SÂULIOS hir SÎROS hor SWESÛR horn ISARNON houl SÂULIOS huhel OUKSELOS hus SOITOS hweja SKÊTIS hy SO i SO kal KALGOS cam KAMBOS, KENGET kane KANET cans KÄNTON kare KARÂT cas KATUS kazal KÄNKSALÎ kemer- KON BERET kemer(th) BERET kemeres KOMBRITÂ keser KASSIERGON kledh KLÂDOS clegar KLOKERON clewas KLUNUTRO clor KLISAROS clun KLOUNIS kneu KNABION kor KURMÄN coth KOZDOS cov KOMENS coys KAITON creys KRIDION cresy KREDDET crohen KROKNOS crow KREWÂ cueth KÂDOS cuf KOIMOS kullyek KALIÂKOS kyns KENTUS lanwes LANWON lauasos LAMETRO le LEGOS

ledan LITANOS lergh LORGOS lo LÊGÂ losky LUKSKET low LUSlowarn LOWERNOS lowarth LUBIGORTOS lowen LOWENOS lower ROWERON luef LÂMÂ -m ME maghteth MAQODAKTÎ manal MANATLON marh MARKOS maw MAGUS meneth MONION mes MAGESTU meul MEMBLÂ meur MÂROS mok MUKON mols MOLTOS mor SMIYARON moren MORIGNÂ moreth MORGETUS mowes MAGUS moy MÂYÛS muryon MORWIS my ME myn MÎKNON -n SO, SNÎS nader NATRIS nans NÄNTUS nasweth SNÂTOWIYOnawas NEUMETOS nawnzack NEWÄN DEKÄN nebes NEQOS nehuer NOKTIÊRneith NIZDOS nerth NERTON nessa NETSAMOS nethe SNIYET noyth NOKTOS ny NÎ, SNÎS o EST of EST ohan UKSÛ on OGNOS onnen OSNOS orth WRIT

os EST ow ME oy OGOS oys AISSON paz QASTÂ peder QETWORES pell QELLOS perna QRINAT peswar QETWORES peswere QETWORIOS pobas QOQIT prenne QRINAT pry QRÎYETS pryf QRIMOS prys QRITUS pup QÂQOS puzwarthackQETWORESDEKÄN pympes QENQETOS pymthek QENQE DEKÄN pyw QÊ ran RASNÂ resek RETET ruth ROUDOS ry RO DEDET -s SO, TÛ seitag SEKTÄN DEKÄN seyth SEKTÄN seythves SEKTAMETOS scaff SKAMNOS skez SKÂTUS scoth SKÊDON spethes SQIYATS steren STERsuel TÂLIS tan TÄNOS tanow TANAWIOS tardar TARATRON tas TATOS taves TÄNGUÂ ter TRÎS tew TEGUS -th TÛ the TÛ -the SO -tho SO -thy SO to TOGOS to- TONGET

toyth TÊGET tremena MINAT trein SROGNÂ trethek TRÎS DEKÄN treys TRAGETS tro TROGOS troys TRAITÂ try TRÎS trys TRAGETS trysse TRITIYOS tu TOIBOS tus TEUTÂ ty TÛ tyn TÛKNÂ tyr TÎROS ugens WIKÄNTÎ ugh OUKSU un OINOS whegh SWEKS wherow SWERWOS whethl SKETLON whettak SWEKS DEKÄN why SWÎS whythe SWÊZDET y SO, IDE yagh YAKKOS yen YEG(I)NOS yll ALIOS ympynnyon ENQENNION yns EST yntre ENTRI yowynk YEWÄNKOS ys ITUS yth IDE yu EST


Gaulish *Aballon- ABALLON*Aballoialon ABALLOYALON Adbogius ADBOGIOS Adbucilli ADBOGIOS Adbugiounae ADBOGIONÂ ades ED-

adgarion ADGARIOS Αδοβογιωνη ADBOGIONÂ Aedui AIDWO*agrînion- AGRÎNÂ Alba ALBÂ Albio ALBIOS *Albioduron ALBIODURON Albiorigi ALBIORÎGS Allobroges ALLOMROGES *Altoialon ALTOYALON *Altomagos ALTOMAGOS ambactus ÄMB(I)AKTOS ambi- ÄMBI Ambicatus ÄMBIKATUS *ambostâ BOSTÂ ande- ANDE, ÄNDE Andecamulos ANDEKAMULOS andedion ANDEDÊWOS Ανδερηδον ANDERITUS Anderitum ANDERITUS *Anderitus ANDERITUS *anderâ AlDERÂ anderon ÄNDEROS Andocombogius ÄNDOKOM-BOGIOS Anextlomaros ANEKTLO-MÂROS *ankenavos ÄNKENAWOS anuana ANMÄN Aratrius ARATRIOS Arduenna ARDWENarebrignus AREBRIGNOS Arelate ARE LATÊ arepennis AREQENNIS arganto- ARGÄNTON *Argantoialon ARGÄNTO-YALON *Argantomagos ARGÄNTO-MAGOS Argiotalus ARGIOTALUS Armorica AREMORIKÂ Artioni ARTIÛ Arverni AREWERNOArvernorigi AREWERNORÎGS Asuius ADSEWIOS ate- ATE Ateboduus ATEBODWOS Ategnate ATEGNÂTOS Ategniomari ATEGNIYO-MÂROS Atepomaros ADTEQOMÂROS Ateporix ADTEQORÎGS Ateronius ATERONIOS Atespatus ATESQÂTOS Atrebates ADTREBATIS Axrotalus AKROTALUS

*Balobrigâ BALOBRIGS *Balomagos BALOMAGOS *bannâ BÄNNÂ *Bannobrigâ BÄNNOBRIGS Banona BANONÂ Banvi BANWOS *Bebronâ BEBRONÂ *bedon BEDON *bekkos BEKLOS Belatumarae BLÂTUMÂROS Beleno BELENOS Belgae BOLGOBelisamae BELENOS *beliokandâ BELIOKANDÂ βελιουκανδας BELIOKANDÂ *Beliomagos BELIOMAGOS bena BENA Βηπολιτανος WEQOLITANOS *bergâ BERGÂ berula BERUROS *betû BETÛ Betua BETUWOS Betubia BETUWOS Betuo BETUWOS Betuvius BETUWOS Biatumari BLÂTUMÂROS *bikos BIKOS Bilicatus BILIKATUS *birros BIRROS *bistli BISTLI bissiet BIYET Bituriges BITURÎGES *blâton MLÂTON *Blatomagos MLÂTOMAGOS *bledinos BLEDINOS bnanom BENA *bodîkâ BODÎKÂ Bodiocasses BODIOKASSIS Boduaci BODWÂKOS BoduognatusBODWOGNÂTOS Βοιοδουρον BOYODURON Βοιοι BOYÎ Boiorix BOYORÎGS *bolgo- BOLGOS Βορβητομαγος BORWETO-MAGOS *borros BORROS *borvâ BORWÂ *Borwetomagos BORWETO-MAGOS Borvoni BORWON*bottos BOZDOS *boutegos BOUTEGOS *brage- BRAGET

bracem MRAKIS *braknâ MRAKNÂ *brakn(o)aros MRAKNOARON *brakus MRAKUS *bramman BRAGET *branâ BRANÂ Brannovices BRANOWIKES *branos BRANOS Bratronos BRÂTRONOS bratu- BRÂTUS *bressos BRESTOS Brigantes BRIGÄNTES brigantes WRIGÄNTS Brigantinus BRIGÄNTÎNOS Brigantion BRIGÄNTION *brikkâ BRIKKOS Briccus BRIKKOS bricto(m) BRIKTON briva BRÎWÂ Brivas BRÎWATIS *Brîvati- BRÎWATIS Brivoduro BRÎWODURON brixtia BRIKTON brogi- MROGIS Brogimaros MROGIMÂROS Βρογιταρος MROGITARWOS *Brogitarvos MROGITARWOS *bruktus BRUKTUS *brusî- BRUSNÂT *bruvâ BRUWES buet-id BIYET Bussugnatae BUSSUGNÂTOS Bussumarus BUSSUMÂROS *bûstis BÛSTIS *butâ BUTÂ dago- DAGOS Dagodubnos DAGODUBNOS Dagodurnus DAGODURNOS Dagomarus DAGOMÂROS Dagorigii DAGORÎGS Dagovassus DAGOWOSTOS Damonae DAMONÂ *damos DAMOS Dânuvium DÂNUWION *dassis DASSIS dede DEDET Δηιοταρος DÊWOTARWOS deiuion DÊWIOS decametos DEKAMETOS dolgu DELGET Δεοβριγα DÊWOBRIGS

Δηεουονα DÊWONÂ *dervêtâ DERWÊTÂ *Dervon DERWON Dervonibus DERWONÂ Dervonnis DERWONÂ dêvo- DÊWOS Devognatae DÊWOGNÂTOS *Dêvonâ DÊWONÂ *Dêvoduron DÊODURON *Dêvotarvos DÊWOTARWOS Dexsiva DEKSIWÂ Divoduri DÊWODURON Divona DÊWONÂ *dlûtos DLÛTOS doro DWORON Δουεονα DÊWONÂ Δουοδουρον DÊWODURON δρουγγος DRUNGOS δρυιδες DRUWIDES drullia DRUSLIOM Drunemeton DRUNEMETON *drungos DRUNGOS *drûtos DRÛTOS Dubis DUBUS Dubnacus DUBNÂKOS Dubnocove(ros) DUBNOKO-WÎROS Dubnoreix DUBNORÎGS Dubnotali DUBNOTALUS Dubno(vella)unos DUBNO-WELLAUNOS Dubra DUBRÂ dugiiontiio SO Dumnacus DUBNÂKOS Dumnocoveros DUBNOKO-WÎROS Dumnorigi DUBNORÎGS Dumnotali DUBNOTALUS Dumnobellau(nus) DUBNO-WELLAUNOS Dunomarus DÛNOMÂROS -dûnon DONON Durnacus DURNÂKOS Durnomagos DURNOMAGOS Durocassio DUROKASSIS -duron DURON *dûssios DÛSSIOS duxtir DUKTÎR *dvoraton DWORATON Ðirona STERONÂ Eburobriga EBUROBRIGS Eburoduno EBURODURON Eburomagi EBUROMAGOS Eburones EBURONES

*eburos EBUROS Eburovices EBUROWIKES eððic ETI QE eianom SO elembiu ELÄMBIÛ Eniboudius ENIBOUDIOS Enigenus ENIGENOS Enignos ENIGENOS epo- EQOS Eponae EQONÂ Επορηδια EQORÊDIÂ Eporedorix EQORÊDORÎGS Eposognatos EQOSUGNÂTOS *Erkuniâ ERKUNÎ Εσκεγγαι EKSKENGOS Escengolatis EKSKENGO-WLATIS Escingos EKSKENGOS Escingorix EKSKENGORÎGS *esox ESOKS essedum ENSEDON Esugeni ESUGENOS etic ETI QE Excingomarus EKSKENGO-MÂROS Exobni EKSOBNIS Εξσκιγγομαγου EKSKENGO-MAGOS Exsomnus EKSOBNIS *frognâ SROGNÂ *frutâ SRUTUS *gabagla GABAGLÂ *gablos GABLOS Gabromago GABROMAGOS Γαισαται GAISATIS Γαλαται GALATOS Galatae GALATOS *Galatos GALATOS *gallos GALLOS -garanus GARANOS *gargos GARGOS *garrâ GARRÂ *garvos GARWOS -geistlos GÊSTLOS Genava GENUS geneta GENETÂ Giamon- GIYAMON*glastina GLASTINÂ glastum GLASTON *glende- GLENDET gnatha GNÂTÂ gnato- GNÂTOS gnatus GNÂTOS

gobann- GOBÄNNS Gobannitioni GOBÄNNITIONgobedbo GOBÄNNS *gortiâ GORTIÂ *gotînâ GOTÎNÂ *gravâ GRAWÂ *grennâ GRENNÂ *gubbon GUBBON gutuater GUTUATÎR Hercynia ERKUNÎ -ialon YALON Ialon(o) YÂLONOS Iantovesus YÄNTUWÎSOS Iantumara YÄNTUMÂROS Iantumari YÄNTUMÂROS Iccavos YÎKKAWOS Icciodurum YÎKKIODURON Icciomagus YÎKKIOMAGOS Iccius YÎKKIOS -id ED iesta YESTUS in EN *iorkos YORKOS ιουμβαρουμ EBUROS *iutâ YUTUS ivo- IWOS Ivomagi IWOMAGOS Ivorix IWORÎGS -c QE Caeracatium KAERÂKATIS caio- KAG(I)ON Caleti KALETOS callio- KALLION calliomarcus KALLION MARKÎ *kambâ KAMBÂ *kambetâ KAMBETÂ *kambi- KAMBIT cambo- KAMBOS Καμβοδουνον KAMBODÛNON Cambolectri KAMBOLEKTRO*Kamboritus KAMBORITUS Camulo KAMULOS Camulogenus KAMULO-GENOS Camulognata KAMULO-GNÂTOS Camulorigi KAMULORÎGS κανεκοσεδλον KANEQO-SEDLON *kanebon KANEQON *kanepon KANEQON cantalon KANTOS

cantena KANTOS *kantos KANTOS Carantomago KARANTO-MAGOS *carbanton KARBÄNTON Carbantorate KARBÄNTO-RÂTIS karnitu KARNÎT karnitus KARNÎT *karnu KARNU karnon KARNU καρνυξ KARNU Carnutes KARNUTÎS *karros KARROS Καρροδουνον KARRODÛNON carvos KARWOS Cassibus KASSÎS Cassignatus KASSIGNÂTOS Cassimara KASSIMÂROS Cassisuratos KASSISURÂTOS Cassitalos KASSITALUS *katenon KATENON Κατουγνατος KATUGNÂTOS *katu- KATUS *Katumagos KATUMAGOS Catumarus KATUMÂROS Caturiges KATURÎGES Catuslugi KATUSLOUGOCatuvolcus KATUWOLKOS *kavâ KAWÂ καυαρος KAWAROS (C)ernunno(s) KERNUNOS *Kernunos KERNUNOS Cinges KENGETS Cingetius KENGETS Cingetorix KENGETORÎGS *kintu- KENTUS Cintugenus KENTUGENOS Cintugnatus KENTUGNÂTOS Cintusmos KENTUSAMOS *kladibos KLADIBOS *klasson KLASSON *klêtâ KLÊTÂ *klokkâ KLOKKON Cobnertos KOBONERTOS Condâtem KONDÂTIS Condate KONDÂTIS Congonnetodubni KONGO-NETODUBNOS Conconnetodumno KONGO-NETODUBNOS -corii KORIOS *koslâ KOSLOS cottos KOZDOS κουρμι KURMÄN -coviros KOWÎROS

*krakos KRAKOS Crixus KRIKSOS *kroukâ KROUKÂ *kumbâ KUMBÂ Cunopennus KUNOQENNOS Labarus LABAROS *landâ LANDÂ *lankâ LONKÂ lat.. LATION *lattâ SLAZDÂ legasit LEGET *legetâ LEGETÂ lemo- LEMOS *Lemoialon LEMOYALON Lemovices LEMOWIKES *lets LETOS *leukâ LEUKÂ Leucamulo LEUKOKAMULOS Leucetio LEUKETIOS Leucimalaco LEUKOMALEKS Leucimarae LEUKOMÂROS *Leukoi LEUKOLexovii LEKSOWIOLiccoleucum LEKKOLEUKOS *linnâ LINNÂ litano- LITANOS Litanobriga LITANOBRIGS Litanam LITANOS Litavi LITAWÎ Litaviccus LITAWÎKOS Litovir LÎTUWIROS Litugeni LÎTUGENOS Λιτουμαρεος LÎTUMÂROS Livius LÎWIOS locos LOKUS *lorgos LORGOS Loucetio LEUKETIOS Louernios LOWERNIOS Λουγ(ο)δουνον LUGUDÛNON *Lovolovatron LOWO-LOWATRON lubitus LUBÎT Lugoves LUGUS Lugu- LUGUS Luguselva LUGUSELWÂ Lutumarus LUTUMÂROS luxtos LUKTUS Magali MAGLOS Magalu MAGLOS Maglomatonio MAGLO-MATONOS *Magodûnon MAGODÛNON

-magos MAGOS Magurix MAGURÎGS *makstrâ MAKSTRÂ *malenâ MALENÂ Mapon(on) MAQONOS marga MARGÂ Marcoduro MARKODURON Marcomagus MARKOMAGOS Marcomaro MARKOMÂROS maro- MÂROS Maroboduus MÂROBODWOS Maroialon MÂROYALON *marvos MARWOS mat.. MATUS matir matrebo MÂTÎR Matrona MÂTRONÂ Matugenus MATUGENOS Medamus MEDAMOS Meddugnatus MESSUGNÂTOS medio- MEDIOS Meduacus MEDWÂKOS Meduâna MEDWONÂ Medugenus MESSUGENOS Medune MEDWONÂ *Medwonâ MEDWONÂ *Melinâ MELINOS Meliððius MELISSOS Melissa MELISSOS Melissus MELISSOS *melisueksmorion MELI-SWEKSMORION Μελιτομαγησιος MELITO-MAGOS Menapii MONAQÎ Menmandutis MENANDÛTOμερισειμοριον MELISWEKS-MORION mid MÎNS midx MÎNS *mînâ MÊNÂ *mizgos MIZGOS Mocco MOKKÛ *moltos MOLTOS Mogetio MOGETIOS Mogonti MOGONTÎ Mogontiacum MOGONTIÂKON Mogontiae MOGONTÎ mori- MORI Morini MORINOS Moritasgus MORITAZGOS Namantius NAMANTIOS Namantobogi NAMANTO-BOGIOS nanti- NÄNTIS Nantuates NÄNTUATIS

nantus NÄNTUS *naudâ NOUDÂ naumetos NEUMETOS nava NÂWÂ neððamon NETSAMOS Νεμετακον NEMETÂKON *Nemetoduron NEMETO-DURON nemeton NEMETON Nemetonae NEMETONÂ Nerii NERIOS Nerio NERIOS *Neriomagos NERIOMAGOS nerto- NERTON Nertomari NERTOMÂROS Nertovali NERTOWALOS nevio- NEWIOS novio - NEWIOS Νοουιοδουνον NEWIODÛNON Νουιομαγος NEWIOMAGOΣ Noviodunum NEWIODÛNON Noviomago NEWIOMAGOS odocos ODOKOS Ogmios OGMIOS Ogroni.. UGROS olca OLKÂ Ollodag(i) OLLODAGOS Ollognatus OLLOGNÂTOS ollon OLLOS Olloviconis OLLOWIKS *opolos OQOLOS Orbius ORBIOS Orgetius ORGETIOS Orgetorix ORGETORÎGS Ουαραγροι WERAGROουατεις WÂTIS Ουηβρομαρος WEBRUMÂROS ουεληδα WELÎTS Ουενιτοουτα WENITEUTÂ Ουερετεμαρεουι WORETO-MÂROS Ουινδομαγος WINDOMAGOS oxtumetos OKTÛMETOS *parios QARIOS pelign(on) QELLIGNOS pempe QENQE *pempedola QENQEDOLÂ Pennelocos QENNONLOKOUS penno- QENNON *Pennobrigâ QENNOBRIGS Pennolocus QENNONLOKOUS *pennon lokous QENNON LOKOUS Πεννοουινδος QENNO-WINDOS

Petrucorii QETRUKORIOpetrudecameto QETRU-DEKAMETOS *petruroton QETRUROTON *pettis QEZDIS petuar(ios) QETWORIOS pinpetos QENQETOS πομπεδουλα QENQEDOLÂ ponc QANÎ prenne QRENNON *Qariatîs QARIATÎS Quarites QARIATÎS ratin RÂTIS ratis RÂTIS Ratomagos RÂTUMAGOS Ratumagos RÂTUMAGOS Ratumediae RÂTUMEDIOS reda RÊDÂ Redones RÊDONES Redsomarus RÊSSUMÂROS reguc REGET Ressimari RÊSSUMÂROS Restumarus RÊSSUMÂROS Rextugenos REKTUGENOS Rhenus RÊNOS rigani RÎGANÎ Rigantikos RÎGÄNTÎKOS *rîgion RÎGION Rigisamo RÎGISAMOS rîgo- RÎGS *Rigoialon RÎGOYALON Rigomagus RÎGOMAGOS Rigosages RÎGOSAGES Ri(c)overiugi RÎGOWER-YUGOS *rikâ RIKS ritu- RITUS Ritumagos RITUMAGOS ro- RO *Rodumnâ RODUBNÂ Ροδουμνα RODUBNÂ Ροιδομνα RODUBNÂ Rosmerte ROSMERTÂ *Rossomagos ROSTOMAGOS *rotoballos ROTOBALLOS *rottos ROZDOS -roudos ROUDIS *rûskâ RÛSKÂ Sacrobena SAKROBENA Sacrovir(us) SAKROWIROS Salicilla SALIKS

(s)asiam SASION Satigenus SÂTIGENOS Segallaunoi SEGO-WELLAUNOSegetae SEGETÂ Segobodium SEGOBODION Segodounon SEGODÛNON Segomaros SEGOMÂROS Segomoni SEGOMÛ Segontia SEGONTIÂ Segovellaunorum SEGO-WELLAUNOSegovesum SEGOWÎSUS Secontia SEGONTIÂ secoui SEGOWOS -selva SELWÂ Senobena SENOBENA Senognato SENOGNÂTOS Senocarus SENOKAROS Senomari SENOMÂROS Senones SENONES Senovir SENOWIROS Sequana SÊQANÂ *seskâ SESKÂ Setubogios SENTUBOGIOS Sidoloucum SIDOLOUKOS *Siparis SIQARIS Sirona STERONÂ Smertomara SMERTOMÂROS Smetulitani SMERTOLITANOS sos SO sosin SO σουβιτης SUBIS *Stagrâs STAGRÂ *stronkos STRONKOS su- SUSuadugeni SWADUGENOS Suadurix SWADURÎGS Suausiae SUAUSIOS *subi- SUBIS *sûdiâ SÛDIÂ Sucarus SUKAROS *sukkos SUKKOS suexos SWEKSOS *sueksmoros SWEKSMORÂ sutegis SÛTEGOS talu- TALUS *taluko- TALUKÂ *tanke- TANKET Tancorix TANKORÎGS Taranus TARANUS Taranucno TARANUKNOS *taratron TARATRON

tarvos TARWOS Tasgetius TAZGOS *tazgon- TAZGOS Tectosages TENKTOSAGES *tegerno- TEGERN(I)OS teuoxtonio- DÊWOGDONIOTeutates TEUTATIS Teutomatus TEUTOMATUS tidres TRÎS *togiâ TOGIÀ toncnaman TANKNAM... toncsiiontio TONKET Toutannorigis TEUTANORÎGS Toutiorigi TEUTIORÎGS tooutiouß TEUTIOS Toutomatus TEUTOMATUS *trebâ- TREBÂT trigaranus TRIGARANOS Tricasses TRIKASSIΤρικαστινοι TRIKASTINOTricastinos TRIKASTINOtricontes TRRKONTES Τρικοριοι TRIKORIOTricorios TRIKORIO*trugnâ SROGNÂ *trutsmos TRUTSMOS Urae ÛROS Urogena ÛROGENOS Urogenonerti ÛROGENO-NERTOS Urogeni(i) ÛROGENOS ûrus ÛROS Uxellodunum OUKSELO-DÛNON Uxisama OUKSISAMÂ *vannelo- WANDELÂ Vassorix WOSTORÎGS vassus WOSTOS vediiumi WEDET Vegnio WEGNIOS Vecorix WÊKORÎGS Vectirix WEKTIRÎGS *velîtâ WELÎTS Veneti WENETOVenaxamodorum WENISAMO-DURON Venicarus WENIKAROS Venimarus WENIMÂROS Venisamae WENISAMOS Venixxam(us) WENISAMOS *Ventoialon WENTOYALON Veponius WEQONOS Vepotali WEQOTALUS

ver- WER Veragri WERAGROvergobretus WERGOBRITUS Veriugodumno WERYUGO-DUBNOS Veriugus WERYUGOS Vercassivellauno WERKASSI-WELLAUNOS VercingetorixWERKENGETORÎGS Vercobius WERKOBIOS VercombogiWERKOMBOGIOS Verco(m)bogionis WERKOM-BOGIOS vernemetis WERNEMETON *vernemeton WERNEMETON verno- WERNOS VernodubrumWERNODUBRON *Vernoialon WERNOYALON *Vernomagos WERNOMAGOS vernum WERNOS vertragus WERTRAGUS vidubium WIDUBIYON Viducasses WIDUKASSI*vikâ WIKOS, WIKÂ vindo- WINDOS Vindobona WINDOBONÂ Vindobrigâ WINDOBRIGS *Vindoialon WINDOYALON Vindonno WINDONOS -vir(us) WIROS Virdomarus WRIDOMÂROS Viridovix WRIDOWIKS visumarus SWEKSMORÂ Visurix WÎSURÎGS Vlidorix WLIDORÎGS *vliskâ WLISKÂ vo- WO *vokladon WOKLADON Volcae WOLKOVoltodagae WOLTODAGÂ *vorêdos WORÊDOS Voretovirius WORETOWIROS *vrankâ WRONKÂ Vridolanus WRIDOLÂNOS *vrigantes WRIGÄNTS *vroiko- WROIKOS *vrûko- WROIKOS Lepontic Anokopokios ÄNDOKOMBOGIOS -pe QE tetu DEDET Celtiberian

ailam AGLÂ boustom BOUSTON Δηουα DÊWÂ *Dêvâ DÊWÂ *Dêvobrigâ DÊWOBRIGS eni ENI Gigurri GIGURROS kaito- KAITON Καιτοβριξ KAITOBRIGS Konterbias KONTREBIÂ litom LÎTOS ne NE necue NEQE Νεμεταυων NEMETAWONemetobriga NEMETOBRIGS Nertobriga NERTOBRIGS Saguntiae SEGONTIÂ Segobriga SEGOBRIGS sues SWEKS tekametinas DEKAMETOS Uxama OUKSAMÂ *vankio- WANKIOS *vavilanos WOWILANOS -ue WE Visala WISALOS Visali WISALOS Visalos WISALOS *vorrankos WORRÄNKOS

NON CELTIC LANGUAGES Greek κανναβις KANEQON Latin Aballone ABALLONAlbiodero ALBIODURON Aldemega ALTOMAGOS ancorago ÄNKENNAWOS Arelate LATIS Argentoialo ARGÄNTOYALON Avallone ABALLONAvalogile ABALLOYALON beccus BEKLOS balthuta BLÂTUKÂ betula BETÛ *blathuca BLÂTUKÂ Blatomago MLÂTOMAGOS

branca WRINKÂ bulga BOLGOS cambiare KAMBIT Cambortus KAMBORITUS carpentum KARBÄNTON carrus KARROS catanum KATENON cavannus KAWÂ Cernuni KERNUNOS chrotta KRUTTÂ cracus KRAKOS *crient(i)are KRINAT derbita DERWÊTÂ Dervo DERWONÂ drungus DRUNGOS dusius DÛSSIOS esox ESOKS gabulus GABLOS gaesum GAISOS garba GARWOS gladius KLADIBOS Isarnod(e)ro ISARNODURON iotta YUTUS *Lemuialum LEMOYAION Letavia LITAWÎ leuga LEUKÂ linna LINNÂ Lovolautrum LOWO-LOWATRON Magdunum MAGODÛNON malina MALENÂ melina MELINOS Nemetodero NEMETODURON NeriomagiensesNERIOMAGOS olca OLKÂ opulus OQOLOS Pen(n)obria(s) QENNOBRIGS paraveredus WORÊDOS petorritum QETRUROTON pettia QEZDIS Ricomagensi RÎGOMAGOS Rigoialinsim RÎGOYALON Rossomum ROSTOMAGOS Separis SIQARIS taratrum TARATRON taxo TAZGOS Thigernum TEGERN(I)OS Tricurino TRIKORIOviverra WÎWEROS Vocladum WOKLADON Vogladensi- WOKLADON Old French






breche BRIKKÂ

Franche Comtois
durez DWORATON Francoprovençal

boyé BUTÂ

Dauphinois Savoyard

crenter KRINAT dareisi DWORATON lanche LONKÂ nant NÄNTUS

buata BUTÂ crienter KRINAT


lanche LONKÂ Occitan agranhón AGRÎNÂ andirón ANDERÂ Anterius ANDERITUS Arle LATIS artiga ARTÎKÂ bana BÄNNÂ bec BEKLOS bega WIKOS besa(l) BEDON beç BETÛ beca (a)bieca BIKOS bescle BISTLI Bilhom BELIOMAGOS blat MLÂTON blese BLEDINOS bosiga BODÎKÂ borrar BORROS Bram EBUROMAGOS brac MRAKUS braire BRAGET bramar BRAGET branar MRAKNOARON branca WRONKÂ bresar BRESTOS briant WRIGÄNTS briu BRÎGON Briude BRÎWATIS bruc WROIKOS

bruch/bruit BRUKTUS bròa BRUWES bròja BAROGENÂ bruèissa BROKSÂ bust BÛSTIS cade KATENON Cairàs QARIATÎS camba KAMBÂ cambiar KAMBIT cant KANTOS canta KAMBETÂ Carpentràs KARBÄNTORÂTIS clas KLASSON cleda KLÊTÂ Condat KONDÂTIS coila KOSLOS comba KUMBÂ Crantom KARANTOMAGOS cruga KROUKÂ dam DAMOS drut DRÛTOS garra GARRÂ gavèla GABAGLÂ godina GOTÎNÂ gòrça GORTIÂ gorrina GOTÎNÂ grava GRAWÂ gren GRENNÂ lana LANDÂ landa LANDÂ latz LETOS Lemòtge LEMOWIKES marfi MARWOS Maruèjol MÂROYALON mastra MAKSTRÂ mergue MIZGOS mina MÊNÂ mosta BOSTÂ mòti MUTOS moton MOLTOS nausa NOUDÂ olca OLKÂ olegue ODOKOS pairòl QARIOS pèça QEZDIS Peiregós QETRUKORIOrega RIKS Riom RÎGOMAGOS rusca RÛSKÂ sesca SESKÂ suja SÛDIÂ taissón TAZGOS

taraire TARATRON terc TERKOS toja TOGIÂ treva(r) TREBÂT truèja TROGOS trum TRUTSMOS Ura ÛROS Valuèjol ABALLOYALON Ventuèjol WENTOYALON Verdoble WERNODUBRON vern WERNOS Vernesobre WERNODUBRON Vernobre WERNODUBRON vesog WIDUBIYON Catalan aranyó AGRÎNÂ artiga ARTÎKÂ banya BÄNNÂ bec BEKLOS beç BETÛ blat MLÂTON ble BLEDENOS boïga BODÎKÂ brac MRAKUS braina MRAKNÂ bramar BRAGET bruc WROIKOS bruixa BROKSÂ cama KAMBÂ cleda KLÊDÂ cóm KUMBOS coma KUMBÂ embosta BOSTÂ enterc TERKOS mina MÊNÂ moltó MOLTOS peça QEZDIS rega RIKS Segorbe SEGOBRIGS sutja SÛDIÂ tancar TANKET taradre TARATRON teixó TAZGOS truja TROGOS Castilian barranco WORRÄNKOS biezo BETÛ borona BAROGENÂ

bustar BOUSTON Deba DÊWÂ gavilán WOWILANOS greña GRENNÂ legua LEUKÂ Osma OUKSAMÂ rodoballo ROTOBALLOS Sigüenza SEGONTIÂ

ambueza BOSTÂ braña MRAKNÂ beizo BEKLOS Jurres GIGURROS Galicio-Portuguese Bañobre BÄNNOBRIGS banço WANKIOS beiço BEKLOS b(o)roa BAROGENÂ bostar BOUSTON braña MRAKNÂ gavião WOWILANOS olga OLKÂ rodovalho ROTOBALLOS Italian braco MRAKUS brio BRÎGON canto KANTOS stronzo STRONKOS veltro WERTRAGUS

ambosta BOSTÂ Ivrea EQORÊDIÂ

froda fruda SRUTUS lanca LONKÂ

giásine GLASTINÂ


vis-cia WLISKÂ

Friulian glázinis GLASTINÂ viskle WLISKÂ Rumansch marv MARWOS Rumanian brîncă WRONKÂ Old English Deomadas DEMETOhenep KANEQON Laefer LABARÂ Wealh WOLKODutch Leiden LUGUDÛNON German Anke ÄNKENAWOS Beiderbach BOYODURON OHG bíal BIYASLIS Dormagen DURNOMAGOS Kempten KAMBODÛNON Marmagen MARKOMAGOS Mehlenbach MELINOS Remagen RÎGOMAGOS Tauber DUBRÂ OHG Walh WOLKOWorms BORWETOMAGOS Basque andere ANDERÂ azkoin TAZGOS bela BRANÂ belatz BRANOS erreka RIKS garratz GARGOS gavirain WOWILANOS lekeda LEGETÂ lorratz LORGOS orkatz YORKOS

pertz QARIOS sorri SOROS tusuri DÛSSIOS