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Srivani Byreddy

Srivani Byreddy

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Published by: sistla_mahesh3006 on Oct 05, 2009
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Srivani Byreddy

Mobile +91-9885672172 Srivanireddy912@gmail.com Technology Experience & Key Strengths
- A dynamic professional with 3 years of experience in Software Development as a software engineer with knowledge in a range of technologies and platforms. - Proficient in Microsoft .NET technologies that include: C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000/2005. - Good Knowledge in the areas of Analysis, Development, Coding, Testing and maintenance of business applications. - Involved in the design of Client/Server and Web based technologies with an exposure to different platforms and Software Systems. - Good communication skills and Inter-personal abilities. - Ability to contribute and add value as a team member with good communication skills. - Looking ahead for a promising career in a fair working environment with opportunities to grow. - As part of my career growth plans and technology upgrade path, I have trained myself on BizTalk Server 2006 and am working with a module through which I can upscale my skills in this area.
- Brain bench Certified in ASP.Net and C# – Transcript ID – 8114184.

Work Experience
NuNet Technologies Pvt Ltd 2008 to 2009 Software Engineer I am a part of the Software Development Team for developing enterprise level products and client solutions. My primary responsibility is to undertake development on web based applications using standard technologies and in conformity with coding and software quality standards. My Functional Accountabilities included: - Implementing and testing components of applications as assigned, and according to the defined application requirements/user specification/SRS. - Participating in group application design activities for preparing design documents for clients' confirmation and ready reference. - Converting system designs and technical specifications into program code conforming to the standard coding standards. - Development of software as per specifications, as per the specified time schedules and in accordance with the provisions of the company's quality management system. - Analyzing and troubleshooting existing program code and corrected errors as required, taking necessary corrective action whenever and wherever the application doesn’t conform to the requirements. - Involve in unit testing and quality assurance tests to find errors and confirm that those programs meet business requirements, system designs, and technical specifications. - Work closely with the Quality Assurance team and to spend a proportion of their time developing test scripts using an automated test tools. - Create and maintain user, technical and operational documentation that describes program code, logic, changes and corrections. - Undertake systems documentation and assist in preparation of design, technical reference & operational documentation. - Provide performance and production run monitoring for applications assigned after implementation. - Assisting the Project Managers / Project Leaders in their activities. - Handing over all project related materials / affairs to designated persons in the event of a change in assignment in order to ensure smooth transition. Intralogic Technologies Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad Software Engineer 2006 to 2008

Technical Skills
Microsoft Technologies Tools: Visual Studio 2005 (ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET) Data base : SQL Server2000/ 2005, MS-Access Operating Systems : Windows 2003/2000/XP Languages : C#. VB.Net, JavaScript Web Technologies : ASP.Net, HTML UML Tools : Microsoft Visio

Academic Profile
JNTU Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering 2006

Project Experience
JobsSerf, JobSerf Inc, USA 2009 to 2009 Programmer Environment: ASP.Net, C#, MySql Description: Job seeker to define his search objectives and prepare collateral materials (cover letters & resumes), then pass those to us to execute their job searching and applying. JobSerf is your job search using your information, objectives, cover letters, resumes combined with our labor, computers, knowledge of websites and job searching expertise. Responsibilities: - Responsible for Maintaining the Issues using Visual Studio .NET 2003. - Responsible for bug fixing. - Involved in the unit testing of the software code. QMS Tool, NITS - NuNet Technologies Pvt Ltd, India 2009 to 2009 Programmer Internal Tools Environment: ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL Server 2000 Description: QMSTool,NITS Tool(Internal Bug Tracker) By using this tool Nunet maintain total employee details leave details and by using Nits tool tester will raise the bugs to developers. Responsibilities: - Responsible for Maintaining Issues using Visual Studio .NET 2003. - Responsible for Bug fixing. - Invovled in unit testing of the software code. Scripps SMS, TheHyperfactory, New Zealand 2008 to 2009 Programmer Environment: ASP.Net, C#, ADO.Net, SQL Server 2005 Description: The Hyperfactory is the most awarded full-service mobile ideas, strategy and execution specialist in the world. In the client's own words "We live for creating, executing and analyzing long-term mobile strategies and programs for the world's top brands and agencies, and we are passionate about doing it better than anyone else". This is the same client that NuNet has been working since 2001. I have been fortunate enough to have associated myself with this project and this client working on this project. Scripps Networks is an American company that own 9 nationwide cable television channels in the USA. The Scripps SMS application was initially thought to be based off and have its roots in Maori TV with similar functional groups. However there are many changes to the existing version of Maori TV and a number of additions to make it suitable for Scripps requirements and the high SMS traffic environment that comes with USA television. Hence the application development has been planned to be done from scratch. Scripps is an online web portal designed for portability and platform independence. The end product is an information package that shall have several different uses. The functionalities include, providing the user with Keyword Maintenance, Member Maintenance, Administration, Scheduled Push Messages, and Replication of database, product documentation and detailed reports.

I have been involved from the initial stages of the project requirements with the client. The requirements have been handed to the development team of which I was a part of. I have worked on the messages module, member’s module. I reported to the Project Manager on the progress of my tasks and delivered the completed tasks for module integration. This project went off without a flaw and happens to be one of the smoothest projects that NuNet has implemented and I am very glad to be associated with this project. Responsibilities: - Responsible for implementing the screens using Visual Studio .NET 2005 - Used ADO.NET and System.Data.SqlClient namespace extensively for data connectivity. - Involved in coding, debugging and testing of the software code. - Writing Stored Procedures, involved in front-end coding. - Complete analysis of the reported bugs, fixing them. IProperties, Inproma Technologies, India 2007 to 2008 Programmer Environment: ASP.Net, C#, ADO.Net, SQL Server 2000 Description: This is a Property and Real Estate web site where the user can view the property details like buying, selling or renting of property. They can also search for property depending upon their requirement. The application also provides the details related to loans, events like exhibition which will take in future. For selling a property a person first need to advertise by paying online and later their property will be displayed. This advertised property is then available to other users who want to buy or take it for rent. Agents, developers, etc are having separate login so that they can advertise lots of property at one go. In short the main aim of this project is to advertise the property and then searching of property according to user requirement. This is designed in a simple manner so that anyone who is having little knowledge of computer can also use this application. Responsibilities: - Responsible for Rentals and Buy property processing modules. - Developing the applications using C#. - Involved in designing user interface for the presentation layer for various modules of the application. - Implemented Forms based in ASP.Net to authenticate the users. - Worked as part of the business logic layer team developing business classes and similar business objects. - Responsible for validating various user inputs. -Involved in Unit testing. Human Resource Management System, Pacific Solutions, India 2007 to 2007 Programmer Environment: ASP.Net, C#.Net, ADO.Net, SQL Server 2000 Description: The main aim of this project is to create software that can be used to maintain the details of employees, projects, leave status, disciplinary activities, finding vacancy post, calculating leave roster and computing payroll based on disciplinary activities, that is been done manually at present. Various reports have been generated for employee details, discipline, leave roster & payroll. This project deals with automating these activities. This software overcomes the drawback of manual system and paves way for easy report generate & finally it conserves the most precious and valuable time. Responsibilities: - Responsible for Admin module, Disciplinary module. - Developing the applications using C#. - Configured Web.Config file for the configuration of the entire web application. - Involved in designing user interface for the presentation layer for various modules of the application. - Implemented Forms based in ASP.Net to authenticate the users. - Worked as part of the business logic layer team developing business classes and similar business objects. - Responsible for validating various user inputs. - Involved in Unit testing

GetMeds, Knoll Pharmaceuticals 2006 to 2007 Programmer Environment: ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL Server 2005 Description: This project mainly aims at online shopping of medicines, personal care and other products. It provides catalog, which maintains different categories of medicines according to functionality. Whenever the medicines are ordered through the web and shipping, pricing functionalities are included. If the user has any doubts regarding health care he can clarify them by sending his queries to the doctors and pharmacists of Get meds. Responsibilities: - Generated WebPages and web user controls. - Development Stored procedures and business logic for C# applications. - Implemented data access and connection classes using sql classes with SQL Server. - Created System Requirement specifications and High Level document.

DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the above-furnished details are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. (B.Srivani) Place: Date :

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