Rajesh Poonia Rachita

Girish Taneja


Are You Ready? • IBM .Brand Equity Restoration and Advertising Evolution • Brief answer to Question 1 • Case Book .

Learning Outcome • To understand the role of IMC in Branding .

Recap • Role of IMC in Branding .

Inc..The Role of IMC in the Marketing Process © 2007 McGraw-Hill Companies. McGraw-Hill/Irwin .

Role of IMC in creating brand image • Source • Message • Media .

Brand Awareness Campaign Castrol Formula Gel .

Castrol Formula Gel • Source • Message • Media .

IBM • Campaign • What is the primary objective of IBM’s advertising? • How have the objectives of its advertising changed over the years? .

of IBM products and services? . Are the intended branding messages being communicated clearly and do the ads speak equally well to users.IBM • Evaluate each of the campaigns described in the case and the accompanying ads shown in the Power Point file. as well as non-users.

from being an “e-business” expert to being an expert in supply chain management processes and making businesses more responsive to customers needs and emerging opportunities. .IBM • IBM was able to broaden the way they were perceived.

What are the pros and cons of using one agency to handle all of its advertising? .IBM • Evaluate the decision by IBM to consolidate all of its worldwide advertising with the Ogilvy & Mather agency.

• Marketing strategies are placing more and more effort on target marketing.Analytical Questions • Choose a company and discuss how it communicates with its customers in different market segments. What is target marketing? Give examples of companies currently employing this strategy .

Hometask • Case on Gateway .Searching for Right Advertising agency. Belch & Belch .

Each group will have 10 minutes.Compete for your brand • All the groups will have to prepare an IMC plan for Hardy’s world. Assume that you have a total budget of 5 crore per annum – Define your target customer profile – Define communication objective for campaign – Allocate budget among different elements of promotion mix with some justification – Allocate budget among different media based on some data – Develop an advertisement for any one media . • After preparing the plan the groups have to present the IMC plan for initial screening.

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