6 Common mistakes

A. Correct the mistake in each sentence.

EXAMPLE: 1. I am write with regard to your recent email. I am writing

2 Please send me your comments until Friday at the latest. 3 I will e grate!ul i! you could send me more in!ormation. " Please !ind attach my re#ort$ as #romised in Friday%s meeting. & I ho#e we can to meet u# soon. ' I loo( !orward to recei)ing this in!ormation so soon as #ossi le. * I%m sorry I ha)en%t written !or ages$ ut I een really usy. + It will e more etter !or me i! we meet on ,uesday rather than Monday - .an we meet at + Fe at 1".3/ instead0 1/ 1orry$ I don%t can hel# you on this matter. 11 I! you re2uire any !urther in!ormations$ #lease do not hesitate to contact me. 12 I loo( !orward to meet you ne3t wee(. 13 I am really a##reciate your (indness during my stay in London. 1" At the meeting we will discuss the !ollow #oints. 1& I%m a!raid ut we ha)en%t recei)ed your #ayment yet.

13 I%)e attached a co#y the latest sales !igures.han( you sending me the catalogue I re2uested. 1" . ' I would a##reciate i! you could * Please get ac( me i! there%s anything else... 2 .. 1/ Anyway$ that%s enough$ I thin( I sto# writing now.Each phrase below has one word missing. 3 4e are writing to in!orm that .han( you !or the in)itation )isit your com#any.4ith re!erence our email sent ' 5une$ . .I! you li(e any more details$ 7ust let me (now. 1& 4ith re!erence your en2uiry$ I%)e attached all the in!ormation you need. " 4e are a le con!irm that . 12 I loo( !orward to hearing you soon. Add the missing word.. 11 It was good to meet you the con!erence in Paris. 1... + 4hat time would con)enient !or you0 . & I a#ologi6e the delay.

hennai in the near !uture. As you would eing our guest$ we would o! course arrange !or you to stay in a good hotel and ta(e you out to dinner. .Each paragraph in the emails below has three mistakes. 8ou mentioned that you were going )isit . 4e would e )ery #leased to showing you round our new !actory and modern #roduction !acilities. I loo( !orward to see you in . Email 1 It was a #leasure to meet you in Mum ai last wee( and I would li(e to than( you !or your interest in our o!!ice #roducts. Correct the mistakes. Please to let me (now when you ha)e !inali6ed your tra)el #lans.hennai.hennai soon$ and when you do I li(e to in)ite you to )isit our !actory outside .

I would li(e to in)ite you a short lunchtime rece#tion in . .uesday & Fe where you will ha)e chance to meet 9ee#a on an in!ormal asis.oom 2 ne3t .on!erence . I am now #leased to in!orm that we ha)e a##ointed an e3cellent candidate$ 9ee#a :en(at.e!reshments will e a)aila le.Email 2 8ou will all e aware that we een inter)iewing candidates !or the #osition o! Mar(eting 9irector. . Please let me (now i! you can come so that I can to estimate num ers. 9ee#a has wor(ed in mar(eting !or o)er !i!teen years and I am sure that she will e a )alua le mem er o! team.

he money was trans!er to your account on 23 5anuary and we yet ha)en%t recei)ed the goods. 8ou #romised in your email o! 1& 9ec that you would shi# within * days o! a !irm order. . 4e ha)e customers waiting !or these #ieces and the delay is causing us !or to lose usiness. Please call me at the morning and let me (now what is ha##ening. .hursday>.Email 3 I am write re our order !or 1$/// #ieces o! !ootwear$ re!erence :<+--. I called your o!!ice this morning ut the secretary told that you were away until tomorrow =.

As you may e aware$ one o! our secretaries had her ag stolen yesterday. I am going to #re#are a re#ort on how security could e im#ro)ed$ and I could e grate!ul !or any suggestions that you ha)e. . In the light o! this$ I would li(e to remem er you to ta(e care o! your #ersonal #ossessions$ #articular at those times o! the day when the uilding is not usy. Please email me with your ideas y the end o! ne3t wee( at the later. I also ha)e a word with our security sta!! in rece#tion to see i! there are any #rocedures we can im#ro)e there.Email 4 It has een rought to my attention that security in the uilding is not so good as it could e.

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