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Jamnagar to Jakarta/Jordan/Jerusalem/Japan

Businessman wants to expand his market from Jamnagar to Jakarta(Indonesia) Which challenges or barriers he has to face in marketing.

What will be challenges or barriers

Regulations Trade Patterns Documentation and Procedure Monetary System Market Structure Mobility of Production Facility Cultures

Entry Methods in International Market

Manufacturing Base in Foreign Country Joint Ventures with foreign firms Exporting Licensing Agreement Consulting Management Contracts

Decision Areas of International Marketing

Profit Potentiality of Export Business Domestic Demand in Inadequate Optimum use of available/Installed Plant Capacity Product Life Cycle Tough Competition in Domestic Market As a Part of Social Responsibility

International Marketing Environment

Economic Environment

Standard of Living, Income Level, Buying Power, Infrastructural Facilities.

Technological Environment

Rapid Technological Up gradation taking place. Chinadominant Player of Manufacturing Industries IndiaSoftware Industry, Ceramics,

Political Environment

Stability of Ruling Party, Opposition of People, Terrorist Attacks

Social Environment

Family, Religion,Education,Recreation Facilities

Society and Mindset

Cultural Environment

Values, Behavioural Pattern, body Gestures