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The RoaRing 20s

What does this decade hold for the United States?
Feb. 1924

The Consumer Economy

Useless items are being bought with money that does not even exist. Unfortunately many The 1920s so far has been a great year for hopeful americans believe that by investing their money they will get rich quick. The employees throughout the US. It seems that source of the debt is actually is mainly due to wages have gradually increased for the all the stock market investment. In fact there average worker as the months pass. Even so was a 40 percent increase of stock market the debt of homeowners have increased investments this year. A get rich quick idea is dramatically. More and more Americans are spreading throughout America like wildfire. buying things off of credit. One popular The age of credit spending and mass debt phrase that has come of this is buy it now, pay it back later. Yet the debt increases only must come to an end. goes to shows that the money is not being payed back. Experts say this will inevitably lead an economic crash which will leave many people in poverty. Also they suspect that the middle class will be most affected by a economic depression and will have to find new ways to survive. They estimate that about one out of every four workers and their families will be homeless in only a matter of time. Thus they are recommending that you be wise and only get loans that you know you can pay back. Also that the loans be used for important things like buying a house you can afford. On average consumer spending has also increased exponentially.

A Blooming Economy

Laissez Faire: What is it, Why Does it Matter?

The increasingly popular idea of laissez faire economics is being practiced in present times. The government is not controlling the big business and, as a result allowing our economy to rise. The government has set some restrictions such as work hours but big business today is still booming. The workers are able to work in factories for these big businesses. Although it seems that the workers are not getting payed too much, the majority of people are obtaining jobs.

the increase of people able to spend money and stimulate our economy. Laissez faire economics is the cause of such a great rising of our economic status as the United States of America. The effects can be seen in both a large scale and at a small scale. On a big scale, the United States is starting to emerge as a world power because laissez faire economics has brought increased means of production in arms and defenses. Factories are able to switch their production of good into thr production of weapons and things for war. Along with the loans given out allied powers in The Great War, the United States is gaining an economy that is growing.

On a smaller scale, laissez faire economics has improved the living of many of the Americans today. Without laissez faire economics being implemented, there would have not been a boom and not many people spending. Laissez faire economics has cause a chain reaction that has a Our president, Warren G. Harding, is supporting this idea of laissez faire economics beneficial impact to our economy. The more the people and as a result it can be seen that more people spend and the more people that are able to work allows for money to circulate, therefore having a big impact in our have money to spend. The people tend to economy today. As a journalist I try to show what is going spend more and stimulates the economy. It looks like our economy is in a very good state on and I can tell that not much wrong is occurring. All that is visible is the growth of the United States. and we can all see the result of laissez faire economics in our society. Everybody is spending and buying new things. We have come to call this decade the "Roaring Twenties" because of the increase in jobs and

The Ku Klux Klan (1920s)

Although the Ku Klux Klan was originally founded in 1866, it was revived by "Colonel" William Joseph Simmons in 1915 and reached its peak again during the 1920s. Its comeback was inspired by Thomas Dixons book The Clansmen as well as D.W. Griffiths film Birth of a Nation. The klan was always based upon the ideas of patriotism,the love of ones country, and white supremacy to African Americans since the era of reconstruction after the Civil War but ever since its revival in the 20th century, the klan began to discriminate against catholics, jews, and any type of foreigners, especially blacks. Since the KKK originated in the southern states after the civil war, they favored the old fashioned agricultural society, and spread their message of hate to anything related to industry, the elite, intellectuals, and urbanites. During the roaring 20s, the membership of the klan skyrocketed and the estimated members range from 3 million to as many as 8 million people. The members and supporters were not limited to the lower class southerners but also doctors, lawyers, ministers and middle class americans. Even some americans in the north eastern states were loyal supporters. They began dominating local politics in many cases. In some states like indiana, enough klansmen were elected into office that it would affect state politics as well. Because klansmen were protestant nativists, they expresses extreme hatred for other races, ethnicities, and religions was fueled by the growing rates of immigration into the United States.


The image above depicts the widespread support of the Ku Klux Klan during the 1920s. These KKK parades took place in the southern part of the US where they were much more dominant. It was much easier for the KKK to have more support in areas like Alabama, georgia, and other southern states because that was where most of the nativist, conservative, protestant, and racist americans were located. Things like the Jim Crow laws which were present since the end of the Civil war to restrict the freedoms of African Americans in the south are examples of why the KKK was so easily supported. Klansmen were notorious for their lynching of any people that were not white or protestant but their victims were most often blacks. African americans were terrorized, tortured, and killed only because of the fact that they were seen as inferior. The Klan also went against any type of radical thinkers who looked to reform the injustices in government. They saw these reformers as a danger to their power and white supremacy.

Flappers Running Amuck!!!!

Volume 6, Issue 2 February 1924

The Flapper Pandemic

Mothers Nation-Wide Are Being Affected!

The passage of the 19th Amendment seems to have brought with it several unforeseeable repercussions, the nations youth, empowered by their right to vote have begun to challenge the norms of society at alarming rates. Young urban women have taken to cutting their hair short and hiking up skirts to heights that are appalling to many, including Edith Prior, the mother of a selftitled flapper. When asked about her daughters lifestyle choices she remarked, I simply do not know where I went wrong, I taught her to be a respectable

nation-wide. They simply do not understand what their daughters call good fun, as Beatrice Prior (daughter of Edith) shared, We [flappers] are simply trying to place ourselves on the same playing field as men. Jazz and liquor can make any woman feel as empowered as any common Joe.

Appliances, Making Life Easier for the Everyday Housewife

The 1920s has proven to be a wonderful time for middle-class housewives nationwide. It seems that every day another appliance is being released on the market to make taking care of the household a snap! (See p.5) These appliances have cut down the amount of time needed to maintain a proper household.

The Working Women

As the decade has progressed women have increasingly escaped their traditional fields of employment and have gained jobs in clerical work in offices and retail work in department shops. Additionally, more and more women are remaining employed until they have children. This is has allowed women to gain a new sense of independence that was previously unavailable to them. Only time will tell what the effects of this increase in employment will have on society. However, it is apparent that these women are a force to be reckoned with.

Protestant woman. She has begun to rebel against everything that taught her growing up. She smokes, drinks liquor, and goes out to jazz clubs and returns in the early hours of the morning smelling like mens cologne. I thank the heavens her father is not alive to see this. Mrs. Priors concerns about her daughters flapper life are being felt by mothers

FEB. 19 1924



Is America Afraid of Immigrants?

Well after the end of the World War, the U.S. has had a national and intense outbreak of national alarm, which is being called the Red Scare. In resolute of the Russian Revolution, Americans are growing increasingly frighten of Karl Marxs new social system of organization, communism, it is a classless, moneyless, and states social order that goes against capitalism. But, there was also a growing confusing between ignorant Americans mixing anarchists and communist and, also, assuming that immigrants are automatically one or the other. A perfect example of this is the case of Sacco & Vanzetti, where two Italian anarchists were accused of killing a man, simply because of their ideology and ethnicity. The two men were at the wrong place at the wrong time, they had no tie to the victim. Yet, they were convicted and sentenced to death, showing the Supreme Courts prejudiced and bias.

Policies Against Immigrants!

The U.S. Government is placing a restrictions on immigrants trying to enter the U.S. The government implemented the Emergency Immigration Act of 1921 only allowed 3% of any countries population to enter the U.S. which was really bad for immigrants trying to escape the damage done in European countries because of the World War 1. Then n 1924, the National Origins Quota Act which put a limitation on immigration from Southern and Easter Europe, but was good for Latin American countries, since they didnt have as much of a restriction.

The Attorney General Violating Civil Rights?

Attorney General, Mitchell Palmer, has been conducting a series of raids, Palmer raids, to arrest and deport those who are radicals, especially anarchist. It could be said that Mitchell Palmer is not doing this out of patriotism or a devotion to his job, rather because of his personal prejudice against anarchist and radicals; an anarchist detonated a bomb in front of the Attorney Generals house, which almost killed him. But, does this give him the right to categorize all immigrants as radicals? To deport them for their ideology? He is taking away their civil rights.

Radicals Civilians!
An organization called the Ku Klux Klan that began after the abolishment of slavery is now, again, on the rise. Their narrow-minded, oblivious ideology that anyone who is not a white protestant must be somehow eliminated. This fascist organization has been estimated to have 5 million members. They would beat, flog, burn, and even murder anyone who isnt like them, including immigrants. This shows some Americans distaste for progress.