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1. I feel much-----------------------(good) than yesterday.
2. My neighbour thinks money is ---------------------------(important ) thing
in the world.
3. Who is ---------------------(silly) person in your family?
4. My cats are-------------------------(happy) pets in the world.
5. Queen Victoria had -----------------------(long) reign ever.
6. A Ford Fiesta is --------------------------(cheap) a Ferrari.
7. China is becoming one of ---------------------- (powerful) nations in
the world.
8. Who is ---------------------(tall) person in the world?
9. My brother is --------------------------(stubborn ) my sister.
10. Mount Everest is ---------------------------(high) mountain of all.
11. Brooklyn Bridge was once -------------------------- (long)
and------------------------(large) suspension bridge in the world.
12. Who is -----------------------------(talkative) boy in class?
13. Who is ----------------------------(talkative), Mark or Julian?
14. Matt Damon is ----------------------------(handsome) George Clooney.
15. Motor racing is ----------------------------(dangerous) playing golf.
16. Mac Donald is ------------------------(big) chain of fast food restaurants in
the world.
17. Avatar is one of --------------------------(good) films Ive ever seen.
18. Your shoes are-------------------------(dirty) than mine.
19. ------------------------(big) diamond in the world has just been stolen.
20.In the south , theyve just had ---------------------------(bad) floods
for years.
21. Helen is -----------------------------(tall) and-----------------------(slim)
her sister.
22.A shepherd pie is ---------------------(disgusting ) dish I ve ever eaten.
23.There used to be ------------------------(many) car accidents in the past.
24. Thats right! , thats because people drive far--------------------------(carefully) nowadays.
25.To my mind , you would be ------------------(healthy) if you didnt smoke.
26. Last winter was one of -------------------------(hot) weve ever had.
27. Our last exam was much ----------------------(easy) than this one.
28. Could you please tell me ----------------------(short) way to the
station please?
29.Ronaldo was nominated as -------------------------( good ) football player.
30.They want to buy a --------------------(big) car because they have three
children now.