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UPM/FSTM/F 11 Division of Postgraduate, Research and Innovation (SPI) Level 1, Building Food 5, Faculty of Food Science and Technology

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REPORT NO. :2013/FSTM/0001

DATE: 15 Feb 2013

This Test Report refers only to samples submitted by the applicant and tested by Faculty of Food Science and Technology. This Test Report shall not be reproduced, except in full and shall not be used for advertising purpose by any means without written approval from Dean, Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia.


For laboratory general purpose

Description of product Date received Sample ID Test Method Job No. Date Tested Completion Date

: : : : : : :

Cooking Oil 7/02/2013 C1 Nielsen, S.S 2010 (Food Analysis Laboratory Manual) 2013/0002 13/02/2013 13/02/2013 Percentage (%) N.D* N.D* N.D* 0.8161 71.7799 0.5314 N.D* N.D* 2.3574 6.3935 8.8097 6.2411 0.4149 2.6561

i) ii)

Compound Methyl octanoate,C8:0 Methyl decanoate,C10:0

iii) Methyldodecanoate,C12:0 iv) Methyl myristate,C14:0 v) Methyl palmitate,C16:0

vi) Methyl palmitoleate,C16:1 vii) Methyl stearate,C18:0 viii) Methyl oleate,C18:1 ix) Methyl linoleate,C18:2 x) Methyl linolenate,C18:3

xi) Methyl arachidate, C20:0 xii) Methyl behenate,C22:0 xiii) Methyl cis-13-docosenoate,C22:1 xiv) Methyl tetracosanoate, C24:0

N.D*: Not Detected

(KAMARUL ARIFIN HADITHON) Deputy Technical Manager Chemist AMIC 3436/6310/12

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