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Killer Comms 1

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COMMS 1: 1. It is the scientist who is engaged in the study in the field of acoustics ANSWER: Acoustician 2.

Who coined the term "cyberspace?" ANSWER: William Gibson 3. For educational purposes, who is the person who first disco ered! in ented the telephone? ANSWER: Antonio Meucci ". What is the fre#uency of the middle $? ANSWER: 262 Hz %. What is the fre#uency of the upper side! abo e middle $? ANSWER: 524 Hz &. It is the loudness le el 'in ()*+, of a watch tic-ing. ANSWER: 20 PHON .. What is the ma/imum limit time of e/posure on sound le els between 100 d1 and 110 d1? ANSWER: 2 minutes 2. What is the collo#uial name for the t 3rm "4hin 5thernet"? ANSWER: !"ea e#net 6. 7ocal 8ultipoint 9istribution :er ice '789:, operates at what fre#uency range? ANSWER: 2$ % &' GHz

10. ; ideo signal that has no sync signal is what you called ANSWER: Non%com osite (i)eo Si*nal 11. It is the gas that is used in <et engines. ANSWER: H+)#azine 12. ; satellite is put into final geosynchronous orbit from its transfer orbit by firing the ==========. ANSWER: a o*ee ,ic, moto# 13. ; terrestrial communications channel lin-ing an earth station to a local switching networ- or population center ANSWER: -ac,"aul 1". (olytetrafluoroethylene is also -nown as ANSWER: .e/lon 1%. For ::1 transmitter, the a erage power is typically ========== of the pea- en elope power, with a typical human speech ANSWER: 0 to '1& 1&. It is often called te/t messaging, is a means of sending short messages to and from mobile phones. ANSWER: ."e S"o#t Messa*e Se#2ice 3SMS4 1.. +orth ;merican type of sound file as a substitute for 8(3 ANSWER: A!%& 5olb+

12. ; table showing the pre>calculated position of satellite at any gi en time ANSWER: E "eme#is 16. )ow many )ori?ontal scanning lines are there in )94@? ANSWER: ''25 20. )ow long that a completes its orbit? ANSWER: '2 "#s A(: satellite

21. What is the other term for parity chec-? ANSWER: (e#tical Re)un)anc+ !"ec, 22. What is the other name for single button microphone? ANSWER: !a#bon -utton 23. Instrument that is used in measuring the irtual height of ionosphere ANSWER: 6onoson)e 2". ;n instrument used to relati e height, layers ionosphere regarding propagation? ANSWER: 6onoson)e measure in the wa e

2%. In a trape?oid modulation, 1003 modulation will result to what wa eform? ANSWER: t#ian*ula# 7a2e/o#m


02 to 0. spacecraft and guided missiles. ANSWER: metal /ilm "3.m 36. What is the typical alue of elocity factor of an open wire transmission line? ANSWER: 0.1%. submarines. In 2002.ccess was introduced and in the I555 standard it is more commonly -nown as 202. ANSWER: 6ne#tial Na2i*ation S+stem 22. In a telephone channel.. When the angle of incidence is e#ual to the angle of refraction.% d1. if the total ia net loss of a gi en trun. ANSWER: Plumbicon "2. In $84:. What is the nearest star in the solar system ANSWER: #o:ima centau#i 3&.< "2. 4ype of resistor use to reduced flic-er noise oltage '0. located further from the earthDs center on a point? ANSWER: Na)i# ". What is the successor of 1luetooth? ANSWER: 8isbon 26. .2&.. What part of isible spectrum where camera pic. What is the antenna height of a $1 '$iti?en 1and. 4errestrial microwa e antennas has an input and output impedance of ======== ohms. Who de eloped the superheterodyne recei er ANSWER: E)7in A#mst#on* 32.1&. the light in the fiber optics is in what direction ANSWER: alon* t"e no#mal at" 33. 202. . Cadio format that uses 8peg " ideo compression ANSWER: 5i2: "1. What is the distance which needs a repeater in the microwa e communication ANSWER: 40 . What antenna is used in radar? ANSWER: "o#n 7it" a#abolic #e/lecto# 7"ic" #otates &60 )e*#ee 32. roc-et has two satellites. a de ice -nown as =========== is inserted. camera tube that is formed from lead o/ide '(b*. a standard for '1W. 1roadband Wireless . what is the point on a line between the earthDs center and an obser er. What type of na igation system that currently used in aircraft. In radio communication.. the smaller will continue to propel in the space after the bigger satellite has been launched. What is the successor of 1luetooth after 7isbon? ANSWER: Seattle 30.. $arrier fre# is also -nown as ANSWER: #est /#e9 31.2 m@. What do you call this bigger satellite ANSWER: initial a+loa) 3. What refers to the sampling of analog signal using a sample and hold circuit. It is the type of na igation that is based in +ewtonBs 7aw of motion ANSWER: 6ne#tial Na2i*ation 2. 4he current digital ideo specification that used ideo compression ANSWER: MPEG 4 "%.circuits e/ceeds appro/imately 2. 4his also refers to ANSWER: WiMa: "".up that has the greatest output? ANSWER: >ello7 G#een "6." also -nown as ANSWER: =i*bee "&. such that the sample has the same amplitude for its whole duration ANSWER: /lat to sam le 3". radio? ANSWER: 60 /t abo2e t"e *#oun) an) 20 abo2e t"e buil)in* 3%. ANSWER: 50 "0. the fre#uency separation between forward and re erse channel is ANSWER: 45 MHz R-LAX_2008 . ANSWER: Ec"o Su #esso# %0.

. wide area blac-out of )F radio communication as well as loss of radio contact for about an hour on the sunlit side of 5arth.@ %2.000 feet long.%1. $ommunication antenna used with rotating satellite which the antenna is continuously ad<usted with respect to the satellite so that the antenna illuminates a certain part of the earth surface. What formula is used to calculate the o erall noise performance if recei er or of multiple state of CF amplification? ANSWER: ?#iis ?o#mula %3. . high strength.1. measured over one decade of frequency: .< %6. loss of radio contact for tens of minutes ANSWER: R2 &3. Is the process by which a permanent. 7imited blac-out of )F radio communications on sunlit side occur. but 200 feet of it must float on the surface for proper reception ANSWER: t#ailin* 7i#e antenna Here is a listing of typical excess noise for various resistor types. With this method. What is the orbital time of 85* satellite? ANSWER: 5 to '2 "#s &%. What is the last amplifier stage of ============== amplifier? ANSWER: o7e# am li/ie# . %%. )igh definition 4@ picture contains about 5 times as much info as the present +4:$ 4@. low>loss.''b %". ANSWER: R& &2.0. )elical antennas are often used for satellite trac-ing at @)F because of the ANSWER: ?a#a)a+ e//ect %2. ANSWER: R' &". What is the typical alue of elocity factor of a twin lead transmission line? ANSWER: 0. Cadio blac-out on the entire sunlit side of the 5arth lasting for a number of hours ANSWER: R5 &0. submarine at greater depth can deploy a ============== about 2. welded <oint is formed between two optical fibers? ANSWER: /usion s licin* &&. :e ere )F radio communications blac-out occurs mostly on the sunlit side of 5arth for one to two hours ANSWER: R4 &1. loss of radio contact in an occasion. What is I555 standard for WiFi? ANSWER: @02. ANSWER: 5es un antenna %&. 8oderate limited blac-out of )F radio communications on sunlit side occur .. What is the typical alue of elocity factor of a open wire transmission line? ANSWER: 0.0 A( R-LAX_2008 . the signal modulates a carrier that is linearly swept o er the band being used ANSWER: c"i# &2.. . for carbon resistor? ANSWER: 0. given as RMS microvolts per volt applied across the resistor. 4he typical e/cess noise 'flic-er noise.'A( to &.n acoustic scale whose inter als are e/actly consonant ANSWER: )iatonic %. *ne bit time for the pseudorandom code is called a ANSWER: c"i &6. In ol es many different approaches for bringing the two ends of the fibers into alignment and then clamping them within a <ointing structure or gluing them together========== ANSWER: mec"anical s licin* &.

4he typical e/cess noise 'flic-er noise. for wire>wound resistor? ANSWER: 0.5 22.2. few centimeters long solid insulated hoo.02 A( to 0. what refers to ad<ustment of the three electron beam so that each lens can phosphor dots on the appropriate color? ANSWER: u#it+ 60. 4he typical e/cess noise 'flic-er noise. In a propagation medium such in the glass of an optical fiber ======= is the scattering of the electromagnetic wa e by particles with the si?e about e#ual or greater than the wa elength ANSWER: M6E scatte#in* 22.away from the gra itational pull of the earth and go out in deep space ANSWER: s ace #obe 2&. for carbon film resistor? ANSWER: 0.up wire that pro ides small capacitance to the ground that is ad<usted during circuit alignment by bending slightly in one direction or another.itanic R-LAX_2008 . 4he mandatory 2" ship>to>shore communications from 1610 to 1612 was the establishment by the E: Areat 1ritain and other maritime nation as the direct result of the sin-ing of the 2 famous ships ANSWER: .."e Re ublic an) .2A( . .. In color $C4. What may cause ionic disturbance characteri?ed by rapid cluttering sound hence oice communication is poor? ANSWER: Au#o#a bo#ealis 63. ANSWER: *immic. 1it stuffing in the )97$ protocol wor-s by transmitting on the sending side fi e consecuti e 1Bs from the body of the message and by inserting 0 before transmitting the ne/t bit. 8agic 4 is also -nown as ANSWER: "+b#i) . It is the satellite component that senses the time or the incidence angle of solar radiation and pro ides electrical signal that may be used to compute the satellite orientation? ANSWER: sun senso# .6. . 4he ma/imum radiation for electronic e#uipment must not e/ceed ============ mr!weeANSWER: '00 21. . :tandard signal format of a numeric paging recei er ANSWER: NE! 5& stan)a#) 2". 59A5 produces a 3>bit word for e ery c"an*e in ca##ie# "ase .2 A( . Cadiation e/posure rates produced by a 4@ recei er shall e/ceed =========== milli roentgens per hour at a distance of % cm from any point on e/ternal surface of the recei er ANSWER: 0.0' A( to 0. What is considered as the simplest transmitter -eyed on and off to produce $W 8orse code? ANSWER: oscillato# 61. If the satellite is launched at the speed of e/ceeding 2%000 mph the satellite will not go in orbit and will brea. )ow many orbital planes which are e#ually spaced around the e#uator in A(: operational constellation? ANSWER: 6 62.& A( ... What 759 is usual signal source for plastic fiber? ANSWER: #e) 8E5 26.&.3. What is the oltage of the local loop on hoo-? ANSWER: %4@ ()c 2. 20. 4he critical capacitance ariation of most aractors used in fre#uency modulators ANSWER: '2 to ' 2%.".05 A( to 0.%. 4he typical e/cess noise 'flic-er noise. for metal film resistor? ANSWER: 0.2. What e/presses the steepness of the s-irts or the s-irts selecti ity of a radio recei er? ANSWER: s"a e /acto# 23.

the interfering signal strength remains appro/imately less than == of desired signal strength to assure negligible interference ANSWER: 2C 6.5 ms 11%. if the 3.2$ of 111. What is the appro/imate fre#uency of F 2layer? ANSWER: @ M"z critical 102. Candom data sent continuously by the +I$ that disrupts the whole area networANSWER: Dabbe# 10%.. structure ANSWER: @ 102. What is the code used in 100 8bps 4/ 5thernet standard? ANSWER: & le2el Manc"este# co)e 101. 4erm used to describe ordinary oice telephony ANSWER: Plain Ol) .. 4ime period for a single time slot in the A:8 498. the result will be ==========. Aeographic distance that is re#uired between cells used in identical fre#uencies in order to a oid interference between the radio transmission of these cells ANSWER: 5istance to #euse #ation 51R 10". What is the appro/imate fre#uency of 5 layer? ANSWER: 4 MHz 62.6". . What is the typical alue of line turn around? ANSWER: '. ANSWER: 2oice 11. $ell site center that is mounted on a flat bed tractor used for emergency purposes ANSWER: !OW 103. )ow many hori?ontal lines are blan-ed out in the frame of 4@ recei ers by @ blan-ing ANSWER: 42 critical 66. I+ analog cellular system.$ oltage to the calling telephone. ANSWER: '00m 100. 4he 10 base 4 5thernet system is restricted only to ==========. 4he first note of the musical scale ANSWER: Root note 106. (rincipal musical inter als is considered dissonant ANSWER: $:@ 10. :hifting of antenna pattern so that the ma<or lobe is at angle below the hori?ontal ANSWER: )o7n tilt 10&. What is the main accelerating element in $C4? ANSWER: Blto# 6&. )ow much more feedpoint F does a folded dipole ha e than a normal dipole? ANSWER: 4 times 112.%2 8h? $ amplifier in the recei er does not operate. si*nal 6%. the $entral *ffice sends a pulse .S4 110. what is the output CF terminal match? ANSWER: '6 )- R-LAX_2008 . When the called telephone is ringing .ele "one Se#2ice 3PO. ANSWER: No colo# 113.4@ system. Which pulse in the @ blan-ing corresponds to 3) lines wide? ANSWER: ( s+nc 11&. In $..llows users to access documents from widely separated sources of the internet using a common source ANSWER: Wo#l) Wi)e Web 11". 9ielectric constant polyethylene insulator ANSWER: 2. What is the signal called? ANSWER: Rin*bac. In 4@ system. F3 emission means carrier is fre#uency modulated by ==========.

of a A(: positioning ser ice. In :tandard (ositioning :er ice ':(:.ccuracy? ANSWER: &40 nanosecon)s 12. In :tandard (ositioning :er ice ':(:. What helps protect fiber against degration caused by moisture? ANSWER: !ablin* 13". What is the time 'E4:. of a A(: positioning ser ice. ((: (redictable . Cefers to any sonic.ccuracy? ANSWER: 2$.. In (recise (ositioning :er ice '((:.ccuracy? ANSWER: '00 mete#s 12%.ccuracy? ANSWER: 200 nanosecon)s 12". of a A(: positioning ser icel What is the ertical ((: (redictable . of a A(: positioning ser ice. In acoustics. What is the ertical :(: (redictable .112. In (recise (ositioning :er ice '((:. infrasonic or ultrasonic wa e which is emitted form electronic product as a result of the operation of an electronic circuit in such product ANSWER: Ra)iation 136. In (recise (ositioning :er ice '((:. what does "2000" mean? ANSWER: bot" means t"e +ea# t"at t"e s+stem is im lemente) an) its a #o:imate /#e9uenc+ assi*nment 130. What is the hori?ontal :(: (redictable . It is a table showing the pre> calculated position of satellite at any gi en time ANSWER: E "eme#is 131. In :tandard (ositioning :er ice ':(:. three>minute music file that is compressed into 8(3 format will ha e a file si?e of ANSWER: & Mb 122.ccuracy? ANSWER: 22 mete#s 122. la+e# on what ANSWER: 6P26 12&. what is the unpleasant combination of sound inter als? ANSWER: 5isco#)ant 6nte#2al 132. 133. :(: (redictable . of a A(: positioning ser ice. Which one is a non>continuous noise? ANSWER: 6m ulse noise 116. . In the I84 2000 system standard.7 ANSWER: 50 Hz 120. what is the pleasant combination of sound inter als? ANSWER: !onsonant 6nte#2al 13. What is the time 'E4:. of a A(: positioning ser ice. What is the measuring light that is human eye? ANSWER: P"otomet#+ science of isible to the 121. 4his internet protocol has much larger address space that allows greater fle/ibility in assigning addresses and is able to support 122 bit of addresses. What is the refresh rate in (. three>minute music file that is compressed into W.$ me4e#s 123. 1I:G+$ is found layer? ANSWER: 5ata lin. .ccuracy? ANSWER: '56 mete#s R-LAX_2008 . In cellular system. What is the hori?ontal ((: (redictable . typically how many cells in the fre#uency reuse plan format? ANSWER: $ 13%. What is the typical beamwidth of horn antenna? ANSWER: '0 )e*#ees to 60 )e*#ees 13&. In acoustics.. What is the currently used internet protocol? ANSWER: 6P24 132.@ format will ha e a file si?e of ANSWER: &0 Mb 126.

It is a de ice used to measure an indi idualBs e/posure to a ha?ardous en ironment ANSWER: 5osimete# 1%. If mobile phone loses its signal. In radio communication. What is the effecti e height of the antenna? ANSWER: '12 to 21& o/ t"e actual "ei*"t o/ t"e antenna 1&0. .2 mic#oam e#e 1"1. signaling path pro ided by a cable tele ision system to relay to subscriber terminals tele ision broadcast programs that are recei ed off>the>air or are obtained by microwa e or by direct connection to a tele ision broadcast station. CF radiation dmage to other than the cells of reproducti e tissues ANSWER: Somatic 1"2.current? ANSWER: 0. What is the typical bandwidth of single mode step inde/ fiber ANSWER: 50 to '00 G"z1. What is the typical range of idicon dar. What is the ma/imum power rating of $1 '$iti?ens 1and.1"0. 4he elocity of geostationary orbit satellite is ANSWER: 6@$< statute miles e# "ou# 1%1. between the earthBs center and an obser er.e ."#ou*" 1%2. the transmitter will retransmit after ANSWER: ' to 5 secon)s 1%%. . What is the ma/imum power rating of $1 '$iti?ens 1and. 4he typical transmit power for cellsite is ANSWER: '0 W to 50 W 1%6.m 1"&. What is the typical noise figure of F54 and 85:F54 used at microwa e fre#uency? ANSWER: 2 ). .o# less 1"3. ANSWER: 5 1"6. R-LAX_2008 . what do you call a point on a line. )ow far must the distance between the microphone and the mouth of the user? ANSWER: 2 inc"es 1%&. What might be the typical range of mobile>to>mobile? ANSWER: ' to '0 miles 1"2. I35 transmitter? ANSWER: 4W 1%3.35 transmitter? ANSWER: '2W PEP 1%". )94@ is in rectangular form and contains =========== times more information than the current 4@. .ele2ision !"annel 1&1. $able 4@ companies collect signals and programs from many sources in a facility called ==========. Why does a high H circuit discriminate against harmonics? ANSWER: because o/ u#e# sine 7a2e ac 1"". ANSWER: !lass 6 !able . CF radiation damage to cells of reproducti e tissues ANSWER: Genetic 1". system where cables and wires are placed within the ceiling space and po-ed up through the fire resistant floor structure to the office or room abo e ANSWER: Po.. signaling path pro ided by a cable tele ision system to deli er to subscriber terminals tele ision signals that are intended for reception by a tele ision broadcast recei er without the use of an au/iliary decoding de ice and which signals are not in ol ed in broadcast transmission path. What do you call the portion of the hori?ontal blan-ing pulse before the sync pulse? ANSWER: ?#ont Po#c" 1"%. located farther from the earth center than point? ANSWER: Na)i# 1%0. ANSWER: Hea) En) 1%2..

:ound pro ides all sorts of information.%. 3A wireless system can increase its networ..ele2ision !"annel 1&2. 4he electronic serial number '5:+. . ANSWER: t"e b#i*"tness o/ t"e colo# R-LAX_2008 .ntennas with microstrip ($1s ANSWER: Patc" antenna in 1.0.ele2ision !"annel 1&3. ANSWER: -ac. Why tropospheric ducting is not used ery much in practical communication system ANSWER: because it is not #eliable 1&&. What is the typical power rating of most 1luetooth de ices? ANSWER: 'mW 1. .3. signaling path pro ided by a cable tele ision system to deli er to subscriber terminal signals that are intended for reception by e#uipment other than a tele ision broadcast recei er only when used with au/iliary e#uipment.". memory. What is the pea.%2 8)? modulated chrominance signal in 4@ recei ers is ==========. reasoning.capacity by =========== percent as compared to lower generation wireless system.0. Which of the following is the last stage of the . .wa elength of sunlight? ANSWER: 500 nm 1. ANSWER: !lass 6( !able .. signaling path pro ided by a cable tele ision system to transmit signals of any type from a subscriber terminal to another point in the cable tele ision system. what information is related to mental processes of -nowledge.t what loudness le el do pitch 'in mels.&.6. ANSWER: &2 1. assigned at the factory of cellular mobile phone consists of ====== bits.. . What is the wa elength range of sunlight? ANSWER: &00 nm to 2000 nm 1. What increase in sound le el is commonly percei ed by most people? ANSWER: 6 to '0 )123.1.*#oun) noise 1&6. What is the ma/imum @F tone that may be fed to a oice signal? ANSWER: E6 (B 1. and fre#uency 'in h?.ANSWER: !lass 66 !able . What is the efficiency of the parabolic antenna? ANSWER: 55C 1&2.2. Cadio system that was de eloped to pro ide ng high speed pac-et data access for A:8 networANSWER: GPRS 120.2. What is the data enhanced 1luetooth '2. ANSWER: !lass 666 !able . . In one atmospheric pressure. 3S!M4 1&%. <udgement and perception? ANSWER: co*niti2e 122. ANSWER: $0C 121. What is the total noise in the absence of the information 'intelligent signal. are numerically e#ual? ANSWER: 40 )- 1. what is the elocity of sound in steel? ANSWER: 5'50 m1s 1. Which of the following identifies the ma/imum transmitted power le el of a mobile phone? ANSWER: Station !lass Ma#.ele2ision !"annel 1&".8 transmitter? ANSWER: PA 3Po7e# Am li/ie#4 1&. In the generator.' MHz rate of 1.? ANSWER: 2. 4he a erage oltage of a 3. which one is grounded in order to reduce the radio fre#uency noise? ANSWER: a#matu#e 1.

$ode which describes the ma/imum power output of a cellular phone ANSWER: Station !lass Ma#.8 system ANSWER: S latte# 203. . It is the change in direction of polari?ation of signals passing through the ionosphere. It is a collo#uial term used to describe additional side fre#uency produced by o ermodulation or distortion in an . :ingle pulses that can tra el through a medium with no dispersion. satellite.. In cellular or ($: system. It is a circuit for digiti?ing oice at a low data rate by using -nowledge of the way in which oice sound are produced. connecting a mobile to two or more base stations simultaneously is called ANSWER: So/t "an)%o// 160. In a -lystron. . In a 8edium earth orbit '85*. . 3S!M4 the electron beam and the wa e mo e at appro/imately the same speed ANSWER: Slo7%7a2e st#uctu#e 162. ANSWER: Nume#icall+ cont#olle) oscillato# 202. to be used on the system.7o tone test R-LAX_2008 . . ANSWER: Mobile i)enti/ication numbe# 3M6N4 161. 4his fi/ tuner is designed to pro ide <ust the e/act selecti ity re#uired to pass both the IF signals? ANSWER: SAW 3Su#/ace Acoustic Wa2e4 12&. that is mounted on a flatbed tractor>trailer used for emergency purposes ANSWER: !OW 12%.unin* sc#e7 16. In cellular phone. ANSWER: . so that 200. It is an oscillator whose fre#uency is controlled by a binary number written to an internal register. satellite in orbit at a distance abo e the earthDs surface of appro/imately ANSWER: @F000 to 20F000 .8(: system. 4ransmission of brief te/t message. ANSWER: Numbe# assi*nment mo)ule 3NAM4 162. signal consisting of two audio fre#uencies not harmonically related. ANSWER: (oco)e# 201. used to test single sideband transmitters ANSWER: . ANSWER: -unc"e# 16". In the . 166. a memory location that stores the telephone number's.. It is the method of pro iding high>speed data transmission on twisted>pair telephone lopps by using high fre#uency carriers. ANSWER: S65 3s+stem i)enti/ication numbe#4 163. metal ob<ect threaded into a wa eguide to add capacitance or inductance. such as pages or email. It is a uni#ue address for a pager ANSWER: !a co)e 122. It is a number that identifies a mobile phone in a cellular systemJ the mobile telephone number. ANSWER: ?a#a)a+ #otation 16&.12". by cellular radio or ($:.m 16%. ANSWER: Solitons 12. ANSWER: S"o#t messa*in* se#2ice 126. ANSWER: As+mmet#ical )i*ital subsc#ibe# line 3A5S84. a number transmitted by the base station to identify the system operator. In a microwa e tube. ========== is essentially a cell site 'shelter. it is a ca ity that elocity>modulates the electron beam. any de ice that cause a wa e to propagate at less than the speed of light.

Why are geostationary satellites unsatisfactory for communication from regions near the poles of the earth? ANSWER: . What feature of :*+54 allows data stream with different cloc. 4he use of :olitons and heterodyne reception may allow fiber optics to operate with much higher data rates and o er longer distances without repeaters than any other system now in use. $able>tele ision systems reduce losses by mo ing E)F signals to the @)F range. Why is antenna height important for line>of>sight propagation? ANSWER: G#eate# antenna "ei*"t inc#eases t"e )istance to t"e #a)io "o#izon 21". Why can . 4hey use fre#uencies ANSWER: bet7een c"annel 6 an) $ an) abo2e c"annel '& 20&. It is a low>le el signal in a telephone recei er deri ing from the transmitter in the same instrument.+s compared to twisted pair wiring? ANSWER: ?ibe# allo7s /o# muc" lon*e# )istances bet7een no)es t"at can be use) 7it" t7iste) ai#s.ele)esic S+stem 212.8 radio stations often be recei ed at distances beyond the hori?on? ANSWER: G#oun) 7a2es /ollo7 t"e cu#2atu#e o/ t"e ea#t" an) *#oun) 7a2e can #o a*ation is ossible at AM b#oa)castin* /#e9uencies. 21%. 21&. It assures the user that the system is wor-ing ANSWER: si)etone entire telephone system. systems? ANSWER: -ecause t"ese s+stems use )i//e#ent /#e9uenc+ c"annels in a)Gacent cells so it is not ossible to communicate t"#ou*" mo#e t"an one call site at a time 216.20". 4he most ambitious of the proposed 75* systems. 213."e an*le o/ ele2ation to t"e satellite is too lo7 to be #actical in t"ese #e*ions.. Why is a :mith chart circular? ANSWER: -ecause it is a con2enient 7a+ to #e #esent t"e /act t"at im e)ances on a t#ansmission line #e eat e2e#+ one% "al/ 7a2elen*t" 202. Why are soft handoffs not possible with the A:8 and 498.."e a+loa) ointe# allo7s s+nc"#onization b+ in)icatin* t"e sta#t o/ a )ata /#ame 211. R-LAX_2008 20. 4hese are now being used to KsignL important documents that are sent electronically ANSWER: 5i*ital si*natu#e 20%.to be synchroni?ed? ANSWER: . 212. to the fiber optics? ANSWER: ?ibe# 7oul) allo7 almost unlimite) ban)7i)t"F enablin* one cable to ca##+ all nee)e) in/o#mation se#2ices to t"e "ome 210. including local loop. What radio system was de eloped to pro ide high speed pac-et data access for the A:8 channels ANSWER: GPRS 21. ANSWER: . What is downtilt and why is it often used for cellular base stations? ANSWER: 5o7ntilt in2ol2es s"i/tin* an antenna atte#n so t"at t"e maGo# lobe is at an an*le belo7 t"e "o#izontal. What would be the most important ad antage of con erting the . What is the main ad antage of fiber optics in 7. What characteristic of solitons ma-es them interesting for long> distance fiber optic transmission? ANSWER: Solitons can #o a*ate /o# 2e#+ lon* )istance 7it"out )is e#sion 206. 6t can be use) to #e)uce t"e #an*e o/ a base station to #e)uce inte#/e#ence.

b1s 222. It is the elocity modulation of a electron beam ANSWER: -unc"in* 22&. 5thernet system that uses a special Kthic. What connector is popular in attaching test instruments li-e oscilloscopes. It is sometimes used for gigabit 5thernet. 8(5A>2 compression begins by reducing the number of bits re#uired to transmit a reference frame. In a -lystron.220. and on the internet? ANSWER: MPEG' 233..b s 226. 4he I18 to-en>ring networcould support how many nodes with special data grade shielded twisted> pair wiring? R-LAX_2008 22. What is I842000 :tands for? ANSWER: 6M. spectrum analy?ers. What ideo standard deals with low data rate ideo such as are often found in $9>C*8s. ANSWER: . most modern system use techni#ue called ANSWER: uns"i/t%on%s ace 3BSOS4 23.nother problem with 1audot is that an error that is interpreted as a FIA: character can cause all the following information to be interpreted as numerical until the ne/t 74C: character occurs. spectrum analy?ers. stan)s /o# 6nte#national Mobile . ANSWER: !atc"e# 22". it is a ca ity that remo es some of the energy from the electron beam and transfers it in the form of microwa e energy output.of data is preceded by an eight>bit pattern called a flag. I842000 8a/imum data rate for mobile user in high speed ehicles is ANSWER: '44. fre#uency counters.une)%#a)io% #ecei2e#4 221. etc? ANSWER: -N! 22%. . It is the only way to achie ed a wider aspect ratio with the current systems is to use fewer acti e scan lines ANSWER: 8ette#bo:in* 231. 4he I18 to-en>ring networuses twisted>pair wiring and can operate at either ==========. In :97$ and )97$ the flag consists of the bit se#uence ANSWER: 0''''''0 232. 4his is done using an algorithm called ANSWER: 5isc#ete cosine t#ans/o#mation 35!. I842000 8a/imum data rate for mobile user in for pedestrian or perhaps slow mo ing ehicles is ANSWER: &@4. 4o reduce this problem. etc? ANSWER: -N! 223. 4he standard for terrestrial digital tele ision transmission is calledM ANSWER: @%(S- .R? 3.elecommunicationsF an) 2000 #e/e#s bot" to t"e a #o:imate im lementation )ate an) to t"e /act t"at t"e #o ose) s+stem o e#ate at about 2000 MHz 7ill 23". 236..7ina: cable 23%.4 232. ANSWER: 4 Mb1s o# '6 M-1s. ANSWER: A stan)a#) classical 23&. 5ach bloc. It is a recei er in which that signal is amplified at its original fre#uency before demodulation ANSWER: . What connector is popular in attaching test instruments li-e oscilloscopes. I842000 8a/imum data rate for stationary user is ANSWER: 2Mb s 230.5thernetL. It is a special cable that consist of two parallel wires with a grounded shield around them. 4he pulses in the ertical blan-ing inter al of a ideo that create interlaced scan. fre#uency counters. ANSWER: E9ualizin* ulses 222. which signals the start of a frame.

spurious pattern or other distortion in a facsimile record copy caused by unwanted modulation products arising from the transmission of a carrier signal. ANSWER: Run%len*t" co)in* ANSWER: 6nte#ca##ie# soun) 2"&. satellite. 8ethod of data compression by encoding the length of string of ones or ?eros instead of transmitting all the one or ?ero bits indi idually. ANSWER: Rin* to olo*+ 2%0. What do you call this techni#ue? ANSWER: Run%len*t" co)in* 2"3. It is most commonly achie ed by using a public> -ey encryption to transfer a -ey to be used in ======. to reduce crosstal-. ANSWER: #a)io )etecto# 2"1. In any case.+ configuration.and oscillation. In the A:8 system. $ellular radios that use F8 has a ma/imum de iation of ===========. 7ossless compression scheme generally loo-s for redundancies in the data for instance the string of ?eros can be replaced with a code that tells the recei ers the length of the string. . 5 en with geostationary satellite. at the cost of a %03 reduction in output oltage. It is the cheapest 7. It is a tele ision recei er design that uses mi/ing between the picture and sound carriers to generate the sound intermediate fre#uency. the only way to address the second problem is to use a R-LAX_2008 . ANSWER: a s+mmet#ical #i2ate .. ANSWER: E%'2. and to correct for a high fre#uency>response slope in the transmission line. networ. . and if one station fails the whole system fails. the first problem is less important then it might seem. and appearing in the form of a rectified baseband that interferes with the lower sideband of the carrier.Hz 2%2. data compression scheme that replaces repeated characters or bit patterns with a code indicating character or pattern and the number Note: The Kendall effect occurs principally repetitions when the single-sideband width is greater ANSWER: Run%len*t" co)in* than half of the facsimile carrier frequency. if the antenna is mounted on a mo ing ehicle or person the direction to the satellite is constantly changing. It is the interchanging of the fre#uencies of carrier channels to accomplish specific purposes. . ANSWER: -us to olo*+ 2%1.station which all station attach to a common cable and the fastest 7.e+ 2"". ANSWER: ?#e9uenc+ ?#o**in* 2"2. . 5ncryption of data is important to ensure its pri acy. .ANSWER: 260 no)es or 72 nodes using telephone twisted pair wiring 2"0. 4he IIIIIIIIII is a ariation on the discriminator. :horter range results in much less propagation loss and remo es the re#uirement for highly directional antenna. 2"2. a telephone number that us uni#ue to a gi en user. fre#uency multiplier can be created by tuning the output circuit of a class $ amplifier to a ANSWER: multi le o/ t"e in ut /#e9uenc+ 2%".+ configuration. ANSWER: Hen)all e//ect __________ containing more than one satellite. worldwide ANSWER: 6nte#national Mobile Subsc#ibe# 6)enti/ication 36MS64 2%3. When real time communication is required. such as to pre ent feedbac. It is the de iation of a wa e as it passes an obstacle that passes through a small aperture ANSWER: 5i//#action 2"%. 2". It greatly reduces sensiti ity to amplitude ariations. ANSWER: !onstellation 2"6. 4his ma-es antenna trac-ing less critical.bout the 7ow earth orbit '75*.

ANSWER: )ial%tone )ela+ R-LAX_2008 . It is the time between the instant of going off>hoo.2%%.and the instant of recei ing a dial tone.

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