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One of the most exciting experiences I remember was going to see the Moto GP.

Happened two years ago in Barcelona, specifically went to see the grand prize of Montbello. he prize lasted all wee!end. he first day was free practice, in which the pilots tested the bi!es and the circ"it. #lso I co"ld access the pit lane where dri$ers were signing a"tographs and letting photographed with their bi!es. here I saw %ani Pedrosa and &orenzo. he second day was the practice of classification, in which &orenzo was $ery well '"alified, if I remember the first. In$ol$es gi$ing laps o$er a period of time and the best brand that will get sorted. he last day is ("nday is the race is $ery exciting beca"se yo" see three races, e$eryone is sho"ting and s"pporting yo"r fa$orite and the entire atmosphere is fantastic. &orenzo won and we celebrated in style. he only bad thing was the wee!end that was too hot, reached )* degrees and there was no shade aro"nd the circ"it. Otherwise it was a wee!end to remember.