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Blow, Curtis. <http://rhino.com/Features/liners/72851lin.html>
Curtis starts off by describing where hip-hop and rap originated from and follows ahead
by giving credit to those responsible for this new wave of music. He writes,” Hip-hop is
the voice of a generation that refused to be silenced by urban poverty, a local
phenomenon fueled with so much passion and truth it could not help but reach the entire
world.” This is one of the best descriptions of hip-hop that I have ever seen. The article
goes on to write about individual experiences and descriptions of hip-hop from the
perspective of an admirer. This article has deep meaning similar to the poetry of
Langston Hughes. By this I mean that it was true because it came from an individual
living the struggle and growing with it as the phenomenon kept expanding and
progressing. This will help me a lot as I write my paper due to the fact that it has such
deep, emotional attachment towards hip-hop, its culture that follows, and its community
that emerged that was built upon a dream.
Bogdanov, Vladimir et al. All Music Guide to Hip-Hop: The Definitive Guide to Rap and
Hip-Hop (2003)
This book is pretty much self-explanatory. It contains information about every artist in
the hip-hop industry with information such as historical background, place of birth,
upcoming history (the one thing I am especially interested in) and their struggles to make
a name of themselves. The reason I decided to use this book is because it allows me to
look at the statistics of the upcoming artists. I pay close attention to birthplaces and
historical backgrounds and sure enough, every rapper is related in one way or another.
This will in return help me make a decision about the hip-hop artists and I will be able to
further compare them to Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance.

Bakari. music. musical point of view.” The Humanistic Tradition. this is what is going to be an important factor when doing the research paper due to the fact that the Harlem Renaissance and the hip-hop phenomenon have so much in common. She mentions important figures such as W.edu/~diesmanj/harlem_intro.nku. similar to the hip-hop phenomena which will come in quite useful because this book provides evidence that I can use to back up my thesis which will deal with the similarities between the Harlem Renaissance and the hip-hop phenomenon.Diesman. The pages 3-25 deal with the upcoming of hip-hop and with the position that was secured in the heart of . This chapter of the book “The Humanistic Tradition” deals primarily with the Harlem Renaissance and the art that emerged from this particular era. such as getting the message across using poetry. the Harlem Renaissance exalted the unique culture”. They both have restrictions thrown upon them to control and to disband any self-expression and possessions. We get important information about the liberation movements and the quest for racial equality from this particular chapter. She mentions “More than a literary movement and more than a social revolt against racism.html> Jill simplifies the Harlem Renaissance and helps me understand the key figures during the Harlem Renaissance era which I will eventually use as a source in order to write my draft.B Dubois and Langston Hughes who have had a very high influence in the expression field. This book will be very useful in general because it explains the history of the Harlem Renaissance from a poetic. Kitwana. 145-151 This book was extremely helpful to me because it explained the whole hip-hop phenomenon beginning with Jam Master Jay and the beginning of it all. Jill. “Identity and liberation. individualistic. Gloria. (2002) 3-25. which eventually led to a “new” way of life and which finally gave the black community credit for rap and/or hip-hop. Fiero. Book 6 (2002): 95-111. “Redefining Social Responsibility” Hip-Hop Generation. <http://www.E. K. “The New Black Youth Culture”. etc.

This book is an extremely good source to use because of its very well written and distinct historical information.org/exh/Exhibit. and the ways that they created the beginning of a multi-billion dollar business and eventually changed musical art and revolutionized the world with hip-hop.html> Ranck’s article is a very well written bibliography of hip-hop. This article will help me as to point out the specific details of artists.edu/~morrow/hiphopbib. Claude McKay and others. The pages 145-151 start to explain hip-hop’s responsibility and place in America while also focusing on the social responsibility that it owes America. John. 2003 <http://web. . The Harlem Renaissance was based on similar principles as the hip-hop phenomenon in a way that it wanted a form of self-expression.org is a website dedicated to the appreciation towards American poets.poets.simmons. This website provides information about poets such as Langston Hughes. <http://www. His text displays good research in its ways that it describes hip-hop’s history. Gwendolyn Brooks. origin and the significance of it. 8 Nov. This is important because I will consider specific audiences during the era of hip-hop establishments. I will also consider the actual first encounters of hip-hip and the progression into the states.cfm?prmID=7> Poets. Ranck. I decided to use this website in order to compare and contrast the movement of the black poets during the Harlem Renaissance and the hip-hop artists that escalated during the hiphop phenomenon era.the individuals throughout the world. This website gives specific info on poets during the Harlem Renaissance and a brief description of their background and the influence they had in or during the Harlem Renaissance. The Academy of American Poets. This website will help me compare ideas from the poets of the renaissance to the hip-hop artists to see if there is a clash in similarity. the Bronx and Harlem areas.

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