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Indian Railways Complaints & Suggestions

Complaint Reference Number : Complaint Reference Number : PNR Details : PNR No. : Complaint Reported By : Name: Contact No. : E-Mail Id : Address : 14/37, Imam sahib street, Tirupattur vellore district Tamil nadu Cause of Complaint : Incident Date Time : Complaint Reported On : Main Category Of Complaint : Subcategory Of Complaint : Name Of Staff : Report Complaint : Complaint Mode : Platform No. : Station Name : Status : Complaint Details Complaint Description : Coach Gates are not open for the boogie - S14 where we had the reservation completed. we have to run here and there to find any open coaches for boarding the train before it departs. please make sure this doesn't happen in future and the person accountable for this should oblige to his duties. OnStation 2 TPT 16/11/2013 12:15:00 25/12/2013 12:15:28 Ibrahim khaleelullah 8197555528 IBRAHIM.SADIQ@GMAIL.COM W/SR/SA/000026973

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