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Cheap, especially in assembly time Don t shake loose like bolts Lightweight Easy assembly

Not as strong as bolts (end must yield to form head) No disassembly

Use as many as possible without reducing member cross section too much.
Minimum spacing = 3 diameters. Closer in boilers.

Maximum spacing = 16 times thickness of outside plate.

Failure Modes
Bending of member: Rarely important

Shear of rivet (Most important mode)

= P 4P = 2 must be < S sy = 0.4 S y Arivet d

Rivet diameter = d Rivet shear strength = 0.4Sy

Text Reference: Figure 15.18, page 695

Failure modes
Tensile of member:
= P must be < S y memb (b N r d )tm
Reduction = # of rivets x diameter


Bearing (contact) stress of member:

P must be < 0.9 S y memb d tm

Group of rivets Rivets are used in groups. Offset load can shear rivets around a centroid.

dB = dD = 7/8 dA = dC = 5/8

Shear stress on each rivet = ?

Do Example 15.9 !

Group of rivets
Direct shear: Assume uniform force per unit area. P d = A Torsional shear:

t =

Tr J

4 2 J = d i + ri Ai i i 2