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Downsell Primary School Year 3 Newsletter-Spring Term

Dear Parents, Welcome to the year 3 Newsletter for the spring term. We hope you had an enjoyable first term. We are looking forward to an exciting and productive time together. Here are some of the things to look out for:


Maths and English club: Will be running for year 3 pupils every Tuesday and Thursday starting from the second week of spring term. Please ensure you are prompt in collecting your child at 4:30 pm.

Topics This Term

Please see attached Curriculum map. We will be studying: History: Ancient Egypt Science: Magnets and springs D&T: Packaging. Enabling Enterprise: Trash to Treasure

Religious Education: Islam (The life of the Prophet Muhammad) Music: Exploring the arrangement of melodies and lyrics.

P.E and P.E Kit

Please make sure your child has blue shorts and a white T shirt. Please add their name to the inside labels of all clothing (Uniform and P.E kit) so we do not lose garments during changing.

Library Books

Please note that the following days are allocated for children to visit the library and to change their books: Class 10: Wednesday Class 11: Thursday Class 12: Monday

Homework is sent on Friday to be returned by the following Wednesday. This is based on the lessons the children have been working on during the week. If you need advice on helping your child with their homework please contact your teacher. Spellings will be set as the children learn specific spelling patterns, which need to be consolidated and practised. Reading books are changed weekly. You can write comments in their reading diaries concerning your childs reading progress at home. Your child is also encouraged to comment on the book they are reading.


We have exciting trips to look forward to. The children will be visiting a local Masjid as part of their learning and taking a trip to the British Museum.

Teachers: L.SAs:

Mrs D. Farrow Prince, Mr M. Rahman and Miss Y. Geraghty Ms S. St Catherine, Mrs K. Hunjan and Mrs C. Mason