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To register for the conference, kindly print and fax completed form to: (03) 9247783

Schedule and tracks subject to change.

Should, for any reason, the event be rescheduled or cancelled, the extent of our liability is limited to the return of fees paid to us.
Price for the Conference day- only 620 NIS + VAT
Pay by: Check Transfer Credit Card
Attendees will be entered in a raffle for a valuable prize.
Hasharon Hotel, Herzliya
Registration Form
Name: Title:
Company: Reg.# ( . ) :
Address: City:
Address: City:
Cellular: Email:
Telephone: Fax:
Name of signatory: Telephone of signatory:
For Credit Card payment, please fill in:
Check one: Visa MasterCard American Express Other, specify: _________________________
Card holder name: _____________________ Card holder address: ______________________________
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Expiration date: ___________ (mm/yy) Holders ID card number: ______________________________

Terms of Registration:
Due Payment: has to be done before the event.
Terms of canceling participation: up to 7 days before the conference: no charge.
Up to 3 days before the conference: 30% of the price will be charged.
Two days before the conference: a full price will be charged.
This Registration constitutes your agreement to accept technology-related mails from Logtel.
Please check the box if you disagree.
To register and send payments please write, call or fax:
Itay Arie:
Tel: 03-924 7780 # 109 - Fax: 03-924 7783 - 32 Shaham St., Petah Tikva, 49170, Israel
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