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The opening shot shows a young girl at her birthday party opening presents, the camera gives the

effect of a home video, showing the audience that this could be a past memory of the girl from a younger age.

The girl begins to blow out a candle whilst her mother is sitting beside her smiling; the atmosphere is very friendly and colourful, the camera shoots this from a medium shot, closing into both the young girl and her mother, they are the only two people shown throughout the opening home video. This could be showing us maybe one of the characters have died and this is a past memory.

The camera then does a close up shot on the young girls face, the video then begins to start flashing, possibly indicating that someones memory of the event is slowly fading or we are watching thoughts belonging to one of the characters.

The camera then cuts and flashes onto a close up shot of a man in a dark room, this shows that we have possibly just seen a memory of the man meaning he could be the father of the young girl and the husband of the wife. Because he is by himself we can assume something has happened to either one or both of the characters.

We then zoom out into a long shot of the man sitting down, turning the light on and looking at a photograph in a picture frame, after the previous clip of the family video we can assume one of those characters are in the frame. Liam Neeson is the first name shown so we can predict that tis the name of the main character and the one who is currently on the screen.

The camera then zooms in and as the man puts down the photo frame it reveals to be a woman, whom we can assume was the mother in the video and she has possibly passed away

As the man gets up out of his chair the camera shoots a long shot of the full photo frame being revealed with the title Taken to the left this could imply that the mother was taken possibly by someone or even just implying god himself took her when she passed away.