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Who was the better President? : FDR vs.

Herbert Hoover
On October 29, 1929 a very tragic incident occurred for the first time in US History, the stock market crashed. It was a so known as !" ack #uesday$. #he resu t of the stock market crashing was something that no %merican had ever e&'erienced unti now( hence the )reat *e'ression was born. It was a time of great des'air and itera y !de'ressed$. #he )reat *e'ression came as a tremendous sur'rise for those who were used to the economic boom during the 192+,s. Some causes of the )reat *e'ression were over s'ecu ation and buying on margin, bank fai ures, -ob ayoffs, etc. #his affected the US economy great y. #he US, em' oyment rate decreased dramatica y, so many workers had to be aid off. #housands of 'eo' e roamed the streets to find she ter, food, and -obs that no onger e&isted. .ith this situation in tact, every citi/en was des'erate to do whatever it took to get out of this iving nightmare. One way they sought out was the e ection of 1902. In 1902 it was 1rank in *. 2ooseve t vs. Herbert 3. Hoover. .hen the )reat *e'ression hit, Herbert Hoover was the 4resident and therefore needed to take charge in what was to be done. Hoover constant y c aimed that better days were ahead and b amed the de'ression on foreign affairs. He

wou d kee' re-ecting 'ro'osa s for government intervention. % though it seemed ike he was doing everything in his 'ower to he ', he did not seem to care at a for the starving and the unem' oyment rate. #herefore the 'eo' e wanted change( they wanted someone who wou d actua y be dynamic, 'roactive, and 'romising of their duties. Hence came 1*2. He won in a ands ide in the 5 ection of 1902. One of the reasons he won was because he 'romised the 'eo' e, !I ' edge myse f to a new dea for the %merican 'eo' e.$ .hich was true because he came u' with a so ution ca ed #he 6ew *ea . *uring the 1irst Hundred *ays, 2ooseve t 'ro'osed numerous 'rograms to 3ongress and which were 'assed in which they wou d he ' a eviate the %merican economy and 'rovide re ief and boost u' the em' oyment rate. 1*2 was the first 4resident to ever use the radio 'ro'er y in what was ca ed !fireside chats$. #hese chats were 2ooseve t addressing the current 'rob ems to his audience that the nation was facing and how he was 're'ared to dea with it. 1*2 rea y he 'ed out the United States get back u' on its feet again with his 6ew *ea 'o icy and his numerous aws 'ro'osed.